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by Virginia McCullough, BayCities Observer

World Watchers International Tape 862, June 13, 1988


Side 1

Tape #862 June 13, 1988   Side 1


"Upset a museum being made of the assassination perch." When did they finally catch on? This has been planned for two years. With their money they could buy the Dal-Tex building and the parking lot behind the knoll, and show where the assassins really were.

London Times, 5/29/88

Texans stationed in Great Britain "smiled when told JFK was dead." Texas schools, children "cheered the news." Why is this being printed now?


"As early as 1944, a plan for full preparedness, a continuing plan vs. USSR." Henry Wallace, 3/12/1947, "a turning point in American history", pertaining to Greek crises. President Harry Truman prepared to "POLICE EVERY BORDER OF RUSSIA." NATIONAL SECURITY ACT, 1947.

NSC-68, declassified in 1972, left seven areas of "war" against USSR, provided a BLUEPRINT FOR A NEW KIND OF COUNTRY, UNLIKE ANYTHING THE USA HAS KNOWN BEFORE." Vidal refers to the "CYNICISM OF THIS COUP d'etat both parties went along.


When "secrecy and democracy have a tug-of-war it warps democratic ideals."


"Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy Running for President" WP 6/3/88
Running on "Consumer Party", founded in 1967. Been splitting votes for 20 years.

"WHO'S WHO IN CIA", page 342, "EUGENE J. MCCARTHY, teacher, Senator, Rep. To NATO, etc. Operations "WASHINGTON, D.C."


Sorenson's book favors doing away with the constitution, one term for 6 years, Senate not elected but appointed ELDER STATESMEN" like HENRY KISSINGER, GERALD FORD, BRZEZINSKI" Worked with Hart, close Kissinger ties.


Nightline fumbling. DO WE HAVE ANOTEHR ZOMBIE? Bush, "Ted, I apologize for calling you Dan. I wasn't being smart. I can't see you, I'm in Houston, Texas."


REAGAN AND BUSH LIKED THE 1980 "MEDDLING" that held hostages, won the election. Now they don't want them helping DUKAKIS if hey have the dirt on Bush, others.

"GEORGE BUSH BLAMES ISRAEL FOR IRAN/CONTRA AFFAIR" Not NSC, DoD, CIA but Israel. Will Jewish voters even notice this easy solution, far worse than Jackson's "Hymie."


"America's problems of drugs in the workplace stems from students of the 1960s and 1970s."

Tape #862 June 13, 1988   Side 2


Maybe he should read "ACID DREAMS", "POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA", books on LUCKY LUCIANO, CIA, NAVY INTELLIGENCE, STEFANO DELLE CHIAIE, "THE GREAT HEROIN COUP" and 400 other books on Mafia, USA, KLAUS BARBIE, and study who is pouring drugs into our work places.


Alfredo Mario Mingolla, arrested in Sao Paulo Brazil drug cleanup, links to CIA and drugs. Mingola involved in drug traffic in Argentina, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Worked in Bolivia 1980-1984, with KLAUS BARBIE, COL. LUIS ARCE GOMEZ. Carried out Bolivian intelligence while doing the drug traffic. Helped start CAUSA, Anticommunist Confederation of American Societies, set up by REV. MOON. Trained in PANAMA, SCHOOL OF AMERICAS IN PANAMA, for anticommunist struggle. False papers supplied by ARGENTINA JUNTA while Junta working with O. NORTH, NSC. DOD. Worked with Stefano Delle Chiaie, (P-2 with Licio Gelli)
Stefano has names, occupations, addresses of 13,000 ITALIAN FASCISTS, some in Venezuela. Mingolla admitted he was in the pay of CIA.


Licio Gelli, head of Italian P-2, charged with killing "more than 80 people"? Gelli has a "500 PAGE TESTIMONY OF MICHELE SINDONA" hidden abroad. Sindona fed cyanide in Italian jail, "God's Banker" for Vatican.
Gelli talking of ROBERTO CALVI'S "Suicide-murder" in London, forced on him.



Satanic leader of Church of Set left $3.2 million from his mother, also a priestess, BETTY FORD AQUINO. (any relation?)

Michael Aquino's property includes 828 Mission St, San Rafael, leased by PROJECT CARE FOR CHILDREN AND MARIN COUNTY CHILD ABUSE COUNCIL.

Other property used by his brother-in-law and wife, LYNN BUTCH and WILLIAM BUTCH. They formed 2 cults of their own, DARK STAR 9 PYLON, and DARK STAR. As a "Pylon, LINDA BLOOD said they have "destruction rituals using pins and needles that would hopefully cause a PERSON TO DIE."


1. "The Terrible Puzzle of McMartin Preschool" Cynthia Gorney, 4/17/88

2. "The Community of Fear. In Manhattan Beach, Calif., a Long Struggle for Parents Caught in the Web of Nightmare" 5/18/88 Part II, Cynthia Gorney.

"POLICE TIE MURDER TO THE OCCULT", SJ Mercury 5/7/88 Murder in Hollister, too close to home.

Suspect Raul Sanchez Zamudio, 41, was COUNSELOR AT A COUNTY OPERATED HOME FOR JUVENILE DELINQUENTS". Kept altar, items of occult, linked to "black magic".


Untouchable, heavily financed, will be a millionaire.
Going to prison would make a martyr like Hitler, outside, continuous organizing.


Progressive Review © 12/18/00

Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post writes that a Nexus search for the words "George W. Bush," "Al Gore" and "gracious" unearthed 173 citations in one day's new accounts alone. Among those being gracious towards each other: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. And well they might, because Clinton and Bush's daddy know far more about each other than either of them want us to know.

They were, after all, fellow enablers of the Mena, Arkansas operation where supplies for the Contras went south and drugs for Americans came north. They could probably explain why, in 1985, two Indonesian millionaire named Mochtar and James Riady found an Arkansas town of 5,000 so interesting that they engineered a takeover of its only bank.

They might even be able to explain why an Arkansas police officer named Russell Welch ended up having poison tossed in his face. Welch had developed a 35-volume, 3,000 page archive on drug and money laundering operations at Mena. But his investigation was so compromised that a high state police official let one of the targets of the probe examine his investigative file. At one point, Welch was sprayed in the face with something, later identified by the Center for Disease Control as anthrax.

While Mena was Bush's baby, aided by the likes of Oliver North and Felix Rodriguez, Clinton was, as they say in intelligence circles, witting. His job, in the tradition of corrupt politicians, was not to know anything about what was going on and to make sure nobody else did either.

