CIA/Chile/Declassification Policy

Stephen Aftergood © 2000 reports:

"The CIA has committed to releasing the following information regarding Chile, according to newly released State Department meeting minutes:

** CIA will acknowledge all covert actions concerning Chile that were conducted between 1962 and 1975;

** CIA will acknowledge a station in Santiago during this period;

** CIA will release aggregate budgets for covert actions after reviewing proposals from State and CIA historians.

CIA Deputy General Counsel Thomas Benjamin said that "the [CIA] General Counsel's office has determined that releasing aggregate budget numbers for the covert actions will not impair CIA's ability to protect the overall intelligence budget."

This is a peculiar reversal of declared policy, which asserts that the overall intelligence must be protected to conceal the specifics of CIA operations-- not the other way around.

The CIA declassification commitments and related issues were presented in December 1999 in a closed meeting of the State Department Historical Advisory Committee, which oversees production of the official Foreign Relations of the United States series.

The meeting minutes were released on April 14 and may be viewed here: "

Steven Aftergood
Project on Government Secrecy
Federation of American Scientists