ARCHIVES February 27, 2006 to present.

April 22, 2006

Click.  Roger Cohen: US and China joined at the hip on stability.

Click.  Khalid Hasan: US now viewing Pakistan without Musharraf: Stratfor.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Revolt of the generals.

Click.  Michael Rogers: Federal government will release all LGBT surveillance documents.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The great Chinese fake-out.

Click.  James M. Yoch, Jr.: Former US prosecutor refuses to plead to obstruction charges from botched terror case.

Click.  Mike Robinson: Ryan juror turmoil in former Gov. George Ryan's trial sparks judge's concern.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: MySpace's Recent Disgraces: Worst, Columbine-Copy Cat Plot Uncovered.

Click.  Jeff Wells: Won't you come home, Reno Harnish.

Click.  Peggy Peck: Periosteal cells grow cartilage, bone, and skeletal muscle.

Click.  Kara Platoni: The Fragile Ones: As science strives to understand Fragile X Syndrome and its links to autism, Lucas Clark's family is content just to make it through the day.

April 21, 2006

Click.  Scott Lindlaw: Bush will not declare disaster for California levees.

Click.  (Napa Register) Bush visit: Angwin out, Feinstein in for Saturday. GOP locals plan rally. Meadowood relaxed day before president arrives.

Click.  Jim Doyle: Marin area shifts toward full disaster readiness. Residents urged to 'Get Ready' with 2-hour class.

Click.  Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar: Medicare recipients could face 7% increase in costs. Big push on to get drug coverage for 90% of seniors.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy: El Dorado County DA's office subpoenas medical records for woman facing conspiracy charges.

Click.  (Lodi News) Judge clarifies instruction for Hamid Hayat jury.

Click.  ( Ten percent of the troops are robots.

Click.  Juan Cole: Maliki the Shiite Candidate.

Click.  Gerald Baker: This month of short spoons will not save Bush's reputation.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Don't make a martyr of Moussaoui.

Click.  (China Matters) Not a good day.

Click.  (LA Times) Dozens of Los Angeles police officers hold private investigator licenses, posing potential conflicts of interest.

Click.  Dalya Alberge: Da Vinci Code and Ken Loach war epic lead Cannes assault.

Click.  Hilton Als: Stardust. John Guare on ambition and delusion.

Click.  John Simon: Julia Roberts stumbles on Broadway. "Awake" feels dated.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portuguese slim down with two new products.

April 21, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iraq's ruling United Iraqi Alliance may choose a new candidate for prime minister after Ibrahim al- Jaafari said he's willing to step aside.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Our dirty war.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Walking the White House plank.

Click.  (Christian Science) Mideast axis forms against the West.

Click.  (Time) McClellan didn't want to resign.

Click.  Mark Morford: Chips down, Bush plans a Hail Mary bet.

Click.  David Corn: Rove on the stand?

Click.  (Bloomberg) Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refused to recognize Romano Prodi's victory in Italy's closest- ever election even after the country's highest appeals court confirmed the result, challenging the former European Commission president's ability to govern.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Punks Rally Against Pay to Play.

April 19, 2006

Click.  Carl Bernstein: Senate hearings on Bush now.

Click.  (London Times) Mr. Hu meets Mr. Gates.

Click.  (London Times) Enter the dragon.

Click.  (The Independent) America meets the new superpower.

Click.  (Bloomberg) French President Jacques Chirac, starting a two-day visit to Cairo today, will ask Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak to pressure the Hamas-led Palestinian government to renounce violence after it endorsed a Tel Aviv suicide bombing that killed nine Israelis.

Click.  (The Independent) Death squad allegations threaten to derail Bush's last Latin ally.

Click.  Thomas L. Friedman: I'd rather live with a nuclear Iran.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The decider sticks with the derider.

Click.  Dick Morris: A Republican Jimmy Carter.

Click.  (Peking Duck) The badness of Michelle Malkin.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Fresh faces of '06: Bolten, Portman...and Rummy?

Click.  Jason Vest: Haunted by Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Henry K. Lee. Accusation by Susan Polk leaves prosecutor livid.

Click.  (Smoking Gun) Duke rape case e-mail shocker.

Click.  Dominic Dunn: You're nobody till somebody bugs you.

Click.  Richard Lloyd Parry: Japanese scientists displayed yesterday the oldest samples of ice yet retrieved, which promise to reveal invaluable data about the Earth’s climate a million years ago.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Roche Holding AG today handed over enough Tamiflu influenza medication to the World Health Organization to treat 3 million people in a rapid response to a potential bird flu outbreak.

Click.  Howie Klein: Hearing Neil Young's new album "Living With War".

April 18, 2006

Click.  (London Times) Israel says "No strike against Hamas".

Click.  (Bloomberg) President named a new budget chief Rob Portman and a top trade negotiator, the start of what may become a wider reorganization of an administration.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Karl Rove's early machinations.

Click.  Carlos Villatoro: Bush is coming to St. Helena...right?

Click.  Craig Whitlock: Tensions rise in feud over access to Nazi archive. Diplomats, scholars push to make archive public, but Germany reluctant.

Click.  (AP) Moussaoui mocks psychologist's testimony.

Click.  Karl D. John: Vietnam's banks. A wild new world.

Click.  Todd Crowell: Why the Chinese love Seattle.

Click.  Bertil Lintner: An underworld paved with gold.

Click.  (E & P) Jack Anderson's family fighting FBI effort to see the late columnist's papers.

Click.  Virginia Hennessey: In defense of Venezuela. Justice describes "profound change" in MIIS speech.

Click.  Nick Paumgarten: Getting there.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy: The El Dorado Hills woman who faces criminal conspiracy charges for allegedly defrauding workers at her ranch is the Republican congressional candidate in a Bay Area district in the June 6 election.

Click.  (ABC) Duke sexual assault suspect faces assault charges in previous case.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Eighteen holes of extra wetlands.

Click.  Philip Boroff: Pulitzer Decision to withhold playwright prize creates drama.

April 17, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) Former Illinois Governor George Ryan, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for commuting the state's death sentences, was convicted today of charges that he took cash, gifts and trips in exchange for state contracts.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Palestinian bomber kills 8 in Israel; Hamas approves (Update3).

Click.  M. K. Bhadrakumar: China and Russia invite Iran into the fold.

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: Moussaoui jury faces a complex defendant.

Click.  Michael Dorman: An untold story of 9/11.