One of the great myths of the Clinton era was that Mena -- the major Contra training, supply, and drug running headquarters -- was a myth. One of those with solid evidence to the contrary was William Duncan, the former Special Operations Coordinator for the Southeast Region of the Criminal Investigation Division, Internal Revenue Service. Duncan would lose his job trying to get to the bottom of the Mena story. Roger Morris, in 'Partners in Power,' writes:

"Though the Reagan-appointed US attorneys for the region at the time, Asa Hutchinson [yes, the same one who would later become an impeachment manager] and J. Michael Fitzhugh, repeatedly denied, as Fitzhugh put it, 'any pressure in any investigation,' Duncan and Welch watched the Mena inquiry systematically quashed and their own careers destroyed as the IRS and state police effectively dissolved their investigations and turned on them. 'Somebody outside ordered it shut down,' one would say, 'and the walls went up.' Welch recorded his fear and disillusion in his diary on November 17, 1987: 'Should a cop cross over the line and dare to investigate the rich and powerful, he might well prepared himself to become the victim of his own government . ~ The cops are all afraid to tell what they know for fear that they will lose their jobs.'" Welch also wrote, "I feel like I live in Russia, waiting for the secret police to pounce down. A government has gotten out of control. Men find themselves in positions of power and suddenly crimes become legal."

Eventually a Senate subcommittee would call the available evidence about Mena sufficient for an indictment on money laundering charges. But the feds scrapped a five year probe of Mena and interfered in local investigations, and the state police were taken off the case. For his part, Clinton refused a number of requests for an investigation including one from one of his own prosecutors.


Still, we know that Mena was used as a headquarters for the notorious drug smuggler Barry Seal and we know that the wife of security operative Jerry Parks told British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that Parks had delivered large sums of money from the Mena airport to Vince Foster at a K-Mart parking lot. Mrs. Parks said she discovered this when she opened her car trunk one day and found so much cash that she has to sit on the trunk to close it again. She asked her husband whether he was dealing drugs, and he allegedly explained that Foster paid him $1,000 for each trip he took to Mena. Parks said he didn't "know what they were doing, and he didn't care to know. He told me to forget what I'd seen."

We also know that a Clinton bodyguard, state trooper LD Brown, applied for a CIA opening. And that Clinton gave him help on his application essay including making it more Reaganesque on the topic of the Nicaragua. Brown says he met a CIA recruiter in Dallas whom he later identified as former member of Vice President Bush's staff. On the recruiter's instruction, he met with Barry Seal in a Little Rock restaurant, later joining Seal in a flight to Honduras with a purported shipment of M16s and a return load of duffel bags. Brown got $2,500 in small bills for the flight. Concerned about the mission, Brown says he consulted with Clinton who said, "Oh, you can handle it, don't sweat it." On the second flight, Brown found cocaine in a duffel bag and again he sought Clinton's counsel. Clinton said to the conservative Brown, "Your buddy Bush knows about it."

The paths of Bush and Clinton would cross again. On August 23, 1987, Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, were run over by a northbound Union Pacific train in a part of Arkansas notorious for drug smuggling. Too mutilated to be embalmed, their gathered-up body parts were put into a bag and laid in a casket. The deaths were originally declared an accident by Governor Clinton's state medical examiner who said the boys had taken pot and then fallen asleep side by side on the tracks. What followed was the sort of grotesque saga for which the Arkansas of the 80s and 90s would become famous. Jean Duffey, the head of a drug task force who began looking into the case, was told by her departing boss, "You are not to use the drug task force to investigate public officials." Under her new boss, Democrat Dan Harmon, she found herself discredited and threatened. She eventually left Arkansas in fear of her life. The Republican US Attorney, Chuck Banks, cleared Harmon and other Saline county officials of, as the Arkansas Gazette put it, "drug related public misconduct and other forms of misdoing." Several months later, Banks was named to a federal judgeship by President Bush (although Clinton's election ended nomination procedures). In 1997 Harmon was sentenced to eight years in prison on extortion and narcotics charges.

Not only did Vice President Bush and governor Clinton work together, not only did Asa Hutchinson play both the role of Clinton's protector and of his prosecutor, but yet another ubiquitous Arkansas figure crops up when we get to George the Lesser's story.

George W. Bush and his partners had received more than $2 million of Harken Energy stock in exchange for a failing oil well operation, which had lost $400,000 in the prior six months. After Bush joined Harken, the largest stock position and a seat on its board were acquired by Harvard Management Company. The Harken board gave Bush $600,000 worth of the company's publicly traded stock, plus a seat on the board plus a consultancy that paid him up to $120,000 a year. When Harken ran short of cash it hooked up with investment banker Jackson Stephens of Little Rock, who arranged a $25 million stock purchase by Union Bank of Switzerland. Sheik Abdullah Bakhsh, who joined the board as a part of the deal, was connected to the infamous BCCI. Stephens would play a critical role in the Clinton story including arranging the multi-million dollar loan that got him through the presidential primaries.

Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon

© 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written  permission. 


Thirty years ago Mae Brussell wrote the following New Year's greeting to her beloved Brussellsprouts.  Her concerns and compassion at that time are as timely today as when they were written.  Her wisdom is shared the day that America goes to the polls to elect our Millennium President because Mae never stops teaching and we should never cease to learn from her knowledge. 


This greeting is intended as an act of deep affection for all lives, and because of a fear for all lives, and because of a fear for the future of our democracy.

Murders, deaths, 17 million refugees, and every kind of legal tortures are being allowed in the world under the names of "patriotism" and "religion". This is not new for the human race. Now that man has walked on the moon, made numerous inventions and discoveries, it is time to direct his knowledge and education back to the art of decent survival. Justifications, lies, legal loopholes, exemplified so dramatically in the political assassinations in the United States, must end.

Personality cults, positions by appointment or through elections, "prestigious" reputations must all be examined much more closely then ever before.

Nothing is sacred except the preservation of lives -- to live in peace and dignity. 

Presidents, candidates, leaders, have been killed with the nonchalant skirt of commissions thrown around all the facts and evidence.

No person, regardless of how high his position in government, is immune from being faced with evidence that can be classified as hard, cold facts used to solve other crimes and murders. Nothing should be concealed. "National security" is the excuse for personal security.

"What is demanded of a society, what gives it life, is the ability to inspire a greater measure of enthusiasm, a greater measure of freedom. It must inspire people to live, not to die, to create, not destroy." 

