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by Barry Chamish © 2000

     I had dreaded reading Carmi Gillon's book about the Rabin assassination because of the anger it would generate within me. Instead, after reading it, I just felt pity for the head of the Shabak, (General Security Services), at the time of the murder. That's because his lying version of the events is so pathetic. Even the extreme left-wing Haaretz newspaper condemned the book in its weekend paper, in two separate columns, for being self-serving and insincere.

     Of course, Haaretz is incapable of reporting what actually befell Rabin so the criticism was typically shallow. Nonetheless, it's becoming clear that nobody likes this book. Poor Carmi. Here are a few of the lies that illustrate his desperate need to free himself of the widely perceived burden that he was a conspirator in the murder.

     - Gillon writes that he only met Avishai Raviv, Yigal Amir's partner in provocation and the highest ranking Shabak infiltrator in the anti-Oslo camp, once. Gillon served as head of the Jewish Department which ran Raviv for five years but he only ran into his most valued informer one time and that was accidentally. And that's the best he can offer to save his worthless skin.

     - Gillon insists that he ordered the surveillance and repression of left and right wing radical groups equally. He adds that he personally preferred the right wingers because at least their motives were patriotic. In all the years that Gillon ran the Jewish Department and then the whole Shabak, I can't think of one left wing activist who was arrested. But I can think of a lot of right wingers, all innocent of crimes, who were
incarcerated without charge. Shall we begin with the 17 members of the phoney Jewish underground, all later released as innocents, the Kahalani brothers, recently released from prison for alleged good behaviour, Shmuel Cytryn, who served four months in solitary confinement for publicly exposing Raviv as a Shabak officer etc. etc. Gillon's attempt at equanimity is, well, pathetic again.

      - Gillon claims he advised PM Peres to open a public inquiry into the Rabin murder. Not according to every other source I've read. He tried to head off such an inquiry with a self-cleansing internal investigation and only public pressure forced Peres to reject this ploy and initiate his rigged Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry.

      - When informed of the murder, Gillon was told, "And you won't believe it, he's from Herzlia." Gillon explains that he had previously told numerous people that, "The assassin could come from Herzlia or Dimona." Nice try Carmi but it won't fly. In late August 1995, Gillon informed a gathering of reporters that Rabin's life was in danger and the potential assassin could be, "a dark skinned Sephardic student of Bar Ilan University who lives in Herzlia." Every point true to the patsy Yigal Amir. A statistician informed me that according to his computations, the odds of Gillon getting all the information right without knowing that Amir was being set up to take the rap were some 24 million to one.

      - The Italian journalist Aldo Baquis called me and emphasized just how badly Gillon handled the issue of Shlomi Halevy. He was a soldier from the Intelligence Brigade who, in early July 1995, was informed of Amir's vocal threats against Rabin and reported them to the Shabak. Aldo pointed out that on page 256, Gillon claims that it was a shame the Shabak didn't take Halevy seriously. Just three pages later, he does an about-turn, writing that the Shabak did take Halevy very seriously and were on the
lookout of a curly-haired Yemenite at the rally.

         Now here is where Gillon gets good and tripped up on his lies. He claims that based on Halevy's meager description, it was impossible to identify Amir because, "there are lots of curly-haired Yemenites." What he forgets to mention but Halevy didn't, is that he told the Shabak Amir was a member of the radical organization Eyal. If they had wanted to, the Shabak could have arrested Amir that day. What Halevy didn't know was that Eyal was a straw group created by the Shabak, led by the Shabak officer Avishai Raviv, and its social director was the Shabak asset Yigal Amir. But Gillon
sure as heck knew all that and it's not in the book. All that appears is one more pathetic falsehood. 

         My friend, the journalist and author Joel Bainerman phoned with another observation; even the insignificant points in the book look made up. Gillon begins his flawed attempt at a masterpiece of deceit with the following story:

         Four days before the assassination Rabin sent Gillon to Paris to meet with French Intelligence. They were worried about Algerian terrorists and needed the advice of an Israeli expert. Rabin felt good relations with the French were vital and ordered Gillon to go, despite the security concerns about the upcoming Tel Aviv rally.