Click.  Ken Silverstein: The making of a lobbyist. Jack Abramoff's start in South Africa.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Joshua Bolten, the new White House chief of staff, indicated he's preparing to make changes in the Bush administration, telling senior aides today to `refresh, re- engage'' or quit now.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Opus Dei and a new cartoon-gate?

Click.  Robert Dreyfuss: Vice squad. Dick Cheney's staff.

Click.  (Toledo Blade) Landmark murder trial of priest to start Monday. Toledo nun was killed day before Easter ’80. (Satanist ritual alleged.)

Click.  Brian Foley: Sunol, California residents ready to fight over county's proposed compost facility. Site would bring 600 tons of waste per day into small town.

Click.  Steve Huff: SubSpecies23. (Re: The extensive Internet activities of Kevin Underwood, arrested for murder of Jamie Rose Bolin, age 10.)

Click.  Christopher Deliso: Inside the international terror market.

Click.  Scott Johnson: Phantom force: In the "Year of the Police," a murky security group in Iraq is mutating and growing.

Click.  (The Independent) Through a lengthy, covert operation, Japan is poised to seize control of whale hunting - and that spells disaster for the endangered mammal.

Click.  David McNeill: So why, exactly, is Tokyo so keen on whale hunting?

Click.  Gavin Esler: Profile of Ollanta Humala: "Everyone in Peru wants change, a new message and a new messenger".

Click.  Kevin Hassett: Hillary the front-runner stakes out the center.

Click.  Tony Zinman: David Hare's drama of what made war happen.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Returned Email And Paragraph Salad.

April 16, 2006

Click.  (AFP) US began planning war against Iran even before Iraq.

Click.  (London Times) Iran suicide bombers "ready to hit Britain".

Click.  Jack M. Balkin: The return of separate but equal.

Click.  (Sunday Herald) Men were shocked to see a woman, but I have been in the industry for 20 years, so I don’t rise to the bait".

Click.  Steve Hart: Inventor of computer-connected cat door just one do-it-yourselfer targeted by "Make" magazine.

Click.  Martin Espinoza: Mekong market a cultural melting pot.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: "Jessie letters" illuminate Santa Rosa after 1906 quake.

Click.  Don Thompson: Lodi trial finds no evidence of terrorist nest. Residents say feds' case against father, son looks weak.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy: Juror misconduct alleged in Richard Hamlin bid for new trial.

Click.  Brita Belli: Bush loves the ladies.

Click.  Kristi Heim: Two Washingtons, two reactions to Hu.

April 15, 2006

Click.  Julian Borger: Pentagon planned for Tehran conflict with war game involving UK troops.

Click.  (RIAN) War in Iraq as a precursor to war in Iran.

Click.  (Khaleej) US prosecutors tie up Dubai money exchanges to Iranian drug lords, Chicago networks.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The Rummy mutiny.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: The generals' revolt.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: To war, to war, to war we're going to go....

Click.  (Zaman) US to pressure Turkey in case of a war on Iran.

Click.  Col. Dan Smith: Why few top military officers resign on principle. Candor or career?

Click.  (BBC) Nearly 90 years after the guns fell silent, the mud of Flanders is still giving up its secrets.

Click.  (BBC) Mouse sheds light on regeneration.

April 14, 2006

Click.  Mark Hosenball: America’s Secret Police? Intelligence experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon intelligence units could create an ominous new agency.

Click.  Stephen P. Pizzo: Permission to speak freely denied.

Click.  (Guardian) Ungoverned and ungovernable.

Click.  Antonio Castaneda: Iraqi army troops can walk away on a whim.

Click.  Melinda Liu: The most important phrase you’ll never hear. Is China’s "peaceful rise" an aggressive expansion or a harmonious one?

Click.  Simon Jenkins: Dead birds, terrorists, Franciscans. It's 15th-century Florence all over again.

Click.  Gerry J. Gilmore: Department of Defense to set up joint intelligence operations centers worldwide.

Click.  (RFS) Documents about Uruguayan and Chilean intelligence stolen from journalist.

Click.  Edward Lazarus: Should Graphic Testimony about 9/11 have been heard by the Moussaoui sentencing jurors? The continuing controversy over the use of victim impact evidence.

Click.  Nancy Isle Nation: A Marin judge Thursday refused to grant a new trial to the attorney for eight plaintiffs who said they were injured when the bikes they were riding crashed because of a defect.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal: Supreme Court Rules Corporal Punishment Ok For Mentally Disabled Children.

Click.  Beth Winegamer:
San Mateo born of election fraud, corruption.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Political porn. It's hypnotic.

Click.  Christopher Goffard: Former Aryan brother, a witness in racketeering trial, tells of broad "family" responsibilities.

April 14, 2006

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Bush -- Cheney record weighs on party candidates.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The war on Iran.

Click.  Timothy Garton Ash: Only the national genius for improvisation can save Italy now.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Google Inc., the most-used Internet search engine, may buy companies in China to catch up with Inc. in the world's second-largest online market.

Click.  (Interfax) Russian Space Agency: No point in resuming Moon research.

Click.  (London Times) Telescope's great leap forward to finding ET.

Click.  (AFP) British doctors revive girl’s heart after removing donor’s.

Click.  (ITAR TASS) Sovereign Prince of Monaco Albert II is going to be a first royal person to reach the North Pole.

Click.  Robert Gammon: We're Outta Here! A massive mining operation near the Sunol-Ohlone wilderness will send the East Bay's coveted elk and eagles fleeing, to say nothing of the hikers.

Click.  Ron Russell: KRON's Last Gasp. How a once-proud San Francisco television station became ground zero in the nation's most controversial experiment in local TV news.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: There's A Doctor In The HOUSE.

April 12, 2006

Click.  William M. Arkin: Iran: Send in the Marines?

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: Heroism, fatalism aboard Flight 93.

Click.  George Friedman: Idealism, idealism and U.S. foreign policy.

Click.  (UPI) Bush said ready to free Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Click.  (Army News) Coalition launches "Operation Mountain Lion" in Afghanistan.

Click.  (ADNKI) Italy's justice minister will not ask for extradition of CIA agents.

Click.  (Xinhua) China and US wrap of trade talks, reach consensus.

Click.  (AP) FEMA says New Orleans homes must be raised 3 feet off the ground.

Click.  Allison Hoffman: Democrat Francine Busby reaches run-off for Randy Duke Cunningham's Congressional seat.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Dyleski roommates accuse deputies of trauma.