Henry Miller, "Remember to Remember"

Our society today is curbing enthusiasm, discouraging creativity, and is immune to deaths, individual or in large numbers.

America has not experienced bombs, dictatorships, and the horrors of Fascism. To "defend" herself in the cold war, we invited Fascists from Germany into every department of the government. What did they know about our kind of democracy? Did their hosts secretly, and openly, wish that Hitler had won the war? Our military State Departments employed many public servants who detested co-existence with USSR. What part did these "invited" guests have to do with our political assassinations today? Names, facts are easily available if you desire to know.

Peace brought strange bedfellows, but the price was too much, and the price must be paid.

Imported and domestic agents, schooled in assassinations, took away your Democracy. What is left now is a very fragile body that needs an immediate cure.

Don't wait for the final autopsy by future historians for a diagnosis. Available symptoms of a dying nation exist. Use them and find the cure very swiftly with the same determination you would go to Mars or the Moon.


This is the age of specialization. My specialty is the study of political assassinations in the United States.

My curiosity began November. 24, 1963, when Jack Ruby walked into the Dallas jail and shot a man who said, "I didn't kill anybody, I am a patsy".

Was Jack Ruby being used by the Dallas community? Was he also used because of the Jewish name, hoping to associate Jews with the murder of John F. Kennedy?

Newspaper articles, magazines were cut and dated, filed and saved. They now number over 100 notebooks.

The Warren Report was published Sept. 1964. There were too many "probably" and "perhaps", along with impossible assumptions not attributed to examination by non government experts.

"Hearings before the President's Commission of the Assassination of President Kennedy" -- 26 volumes of testimony, evidence, exhibits were published in December 1964.

Since those years, I have read 70 books on the John Kennedy assassination, 40 books about our government, 20 on espionage and the CIA. I read 8 newspapers every day, 60 magazines a month. That is my bibliography.

I have read all 26 volumes two times, cross-filed over 100 notebooks into minute details, all sections pertaining to the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent of our CIA.

I could meet with, debate, discuss with any person, the facts. Other researchers like myself also know all details on the secret service motorcade. "No new evidence" and "national security" were the protection of the Commission.

Forgive me if I scold, blame, criticize you [the Brussellsprouts and all American citizens] many times in my New Year message. It was difficult to tone down my feelings.

"Man to be free, carries the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. He is responsible for his world."

John Paul Sartre, "Freedom and Responsibility"

NEW YEAR'S GREETING, President Nixon

Coup d' etat for the elite bureaucrat

Dear President Nixon,

A New York Times article by Mr. C. Sulzburger suggested that your "first order of business is to clear the U.S. name". The London times noted the U.S. is in a "desperately unhealthy situation that can bring nothing but harm to both the U.S. and its allies". Only stern re-establishment of American self respect and restoration of active and moral position is required of a democratic leader."

What is your "first order of business" going to be, Mr. Nixon?

Karl Jaspers, in the most important political book to appear in Germany after world war II, recognized your first order of business as it affected Germans as well as Americans. Mr. Jaspers had the following remarks:

"America could produce this man (John F. Kennedy) and raise him to the time. Anonymous American powers killed him. The crime is unsolved. Politically this is almost as fatal as the assassination itself."

We want to know what is happening to us. America is America. The issue could not stay dead.

Should we turn away from the U.S. because, for the moment a falsehood, the taboo of the Kennedy assassination is embedded in it's body politic?

Certainly this is as bad as the lies in the foundation of European states, as our insistence we were never Nazis.

The crux remains that whatever happens to America is happening to us all but directly. Even the Kennedy assassination concerns us, as does the failure to shed light on all it's aspects. We too have a stake in its further investigation and clarification."

Karl Jaspers, "The Future of Germany"

Remember the days and the years you waited to become the President of the United States? Nothing remains the same each day, and that which you received is much different then what your imagined or desired.

Not only did you inherit "Johnson's war". You find yourself with the compounded errors and the consequences of those lies from the Johnson Commission Report. A festering national archive now holds the facts of whether you are going to be able to die a natural death or be assassinated too.

Your fate, as husband, father, President depends on knowing all truths. If persons knowing or planning assassinations are high in government positions, and if you do not dance to their tunes, you will join the company of the already murdered. There is no way out of this one, Richard Nixon. Who ever dreamt, after playing all their rules, it could end this way?

Edward Luttwak, in his recent book titled Coup D'etat, made the following observations:

"Coup d'etat derives from a recent development, the rise of the modern state with its professional bureaucracy and the standing armed forces. The power and the modern state depends upon this permanent machinery with its archives, files, and records."

"An illegal seizure of power must take the form of "palace revolution" and is essentially concerned with the manipulation of "the body of the ruler." he can be forced to accept new policies or advisers, or he can be can be killed, or held captive.

(John F. Kennedy said, "there is a hidden government behind my back." he resisted "manipulation.")

"The coup operates within the state and is formed by the permanent and professional civil service, (FBI and CIA), the armed forces, (whose historians wrote the Warren Report and the police." (Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles).

(Parenthesis my own interpretation)

"The mass of the people are politically passive. All power, participation is in the hands of the small educated elite. This elite is literate, educated, well fed, secure. The masses accept the monopoly of power. Equally this will accept a change in government. Whether it is legal or otherwise, it is merely another lot of "them" taking over."

This lack of reaction is all the coup needs on the part of the people in order to stay in power.

"The lower level of bureaucracy will react in a similar manner. Policies and legitimacy of the  government were less important than their immediate superiors. Bosses give orders, promote, demote."

"As the coup will not represent a threat to the elite, the choice is between the great dangers of oppositions and the safety of interaction."

"All that is required to support the coup is simply to do nothing and that is what is usually done."

Medford Evans, in American Opinion, said "disappointingly, Luttwak says nothing of the far more important coup d' etat of November. 22, 1963. He might classify it as a "palace revolution" carried out from the "inside" by "insiders".

There have been 75 coups in ten years. Military dictatorships are supported by U.S. money and aid.

Whoever is approving fascism abroad must agree with it's methods in the U.S., if and when they decide the time is ready. Are you ready?


"Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom." Euripides.

Chief Justice Earl Warren was a successful lawyer. His first instinct, to refuse Lyndon Johnson's request to head a commission, was correct. What made him change his mind?

Did Earl Warren believe that to "allay our fears" was patriotic? He must have known that the methods his commission were using would have to be exposed.

