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Click. Stalking Curio Jones - A Reply to the San Diego Union-Tribune
By Alex Constantine © 2000

CLICK. Response by "Karen Curio Jones" to Mark Sauer's article, "A Web of Intrigue" in the San Diego Union-Tribune, dated September 24, 2000.

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Texas governor, George W. Bush, on the set of Regis Philbin's show, September 23, 2000 makes the hand signal for "HAIL SATAN!" used by teenage and elder Satan Worshippers all over the dark world.  Did Dubya forget the Regis Philbin show is not a skull & bones toga 'til you drop in Emma Goldman's or Geronimo's grave and confess your sex secrets type-of-thing-party? Or was Dubya really trying very very hard to make the "I Love You" sign, which is a combination of the I, L, and Y signs in American Sign Language, except that he forgot to poke his dainty Bonester thumb out, to make the "L" part--you know--the Love thing!  https://newsmakingnews.com
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Stalking Curio Jones - A Reply to the San Diego Union-Tribune
By Alex Constantine © 2000

     The stalkers have arrived with bells on. "Armed with a telephoto lens and a laptop computer with a hidden camera," San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer informs us, "Michelle Devereaux headed south from San Francisco on a mission to find Curio."1 Ms. Devereaux, a vociferous  member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), and Barry, a friend, "camped out for hours at the computer lab in San Diego State University's Love Library," patiently waiting for Curio to arrive and log on at the library's computer lab.  Devereaux, 43, has, according to Sauer, "a plethora of
tattoos and body piercings and an extraordinary knowledge of cyberspace after 20 years in the computer business." She and her fellow "cyber-sleuth" hoped to catch "Curio" in the act -- not of a crime, mind, not even a misdemeanor, but of posting documentation on organized child molestation and expressing opinions on the same in the Internet's Usenet newsgroups, a public forum. 

     What's up with that? "In her zeal to protect 'young victims,'" Sauer explains, "Curio has posted extensive information about notable individuals who worked hard over the years to debunk the notion of satanic-ritual abuse."

     Among the "notables" targeted by Curio, count ...

     DR. RALPH C. UNDERWAGER - Former director of the FMSF, forced to resign in 1993 after it was widely reported that he'd opined in Paidika ("Darling," in Greek), a journal published by and for pedophiles, that they should proclaim it "God's will" that adults engage in sex acts with children. Nevertheless, he is often quoted in the media and has appeared as an "expert" in over 100 child abuse trials. In 1988, a New York State court decision held that Underwager was "not qualified to render any opinion as to whether or not [a child] was sexually molested." This was painfully clear on December 19, 1993, when the London Times reported his reference to unspecified "scientific evidence" that demonstrated "60% of women sexually abused as children reported that the experience had been GOOD for them. He contended the same should be true for boys involved with pedophiles." Underwager blames feminists for the current climate of rancor toward pedophiles because they are "jealous" of "men's ability to love other men or children and have stirred up hysteria over pedophilia."2

     MICHAEL AQUINO - A former military intelligence officer with top-security clearance at the Pentagon and the disgraced high priest of the Temple of Set in San Francisco, a quasi-Satanic sect that dabbles in Nazi occultism and "invisibility," among other quack pursuits. 

     In 1984-85, Curio wrote in one of her Internet postings, "there were reports of sexual-ritual abuse at Jubilation Daycare, operated by Barbara and Sharon Orr in Fort Bragg, Northern California. This case was investigated by Mendocino County Sheriff deputies. Eventually some 400 pages of reports were submitted, but the DA declined to prosecute, resulting in no criminal charges filed against the Orrs. Due to the fact they had a history of complaints against their daycare center, some of which were upheld and one cited a child experiencing unusual punishment, the Orrs ultimately surrendered their childcare license in 1984." (The case is detailed in Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse, by Pamela Hudson, a therapist who provided counseling to children allegedly abused at the daycare center.) Aquino was implicated in a related scandal at the Presidio Army base, but the SFPD abandoned the probe in August 1988. Michael Aquino insists there was no substance to the charges, and the Pentagon dropped them. However, says Curio, the Army's public position "is in stark contrast to their actual stated position as described in a transcript of the hearing on the motion to dismiss dated May 31, 1991. He sued the Army in part because they refused to
remove his name from the titling block or amend their report stating he was the subject of an investigation for sexual abuse and related crimes. The court document notes that several members of the Army thought there was probable cause to 'Title' Aquino with offenses of indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing."3

     Aquino has twice attempted to sue ElectriCity, Curio's ISP server, and twice the case was tossed out of court, "with prejudice."

