WHOZ KIDDIN' WHO?  Scuttlebutt From Boathouse Point, California.

Dateline: 12/18/02

CONNIE, RIDE ON! Everyone night here at the boathouse we like find some news that has more than legs.  We like the type of news Paul Revere could have screamed from the top of his lungs, hanging on to his galloping black steed in the night, riding from town to town.  Nothing like a master of the midnight warning!  Last night, we met a middle-aged female Chinese American Paul Revere.

On December 17, 2002, at the end of the Connie Chung's show on CNN which first runs in California at 5:00 p.m., she featured a closing special -- a video tape anonymously provided to CNN taken some years ago.  What a tape!  A hearty party tape!  Revelers in Sheik, Sultan and other Saudi costumes!  There was Jeff Skilling, then Enron's President.  Skilling stated he was using various strategies to create extraordinary revenues for Enron.  Next up George Herbert Walker Bush.  The former President and CIA chief thanked the partying Ken Lay for QUOTE "helping make my little boy governor".  Then the topper-- George W. Bush, our current President, appeared on the tape and gushed his thanks to the Enron executives present for making it possible for him to be governor.  Yes, these Enron executives from Texas out-party the rest of the citizenry -- they were huggy and gooey and lovey-dovey.

In California Connie Chung's show is re-played again in full at 8:00 p.m. every week night.  Wanting to experience another ride with Paul Revere Chung and hopefully tape the segment (and while the email tree of "watch Connie" was growing), we at the boathouse set up the taping equipment, and tuned in.  Guess what? Connie was not on the air.  Lou Dobbs, CNN's conservative money maven took her place.  The full tape Connie presented was not replayed.  The Enron hearty party tape was gone!  Instead, Lou  showed a couple of "excerpts"  -- these didn't have the hot stuff in them.  Just a mere glimpse of the Bushes.  No replay of the part where Poppy thanks the Enron's executives "making my little boy governor."  Lou did however air the part of the tape wherein Skilling expounded about his change from Mark to Market method to "Future Potential Value" method as his way to make buckets of money.  In fact, Lou Dobbs' "Money Line" had replaced "Connie Chung Live".

Next up on CNN was Larry King, whose guest were Ashcroft and Ted Olsen!  Order a Pizza!  Break out some cold ones. Turn that one off!

Naturally some of us old rowers had the brains to copy the CNN schedule from the Internet which showed Connie was indeed scheduled to air her full show at 8:00 p.m. BEFORE the 8:00 p.m. show.  After seeing Lou had replaced Connie, we shifted from TV back to the Internet and viewed  We examined the interactive for "Connie Chung Live".  We clicked.  Connie no more!  Instead there was a picture of a woman whose show starts at 3:00 p.m. 

We decide to track you down Connie.  At 11:50 p.m. we expected to see the usual re-run of your show again.  But no.  More stuffy dough Lou Dobbs.  Then a moment of revelation.  It looked like it might be you!  Your tape!  There was a short void in the news reader line, then in bright green moving in from left to right was a flash of the Bushes' party, then it was moved off the screen by an oncoming news line heading straight at it from the right.  Spooky!  But Lou couldn't ignore that tape completely.  He rolled a little bit of tape and commented on then-Governor Bush, shown this time, just sitting calmly.  Some of the party goers clad al a Saudi Sheik were shown.  There was even a quick shot of Jeff Skilling.  Omitted were  Ken Lay and George H.W. Bush congratulating each other.  Gone was George H.W. Bush stating, "Thanks for making my little boy governor."

Censorship of a video tape on CNN prime-time is not an easy trick.  This tape was pecked to death by ducks.  But the CNN executives and whoever else were pecking, didn't know there's a couple of old fishers who can pull in the friskiest most cunning fish from any California lake.  We decided we'd get a copy of the full tape and put it up on the Internet.  LET THE WORLD SEE THE BUSHES AND THE ENRON EXECUTIVES BOOGYING DOWN IN THEIR SHEIK OUTFITS AS THEY SELL  OUT AMERICA!   We dialed the number CNN provides to order tapes:  1-800-266-6397.  We selected  option 1 for CNN tapes, and were instructed to order online at the website,  This site comes up "nothing found" and through, it comes up GlaxoSmithKline. Gees, we  dialed again, listened again, tried a couple variations on the spelling of the site.  Still "nothing found." We haven't reeled it in yet, but we will! 