          Joel points out that Rabin despised the French and made no secret of his feelings. He felt that they were conniving with Peres to overthrow him. But as Joel astutely noted, at least Gillon backed my claim of the past four and a half years that Gillon was in Paris meeting with French Intelligence. However, I more than suspect that the meetings had nothing to do with Algeria and a lot to do with overthrowing Rabin.

          Gillon's chronology of the assassination night runs like this: At 10:00 PM, Israel time, while he was on the way to the airport, the chief of personal security Benny Lahav phoned him to tell him Rabin was shot. He got on the plane stunned. He had planned to arrive in Israel in the wee hours of the morning and inspect El Al security but cancelled the plan. Instead, he was left all alone in his thoughts. The El Al stewardesses knew who he was and did not disturb him during the whole flight.

          These are the delusions of a cornered rat. Nothing rings true. According to his arrest record, Amir was in custody at 9:30. Shamgar puts the time at 9:40. So the head of the Shabak had to wait between twenty minutes to half an hour to be informed of the shooting. And shucks, that ruined his plan to get off a five hour flight and inspect El Al security at 3 AM. Officially, all of a few dozen people outside the Shabak knew Gillon's identity and position. Publishing these facts was a criminal offence. Yet all the El Al hostesses were all in on the secret and were so concerned they broke international
airline regulations and didn't disturb Gillon for five hours, not even when drinks and dinner were served.

          And that's how desperate this pitiful creep is!

          Here's Gillon's strategy. He blames the government for not taking the recommendations of the first Shamgar coverup, the Commission Of Inquiry Into The Hebron Massacre, seriously. He blames Rabin for not listening to him and wearing a bullet-proof vest. But most of all, he blames his underling Shabak officers and the bodyguards under their command for being so ill-prepared to stop the murder.

          The guilty Shabak officers in Gillon's version of the true conspiracy are Head Of Personnel, Dror Yitzhaki, and by the way, he is not alone in his suspicions, they are shared by some investigating the truth about the murder; the Head Of Personal Security, Benny Lahav; Head Of Operations, Adi Azoulai and Commander Of Rally Security, Yoram Rubin, who is by far my leading candidate as the real murderer of Rabin.

           The only person who comes out squeaky clean is Shimon Peres, whom Gillon falsely claims was almost a victim of murder at the rally as well. Gillon recommended the suspension of these four officers and Peres agreed, and this is telling, "though he was closely associated with all of them."

           That is Gillon's way out and in all likelihood, he is immune from retaliation because everyone he attacks is hiding his own assassination secrets. The strategy he employs is actually clever. Though he seemingly attacks Shamgar for not going far enough in his inquiry, all his facts about the murder are directly quoted from the Shamgar Commission. 

An example; he repeats over and over again Shamgar's false finding that Rabin was shot from half a meter's distance. The Israel Police Criminal Laboratory proved beyond doubt that Rabin was shot point blank. But since Amir never, ever shot from point blank range, he does not include the truth. 

          One reading of this miserable exercise is Gillon is hinting that his trip to Paris was arranged to get him out of the way so his underlings could get on with their hanky panky. Another, more likely reading, is the Shabak fell apart when he wasn't there.

          And that is the true sophistication of the book. By blaming Shamgar and Rabin's bodyguards, he is reinforcing the lie that the assassination was all a big snafu. He should be made to know, it won't work. One day, he will himself, be investigated for his real role in Rabin's murder.

                                                        *  *  *

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 by Barry Chamish © 2000

    The utter desperation of the Shabak to pry itself from responsibility for the Rabin assassination reached new and even uglier heights of deceit in yesterday's (April 14) Israeli newspaper media. Both Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz published long interviews in their weekend magazines with former General Security Services (Shabak) legal affairs director Shabtai Ziv. My, what a coincidence, two papers, same obscure character. And just a few days before Yediot Ahronot, as was emblazoned on its front page headline, would publish two chapters of former Shabak chief Carmi Gillon's new book on the Rabin assassination in its Passover magazine.