     ELIZABETH LOFTUS - Another board member of the FMSF. Loftus's academic
interests have long fueled suspicions that the organization, which defends accused child abusers and pedophiles in the courtroom and the press, is more concerned with supporting the accused than ferreting out the facts. Before she joined the FMSF, Loftus testified in 150 criminal cases, always on behalf of defendants. Critics, she concedes, find her "research" to be "highly prejudicial."  (Mark Sauer, however, claims that Loftus is "an internationally known expert on the workings of memory. [She] has written
numerous articles and books decrying the idea that trauma associated with child sexual abuse acts to repress the memory of such horrible events.")

     Ethics and Behavior, a peer-review journal, considers the "study" of "false memories" for which Loftus is best known, the famed  "Lost in a Shopping Mall" experiment, to be a "breach of professional ethics." The Mall study results "have been entered into sworn testimony and reported by the media to support a claim that therapists can implant false memories of childhood trauma. Although we acknowledge that inaccurate and mistaken memories may occur, we must conclude that Loftus and Pickrell's mall study does not support in any manner the notion that false autobiographical memories of abuse in childhood can be implanted by therapists. Finally, we suggest that any legal decisions that have been based on claims that the
mall study provides such evidence should be carefully reexamined. Appellate courts should be especially wary of relying on or citing the study as authoritative support for the proposition that false memories of sexual abuse can be implanted, because once a study is so cited in an appellate decision, it takes on value that it may not deserve and may unduly influence other judicial decisions."4

      Among others who bona fidés as "experts" on ritual abuse are equally inflated by the public print, including FBI agent Ken Lanning. The famed Lanning report on ritual abuse is widely quoted in the :"mainstream" media. It is falsely claimed to be "the FBI's official position on ritual abuse." Actually, the report is one agent's publicly-stated viewpoint. It also misrepresents the facts concerning ritual child abuse (RA).

      "I have spoken to Ken Lanning," Curio stated in a 1996 posting. "I know others who have spoken to him and we all take issue with Ken's 'opinion' and how this report is being used." Curio argues that Lanning "did NOT do a research project for the FBI. This report is his ADVICE to law enforcement to aid in the investigation of ritual abuse in order to obtain CONVICTIONS. He is upset that many people have either escaped prosecution, or now, some people are having court decisions overturned because of RA claims even though they are guilty." Furthermore, Lanning is "an armchair
analyst" who has "not personally investigated many cases of RA. Law enforcement and others sometimes CONSULT with him about cases and how to proceed. He is not aware of all RA cases." The FBI, says Curio, "has been implicated in at least 'botching' some RA case investigations and in some instances covering up the evidence. The CIA has been implicated in far worse fashion. Do a search on the Finders Case on the Internet."

    Mark Sauer, however, in his San Diego Union-Tribune article on Curio, accepts with psychic certainty that all claims of ritual abuse are unfounded. "A 10-year investigation of satanic-ritual-abuse allegations by FBI Special Agent Ken Lanning," Sauer observes, "turned up virtually nothing. Yet certain people persist in their belief in 'these heinous crimes against children.'"5

     To be completely direct about it, Mark Sauer, like many of the FMSF "victims" of Curio's postings, is a cog in a propaganda machine constructed to discredit RA victims and their advocates. Curio perceives that there are "mechanisms" in place "to make the RA claims 'uncredible.' Of course, not everything anyone says is true, but there are too many people around the world who are victims of this horror and if there are any reponsible people here, it would behoove you to Pay Attention. The FMSF is a major proponent of the debunking strategy."

