Click. WHY THE UNPRECEDENTED COVER-UP. Stayner signs plea agreement in Yosemite murder which includes provision that he will never tell what happened to anyone regarding the murder of Joie Armstrong. 



September 13, 2000
Stayner signs plea agreement in Yosemite murder
AP story in San Jose Mercury News site
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- Motel handyman Cary Stayner, accused of killing a Yosemite naturalist and three sightseers, has agreed to plead guilty Wednesday to one of the slayings in a deal that will spare his life.
Under an agreement filed in court, which needs the approval of U.S. District Judge Anthony W. Ishii, Stayner admitted he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed Joie Armstrong on July 21, 1999.
In exchange, he will be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison without parole instead of facing a death sentence.
The agreement that Stayner, his lawyer and prosecutors signed Sept. 6, also requires that he take his story to his grave.
``After the entry of judgment in this case until his death he will not speak to anyone, write to anyone, or communicate to anyone about the death of Joie Ruth Armstrong,'' the agreement states. The only exception is any testimony or communication with his lawyer regarding his state or federal murder cases.
In order to guarantee that he never profits from his story, he agreed to a $10 million restitution order to go to a fund in Armstrong's name.
Stayner, 39, initially pleaded innocent to kidnapping, attempted sexual assault and murder in the case, which was being prosecuted in federal court because Armstrong was killed in a national park.
The plea bargain is a pivotal -- if anticlimactic -- stage in a macabre case that has gained worldwide attention, embarrassed the FBI and left federal and state prosecutors quarreling.
At the same time it reaches resolution, it shifts Stayner's fate to state court, where prosecutors have been eagerly awaiting their chance to try him in the slayings of three Yosemite tourists.
While Stayner has dodged execution in Armstrong's murder, he still faces the death penalty if convicted in the slayings of Carole Sund, 42, her daughter Juli, 15, and their Argentine friend Silvina Pelosso, 16.
The three women were killed five months before Armstrong, during a sightseeing trip to Yosemite National Park. They had been staying at the Cedar Lodge, a remote and rustic motel outside the park's western gate, where Stayner lived and worked.
It was their disappearance, in mid-February last year, that prompted one of the most intense FBI manhunts as scores of agents fanned out across the rugged and rolling terrain of the western Sierra to search for clues.
Stayner was interviewed early in the investigation but ruled out as a suspect. He later helped agents collect evidence from the motel rooms and was in their midst as the case unfolded in one grim twist after another and the investigation went astray.
Based on circumstantial evidence and what was later believed to be a false confession, investigators plunged deep into the Central Valley's methamphetamine netherworld and focused on a loose knit group of violent ex-cons.
In fact, a grand jury was actually hearing evidence against this group the day after Armstrong was killed. And James Maddock, FBI agent in charge of Sacramento, maintained he was confident most of the main suspects in the sightseer case were behind bars on other charges, and that the murders were not connected.
It was Stayner, arrested three days after Armstrong's murder, who finally unraveled the mystery, admitting to a top FBI interrogator that he single-handedly killed all four women, according to court documents. He also led investigators to weapons and other physical evidence, and later re-enacted the crimes on videotape, according to law enforcement sources.
State prosecutors, who felt they were entitled to proceed with their case first and are still upset they lost their appeal to Attorney General Janet Reno, continue to feud with federal authorities over evidence and other issues.
The Mariposa County District Attorney's office, which has jurisdiction, can go forward with its case against Stayner as soon as he is formally sentenced, sometime later this year, in Armstrong's murder.
Thomas C. Hastings, a Santa Clara County judge who presided over the high-profile Polly Klaas murder trial, has been assigned to hear the sightseer case. But no hearing dates have been set, no pleas entered, and an attorney has not been appointed or hired to represent Stayner.  

House Passes Bankruptcy Legislation

By MARCY GORDON= AP Business Writer=

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A bill making it harder for people to sweep away their credit card debts in bankruptcy court passed the House on Thursday, but the White House immediately said President Clinton would veto the legislation.

After a fairly brief debate, lawmakers approved the bipartisan measure by a voice vote.

The legislation next moves to the Senate, where staunch opponent Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., has threatened to block the measure. However, his power to obstruct legislation is limited, and Senate Democratic leaders, including Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., have expressed support for putting it to a vote soon.

