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ARTICLE (3/16/00).

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  "I don't want to wait to see what the OPEC nations are doing. I think it should be done today, tonight, tomorrow, but there ought not to be any delays. This may not affect people who are making large amounts of money, but for the average working person-- man or woman-- this is a crisis. And I believe that we ought to react, we ought not to be waiting for the benevolence of the OPEC nations to tell us when they're going to help us. We help them. We saved Saudi Arabia. We saved Kuwait. They were there when they needed us and in return what are they doing? They're slapping us in the face by continuing to increase oil prices. I think it's time for our government to act. And we've got the means to do so. And that is by using the strategic petroleum reserve."  Senator Howard Metzenbaum

Last month, Northern California's average gasoline price per gallon of regular unleaded gas increased by about 25 percent to $1.83. California State Automobile Association.


Nervous oil prices retreated (Wednesday 3/15/00) on signals that major producers will free up supplies at the beginning of the second quarter. Oil prices had jumped recently to their highest in nine years.  Reuters reported:

 "Overnight data showing continued draws against U.S. crude and products stockpiles were overshadowed by continued preoccupation over the future output policy of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  

Day-earlier comments from OPEC leader Saudi Arabia pressured prices as the market continued to build in expectations of greater oil flows beginning in April.                                                         

A Saudi source said Tuesday, "The trend right now is for OPEC and non-OPEC producers to increase production from the beginning of the second quarter by an amount reflecting expected demand."   The source said the market "needs more oil and lots of it." The exact amount of the increase will be decided March 27, when OPEC members meet in Vienna.


THE GULF WAR DEAL.  PRINCE BANDAR URGED SAUDI ARABIA TO SUPPORT THE GULF WAR, AT BUSH'S BEHEST.   On August 3, 1990 President Bush had been told by the Pentagon that satellite photographs showed three Iraqi divisions heading for the Saudi border although CIA radio intercepts did not indicate that they planned to cross it. This information, which left Iraq's intent undeciphered, was shared with Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, and he presumable conveyed it to King Faud of Saudi Arabia, who then abandoned his reluctance, and backed the Gulf War.

THE PAM AM 103 DEAL.  After personal intervention in Libya by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, as well as his Swedish chief legal counsel, Hans Corell and Jakes Gerwel, director of President Nelson Mandela's private office convinced Lybia's Colonel Moammar Gadaffi to finally consent to the extradition of Abd-el Basset Megrahi and Lamin Khalifa F'hima.  President Bush was one of the engineers of the policy to blame Megrahi and F'hima of Iraq for the Pam Am 103 murders, despite significant leads to other suspects, including Iranian operatives.

THE IRAN CONTRA DEAL. The Walsh Iran Contra Report, Chapter 1 states ( ):

"In May 1984, he (McFarlane)  met with Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, and explained President Reagan's strong concern that the gap in the financial support of the contras be filled. According to McFarlane, ``it became pretty obvious to the Ambassador that his country, to gain a considerable amount of favor and, frankly, they thought it was the right thing to do, they would provide the support when the Congress cut it off.'' 8/ McFarlane, North Trial Testimony, 3/10/89, p. 3933.

A few days later, Prince Bandar contacted McFarlane and volunteered $1 million a month for the contras. Bandar said that the donation signified King Fahd's gratitude for past Reagan Administration support of the Saudi government.9 McFarlane subsequently obtained from North a contra bank account number where a donation could be made, and McFarlane gave the number to Prince Bandar. 9/ McFarlane, FBI 302, 3/10/87, p. 6. See Classified Appendix on the nature of this support.

A day or two after the Saudis agreed to provide a million dollars a month to the contras, McFarlane informed President Reagan and Vice President Bush.10 He said he also informed Shultz and Weinberger that money had been provided to the contras through the end of the year, but neither pressed him for details. 10/ McFarlane, Select Committees Testimony, 5/11/87, pp. 38-39. 

McFarlane, North Trial Testimony, 3/13/89, pp. 4203-04, said he notified the President of the first Saudi contribution in June 1984 by putting the information on a card that he slipped into the President's daily briefing book. He said he either told the President in writing on the card or orally that ``no one else knows about this'' and the President responded, either in writing or orally, ``Good, let's just make sure it stays that way.'' When McFarlane learned from Bandar of a second donation in February 1985 and brought it to the President's attention, he said he got the same response. 11/Ibid.

