9/20/99 Letter to Kane"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:20 AM (EST)

September 20, 1999
Dear Mr. Kane,
I wish to talk with the grand jury about the subject of the book Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular: various ways child pornography and/or abuse could have been the original motive(s) for what became JonBenet==s murder. One obvious possible connection with child porn is through JonBenet==s pageant life. Pam Griffin, JonBenet==s costume maker, says in the book (p.110) "One time Randy [Simons] wanted to shoot Kristine [Pam==s daughter] nude, but I said absolutely not."
There are other possible connections between the Ramseys and the child porn/sex world that should be investigated. Keeping a lid on this ultimate taboo could mean death for a headstrong child like JonBenet who couldn==t otherwise be silenced.
Child porn and abuse are deeply ingrained into Boulder society. Some evidence is:
The Child and Family Advocacy Program provides statistics that 204 Boulder County children under 20 were sexually abused in 1998. (Daily Camera 7/12/99, p. 1C) "Parent of the Year" Zack Prendergast returns his award when it is found he had been a trainer for The Children of God, a cult which advocated sex from infancy. (Daily Camera 8/5/99, p. 3B) Mr. Prendergast also runs fathering workshops. (Daily Camera 9/19/99, p. 1B) First Baptist Church treasurer Jerry Berry is arrested for fondling 3 little girls. Police find albums of child porn and seize 5 computers. (Daily Camera 8/14/99, p. 1B) The popularity of the late poet, former Boulder resident and Naropa professor Allen Ginsberg, avowed member of NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, whose motto was "Sex by 8 or it==s too late." (www.nambla.org/ginsberg.htm)There have been many other recent child sex abuse cases here, including several with the convicts in possession of JonBenet==s photos, including Sean King. The above are all prominent people. Related evidence includes:
The existence here at 1050 Walnut St. of a large XXX porn media company, New Frontiers Media, now rapidly expanding (Daily Camera, business section, 7/21/99, 8/9/99, 8/18/99, 8/20/99) An acquaintance of mine says his former girlfriend had been drawn into this world. SANE rape support program closes. "But two SANE nurses, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said many within the program were frustrated by the constant plea bargaining of Boulder County==s sexual assault cases. >>We==ve been operating for two years now and in that whole time, none of us have ever had to go to court to testify,== one nurse said. >>That==s very concerning to us, that none of these cases are going to trial.==" (Daily Camera, 9/2/99, p. 1A)All the referenced newspaper articles are available from me on request.
The inability of the FBI to explain to former Denver DA and Lockheed-Martin executive Norm Early why they never took charge of the Ramsey case BBan apparent kidnapping of a top Defense contractor executive==s daughter by foreign terrorists- is suspicious and an apparent violation of the "Lindbergh Law." Det. Linda Arndt stated on TV last week that she specifically asked for FBI assistance and did not receive it. She received no backup of any kind, having been told everyone was in a meeting BBfor hours starting about 7:30 AM the day after Christmas. Were they in a meeting with or about the FBI? Mr. McFarland has a contact with information that Lockheed-Martin security were in the Ramsey house before the BPD. We have available a video of Mr. Early discussing the issue on a recent TV show.
John DeCamp, Esq., former Nebraska State Senator, in his book The Franklin Coverup describing the State of Nebraska==s investigation into the failure of Omaha==s Franklin Saving and Loan, shows that the FBI protected child molesters and killers and intimidated child victims and witnesses. One of Mr. DeCamp==s former-child clients Paul Bonacci won a related $1,000,000 judgment against Larry King, the former president of Franklin, just this spring.
[In the rest of this version of the letter for the public, names have been replaced with XXX, YYY and ZZZ. In the version for the DA, the real names were used and more details given. BBEvan Ravitz]
The Singular book also concerns BBdisguised to avoid libel- Mr. XXX, a highly ranked official in Boulder City government. Mr. XXX has admitted to two prominent and respected friends of mine that in 1991 a box of sex toys and pornography were found in his City Hall office during an office move that occurred when Mr. XXX was out. He further admitted that 3 women employed at City Hall alleged he harassed them, though none filed charges. I was in mediation with Mr. XXX when I learned these things, and that City Council had sent him to counseling. I asked who was paying for his therapy and he said that he was.
The late Ron Porter, when he was President of the Boulder Bar Association, moved to investigate Mr. XXX, but apparently nobody would talk. There should be some record of this. I also have 3 names of eye-witnesses to what was in the Pandora==s box.
What we suspect is that Mr. XXX== pornography was child porn, for 3 reasons:
Mr. YYY, then a City Hall administrator, after we talked 10 minutes on the subject in 1992, told me "He [Mr. XXX] gives me the willies. I==ll keep my kid away from him." He recently denied to me that he knows anything about Mr. XXX. I received the enclosed anonymous letter in 1992. I gave the original to Det. Tom Wickman on May 5 this year when he and Mr. Trujillo interviewed Dr. McFarland and I. Mr. Porter would not be likely to start an investigation of Mr. XXX for the unpleasant but legal possession of non-child pornography.If Mr. XXX has possessed child porn, he would want to keep the spotlight off other people==s similar "peccadilloes." This is the "Belgian Syndrome" mentioned in Dr. McFarland==s interview with Donald Freed. Because DA Hunter was on vacation incommunicado at the time of the murder he could not be contacted for advice on proceeding with the highest profile case ever here. The grand jury should determine if Mr. XXX was consulted.
If indeed a network of highly-connected pedophiles exists here as in Belgium and France, Mr. XXX or others could have acted to keep (sincere) FBI investigators away. A one-time "suspect" in this case told me he was shown a bookcase of videos in the home of prominent Boulder drug-case attorney Mr. ZZZ and told these were all child porn. Mr. ZZZ left Boulder soon after the murder and moved to a monastery in Wyoming. Phone records of XXX and ZZZ should be examined for calls to FBI or Lockheed Martin numbers that morning.
DA Hunter and the police might be reluctant to investigate Mr. XXX. According to the Singular book (p. 90) Hunter said "If this got into the hands of certain people in the media it would further embarrass Boulder and make the town look worse than it already does. What are you going to do with this information?" You the outsider should exhaust all leads, this being a government of laws and not of men.
Dr. McFarland and I have been careful not to libel Mr. XXX for 7 years. Once we saw the possible connection to the Ramsey case we worked with a reputable author for 2 years to get the story told right. We want to do the right thing and give more complete details to the grand jury.
Evan Ravitz