Connie actually did the Paul Revere thing -- she aired on national television a video tape showing George H.W. Bush stating that Enron made his little boy governor of Texas.  The warning as clear as Revere's cry!  Connie's horse was galloping.  The Midnight joy of a great American telling it like it is!  Meanwhile this story hit the Net:  "Federal investigators told News2Houston Tuesday that they want to take a closer look at the tape." Click.

Connie, we hardly know ye!  We knew you had talent, brains and beauty, but we didn't know you were a heavy hitter.  Where are you tonight?  Have Ashcroft and Olsen taken you to an undisclosed "enemy combatant" location for a thumbscrew interrogation?  We're with you Connie, wherever you are!  We give you a honorable new name: Connie Revere!


Kissing cousins make the political world go 'round.  La familia.  The bloods, and not just the bloods from the hood.  It's been said approximately 13,000 families in America have all the big bucks and run the show, set up the war thing and keep the rest of the people out of the power families.  13,000 is an arbitrary figure.  The Mormon Church really does brilliant work tracing ancestry -- theirs is the biggest bank of genealogy data in the world, and they kindly make most, if not all of it available free in Salt Lake and on the Net.  Their motivation is religious -- getting all your folks to heaven with you -- but I guess it doesn't hurt to have the 13,000 tracked very very well.  The Mormons aren't complaining they don't have power in America.  Tracking the rest of the population doesn't hurt either.  The "rest" can get rowdy and even angry at the "families". 

Let's trace.  Thomas H. Kean,  the President of the 9/11 Commission is born of a blueblood family traced back to the Pilgrims.  Kean speaks with a Pilgrim high-class accent no one can really understand. He is related by blood to President Bush, another blueblood who also speaks funny --with a tony Texas mixed-up Maine bar twang.  Gees why can't they just spit it out like a couple of New Jersey cabbies, so we know what they heck they're saying?  If these guys get any higher class they are going to sound like Prince Charles on a good night.  Why does being an elite person mean being unable to talk right?  I guess if you get to that level, you can't talk.  But if the blood flows, so what?

Metropolitan Desk, NY Times,  November 23, 1998, Monday
A Livingston Legacy Revived, Speaker-to-Be Has Rich Bloodlines in North and South By DAVID W. CHEN
(NYT) 1902 words Late Edition - Final , Section B , Page 1 , Column 5
ABSTRACT - Article discusses lineage of Livingston family, founded in America by Robert Livingston; descendants of Livingston family, whose roots are in New York's Hudson Valley, include many notable political figures, including Representative Robert L Livingston of Louisiana, who is poised to become next Speaker of the House; other descendants include Hamilton Fish, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas H. Kean and George Bush; photo.


SEN. BOB GRAHAM: I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government and that we have been derelict in our duty to track that down, make the further case, or find the evidence that would indicate that that is not true and we can look for other reasons why the terrorists were able to function so effectively in the United States.

GWEN IFILL: Do you think that will ever become public, which countries you're talking about?

SEN. BOB GRAHAM: It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now. And, we need to have this information now because it's relevant to the threat that the people of the United States are facing today.

Now, we at the boathouse are asking, WHO ARE THESE FOREIGN NATIONS, and can't we find out NOW?  Who murdered Americans on 9/11?  One would think if Iraq were one of them, it would have been blasted all over the press by now?  Unless, revealing that fact, would expose the others.