Every person in this nation who has trust in commissions should read "document addendum to the Warren Report". (Sightest Publications 606 Hawaii Street, El Segundo, California). This book contains only the minutes of eleven meetings of the commission. You can well imagine what the national archives houses until the year 2037! Selection of commission staff is "top secret", not available. Has this anything to do with our international relationships? What is secret about this method of choosing lawyers who were never going to cross examine, answer the discrepancies, change the subject,  (and/or) go "off the record" over 200 times?

Read this book and see how a "prestigious" and "objective" the Presidential Commission speaks.

"Prestigious" is defined as having a high reputation, honored, esteemed. In the political world, nothing could topple faster than "prestige".

The "prestige" the news media continuously uses to describe the Warren Commission would fall apart within one second if the doors of the national archives were opened.

That pat answer "no new evidence" which they dished out to the press and TV kept them secure and "prestigious" long enough. Open debate, discussions with researchers, looking to see what we knew was never considered.

Commission members staked their "prestige" on the staff, and Allen Dulles, with other CIA staff. That was a great risk, and could only work if the entire staff were "objective".

"Objective" is the second adjective used to prop up this failing commission's monster deception.

President John F. Kennedy spoke publicly about the "invisible government". After a short period of time, Allen Dulles and top officials of the CIA resigned. Dulles was on the commission.

Richard Russell, another commission member, was the "watchdog" for congress to look at the CIA.

John J. McCloy's law firm allowed the Rubicon Foundation to be used as a conduit of CIA funds. Hans Tofte, super agent, used "credentials" issued from this New York law office.

The authors of the Warren Report were directly from the Pentagon. J. Lee Rankin, general counsel, went to "Mr. Winnicker" for his "historians". Who's Who in the CIA says,

Winnicker, Dr. Rudolph August, born 25, 8, 1904 in Germany; 1931-41 lecturer in history; 1942-45 analyst in OSS; 1945-49 historian in War Department; 1949-65 Chief of Historical Division of Pentagon

When did Mr. Winnicker come to the U.S.? Where did he get his history education? Goldberg and Cokeley, from Air Force and Army, wrote your precious Warren Report.

Leon Jaworski, friend of Lyndon Johnson and lawyer and trustee for a huge CIA foundation in Houston, was with the Warren Commission to see that "the Commission did right so far as the state of Texas is concerned".

Mr. Jaworski also served on the Johnson commission to study causes of violence. His vote, against men like Dr. M. Eisenhower's or Rev. T. Cooke's, swung the decision that "non-violent assembly leads to anarchy".

If we are speaking of objective commissions, and the CIA is suspect of these crimes, both here and abroad by persons other than just me, how is it the CIA appears throughout these commissions?

"Judge Sarah Hughes, Dallas, Johnson's friend, is "trustee" for a charitable foundation which served as a channel for CIA funds, thousands of dollars, since 1958 and hand led CIA Black money." [Source: Richard Harwood, Times Post, 2/27/67.] Miss Hughes swore in Lyndon Johnson as our next President.

What is the purpose of commissions? They are to find facts and pass them on to you. News media such as TV, radio no longer keep truths from becoming available. If the free press stops, we know the officials are liars. When the democracy functions, truth comes out.

The long range effect of the Warren Report, is more political murders and distrust around the world, and secret service guidelines. My attempt to "embarrass" high officials must now be considered subversive by the CIA authors.

The long range effect of the national commission on causes and prevention of violence will be to put down all demonstrations of frustrations, anxieties. Non-violent expressions of injustices can be limited. The non-violent expressions of students in Nazi Germany would be put down for the same excuses.

One more CIA assassination, and there goes democracy once and forever.


Members of the Kennedy family must know my name by now. Through the years I have written dozens of letters to all members of the family. I scolded, begged, accused, warned, and predicted. I received only two answers from all these letters, and both of those indicated they didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about.

May 28, 1969, Mrs. Rose Kennedy campaigned on the Monterey peninsula for Robert. I placed into her hand a poem and a letter saying that Robert was a marked man. "The scope is on his neck". Because Robert had not arrested his brother's assassins, there was no reason they would allow him to become President.

When Robert vacationed in Aspen, Colorado, December 1964, I sent a night letter urging him to fly to Dallas and talk with Jack Ruby. "Ruby will not live, and your political career depends directly upon what he knows."

This summer I called the office of District Attorney E. Dinis. After giving four elementary suggestions on criminology, such as finger printing the wheel to see if Senator Kennedy was driving the car, our telephone lines were cut. I called back, but "Miss Travis" was not available anymore.

Mrs. Kopechne heard from me too. No judge in the United States should have the power to stand in the way of an autopsy, when the outcome could determine the political future of our country. I want to know if Mary Jo was dead before she went into the river. Were there crystals in her stomach? I compare her to Officer Tippit, a pawn in the game. Time, August 15, 1969, suggested "Mary Jo was drowsy and in back of the car asleep by 11:00 p.m." who came up with this "version"? What made her "drowsy" with such stimulating company?

Have you read Louis Hagan's Secret War For Europe? [pages 67-101 about Otto John] Otto John, a prominent attorney of West Germany, disliked by former Nazi's and our CIA, was abducted for a brief period of time to East Germany. Mr. John followed the same confusions as senator Kennedy, gave a TV speech which was not true, saw the end of his political career through acts not his own, and experienced the stony silence of his liberal friends who could have helped him. There are too many parallels in this to ignore investigation.

Have you read Who's Who in the CIA? There is a John Crimmins described as follows:

Crimmins, John,  high Dept. of State intelligence research specialist; 1956 attendance at U.S. War College; work for CIA; Op: Rio de Janeiro, Miami, coordinator for subversion against Cuba.

Who can tell me if this is the John Crimmins at Martha's Vineyard? Where do we get more answers to unanswered questions? Isn't there any person in the United States who cares to know?

The way I feel about the Kennedy attitude towards their brothers, son, and husband, and the consequences of this way of thinking is best described by Wilhelm Reich in The Murder of Christ:

"Truth is the most potent weapon in the hand of life. Whoever uses a weapon must know his enemy. The weapon of truth must be used against the enemy of life.

A single messed-up, pestilent person can upset a whole group of well-functioning men and women. A single infernal spy in the midst of a thousand trusting people will make a thousand innocent spies of the many.

Nobody at the inception of humanitarian liberalism ever claimed one should give the right of free movement to the criminal spy, the underhanded, cunning fox who stabs you in the back while he presents you with a bouquet of roses that explodes in your face.

If you love your children, learn to read the facial expression of modju.

