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Click. Pretrial hearing today for Biofem defendant. D'Saachs will identify the shooter in exchange, potentially, for a lenient sentence.

Pretrial hearing today for Biofem defendant

COURTS: The suspected getaway driver faces a charge of attempted murder.

November 27, 2000 By BILL RAMS © The Orange County Register

Prosecutors and defense attorneys are scheduled to square off today at the pretrial hearing of the alleged getaway driver in the Biofem attempted-murder case.

Dino D'Saachs has been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy in connection with the Feb. 28 shooting of Biofem executive Patrick James Riley outside his Irvine Spectrum office.

Detectives are still looking for the gunman. The case was profiled on the television show "America's Most Wanted," and detectives said they wanted to talk with Tony Rodriguez, who worked for D'Saachs at a tax- services business but disappeared shortly after the shooting.

Police thought they had found Rodriguez in Seattle, but it turned out to be the wrong man.

Irvine police Lt. Sam Allevato said detectives hope D'Saachs will identify the shooter in exchange, potentially, for a lenient sentence.

"We are hoping that he's going to be cooperative," Allevato said. "We are hoping that his new attorney will talk some sense into him."

The lawyer, Danny Davis, did not return calls seeking comment.

Police say the plot was masterminded by Riley's former partner, Biofem scientist Larry Creed Ford.

Ford killed himself two days after the shooting - and the day after police searched his home.

The case took other bizarre twists. Allegations surfaced that Ford was involved in advising South Africa in biochemical warfare. And then police found dangerous chemicals in his home.

Police evacuated 200 homes near Ford's and found illegal firearms and bottles of cholera and typhoid bacteria.







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Gulf War Germ Developed (on us!), Given To Iraq In Bush, Reagan Years

"In 1986, with the approval of Vice-President George Bush, Saddam  received shipments of both brucella abortus, biotypes 3 and 9, and  brucella melitensis, biotypes 1 and 3.

"After Saddam obtained a stockpile of the brucellosis, a terrible  discovery was made - these designer bacteria mutated and became contagious.

"According to Scott's report, Saddam used this pathogen on American troops  during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, resulting in the illness referred  to as Gulf War Syndrome. More than 100,000 Gulf War vets now suffer from  this syndrome, which causes chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, profuse  sweating even at rest, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, and  damage to major organs."

"... By manipulating this disease (Brucellosis) researchers were able  to design a disabling bacteria which disappeared following infection.  Troops could be infected yet exhibit no signs of the bacteria when  examined by a doctor.

"In the early 1980s, secret government labs worked to produce a  brucellosis pathogen which could disable enemy troops without the risk  of infecting friendly forces. ...

"... such a bacteria was tested during the summer of 1984 at  Tahoe-Truckee High School in California, where individual rooms were  fitted with an independent recycling air supply. A teachers lounge was  designated as the infection target. Seven of eight teachers assigned to  this room became very ill within months.

"The high school was only one of several locations where the specially  designed pathogens were tested, some distributed by aerosol sprays and  others by the use contaminated mosquitoes."

Beginning almost as soon as Ronald Reagan first took office as  President, the U.S. government, specifically the intelligence and  military branches thereof, began intensive research and development into  a major  new "designer disease" which they could use against "enemy" populations  and military forces; in UTTER, COMPLETE contradiction of ALL  international treaties regarding such matters.

Then-"supposed" vice-president George Bush (let's not forget, Ronnie  Raygun was only PRETENDING to be President: Bush really wore the pants)  was completely aware of this activity and in fact was closely involved  with it.

What's even MORE DISGUSTING and SICK about what the psychotic, satanic  slime in these agencies did was that in order to test and develop this  "designer disease," they DELIBERATELY INFECTED various groups of  unsuspecting AMERICAN CITIZENS with it, until they had achieved the  evil results they desired with regard to the characteristics of the  illness.

So, after being developed for use through testing and experimentation upon  innocent American civilians for several years during the Reagan/Bush  years, the government/military at last had a perfected "product."

This "product" was then given to SADDAM HUSSEIN around 1986 by the CIA and
NONE OTHER than Saddam's dearest friend and bosom buddy, Mr. George HERBERT Dubya Bush (Sr.), then still pretend  vice-president but actually the REAL President under pretend President  Ronald Raygun.