Proponents of the measure, who have been pushing such legislation for three years, have received millions in campaign money from banks and credit card companies this election year.

Supporters pointed to the rapid rise in bankruptcy filings in recent years _ they reached a peak of 1.4 million in 1998 _ as evidence of rampant abuse of the bankruptcy court system.

``Clearly this nation's bankruptcy system is broken when it enables individuals to avoid paying their debts,'' Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., said before the vote. ``Bankruptcy reform is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It's a consumer issue.''

The bill would establish a complex mathematical formula for determining whether debtors are able to repay part of their debts under a court-supervised plan and therefore would not be allowed to have them dissolved.

But opponents said the legislation would hurt families hit by job loss, catastrophic medical expenses and other hardships that push them over the edge financially, as well as single mothers and their children seeking alimony and support payments from bankrupt fathers.

``This is a mean-spirited bill,'' declared Rep. John Conyers of Michigan the House Judiciary Committee's senior Democrat.

Clinton, who supports bankruptcy overhaul in principle, threatened twice in June to veto the legislation as written because he considered it unfair to ordinary debtors. His national economic adviser, Gene Sperling, said late last month that Clinton still found it unacceptable despite recent constructive changes.

If the bankruptcy measure again wins a veto-proof majority in the Senate, Clinton could choose to wait until Congress adjourns before exercising his veto, thereby depriving lawmakers of the chance to override it in a new vote. By law, he has 10 days from passage of the legislation to wield his veto pen.

In a letter Thursday to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., Clinton's chief of staff John Podesta said the bill ``fails to address some creditor abuses and disadvantages all debtors to an extent unnecessary to stem abuses by a few.''

He said Clinton also objected to the removal of a provision in the Senate-passed bill prohibiting people found to have violated laws protecting abortion clinics from using bankruptcy proceedings to escape fines and civil judgments.

For months, lawmakers from the two bodies have met behind closed doors to try to resolve differences between the two versions. That irked many Democrats, who complained of being cut out of the process. The cloaked procedures also have made it difficult to obtain information about provisions of the legislation as it was being shaped.

Banks, savings and loans, credit card companies and other consumer finance businesses spent some $6 million on donations to political candidates and party-building activities between Jan. 1 and June 30, according to the group Common Cause. The total included $1.7 million from the five U.S. banks with the biggest credit-card businesses: Citigroup, Bank One/First USA, MBNA, Bank of America and Chase Manhattan.

The bills are H.R. 2415 and S. 3486.

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Earlier versions of the bills are available at

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Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2000 1:56 PM
Subject: A Rubber Raft Did This????????????????

In looking at this situation, I'm about 90% sure that this was but one more carefully orchestrated, violent incident by various elements in the U.S. Govt., the British Govt., CFR and Trilateral members, and various elements of the Bildebergers and Illuminati Families. It reeks of the hand of the NWO, or Satan if you will, in complete and
total control behind the scene, as usual.

Looking carefully at the damage (explosives was part of my job while a member of the 3rd Special Forces Group), if a rubber raft did indeed do this, it contained and ENORMOUS amount of explosives to achieve the level of damage inflicted upon the Navy ship. It seems more like some sort of missile, or perhaps a torpedo, although I doubt that. Sparrow, sidewinder etc. missiles can be launched from many, many miles
away, sight unseen, and easily inflict the level of damage noted on this ship. F-14's specialize in this sort of attack.

I believe it to be nothing more than yet one more planned attack by various elements mentioned above to carry out and further the "agenda" of the NWO, the agenda of a one world Govt., a one world economy, a one world church and so on. Simply put, the total enslavement and control of the peoples of the world. Obviously, one side or the other wishes this incident to have an adverse effect on the growing WAR between the Palestinians and the Jews, which unfortunately the current U.S. Govt., if you could call it that, has tremendous vested interest in seeing the Palestinians achieve their goal(s).

And in lieu of this confusion, Clinton's MO has always been to create distraction such as this and then make 'end runs' around the Constitution, obviously ALL illegal, to further 'their' agenda and usurp yet more of OUR freedoms and rights. So, the question remaining is, "what exactly are THEY up to this time"? Evil, I would bet.

