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24 July 2000 Louis Rene Beres
Professor, Department of Political Science, Purdue University

Israeli officials, never particularly intellectual in their approach to complex policy problems, remain conceptually in the dark concerning aspects of Palestinian terrorism. Today they embark upon new waves of concessions on the presumption that this will appease their "partners in peace" and reduce Israel's exposure to future instances of terror. What these officials still don't understand (although Arafat himself has been more than explicit about this) is that sacrifice plays a very real role in Palestinian policy and that terrorism against Israel is the optimal way in which such sacrifice is expressed.

Terrorism against Israel, as a form of sacrificial Islamic behavior, serves among other things to protect the entire Palestinian community from its own violence. It spurs this community to choose victims outside itself; that is, Jewish victims. As in all traditional societies where sacrifice is practiced, the elements of dissension scattered throughout the community are drawn here to the persons of the sacrificed victims and thereby eliminated.

For Palestinians who will continue their war against Israel - and they number in the tens if not hundreds of thousands - terrorism will be a means to restore harmony to their fractionated community and to reinforce the Palestinian social fabric. This propitiatory function of sacrificial rites is widely known in the anthropology literature, but it is altogether unrecognized in the State of Israel - the state most endangered of all by terror/violence. In ritualistic societies most familiar to us, including those of the ancient Hebrews, the sacrificial victims are always animals.

But there have always been other societies in which human victims are substituted for those individuals who feel threatened. In Euripides' "Medea", the principle of human substitution of one victim for another appears most starkly and horribly. Because the true object of her hatred - her faithless husband Jason - is out of her reach, Medea substitutes her own children. Moreover, Medea prepares the death of her children exactly like a priest preparing for sacrifice. What is most important, Medea's sacrifice reveals the following overriding truth about violence, a truth that should be at the very top of the list for Israeli officials concerned about Arab terror: Violence will accumulate until it overflows its confines and floods the surrounding areas. The role of sacrifice/terror is nothing less than to stem this rising tide of indiscriminate substitution and redirect violence into "proper" channels.

But how do we know that Palestinian terrorists actually think of their own violence against Jews in this way? One answer is that they say so, day after day after day. There is no ambiguity in the Friday sermons; or on the PA (Palestine Authority), Hamas and Islamic Jihad websites. Here it is made absolutely clear that terror/violence against Jews is a religious obligation. It is assuredly nothing so trivial as a political/military tactic. On the contrary, for those Palestinians who would wield terror/violence against Israel, violence and the sacred are inseparable. For them, the correctnes of terror/violence even depends upon its being performed in a spirit of submission, a spirit which marks all aspects of their religious life.

It is important to understand that for Palestinian terrorists, sacrificial violence against Israel has two categories of victims. One category, of course, is the "vile, infidel Jew." The other is the "glorious martyr" who kills the despised Jew (it is always the "Jew," never the Israeli) and who earns eternal glory by "dying for the sake of Allah." This "martyr" need not fear personal death in sacrificing himself as a suicide bomber. On the contrary, by choosing to "die" in this way he actually buys himself free, forever, from the penalty of dying. "Do not consider those who are slain in the cause of Allah, as dead," says the Koran. "They are living by their Lord."

"Strive for death, and you will receive life," believes the Palestinian terrorist who would sacrifice himself as well as the hated "jew plunderer." Significantly, a series of articles on Palestinian "martyrs" (the Shuhada) in Al-Istiqlal emphasizes their presumed difference from the Jews, whom they allege fear death and seek life at all costs. In essence, this is an unfounded polarity, as the overriding rationale of the terrorist "martyr" is to avoid death at all costs; to obtain a "seat in Paradise" and to be saved "from the torture of the grave." In principle, Israeli officials who would understand Arab terror against Israel, in part, as a form of religious worship might seek ways to disabuse intended "martyrs" of their particular brand of faith in immortality, but this would be far beyond the scope of operational possibility.

As Israel continues to project its own Western, rational, American model upon Palestinian thinking, "martyr" Samy Rahim's words speak volumes about the true nature of the terrorist adversary: "Every day on which the sun rises and no Jew is killed, nor any martyr has died, will be a day for which we will be punished by Allah." (Al-Istiqlal, August 20, 1999). This punishment will arise because both obligatory aspects of sacrificial terror will have been neglected: The sacrifice of the Jew and the sacrifice of the "martyr." The two-sided nature of terror/sacrifice is also codified in the Charter of Hamas, which states clearly: "...the Palestinian problem is a religious one, to be dealt with on this premise...."I swear by that who holds in His Hands the Soul of Muhammad! I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill." Lest anyone believe that the more "moderate" Arafat feels differently, consider his recent remarks, in Gaza, to Palestinian "security" forces: "You will fight for Allah, and you will kill and be killed, and this is a solemn oath....Our blood is cheap compared with the cause which has brought us together, but shortly we will meet again in heaven....." Central to these remarks is the duality of sacrificial behavior; the fighters "will kill and be killed...." Victory for the Palestinian people will come when both the despised Jews and the Arab "martyrs" suffer death. But while death for the Jews will be final and unheroic, a confirmation of intrinsic Jewish limitations and unworthiness, death for the Palestinians will be only a temporary inconvenience on the way to eternal life. It is only by killing Jews and subsequently being killed by them that true freedom from death can be realized.