It was expected by the satanic vermin in D.C. that Saddam would use  this vicious weapon -- utterly ILLEGAL by international treaty --  against our-THEN arch-enemy, Iran.


Then, when Saddam and George Bush, Sr. --  by THEN the REAL President  -- had their lover's quarrel a couple of years later and Bush sent over  half the U.S. military to  erase Iraq from the face of the earth if necessary, Saddam got mad and dosed our troops with George Bush's very own present to Saddam: the brucellosis germ.


THANKS, to the Bush International Crime Empire, For causing untold  numbers of American troops to sicken and waste away from this horrid  disease.

This disease has since spread to the general population from Gulf War  veterans to an unacceptable extent, and REPORTEDLY, according to this  theory, ChemTrails are an attempt by the (covert?) government to stamp  OUT the disease before it seriously diminishes the human population.

NewsHawk has had this very same theory conveyed to us several times in  the past year or so by a source which is normally both reliable and  well-informed.

Whether this whole scenario is in FACT true, however, we can't say and  neither could our source. It's POSSIBLE.

What's so DISTRESSING about it, though, is that aside from the  MONUMENTAL screwup of putting a weapon like that in the hands of either  George Bush OR Saddam Hussein, the U.S. government DEVELOPED and  PERFECTED this HORRID DISEASE by EXPERIMENTING UPON ITS OWN PEOPLE in  the most malicious and heinous way imaginable.

Talk about NAZISM!!

ChemTrail Theory May Make You Sick/FWD

According to THIS theory, the ChemTrail operations are actually an  effort to counteract these PREVIOUS experimental U.S. government  activities in germ warfare: SPECIFICALLY, that germ warfare agent  developed from the brucellosis germ by the U.S. military AND  tested upon various UNSUSPECTING groups of civilians, until this
"DESIGNER DISEASE" was ready for action.

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New chemtrails theory just might make you sick By Jim Marrs
Date: 11/23/2000

A report from a Canadian research foundation concluded that the much  discussed, but little publicized Chemtrails, may be an attempt to hide a  sickening military secret.

Professor Donald Scott, president of the Common Cause Medical Research
Foundation, claimed that Chemtrails are a belated attempt by U.S.  military and intelligence chieftains to stop the spread of a  debilitating disease first concocted in the early 1980s.

According to Scott's account, the military began developing diseases in  the 1970s which were infectious but not contagious. In other words, an  ailment which could be spread to enemy troops but would not pass into  other populations.

One such disease was based on a zoonosis, a disease which can be  transmitted to humans by animals, in this case brucellosis. Brucellosis  is a bacterial disease usually found in cattle, which can cause undulant  fever in humans. By manipulating this disease, researchers were able to  design a disabling bacteria which disappeared following infection.  Troops could be infected yet exhibit no signs of the bacteria when
examined by a doctor. In the early 1980s, secret government labs worked  to produce a brucellosis pathogen which could disable enemy troops  without the risk of infecting friendly forces. This pathogen reportedly  was based on brucellosis bacteria in a crystalline form first developed  by researchers in 1945.

According to Scott's report, such a bacteria was tested during the summer  of 1984 at Tahoe-Truckee High School in California, where individual  rooms were fitted with an independent recycling air supply. A teachers  lounge was designated as the infection target. Seven of eight teachers  assigned to this room became very ill within months.

The high school was only one of several locations where the specially  designed pathogens were tested, some distributed by aerosol sprays and  others by the use contaminated mosquitoes.

Scott reported that one hundred million mosquitoes a month were bred at  the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, during the  1980s, then tested by both Canadian and U.S. military authorities after  being infected with brucellosis.

Some observers believe the viral epidemic reported around New York City  in recent years may have been the result of these infected mosquitoes.  The testing of unsuspecting victims was conducted by both the military  and CIA, according to Scott, and monitored by the National Institutes of  Health as well as the Center for Disease Control. Encouraged by what  they felt was a successful test, military leaders reportedly passed the  brucellosis bio agent to none other than Saddam Hussein, who in the
mid-1980s was fighting a protracted war against Iran at the behest of  the CIA.

In 1986, with the approval of Vice-President George Bush, Saddam  received shipments of both brucella abortus, biotypes 3 and 9, and  brucella melitensis, biotypes 1 and 3.