Dateline 12/17/02

MASTER TRENT LOTT:  Yes, we know you good ol' boyz have a problem under the toupees.  You're white, you love it - gees, it's so much fun getting all the dough, power and privilege.  Only thing better than putting the Blacks and minorities down, is what?  Sure would like to know that one. Sure, a lot of you white people in power have been blabbing racist hate ideas for years, mostly in private, sometimes proud as peacocks in public. You get away with it too.  A little snicker and smirk indicating covert racism, and lots of racists vote for you big time.  Year 2002 and people are still getting  ELECTED using covert racism.  Why not? Hardly any of you deep black cover racists have suffered any negative consequences. (Even Senator Byrd, former KKK, 4th in line for the Presidency has "slipped" the N word.)  But behind the tongue-out-of-control is a mind under someone's control.  Whoz Kiddin Who? This Lott scenario is Bush's move to not look in any way, shape or form like a racist by chucking Trent Lott.  Bush must.  Why?  Well, Bush is going to do a couple of really racist things soon: "He is going to bomb the hell out of brown skinned people in Iraq.  He's going to send a lot of brown skinned American troops to die in the sand, bombing the hell out of  these brown skinned Iraq people.  In addition, if there is a bio or chemical terrorist attack on the U.S., there is a good chance the attack will happen on an American city with a lesser degree of defense, a city such as Detroit, or Newark which has inferior defense systems.  No one wants to say that is so, but we have to say it here from the Boathouse:  these cities may be selected for devastation because the population of those cities is predominately African American, and they have not been adequately prepared for such attacks.  Bush doesn't want a large percentage of the American population realizing that a person's race can mean a person can die first or die most in a war or terrorist attack.  One can recall Martin Luther King standing up against the Vietnam War.  One can recall the civil rights movement and riots that occurred during that war.  Gees, certain people were marching through the cities like freaking ARMIES against that war!  In the big picture of future attacks with serious racial implications, Bush can't have any good ole' boy Lott spouting his true racist mind-set.  After all, the Iraq war will be a racist segregated war -- mostly non-whites will die for white profit.  There may be a racist segregated bio or chemical terrorist attack on a predominately non-white population center.  "Swing low sweet Chariot, comin' for to carry me home.  Swing low..."

NEXT UP? NEXT DOWN? Is it time to revisit John Ashcroft's connections with the neo-Confederates?  Who or what will set the parameters of when a covert racist's conduct or words will be exposed and or used against him or her politically?  This question is as important as the definition of "enemy combatant".

DR. KISSINGER:  You resigned.  You didn't want to hurt your private firm's business.  Soooo patriotic.  Maybe you had some economic conflicts of interest regarding serving as the Chair of the 9/11 Commission.  To the point, Dr.  Your conflicts were not really economic were they?  Get down here, at the Boathouse.  Light a cigar.  The coffee's hot.  Get real low.  The truth.  You've been having relationships with terrorists who you have been dealing with for years to OBTAIN economic advantage for your pals, haven't you?  Hey, the terror thing made you the big bucks, didn't it, Dr. K?  But alas, you have left us....left the 9/11 Commission.  Do you expect us all to eat your dust as you dart away?  We can't trace your terror pals and their sweet talking give us your money or you die in a terrorist hit jive.  You left us, baby.  Now  we face a future some say is cleaner, one in which you are only a phone call or basso whisper away.  Some like to see a decline in the number of hypocrites in leadership positions.  We at the Boathouse, sometimes like to keep our hypocrites in the highest positions in the land, so their hypocrisy can be ripped apart exposing their rotten lily livered landlubber lunks of lard and putrefied brains for all to see.  A little education is a good thing in times of crisis.  They say "My enemy is my guru."  I say, "The hypocrite is my guru too."

The President of North Korea Kim Jong-il is threatening to turn America into a sheet of glass!  That nut case says he will kill Americans and he has the nukes to do it.  He wants to make our ever-loving land into a nuked sheet of glass?  We're no glass, Kim!  This hasn't quite sunk in.  It's the glass factor, folks.  It seems Bush is being faced with the very strong probability that should he attack Iraq, North Korea will attack South Korea, and maybe even blast at a U.S. ship or land area, and Uncle Sam will be facing two wars.  Folks, we at the Boathouse Point, know we're facing TWO wars.  Yes, there's never just one war folks.  Vietnam was wars in Cambodia and Laos too. THREE wars there, folks.  We are looking at TWO wars at least.  Korea and Iraq simultaneously. TWO WARS.  How much war can we handle?  Before you start one war, yes, you have to ask, how many MORE will we start.   If Bush doesn't send about 300,000 troops to the Pacific when he sends 300,000 plus troops to Iraq, he's going to get caught with his pants down on a sheet of Kim glass.

Here's the joke of the day, as we pull the sculls out for a good healthy row: "The Americans can prove that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction because they kept the receipts."

