Gore camp demands FBI inquiry. Click.

Jewish federations to get involved in Fla. lawsuits . Click.



Gore camp demands FBI inquiry

THE FBI is being asked to investigate how thousands of mainly black supporters of Al Gore were given ballot papers that had allegedly already been marked for rival candidates.

Yesterday Democrat officials were examining claims that up to 17,000 ballot papers in the Miami area had been tampered with in what they described as “organised corruption”. Lawyers from across the United States descended on Miami and were busy taking statements from those complaining that they had been cheated or intimidated out of voting for Mr Gore.

A senior Democrat official in Miami, who has hired a team of 20 investigators to carry out an inquiry, told The Times: “Until now in Florida, we have been arguing foul-ups, human error and stupidity. But this is deliberate corruption to spoil votes for Gore and that must be a matter for the FBI.

“We don’t want to be seen as playing the race card here, but the areas where this happened are in poorer precincts, which are predominantly black areas that would be expected to vote almost unanimously for Vice-President Gore. We are not accusing the Republican Party or any other ethnic groups for being behind this. All we are saying is the vote was corrupted. There are just too many double-punched papers.”

Jewish leaders in staunch Democrat areas of the city claimed that they, too, had evidence of voting slips being marked before they reached polling stations in areas populated by retired Jewish couples. At a rally in a Miami synagogue, Lisa Versaci, Florida director of People for the American Way, said: “There can be no innocent explanation for a pre-punched ballot sheet.”

Republican leaders in Miami dismissed the allegations as “dirty-trick claims”. A spokesman said: “A spoiled ballot is not uncommon. There is no dark plot here.


Police Find Two Ballot
Boxes In Miami
MIAMI (Reuters) - Miami police on Saturday were looking after two locked ballot boxes found days after the U.S. presidential election -- one in a downtown hotel and the other in a church -- but they may contain just supplies, not votes.

A Miami police officer, speaking at a meeting called by the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) to hear testimony of alleged irregularities in the election, revealed that a box had been found on Friday at the Sheraton Hotel.

Police Lt. Diego Ochoa, who said he came forward with the consent of his commanding officer, said police sealed the box with evidence paper and were keeping it at police headquarters to hand over to election officials.

His revelation caused a flurry of excitement as allegations have flown of widespread irregularities in the crucial Florida vote.

A police spokesman later confirmed the account but said the box found at the hotel was believed to contain only supplies.

Another box found at a church on Saturday had also been handed in, spokesman Delrish Moss said. Both the hotel and the church had been used as polling stations for Tuesday's election.

Police had not opened either box and were keeping them in a safe at their headquarters until election officials came to claim them, Moss said.

A poll worker also told Reuters that it was almost certain the ballot boxes contained only supplies.

He explained that under normal procedure, after polls closed at 7 p.m., the ballots were removed from the boxes and counted to see how many there were. They were then placed in a sealed transfer box like a briefcase, in which they were taken to central counting centres under police escort.

Poll workers habitually used the discarded ballot boxes to store papers, pens and other materials, he said.

Florida's 25 electoral votes hold the key to Tuesday's election as neither candidate can reach the 270 votes required to win the keys to the White House without them. A recount was ordered as required by Florida state law because of the narrow margin between the two candidates.


Jewish federations to get involved in Fla. lawsuits
By Matthew E. Berger, Jerusalem Post 11/13/00

(November 13) WASHINGTON (JTA) - Jewish officials in Florida and around the country are monitoring the election controversy in the Sunshine State, as many Jewish voters say they mistakenly chose the wrong candidate.

Although a recount began Wednesday in Florida, many people are looking beyond to the thousands of ballots that were excluded in Palm Beach County, which is heavily Jewish and Democratic, as well as several thousand votes for Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan.

Jewish officials in that area said they believe a confusing ballot may have led voters to pick Buchanan when they wanted to choose Vice President Al Gore, or to vote for both candidates by mistake.

"This entire election is now focused on a retired little old lady in Century Village in Boca Raton who cast the wrong ballot," said Jan Lederman, executive director of the Sarasota-Manatee Jewish Federation.