After Saddam obtained a stockpile of the brucellosis, a terrible  discovery was made - these designer bacteria mutated and became contagious.

According to Scotts report, Saddam used this pathogen on American troops  during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, resulting in the illness referred  to as Gulf War Syndrome. More than 100,000 Gulf War vets now suffer from  this syndrome, which causes chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, profuse  sweating even at rest, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, and  damage to major organs.

Much of this information may be found in a 1994 report by Senator Donald  W. Riegle, Jr., titled, "U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-related  Dual Use Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health  Consequences of the Persian Gulf War."

Troops initially were told that no such infection existed and that the  problem was mostly in their mind. Slowly, over the years, authorities  were forced to admit that something had triggered severe illness in many  Gulf War veterans.  By then, a variant of the brucellosis had spread to the civilian  population. Many people began suffering from general debilitation and  tiredness. When it became know that the contagion was spreading into the  general population, top officials with the National Institutes of Health
and Center for Disease Control, as well as the Defense Department and  the Department of Health and Human Resources began a program of  misrepresentation of the disease to mask their role in its origin. The  illness was claimed to be connected to the Epstein-Barr virus and was  labeled "Chronic Mononucleosis." This has now become known as Chronic  Fatigue Syndrome. Like the veterans before them, victims of this ailment  were told it was merely a psychological condition.

One victim, Dr. Martin Lerner of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak,  MI, told his peers in the American Society of Microbiology that his bout  with this mysterious disease left his heart damaged. Dr. Lerner and  others suspected that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by viral  infection. Top-level officials, concerned both with the spread of the  contagion and with the risk that their role in its origin would become
publicly known, moved to counteract the pathogen. This program may  explain the mysterious Chemtrails which have been noted over major  population centers during the past couple of years.

As explained by Scott, "We have learned . . . that a patent was issued  in 1996 for an aerosol vaccination process which would permit the  vaccination of wildlife and domestic herds by spraying them or their  disease vectors (birds) from the air. . . .
"We have noted that many of the sightings of Chemtrails are over  migratory bird flight paths. We are currently preparing a report on this  subject for release in January 2001.

"The Chemtrails program may well be a belated effort by the U.S. and  Canadian governments to get the brucellosis genie back in its bottle."

To learn more about who may be behind nefarious activities such as  Chemtrails, read Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects The  Trilateral Commission, The Freemasons and The Great Pyramid by Jim  Marrs, now available from finer bookstores everywhere and from Read Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, for an in-depth look at  UFOs, available at this Web site. Also Jim Marrs' book on the U. S. Army's  remote viewing program,  Psi Spies, which was suppressed in 1995, is
 now available online right here at AlienZoo. Order yours today.
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The Torching of the Oil Fields.  Eco-Crimes, Kuwait 1990.

"A little known fact about the Gulf War is that one month before the Declaration of War on December 15th, 1990,  Secretary of State, James Baker, signed the US Army report from the 352nd Civil Affairs Command on the New      Kuwait (unclassified, and therefore available to those interested). This report describes in detail how extensively
Kuwait will be destroyed, how the oil wells will be set on fire, and then how it will all be rebuilt 'better than before',  with despotism, rather than democracy, even more strongly entrenched than it had been before. The report includes a list of US corporations who are to be assigned the profitable task of rebuilding Kuwait and extinguishing the oil well fires, as well as the Arab names they will be operating under." Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes.
     George C. Andrews.

     By The SPOTLIGHT Staff

Kuwait's oil wells, torched during the final phase of the 1991 Gulf War, were set ablaze by fast-moving strike teams of U.S. Special Forces, not by Iraqi troops, as reported at
the time, according to a U.S. Army officer who was there. 

Smoke from the fires blocked sunlight for weeks, creating a near environmental disaster in the Mid East. After almost a decade, this observer has decided to break his
silence and divulge what he has seen on condition  that his identity remain protected.

His description of how the small Gulf emirate's oil wells went up in flames matches the statements of the Iraqi government, whose top officials have long disclaimed responsibility for this incendiary sabotage operation.

"We did not set the oil fields on fire," said then-Iraqi Oil Minister Osama al-Hiti, to a SPOTLIGHT reporter in  June 1992. "Why should we? Where was the profit?"