Click.  Becky Bartindale: Stanford plans online high school for the gifted.

Click.  Dion Nissenbaum: Two Muslim families work together to keep open site where Jesus was crucified, buried.

Click.  (Science Daily) Building a hand-held lab-on-a-chip to simplify blood tests.

Click.  (Harvard) Investigating canals across time, from space: Ur takes a step back to see ancient networks.

Click.  Adam Gopnick: In the "Gospel of Judas" the renegade is redeemed.

Click.  Geoff Elliott: Diplomacy before force. Bush on Iran.

Click.  (Regnum) Experts say conflict between USA and Iran threatens investors with unpredictable consequences.

Click.  (Ria Novosti) Iran's economy could withstand U.S. military strike - expert.

Click.  Juan Cole: 50 Dead in Iraq Violence.  Jaafari Refuses to Step Down

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Wag the camel.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Will Cheney be booted out in time?

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: US Army looking for a few good rabbis.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Zarqawi-gate: More important than you think.

Click.  Laura Wides-Munoz: Database at center of immigration reform.

Click.  (EIR) Interview with Dr. Justin Frank re: Bush.

Click.  (Daily Telegraph) First Knights Templar are found.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: MySpace Gets Policed -- But Will It Work?

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Susan Polk trial erupts in verbal fireworks again. Defendant clashes with prosecutor over questions to witness.

April 11, 2006

Click.  (Forbes) Iran hits milestone in nuclear technology.

Click.  William M. Arkin: Goldilocks and Iran.

Click.  (ADNKI) Judge indicts 29 for Madrid train bombings.

Click.  Shane Harris: Internet devices threaten NSA's ability to gather intelligence legally.

Click.  Nora Ephron: Scooter, Rosa Lopez and the Grassy Knoll.

Click.  (AP) California stem cell agency -- armed with money borrowed from wealthy philanthropists -- handed out its first research grants Monday, 17 months after voters approved borrowing $3 billion to fund the controversial science.

Click.  Greg Palast: Loser nation.

Click.  Gerald Fitzgerald: The good old days on hippie hill.

Click.  (Yahoo News) Bush says classified info release to "help people see the truth".

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Plamegate update.

Click.  Katerina Ossenovia: Democrats going to court for GOP answers on New Hampshire phone jamming.

Click.  (The Guardian) Prodi claims victory in Italy poll.

Click.  (London Times) An Italian fudge.

Click.  Hywel Williams: Britain's ruling elites now exercise power with a shameless rapacity.

Click.  (Moscow News) Iran, NGO Issues May Complicate Russia’s Entry to WTO.

Click.  Ekky Irion: Countdown to U.S. - Iran war has begun. Reports of presence of US bombers in England seen as advance.

Click.  ( Azerbaijani President to hold talks with Bush on April 28.

Click.  (Regnum) 5,000,000 USSR citizens were imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps

Click.  Mark Henderson: Drugs companies "inventing diseases to boost their profits".

Click.  Adrian Tan: Uncovering the "dark matter".

Click.  Stephen Hutcheon: Google brain drained - but he'll be back.

Click. John Lichfield: Unmasking the Mona Lisa: Expert claims to have discovered da Vinci's technique.

April 10, 2006

Click.  Paul Watson: US military secrets for sale at Afghan Bazaar.

Click.  (Bloomberg) French President Jacques Chirac scrapped a labor law intended to reduce youth unemployment after the biggest protests by unions and students since 1968.

Click.  Keay Davidson: NASA thinks small for Mars trip. Tiny robot-like brains would safeguard ship.

Click.  James Sterngold: An arrest for theft in Malibu mystery. Crash of Ferrari led to charges over exotic car imports.

Click.  Larry Parsons: Monterey wine corridor proposal on table.

Click.  Kristi Heim: Stroke of a pen captures data.

Click.  Jane Smiley: Lying and cheating.

Click.  (AP) Elderly Los Angeles woman ticketed for crossing street too slowly.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Yes he would.

Click.  (Regnum) ElBaradei is ready personally to negotiate with Iran leaders

Click.  (Defense Talk) Weaponization of space will have unpredictable consequences.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Bush's search for leakers leads to his mirror.

Click.  Jack M. Balkin: Would Jesus stay out of politics?

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Culture Shock: Deported Canadians Suffer in Portugal.

Click.  (Interfax) US will fail to create new spaceship by 2010 to replace shuttle - NASA.

Click.  James Pressley: CIA agents have much to learn from Odysseus, Hannibal, Cortes.

Click.  (London Times) Fat-busting laser revolutionizes treatment for acne and cellulite.

Click.  (Khaleej) Indian headhunters use “speed dating” to meet job demand

Click.  David Sinclair: Rising singer underscores internet music revolution.

April 9, 2006

Click.  (Think Progress) Hersh: Our military is "very loyal to the President, but they’re getting to the edge".

Click.  Juan Cole: Man of the moment. Radical al-Sadr key to success in Iraq.

Click.  (Zama) "Terrorist treatment" to Russian fascists on the agenda.

Click.  Jeffrey St. Claire: Outsourcing US missile technology to China.

Click.  (Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition) Money doesn't talk.

Click.  Gordon Prather: Why we're at war.

Click.  Stephen Magagnini: Lodi terror case lawyer proves resourceful rookie.

Click.  Jack Chang: Children stolen during Argentina's dirty war begin to resurface.

Click.  Geza Vermes: Iscariot and the dark path to the Field of Blood

Click.  Scott Lindlaw: Richmond lab at the front lines of bird flu effort in California.

Click.  (Xymphora) Conspiracy theory vs. institutional theory.

Click.  (Oakland Tribune) Gwen Araujo's tragic story adapted for TV audience (Gloria Allred is co-executive producer).

Click.  Nobel Prize winner Kandel speaks of brain, snails, memory pill.

Click.  Cezanne in Provence.

April 8, 2006

Click.  (Khaleej) "The administration of President George W. Bush is planning a massive bombing campaign against Iran, including use of bunker-buster nuclear bombs to destroy a key Iranian suspected nuclear weapons facility, The New Yorker magazine reported in its April 17 issue."

Click.  Fikret Ertain: Iran's war games and the message.

Click.  (AKI) The first official and direct talks between Iranian and US representatives since November 1979.

Click.  (The Acorn) Superman, batman and nuclear primacy. (The current nuclear capacity of nations: US is close to nuclear primacy -- the ability to wipe out all nuclear weapons against it.)