Do not be patient toward the killer of life. What are your high values worth as long as you evade the true, crucial issue which is the habitual turning away from the full facts that make life miserable?

What is your good will worth if you dare not expose the poisonous rot which infests your neighborhood with gossip?

Your values are all right. Make them work. Your calm poise in the face of hidden evil is evil itself, nothing but a subterfuge.

Your sociality is not worth the smile on your fact if it is only to calm the wild animal in your friend or to gain some advantage.

Your gaiety and good will are all right, good things, but watch the underground mole which undermines its very foundations and which is protected by your false liberalism.

Why not judge the judges? Read the expressions on faces, distinguish the fact of a scoundrel from an honest soul.

The enemy is this talk of yours. The enemy is your reluctance to fight for the life and happiness of babies as you fight for your ideals.

Your ideals are nothing outside living life.

The prostitute in politics, the glib freedom peddler, the mystical liberator are not to be blamed for the great miseries. They are to be blamed for obstructing access to the realization of their own ideals.

You, the remaining Kennedy family, keep rules and made conditions upon the national archives, along with the United States government?

Why do you do this? When will they be opened? Can your children or grandchildren survive if this continues?


Dear members of Congress:

Your old year has been tucked away, that "slum of a decade" described by the New York Times and other magazines reviewing those years.

What next? Outside of predictions about toys, space, plastics, summer recreations, and unimportant realities, nobody dares to think about 1970. Anything is possible.

Can a strong person, with a good heart and lungs, muscles, brains and otherwise good tissues die from a pimple? Yes, if the pimple is cancer.

You, the congress, represent many people. Have you searched yourselves in Washington for pimples lately? Your leg hurts, the breath is diminishing, but there is still no self examination.

If you had blood in your stool would you go to a doctor? When you have block in the nation, and outside the nation, you ignore the symptoms. Try a vacation, go to the ball game, turn on the TV. The blood is still there.

Get the doctor. Where is he? Who can cure your bleeding and pain?

Your first order of business in 1970 should be to open the national archives. Invite 20 or 30 experts like myself to direct your attention to various FBI, CIA, state department reports on Lee Harvey Oswald, agent of the United States. That is the pimple on your exterior that is causing the blood and pain you now feel.

Second order of business is to change the method by which a Vice President is selected. The nominated President speaks for his preference, the political plum to insure the most votes. The vote getter for one man must have the same scrutiny before the public as any appointed official, similar to a judge. We must know why he was selected, his contacts, his sources of income, his education, his attitudes, and every single thing about that man. As I say continuously, that second man becomes first man some day.

Third order of business for congress in 1970 is to distinguish realistically, objectively, carefully, the difference between Black "self defense" and Black "violence". The Panthers are children whose fathers had no weapons, and who saw them murdered by the sheriff. The guilty were seldom tried, and if brought to court, went out free.

Minutemen, fanatics, retired army generals have stockpiles arsenals of weapons to be used against the Blacks for over ten years. Break open, expose every white man arsenal.

Who is all this "law and order" for? Negroes, students, hippies, protesters obey the laws as much as any member of congress.


James Reston just discovered on December 19, 1969 that "the Democrats are in disarray". I was pronouncing the end of this political party's future in the fall of 1966 when their President was in Manila.

There is very little difference between the two major political parties today. With a handful of exceptions, the Democratic party shifts with outdated front men, still hoping to capture the "good old days".

Neither the former President of the Vice President have the affection of the large mass of voters. Their public appearance is limited because of possible demonstrations within their own party.

Lyndon Johnson sifts through all your "gains" in welfare, social security, civil rights. He has enough papers to fill a museum, yet does not feel safe to walk the streets except at army bases. Does that tell you something about the past years?

The democratic party, in power in 1964, refused to allow Jack Ruby to speak of a conspiracy. Ruby said, "unfortunately for me, in giving the people the opportunity to get in power, because of the act I committed, has put a lot of people in jeopardy with their lives."

Jack Ruby was never insane, only broke; strangely enough, all debts were paid some way.

How can any political party hope to survive when it shows so little interest in it's murdered fallen leader?

Both major parties are shunned by "the majority of students". Youth, better educated than ever before, has more to lose by not asking questions, concealing truths, than searching for facts. No wonder they cannot stomach the political parties.

The political rug, Democratic, bulges with Bobby Baker, Gulf of Tonkin, CIA murders, Pueblo facts, Commission reports. The national archives is bulging with "top secrets", "national security".

In order to claim the majority of votes again, Democrats must do some soul searching. The Negro, Jew, Mexican American, American Indian and all minorities, including "hippies" cannot survive if the white racists who killed John Kennedy are not put to trial. There can never be a party "for the people" if the enemies of the people are protected....

Alex Rosenberg, spokesman for some New York Democrats, told Arthur Goldberg, "The democratic leadership didn't represent the Democratic voter!" he is correct about that, and when this is true, is there a Democratic party?


The year 1969 ended with Vice President Spiro Agnew attacking the news media. Now look back with fond affection for what you had the past years. No news coverage will be the same again. His words will echo in your heads, particularly when it is time to renew a license or you feel someone is watching you.

I know you very well, because of the large amount of papers and magazines I read each day and month. There are a few announcers, writers attempting to get out a good story, to seek information and inform.

The vast amount of news that goes over the air, TV, in the papers is controlled by a very few persons. A weary, confused, hard working nation is not getting facts. They sit before that box at night and believe you. They give their lives, their son's lives, their taxes and make many sacrifices because they trust you. The way you throw out misinformation the past six years about the Kennedy assassination, the other assassinations, has to be an idea of your research before you write or talk.

When you know one subject very well, and I said this is the age of specialization, and you sit with all the evidence and facts available in front of your eyes, it is mind blowing to listen to a face or see the word of another, one who never read one page of evidence, tell those trusting people out there falsehoods.

And, if you do not like what Mr. Agnew said to you, how is he going to relate to the news media when he becomes President? The southern states, many individuals were ready to hand him the job because he blasts you and youth.

Have you read your own newspapers about freedom of the press in Greece? If the Greek fascism came into being because of United States' plans and money, are you going to be immune to the same treatment?

And if that is not bad enough, the United States directed fascism back into Europe, the first since WWII. Have you read any articles about Spiro Agnew's friends, associates? Do you read Esquire [Feb. 1969], Time [Feb. 1969], or any of the articles connecting Spiro Agnew, the Republican party, politically, personally, socially with the Greek military? Persons favoring dictatorships, curbing all news media in Greece, torturing writers, imprisoning writers, are in approval with your government and your Vice President.

