JEWS FOR HAIDER                                                                   by Barry Chamish © 2000

 Once again the mostly gentile powers that be of the New World Order have
set up Jews for a fall in Europe. The last time, they placed Jews like
Rubin, Cohen, Berger and Albright (whether she recalls it or not) in the
visible front line of the atrocities commited against Serbs during the
Kosovo War. This time they have us leading the unpopular international
protest against the legitimately elected Austrian Freedom Party leader
Joerge Haider.

Haider's real "crimes" are that he is anti-EU, anti-NATO, anti-Euro and
anti-immigration, a fine package that makes him anti-New World Order. So the
Jewish sympathy card has been pulled out to bring him down. Some naive Jews
have been sucked in by the organized media barrage against Haider and are
playing along. The vast majority are entirely apathetic to Austrian
politics, Haider notwithstanding. But the latter will face the same
resentment for interfering with a sovereign nation's political choice as the
former. The process is called, creating anti-semitism. The methods are well
known and all are being applied to this issue.

Let me state early on that the Austrians are my least favorite people in
the world. They were the most vehement of all Nazis and I will never forget
the images of Jews being forced to clean the streets of Vienna with their
tongues. My good friend, the Orthodox rabbi Mitchell Herczeg, tells me that
the only country in the world today where he has felt an overall hatred
towards him is Austria and others who enter the place in Orthodox garb say
the same thing. There isn't nearly enough regret in Austria for its crimes
against my people.

That said, the campaign against Haider has nothing to do with me as a
Jew. The fact that a proud Jew is a Freedom Party parliamentary member makes
a mockery of Haider's alleged anti-semitism in the first place. I am
satisfied with his apology for past remarks that could have been construed
as pro-nazi. He didn't have to apologise, he did, it's enough for is
his public request to visit Israel to set matters straight. He's welcome in
my country, as far as I'm concerned.

He does not represent Europe's real threat to Israel, which comes from
the very people attacking him. It has been Europe's socialists and Left
which have been Israel's most dedicated enemies for over a generation. It
was the Jewish leader of the Socialist International, the longtime Austrian
President Bruno Kreisky, who led the campaign against Israel worldwide
during the 1970s and 80s. It was he who constantly demeaned the honorable
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, calling him such memorable epitaths
as, "a village shopkeeper."

The real anti-semites in Europe are Robin Cooke, who let his true
feelings out during recent visits to Israel and Gaza; the French Foreign
Ministry led by the notorious Roland Dumas, which has been secretly
colluding with Syria for the past decade to remove Israel from the Golan
Heights, Israeli security be damned; it is the Italian Communist Party,
which has excused and applauded Arab terrorism against Jews for the past
thirty years; and so on. Those who despise Haider despise Israel and that is
no coincidence. That they are using Israel and the Jews to spearhead their
plan to undermine, then overthrow him, is no less than a coincidence.

So far, I have not come across one pro-PLO or pro-Syrian comment by
Haider. But the few concerned Austrians roused to protest him, are of the
style and type who would justify any Arab bloodshed against my country. If,
God forbid, I had to make such a choice, I would trust my country's future
more in Haider's hands than those of his most vocal opponents.

So why must my people be so cynically used, and why must the weakling
leader of Israel Ehud Barak, be placed at the forefront of the anti-Haider
movement by his superiors in Europe and America? It all comes down to

My friend Joel Bainerman has made two trips to Holland in the past year,
and he is visiting there right now. He told me that the same incident
occured over and over again to him. He would be walking with his Dutch
business associates, they would pass groups of East Asian or African
immigrants and they would say, "In twenty years there won't be a Dutch
people anymore. Two thousand years of nation-building will be gone in a

If one's goal is to destroy nations in order to build a one continent,
then a one world government, attacking the very genetic foundations of the
nations' peoples is the best way to go about things. What will follow will
be the inevitable loss of harmony, patriotism, language and culture. To
assure that the plan goes through unobstructed, those who express fear of
the situation, of the loss of their national integrity, are branded racist,
An organized media will wreck the reputation of any person honest enough to
express his misgivings about over-immigration, and Haider will remain a
lesson for any future public figure, no matter how unbigoted and sincere; if
he dares question immigration policy, he will be equated with Hitler in
every nation on the planet.

Haider is no ignorant skinhead; 27% of a well-educated nation voted for
him and the more Israel and the Jews fight him, the more his popularity will
rise...and the more Europeans will resent my people for butting in where
they don't belong.

The end.