2 . "Kane's rejection letter to Evan"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:23 AM (EST)

September 20, 1999
Mr. Evan Ravitz
1130 11th St #3
Boulder CO 80302
Re: Request to appear before the Boulder County Statutory Grand Jury
Dear Mr. Ravitz:
After due consideration of your request to appear and testify before the Boulder County Grand Jury in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, I wish to inform you that your request is denied. We have determined that your proposed testimony would not serve the interests of justice which is the controlling standard by which to judge your request.
Your request discusses the exstence of child pornography in Boulder County and suggests that there may be a link between that and the death of JonBenet Ramsey. You have not identified any nexus between that and the murder of JonBenet. Ramsey, nor any reason to conclude that there might be one. Further, to the extent that one could possibly exist, you have no personal knowledge of any facts, apparently, to make the connection.
In addition, you have stated that the grand jury should investigate the response of the FBI to the initial report that JonBenet was kidnaped by a foreign faction. This is not a proper subject for the grand jury to explore. Their mission is to determine, if possible, who killed the child. A review of the FBI's role in the investigation would not further that goal, and would be more appropriately addressed to the United States Department of Justice Inspector General's Office.
Finally, you state that you wish to inform the grand jury that a former city attorney in Boulder might have been in possession of child pornography in 1991, that he might have ad a motive to protect others in the city who engage in the same activity and he might have been consulted and presumably have steered authorities away from a child pornography connection. You surmise this because Alex Hunter, the District Attorney, was not available to be consulted in the early days of the investigation. You offer no evidence to connect any of this chain of speculation together.
I wish to advise you that you have a right to petition the Boulder District Court to review this Decision. The procedure is outlined in Colorado Revised statutes Section 16-5-204 (l)
Very truly yours,
Alexander M. Hunter

3 . "letter to Judge Bailin"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:25 AM (EST)