Click.  M. K. Bhadrakumar: Searching for attackers in the night.

Click.  (Regnum) Will Azerbaijan agree to join the anti-Iranian coalition? Azeri press digest.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Divine right of the Bushes. (The "immaculate declassification")

Click.  (Effect Measure) 1951.

Click.  (Moscow News) "Last dictator in Europe" to be sworn for third term in Belarus.

Click.  (Zaman) Penniless Hamas receives blow from banks.

Click.  (BBC) Who is Hamas?

Click.  (Xinhua) A Chinese entrepreneur delegation and the Los Angeles municipality signed here Thursday an array of procurement contracts worth 4.44 billion U.S. dollars.

Click.  (Pakistan Tribune) India nuclear deal to disturb balance of power in S Asia: Kasuri.

Click.  (AP) Mental patient charged with threat to Bush.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Operação Tornado Results In Another Massive Cocaine Bust In Portugal.

Click.  Ronald Bailey: Anyone for tennis, at the age of 150?

Click.  (Reuters) Pine nut ingredient helps suppress appetite.

Click.  )Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Coach Maggie Dixon's death shocks cadets at West Point. "Guard Adrienne Payne recalled one of Ms. Dixon's challenges to her team: 'Adversity, ladies. How are you going to react?'"

Click.  Elaine Pagels: The Gospel Truth.

Click.  (Sploid) The Judas cover-up.

April 7, 2006

Click.  Murray Waas: Libby says Bush authorized leaks.

Click.  Juan Cole: Bush - leaker-in-chief? Bush as Johnson + Nixon.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Plamegate and the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Click.  Ismail Kul: Merkel to hold Islamic summit at Prime Ministry.

Click.  Tim Reid: On a rare tour of the US nuclear laboratory in Los Alamos, our correspondent is shown a project to replace warheads that many believe Britain is not only watching but is deeply involved in.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: Kerry, the anti-war candidate?

Click.  Ben Macintyre: Shed no tears for the alligator... or for the panda, come to that. It's another of those bizarre circuses they call an Italian election.

Click.  Kenneth Chang: Study, in a first, explains evolution's molecular advance.

Click.  (London Times) Huge tracts of Scotland under quarantine after H5N1 found in swan.

Click.  Jude Weber: Ex-army officer with a dark past tops poll in Peru.

Click.  (BBC) The world's biggest prison system -- in America.

Click.  Ken Livingstone: London, a city for the Asian century.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: A Racist Clash With Britain's Terror Act.

Click.  Andrew Norfolk: No carrot is safe as monster rabbit goes on rampage.

Click.  Gerard Baker: Manliness.

Click.  Dalya Alberge: Judas did as Jesus asked – "gospel" reveals the other face of a traitor.

Click.  James Bone: Harvard flocks to see the guru of happiness.

Click.  Tim Gaynor: Archaeologists discover ancient pyramid beneath Mexico City.

Click.  Archive Grid. Open the door to history.

Click.  Stendhal's 52-day novel.

Click.  Manet's "The Railway".

April 6, 2006

Click.  John Kahn: China sends business group to US paving way for Hu.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: The tethered goat strategy.

Click.  Joseph Sobran: Bush's latest idea.

Click.  Jacob Weisberg: Why we don't need an immigration reform bill.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Republican child abuse.

Click.  Jorge Martin: Massive US military exercises in the Caribbean pose dire threat to Venezuela.

Click.  (ADNKI) Iranian hand behind Iraq government stalemate.

Click.  (Telegraph) "Big-mouth" bin Laden angered his lieutenants.

Click.  Judith Pearson delivers a talk on spy Virginia Hall.

Click.  Jason Horowitz, Ben Smith: Clinton's ball. Bill blocking, Hill huddles.

Click.  Noah Shachtman: There are still FBI agents who don't have email addresses.

April 5, 2006

Click.  Jonathan Freedland: No, international law doesn't have to be dumped because of al-Qaida. The Geneva conventions may have been written for a postwar world but the fine print allows for every eventuality.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Two worn-out diplomats, one fold-out bed.

Click.  (The Independent) Revealed. The plight of prisoners caught up in US rendition.

Click.  (The Independent) The Execution. How an IRA man turned British spy met his brutal end.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Left eye open. Right eye blind.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Get a life, Mr. Frist!

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Go See V for Vendetta. Culture and resistance to imperialism.

Click.  Luke Harding: Mozart was more of a prince than a pauper.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Tornado Hits Portuguese Surf Town.

April 4, 2006

Click.  Richard Beeston: Most wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi "kicked out as leader" for bloody tactics.

Click.  (ADNKI) Jordanian al-Qaeda militant al-Zarqawi is about to be replaced as leader of the coalition of Iraq's insurgent groups by Abdullah ben Rashid al-Baghdadi.

Click.  (ITAR TASS) The Iranian military have tested “the world’s fastest torpedo”, the Iranian State Television reports.

Click.  (ITAR TASS) North Korea has 3-6 nuke warheads - USFK ex-commander.

Click.  Simon Tisdall: Another angry neighbor for Bush -- Peru.

Click.  Greg Palast: Chávez declares a new oil order.  Venezuela officially demands OPEC recognize his nation's reserves as largest.

Click.  Nicholas D. Kristoff: A heroine walking in the shadow of death.

Click.  Rachel Kapochunas: Real race in San Diego is courtesy of scandal.

Click.  Robert Parry: On Christmas Eve Day 1992, the nation’s history took a turn that blacked out key chapters of the recent past and foreshadowed troubling developments in the future.

Click.  (London Times) American scientists have successfully transplanted laboratory-grown bladders made from the patients' own cells.

Click.  (BBC) Scientists study "moon catapult".

Click.  (London Times) Picasso's Guernica called to its spiritual home.

Click.  Abid Ishaq: The fastest growing faith.

Click.  (Regnum) New Vegas to emerge in the Kazakh Steppe.

April 3, 2006

Click.  (IRNA) Iran fires world's fastest underwater missile.

Click.  (Telegraph) High-speed underwater device capable of destroying huge warships, submarines.

Click.  Paul Krugman: John and Jerry.

Click.  Neil Mackay: American's war on the web. Deep within the Pentagon, technologies are being deployed to wage the war on terror on the internet, in newspapers and even through mobile phones.

Click.  (Scotland Herald) Moussaoui. Terrorist or fantasist?