When news control gets worse, and it will, remember when you had your day.

You pushed, peddled praised the fictitious Warren Report that can be torn apart word by word, page by page.

You told the world, immediately and without a moment's searching, the lie that Oswald was a "communist" or a "loner".

You passed away conspiracies about king, Robert Kennedy, and many, many others as no longer "newsworthy".

Much depends upon your voices, speak up now!!!


Six years of research into the JFK murder taught me many things. There is a connection between Munich, Dallas, Argentina, New Orleans, and Washington. Added up, this means Nazi plus State Department. The problem of Black survival must be considered and related to this evidence. To ignore existing facts is racial suicide.

I hope the year 1970 finds all Blacks united for common cause, survival.

Black leaders and Congressmen complain about Richard Nixon, the killing of Panthers, and more obvious harassments. I would like to see the student, professor, politician, social workers, and leaders of all kinds wake up to the real facts of political assassinations.

Kennedy complained about a "hidden government behind my back". It came out from hiding and blew off his head. A brilliant President could speak about our nation's greatest problem, a "hidden government', but didn't have the time or discipline to go into its sources of power.

You, as leaders of your race, must take the time to search the "faceless".

Your first order of business, is to get James Ray out of Memphis and demand to be given the same privileges that J. Valachi had when he talked about the mafia. Ray knows about the mechanics of the hiring decoys, turning them into patsies, the CIA "safe houses" he used, the locations of money exchanges, and the number of the Swiss bank that holds his "future."

If a federal agency did not kill Martin Luther King, they have no objection to taking James Ray out of isolation. The isolation of Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby, James Ray, Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Manson is not to "protect" their lives. They cannot talk to another person, and the exchange of voices will not "kill" them. What would kill them would be the exchange of information. That killed Jack Ruby, who began to smuggle notes from Dallas that were later sold in New York City.

What is your future if you do not delve into the past? Take a good look at your Vice President. He is only one bullet away from being your leader.

Gary Wills, [Esquire, Feb. 1969] attributed Agnew's Vice Presidency to the killing of Martin Luther King and the riots that followed his death. Ray said "it had to be done in an election year." You add that up, and there is a message.

Every Black person, in order to survive, must become familiar with all detailed facts, in depth, rather than the numbers of political assassinations.


Jews, Blacks, Indians, Mexican Americans have identical enemies today. The Jew would be the last person to recognize this fact. He is very sure that skin color guarantees assimilation and survival.

Research into the Kennedy assassination brought into focus prominent Nazis in Germany working closely with our state department. Hundreds of refugees from Germany, and many from the middle east, have played important parts in the political assassinations. They supplied the motives for the murders, thereby concealing who were the real assassins, persons in the government.

Two years ago I mailed information to various friends and organizations linking Nazis to the JFK murder. Not one Jewish person responded. My brother said, "When they come to take us away, I will remember what Mae told us."

Two years later, 1969, Drew Pearson ran a series of articles which had the following titles:

"Neo-Nazis Threaten United States";
"United States Nazis thrive";
"Neo-Nazis Hold Power in United States";
 "Nazis Take Over Youth in United States";
 "No One Took Hitler Seriously at First"; 
"Neo-Nazi to Press Ethics, News Media".

Mr. Pearson described a "secret mafia-like and sinister neo-nazi movement controls a dozen front organizations and handed out $90,000 in campaign funds. These are not misfits, but doctors, lawyers, writers, and businessmen from America's upper middle class. They belong to secret cells known by code names. They seek the overthrow of democracy."

M. Koehl Jr., polished leader of the American Nazi stronghold, predicted the future for the United States in August 1968. He said:

"What we know is coming is a race war. Race war is around the corner. We expect a serious defeat, a no win in Vietnam. There's going to be chaos in America. We will hold out, at that time, the only alternative. I'm going to completely separate the Black and white races and preserve white Christians from contamination in this country and have the Jews gassed."

"Press ethics" was a plan to establish a committee to rate newspapermen and broadcasters and to censure those who embarrass the media. New York Times was named as a target.

Now, let us put all this together. The Vice President of the United States has close associations with the fascist dictatorship in Greece (and) he also has won the affection of southern fascists, the most extreme racists in the Wallace camp.

He has been in public life a very short while, then began his attack upon the news and broadcasters, as well as the New York Times.

Gary Wills claimed in Esquire, [Feb. 1969] that Spiro Agnew owed his Vice Presidency to the King murder and "the riots that followed."

Ray said he had to accomplish his activities "before the election year".

Birch society members are closely associated with some of the American Nazis. All persons with General walker in Munich, Germany and in Dallas, Texas were never called as witnesses before the (Warren) Commission.

Chaos in the United States officially began with the murder of JFK.  The murders of Malcom X, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy increased the chaos.

Was this "chaos" engineered, supported, protected by the neo-Nazis in Washington that Drew Pearson mentioned?

Do Jewish Americans understand why research should be done into political assassinations? Why have the leaders kept quiet so long in spite of massive literature on United States Nazis?

Israel and American Jews

Jews in the U.S. helped create and establish a homeland for less fortunate members of their religion. The often used excuse for modern Jewish persecution is "Jews are communists". Nothing is farther from the truth. Youth, often enthusiastic and idealistic, grow up and enjoy materialistic pleasure with ease just like their parents.

Israel happened to be the only democracy in the middle east. Feudal oil barons could absorb the refugees within 24 hours, house and feed them all their lives.

Unfortunately for the Jew, who gave the world Jesus, the bible, Freud, Einstein, the greatest writers, painters, musicians, scientists, and scholars in every field...he becomes a pawn in their game for slimy, dirty oil money. One piece of land the size of Los Angeles county could set the entire world on fire.

Peace talks at the white house, summit conferences, the U.S. can never make peace for the middle east. The reason is that when you get CIA foundations, giant oil companies, white racists pouring unlimited financing into the Al Fatah and other guerilla groups, that is the end.

You American Jews. You with the education, the money, the law professions,  the doctor's degrees. Where are you now? While you raised money for Israeli hospitals, universities, laboratories, did you read your own morning newspapers? Do you know how many articles I accumulate on underground financing of guerilla activity?

Mary Sirhan said, "The truth will be known when Sirhan's appeal is filed." Los Angeles authorities have with-held all evidence of a conspiracy that killed Robert Kennedy. Soon elections come up and before that day, demand that evidence on the table so you know who you are voting for and whether or not they are protecting, innocently or knowingly any persons associated with that political murder.