Lederman said his organization has received calls from voters and has been assisting in getting them in contact with state officials.

More than 19,000 ballots were thrown out in Palm Beach County. With the recount indicating by Thursday afternoon that fewer than 400 votes divided Gore and George W. Bush in that state, those excluded ballots could make a difference in who won the state.

Observers for both major presidential candidates are in Florida, meeting with election officials and watching the state's recount. There is precedent for a state judge to adjust the voting in the election because of problems with the ballot, according to several sources, and lawsuits have already been filed on that issue.

The local Jewish federations are considering participating in lawsuits on behalf of their members, Lederman said, but will wait until the recount is concluded before making a formal decision.

Another question is whether the numbers for Buchanan are correct in Palm Beach County.

The nearly 4,000 votes for Buchanan trumps his showing in other counties in the state, and even Buchanan himself has said the votes are wrong.

"The very idea of elderly Jews casting votes for Pat Buchanan" is "anathema," said Diana Aviv, vice president for public policy at United Jewish Communities.

The former Nixon White House aide is known in the Jewish world for, among other things, his antisemitic and anti-Israel comments.

Some Democratic officials, including Rep. Robert Wexler, said holding a new election in that county or statewide is warranted, because of the confusion over who won that state and the 25 electoral votes that would put either candidate past the 270 he needs to win the presidency.

"It's the only way we could rectify this situation," said Jonathan Katz, Wexler's legislative director

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Date: Friday, November 03, 2000 7:56 PM

by William Dean Ross © 2000

The majority of people worldwide do not know what the terms Black Operations
and Black Sciences mean or how they are used.

Black Operations were developed after World War I; but, really flourished after
World War II during the Cold War. Congress allocated money to the Pentagon,
the CIA and other Defense Department sectors to make the United States military as
strong as possible, but certain projects became more secret than others did. The
more secret projects were funded by the civilian sector at first -such as "pet peeve" defense contractors already in the loop.

As time went on, the "privy" developed into a real clique of not only specially screened corporations but also choice individuals found by federal talent hunts. A new sub-culture was born with a new personality and belief system -separate from mainstream Americans.

Cutting-edge technology such as stealth aircraft, invisible hovercraft, extremely low frequency mind control and weather control and cloning or reproduction of identical species became secret sciences. The new knowledge was and still is not available to the regular Army, to Congress, or to any University. The most secret of the secret was in the hands of a power hungry few that tied itself to the World Bank for the future funding of its projects. They developed "think-tanks" - like Stanford and Travistock -to keep the masses fooled about everything.

The deception grew like a cancer into every area of industrialized society. They
moved into everything from the Mafia to Harvard University to International Banking. They learned how to control the media and, thus, they controlled the television, Hollywood, every newspaper, every educational institution and every person's mind -at least to a certain point.

Accusations of abuse and inhuman acts of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. were investigated
by Congress in 1977. They used the excuse of "national security" for every crime
they committed. Under the guise of "national security", there has not been an investigation of their highly illegal activities since 1977. Your Congress, your President and your Supreme Court are actually scared of them. A mountain of evidence points to the fact that they have killed thousands, including corporate executives and politicians -like JFK. They are thus considered the "Invisible Government"!

The" Invisible Government" needs a name at this point, so let us call it "The Brotherhood of the Bell." This was a 1960's movie. By the way, Bell Corporation
made the first flying saucer called "The Bell"- for the "Invisible Government" because it was shaped like a bell. Therefore, I shall call the "Brotherhood of the Bell " simply B.O.B.!

B.O.B. became an internationally funded and operated organization that developed
its totalitarian tactics for worldwide economic, political and military control. B.O.B. led us to believe that half of the earth was religious-capitalism defended by the CIA and the other half of the world was atheist-communist defended by the KGB. But, in actuality the International Bankers and ancient esoteric secret societies with an octopus of intelligence agencies controlled the entire earth-even through World Wars I and II. Whenever a few cliques decided to go into business for themselves and break away from the monopoly system, we would have a world war. The same is true today; so, do not mess with the super -bankers.