Click.  Joseph Cannon: George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley.

Click.  Ramzy Baroud: Palestine. Another Nicaragua.

Click.  Rebecca Dana: Connie on Katie and ‘Gravitas’: "It’s a chauvinistic word".

Click.  Joe Mysak: How lots of little Nazis turned Germany into the Third Reich.

Click.  Kate McLaughlin: Mummy-like artifacts tell of life thousands of years ago

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Judge Laurel Brady somehow keeps Susan Polk case proceeding. In a trial made for eye-rolling, Brady's supervision praised.

Click.  Steve Connor: Gene therapy fixes "incurable" disorder of the immune system.

Click.  Helen Branswell: Flu vaccine moves to front burner in Canada.

Click.  William Rees-Mogg: A spare £5 million helps if you want to make it to book-collecting heaven.

April 2, 2006

Click.  (WaPo) Pressure on Iran could spur terrorist attacks.

Click.  (Independent) US and UK establish "enduring" bases in Iraq.

Click.  Stephen Magagnini: Early case against Hayats is diminished. Thought to be al-Qaida cell, there are no co-conspirators.

Click.  Marc Sandalow, Erin McCormick: Pelosi's goal: Democrats back on top. Minority leader practices hardball politics to position her party for midterm election.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley.

Click.  Deb Riechmann: Will Bolten aim for White Housecleaning?

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Judge Laurel Brady somehow keeps Susan Polk case proceeding. In a trial made for eye-rolling, Brady's supervision praised.

Click.  Peter Y. Hong: Dispute in D.A.'s Office Blocks Inmate's Release. Cooley said a battered woman should go free after 23 years in prison. Her lawyers have filed a claim over revocation of the agreement.

Click.  Ann Woolner: Why sweat the details of the legal war on terror.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Immigration 101.

Click.  Bruce Wallace: Cult leader should not be executed, daughters say.

Click.  James P. Sweeney: Gaming payout a big money grab. Allocation to counties shows sizable disparity.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Bodega Bay salmon fishermen pray for a miracle to save their season.

Click.  Carl T. Hall: A walk in Muir's footsteps. Changed landscape challenges couple retracing 1868 route.

March 30, 2006

Click.  (Reuters) Rice says Iran isolated on nuclear issue.

Click.  (Khaleej) Iran begins massive war-games today.

Click.  (IRNA) Deputy FM: US cannot put into practice its threats against Iran.

Click.  (Regnum) US Embassy in Turkey persuades MPs to support possible actions against Iran?

Click.  (Regnum) “Armenian and Azeri presidents will do what the West tells them to”: Nagorno Karabakh press digest.

Click.  Juan Cole: Iraq news. Attacks on businesses multiply. Political gridlock continues.

Click.  (PakTribune) Mega projects would change fate of masses: Musharraf.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Lobbying reform. Let's cut the family ties.

Click.  Mark Jacobson: The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll. A new generation of conspiracy theorists is at work on a secret history of New York’s most terrible day.

Click.  Jia-Rui Chong, Denise Gellene: First avian flu vaccine works just half the time.

Click.  David Colker: Podcast search mission: Mostly possible.

Click.  Stephen Castle: Belgian chocolatiers savor sweet taste of world domination.

Click.  Jeremy Page: Bison beefing up for flight to new life in the Ice Age.

March 29, 2006

Click.  Doug Thompson: Is deception the best way to serve your country?

Click.  Mollie Ivins: Pardoning the Pentagon.

Click.  Martin Schram: How Washington really works.

Click.  Gareth Porter: Neo-con cabal blocked 2003 nuclear talks.

Click.  Andrew Wood: Federal judge restricts disclosure of classified information in Padilla case.

Click.  Peter Fimrite: Former Marin County court administrator John Montgomery waives extradition. Arraignment next week on 10 counts of conflict of interest.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal: Inter-religious Respect Serves As World Model.

Click.  Kevin Howe: Condor nest spotted in Big Sur.

Click.  Steven Edwards: All eyes will be on the first embryonic stem cell therapy tests for humans.

Click.  Lindsay Morris: Scientists discover stem cells can repair spine tissue.

Click.  Elizabeth Spovoda: Jello-fix for spinal cords.

March 28, 2006

Click.  Gary G. Kohls, MD: What would you do if you saw your nation going fascist?

Click.  Herbert Docena: The economic restructuring of Iraq.

Click.  Ted Burdis: US customs inspectors could be stationed by this fall at the largest seaport in the Bahamas, where the Bush administration is hiring a Hong Kong conglomerate to help detect nuclear materials inside cargo.

Click.  Congressman Bart Gordon: Let Congress see the Off-Shoring Jobs Report!

Click.  Rep. Henry Waxman: Halliburton's performance worsens under second Iraqi oil contract.

Click.  Edmund L. Andrews: Vague law and hard lobbying add up to billions for big oil.

Click.  Cynthia H. Cho, Anna Gorman: Los Angeles schools on lock down after massive walk out.

Click.  Joe Cannon: If this Card could speak.

Click.  Elsa Claro: Only France? Basic summary of a calamity.

Click.  R. Scott Moxley: Monsters' ball.

Click.  (Johns Hopkins) AIDS, TB, Malaria and Bird Flu spread unchecked in Burma.

Click.  David de Sola: Government investigators smuggled radioactive materials (dirty bomb) into US.

Click.  Max Blumenthal: Republicanizing the race card.

Click.  (London Times) US immigration is a new mass movement.

Click.  (Think Progress) Scalia unplugged.

Click.  Paul Kelly: Blair in Australia. No peer here.

Click.  Michael Gawenda: Hamas leader says, "Yes, we did suicide attacks, but we are not terrorists."

Click.  (Azertaj) "Russia - Islamic World" group of strategic vision holds first session.

Click.  (Zaman) 8 years of surveillance shocks Merkel.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Immigration Rules Have Me In A Tizzy.

Click.  (Interfax) A branch of the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline to China will be built.

To view NEWSGRID 3/28/06: Click.

March 26, 2006

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: 9/11 trial reveals troubles then, and ahead.

Click.  (Xymphora) From security clearances to state-controlled press.

Click.  Merkel coalition parties on course to win.

Click.  Keri Brenner: Former Marin Superior Court Executive Officer John Montgomery was arrested Saturday in Virginia after Marin officials filed a complaint charging him with 10 counts of felony conflict of interest.