     You can just feel the terror in Shabak headquarters as the fumbling high officers mapped out a full media blitz to quash the widespread and accurate perception that Gillon was one of the conspirators behind Rabin's murder. In fact, Ziv admits that the current Shabak chief Ami Ayalon did not try to prevent the trial of Yigal Amir's partner in provocation and crime Avishai Raviv, because, "He was tired of hearing about the conspiracy theory."

      What is so useful in these media coverups, are the facts that don't get cleaned out of the final copy. Ziv told Haaretz, as he did Yediot Ahronot that, "I can state that all the activities of a judicial character in connection with Raviv were done in consultation and full transparency vis-a-vis the state attorney and her department. A number of discussions were held about him in which we gave the Justice Ministry all the
information we possessed about offences he committed..."

      This isn't new, I made the same claims in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. But then, I wasn't the head of the Shabak's legal affairs department. Ziv's remarkable admission means former Justice Minister David Libai and former State Attorney General Dorit Beinish and her staff were apprised of Raviv's crimes and provocations and approved their continuation. This justifies indictments against them all as active
accessories in innumerable crimes. Yet how does one issue indictments against the people who issue indictments?

       And Ziv, as was clearly requested by his authorities, went out of his way to compliment Carmi Gillon: "He is a humane and sympathetic gentleman," he insisted.

       Well no, actually he's a bit off here. Gillon is a brutish and cruel gorilla. He is also an inveterate liar which is why I am presenting a truer picture of him than his own book will. Gillon will claim that the Rabin assassination was a series of blunders and he felt so bad about it, he offered to resign the next day. He will paint a picture of a murderous
anti-peace community that had to be infiltrated by the likes of Raviv to protect Israel's glorious democracy. He may even claim, as he once did, that he never even met Avishai Raviv. So before anyone has a chance to believe this liar, permit me to paint a truer picture of the monster.

How He Became Shabak Chief

      In 1990 Gillon wrote an MA thesis at Haifa University on the dangers the Israeli Right present to the nation. More than a few people have insisted the thesis was written for him, just as post assassination newspaper analyses on peace clearly were. At the time, he was head of the Shabak's Jewish Department and he was utilizing Avishai Raviv to infiltrate various borderline groups such as Kach and the Temple Mount Faithful.

      However, someone very powerful had bigger plans for him and after the Hebron massacre of February 1994, Gillon became Shabak chief. Of course, in a fair world that would have been impossible since, as Jewish Department head, he had supposedly failed miserably to prevent the massacre. In fact, he had succeeded but this is not the place to explain how Dr. Baruch Goldstein was set up to take the blame for bloodshed planned by others.

       The one sticking point was Rabin, who opposed Gillon's appointment  vehemently. So, Gillon had Avishai Raviv organize a protest against his home in Mevasseret Tzion to place him in contention and Rabin agreed to his appointment only if then-Shabak head Yaacov Perry supervised his tenure, an unheard of procedure. Rabin admitted that Gillon's lack of experience dealing with Arab terrorism made him unfit for the post but he gave in "because of cabinet pressure." Which in the cabinet of the day, meant that Shimon Peres supported Gillon. Today Gillon is the chairman of the Shimon
Peres Institute For Peace. All in all, while head of the Shabak, Gillon was a Peres plant.

        Now let us look at Gillon's activities and his central role in the Rabin murder according to Israeli experts. We begin with Adir Zik writing in Hatsofe:

         "Carmi Gillon was the direct handler of Avishai Raviv for an extended period. It was he who turned Raviv into the biggest provocateur in Israel's history...

         "Even while Gillon's deputies directed Raviv, Gillon was in direct contact with him. He ordered him to marry a Russian born settler as a cover for his activities.

          "Gillon ordered Raviv to undertake a long series of violent crimes against Jews and Arabs in Hebron, Jerusalem, and at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan Universities.