     Many observers on the sidelines of the battle and the FMSF "backlash" to RA allegations consider the Foundation to be a clearinghouse of disinformation. The "Toward Freedom Online" site, an Internet enclave of human rights activism, shares Curio's viewpoint:

A quiet but brutal war is being waged on the victims of child abuse, including sexual and even ritual abuse. The battlefields include academia, the courts, professional groups, and society in general. In some cases, the aggressors are the same people accused of perpetuating the violence. They've banded together, forming networks and support groups, most notably the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), which discounts recollections of abuse recovered in later years, making survivors look like
complainers and trauma therapists sound like quacks.

"Unfortunately, the Foundation has many psychotherapists on the run. Several lawsuits have already ended with judgments in favor of alleged perpetrators, and the resulting chilling effect has dampened the willingness of some mental health professionals to treat victims, especially those claiming ritual abuse.

"If you browse the Internet these days, you're apt to find regional or local groups started by survivors of childhood torture and/or abuse. The list includes the International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma, based in Dallas, Texas; Mothers Against Sexual Abuse in Monrovia, California; Survivors and Victims Empowered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and the San Francisco-based Survivorship....  Despite such scrutiny and the seriousness of the problem, however, advocates for false memory syndrome dominate cyberspace and have received far more favorable coverage in the mainstream media."6

     The FMSF ridicules and selectively distorts child abuse data contradicting their own. Judith Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery, reports in the Harvard Mental Health Letter that false child abuse allegations by children are "rare, in the range of 2-8 percent of reported cases. False retractions of true complaints are far more common, especially when the victim is not sufficiently protected after disclosure and therefore
succumbs to intimidation."7

     British researchers also deny the prevalence of False Memory Syndrome, and question the notion that recovered memories are frequently "false," induced by therapists. The propaganda has risen to the level of urban legend. But ... "researchers at University College London," Reuters reported in March, "claim their study of data from 236 adults with recovered memories shows many are of true past events." As a result of the study, there is now, the British Psychological Society notes in a public statement, "consistent evidence that 'False Memory Syndrome' cannot explain all, or even most, examples of recovered memories of trauma." Dr Bernice Andrews directed the UK study and contends: "There is increasing evidence that many recovered
memories cannot be explained by so-called False Memory Syndrome. To date there is no convincing evidence for a specific False Memory Syndrome.... Therapists in the majority of cases do not use aggressive, suggestive techniques to get their clients to remember things. They (memories) come up just as a matter of course during therapy and are often accompanied by a lot of emotion as though the person is reliving the event in the present."8

     Where does this leave Sauer's "notables," the poor mental health professionals who have labored for ten years to discredit RA victims? Curio and her allies are opposed to the revisionist tactics of the FMSF and will, in all likelihood, have their day. Curio, from the Foundation's corrupt perspective, is a "cyber-stalker" - whose posts have, in fact, exposed the hidden agendas of some of the country's most "credible" child abuse
"experts" to the light of objectivity. "Now," writes Sauer, "they were being  challenged - libeled, in their words - by someone who operated at a distinct advantage. Curio (who often went by the full pseudonym Karen Curio Jones, just as many newsgroup subscribers use aliases, though it is unclear how this gives her an "advantage") said her anonymity was necessary 'for safety reasons' and she protected it fiercely."

     Who is the cyber-stalker here? Curio, at her university terminal, posting documents on the lies and ulterior motives of the demonstrably culpable? Or the operatives of the FMSF, with their sleuths and surveillance gear and hyperbolic accusations? It ain't "Curio," obviously, but the San Diego Union-Tribune wants you to believe in the fabricated studies and scurrilous rhetoric of the FMSF and heap scorn on a courageous activist. What¹s up with that?


     1. Mark Sauer, "The search for Curio leads cybersleuths down a twisted path," San Diego Union-Tribune, September 24, 2000. Click to read the article. 

     2. Liz Lightfoot, "Paedophiles urged to claim God¹s Will - Abuse expert calls for public defense of sex with children," Sunday Times, December 19, 1993, p. 3.