New evidence uncovered by the SPOTLIGHT supports al-Hiti's version of events.  "Iraq had no reason to destroy those wells," says a Washington petroleum analyst, who has spent years in the Gulf.  Iraqi troops were already withdrawing from Kuwait when its oil fields were swept by fire.

"The Iraqi leaders had already realized that they would have to submit to an imposed settlement of that conflict, "he explained. 

Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein and his top aides knew full well by then that they would be held economically and financially liable for any damages claimed by Kuwait in the aftermath of the Gulf War.

Only President Bush and his inner circle stood to profit from the ravages inflicted on Kuwait's petroleum installations, these sources have confirmed.

"Bush, his sons and his cronies began to scheme to make vast personal fortunes from rebuilding Kuwait's infrastructure as soon as the Gulf war began -- even before it
began," confirmed Rieter DeJongh, a Wall Street energy trader.

First oil firefighters, based in Texas, the home of President Bush, were enriched by putting the fires out. Next, construction firms had to rebuild the wells, then supply firms had to resupply the sights.

The Bushes' corrupt scheme included driving from Kuwait competing energy companies such as the giant Deutsche Babcock conglomerate, which was bidding on a number of contracts coveted by the Bush consortium.

In the consensus of these sources, the economic consequences of wreaking devastation on Kuwait were clear: Iraq would have to pay for the damage -- it is doing so right now -- while President Bush and his people would profit from it.

"I'd say that, all in all, the evidence tells us pretty convincingly the order to set Kuwait's oil fields afire must have come, not from Saddam Hussein but from Bush," concluded DeJongh.

     First Published in The SPOTLIGHT, August 2,1999.

Footnote: in the aftermath of the Gulf War it was found that there were around 700 oil fires burning. Thick black crude oil poured into the shallow waters of the gulf. At the time there were predictions that it would take several years and many millions of dollars to put out the fires. Environmentalists spoke of the Gulf becoming a stagnant oil lake, devoid of marine life. That may have been an overly pessimistic assessment but even today some areas of the desert are still blackened by dried oil lakes. Some damaged
facilities are beyond repair, which no doubt allowed Bush, Baker and their cronies in the oil business to make even bigger profits.

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                              Date: Sunday, 26 November 2000, 6:03 a.m.

The Technology of Control. The Truth is Closer Than Fiction

Over the last decade, Hollywood has sensitized us to totalitarian technology. Block buster movies portray our heroes and heroines using the weapons of the new millennium. Militarized police forces keep citizens safe; android warrior personnel, part human, part robot are gainfully employed as global peacekeepers; prisoners are
incarcerated in high tech electronic jails, controlled with implanted microchips, while the free population is kept under surveillance through the use of biometric identity systems.

Science fiction perhaps? Reality yes! Much of what we see on the big screen is not the latest fantasy of Hollywood script writers, but is based on fact. Any film maker wanting a picture of the future need look no further than existing military technology and research.

A recent report published by the European Parliament, "An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control", shows just how far these new technologies have come, and how they are being actively employed against citizens in countries across the globe. The report warns of "an overall technological and decision drift towards world wide convergence of nearly all the  technologies of political control", including identity recognition; denial; surveillance systems based on neural networks; new arrest and restraint methods and the emergence of so called 'less lethal' weapons.

Developments in surveillance technology, innovations in crowd control weapons, new prison control systems, the rise of more powerful restraint, torture, killing and execution
technologies and the role of privatized enterprises in  promoting such technologies pose a grave threat to our immediate and future freedoms.

Trade in Technologies of Control

Cutting edge developments made by the Western military-industrial complex are providing invaluable support to various governments throughout the world. The report "Big Brother Incorporated", by surveillance watchdog  Privacy International, presents a detailed analysis of the international trade in surveillance technology.

