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      Just a year ago, my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin was the only one to tell the truth about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Now there are four.

       Next came Natan Gefen's vitally important book Fatal Sting, which I previously reviewed. In the past fortnight, two more books have entered the market, Srak by Ori Barkan and Lies: The Rabin Assassination And The Israeli Secret Service by David Morrison. I'll review both now, the latter at great length.

       Last Friday Tsur Ehrlich wrote a fine review of Srak in Makor Rishon. I agreed with everything he wrote. He pointed out that this novelization of the Rabin murder conspiracy was written in 1997 and was based on the facts as known then. Since, so much new information has emerged, the book suffers from a poor understanding of how the murder was organized. However, many unnoticed facts are sprinkled throughout the book and both Ehrlich and I were impressed that Barkan discovered that "amateur" filmmaker Ronnie Kempler and Rabin security adviser, later Mossad chief Danny Yatom, lived in the same apartment house. The obvious implication is
that Kempler was invited into the plot by an insider.

       Yet despite the obsolete data, Barkan creates a likely high-level conspiracy, of which Shimon Peres is at the top. I concur that he got that right, way before Natan Gefen and I came to the same conclusion based on far more groundbreaking research. Because he was so prescient, Ehrlich writes that Barkan must have intelligence ties and he concludes that, as a political thriller, "Srak is a pleasure to read."

        Yesterday, I received an advance copy of Lies by David Morrison from his and my publisher, Gefen Books  of Jerusalem. The book will be available to the public by the first week of June in both Hebrew and English. A massive poster campaign has been organized to publicize Lies. I predict this book will be the bombshell that cracks the Israeli government coverup of the Rabin assassination.

        Dr. David Morrison is a psychiatrist with a History degree. His style is to analyze crime like a patient on a couch. This works. The book's goal is to expose the lies the General Security Services (Shabak) have been spreading since Rabin's death and to make the reader understand why.

        Morrison begins with the Bus 300 scandal and President Haim Herzog's 1986 immoral pardon of murderers and accomplices within the Shabak. Men of integrity were forced to leave the Service, while killers and liars kept their jobs, with the lesson that they are immune from prosecution, no matter how guilty, because their view of national security holds sway over the highest levels of the Israeli political system.

        Next, Morrison reviews the rotten fruit of Herzog's pardon that led to the Rabin murder. He starts with Shabak head Carmi Gillon's sick hatred of the Right in Israel and how it led to unwarranted arrests and torture of totally innocent Jews. He focuses specifically on the violence of Avishai Raviv and the false arrests of seventeen active and reserve soldiers accused of transferring army weaponry to, what turned out to be,
non-existent militias opposed to the Oslo Accord. In a gut-wrenching chapter, he interviews Lieutenant Oren Edri at length and he describes how the Shabak starved him, deprived him of sleep, threw him into a feces-smeared cell and when he finally collapsed into sleep, how his tormentors released nine hungry rats into the cell to gnaw at his face.

        His tormentors were Carmi Gillon and Eli Barak, two chief conspirators in the Rabin assassination. Far more disturbing is the role another Barak had to have played in his torture and that of sixteen others in this phoney underground. The IDF allowed its officer, Edri, to be taken away by the Shabak. The IDF had to have supplied false evidence of missing weapons to the Shabak to justify the arrest of so many soldiers. The IDF had to have known that the soldiers were innocent and yet, for political
reasons of preserving the peace process by demonizing its detractors, readily availed itself to promote Carmi Gillon's ugly plot. And the head of the IDF at the time was Ehud Barak.

        Ehud Barak was Chief-Of-Staff during the heyday of Avishai Raviv's provocations, while the Kahalani brothers were deliberately bushwacked into prison for a massacre of Arabs they never intended to perpetrate, while Shmuel Cytrin was incarcerated for months on end in solitary confinement for having the nerve to expose Raviv as a Shabak plant: and Ehud Barak was Chief-of-Staff at the time of the Hebron massacre, whose ties to the IDF are now being exposed by several Israeli investigators. The most recent research will draw numerous IDF officers into the Hebron swamp, including
current Chief-Of- Staff Shaul Mofaz, who has been reliably reported as meeting with Dr. Baruch Goldstein the day before he was set up as the patsy for the bloodshed.