You hold Israel's future in your hands.


Hello beautiful:

Adults, including parents, object to your hair, opinions about sex, clothing and enjoyment of your God given senses.

Few persons bother to talk with you, ask your interests, attitudes, hopes and desires. They only talk about you. Join the minority groups.

The "flower children" were broken up by too many drugs, drug pushers, and violent intruders who were hoping to make money from you and to hurt you. You are the product of the permissive generation who were allowed to look, touch, spill, nurse, wet your pants. You grew up to hate war, to like Negroes, and to dislike weapons and war toys. Society now wants to wage war against you and your Dr. Spock.

Robert Depugh, leader of the minutemen, disguised himself as a "hippie" for six months to escape arrest by the FBI.

Charles Manson is not a "hippie". Life saw this. The Los Angeles police and press, national news media loved to use the word "hippie" for his "family".

Charles "Tex" Watson is not a "hippie". Life saw this. Hippies do not climb poles and cut wires, shoot with rifles, pistols, stab persons to start race wars, stockpile arsenals of ammunition.

The news media, federal agents, police force, and the corporate structure is going to come down heavy on your sweet heads in 1970.


Because you do not need houses of worship in order to worship, new cars every few years, new styles every season to fill a closet, aluminum awnings, submarines or jet planes.

Henry Kaiser spent thousands of dollars for a two page ad in Esquire [October 1969], just to give away a book called "Children of Change". Generous? Informative? Who wrote it? Who is describing this young generation, their contributions, and more important, their faults? Non hippies wrote that book. Alice May Brock, heroine of Alice's Restaurant, was never consulted about authentic hippie values... the conclusions about violence in the Kaiser book and the reference to "women as witches" is an indication that the industrial complex does not intend to coddle the non consumer.

One of the first edicts of our CIA directed and financed military coup in Greece was "no more hippies." hippies can't be "communists". Most are not political. That can only be interpreted that ' what is bad for the economy is bad for the country'.

The "times are changing" rapidly, and you must increase your awareness of the misuse and abuse of your life style by those who intend to shatter your dreams.


The Pentagon plays dirty. They release long explanations and pictures of lt. L. Puller's attitudes about Vietnam This soldier left a pregnant wife, who didn't' want him to enlist in the marines, to join the fighting. He wanted to "see what it is like to be shot at and seeing how I'd react to it". He came home without his legs, but became an instant authority on Asia. Although he would not want his infant son "to go to war", he put down the protestors. "Protest is fine, but I think you have to keep it within the framework of what we have going now, or you'll have chaos." (Sounds like Agnew wrote this for him) "It gets down to something I can't really answer, and that's whether or not the United States wants to write off Southeast Asia".

Lt. Puller never explains why "Southeast Asia" is our concern, being only a few rulers in South Vietnam tell the others what they need and want.

Lt.. Puller is given all the space, publicity, (necessary) to push around protesters. Publicity hungry, the Pentagon should run a traveling circus of wounded or coffins to defend a policy most nations of the world decry as barbaric and indecent - identical to Hitler's policies and attitudes and justifications.

President Nixon now has called upon his space men to put down the rioters. They could not pass an elementary examination about facts, boundaries, decisions in Asia. The day of such heroes is over. Look Magazine described college attitudes. Not one person mentioned the men who walked upon the moon. Youth today wants to live before they explore. They couldn't care less about new frontiers while the old ones are getting contaminated.

When Spiro Agnew accepted the nomination for Vice President, he admitted he knew "very little about foreign affairs." after his brief jaunt to Asia this winter, he can join the experts. "Saigon Sam Yorty", Wallace and Spiro Agnew will always praise the fighting men and put down the protesters.

For new Mobe and all marchers, there is only one answer to propaganda lies, escalations, secret agreements, and more war in Asia.

Take your marching feet to Washington. Don't bother with the Pentagon or the white house. They are only symbolic of a more sinister situation. Get yourselves to the national archives.

That is where the facts exist explaining who runs this government. If you don't know that, how can you demand "peace" or "withdrawal"?

Make President Kennedy's "invisible government" visible. They have names and faces. That is your only hope for peaceful policies.


Life Magazine, summarizing the 1960s, illustrated a few of the most talked about couples. Each individual has his distinct personality. Combined, their chemistry is such that it gives off definite images associated with their life style. "Peace", "selfish", "spoiled", "sexy", "romantic".

In the political world there are couples too, who combine to cause reactions, situations that affect our lives more than the ones Life mentioned. I shall name a few, and suggest that congressional committees, private organizations, foundations, individuals, do some research into the facts and acts of our political couples.

Governor Claude Kirk, Florida, and Ronald Reagan, California, and their effect upon the University of California.

When Claude Kirk campaigned, he referred to the University of California and St. John's in New York. They are far from his home base. January 13, 1957, Governor Kirk and Ronald Reagan were about to "confer" in California. The "official topic" was "crime" and education". Two weeks later St. John's fired 30 of their top professors and Mr. Kerr was fired as head of UC. Since that day, UC has been losing its good professors, and been slurred at every opportunity.

1970 is a good year to look into Mr. Kirk's "private police force", its relationship to our FBI, and more important, the reason and effect of these two men upon tampering with this great university.

Pope Paul VI and H.L. Hunt

It was stated in the newspaper recently that the Pope and H. L. Hunt were going to send millions of dollars to Latin America to "fight" communism. That can only mean that prayers for the poor, ammunition for the military dictatorships is going to be the future of Latin America. "God" and "guns". Lifeline and the new testament will fill more empty stomachs.

"A New Kind of Religious Split" Los Angeles Times, December 18, 1969:

"Conservative, evangelical protestants are coming to sympathize with the roman catholic hierarchy, once a bitter foe. Conservative protestants must recognize that now the God rearing, Christ honoring catholic and the evangelical protestant are in the same situation".

The two groups "will learn to co-operate and check the "headlong rush" of liberals and radicals in their respective churches.

Svetlana Stalin and Marina Oswald

Cynthia Helms, wife of CIA Director Richard Helms, referred to the CIA as being "rather like the royal family." If the CIA is America's "royal family", its two princesses are Svetlana and Marina.

During the 1970's I shall write a book on the relationship of these two females to our State Department and the CIA.

They have friends in common. They also treated their men in the same fashion, and the terms of their precious citizenship must be explained by discussing their life styles, values, and opinions of themselves.