The topic of third-country funding for the contras dominated a June 25, 1984, meeting of President Reagan's National Security Planning Group (NSPG). Casey advocated such a plan. Shultz quoted White House Chief of Staff James Baker (who was not in attendance) as stating that such solicitations would constitute an ``impeachable offense.'' The group, however, agreed that a legal opinion should be sought from the Justice Department. Underscoring the extreme secrecy surrounding the matter, President Reagan warned against leaks, stating, ``If such a story gets out, we'll all be hanging by our thumbs in front of the White House until we find out who did it.'' 12/ NSPG Minutes, 6/25/84, ALU 007876.

None of the participants in the NSPG meeting -- which included the President, Vice President, Shultz, Weinberger, Casey, then-presidential counselor Edwin Meese III and McFarlane -- apparently raised the fact that the successful Saudi solicitation had already occurred. McFarlane, who was most knowledgeable about it, stated: ``I propose that there be no authority for anyone to seek third party support for the anti-Sandinistas [contras] until we have the information we need, and I certainly hope none of this discussion will be made public in any way.'' 13/ Ibid.

The day after the NSPG meeting, Casey met with Attorney General William French Smith. Smith determined that third-country funding of the contras was legally permissible as long as no U.S. funds were used for the purpose, and as long as there was not an expectation on the part of the third country that the United States would repay the aid. 14/ Memorandum for the Record from Sporkin, 6/26/84, ALV 035917.

Over the course of the following year, Saudi Arabia gave a total of $32 million to the contras."



ARE SOME SAUDI ARABIANS OPERATING A WHITE SLAVERY/PORNO RING INVOLVING AMERICAN CHILDREN? In his book Who Killed Polly, Frank Spiering reported that U.S. children were being sold to foreigners such as the Saudi Arabians.  When Mr. Spiering picketed the San Jose Courthouse, carrying a sign questioning who paid Richard Allen Davis, Judge Hastings barred him from the premises.  Mr. Spiering died in 1997.  An anti-Saudi Arabia group has published an expose of the Saudi white slavery ring.  Obviously, this expose expresses political bias against Saudi Arabia, but "where there's smoke there may be fire." There are many unsolved child murder cases so Click to read.

QUOTES OF THE DAY:  "I don't have $10 to use to help us finish the previous year's work. The mosquitoes will return in May, and the money comes in July.  Do the math."  Herbert J. Van Kruiningen, Director of the Northeastern Research Center for Wildlife diseases, lamented that although he has potentially diseased hawks in storage, he has no funding to test them for the West Nile Virus and to test whether the virus can be transmitted by animals eating dead birds, in addition to the known vector of mosquito bites.           

"Caution: Cape does not enable user to fly." Batman costume warning label.   

"One robin does not a spring make!"  Anonymous.

NEWS BLAST March 15, 2000



Financial Disclosure Statements of Federal Judges can be posted on the internet.  Responding to a lawsuit filed by which sued to post the Statements on its site, the Judicial Conference of the United States voted 16-8 to release the Statements. In the past, the only way to obtain these statements was to write to the Conference in Washington, D.C., and pay for copies.  A federal judge is notified when a person makes such a request.  (Note that financial disclosure statements of State Court judges are available to the public at the office of the Clerk of the Court at each courthouse.)

FEDERAL LEGAL LOOPHOLES GALORE!   Judge Ralph Winter Jr., chief judge of the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and chairman of the executive committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States, says the Judicial Conference may now draft legislation to amend the ethics act to "balance the public's right to know with the safety concerns of federal judges."  Judges will continue to be notified when people request their Statements.  And Judges will retain the right to redact sensitive information before it is handed over to the public.  HOWEVER, IN A NEW CHANGE (A REAL LEGAL LOOPHOLE GALORE),  the executive committee will allow judges to redact certain data at the time they file their annual reports rather than after someone requests a report.  

NEWSMAKINGNEWS QUESTION:  What is the rule regarding redaction?  It has not been published to the public.  Who will ever know what has been redacted?  Hopefully, will not dismiss its lawsuit until the redaction point is clarified. 


Source: Connecticut Post (C) 2000, on-line, 14 March 2000 

"Scientists have evidence that West Nile virus [WNV] has survived the winter
in birds and mosquitoes. Testing in Connecticut of a red-tailed hawk found
last month in Westchester County, N.Y., shows it died of the virus.
Mosquitoes found in Queens, N.Y., in January and February also have yielded
WNV, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

"It's no longer speculation," said Duane Gubler, director of the CDC's
vector-borne disease program. "There likely will be transmission in the
spring. It's a very strong likelihood the virus will persist." Gubler said
the fact that the virus survived the winter does not change CDC
recommendations. In January, it urged several states to develop larvicide
and monitoring programs.

