Tribal official asks probation changes
The leader of the Cabazon Indians wants to be able to enter political fund-raising circles.

By Mark Henry and Steve Moore
The Press-Enterprise

Federal prosecutors will fight a Cabazon Indian official's bid to change probation terms that bar him from all political fund-raising or associating with those who do.

Mark Nichols, chief executive officer for the Cabazon Indians, is on probation after making illegal donations to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. He pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors last year, was placed on five years' probation and fined $256,000.

Nichols wants the change because it interferes with his political rights and his job for the 35-member tribe, which runs the Fantasy Springs Casino near Indio, according to court papers. He wants to comply with probation but not at the expense of giving up his First Amendment rights of speech, association and participation in the political process.

Nichols needs no rehabilitation, and the public needs no protection from him, stated court papers filed by his Los Angeles attorney, Stanley Greenberg. It's not as if Nichols pillaged the U.S. Treasury or defrauded aged investors in telemarketing, the court papers stated.

"This was a more esoteric crime, involving `public integrity,' " his attorney said in the court documents.

But federal prosecutors say they like the terms just fine. It's his own fault if he can't do his job properly, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey M. Rawitz in court papers. Nichols used his position and his employees to perpetrate a criminal scheme, Rawitz said.

"If various politicians determine that they do not wish to associate with the defendant because of his criminal conviction, that ostracism is both understandable and appropriate," the prosecutor stated.

Nichols will ask for the change Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles before Audrey B. Collins, the judge who sentenced him.

The case stems from an FBI probe into thousands of dollars of illegal donations made to the re-election campaign of Clinton and Vice President Gore before the 1996 election, authorities said.

Nichols and another tribal official funneled contributions to the Clinton-Gore campaign through family members, casino workers and others, prosecutors said. Neither the tribe nor the candidates knew the source of the illegal donations.

Nichols has accepted responsibility for his actions. But his punishment has included public humiliation and embarrassment and the payment of more than $250,000 in fines, his attorney said. At times, he has to close the door to his office or leave at the mention of political fund-raising, the court papers state. And people aren't clear about what they can say around Nichols, his attorney said in the papers.

"He's always on eggshells," Greenberg said.

Prosecutors noted that the judge decided not to jail Nichols because it wasn't appropriate. Instead, the judge imposed the maximum probation to remove him from the political arena for the longest possible time, prosecutors said in court documents.

Nichols can still meet with anyone as long as he doesn't discuss fund-raising, prosecutors said. The probation terms are clear, his job duties can be delegated and he can ask his probation officer if he needs clarification on an issue, they stated. Nichols' attorney stated it's not always practical to call a probation officer.

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Steve Moore can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (909) 849-4533.

CIA investigates workers' covert chat room

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (November 12, 2000 8:02 a.m. EST - The CIA is investigating 160 of its employees and contract workers for their "inappropriate" and off-color messages on a "chat room" hidden in the spy agency's classified computer network, The Washington Post reported.

The "misuse of computers" did not involve "the compromise of any classified information," CIA spokesman Bill Harlow told the newspaper in a story for Sunday editions. "Investigators uncovered evidence of long-term misuse involving multiple violations of CIA computer regulations."

Harlow said the chat room, which had been hidden from the agency's management, was uncovered during routine computer security checks.

The Post said all 160 people linked to the communications channel and have been interviewed and ordered to explain their conduct in writing. It said several CIA officials, including members of the high-echelon Senior Executive Service, have been suspended with pay for the last six months while top management decides on their punishment.

"The serious thing for us is people willfully misusing the computer system and trying to hide what they were trying to do," an unidentified intelligence official told the newspaper. "If they were doing this with the KGB's system, we'd be giving them medals. Sadly, it was ours."

Police probe death of 16-year-old girl
Body of Vallejo girl found on Napa roadside

Saturday, November 11, 2000

Napa Valley Register Staff Writer

Clues are skimpy surrounding the death of a teenager found early Friday morning in an industrial area in south Napa County.

Identification found on the body verified the deceased is a 16-year-old black female from Vallejo, sheriff's Sgt. Chris Perry said.

"At this time we are not releasing the name of the victim," Perry said.

The teen's body, clad in black pants, a blue denim jacket, white socks and no shoes, was found around 6:30 a.m., Friday off North Kelly Road.

The victim, who apparently had been dead for about 24 hours, was discovered on her back, half on the grass and half in the street, investigators said.

"At this time, we are not sure where the woman died," Perry said.

Investigators don't know if she is a victim of a homicide committed elsewhere, Perry said.

"We have no witnesses," Perry said. "We don't know how the body ended up alongside the road."

Perry said the evidence at the scene did not reveal any signs as to the cause of death.

"We did not find any stab or bullet wounds on the body," Perry said.