          "Gillon ordered Raviv to make violent attacks on Knesset Members Tamar Guzonsky and Shulamit Aloni on behalf of the Shabak front organization, Eyal.

          "Gillon's hatred of the Right led him to utilize the services of a Shabak plant in the Israel Broadcasting Authority named Eitan Oren, to film and televise a series of phoney reports whose goal was to humiliate the residents of Judea and Samaria...

           "Gillon ordered Raviv to print a photomontage of Rabin in a Gestapo uniform and display it a huge anti-government rally. Rabin called Gillon to his office and demanded an explanation. Gillon told Rabin not to worry, Raviv was under his authority.

           "Immediately after Rabin's murder, Raviv told police investigators that he had heard Amir threaten Rabin's life four or five times. Raviv had to have informed his superiors, including Gillon about Amir's intentions and they had to have deliberately ignored the warnings."

Gillon's Uncanny Predictions

    On August 24, 1995, barely two months before Rabin's murder, Gillon told a group of journalists that Rabin's life was in danger from an assassin. He described this theoretical murderer: "He doesn't have to be a settler, he could be a dark-skinned Sephardic student, studying at Bar Ilan University and living in Herzlia."

    What powers of precognition hath the prophet Gillon! Why Amir also was a Sephardic Bar Ilan student who lived in Herzlia! Ophir Shalakh of Maariv was but one of many of the attending journalists who noted, "The profile Carmi Gillon presented precisely described Yigal Amir."

     And who can forget Gillon's classic reaction when informed of the murder by phone while he was in Paris (Yediot Ahronot, 24/9/95): "It was a Jew." However did he know?

What Was Gillon Doing In Paris On The Assassination Night?????

     Gillon's Shabak underlings were widely quoted claiming to have queried Gillon why he was flying to Paris two days before the most security-sensitive rally in the country's history. He refused to answer but did order his deputies not to change even one detail of his procedures for the rally.

     Gillon has consistently refused to explain what he was doing in Paris but a correspondent of mine found one revealing quote, the only one of its kind. Gillon explained that he was visiting Yaacov Perry in hospital in Paris. Very touching but if true, it means both the current Shabak head and his predecessor were in Paris the night of the assassination.

      In previous articles I have traced the tracks of the Rabin assassination to Paris. The goal of the murder was to place the French puppet Shimon Peres in power. And Gillon was there pitching in. He was later rewarded for his connivance and silence, when in 1999, Peres appointed Gillon at a huge salary to chair his peace institute.

Trying The Wrong Man

    Mati Caspi wrote in Globes (11/12/97): "Carmi Gillon is opposing the indictment of Avishai Raviv because it would reveal Shabak operating procedure. Perhaps he is right, Raviv shouldn't be on trial, his superiors should be."

     However, the State Attorney General did finally indict Raviv on two minor charges in 1999. When he announced the indictment, he added a strange addendum: "We found no justification for indicting his superior, Carmi Gillon."

     Fear not my friends, I will be reviewing Gillon's book chapters after they are published this Wednesday. Barring a most unlikely confession, we'll sort Gillon's lies out. After that, I will have a chance to prove which version of Rabin's murder is right, his or mine, in a court of law.

     Last October MK Ophir Pines publicly called my book "a pack of lies" and used his influence to have it banned, albeit, most temporarily. So I sued him for slander and three weeks ago, my attorneys Nitzana Darshan and Avi Leitner won a major legal victory. Pines contended that as a Knesset Member, he was immune from prosecution. The judge turned down his argument.

      On May 1st, 8:30 AM at Tel Aviv District Court, the judge will rule if I can continue my suit. If he does so rule, I will prove that I'm no liar by calling every character in the Rabin assassination to the stand, including Gillon. Recall when reading Gillon's chapters that he would never take that kind of risk. Watch this: Carmi Gillon, I am calling you a liar and a conspirator in a political assassination. PLEASE SUE ME... See, nothing happened.
The end.

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