     3. From the site http://members.tripod.com/~Curio_5_/index.html, a web site shut down after members of the FMSF threatened to sue the Internet provider.

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CLICK. Response by "Karen Curio Jones" to Mark Sauer's article, "A Web of Intrigue" in the San Diego Union-Tribune, dated September 24, 2000.

IS SATANIC ABUSE OF KIDS REAL?  Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive by Karen Curio Jones. Click.


by Catherine Austin Fitts © 2000    http://www.solari.com

The Boston Globe's article of September 23, 2000 (Click to read) is an interesting follow up to NewsMakingNews' Harvard Series (Click to read the series). Here are seven points worth noting:

1.  The article describes Harvard Endowment's above market performance of the last year, 32% for Harvard relative to 7.3% in the Standard & Poor 500. This is attributed to a 155% increase in private equity portfolio, which is 15% of the total. This is an astonishing performance for the private equity portfolio, particularly coming as it has from a sustained above market run from 1996 on.

2. When I was a partner at Dillon Read, Dick Bianco, my partner who ran Capital Markets, insisted the accountant for the trading groups sit in his office, providing him with a continuous feed of how we were doing. Whenever anyone would outperform the market within a 24 hour period, Dick would emerge and boom out his demand for an immediate explanation "Tell me, why am I so lucky?"

3. Now that the Harvard Endowment has outperformed the market, not for 24 hours, but for five years, the question remains unanswered "How is Harvard so lucky?"

4. In the two investments (NHP, Inc. and WMF, Inc.) in which I experienced the investment strategies of the private equity group, my impression was there were reasons for why they were so lucky that warrant a deeper look by the Harvard community. See my article, "The Money Lords of Harvard, How the Money Works at the World's Richest University" in NewsMakingNews. I quote, in particular, one sentence:

"What was most surprising to me was how much money taxpayers and homeowners had to lose to satisfy the private housing industry's appetite for short term capital gains --- when alternative policies and business plans were available that could have ensured success for all concerned."

In short, certain kinds of coordinated behavior by private investors results in a world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and in a manner that destroys total social and economic wealth. This is why various forms of financial fraud, so hard for the public to discern, can exact a heavy toll on a society and economy.

5. My recent research on Harvard Endowment was inspired not by my own experiences with the Harvard private equity portfolio and its manipulation of government policy to serve its endowment profits, but by allegations by members of the media and intelligence community about:

Harvard's private equity role in Harken Energy and Harken's role in
promoting George W. Bush --- and in a number of Iran-Contra financial

The role of Pug Winokur, a member of the board of the Endowment and the Harvard Corporation, and his investment company, Capricorn, in a defense contractor, DynCorp, involved with the management and development of PROMIS software. PROMIS provides access to world- wide banking and government data that is supposed to be subject to privacy laws. Allegations regarding the use of intelligence from the PROMIS system for insider trading and market manipulation are a bit like the gopher in the movie Caddy Shack ---- they just keep coming up. Capricorn does not disclose its investors, so it is uncertain whether Capricorn is a vehicle for Harvard's private equity portfolio.

6. Harvard Endowment dedicates a relatively small portion of its earnings to fund education. The majority of profits are reinvested and rolled over tax free. This retention policy means the Endowment's mission is not primarily education, but to serve as a multi-generational tax free private investment club. If the American people are going to offer substantial tax benefits to small private investment groups who invest, profit and reinvest for their own private benefit, the time has come that they been held to the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure standards applied to numerous investment vehicles.

7. The spectacular above market returns of Harvard Endowment since 1996 call for an analysis of how it is that Harvard is so lucky, and whether Harvard's luck benefits a wider community, or simply a few. One place to start is to (i) review who has been buying the private equity portfolio positions, (ii) examine how do their purchase prices compare to market valuations and (iii) look at the impact of government policies on the valuations. For those not familiar with the use of above-market purchases at the top of a bull market, see Pete Brewton's book on the S&L fraud in Texas, "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush."