Click.  Patrick J. McDonnell, Lee Romney: Bolivia Bomb Suspect "Own Worst Enemy". Northern California native served time in state youth and mental facilities and six months in Argentina for a 2005 blast at a bank.

Click.  Peter H. King, Mark Arax: The Chandlers, who owned The Los Angeles Times, were a potent force in shaping the city. But in a diverse metropolis, such sheer clout no longer exists.
Immigrants' rights: Marches, rallies draw crowds in Santa Barbara and across the country

Santa Barbara County proposing amiable amphibian plan

A Navajo Tale: Canyon de Chelly is home to stone-age history

March 25, 2006

Click.  (London Times) Al Qaeda trial lands FBI in dock for criminal ineptitude.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Happiness is a warm gun.

Click.  John Breneman: Bush bumbling all over map, see?

Click.  (Daily Kos) Joe Wilson slams neocons.

Click.  Janet Hook: Right is might for GOP's aspirants.

Click.  (Ottowa Citizen) Mohammed Judaid Babar names London terrorists.

Click.  (NY Daily News) Ex-FBI handler charged with aiding rubouts.

Click.  George B. Sanchez: In a dramatic reversal of policy, the Salinas Union High School District has stopped using its controversial anti-gang behavior contract.

Click.  Damien Whitworth: Camilla's tribute to the soldiers who died by her father's side.

Click.  (London Times) Van Gogh's favor to fetch $40 million.

Click.  Patricia Yollen: Butterfly bungalow. Captives fly freely in new San Francisco Conservatory exhibit.

Click.  (Science Daily) We're flying without wing flaps and without a pilot.

March 24, 2006

Click.  Norma Cohen: Backlash over new pensions legislation.

Click.  David Sharrock, Graham Keeley: The Irish priest who brought Eta killers to peace.

Click.  John W. Dean: An update on President Bush's NSA program. The historical context, Specter's recent bill, and Feingold's censure motion.

Click.  Barbara G. Baker: More Christians arrested in wake of Afghan apostasy case?

Click.  William M. Arkin: Dots: An Apparatus of Domestic Repression?

Click.  (BrazzilMag) Agents from the United States Department of Homeland Security will soon be helping Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay combat money laundering and terrorism financing.

Click.  Sandro Contenta: Testifying part of rehab process. Syria ordeal "wasn't easy to talk about". EU investigates US "rendition flights".

Click.  Miles Wooley: The ageing effects of war.

Click.  Anne Woolner: Enron's Glisan, Now an Inmate, Gets No Golden Key.

Click.  Hope Yen: FEMA abandons pledge to reopen no-bid Katrina contracts.

Click.  Robert Parry: 9/11 and Bush's negligence.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Thankz 2 Neil Bush, kidz is lerning real gud.

Click.  Jordan Robinson: Bolivian bomb suspect known to California authorities.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal: There's Something Strange About This Rain.

Click.  Thomas H. Maugh: "Virtually untreatable" strain of TB emerges.

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Wide-scale operation underway west of Baghdad + US says anti-insurgent operation continues in Abu Ghraib area + Nearly 25 citizens perish in attacks in Baghdad as United States, Iraqi troops sweep oil-rich north for insurgents + Iraq leaders meet as US presses for govt deal + British peace activist held in Iraq is freed in rescue operation + Months of covert work before raid + Al-Sader offices broken into, hostages freed in Iraq + Danish soldier killed in Basra, 54 Iraqis also+ Jonathan Steele on the Iraqi brain drain+ Iraq urged to rebuild on its own+ Schools Also on the Front Lines in Iraq+ Iraqi forces to take over border security by summer+ Blast hits Sunni mosque in Iraq + Amid Reports of Death Threats, UN Voices Concern for Palestinians in Iraq+ Iraq-Jordan border reopens + Iraq Translator Charged in Bribe Scheme+ Shameful Shiites: A Majority or a Minority?+ Iran supporting outlawed militias in Iraq: Khalilzad+ Along bloody fault lines of Iraq+ The Kurdish defection + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Death Sentence Ruled Out for Rahman, Christian + Five Taliban killed in Uruzgan + Afghan returnees should head to area of origin to qualify for land + Afghanistan: UK soldier dies + Australian soldier injured in Afghanistan + Two dead, 60 wounded in Afghan arms dump blast + Injured soldier recounts harrowing moments after Afghanistan + Click. Barbara G. Baker: More Christians arrested in wake of Afghan apostasy case? + Canadian medics aid Afghan village

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi, Libya among four to shun Arab summit + Saudi market continues to fall despite government measures

The recipe for Jordan's growth

The oasis of Siwa, Egypt + Egypt bars Islamist leader from entering country + Egypt : Nile water ministers meet in Addis Ababa + Egypt emergency laws to be replaced by anti-terror legislation

UAE: Burj Dubai workers who protested may be sued + Pakistan concerned over children working as jockeys in UAE

Israel, Palestine: Talk of peace negotiations has all but ended in Israel + Dark horse emerges in Israeli election + Acting Israel PM says can’t base policy on Abbas + Rice urges Israel, PA to solve crossings crisis + Israeli media condemn, discuss report on US-Israel ties + Abbas Calls for Secret Negotiations with Israel + Abbas says peace deal with Israel can be reached + Politicians hunt for votes among Israel's poor + Israel's Olmert intends to tap Livni as deputy PM + On the formation of the Hamas government + Hamas vows continued resistance + Arab League supports Hamas government

Syria, Lebanon: UN envoy urges Lebanon, Syria to demarcate their borders + Syrian authorities arrest two human rights activists + Syria Has Worked in a Credible Way with UN, Eliasson Says + SYRIA: Recent weeks see crackdown on opposition figures + Sharaa: Damascus never claimed Shabaa Farms as Syrian + Mubarak vows to ease tension between Syria, Lebanon

Iran: Iran stages war games near Iraq border + Iran dispute 'long way' from military solution: US army chief + Attackers on government convoy identified - Iran police chief + Tehran reiterates right to develop N-energy + Russia says no to any Iran deal sidelining it + Iran: The Real Satan + US certain to discuss Iraq situation with Iran: Rice + Germany, IAEA to discuss Iran nuclear issue + South Africa Comes to Iran's mullahs Rescue, protecting MTN + Merkel, ElBaradei to discuss Iran's mullahs nuclear + Iran nuclear issue; Rice says no more stalling + Iran, China discuss Tehran’s nuclear impasse + Germany, IAEA to discuss Iran nuclear issue + Iran denounces US accusation as lie to undermine Islam