Judge Roxanne Bailin20th Judicial District6th & CanyonBoulder CO 80302
Dear Judge Bailin,
This is my petition to the court for a hearing on the District Attorney==s denial of my request to speak to the grand jury, as provided for by CRS 16-5-204 (l). I enclose my letter to Mr. Kane and his reply.
[In this public version, a name and position have been disguised. The version to Judge Bailin contained the real name and position. BBEvan Ravitz]
I was stunned to discover that Mr. Kane had not carefully read my letter. He refers (last paragraph, 1st page) to "a former city EMPLOYEE" when my letter clearly names "Mr. XXX, City EMPLOYEE of Boulder," a position he still holds BBand held at the time of JonBenet Ramsey==s murder, which is how he might have influenced the case. Apparently Mr. Kane has read the chapters of the book Presumed Guilty that Dr. McFarland and I innocently sent to the grand jury, which, to avoid libel, disguise Mr. XXX, and refer to him in an ambiguous way, from which one could mistakenly infer his position was "former."
Further Mr. Kane (2nd paragraph) says "You have not identified any nexus between that [child pornography] and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey." I did, clearly, in the first 2 paragraphs of my letter. Pam Griffin has publicly stated that JonBenet==s pageant photographer Randy Simons had requested her daughter Kristine to participate in a child pornography session, whether or not she was allowed to talk about this to the grand jury.
Mr. Kane states (3rd paragraph) "This [the FBI no-show] is not a proper subject for the grand jury to explore. Their mission is to determine, if possible, who killed the child." The citizens have waited 2 :: years and spent 2 million dollars and we don==t know who killed her, possibly because the DAs refuse to look in the yawning pandora==s box we and others have opened. The "mission" of justice should also be to prevent more children from being raped and/or killed. Just as we must investigate not just "who sold drugs" but how they were imported, who else profited -and who was paid to look away- so we must, as circumstances demand, find out not just "who killed JonBenet" but what motives and other illegal activities led to the murder, so history doesn==t repeat itself! Truth, you will remember, was also found in Pandora==s Box.
Finally, Kane writing his response the same day I hand-delivered my letter (September 20th), not even having read it carefully, hardly shows "due consideration of [my] request to appear and testifyYY" It seems to me that the prosecutors have pre-determined that the investigation will not broach these subjects even if someone gets away with murder. If you are party to such an agreement, I pray for you. Sunshine will be the best antiseptic.
To summarize:
I==ve made a strong case that prominent people in Boulder are involved in pedophilia. Pam Griffin states that JonBenet==s photographer was involved. I==ve made a circumstantial case that pedophilia exists at the highest level in the Boulder justice system.
The FBI no-show is evidence that legal procedure has been corrupted in this case BBapparently constituting related crime that has effectively destroyed the investigation of this murder..
Only the citizens can be impartial in a case in which the legal machinery has been corrupted. Keeping we citizens from the citizens of the grand jury seems to violate CRS 16-5-204 (l) which states "any person may approach the prosecuting attorney or the grand jury and request to testify in an inquiry before a grand jury or to appear before a grand jury." (emphasis added)
Evan Ravitz1130 11th St. #3Boulder CO 80302

4 . "request to vacate order"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:27 AM (EST)

Colorado Revised Statute 16-5-204 (l) states "Any person may approach the prosecuting attorney or the grand jury and request to testify or retestify in an inquiry before a grand jury or to appear before a grand jury." (emphasis added)
Judge Daniel Hale==s 15 September 1998 Court order states, in part:
"3. No person, other than an employee of the State of Colorado or the County of Boulder while acting in the performance of their official government duties, shall otherwise attempt to contact any grand juror or alternate grand juror regarding their service on the Boulder County Grand Jury;"
If we the citizens cannot "contact" grand jurors, then we cannot "approach" grand jurors and request to testify. Therefore, the court order violates CRS 16-5-204 (l) and must be vacated.
Evan Ravitz1130 11th St. #3Boulder CO 80302(303)440-6838[September 27, 1999]
[The ACLU of Colorado has decided to take this case IF the Ramsey matter is handed to the next grand jury. We were late getting the ACLU involved for this grand jury ]

5 . "letter to Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar "Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:28 AM (EST)