Perry also said there is no evidence to suggest that robbery may have played a part in the girl's death.

Perry said it was too early to say whether the girl had been sexually molested.

After the body was discovered, portions of Camino Dorado Road and Camino Oruga Road, south of Napa, were cordoned off as investigators combed the site for clues.

A person on the way to work saw the body near a ditch at the end of Camino Dorado and called Napa police.

Perry said Vallejo police detectives were called to the scene to help in the identification of the girl.

Anyone with information about the girl's death is asked to call the Napa County Sheriff's Department at 253-4451.

Reporter Marsha Dorgan can be reached at 256-2214 or

Clues sought in Napa-area killing

By Carol Ness

Her name was Sharonda, but everyone called her "Pumpkin." Unless they mixed her up with her identical twin, and then it was "Peaches."

She ran on the Vallejo High School track team, pulled good grades and had a job taking care of an elderly shut-in after school, her mother said.

She was only 16.

Now, Napa County sheriff's investigators are tracing her last steps, trying to figure out how and why Sharonda Latisha Parker's body turned up Friday morning half in a ditch alongside a road just south of Napa, miles from the site of the high school football game she'd set out for Thursday afternoon.

She had a big knot on her forehead and scratches on her chin, but no other obvious signs of how she died, her mother, Lois Hampton, said Saturday.

She had all her clothes on, but no shoes. An autopsy was under way.

"She was just a precious darling little girl," said Hampton, as she grieved with her surviving three children in their Mica Drive home just across from Marine World on Vallejo's north side. Sharonda and her twin, Sharanda, were very close, but weren't together when Pumpkin turned up missing, their mother said.

"I just want to find out who did it," Hampton said simply.

Sheriff's investigators Saturday were treating the case as a homicide, but refused all questions about the cause of her death, theories of how it happened or who, if anyone, they suspect.

Wilson Brooks, the family's next-door neighbor, offered to put up a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"She was not my blood relative but she baby-sat for me. She was a very upstanding citizen, a dynamic person. She and her twin, I adopted them as my nieces," said Brooks, who knew them since they moved in six years ago. He still would sometimes call Pumpkin Peaches, and vice versa.

Sharonda Parker was a junior at Vallejo High School, where her mother said she was well liked. Both Hampton and Brooks described the girl as hard-working, intelligent and conscientious, always remembering to call her mother when she was getting on the bus home from her after-school job, helping an elderly Vallejo woman. 

"Never," her mother said emphatically when asked if her daughter was ever in trouble.

Thursday, she said, Sharonda called and asked to be picked up after work. She wanted to come home and change her clothes before heading over to the Big Game at Vallejo High against Hogan High, also in Vallejo.

"I told her to just keep what she had on. She was looking nice and decent when she went to school," Hampton said. They never spoke again.

Details of what happened after that are hazy. 

Hampton said she thought Sharonda was taking the bus to the game. None of her friends saw her in the football stands, she said, but one later mentioned seeing her outside the field. 

Later, someone else told Hampton of seeing Sharonda at a party in the Rancho section of Vallejo. Hampton believes her daughter might have headed to Napa, where -- flyers distributed at the game announced -- there was another party. 

Investigators were working to figure out where she actually went, how and with whom.

"Whoever she was with had to be somebody she knows," her mother insisted. "She never would get in a car with just anybody."

But Saturday morning, another scenario arose. Sharonda's brother told their mother that the girl had been spending time talking to a man she'd met near where she worked after school.

"After that, I was told the reason she wanted to come home to change is because she was supposed to be having this dinner date with this fellow," Hampton said.

She said her son described him as a rowdy man who drank all the time -- no one she could imagine her daughter befriending.

Hampton said the man called her Saturday morning, told her he hadn't spoken with Sharonda for a week and expressed surprise that she had been found dead.

Someone on his way to work spotted her body at 6:55 a.m. Friday, partly on Camino Dorado Road, partly in the ditch running alongside it. The site is just east of Highway 29, north of the Napa airport but south of Napa, about 6 miles from her home on the north side of Vallejo.

Friends and family grieved Saturday. Brooks took on the job of helping get the word out, both in hopes that raising public awareness would help solve the case, and to try to raise money to cover funeral costs.

"It's very, very sad," Brooks said.





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Subject: FW: Send in the U.N. observers and Jimmy Carter!

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November 11, 2000

To: Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan .From: Michael Moore, citizen

Dear Mr. Secretary General:

    Help us! Massive election fraud is taking place in an area that looks like a banana republic -- but is actually part of the United States of America! We are sitting here helpless as our leaders appear unable to do anything about this stolen election.

    On behalf of freedom-loving people everywhere, I appeal to the world community and the United Nations for immediate intervention.