RUSSIA: Russia and China bridle at paying UN more + Pak-Russia emphasis on economic progress + Russia to use drones for G8 summit security-report + EU leaders want to boost energy dialogue with Russia + Russia Will Support Serbia in Kosovo Talks — Foreign Minister + Russia accuses OSCE of inciting protests + Sino-Russia ink energy co-operation deals + Russia Ratifies European Terrorism Prevention Convention + Russia to react properly to US anti-missile base in Europe + CIS and Baltic press on Russia + Putin will not risk harming relations with Israel to support Hamas + Mikhail Demurin: “Events in Minsk demonstrated defectiveness of Byelorussian opposition” + Real estate in Abkhazia and South Ossetia to inventoried from space + Sergey Shamba: Abkhazia is de facto under Russian protectorate + Putin and Gazprom seek concessions from both China and EU

Belarus: Belarus opposition leader freed as protest passes fifth day + EU imposes sanctions on Belarus + Belarus police did not "break up" opposition rally - Lavrov + US plans to impose restrictions on Belarus + Belarus: Planned EU Sanctions To Personally Target Lukashenka + Lukashenko quickly ends revolution in Belarus and arrests all protesters

EUROPE: EU summit backs watered-down plan on services + EU leaders vow ambitious jobs and growth reforms

Basque joy, and caution, greet Eta ceasefire news + Click. The Irish priest who brought Eta killers to peace.

Britain: Blair appoints a 'nanny' to mind his Cabinet + Thousands of NHS jobs are cut + Mental Health Act: Protecting patients and the public

France: Chirac defends linguistic walkout + Fears of French violence grow as talks fail + Chirac flees summit in a fury over English use + Riot police seal off Paris streets as protests escalate + "I never imagined ... this in Paris" + De Villepin's Waterloo

Turkey's emerging fear: Iranian influence

Arab culture centre to open in Latvian capital

Armenian minister of Foreign Affairs Oskanian to visit US, Russia, Syria

Serbia court reinstates arrest warrant for Milosevic widow

Poll Shows Ukraine’s Yushchenko May Lose Parliamentary Vote

Lithuania is interested in stability of Kaliningrad

CENTRAL ASIA: Azeri Police Prevents Protest During Arrival of Armenians in Baku + Azerbaijani Positions in Gazakh and Tertet Fired + Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis Begins in Baku + Clinic for Rehabilitation of Trafficking Victims Established in Baku + U.S. Official Meets Azeri Civil Society Representatives + Azerbaijani-Spanish business forum held in Baku

France to participate actively in settlement of conflicts in Georgia + Saakashvili turned Georgia in “target number one” for Iran

AFRICA: PanAfrica: Brain Drain Hits Poor Countries Hard + PanAfrica: 'Landmark' Decision Reached On Trade in GM Products + PanAfrica: Air Operators Denounce EU Airlines Ban + African Refineries Unite

Morocco: World Bank Supports Increasing Public Administration Effectiveness

Somalia: At least 90 die in battles

Drought-hit Eritrea expels three charities

Yemen seeks $300 million loan from China

Tunisia plans to go into economic overdrive

Gadhafi criticizes U.S. democracy as `fake' + Qathafi speaks about democracy in New York seminar

Zambia: Food Program Helps More Zambians Get Benefits of ARVs + Zambia: Food Program Helps More Get Benefits of HIV Treatment + Zimbabwe: Finance Minister, Bank Governor, Clash on Economic Policy + Zambia's ruling party endorses controversial bill

Liberia: A Reflection on Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's Journey to the Presidency + Liberia: Two Out of Three Orphanages Are Illegal And Will Be Closed

Cameroon: 130 West Africans Feared Drowned After Boat Capsizes

Gambia: 23 'Coup Plotters' Arrested

Chad: Mounting Unrest in East Threatens Aid Effort, WFP Says

Guinea: Big Homecoming Staged for President Conte's Return

Namibia: Calls for the Legalization of Prostitution + Fiscal Policy Stance Receiving International Recognition +  Consumers to Foot NamPower's Bill + Oil And Electricity Posed As Major Challenges

Zimbabwe: Maize Output Up, But Insufficient + Curt denies bail to arms-cache accused + WOMEN GAIN POWER WITH MICRO-CREDIT PROGRAM

South Africa: South Africa: TB Crisis Plan Targets Four Districts + Sex, racism and Tony Leon in hoax e-mails +IG hammers Masetlha 'conspiracy' + Masetlha's services terminated + Opposition warns of 'civil war' within the ANC

Kenya: Destruction of Sh6.4b Cocaine Put On Hold + Central Bank Boss Charged With Abuse of Office + Dwindling fish sparks feuds in Lake Turkana

Nigeria: FG Forecloses Negotiation With Militants

South Africa: Violence Flares As Guards March

Nigeria: Leaders Call for Extension of Census Exercise

Congo-Kinshasa: EU Military Mission for Elections Gets the Go Ahead

ASIA PACIFIC: China: City buries its history in passion for concrete and glass + China and Vietnam criticize European shoe-dumping duties + Concern voiced over US trade policies + Japan, China May Discuss Yuan Changes + China says no to Japan's proposal on UN dues + China outlines long-term nuclear development + Brazil, China urged to make full use of complementarity + China begins to issue 34 billion Yuan worth of Book-entry T-bonds + China presents meteorological satellite data reception equipment to 7 countries

Japan: Aum guru's lawyers to submit key document about appeal+ Government urged to sell off assets + Japan's biggest Net radio planned + Japan, US split on military base relocation cost + Japan discredits itself by playing "dues" card + Japan court orders nuclear reactor closed + Japan's shaky nuclear record + 'Japan Wants New UN Head Native to Asia' + After 7-year glitch, companies have faith in Japan + 16 ethnic Koreans in Japan connected to 1980 abduction, police say

Australia: Army to get elite reserves + Australia says seizes two Chinese fishing boats + Jakarta blasts Australia over asylum for Papuans + US, Australia Sign Meteorology Science Exchange Agreement + Australia Says Visa Decision Doesn't Change Its Papua, Indonesia Policy

N. & S. Korea: S-Korea showcases new missiles + Korea All-Out to Tax Lone Star + N. Korea blasts joint military exercises + US, S. Korea to begin drills amid North anger + ROK-US Joint Military Exercises Begin Saturday + South Korea gets first woman prime minister + N. Korea may be exporting fake $200 bills