The hawk was sent to the Northeastern Research Center for Wildlife Diseases
at the University of Connecticut on Feb. 6, where testing showed it died of
the virus. On 4 March 2000, the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
in New Haven verified the diagnosis. Research Center Director Herbert J.
Van Kruiningen said the findings indicate another outbreak of West Nile is
likely this year. He said there are three ways the hawk might have been
infected: in late fall, before mosquitoes stopped flying; in midwinter, if
a mosquito came out of hibernation; or by eating another infected animal,
either a bird or a mammal. Van Kruiningen suspects the hawk ate another
infected animal, but he doesn't yet know what species might be acting as a
"reservoir" for the virus. "It could be crows or backyard birds of another
variety," he said.

Birds themselves do not pose a threat to humans, but mosquitoes that feed
on them could transmit the virus, which [can cause encephalitis].

Connecticut officials held a press conference Monday to announce a $500,000
larvicide assistance program to help shoreline and some inland towns kill
mosquitoes before they take flight. No mention of the bird's death was made
at the press conference.

"The fact that we have live virus in the first week of February in a bird
may be suggestive the virus may be able to overwinter in birds," John
Anderson, director of the agricultural station, said Monday afternoon. He
said that already had been suspected. Anderson thinks the hawk became
infected in late fall, and harbored the virus in an "quiescent" stage until

Gubler learned of the hawk's death Monday morning from the Connecticut
Department of Public Health. He said there is no previous evidence the
virus can be present so long before killing a bird or that eating a host
animal can transit the virus. So he wants another test of the bird's
tissue, possibly at a CDC lab. "It hasn't really been described before," he
said. "It's a very important and interesting observation, but it needs to
be verified."

Gubler said the finding that the virus survived the winter in mosquitoes
"reinforces the need to do what Connecticut and New York and New Jersey are doing - developing and implementing surveillance and prevention plans."

Though several other birds collected in the fall and winter are in storage
at the laboratory at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Van
Kruiningen said the state won't be [spending] money until the new fiscal
year starts in July. "I don't have $10 to use to help us finish the
previous year's work," he said. "The mosquitoes will return in May, and the
money comes in July. Do the math."

Michelle Sullivan, a DEP spokesperson, said DEP officials learned only
recently of the hawk's infection, and that it did not alter the plans the
agency announced Monday.


FORMER CIA DIRECTOR JAMES WOOLSEY REVEALS THAT ECHELON SPIES ON EUROPEAN AND ASIAN INDUSTRY TO FERRET OUT BRIBERY. But, what about that packet of data the CIA drops everyday at the Commerce Department?  What about spying on manufacturers of potential weapons?  What about Microsoft?

Woolsey told foreign journalists this week that Echelon and other eavesdropping facilities are used against European and Asian industry only to discovery "bribery."   

Woolsey didn't mention that the CIA and military intelligence monitor chemicals, equipment and biological research in order to spy on the development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.  This monitoring, is by its nature, industrial espionage because there is invasive scanning at the manufacturing level.  The US has no problem helping its defense contractors build better defense weapons, satellites, biological weapons, and computers by providing its selected contractors, i.e. cronies, with access to the capabilities of the United States' enemies. For example, the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was used to collect data on the weapon capabilities of Israel and Egypt.

Do the CIA and military intelligence agencies pass secret information to certain US corporations so they can primarily profit?  

Microsoft earns billions for its sales to federal, state, county and local governments.  Its shares are held by their retirement fund programs.  Microsoft, in a way, has become the government.  What intelligence benefits did Microsoft receive?  Microsoft got its edge at the expense of DR-DOS, OS/2, Unix, Macintosh and others.  And now, Microsoft feels the punch: "The feds giveth and the feds taketh away!"

The ultimate piggy bank is the CIA and defense intelligence agencies. Their pennies are the secret data they store (or leak).  Only certain pigs can crack that piggie bank for ultimate fun and profit.  Click.  Read the classic article, "Mixing Business with Spying"  about the CIA courier who drops his daily top secret satellite (Echelon?) information at the Department of Commerce. 


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Recognizing the deviations of the past serves to reawaken our consciences to the compromises of the present.  Pope John Paul II.


On March 16, the House will have its final vote on the US Aid Package to Columbia.