This incident was SO carefully staged and orchestrated that it resembled such other (staged and orchestrated) events as Oklahoma City, ordered by George Bush Sr., Waco (David Korseh was a MKultra mind controlled slave acting under orders of the CIA via his ATF handlers whom he had met for lunch just one week before the attack upon the compound) that there is no doubt in my mind, yet ONE more ploy by which to disarm Americans, convince the ENTIRE world that these Terrorists where responsible for yet ONE more tragedy, and that only THEY could save the World? Now I ask you,
just who is THEY? Unfortunately, about 80% of Americans, and the world, don't have a clue as to who THEY are. But, 'they' will find out one day very soon. So, people, don't
buy into this nonsense and the totally perverted, controlled and owned views of the Mainstream Media. Those people are nothing more than Cowards and Traitors, and sold out, sold their sold some 25 years ago. Hell is a very enticing thought, is it not? What goes around comes around, folks...........
A Former Insider
Peace at any cost is a Prelude to War!

FREEDOM NOW NETWORK- October 14. 2000

This posting is being sent out to you to see if there is anyone else THINKING about this situation. Among my friends and household, this is a question and none are accepting President Clinton's declaration that this was an act of terrorism nor that it was caused by a rubber raft carrying TONS of explosives. This was the SAME question asked by many in the Oklahoma City bombing since a Ryder truck parked on the curb could not have carried enough explosives necessary to blow up the OKC building. IF it is found that the raft did not put that hole in the SHIP, will the U.S. media, President Clinton, and others still state that the USS Cole was blown up by the rubber raft? For a graphics illustration from the U.S. Navy of what "supposedly" happened, go to

The news is beginning to show that there is DOUBT that the explosion did not happen the way that it is being reported. Could there have been an aircraft (not visible at the port) that could have put the hole with a smart bomb? Has this been looked into? I will give you only EXCERPTS from the news reports, but I hope you will get the message that someone had better start asking QUESTIONS instead of accepting the report that is just now being investigated.

1)Yemen Says No Terrorism Behind US Destroyer Explosion
 UPI News Article: Yemen Says No Terrorism Behind US Destroyer
 Saturday, 14 October 2000 10:09 (ET)

SANAA, Yemen, Oct. 14 (UPI) -- A senior Yemeni official on Saturday rejected United States statements that the explosion on a U.S. Navy destroyer which killed 17 servicemen was an apparent act of terrorism. The commander of the Yemeni naval base of Aden, Gen. Mohammad Ali Ibrahim, said that initial investigations into Thursday's explosion that ripped through the side of the USS Cole off the coast of Aden showed it was not caused "intentionally by external forces." He said the explosion "was most  likely caused by a technical malfunction in the U.S. destroyer itself...the large hole the explosion left in the vessel shows it is far-fetched that it was
caused by explosive devices, no matter how big."

2) Besides a gaping hole, attack on USS Cole left many questions 
UPI News Article: Besides a gaping hole, attack on USS Cole  left many
Friday,13 October 2000 22:06 (ET)

 WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- The explosion that tore open part of the Navy destroyer USS Cole in Yemen on Thursday has left many questions. More than 100 FBI investigators headed to the port city of Aden, 50  Marines are standing guard at the blast site and a 50-man emergency response team is in place to begin piecing together evidence. But there  remains, officially, only a single witness to the explosion that blew a 40-foot hole in the USS Cole's port side, killing as many as 17 crew members. An Army major associated with the U.S. Embassy in Yemen reported  seeing two men help the Cole attach one mooring line to a buoy. The small boat,  presumably a harbor tender, then pulled along side the destroyer. Two men on board
reportedly stood at attention and detonated the bomb, blasting the Cole sideways, tearing open its half-inch-thick steel hull, and destroying four rooms on the ship.

Little is known about the attackers, their boat or the explosives they used, whether there were just two men involved, and whether they  worked for the company contracted by the State Department to refuel the billion-dollar Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. Also unknown is whether  the embassy  investigated the company and if that review reached down to the  individuals handling the Cole's lines as it pulled up to a floating dock. So far, not even the refueling company's name has been made  public.