Author: By David Abel, Boston Globe Correspondent.  Date: 09/23/2000 Page: F1 Section: Business. Patrick Healy of the Globe staff contributed to this report. 

Harvard, already the world's richest university by far, last year added significantly to its
fantastic wealth: The school's endowment jumped nearly a third, to $19.2  billion from $14.4 billion.

That's larger than the annual budgets of 142 countries, including Cuba, Jordan, and Lithuania.

The $4.8 billion dollar increase alone is larger than the total endowments  reported last year by some of the nation's other top universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($4.3 billion), Columbia University ($3.6 billion), and Dartmouth College ($1.7 billion).

Many institutions expect to see a significant increase in their endowments this year, but Harvard's will likely extend its financial lead over other top universities.

What does such a significant increase mean for Harvard's 18,000 students and 2,000 faculty members?

 "I don't think this should signal any kind of sea change," said Joe Wrinn, a Harvard spokesman.

"A university has to think long term and about the cyclical nature of the economy. We don't know what our future needs will be. But we're very appreciative of what the management company has accomplished."

The 32 percent return on the university's more than 8,600 investments was higher than in any other year since 1983. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 7.3 percent over the same period.

The principal reason for the jump was a 155 percent return in private equity investments, which includes venture capital. Harvard is one of the few colleges that has enough money to invest in such accounts, which are considered speculative. Still, those investments represent only 15 percent of Harvard's portfolio.

"We've always maintained a well-diversified portfolio," said Jack R. Meyer, president of Harvard Management Co., which oversees the endowment. "We're happy about where it is, and we'll be happy if venture capital does well again. But we're not planning any changes."

Most schools have yet to report their endowment returns. Last year, 34 colleges reported endowments above the billion-dollar mark, and the average rate of return was 11 percent. The highest return was about 29 percent, according to an annual study by the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

"Obviously Harvard has done extremely well," said Damon Manetta, a spokesman for the association. "That's probably an indication of how the rest of the institutions are doing."

The real question now for Harvard deans is what percentage of the  endowment they will devote to the university's operating budget.

Traditionally, the average spending rate for colleges is about 5.5 percent. Harvard, which provides generous amounts of financial aid but now costs students an estimated $33,110 per year, devotes 4 percent to 5 percent of its endowment to its operating budget.

"The critical question for Harvard is what are its priorities," said Gordon Winston, an economics professor at Williams College and director of the school's Project on the Economics of Higher Education.

"If they use it to significantly increase access to a superb education like Harvard, that's not faulting them. But it's also questionable whether children of the wealthy should get a Harvard education for nothing."

Harvard's endowment comes from donations as well as investment income.

In December 1999, the university ended a seven-year capital campaign that set a record in higher education philanthropy by raising $2.6 billion.

In total through fiscal 2000, the endowment surpassed investment benchmarks in almost every account. Returns failed to beat benchmarks only in emerging markets investments and inflation-indexed bonds.

Last fiscal year's increase more than doubled the previous year's 12.2 percent return and is higher than the 23 percent average return between 1996 and 1999.

For now, Harvard officials say they don't expect their success to change next year's investment strategy. 

"The lesson, I would say, is that it's possible to earn substantial returns while
still maintaining a pretty diversified portfolio," Meyer said.

By Tim Rogers© 
Tico Times Staff 9/22/00

While the U.S. "War on Drugs" continues to draw extensive media coverage throughout the Americas, here in Costa Rica, cocaine is not the only lucrative contraband being smuggled across the borders.

In the last two weeks, Panamanian officials have discovered two large illegal weapons shipments that reportedly originated in Nicaragua and passed through Costa Rica before being confiscated en route to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Totaling more than 3,000 lbs. of military explosives, 300 AK-47 assault rifles, 318 grenade launchers, and more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition, the Cold War relics are reported to have passed from Nicaragua to Panama hidden in vegetable trucks — a fact that is worrying Costa Rican officials.

According to a report in the daily La Nación, Minister of Public Security Rogelio Ramos met with members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) last Thursday to ask for help in curbing the illegal flow of weapons through Costa Rica.