On Thursday, March 9, the Appropriation Committee of the House of Representatives passed the U.S. aid package to Colombia without any significant human rights conditionality or aid for the 1.8 million people displaced in Colombia. On Thursday, March 16, the package will be introduced to the full House of Representatives for a vote. The U.S. aid package, formally introduced to the House of Representatives as an emergency supplemental package,  included $1.7 billion. This is $400 million more than originally anticipated and confirms U.S. policymakers' commitment to a disastrous approach to stemming the drug trade and ending the South American nation's brutal armed conflict. The majority of this package is assistance to the Colombian army, widely-recognized as the most abusive military in the Western hemisphere. This aid will make the United States a major actor in Colombia's counterinsurgency war.

Not included in the U.S. Aid package is increased funding for radar planes, which have been shown to be a significant factor in reducing drug traffic!  Who's really getting the money? Click.

IT DON'T MAKE NO SENSE! Ralph McGehee explains the global context.

"As we get closer to sponsoring a paramilitary war in Colombia under the justification of a counter narcotics operation -- we should recognize that Afghanistan, not Colombia, is the world's largest producer of opium and heroin (Burma is second). Source: Washington Post 3/6/00.

Our operation to stop Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980's, laid waste to that country while generating an opium and terrorism boom. But now we call the Afghanistani producers of opium, poor farmers, and the Taliban rulers of much of Afghanistan, tax collectors.

On the other hand we have the Colombian poor farmers, taxed by the FARC -- these we call narco-terrorists -- and we plan to lay waste to much of Colombia to stop them.

Yet the paramilitary operations we sponsored in Vietnam (that laid waste to that country), Afghanistan and in Nicaragua poured drugs into the United States. If paramilitary operations automatically facilitate trafficking, why do we this now?

One answer of course is that our military needs at least a one-theatre war and our intelligence needs its enemies -- so we dream up new threats -- this is how drugs came to be the most ominous challenge to our existence -- as well as a Frankenstein of our own making.

Maybe, if we were serious about the threat and logic prevailed, we would prevent and treat here -- a solution more feasible and less costly, especially in human lives, than intervention abroad."

Ralph McGehee (3/12/00 posted to Usenet)

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! The Ad Hoc Working Group for the Gore-Putin Commission will meet June 21-23 at Monterey!  Click to get your ticket & info!

The Putin-Gore Commission, once known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission was set up to facilitate US and Russian trade.  The Gore-Putin Commission has not had an official meeting yet, but the Ad Hoc Working Group is jump-starting the matter (and the Gore campaign?).

When faced with allegations that the Russian "mafia" was laundering money through US banks and companies and benefiting the Yelstin oligarchy, Gore had an answer, an expletive deleted equivalent to "cow pies."  The New York Times reported (11/23/98):

"When the CIA uncovered what its analysts considered to be conclusive evidence of the personal corruption of Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin of Russia in 1995, they sent it to the White House, expecting Clinton administration officials to be impressed with their work. Instead, when the secret CIA report on Chernomyrdin arrived in the office of Vice President Al Gore, it was rejected and sent back to the CIA with a barnyard epithet scrawled across its cover, according to several intelligence officials familiar with the incident.

"At CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the message seemed clear: The vice president did not want to hear allegations that Chernomyrdin was corrupt and was not interested in further intelligence reports on the matter. As a result, CIA analysts say they are now censoring themselves."


Knut Royce, Center for Public Integrity reports: 

"The FBI and the Manhattan district attorney's office also are investigating three San Francisco-based companies, Sinex Corp., Sinex Bank and Sinex Securities, and their connections to firms that routed the billions of dollars through the Bank of New York. Sinex Bank, licensed in Nauru, a Pacific offshore banking haven that has attracted Russian crime figures over the past several years, had a correspondent account for a few months last year at Commercial Bank, according to Fuller."

Click to read Knut Royce's entire article.


DR. WOUTER BASSON'S TRIAL IN SOUTH AFRICA AND RECENT SWISS INQUIRY LEADS TO SUICIDE (MURDER?) OF DR. LARRY FORD? What work did Dr. Ford do for Dr. Basson (left) and vice versa?  Dr. Basson explains the U.S. role in Project Coast.  Click.

On March 2, 2000, Dr. Larry C. Ford, 49, was found shot to death in Irvine, California.  Police ruled it a suicide.  Ford was under suspicion for being involved in the attempted murder of his business partner James Patrick Riley, financial investor and owner of Irvine Summit.  Ford and Riley were partners in Biofem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which claimed it patented a vaginal suppository to prevent infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS.  This product was expected to be sold throughout the world to stop HIV transmission.  Selling this product in Africa for HIV prevention was one of Dr. Ford's priorities.