It is time for Israeli officials to understand what I have written.

See it as it is: The God that failed

By Asit Chandmal

West Berlin in 1959 was an island of growing capitalist prosperity, surrounded by communist East Germany. East and West Berliners communicated rather freely, commuting to the other part of the city to work and play.

It was in that year that I first came to West Berlin, to stay on a beautiful island on the outskirts of the city, Pfauneninsel, or Peacock Island (it did have peacocks). Since I was on a programme to learn German, and also about  communism and capitalism, I was assigned a pretty, bright and charming young woman to teach me these things.

She was a student at the Humboldt University in East Berlin. Every day she came by train and boat to meet me on the island, and then she took me wandering all over both parts of Berlin. In the beginning there was a certain formality, but it soon evolved into a relaxed relationship. My
German was hilarious: after a particularly good meal, when she asked me if I wanted to eat anything more, I replied "Ich bin besetzt," which meant "I am occupied," not "I am full." I came up with similar weird sentences, for example, when I used the word nacht, meaning 'night'. I pronounced it nakt, which is 'naked'. So it was that verbal miscommunication led gradually to a wonderful unspoken, but clearly displayed, non-verbal communication. Humour, even unintended, is the best aphrodisiac.

She took me on walks past Brandenberg Gate, into East Berlin, along the magnificent, but deserted avenue, Unter der Linden (under the linden trees), to her University. We saw massive monolithic buildings meant for government offices (there were no private businesses). The contrast between dynamic West Berlin, and dismal East Berlin was striking. But there was a spirit of hope for the future, entailing sacrifice in the present. In those days, to be young and not be a socialist or communist was to be insensitive and stupid. My next visit was in August, 1961. This time I lived in East Berlin. And they chose that exact same week to build the Berlin Wall. As a third world citizen, being wooed by both ideologies, I was allowed to move freely between West and East Berlin, but the citizens had been incarcerated, there was no one who could go between the two sectors if they were residents. All attempts to find my friend were unsuccessful. She had disappeared without trace. I was heartbroken and bitter. For me it was the end of communism as an ideology, a God that had palpably failed.

I became reckless. I took photographs of the wall while it was being built! There were armed policemen everywhere with fierce dogs. It's amazing I didn't get killed. They shot first and asked to see your passport later. Over the years 1800 people were shot dead trying to escape from East Berlin. I did something else which was dangerous. Though the official rate of exchange was one East Deutschmark to one West Deutschmark, I would go to West Berlin, unofficially exchange my currency at four times the official rate, then go to East Berlin, and buy very cheap classical music records of excellent quality.

When I returned to England I made a profit cynically selling these records and the photographs of the Wall. Last week, visiting Berlin after 40 years, as Germany was celebrating the 10th anniversary of its unification, I found the prosperity staggering. Every taxi seemed to be a virtually new Mercedes Benz. The Potzdamer Platz, a devastated rubble for 50 years, had the most magnificent buildings designed by world famous architects. Nearby was the legendary Hotel Aldon, also resurrected after half-a-century. I sat in the ground floor restaurant, lunching on tuna and salmon sashimi, and Irish lamb, accompanied by magnificent German wines. I was on Unter den Linden, in the former East Berlin, and had a magnificent view of the Brandenburg Gate, only 50 metres away.

Inevitably all the memories of my dear friend came back. With her quick intelligence, charm, fluency in English, and seductive looks, I hope, for her sake, she became a successful spy, in the dreaded East German secret service, Stasi. I hope she became a double agent, a spy who never had to come in from the cold, who remained as warm as she was to a 20-year-old Indian 40 years ago.

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Pro-Arab Media Bias Revealed On Latest Mid-East Uproar

Undeniable. See below.

As we noted in a recent bulletin, this current Mideast 'crisis" --  wholly instigated by NWO/ Illuminati agents provocateur seeded  throughout all Arab factions AND the Israeli government -- has the  potential to erupt into some TRULY serious, globally threatening crap.

Just in time, of course, to throw a major kink into the U.S.  presidential elections, undoubtedly to the benefit of Emperor G. Dubya Gush.

Meanwhile, many innocent people on all sides are suffering and dying in  the Holy Land once again.

Read below about an incident in which an American Jew in Israel was  attacked and beaten SEVERELY by a Palestinian mob and rescued by an  Israeli policeman: yet media outlets all over the world published the  picture, claiming it represented a "peaceful," "innocent" Palestinian protester being beaten by the Israeli cop.

What MASSIVE bullshit! Hitler's BIG LIE tactics live on in the Brave New  Fourth Reich!!

By MANY indications, Israel is about to be betrayed to the ravenous dogs  by the godless global power brokers of the New World Order and their  countless legions of whores.

NewsHawk® Inc.