Privacy International says it is concerned about "the flow of sophisticated computer-based technology from developed countries to developing countries -- and particularly to non-democratic regimes where surveillance technologies become tools of political control." The international trade in surveillance technology (known as the Repression Trade), involves the manufacture and export of technologies of political control. More than seventy per cent of companies manufacturing and exporting surveillance technology also export arms, chemical weapons or military hardware. The justification advanced by the companies involved in this trade is identical to the justification advanced in the arms trade - i.e.: that the technology is neutral. Privacy International's view is that in the absence of legal protection, the technology can never be neutral. As "Big Brother Incorporated" points out, "even those technologies intended for 'benign' uses rapidly develop more sinister purposes. The UK manufactured 'Scoot' traffic control cameras in Beijing's Tianamen Square were automatically employed as surveillance cameras during the student demonstrations. Images captured from the cameras were broadcast over Chinese television to ensure that the 'offending' students were captured." Privacy International cites numerous cases where this type of technology has been obtained for the express purpose of political and social control... ICL (International Computers Limited) provided the technological infrastructure to establish the South African automated Passbook system, upon which much of the function of the apartheid regime depended.

In the 1980s Israeli company Tadiram developed and exported the technology for the computerized death list used by the Guatemalan police. Reported human rights abuses in Indonesia - particularly those affecting East Timor - would not be possible without the strategic and technological support of Western companies. Among those companies supplying the Indonesian police and military with surveillance and targeting technology are Morpho Systems (France), De la Ruue Printak (UK), EEV Night Vision (UK), ICL (UK), Marconi Radar and Control Systems (UK), Pyser (UK), Siemens Plessey Defense Systems (UK), Rockwell International Corporation (USA) and SWS Security (USA).    

Tools of Repression for 'Democratic' States

We should not forget that the same companies supplying regimes with repression technology, also supply  'democratic' states with their totalitarian tools. Leutcher Associates Inc. of Massachusetts supplies and services American gas chambers, as well as designing,  supplying and installing electric chairs, auto-injection systems
and gallows. The Leutcher lethal injection system costs approximately $30,000 and is the cheapest system the company sells. Their electrocution systems cost  £35,000 and a gallows would cost approximately $85,000. More and more US states are opting for Leutcher's $100,000 "execution trailer" which comes complete with a lethal injection machine, a steel holding cell for an inmate, and separate areas for witnesses, chaplain, prison workers and medical personnel. Some companies in Europe have even offered to supply gallows.

In the 1970's, J.A. Meyer of the US Defense Department suggested a countrywide network of transceivers for monitoring all prisoners on parole, via an irremovable transponder implant. The idea was that parolees movements could be continuously checked and the system would facilitate certain areas or hours to be out of bounds, whilst having the economic advantage of cutting down on the costs of clothing and feeding the prisoner. If prisoners go missing, the police could automatically home in on their last position.

Meyer's vision came into operational use in America in the mid 1980's, when some private prisons started to  operate a transponder based parole system. The system has now spread into Canada and Europe where it is known as electronic tagging. Whilst the logic of tagging is difficult to resist, critics argue that the recipients of this
technology appear not to be offenders who would have been imprisoned, but rather low risk offenders who are most likely to be released into the community anyway. Because of this, the system is not cheaper since the authorities gain the added expense of supplying monitoring devices to offenders who would have been released anyway. Electronic tagging is however beneficial to the companies who sell such systems. Tagging also has a profitable role inside prisons in the US and in some prisons,
notably, DeKalb County Jail near Atlanta, where all prisoners are bar coded.

'Non-Lethal' Technology of Control

The increasing miniaturization of police forces throughout the world is reflected in the spread of "less lethal" weapons such as pepper gas. Benignly referred to by the media as "capsicum spray", pepper gas was recently used by      Australian police in the state of Victoria to subdue a man. According to media reports, the Victorian police also
used "a weapon they don't want to disclose". The effects of pepper gas are far more severe than most people realize. It is known to cause temporary blindness, a burning sensation of the skin which lasts from 45 to 60 minutes, upper body spasms which force a person to bend forward and uncontrollable coughing making it difficult to
breathe or speak for between 3 to 15 minutes.

For those with asthma or subject to restraining techniques which restrict the breathing passages, there is a risk of death. The Los Angeles Times has reported at least 61 deaths associated with police use of pepper spray since 1990 in the USA, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has documented 27 deaths in custody of people sprayed with pepper gas in California alone, since 1993.

The US Army concluded in a 1993 Aberdeen Proving Ground study that pepper spray could cause "Mutagenic effects, carcinogenic effects, sensitization, cardiovascular and
pulmonary toxicity, neuro-toxicity, as well as possible human fatalities."