3) For U.S., warning signs emerged in days before Yemen refueling
stop ""
UPI News Article: For U.S., warning signs emerged in days before Yemen refueling 

Friday, 13 October 2000 20:39 (ET)

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- The day before a rubber raft carrying explosives sank the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden, and two days before a bomb exploded at the British Embassy in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, a  leading newspaper in Jordan printed a statement from an unknown terrorist organization threatening to target U.S., British and Israeli ships and planes. The group, known as Al Nitha al-Wahdawi, or New Unified
Fighters Group, handed a typed statement to the editor of Al-Bilad on Wednesday
giving the United States one month to meet eight demands, including the withdrawal of U.S. military ships brought to the area during and after the Persian Gulf War of 1991.Independent terrorism expert Steve Emerson, who  noticed the newspaper item, said it was particularly significant because U.S. ships were mentioned. "There have been threats like this in the past, but never this specific," he said. "Here they were specific about ships in the Persian Gulf." But State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, however, said too much should not be read into the newspaper item. "I'm sure anybody  that looked at any moment in the Middle East could find half a dozen
 statements like that," he said."We're obviously aware that there are many  people out
there planning to try to get us, or claiming that they are going to try to get us. In this region there's always threats in the air." The Clinton  administration's spokesman for national security, P.J. Crowley, said he could not comment on specific intelligence matters but said, "We will investigate  threats that were known at the time of the accident."  As the death toll from the USS Cole rises, more facts have  emerged that
suggest there were signs that Aden was unsafe for the Navy destroyer. 

Not only have two terrorist organizations already claimed credit for the attack, but more than two weeks of deadly clashes in Israel have soured public opinion in the region toward the United States. 

The U.S. Embassy in Israel closed for all but essential functions this weekend due to the ongoing clashes; U.S. embassies throughout the Middle East had been used as staging grounds for demonstrations against the perceived favoritism that the United States has shown towards Israel in the 15 day old conflict. Numerous heads of states condemned Israeli violence against Palestinians which has claimed at least 80 lives.

One such head of state is Yemen's President Ali-Abdullah Saleh, who told the Qatar-based satellite network Al-Jazeera on Monday, "All  Arabs are urged to support the Palestinian intifada (uprising) through various political and economic means and in the defense field." In speeches over the weekend, Saleh reportedly said he was opening his borders to  mujahideen, or holy warriors.

In its report "1999 Patterns of Global Terrorism," the State Department found that "lax and inefficient enforcement of security  procedures and the government's inability to exercise authority over remote areas of the country continued to make the country a safe haven for terrorist groups." Hamas and Islamic Jihad even have official representatives in Yemen,  while terrorist groups from Afghanistan to Algeria continue to operate out of the country. In an interview in March with the Christian Science Monitor, Ali Saleh Obad, the head of the opposition Yemen Socialist Party said: "This
anti-terrorism is just propaganda -- it's just makeup on the system  for the world to see." He told the paper that Saleh's government still provides passports for numerous agents of terrorist groups.

 NOTE: This is a HEADS UP for those of you who live near a MAJOR university I do. In Knoxville where the University of Tennessee has MANY foreign students from every nation in the world. t has had  these foreign students for many years. The parents and friends of these students are "frequent" visitors. Why am I telling you this? Simply because the U.S. is also a safe haven for terrorist groups (other than the CIA, NSA, DOD,  FBI, MI6 and the Mosad). If you will look into Janet Reno's operations against terrorists groups, you will find that she is NOT concentrating  on these groups but instead on the groups identified to her by the SPLC and Pitcavage. The groups targeted by the SPLC and Pitcavage are for the most part Americans (you and me, in other words). What should WE do in these crazy times? Keep watch and pray....and remember what Thomas Jefferson said so many years ago, like yesterday, "God forbid
 that 20 years go by in this country without a fresh watering of the TREE Of Liberty with the Blood of Her Patriots!" It is WAY past due for a Revolution,  my friends.

From: "American Patriot Friends Network" <
To: "American Patriot Friends Network" <
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 6:24 PM

THE BURNING OF MOUNT CARMEL WACO (4/19/93) 1 hour audio/video from direct satellite not edited. This video starts just as the fire is beginning and goes until the building is burned to the ground. This presentation also includes interviews of various Branch Davidians (From Jail) and family members. Also a telephone connection to the Fire Department. Watch closely for agents in the background, during the fire.

Please download and share. Plays in Windows Media Player. (This file will take a few minutes to load)

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After watching the above, please send you comments to , which will be posted to APFN Message Board Unless other wise noted.

The Aftermath of Koresh's Waco: