By Martin Cannon © 2000

A recent piece by Don Feder in the "Jewish World Review" was, for me, the  proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I was appalled by its  unashamed call for ethnic cleansing in Israel.

The time has come for average Americans such as myself to speak out. At one time, I strongly supported Israel, because I felt the horrible events in Europe during World War II necessitated a homeland for the Jews. But the oppressed have taken on many characteristics of their former oppressors.

The only way to combat Nazi ideology is to promote the values of pluralism and multi-culturalism. The fascist spirit will live on, mutating into new forms and disguised by new rationalizations, unless we insist on full human rights (especially voting rights) for each person within each nation. No American should support such antiquated and dangerous notions as theocracy, exclusionism and racial supremacy.

Most Palestinians in Israel are still kept in ghettos, in a state comparable to, but worse than, apartheid. Even non-Jewish Israeli citizens are usually not allowed to own property. As the conflict in that country rages, we must never forget who are the overlords and who are the enslaved. We must never forget that the oppressed always have the obligation to resist, and that the oppressors always will falsely label such resistance "terrorism."

Israeli arrogance is funded by the American taxpayer.

It's time for the taxpayer to stop being hoodwinked by the cries of "anti-Semitism" which one hears every time someone dares to critique Israel. No nation is above criticism -- certainly not the United States, and certainly not Israel. We have every right to state the obvious fact that Israel's brutalization of the Palestinians is founded on racist principles.

Our aquiesence  props up the corrupt, undemocratic system which keeps the Palestinian people in a state of peonage. Yes, there are many other corrupt regimes in this world, but only Israel receives such a massive influx of American tax dollars. Billions and billions of dollars, every year. Money that could be spent on the schoolchildren, the elderly, and the homeless within the United States. If you are an American, never forget: Neither Israel nor any other nation has a God-given right to your money.

The time has come for Americans to say: "Not one more dollar from the United States until all Palestinians in Israel have full civil and human rights."

Another important point:

The laws of the United States prohibit the distribution of foreign aid funds to any nation which practices torture. Yet the torture of Palestinians has long been rampant within Israeli prisons. All foreign aid to Israel is thus illegal.

The fact that Israelis routinely practice torture has been thoroughly documented by major human rights organizations such as Amnesty International. Nevertheless, most Americans remain ignorant of this continuing pattern of atrocity. Unfortunately, the U.S. news media won't discuss this scandalous matter  -- even though the press within Israel has covered it, and even though the Israeli Supreme Court explicitly sanctioned
the use of "force" in the treatment of Palestinian prisoners. (While this sanction was officially revoked in September, 1999, the practice continues; see the third link listed below.)

Because of this news blackout, many Americans will refuse to believe that extensive torture takes place in Israel. If you doubt, the following links should open your eyes:

Now: What can Americans do?

I have urged the elected officials representing me to introduce legislation forbidding foreign aid to any non-secular state.

I also urge every American reading this page to send a message similar to the one I have sent to my senators and House representative. Do not be misled or discouraged by those who would convince you that your voice does not count. If politicians receive enough missives like the one I wrote, the message will definitely get through.

Always remember: It's YOUR money.

Sending a letter to your senators and House representative is extremely easy. Simply open up another browser window (you may want to keep this window running at the same time) and go to On the left-hand side, under "Congressional Internet Services," you will see the first of the links that will lead you to your Senators and House member. They all welcome email. The whole process will take only a minute, if the servers are running at their proper speed. If you send "snail mail," you
might make an even deeper impact. Simply address a postcard to your senator,
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.  It'll get there!

Feel free to copy and paste the letter I have sent, as reproduced below. Keep in mind, though, that brief, individually-worded notes make the greatest impression.

 Here is my message to Washington:

 *  *  *

Dear Senator,

Recently, while researching the current conflict in Israel, I came across a column in the Jewish World Review which contained the following explicitly racist statement:

"The only hope for Israel's survival lies in a complete separation of Jews and Arabs -- including the Arabs who reside in pre-1967 Israel."

After noting many similar statements in the pro-Israel press, I have regretfully concluded that this naked call for ethnic cleansing (and no other term will do) represents the lion's share of Israeli opinion.

Even the liberal press in that country now refuses to refer to non-Jewish citizens of Israel as "Israelis." This situation directly parallels the early days of Nazi Germany; at that time, one of the warning signs of genocide was the news media's refusal to refer to German Jews as "Germans."

In many ways, Israel treats its Arab citizens the way the Third Reich treated Jews in the 1930s. If most Palestinians are bereft of voting and property rights, and are kept in a state of near-slavery, how can such a nation be called truly democratic?

The only thing that will force Israel to stop this racist behavior is a serious threat to turn off the spigot of money which that nation receives from American taxpayers.

American law forbids spending taxpayer money on foreign aid to any nation which practices torture. Yet as Amnesty International and other respected, objective "watchdog" groups have documented, torture remains common in Israeli prisons. All foreign aid to Israel is therefore illegal.

I call upon you to have the courage to introduce two pieces of legislation:

1. A law rescinding foreign aid to Israel until that country guarantees full civil and human rights to all non-Jews residing there.

2. A law forbidding foreign aid to any non-secular government.  The world has had enough of these arrogant attempts to enforce "racial purity" within national boundaries. Theocracy and racism have no place in the modern world. Ethnic cleansing is every bit as atrocious in Israel as it is in Yugoslavia.

Please have the courage stand up for the American ideals of pluralism, multi- culturalism, and anti-racism. Our tax dollars should go to only those nations which support our values.

-- Martin Cannon