Click. Four Bilderbergers Hold Senate Seats.

Click. Representatives Charge Violent Mobs Intimidated Miami-Dade on Re-Count.

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Subject: Reps Charge Violent Mobs Intimidated Miami-Dade on ReCount

Five U.S. Congresspersons have submitted an appeal to Attorney General  Janet Reno, urgently asking her department investigate clear indications  of federal election law violations due to widespread hooliganism and mob  rule in the streets of Miami. Mob action there has achieved its desired  result of intimidating Miami-Dade election officials into terminating  the vote recount effort.

All those "take Elian away from his father" folks, working overtime on  behalf of the Bush Crime Syndicate, it would seem.

Even MORE disturbing: the Internet is of course SWIRLING with rumors  that hypnotized, mind-controlled psychotically deranged, fanatical Bush  supporters are ready to incite BLOODSHED and VIOLENCE in the STREETS if  their AWOL-shirker-slimeball candidate doesn't get into office.

It's all starting to remind me TOO MUCH of "Krystal-Nacht;" the  widespread in-the-streets terrorism and hooliganism instigated  throughout Germany by Hitler's Nazi swine, to usher in the 4th --oops, I  mean 3rd -- Reich.

Which I guess makes perfect sense, as King Dubby Doo the First (or MAYBE  King Slick the Second!) takes the throne to preside over the CommuNazi  globalist's NEXT phase.

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WIRE:11/24/2000 17:53:00 ET
Democratic Politicians Seek Miami-Dade Count Probe

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - Five
Democratic members of the U.S. House of  Representatives called on Friday for a federal investigation into  Miami-Dade County's abrupt decision two days ago to halt its manual  recount of votes, saying Republican George W. Bush's campaign may have orchestrated a "climate of fear" to intimidate the board.

The five urged Attorney General Janet Reno to ask the Justice Department  to launch an investigation into the decision to halt the manual recount  in Miami-Dade, one of three Florida counties that had been conducting  such a recount of votes cast in the still-unresolved U.S. presidential  election. Like Broward and Palm Beach counties, Miami-Dade was faced  with a Sunday deadline set by the Florida Supreme Court to report  results from the hand count, which could tilt the balance in Democrat Al Gore's favor as he chases down Bush's 930-vote lead after a machine recount of the state's 6 million votes, cast on Nov 7.

The decision by the Miami election panel on Wednesday was taken after  Republican protests inside the county building over plans to continue  the recount. Gore's campaign unsuccessfully asked the Florida Supreme  Court to get the Miami recount started again, and has said it will  contest the Miami-Dade result.

 "According to many published reports, unruly and violent protesters  managed to create a climate of fear and intimidation, with the intent of  preventing the canvassing board from completing its task," the letter to  Reno said. "In addition, published reports strongly suggest these  actions were orchestrated by the Bush campaign," it said. The letter  from the Democratic politicians said that if the actions occurred as  reported, "they could amount to voter intimidation in violation of  federal law. ... By preventing the canvassing board from completing its  recount, these actions undermined the right to vote." It was signed by  Democratic Reps. Peter Deutsch and Carrie Meek of Florida, Sheila  Jackson-Lee and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas and William Jefferson of
 Louisiana. It was also signed by Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting delegate from Washington, D.C.

The letter was made available to reporters in West Palm Beach, county  seat of Palm Beach County, by a representative of the national  Democratic Party, outside the building where a recount of that county's  460,000 votes was underway. Broward was also completing its recount of  some 588,000 votes. Gore's campaign, pursuing Bush's razor-thin lead in  the state both candidates must win to capture the White House, sought  manual recounts of some 1.7 million votes in the three Democratic- leaning counties. Republicans opposed them, saying the  recounts were unfair, and the issue quickly became entangled in a  thicket of court action on both sides.

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Four Bilderbergers Hold Senate Seats

Spotlight Email newsletter No. 60

Two Bilderberg members were elected to the Senate Nov. 7 and will join two others who have been recruited by the secret international elite in recent years.

Hillary Clinton succeeds retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) after defeating Rep. Rick Lazio (D-N.Y) and Jon Corzine purchased the New Jersey seat for $65 million. This will double the Bilderberg bloc, which includes Sens. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and Chris Dodd (D Conn.).

A largely overlooked historical footnote is about to occur: for about two weeks, Mrs. Clinton will be both first lady and a sitting senator because the new Congress will be installed in early January and the White House changes tenants on Jan. 20.

Mrs. Clinton became the only first lady to ever attend a Bilderberg meeting when it met at a resort about 30 miles from Atlanta a few years ago. President Clin ton, long a member of the brother group, the Trilateral Commission, was anointed at a Bilderberg meeting in Baden Baden, Germany, in 1991, launching his White House run.

Corzine had attended Bilderberg meetings for years, representing Goldman Sachs. He was absent last June when Bilderberg met near Brussels, Belgium, because the Democratic primary was taking place at the same time.

Hagel and Dodd were recruited into Bilderberg in Sintra, Portugal, in 1999 and returned to Brussels last spring.

Bilderberg traditionally had a strong Senate presence, with such luminaries as Banking Committee Chairman Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.) and Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) as regulars. Bentsen continued in Bilderberg as Clinton's first treasury secretary but has suffered a stroke and uses a wheelchair now. Bradley retired from the Senate and failed in a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

For some years, no senators attended Bilderberg, some telling inquiring constituents about "political problems" that emerged when their participation in the secret meetings became known.

Corzine called for registering guns, federal control of public education to facil itate the globalist brainwashing of American children and racial quotas ("affirmative action") in employment and education. All of this follows the long-established Bilderberg agenda.