Meanwhile the greenbacks are waving like flags.  Dozens of US intelligence agents have infiltrated Iraq armed with millions of dollars in cash in their luggage.  They intend to bribe key people to strip Saddam of weapons of mass destruction and cause a regime change.  This is a secret mission, with it's cover blown on 12/16/2002 by the Straits Times.  The boaters are perplexed this morning as we sip our cup of Joe and count the fat geese flying by.  What kind of people take bribes to risk their life to take out Saddam?  A person who is competent in taking on a mission which risks his or her life is not likely to do it just for the money.  One who does so has a case of deluxe stupidity, because anyone with a brain can EARN money, without risking getting caught and having Saddam playing the old string up the pig and peel his skin off inch by inch game.  People all over the world are laughing at the CIA and their stinking bags of bribe money.  Heck, they are even laughing at the money bag boys here in California where a bunch of American style Afghanis living high on the California hog, and got some of that luggage loaded with cash and went on missions.  Missions to nowhere fast.  But they came back flush, let me tell you, and without any bullet holes.  Except for maybe one who didn't have legs.  Look, CIA, we at Boathouse Point know: You pay cash, you get people who love cash.  You pay in something else -- in hope, in idealism, in religious or patriotic zeal or the love that makes you want to find for family and friends, then you get a person who is inspired.  You get someone with some kind of mentality beyond money-grubbing, and snickering at the U.S. behind its back. Obviously, the U.S. intelligence agents can't gain the respect of many people in the Middle East  for anything other than the stack of mealy moldy Franklins piled higher and deeper every day in a bunch of satchels.  Uncle Sam should not be looking like a two-bit mobster bag men from Queens who got lost in Baghdad.   This conduct is a particular insult to the American troops who are facing death, and whose wages and bonuses are simply not commensurate with the salaries of those who are bribed.  Finally, if you're going to bribe, illustrious intelligence agents, please get our money's worth, and not yours.

THOMAS KEAN, GETTING TO KNOW YOU, HONEY!  LOOKS LIKE A LIBYA THING LOOMING!  Now that Bush has appointed you Chair of the 9/11 Commission, its time to look at that portfolio.  "Thomas Kean, the former governor of New Jersey has been president of Drew University since 1990. He has been a director of Aramark, a large food services company that is effectively the only competitor with Marriott in the market for subcontracting university dining services, since 1994. Aramark began participating in a multi-million dollar contract with Drew University on May 27, 1997.  Kean is also a director of Bell Atlantic, United Health Care, Beneficial Corporation, Fiduciary Trust Company International, and Amerada Hess, the petroleum refining company. Kean made a bare minimum of $235,000 from his directorships in 1996, and attended at least 28 meetings." Click.  We understand the connections are deeper and more complex, but we're going to focus today on Amerada Hess.  In 1986, President Regan stopped four oil companies from pumping in Libya: Occidental Petroleum, Conoco, Marathon Oil and Amerada Hess.  These companies now want to get back in business in Libya.  In February 2002, the U.S. State Department gave these four companies the right to renegotiate the terms under which Libya holds their oil wells and assets in trust until they are permitted to return.  According to a Forbes article dated 3/7/02, "When forced out by Reagan's order, Marathon, Conoco and Amerada Hess, through a joint consortium called the Oasis Group, owned wells that were pumping 400,000 barrels of oil a day. That accounted for more than a third of Libya's average crude output in 1986 of 1 million barrels a day, which amounts to about 2% of that pumped by OPEC members that year, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration data. That lost pumping capacity has cost the Oasis Group companies as much as $5 billion in lost revenue over 15 years, says Conoco spokesman Carlton Adams. In 1985, more than 18% of Conoco's 380,000 barrels a day originated in Libya. That same year, Amerada Hess relied on its Libyan operations for more than 15% of its daily output." The Forbes article Click finally comments: "Reopening Libya's taps to U.S. companies would also boost global oil supplies and help keep prices low, right where the U.S. needs them."  What is cooking in and around Libya? Gadhafi Becomes Africa's Imperialist Pig WHOZ KIDDIN' WHO?  Bye!  Time to get out the oars. 

Kate Dixon