The existing arsenal of weapons designed for public order and control will soon be joined by a second generation of kinetic, chemical, optico-acoustic, and microwave weapons, adding to the disabling and paralyzing technologies already available. Much of the initial work on these new technologies has been undertaken in US nuclear
laboratories such as Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos. The European Parliament Report "An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control" lists a
Pandora's box of new technologies including:

     Ultra-sound generators, which cause disorientation, vomiting and involuntary defecation, disturbing the ear system which controls balance and inducing nausea. The system which uses two speakers can target individuals in a crowd.

     Visual stimulus and illusion techniques such as high intensity strobes which pulse in the critical epileptic fit-inducing  flashing frequency and holograms used to project active camouflage.

     Reduced energy kinetic weapons. Variants on the bean bag philosophy which ostensibly will result in no damage (similar claims were once made about plastic bullets).

     New disabling, calmative, sleep inducing agents mixed with DMSO which enables the agent to quickly cross the  skin barrier and an extensive range of pain causing, paralyzing and foul-smelling area-denial chemicals. Some of      these are chemically engineered variants of the heroin molecule. They work extremely rapidly, one touch and disablement follows. Yet one person's tranquillization may be another's lethal dose.

     Microwave and acoustic disabling systems.

     Human capture nets which can be laced with chemical irritant or electrified to pack an extra disabling punch.

     Lick 'em and stick 'em technology such as the Sandia National Laboratory's foam gun which expands to between  35-50 times its original volume. Its extremely sticky, gluing together any target's feet and hands to the pavement.

     Aqueous barrier foam which can be laced with pepper spray.

     Blinding laser weapons and isotrophic radiator shells which use superheated gaseous plasma to produce a dazzling burst of laser like light.

     Thermal guns which incapacitate through a wall by raising body temperature to 107 degrees.  Magnetosphere gun which delivers what feels like a blow to the head.

"An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control" says "we are no longer at a theoretical stage with these  weapons. US companies are already piloting new systems, lobbying hard and where possible, laying down potentially lucrative patents." For example, last year New Scientist reported that the American Technology     Corporation (ATC) of Poway, California has used what it calls acoustical heterodyning technology to target individuals in a crowd with infra-sound to pinpoint an individual
200-300 meters away. The system can also  project sonic holograms which can conjure audio messages out of thin air so just one person hears them.

Meanwhile, Jane's reported that the US Army Research Laboratory has produced a variable velocity rifle for  lethal or non lethal use - a new twist to flexible response. Other
companies are promoting robots for use in riot and prison control.

Advances in Biometric Identification

Through the inevitability of gradualness, repression technology, in the form of biometric identity systems, is  permeating our every day life. Biometry involves using a physical
characteristic such as a fingerprint, palm print, iris or retina scan to identify individuals. These unique identity characteristics are digitally stored on a computer system for verification. This way, the identity of each person can be compared to the stored original. Christians will be interested to note that with biometric systems, the original
print is stored not as a 'picture' but as an algorithm.

The number of your name will be literally in your hand (thumb print) or in your forehead (eyes). Biometric identification is not something that we just see at the movies. It is here, it is with us now. Governments in Australia, the USA and the UK are planning its widespread introduction by 2005.

Both the Dutch and Australian public rejected plans for a national information and identification scheme en masse several years ago, but have reacted more passively to equally intrusive (but less blatant) schemes in the 1990's.

Uses of the Social Security Number in the USA, the Social Insurance Number in Canada, the Tax File Number in Australia, the SOFI Number in the Netherlands and the Austrian Social Security Number have been extended progressively to include taxation, unemployment support, pensioner benefits and, in some cases, health and higher
education. Functional creep is rampant. Large scale government computer based schemes have been shown in several countries to be much less cost-effective than was originally estimated. Years after the governments of the United States and Australia developed schemes to match public sector data, there is still no clear evidence that the strategy has succeeded in achieving its goals. The audit agencies of both federal governments have cast doubt that computer matching schemes deliver savings.

A nationwide survey by Columbia University last year reported that 83% of people approve of the use of finger imaging. Biometrics is being embraced on a global scale. The Australian company, Fingerscan, a subsidiary of Californian based Identix Inc, recently won one of the biggest bank contracts for biometric security in the world.
Fingerscan is working with the Bank of Central Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia to replace numeric passwords for employees at 5000 branches with fingerprint based system access.  Fingerscan also has the world's largest application of biometrics in the servicing of automated teller machines. In conjunction with contractor Armaguard, which services ATMs for Australian banks, many ATMs are now unlocked by the representative's fingerprint. The representative brings a portable scanning device that plugs into the back of the ATM and connects the bank's server which grants him
or her admittance.