The Cold War ended because of a worldwide cry for "peace." The old industrialist- banker game of churning up another war for the military -industrial complex was becoming more and more difficult. Their "think-tanks" had to come up with a new strategy to subdue this" New Left "ideology. Time, also, changed technology thus the bankers and industrialists no longer needed large populations to do the farming, work in the factories or even fight in their war-machine game. Advanced computers, robots and artificial intelligence bio-electronics and cloning eliminated the need of all of these
useless eaters. Top secret meetings were held and a strategy as early as 1960 -one for example like "The Report From Iron Mountain"- was the answer.

The "New Left" with all of it's altruistic and humanitarian concepts would be the "Trojan Horse" that would bring in the largest "shadow of death" to fall on mankind in the written history of the earth. In "Globalist" books, in their reports at the United Nations, on their statues and art at the new Masonic airports, on their shrines like the "Georgia Guide Stones", they all call for a massive de-population of the earth! They also command eliminating democracy and culture under the guise of a new "think-tank" invented international religion and government.

On the other hand, certain racist New Right organizations have and are being manipulated by the Black Ops agent provocateurs to appear hostile to the masses
through their song bird media. The truth is that these groups are very aware of
certain concepts of the New World Order; but, they cannot see that they being used as "scape-goats" and "patsies" for Black Operations' sabotage. The invisible government always uses some sort of Chaos they create to steer public demand for social change -such as gun control!

Their hoodwinking games are from the old Masonic term "Ordo Ab Chao." They create the problem secretly but their politicians come forward openly with a new solution -- Order Out of Chaos.

B.O.B.'s old excuse was "national security" for its cruelty to mankind, now it is made of a string of excuses like: "To save the children" or "To save nature!" The truth is that "The Brotherhood of the Bell" is destroying more nature with its' top secret projects like the nuclear bomb, chemical and biological warfare and H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) than we the "useless eaters" could ever imagine doing.

When the Berlin wall came down, the Black Operations of the East merged with the
Black Operations of the West. The "think tanks" now include Soviets and Red Chinese. They have mixed their ideas for an One World Order and have mixed their military Special Forces together in a scheme to execute the "cleansing" or "killing fields."
What these "Brave New World" types do not know is that once again they are being
used to satisfy the greedy appetites of the super power -elite! Those in the Cabal know that an inter-dimensional society, an etheric civilization more invisible than they are controls their minds and souls. They honor these Ascended Masters or Gods with blood and sacrifice - as they always have through their history of the Dark Nobility and Black Arts Occultism! They know the Lord of this earth is Lucifer and that he must be appeased.

The "Black Budget" then started to be used for the "Black Arts" and became known
as the" Black Sciences." The earliest projects actually started prior to World War I while the more popular ones started around World War II. The U.S. Army was in charge of making the "A-bomb" in the "Manhattan Project" and the U.S. Navy was in charge of making stealth equipment and invisibility in the "Philadelphia Experiment."

After the war, the scientists of both projects were joined with Nazi scientists from Germany and NASA and the National Security Agency were formed. Previous experiments like Babylon Working and the Montauk Project -started using Nazi
occultists and scientists to communicate with and materialize inter- dimensional
beings. They, also, started working on inter-dimensional time travel and eugenics/cloning.

Thus, the Black Sciences were born.

The Black Sciences are the most secret of all secrets and are seriously guarded
by special screened soldiers of Black Operations. It is their hope to merge the
seen world with the unseen world. It is their goal to make sure we have a "oneness-of mind" and are spiritually harmonized to a frequency that will bring this about. The Ascended Masters have commanded them to eliminate the "Old World" and all of its old ideas and all of its old people. A new generation with a "New World View" is the agenda of the day.

That is why many conservatives, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists are on the
surveillance and extermination lists. That is why more anti-Constitutional laws are becoming the "New Law." That is why those in the know from all religions and
political ideologies are getting concerned.

The "Black Operations" work for the "Black Sciences" who worship "Black Occult
Religions" of the "Brotherhood of the Bell."

Copyright, William Dean Ross, 2000

All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without permission
in writing from the author.

William Dean Ross
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