YOUR BROTHER'S BLOOD - The Fifth Honest Rabin Assassination Book by Barry Chamish © 2000

     Just a year ago, there was only one truthful book about the Rabin
assassination, mine called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. Now there are five,
listed at the end of this review. Michael Raz Steinkrycer, better known as just Michael Raz, is a former police investigator, whose book Your Brother's Blood traces the Rabin assassination back to 1924, when a religious leader named Dahan was murdered by the socialist Haganah for arranging a peace track with Arab religious leaders. Since then, anyone who challenged the authority of the Bolshevist founders became a candidate for murder by the enforcement arm of the Labor Zionists, the Shabak.

     Raz's book has precisely the same theme as David Morrison's Lies: The
Rabin Assassination And The Israeli Secret Service and covers some of the
same ground ie. Bus 300, the false arrests of 17 soldiers in 1994 for allegedly stealing army weapons to be used by a non-existent right wing underground. However, Your Brother's Blood enters realms where Morrison feared to tread such as the wrongful imprisonment of Amos Baranes to cover up a Shabak officer's murder of the soldier Rachel Heller, the corrupt dominance of Yossi Ginosar and his perjury which led to the long incarceration of a Druze army officer Izat Nafso and the ugly suppression of Rabbi Uzi Meshulum and his congregation who dared to expose the kidnappings of thousands of, mostly Yemenite, infants in the early days of the state.

      This approach is invaluable to understanding how the mechanism of the
Rabin murder coverup works. Take the Baranes case. Though it was obvious
that Rachel Heller's boyfriend, a Shabak agent named Bichovsky was the
murderer, a stooge was set up to take the fall. None of this could have
happened without the approval and authorization of State Attorney General
Meir Shamgar, who was  later called on by the Shabak to cover up, first the
truth of the Hebron massacre and turn Baruch Goldstein into the fall guy and then the Rabin assassination, this time making Yigal Amir the victim  for another Shabak murder.

      Like Morrison, Raz relies heavily on documentation supplied to him by
me and Natan Gefen but comes up with some powerful new evidence as well.
Here are a few examples of how each Rabin book injects vital new information into the investigation.

       First, Raz finally sheds light on the mystery man of the murder operation, Yekhezkiel "Khezi" Kalo. While it is universally known that Shabak provocateurs Avishai Raviv and Yigal Amir were employed by the Jewish Department based in Hebron, the chain of command is still fuzzy.  Their immediate superior was Eli Barak, head of this department and we know lots about him. He is a wife swapper, stalker, drunk driver, wife beater and liar. In his most publicized act of debauchery, he stalked the reporter Carmela Menashe. One of his group of wife swappers in the suburban town of Kochav Yair was murdered in New York at the same time Barak was visiting there. After smashing his car while drunk, Barak lied to the police and testified that his passenger was behind the wheel. All in all, we have a picture of a violent misfit, just the type of personality who would murder for peace.

       But, of Kalo, we knew next to nothing until the publication of the Raz book. We knew he was head of the Non-Arab Anti-Subversive Department of the Shabak and that he was Eli Barak's superior officer. How this department differs from Barak's is still covered in mystery. A year and a half ago, a terrified Kalo went public and in radio interviews and an infamous newspaper article, claimed he didn't know Avishai Raviv and was separated from him by eight officers in the Shabak's chain of command. Being kind, the approach didn't wash. No matter how many underlings dealt with Raviv on a continuing basis, he was their commander.

       Now look what Raz reveals about him. He is not merely religious, but a graduate of a Bnei Akiva yeshivah, the very organization which supplies Judea and Samaria with many, if not most, of its Jewish residents. In fact,
the principal of Kalo's yeshivah was the fiery Knesset member, Rabbi Ba-Gad.

       So far, Kalo is merely a betrayer of his community. But let the following fact sink in deep. While Yigal Amir was in Riga, Latvia receiving Shabak training in 1992, Kalo was the Shabak officer in charge of security for the region!!! It sure looks like he was in on the Amir recruitment and subsequent exploitation from the very first day.