    There is ample evidence to indicate that the votes of thousands of our citizens were not counted or, worse, were given to a man who has a sister named "Bay." Further evidence also shows that hundreds of African American voters were simply not allowed to vote.

    I ask that you appoint humanitarian ambassador/carpenter Jimmy Carter to head up an official United Nations team of election observers from Rwanda, Brunei, Bosnia and South Africa and send them to this state we call "Florida."  They are desperately needed to oversee the re-count, the hand-count and any other forms of counting being conducted by people who apparently can count.

    Remember that guy Milosevic in Yugoslavia trying to claim victory when he got the least number of votes? He would love Florida! Next to watching greyhound dogs run in circles, election fraud is South Florida's favorite pastime (I am enclosing, for your observer team, copies of the Miami Herald series on voter fraud which won the 1999 Pulitzer Prize).

    It appears on the surface that lame graphic design is at the root of this ballot problem, especially in Palm Beach County where Jewish votes were given to a man who always has a nice word to say about Third Reich.

    But even more telling is the situation in the Daytona Beach area. In that county, the Socialist Workers Party candidate, James Harris, received a whopping 9,888 votes. When your observers arrive, they will discover that the socialist revolution in Daytona Beach is running a distant third to drunken college spring breaks and NASCAR racing. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a single Bolshevik in Daytona Beach, let alone a decent cappuccino.

    What CBS News discovered is that these 9,888 votes in Daytona Beach for the socialist Mr. Harris represented more than HALF of his ENTIRE 19,310 votes nationwide! Some might see this a communist plot; election officials in Florida have tried to pass it off as a "computer glitch." I call it fuzzy math.

    You should know that the ruler of this disputed region of our country is the brother of the presidential candidate who is benefiting from these shenanigans, George W. Bush. He is already beginning to function as the "President-Elect," even though he got fewer votes in the country than his opponent, Al Gore! The networks had reported that Gore won the state of  Florida, but after the one Bush (the candidate) made a call to the other
Bush (the governor of Florida), suddenly the Bush running for president was ahead.

    This must sound very familiar to you. I know you have had to deal with "the relatives" before in places like Indonesia and The Congo, and, hey, who can blame them? Everyone wants to see family members do well. But in this case, the self-declared "President-Elect" is also the son of the former President who was dethroned by Gore and his running mate 8 years ago. Does any of this make sense? Would it help to know that the father of the "President-Elect" was also the head of the CIA? Just so you know what you are getting into.

    If you look at the map of the U.S., Florida is the section that seems like it is about to drop off into the sea. It is a backwater area whose climate and topography -- swamps, mosquitoes, unbearable humidity, reptiles everywhere -- resembles much of the Third World. It is truly a scary place -- ask any German tourist! It is the easiest state in which to buy guns in the United States. Prisoners are executed without the sort of due process you get in other parts of the world. According to your own U.N. report, more
children are immunized in Jamaica than in Florida, and a baby has a better chance of living to see it's first birthday if it is born in Cuba than in Miami. Most of us just go there to get warm in the winter -- and, for many, Arizona is looking better and better these days.

    Please, Mr. Annan, you have to get here right away. The self-declared "President-Elect" is trying to stop the counting of the ballots. He knows what these ballots will reveal. His propaganda ministers have been lying to the American people for days now, saying things like "this kind of ballot is used everywhere, including in Chicago for Jesse Jackson's son!" Our esteemed journalist, Ted Koppel, held up the Chicago ballot last night on TV to show that it looks NOTHING like the Florida ballot. He told the American people they were being snookered by the Bush people.

    Mr. Secretary General, you are already at the U.N. in New York! Flights from NYC to Miami leave every 15 minutes! Mr. Carter is in the state right next to Florida! Stop by, pick him up, and tell him he may need at least his hammer, if not his nails.

    If the state of Florida refuses to admit your international team of election observers, I implore the Security Council to impose economic sanctions against this place which calls itself "the Sunshine State." The rest of us in America can no longer tolerate their rogue operations. Please remember this is the same state which earlier this year turned kidnapping into a legal sport when they refused to return a little Cuban boy to his
father. We had to put up with that circus for nearly eight months.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If this kind of thievery were happening in any other part of the world, we would have bombed the crap out of it by now. I am hoping for a peaceful resolution to this crisis and for the self-declared "President-Elect" to be returned to his box seat in Arlington, Texas.

    I know you are the man to save us.


Michael Moore

P.S.    Please note. This is not a partisan request on my part. I did not vote for Al Gore. In fact, I am currently in hiding, fearful for my safety, having voted for Ralph Nader. I am now being hunted down by liberals who, for the first time in years, have finally found something to get angry about. Any assistance your people can give ME for safe passage back to Michigan will be greatly appreciated.