"We agreed to share all of our proposals with the U.S. to see how they can help us combat the problem [of weapons trafficking]," Ramos told La Nación.

According to Ramos, the U.S. government shares an interest in combating arms traffic and will most likely supply the aid Costa Rica needs to fight the flow of contraband. However, when asked by The Tico Times about the meeting with Ramos, the DEA denied that it ever took place.

"Sometimes the local press gets confused about what functions are attributed to different agencies within the U.S. government," Vance Stacy, Country Attaché of the DEA in Costa Rica, told The Tico Times. "The DEA sometimes gets credited [in the press] with doing everything."

Stacy went on to clarify that the DEA’s mission in Costa Rica is to work closely with the government to advise, train, and mentor law enforcement agents in combating the trafficking of narcotics across national territory. Through the use of wiretapping, controlling the export of precursor chemicals (legal substances used to process cocaine and other illicit drugs), controlling border checkpoints, monitoring overland transportation routs, and initiating drug prevention programs, the 27-year-old relationship between the DEA and the Costa Rican government has been both positive and successful, according to Stacy.

Regardless of which agency of the U.S. government Ramos actually approached for help, arms trafficking through Costa Rica is becoming an issue of serious concern to the government.

In response to the recent discoveries of weapons caches in Panama, Ramos met early this week with the director of the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ), representatives from the Attorney General’s office, and members of the Department of Intelligence and Security (DIS) to come up with ways to combat illegal arms-trafficking. The functionaries discussed ways to tighten border controls and increase efforts to monitor the Inter-American Highway for weapons shipments.

According to an investigative report last July by La Nación, an AK-47 assault rifle from Nicaragua can be sold for $50 to $100 in Costa Rica, resold for $300 to $700 in Panama, then sold again for $2,000 to the FARC in Colombia.

However, not all the weapons smuggled south may be Cold War relics originating in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Although Costa Rica was not directly involved in the wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador, a 1981 investigation headed by the Legislative Assembly found that several high-ranking government officials were involved in large-scale clandestine weapons trafficking from Cuba to Costa Rica during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In response to a threat of invasion in 1979 by the forces of Anastasio Somoza, then-dictator of Nicaragua, Costa Rica scrambled to borrow weapons from Venezuela and Panama. However, in addition to the weapons on loan from the two "friendly" countries, it was later discovered that Costa Rican President Rodrigo Carazo and former Minister of Security Juan José Echeverría had masterminded a clandestine air bridge operation which supplied tons of Cuban war material to both the Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua and to Costa Rican security forces.

According to testimony given by Guillermo Martí, the former security official responsible for receiving the secret arms shipments in Costa Rica, more than 300,000 lbs. of weapons were siphoned off by ranking members of Costa Rica’s security forces during the operation (TT, Jan. 30, 1981).

While many of the weapons borrowed from Panama and Venezuela were returned to the respective countries after the threat of invasion passed, an unknown number of weapons trafficked from Cuba are thought to remain in secret caches in the north of Costa Rica.

Although the government officials involved in the arms shipments claimed that all the weapons that arrived from Cuba were inventoried and accounted for, official reports suggested otherwise.

According to a 1981 audit compiled by the office of the Comptroller General, 2,018 weapons were missing from the nation’s public security arsenals at the beginning of that year (TT, Feb. 6, 1981).

Meanwhile, Colombian Police officials have alleged that a number of the arms that are now being smuggled to the FARC are originating in Costa Rica.

Ramos was unavailable for comment this week.




by Uri Dowbenko

"The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" by Lt.Cmdr. Alexander S. Martin (US Navy, Ret.) Available at Al Martin Raw (http://www.almartinraw.com)

According to this new book, Iran-Contra never ended.

Government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, wholesale fraud and illicit weapons deals are still part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

The high-level perps were never indicted. Meanwhile hundreds of witnesses and hapless participants have been liquidated.

Whistleblower Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret.) has written a powerful expose of the hidden history of America from the 1980s, through the 1990s and into the present day. He reveals details of wholesale corruption and unimaginable financial fraud foisted on US taxpayers.