Please forward this to anyone

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this to anyone you know. . It exposes the international media Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 12:43:34 +0200

You need to look at the picture before you read this!

Subject: To the Editor
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 00:15:07 -0500
From: aaronnoach
<< To:

Regarding your picture on page A5 (Sept. 30) of the Israeli soldier and  the Palestinian on the Temple Mount - that Palestinian is actually my  son , Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. He, and two of his  friends, were pulled from their taxicab while traveling in Jerusalem, by a mob of Palestinian Arabs and were severely beaten and  stabbed.

That picture could not have been taken on the Temple Mount because there  are no gas stations on the Temple Mount and certainly none with Hebrew  lettering, like the one clearly seen behind the Israeli soldier  attempting to protect my son from the mob.

Aaron Grossman, M.D.
6737 N Richmond
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 743-1194

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 14:54:39 EDT
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Dear Editor,
Even the typically biased and slanted NY Times middle east reporting has  hit a new low. Since the Times wishes to convey the belief that the  Palestinians are all innocent lambs being tormented by an aggressive oppressor, it can not even conceive that the wounded and  injured are NOT Palestinians. The current case in point is very personal  to me. In the Saturday's Times on page A6, the picture of the  "wounded Palestinian" is, in fact, my nephew, Tuvia Grossman, an  AMERICAN Jewish student learning in Israel. His only crime was being  Jewish. He was not in "crossfire" but merely the target of Palestinian  lambs who stoned his cab, dragged him from the vehicle, smashed his head  with stones and stabbed him in the leg. The Israeli soldier, whom  you obviously wished to portray as victimizing the poor, wounded  Palestinian was actually saving my nephew's life. A casual look at the  background of the picture can tell anyone that it's not the Temple Mount  at all. I believe that a retraction, in a prominent position in the  paper, is neccessary and an apology to the parents, forthcoming.

Howard Gissinger
2809 Avenue S
Brooklyn, New York 11229
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CONFIRMED: BLACK RAIN Falls On Australia West Coast!

Gee, nothing odd about this I guess... considering the incalculably  extensive weather control, bio/chem warfare, global mind control (using  aluminium/barium-based ChemTrails in conjunction with HAARP) and other  horrendously malignant operations being carried out by the U.S. (global)
secret government in the skies of planet Earth.

All that gook has GOT to come down in the rain at some point, making for  some pretty terrifying events, like this one in Australia, reported today.

What's interesting is that ancient Australian aboriginal prophesies speak of a time, before the ending of this dimensional reality, when  black rain will fall from the sky. In Australia, that is. This will be  seen by traditional aboriginal as a precursor or indicator that these  final times have arrived.

Hmmm... .

NewsHawk® Inc.
LOCAL NEWS : South Australia

Black rain reported on West Coast

There have been reports of black rain falling across South Australia's  west coast at the weekend.

Residents from Smoky Bay to Laura Bay have confirmed the black rain,  which deposited ash on vehicles and boats.

The Bureau of Meteorology's weather observer in Ceduna, Mark Bedson,  says the black rain came down during thunderstorms across Eyre Peninsula  early Saturday.

He says it was a very strange experience.

"I went and had a cup of coffee and poured the water in the cup and  thought hang on and poured it out, I am not going to drink it."

"So I have emptied the water tank and washed my roof, we are not quite  sure what it is."

10.10.00  Further Report On Australia Black Rain

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Subject: Fw: ABC News - Black rain reported on West Coast
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 09:05:44 +0930

This is the data I sent off to my mates at TMG
( )

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Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2000 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: ABC News - Black rain reported on West Coast

The local council has sent off samples for testing. The story spreading  around is that is was a bush fire and the brown rain which turned black  when it hit the ground, is simply the result of this. I call a statement  like that - bullshit.

The area to the west of Ceduna / Streaky Bay etc is ocean, in fact there  is no land mass east of Ceduna except South Africa! 85% of all weather  is off the ocean with marginal areas north contributing to the rest.

The area the black rain fell in is too vast for a simple bush fire that  MAY have been north.

I have a suspicious mind and I smell EMF. The Nullarbor region and  especially to the North West of this area is a Restrictive Zone. The  zone is about the size of Texas and the US and Oz scientists test what  ever they like when ever they like. Pine Gap is a fair way north but  Woomera Rocket Range is only half the distance. A EMF "fire ball" may be  responsible for some of the muck rained down on these remote  communities, but I am still searching for the real reason.

Hope all is well with the TMG group
Neil Russell-Taylor
PO Box 603
Stirling SA, Australia

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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 19:13:15 EDT
Subject: Re: CONFIRMED: BLACK RAIN Falls On Australia West Coast!

In a message dated 10/9/00 10:54:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
Own several classic cars that I keep covered out side. The car covers are  made of nylon and another product. They are supposed to last at least 2 plus  years but are now falling apart after only 2 to 3 months? This is  happening to  different mfgs of the covers, not just one faulty product. I have also  noticed cars with the clear coat over color turning white? Has anyone  else noticed any product deterioration outside? Are the Chemtrail  chemicals/etc, breaking down other chemical based products?

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