Evan Ravitz tel/fax: (303)440-6838
1130 11th St. #3
Boulder CO 80302 October 15, 1999
Dear Mr. Salazar: Re: Ramsey Case and "grand secrecy"
This year I had substantive contact with 2 Grand Jury investigators, 2 District Attorneys, 3 District Judges, several Grand Jurors, the ACLU of both Boulder and Colorado, attorneys and citizens around the country. It has been an extraordinary education in what my pro bono attorney and Grand Jury expert David Lane calls the "Just us" system. Alex Hunter has prevented me from giving testimony to the Grand Jury, which is, according to Lane and the ACLU of Colorado, a denial of my rights under Colorado Revised Statute 16-5-204 (l) which states "Any person may approach the prosecuting attorney or the grand jury and request to testify..." (emphasis added) The ACLU says they will take my case (see my enclosed motion to Judge Hale) if a future grand jury considers the Ramsey matter.
I hope you will profit from my unique perspective on this singular situation. I have information about a probable pedophile in a very high position in Boulder who may have had means and motive to derail the investigation. I am a 21-year resident of Boulder, voted "Best Activist" by readers of the Boulder Daily Camera. My friend Dr. Robert McFarland, a retired physician and co-founder of Boulder's Parenting Place, has similarly been denied the chance to present what he's learned from treating, autopsying, and advocating for abused and other children for 38 years here.
Here is a time line of our major interactions:
In March, 1999, Dr. McFarland sent a transcript of a radio interview he conducted with Donald Freed to the Grand Jury Foreman, c/o the DA. The return receipt was signed by a Mr. Martinez.
On May 5, 1999, Det. Tom Wickman and Tom Trujillo, the Grand Jury investigators, interviewed McFarland and I for an hour. We had some indications that they did not follow up on our leads.
In June, McFarland sent the Foreman, again c/o the DA, a copy of the book Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media and the Culture of Pornography by Stephen Singular , for which we were sources named in the acknowledgements. Again the receipt was signed by a Mr. Martinez.
In late June, Dr. McFarland realized that Mr. Martinez was not the Jury Foreman, James Plese. We called Mr. Plese at home who confirmed that he had never received the items. On June 28 we mailed copies of chapters 10 and 20 of the book to the homes of the 8 Grand Jurors whose addresses were in the phone book. We later received suspended prosecution for contempt for thus violating Judge Hale's no-contact order, of which we were unaware.
On September 7 Dr. McFarland sent his request to testify to the DA. He was denied. He then submitted his appeal to Judge Bailin, which was denied as well.
On September 20 I hand-delivered my request to testify to the DA's office. I received my denial on September 23.
On September 23 I myself finally read CRS 16-5-204 (l). On September 27th I hand-delivered my MOTION TO INSURE CITIZEN RIGHTS GUARANTEED BY CRS 16-5-204 (l) for Judge Hale, my appeal of the DA's denial for Judge Bailin, and a letter for the Foreman almost identical to the one I wrote to Kane; copies of each to both the DA's office and the District Court Clerk's office. I never received replies from Judge Hale or the Foreman, nor any indication that my correspondence was received. I received Judge Bailin's denial of my appeal on October 14, a week after its date of October 7, due to the Court's special "normal mailing process" stamped on the document.
On September 28th I attended a meeting of the board of directors of the Boulder chapter of the ACLU, who told me to contact the Colorado office.
On September 29th I faxed my motion to Judge Hale to the Colorado ACLU and talked with Intake Director Simon Mole. On October 8 Mr. Mole informed me by phone that the ACLU would take my case should a future grand jury consider the Ramsey matter. You can confirm this with Mr. Mole at (303)777-2628.
Citizens, in theory, have the final decision-making power in the justice system, and the Ramsey case is an example of why this should, in fact, be so:
The substance of our testimony to the police and what we still want investigated is what we believe DA Hunter most wants to avoid: the possibility that pedophiles- who we name- in very high places in Boulder de-railed the investigation in the first hours, possibly by calling off the FBI from immediately assuming its jurisdiction over an apparent kidnapping by "a small foreign faction" of the child of a Lockheed-Martin executive. Det. Linda Arndt has stated that she asked for the FBI and police backup before she even arrived at the Ramsey home and was told no. Later she was told everyone was in a meeting. Did the meeting include the FBI?
It is understandable that Mr. Hunter wants to avoid further marring the image of Boulder justice, the FBI or his long-time counterpart, the City Attorney of Boulder. However, "sunshine is the best antiseptic," and "this is a government of laws and not of men," at least outside of Boulder, at least theoretically. Here, the DA's exclusion of Dr. McFarland and I seems to demonstrate the "Just us" system noted by David Lane, who represented me in the contempt proceeding. Hunter himself referred to "grand secrecy" (sic) in the first minutes of his October 14 press conference.
Please read our letters. We have available copies of the other referenced documents and tapes. I urge that prosecution of this crime be removed from Boulder officials and the case given to a new grand jury. I urge that citizens be allowed First Amendment freedom to speak to and associate with our fellow citizens including future grand jurors on this and other cases. It may be a burden to grand jurors to deal with the volume of material that may be presented, but real justice precludes filtering by men with very special interests like DA Hunter. I recommend the wisdom of Ghandi: "Truth is the highest god."
Sincerely yours,
Evan Ravitz

6 . "email addresses"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:51 AM (EST)

Evan Ravitz , [email protected]
Here are email addresses for Colorado Governor Owens' advisory panel.

 Tell them why the Governor should appoint a special prosecutor:





[email protected]

We still seek email addresses for Colorado Springs DA (El Paso County) Jeanne Smith, Owens' chief legislative counsel Troy Eid, former Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Anthony Vollack, and deputy Colorado Attorney General for criminal justice Don Quick.



7 . "Evan promises"Posted by jameson on Oct-21-99 at 09:52 AM (EST)

Additions coming soon: transcript of Dr. McFarland's radio interview of Donald Freed regarding the FBI's behavior; Dr. McFarland's published articles on sex cults, letters from Judge Bailin rejecting our appeals to testify, etc.