The book's premise is simple. Organized crime (actually a white-collar crime syndicate comprised of government bureaucrats, military officers, intelligence officers and con men or "beltway bandits") has taken over the US Government.

Al Martin has first hand knowledge of the dirty deals, high-level scams, frauds, and treasonous activities of the Shadow Government. And he's definitely the man who knows too much.

He has even testified before Congressional Committees chaired by Senator Kerry and Rep. Alexander.

Al Martin's new electronic book-manuscript, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," is a true crime story that's too been too hot for prime time. (It's only available on the internet.)

Al Martin's book includes his own eye-witness accounts of government drug trafficking, illegal weapons deals, and a veritable epidemic of fraud -- securities fraud, real estate fraud, and insurance fraud by high level government perps.

Because of what he's seen, Al Marton has recently been in hiding. He's a whistle- blower targeted by these very same bureaucrat-perps.

To date, their criminal-government schemes have cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

How did it start? When George Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North initiated their plan of fraud and drug smuggling, they envisioned using 500 men to raise $35 billion.

When Iran Contra finally fell apart, they ended up using 5,000 operatives and making $350 billion in illegal secret operations.

And who is Al Martin? After he retired as a Lt. Commander from the US Naval Reserves, Al Martin's life went into the fast lane as a black ops specialist.

At a meeting with General Richard V. Secord and Lawrence Richard Hamil, the US Government's own con man,  Martin was briefed about Iran Contra operations and allowed to view CIA white papers on "Operation Black Eagle," code name for the illegal George Bush/Bill Casey/Oliver North program of government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, illicit weapons deals and wholesale fraud.

Now Al Martin tells the facts that have been ignored or covered-up for over 15 years. There are many detailed descriptions of ongoing fraud committed by the Bush family, specifically George Bush Sr., George Bush, Jr., Neil Bush and Jeb Bush. These include the Trinity Gas and Oil Fraud, the Tri-Lateral Investment Fraud, the Harken Energy Fraud, as well as major high-yielding real estate, insurance and bank frauds in Florida, Colorado and Texas.

Al Martin names names, dates and events, which no one has ever dared write or publish before.

Here are some of the chapter titles:

*  Confidential File: Alexander S. Martin
*  The National Programs Office (NPO) and Operation Sledgehammer
*  Oliver North: The Money Laundering Drug Smuggling "Patriot"
*  "Do Nothing" Janet Reno and Iran-Contra Suppression
*  Classified Illegal Operations: Cordoba Harbor and Screw Worm
*  The Don Austin HUD Fraud Case
*  Insider Stock Swindles for "The Cause"
*  Lawrence Richard Hamil: The US Government's Con Man.
*  US Government Narcotics Smuggling & Illicit Weapons Sales.
*  The Chinese Connection: US Weapons & High Tech Graft.
*  The Real Story of Operation Watchtower
*  KGB & East German Intel Activities in the US (1985-87)
*  Bush Family Corporate, Real Estate, and Bank Frauds

Author Al Martin is an accomplished businessman, as well as one of the last remaining insiders of "Iran-Contra."

Here are some of the explosive information you'll learn --

1.  What's the real story behind Oliver North and the National Programs
2.  Why was Iran Contra profiteering so popular with govt insiders?
3.  What does George Bush say is the "greatest reliever of stress"?
4.  What were the best real estate scams and frauds of the Iran Contra era?
5.  What's in the future for government sanctioned fraud in America?

"The Conspirators" by Al Martin is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the secret history of the United States.

(C) 2000, Uri Dowbenko. All Rights Reserved.
Uri Dowbenko can be reached by email at


World Watchers International Tape 487, April 5, 1981.


Side 1




4/4/81 "There was a conspiracy to kill President J. F. Kennedy." David Ferrie, Carlos Marcello, and Anti Castro Cubans, Mob did it.

Ferrie, Cubans, Marcello all worked with CIA. It took seventeen years for any major network to admit. They quietly covered the item as a news story, book review.

4/5/81 UPI, S.F. Examiner.

