Click.  4/3/00 to 4/14/00 

Click.  3/27/00. Putin, Livermore Lab news. Rep. Tauscher.

Click. 3/22 to 3/23/00. Patriot Missiles.  Travolta's Battlefield
                  Earth as Scientology.  Martin Cannon on Subliminals.  
                  Ultimate Echelon Code Smasher.  U.S. Soldiers AWOL in Kosovo.

Click. 3/20 to 3/21/00.  Nelson Mandela MI6 Agent, SIMULATION.
                  The Stanford Prison Experiment.  Join the Fight for Justice for
                  Dr. Wen Ho Lee by The BayCities Observer Virginia McCullough.

Click.  3/13 to 3/15/00.  George Bush and Prince Bandar--their
                   deals.  Will Bush rely on Bandar to drive oil prices up.  Saudi
                   Arabian white slavery.  Federal Judges Disclose their finances
                   and their Legal Loophole.  West Nile Fever erupts again!

Click.  3/6 to 3/10/00.  Xiana Fairchild song.  West Nile mosquito
                   to decide New York Senate race?  Witness X of San Luis Obispo 
                   talks about JonBenet Ramsey.  Is Carnival Worker Sells the 
                   man who kidnapped Dublin's Ilene Misheloff?  How Does the 
                   Written Word Affect Our Lives? by The BayCities Observer,
                   Virginia McCullough.         

Click.  Echelon Ends Up Ultimately As A Black Bag Dirty Tricks Operation.  The New Plumbers:  The Special Collection Service (3/2/00).

Click.  Unqualified, Unscheduled Pilot Replaced Regular Pilot Minutes Before Ex-CIA Director Stansfield Turner's Plane Crashed.  CIA Restricted Crash Site During Rescue Operations (2/23/00).

Click.  Governor Davis wants judges who don't do what he wants to resign.(3/3/00).

Click.  Israeli Money Laundering.   Legal Loopholes Galore explains why so many international criminal investigations go cold and die in Israel.

Click.  Deutch.  What access did Deutch download on his home computer, as he worked for Citibank, Raytheon and Schlumberberger, Ltd.  Access, access and more access--the only game in town!  Deutch plays the game with his special access programs.

Click:  Sex, Murder and Porn at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.  The background of the Lee Hall case.

Click:  How Alameda County (Safe Haven for Pedophiles) let the biggest pornographer get away.  Tampico--former Livermore Lab National Laboratories scientist with top security classifications.

Click.   McCain's Campaign Consultant - Richard  M. Quinn, Sr.  Does America Need Another Jefferson Davis as President?  Quinn, Sr. thinks so! 

Click.  Getting Away with Murder - the Jon Benet Ramsey Story.

Click:  Pandora Opens the Box.  Germans' use of on and off shore secret accounts.

Click. The ultimate revolving door!  And Deutch's mouse caught in the doors? Citibank to the rescue.

Click: U.S. Attorney Mueller sets up San Jose headquarters to prosecute "high tech criminals."

Click:  Who's hiding the report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights hearings held in Santa Rosa in 1998?

Click. CIA Director Tenet order agents to have sensitivity training sessions with the ADL.

Click.  President Clinton wants to pass out big bucks to the DOJ and local phone companies to spy on you!

Click.  The "Hackers" Point the Fickle Finger of Prosecution Back At.....Guess Who?

Click.  CIA Director Tenet explains hacking?  

Click.  Indict Deutch or free Dr. Wen Ho Lee! 

Click.  Hacker Heaven at the CIA!

  Click. Questions the law is afraid to ask about LAKIREDDY REDDY'S Berkeley sex ring!  Updates.  Observe corrupt Magistrate Judge Wayne Brazil hand out cheap bail, so a trip on the lam is ready for Reddy!  

Click.  Mitnick- scapegoat, genius, law freak too!

Click! Legal Loopholes Galore!


LOCKERBIE PAN AM 103 COVER-UP IS BLOWN Read how heads will roll when the case before the Scottish judges unravels.  Note the role of the former FBI agent and (former Bush crony) Oliver Buck Revell.  Click to Read and weep! This trial, revealing the real George H.W. Bush, will knock George W. Bush out of the race! 

FRED LEE CRISMAN (From UFO's and Maurey Island, to the JFK assassination, Crisman haunts our history. NewsMakingNews calls for a heads up!  Time to solve this strange and history making mystery!     Click here to get up to speed  E-MAIL NEW DATA ABOUT FRED!