       Next, Morrison devotes many pages to an overview of the physical evidence which emerged after the Rabin assassination but was deliberately ignored by both the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry and the judges at Yigal Amir's trial. Not only does Morrison confirm the veracity of Natan Gefen and my findings, he adds essential new information as well. Most revealing is his interview with then- Israel Police Ballistics Lab head, Bernard Shechter who explains convincingly why Amir could not have shot Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin because the trajectory and the bullet were both all

      I choose to focus on one aspect of Lies to give readers a taste of Morrison's style. He examines at great length "the conspiracy of silence," generated by the Shabak amongst Israel's leading media and political figures. By doing so, he finally explains why the Rabin family, which clearly understands that they are being lied to, and which had previously demanded a reinvestigation of the assassination, has chosen to join the
conspiracy of silence. And Morrison explains why I have been the victim of such undeserving vilification by the Israeli establishment.

      Morrison proves that the Israeli media is in the hands of the Shabak. He does so by referring back to the Bus 300 scandal. To hide its role in murder of two shackled terrorists, the Shabak persuaded PM, at the time, Shimon Peres to call a meeting of the media Forum, a shadowy organization of media owners and ordered them to ban release of information about the scandal. All immediately complied. However, a new newspaper, Chadashot was not a member of this cabal and released details of Bus 300. The government ordered the paper shut until its policy changed. The same tactics and the same personalities are shutting down Rabin murder evidence but are going
much further this time around. They are also viciously attacking the advocates of "the conspiracy theory" and deliberately promulgating a fake alternative scenario, one which blames the religious community and its leaders for the murder. Morrison traces and proves this media sub-conspiracy convincingly. And it's about time someone did.

       He begins by reviewing the only three Rabin conspiracy books available just two weeks ago: mine, Gefen's and Karpin and Friedman's book, paid for by Peace Now financier David Moshovitz, In The Name Of God; The Plot To Kill Yitzhak Rabin. Of Fatal Sting, Morrison regrets that it hasn't been given the notice it deserves. But he has many nice words to say about me:

"When this author first heard about Chamish's thesis that Rabin was not killed by Amir, but was killed after he got into the car, he dismissed it out of hand as ridiculous. Who in his right mind would want to believe such a thing. After one examines the data Chamish cites, and verifies that it is, with minor exceptions, accurate, one still does not want to believe it but confronts 'difficulties in thought...' "Karpin and Friedman cite Chamish's 'convoluted theories' about 'the angle of trajectory, the composition of explosives,' and those things sound very technical and not very interesting. One could posit that they want to discourage the reader from reading Chamish's book. They do not grapple with the abundance of data cited by Chamish that raises serious questions about the official version of Yitzhak Rabin's murder...

"So where is the 'plot to kill Yitzhak Rabin?'  Karpin and Fiedman do not mention that Carmi Gillon's Shabak agents tortured army officer Oren Edri and a number of other religious settlers and still were unable to uncover any evidence of a religious, right-wing underground... "If we have the whole truth, we may also have proof that Karpin and
Friedman and other left-wing, secular elements participated in the cover-up, possibly in an obstruction of justice."

And Morrison is just as good at exposing the lies of a variety of Israeli journalists like Dan Margalit, Yoel Marcus, Hirsh Goodman etc. The Jerusalem Report comes in for special treatment because it actually published a whole coverup book. Lies exposes some of the more blatant falsehoods the Jerusalem Report's staff must have known about but included anyway and concludes that only the book's amateurish writing saved it from being accepted as a legitimate account of the Rabin murder.

Morrison's own feeling about the Shabak-orchestrated campaign of lies in the Israeli media is: "The Israeli media will stand exposed as a willing agent of the power
structure, or participant in the power structure that has something to hide." When it does, "Each element of society, each in its own way, will have an opportunity to purge themselves of the corrupt elements in their leadership and choose new leaders to represent them... "One could argue that full disclosure of the truth would only increase the schisms in Israeli society. Another view is that it could have exactly the opposite effect. Instead of exacerbating the splits in Israeli society, it may bring together the many components of the culture. It may unite them together against the common enemy - the elite of all the groups, those with the most to lose if the full truth emerges."

The time has come for all Israelis of honor to say, "Amen," to Morrison's wisdom.

The end.

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