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Control of Candy Jones by Donald BainSynopsis

Ms. Jones (born Jessica Wilcox) achieved star status as a model during World War II, and later established her own modeling agency. An FBI man requested her to allow her place of business to be used as a 'mail drop' for the Bureau and 'another government agency' (presumably, the CIA); Candy, deeply patriotic, accepted the proposition gladly. Toiling on the fringes of the clandestine world, Candy eventually came into contact with a 'Dr. Gilbert Jensen,' who worked, in turn, with a 'Dr. Marshall Burger.' (Both names are pseudonyms.) Unknown to her, these doctors had been employed as 'spy-chiatrists' by the CIA. Using a job interview as a cover, Jensen induced hypnosis, found Candy to be a particularly responsive subject - and proceeded to use her as other scientists would use a rhesus monkey. She became a test subject for the CIA's mind control program.

Her job - insofar as it is known - was to provide a clandestine courier service. Estabrooks (CIA had outlined the basic idea years earlier: Induce hypnosis via a disguised technique, give the messenger information to memorize, hypnotically 'erase' the message from conscious memory, and install a post-hypnotic suggestion that the message (now buried within the sub-conscious) will be brought forth only upon a specific cue. If the hypnotist can create such a courier, ultra-security can be guaranteed; even torture won't cause the messenger to tell what he knows - because he doesn't know that he
knows it. According to the highly respected Dr. Milton Kline, 'Evidence really does exist that has not been published' proving that Estabrooks' perfect
secret agent could be successfully evoked.

Candy was one such success story. This book is the story of Candy Jones and what the CIA and "scientific" psychiatrists did with and to her. The justification of "national security" knows no moral bounds and we are all liable to the abuse of these much too powerful secretive agencies.

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