Wells Fargo bank, the man leaking the big stories of bank's connections to Nigeria, Africa, Japanese Mafia, millions missing.

4/5/81 S.F. Examiner. Tape # 482, 3/1/81

CIA, Valerie McDonald, linked to murders in Davis, Calif. John Riggins, and Sabrina Gonsalves. Bank robberies, Nazis, S. America, cocaine.


Links to CIA assassins, Frank Terpil, Edmund Wilson, Carlos, and Samuel Cummings, Uganda, Libya, right-wing trained terrorists.

ZODIAC KILLINGS BACK IN CALIFORNIA? Mt. Tam slayings, Santa Cruz parks.
4/5/81 S.F. Examiner

More counter-intelligence violence, terror on the right. Identified with LA, S.F. Police departments. Hippies, hikers killed.


CIA, FBI, D.C. Police, "He is white, blond, blue eyes, very rich, oil family, father President of Vanderbilt Energy, Denver, Colo, probably a CIA front. Attended college seven years, member of Nazi party but too violent for them, reads Mein Kampf, isn't a welfare cheater because supports himself with no income. He travels a lot, collects guns, likes to fly around the USA. His brother has a dinner engagement this evening in the home of George Bush's son. They are good friends. Texas background, the right people."

Not much different then Whitman killings in Texas, Charles Watson from Texas, Jonestown doctor from Texas, Allard Lowenstein's assassin, or the other alleged assassins with their Nazi-fascist connections. Same society as Sarah Jane Moore and her country club set, wealth, large home, worked for Randolf Hearst and the FBI at the same time.

Side 2  Tape #487 April 5, 1981  


1. Did bullet in Reagan come from same weapon as three others? He reacted differently. Might be slow response.
2. Final trajectory, did it bounce from car, elsewhere?
3. Poison, oxides, meant to be released later? Poison tips?
4. Different blood than others. Jack Ruby, Martha Mitchell pints?
5. Tamara Rand, prediction of "July relapse" a message?


Former clients:

Bobby Baker, LBJ coup, Kennedy murder teams, mob, military links. Gulf and Western, Watergate money, Harris-Tarnower, Madison Sq. Garden? Joe McCarthy, during red baiting, house Un-American activities. John Connally, Watergate milk inquiry, DIA, Navy Intelligence, JFK coup, Frank Costello, Jimmy Hoffman, mob, CIA, FBI connections. Washington Post while Nixon being Watergated by Butterfield, Haig.


"They will consider a suitable arrangement to feed the press."


Scott Hinckley, John's brother, to have dinner with Neil Bush, 3/31/81
Hinckley's VANDERBILT ENERGY under investigation three hours "before shooting started" for $2,000,000 overcharge. WSJournal, 4/2/81
Oil industry in common with Bush, Hinckley.
Texas wealth, Bush and Hinckley. Common friends, associates. Nigeria, Biafra, CIA operations. Bush CIA Director, Hinckley CIA.
Prosecutor for John Hinckley US D.A. Charles "Watergate" Ruff.
Neil Bush, Standard Oil of Indiana, past links Dorothy Hunt, CIA.


4/6/81    Newsweek    Alexander Haig Cover-story. Who's in charge here? Haig answered, 3/31/81, "I am in charge of White House."
4/6/81    Newsweek    Picture of Jody Foster, cover story to hide plot.
4/6/81    Newsweek    Haig, reference to "Kamakaze" actions. Kamikaze Klones, John Hinckley, mind control, "want to die, be killed."
3/20/81    Washington Post. Full page, front page, GEORGE BUSH. Day of shooting, how he "quietly moves to inside White House."

Washington Post, Newsweek same ownership. EBW attorney for both Washington Post and John Hinckley Jr.

Categories to cross file: Military confinement, Quantico, Va. Marine Base.
Chronology, years and months of Hinckley, evidence of others, links to CIA, DIA, military. Weapons, finances, mind control, FBI Secret Service, Police protection. Locations. Doubles? Questions? Family backgrounds. LA, Texas, NY, Tenn., St. Louis, Chicago, Nazi links?