The little princess in Texas is very quiet the past six years. She must surface within the next two years when all the "facts" are spread before her pretty eyes for all the world to see.

Marina, a White Russian from an aristocratic family, and Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Josef Stalin, are the stuff of which dramas are made. I shall be writing one very shortly.

Spiro Agnew, Robert Lally (FBI) and J. Edgar Hoover

Gary Wills, Esquire [Feb. 1969] attempted to describe the political ascendancy of Vice President Agnew. Because Mr. Agnew was not a familiar name in the republican party until he escalated into such a prominent position, more serious research must be spent on this matter.

Evidence that Oswald, Ray, and Sirhan were "protected", if not "directed" by the FBI must be declassified.

If evidence from the FBI is locked in the national archives, if James Earl Ray has no trial, if all voices are silenced, if Spiro's political cronies and best pals are FBI, what happens next?

No political office should be associated financially, personally, socially with any organization, private or federal that withholds its evidence.

Mr. Agnew has strong links with the CIA and the FBI, and if our subject is assassinations, and their evidence is not revealed, this could become dangerous.


"Jury finds incredible misdeeds in high places" Washington AP 12/7/69

"Justice on trial" Tom Wicker 12/18/69

"Political and economic links between interested officials have contributed visibly to a growing sentiment among many Americans that justice is either a rigged proposition or reserved to the powerful, or both.  "Klan leader vows new white supremacy drive" James Reston, New York Times 11/30/69

"Robert Shelton attacked Negroes, Jews, President Nixon, cannibalism and jazz." He promised to make the Klan a household word in America."

"Who will investigate the investigators?" James Reston, New York Times 11/30/69.

"In the political and military life of the United States, it is increasingly apparent there is a serious flaw in the present system of investigating serious charges of wrongdoing."

"Chicago 7 defense plans to recreate hidden issues of 1968." Chicago UPI 12/7/69.

"Did the FBI, police, ultra reactionary groups conspire to push the country rightward during the convention? Was the decision made that the maintenance of the American empire required a police state?"

"We wanted to believe in reform, in changing the government from within, rather than overthrowing it. The government's response to our playing the rules for 10 years is written in Birmingham, Selma, Dallas, Watts, Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Saigon." (and Los Angeles) Tom Hayden.

"Pentagon accused of tricking public" Washington AP, December 1969.

"While nation burns, congress fiddles" Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond, December 1969.

"Violence cited as internal threat to America" Washington Post December 15, 1969.

"There is a growing intellectual polarization. Minority groups are not getting justice. It would take 20 billion a year to reduce crime and violence."

"A worried look at U.S. image" Washington AP November 1969

"World attitudes toward the United States at lowest point in 50 years. People abroad judge us on the basis of what we do, rather than what we say. The most devastating impact came from the assassinations of Senator Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King."

"Increased manipulation of society by power blocks linked to student unrest"
Yale President K. Brewster, Jr. December 7, 1969.

"Student unrest linked to a more deeply malaise in our society, that is increasing control of a very small group of advertisers, media, and politicians."

"The concentration of economic power, opinion power, political power creates a closed loop. The open society seems to be closing, not by a conspiracy but by mutual dependence of a very small group of advertisers, media, and politicians."

Mr. Brewster, you are cordially invited to Carmel, California. I will show you, through the media, a conspiracy was accomplished. You are now beginning to feel those controls. Student unrest is recognition of these facts, and the realization they are not being recognized by the community around them.

"A very sad situation, sage finds world", Robert Reinhold, New York Times 11/16/69

"C.P. Snow said:

"I have been nearer to despair this year, 1968, than ever in my life. Everything that has happened in public has pointed in the direction of anti hope. In 1967 one could feel it in the air. This year one can see it. If I make you depressed, forgive me, because it's the facts that are depressing you, not me."

"For a brief period, one can even put a date on it, 1962 - 1965, there seemed a realistic chance; (Two years of Kennedy hopes and dreams.) now it has become remote. Everything that has happened in this dark year has pushed it further away."

"We are all selfish. Political memory lasts about a week. Political foresight stretches about another week ahead. To stint ourselves to avoid disaster in 20 years, what body of people would ever do it?"

The above quotations are only a few of the recent songs of sadness. There have been hundreds of columns on a declining America.

The United States is dying. It needs radical surgery, as painful and unattractive as that may sound. I am not speaking of a revolution.

"Law and order". 

Mr. President, attorney general, Vice President, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Helms? Use the existing laws.

Put all evidence about the Kennedy assassination in front of a dying nation.

You would not dare, and that is why we are dying. "National security" is not involved. Our national security depends on truth now!


Last summer 10 college students "put the Pentagon on the spot". A handful of students, motivated to save lives and money, took time to serve their government.

"After Chicago we were talking about what we could do. We were disturbed at the lack of critical thinking about Vietnam and other issues", said Derek Shearer.

One of their conclusions, identical with my research, was as follows:

"In 10 years more than 800 officers from 44 countries were put through Fort Bragg, handpicked by their nation's intelligence organizations and approved by our CIA.... purportedly we are protecting American interests by training officers of avowedly fascist and racists countries to counter internal threats against their oppressive regimes."

If their work began after Chicago, mine started after Dallas. Now it is time for the United States government, excluding all CIA and FBI persons from the project, to set up an office, staff, machines, equipment for all the researchers on political assassinations to combine their material.

The media would have you believe we are crackpots, greedy for money, kooky nuts. Nothing is farther from the truth. Line us up. Davis Lifton, Harold Weisberg, Shirley Martin, Penn Jones, Sylvia Meagher, Mark Lane, and many, many others. Each of us has invested thousands of dollars, endless hours of work year after year. Members of congress, please call a convention, have a showing of evidence if you mean your words of "peace".

My specialty, studying the Warren Report, was to assemble all facts about Lee Oswald taken from FBI reports, marine reports, state department contacts, job applications, and compare them to witness testimony. This will be the subject of a book which took five years to research.

Louis Nizer, world famous attorney, wrote an introduction to the Warren Report. He could not begin to know if his statements were accurate in the short time the report was being written. Why would Louis Nizer allow himself to be used to lend respectability to this false document? How can public officials, allow himself to be used to lend respectability to this false document? How can public officials, who do not have the time to check out facts, proclaim with such certainty misinformation which can brainwash a nation?

Who withheld the real information about Oswald? How can we get it to the people without being killed or silenced in various ways?

The think tank on political assassinations is waiting for you. Are you ready for them?

Compilation and Commentary by VIRGINIA McCULLOUGH © 2000