Dr. Wouter Basson, charged with 27 counts of murder, drug trafficking and stealing millions from the South African government, is currently on trial in South Africa. Basson headed South Africa's chemical and biological warfare program in the 1980's.  On September 27, 1999, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office announced it had launched a probe of Basson regarding espionage and the illegal export of materials and technology.  Basson's assets extend from Africa to Europe to New Jersey.  Swiss authorities are waiting for the outcome of the South African trial, before deciding what further action to take.

In 1987, Ford traveled to South African at the height of Basson's development of the country's chemical and biological weapons program called Project Coast. 

Enigma of South Africa at: reported (2/12/00):

"Several doctors in South Africa said Ford performed work on commercial drug products at a military laboratory and gave the defense forces advice on how to protect personnel against biological and chemical weapons.

But two former South African military science researchers said Friday that at one point, Ford hosted a seminar in lacing everyday items with biological agents. The researchers asked not to be identified in part because they have been called as witnesses in a criminal trial and are under court orders not to discuss the case.

One researcher said the techniques turned out to be invalid, and further experiments with the procedures were unsuccessful.

Dr. Neil Knobel, former military surgeon general who held administrative responsibility for the weapons program, described Ford as a "brilliant scientist" who was knowledgeable about a wide range of fields, including biochemical warfare."  

On Friday (3/10/00) the FBI and Irvine police found six canisters buried 6 feet underneath a concrete slab in Ford's backyard. Inside one were two 1 1/4-pound packages of C4 explosives with what appeared to be military identification numbers and blasting caps.  Also found were biochemical substances which according to one source, could "wipe out a country," and guns and ammunition.      Orange County bomb squad truck                                                                                         parked outside Dr. Ford's Irvine home.



Criminal No. 91-0645 (Nov 14, 1991) U.S. DEPT. OF JUSTICE WASH.D.C.
                                    20530 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

                                     THE LORD ADVOCATE, SCOTLAND (NOV 13, 1991)

NAME witnesses                                                                     QUESTION LIST


Steve Green Assistant Administrator, Office Intelligence DEA Q 094
Oliver Revell jr. Mr.Oliver Revell jr.,son of Mr. Buck Revell, FBI-head investigation for the Lockerbie case, ( changed their fligth PA-103 two weeks before) Q 095
John McCarty US Ambassador, Cyprus Q 096
Michael Hurley DEA attache, Cyprus Q 150
Lester Know Coleman Agent for Def. Intelligence Agency DEA Q 097
Oliver North Former NSC, USA Q 098
George Bush Former US President Q 099
Robert J. Hunt Army Navy Commander (864287BTF) Q 100
Robert Fanning Former legal attache US embassy Bern CH Q 101
Mr. 1XXXXXXX XX Intelligence service USA W 101
Mr. Marchman FBI, Lockerbie investigation WS. I 101
Ms. 2XXXXXXX XX Intelligence service UK Z 105
Tomas Thurman ex. FBI, forensic expert WS Z 104
John Orr Scottish police I 103
Roy Basura Passenger missed his flight PA 103, USA V 106
Mr. 3XXXXXXX CIA Fall Church Minn. USA W 105
Mr. P.L.4XXXXXXX CIA Maryland USA W 106
John Hubbard Captain Pan Am Seattle USA A 100
Kurt Maier Alert Management Frankfurt BRD A 101
Ronald Koch Operation manager Pan Am Frankfurt BRD A 102
Mr. 4XXXXXXXX (ex. government Stasi, DDR) XXX, BRD D 100
alias "Mr. G.XX) (ex. government, Stasi DDR) XXX, BRD D 101
Tony Gautschi Mary House, Malta W 100
Steven Lloyd Manager Holiday Inn Malta W 102
Ifred Borge General Manager Air Malta A 103
Red Rey Fezwalter Granada Television UK W 107
Ing. Ulrich Lumpert Mebo Ltd. Switzerland W 108
Edwin Bollier, VR Mebo Ltd. Switzerland W 109
Dr. David Fieldhouse ex. Scot police, Scotland W 206
Steve Donahue DEA undercover agent C 101
Allan Faraday RARDE, forensic expert GR C 102
Thomas Slowanky DEA ex station Frankfurt C 103
Abu Maged Jiacha Ex. manager of LAA Luqa C 104
Mr. Tam Dalyell Scotland M 266
Vincent Cannistraro ex. CIA, USA M 270
Charles M. Buyer Gander crash-affair, USA M 272
Gerrit Pretorius Reg. South African, ex. secretray, Pik Botha M 280
General Van Tonda ex. intelligence, BOSS, South Africa M 304

**@XXXXX, name confidential, for trial only