       Then there is the dilemma of Health Minister Dr. Ephraim Sneh. In one of the most damning incidents of the murder, Sneh, then Health Minister, announced Rabin's murder on television truthfully, saying, "He was shot three times; in the chest, stomach and spinal cord."

        However, that moment of truth passed quickly and Sneh turned into a
vocal and active leader of the murder coverup. On October 6, 1996, Channel
Two devoted a long and nasty report on my research and it was Sneh who
called the TV station immediately, labelled me a "fantasiser" and personally intervened to have my lectures banned at the government-sponsored Israel Center in Jerusalem.

         A year later, Sneh was interviewed in the now-famous NBC-Extra report on the conspiracy, and he gave his equally famous answer, "If I said two bullets or three one hour after the assassination, I think, is not important." The minions who have seen that response all react the same way: "Did he really say it wasn't important if Rabin was shot with two or three bullets????"

         Michael Raz has uncovered a television interview with Sneh, which
unveils his true feelings on the subject of Rabin's demise. He asked the
question obvious to everyone investigating the murder; "The fact that Rabin
received 21 units of blood testifies to the seriousness of his wounds. Keeping that in mind, why wasn't there even a drop of his blood found at the murder scene?"

         Raz eliminates Sneh as an active conspirator but makes his ultimate role in the coverup even more cynical and heartless.

         And Raz concludes with the approach of a police investigator. He notes that all the digging and speculation are unnecessary. "The truth of the murder can be solved in one afternoon if polygraph tests were administered to (Shabak head) Carmi Gillon,  (State Pathologist) Dr. Yehuda Hiss, (Rabin bodyguard) Yoram Rubin and (murder filmmaker) Ronnie Kempler."

         I would add Shimon Peres to the list but that will be for the next edition of Your Brother's Blood.

Information about Your Brother's Blood, available only in Hebrew, can be had by phoning 09 8330882.

Last week, the Israeli book chain monopoly Steimatzky refused to stock the
upcoming new English language edition of my book Who Murdered Yitzhak
Rabin. After numerous complaints, here is the stock letter they have been
sending to the complainants:

Re:"Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin" by Barry Chamish

With the flood of information and the flood of books being published, every author craves attention and tries to create artificial scandals in order to get that attention.

The book of Barry Chamish is being sold in our book shops in Hebrew and when it was originally published, it was also also sold in English and re-ordered several times.

The demand today does not justify re-ordering. Commercial and professional considerations guide us when to stop re-ordering a book, as we eventuallystop re-ordering books published in past years to make room for new titles.

Millions of book titles published around the globe are not available in our shops and millions of authors are being denied. We pick the titles which in our opinion will be most appealing to our customers and deserve the expensive import handling. Similar selection is made by every retailer, whatever his field, including all booksellers.

What the author is asking for is preferential treatment and undue promotion of his book that would give him financial benefit. This he hopes to achieve, not by paying for extra exposure, but by "bullying" letters, and false claims of censorship.

Still, if you wish to obtain the book, we can get it for you. Please send us a payment order by credit card of $35.- with your complete mailing address and we will arrange delivery.

Sincerely yours, Steimatzky Ltd.   

Go into any Steimatzky store and you will find it is well stocked with twenty and thirty year old books by the likes of Golda Meir, Haim Herzog, AB Yehoshua, Amos Oz and the likes. However, the same chain cannot store even ONE book of mine, just in case someone should ask for it.

         Here is the list of truthful Rabin books now on the Israeli market:

                Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin by Barry Chamish
                Fatal Sting by Natan Gefen
                Srak, Ori Barkan
                Lies: The Rabin Assassination And The Israeli Secret
David Morrison
                Your Bother's Blood, Michael Raz Steinkrycer

      Please, go into your local branch of Steimatzky and try to find even one of these books. You'll see it is not merely me they are discriminating against, they are active agents of the Rabin coverup. Boycott them until they serve the Israeli public as we deserve.

The End.

English readers may bypass the Steimatzky embargo by ordering either Who
Murdered Yitzhak Rabin or Lies: The Rabin Assassination And The Israeli
Secret Service over