The US government has a deadline of 1999 to implement electronic benefits processing for welfare recipients, but  this may be delayed to accommodate biometrics, which is currently being piloted in five American states. The Australian government will introduce a biometric identity system for welfare recipients by 2005.      Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the USA have plans to introduce nationwide fingerprinting for hospital patients. This may be extended into other medical applications. The Jamaican Government is planning to introduce electronic thumb scanning to control elections. Social Security verification using biometrics is used in Spain and South Africa.

In 1994, the UK Department of Social Security developed a proposal to introduce a national identification card,  which recommended a computerized database of the hand-prints of all 30 million people receiving government income assistance.

Big Brother's International Network of Surveillance Biometric identification is the technology of today and the future. It is not a matter of if, but when, a global network
of computers will link all stored biometric images in a central location, managed by a collective of international authorities.

In 1994, under the leadership of US Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a consortium of the world's leading companies formed the Global Information
Infrastructure Commission (GIIC). Headed by the president of Mitsubishi, the chair of EDS, and the vice chair of Siemens Corporation, the GIIC intends to create a
conglomerate of interests powerful enough to subsume government interest in the regulation of biometric and other technologies. The effort is being funded to a large extent by the World Bank.

Governments in 26 countries are, at this moment, monitoring and cooperating with project FAST (Future Automated Screening for Travelers). FAST was first piloted in 1993 by US immigration authorities when a new lane at New York's John F. Kennedy airport was opened. The technology for the system is known as INPASS (Immigration and Naturalization Service Passenger Accelerated Service System) which is a biometric identification system used to expedite passengers through customs at international airports in as little as 20 seconds.

Applicants for registration with FAST are interviewed, and identity confirmed. Hand prints are taken, converted to a template and stored digitally on a smart card. Once the last of five green lights appear at the tips of the fingers, the glass exit door opens and the passenger continues to the baggage claim and customs zone. The system is
currently a voluntary trial for frequent travelers to and from the USA who are US or Canadian nationals. With new technology, travelers can rest assured that their security is always in good hands. 

The US Militech Corporation has developed a Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging system, which can scan people from up to 12 feet away and see through clothing to detect concealed items such as weapons, packages and other contraband. Variations of this  through-clothing human screening are under development by companies
such as the US Raytheon Corporation, and will be an irresistible addition to international airports everywhere.

Once upon a time, surveillance was targeted at certain groups and individuals. In our time, surveillance occurs en masse. Much of the 'harmless' computer based technology necessary for our daily lives could actually be used to keep the entire population under surveillance.

Telephone systems lend themselves to a dual role as a national interceptions network, according to "An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control". For example, the message switching system used on digital exchanges like System X in the UK, supports an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Protocol. This allows digital
devices, e.g. faxes, to share the system with existing lines. The ISDN subset is defined in their documents as  "Signaling CCITT"-series interface for ISDN access.

What is not widely known is that built-in to the international CCITT protocol is the ability to take phones 'off hook'  and listen into conversations occurring near the phone, without the user being aware that it is happening. This effectively means that a national dial up telephone tapping capacity is built into these systems from the start. Further, the digital technology required to pinpoint mobile phone users for incoming calls means that all mobile phones in a country when activated, are mini-tracking devices.

The issues surrounding the uncontrolled and unregulated spread of tyrannical technology are immediate and ongoing. The technologies of repression that are trialed in so-called non-democratic countries are now being aggressively marketed in the West, while Hitler's Germany becomes a vague memory. It is up to us to do what ever we can to stop the insidious spread of this technology, and to demand the right to choose whether we  participate in the biometric system or not. We should ask
ourselves... who will heed our cry for help once these  technologies are fully implemented?

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Susan Bryce is an investigative journalist and researcher whose interests include issues which affect individual  freedom, environmental health, surveillance technology and global politics. She can be contacted at PO Box 66, Kenilworth, QLD 4574, Australia. The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 50 (September -October 1998)