Singapore courts friends, wins enemies + First solar panel linked to Singapore's national grid

Manila on alert as Arroyo goes to army graduation

Hundreds of candidates register to run for Thai Senate election + Thai court sets a powerful precedent

Indonesian coal a family affair

SOUTH ASIA: India: Indian PM wants peace pact with Pakistan + Dreaming of Gucci in an India still struggling with desperate poverty + India’s Hindu nationalists must use armored “chariots”: govt. + Pakistan, India launch new bus amid emotional scenes + India, EU for joint energy meet + Q&A: 'Cooperatives are the only hope of rural India' + India urged to offer grants from excess forex kitty + Harvard dons in India for alumni meet + India's pro-investor plans for urban renewal + Unshackling the rupee + Sonia's 'inner voice' silences critics

Pakistan: Pak, India closing on understanding for withdrawal of troops from Siachen + 20 miscreants, security man killed in North Waziristan + US-India nuclear deal to lead region to destabilization: Pak + Pak, China sign $ 22.26 million agreement for additional dredging of Gwadar Deep Sea Port Project

Pakistan welcomes Indian premier’s peace overture + World Social Forum opens in Pakistan + Pakistani pamphlets link militants to Hindus, Jews + Pakistan army kills at least 15 in firefight + Singaporean pays thousands to hunt wild goat in northern Pakistan + Musharraf politicizes Army Chief slot by attending Lahore gathering: MMA

Nepal’s supreme court frees opposition politician

AMERICAS: Canada: Liberals testing political terrain + Canadian troops leave Golan; peacekeeping era ends

Argentina marks 30th anniversary of Dirty War

Argentina: Families still search for Dirty War missing + Argentina Remembers Dictatorship + Kirchner Pleads for Memory and Justice

Uruguay, Argentina President summit + Uruguay, Argentina for eco-detente

US Terrorist in Bolivia Prison + Click. Jordan Robinson: Bolivian bomb suspect known to California authorities.

Salvadorans Honor Monseignor Romero

Venezuela: US-Venezuela to Discuss Airlines + Venezuela says hits BP with $61.4 mln tax demand + Venezuela to cut drilling areas by 60% for 32 contracts + Venezuela Seizes Italian Oil Accounts + Venezuelan President opens first of 35 high-tech medical centers + Some thoughts about Jesus, the Church, my Country and the War + Arias Cardenas appointed Venezuelan Ambassador to United Nations

American tycoon, environmentalist stirs controversy in Chile

Central America peace dividend: tourism

Colombia Paramilitary Back to Crime

Brazil: China, Brazil Strengthen Ties + Brazilian Pharmacy Program Lowers Drugs' Price by Up to 90% + What Will Happen to Brazil's Astronaut Program? Brazil Doesn't Know + Senate Confirms Brazil's First Woman - a Confederate Descendant - as Chief Justice + US, EU and Asia, All Interested in Making Microchips in Brazil

Ecuador insists on free trade pact with US

Mexico: Mexico's Ortiz says bank system not competitive enough + Venezuela weighs reply to Mexico + Mexico rules out poor relations with Venezuela + "We are the empire of ideas" + Venezuela Denies Meddling in Mexico + Clothing brands join fray around Mexico governor + Police chief resigns in Mexican town plagued by violence

Cloud over Puerto Rico rain forest


US witness says he supplied computers for Al Qaeda

Russia Told Iraq of US Troop Movements During War, Study Says + Despite Partnership, Russia Still Spying on U.S. + Report: Russia had sources in U.S. command

Today's weapon of war: the lucrative and deadly power of the kidnapper

The al-Qaeda supergrass who wanted to wage war in Britain

London: Rescuers 'were paralyzed' by fears of a second bomb + Survivors tell of horror on bombed tube trains

Libya feels cheated it will remain on terrorism list

Italy 'responsible' for rendition of terror suspect + Secret flight refueled in Italy, Arar tells EU + Arar seeks probe of secret US flights + Testifying part of rehab process

FBI has best view to wage war on terror

Death muddies Greek spy probe

Espionage Law's Merits Tied Into Ex-Lobbyists' Case

FBI Whistleblower asks judge to withdraw

General: Intelligence Sharing Must Improve

Officials Defend Refusal to Release Researcher

State Department Is Criticized for Purchasing Chinese PC's

Why did the CIA resist the arrest of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan?

Falling in Line on Terror Surveillance

FBI Agent Says 9/11 Plot Was Within Grasp

Space Exploration's First Rocket Falls Back to Earth After Clearing Launch

MIT Makes Move Toward Vehicles That Morph

Quakeproof houses to be built for quake-affectees: ERRA

NASA Okays spacewalk using different method + China: Nuke fusion reactor completes test

Mars Rover Spirit Loses Right Front Wheel

Latest Windows Delay Is a Yawner

Galaxy On Fire! NASA's Spitzer Reveals Stellar Smoke

NASA Investigates 'Radiation Aging' Danger Faced By Astronauts From Cosmic Rays

Aerospace Engineers To Test Energy-efficient Wing Design

LIGO Kicks Into High Gear For Gravitational-Wave Search With 18-Month Observation Run

New Material Could Have Applications For Microelectronics, Drug Delivery Systems

Launch Of New Peer-to-peer Technology For Television

Island Wisdom, Coded in Java

Satellite Radio Rocks Cell Phones

Kong heads 'download to own' revolution



My life as a Catholic Jew

What You'll Wear in 10 Years

Fast and Furious in Dubai


Spectacular returns for hunting and fishing estates

Days After Worker Buyouts, GM To Cut Hundreds Of Salaried Jobs

Energy security in Russia through rule of law

Wal-Mart's move to organics could shake up retail world

Stolen laptop contained HP names

Yahoo Japan to buy 69% stake in Toshiba information-service unit

Moscow presses for WTO status

Wal-Mart Plans Mexico Expansion

History of Deutsche Bank

Shaky Stand on Insurance

Mass. lobbies for biotech firm grants

Money, Sex, Happiness Come to the Bank of England: Mark Gilbert


Bird flu: Medical Experts: U.S. Unlikely To Have Enough Vaccines To Stop Avian Flu + Jordan’s Health Ministry confirms first bird cases of avian flu + Jordan on maximum alert over bird flu + Libreville Declaration On Avian Influenza And the Threat of a Human Pandemic in Africa + Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis Ends in Baku + Bird flu spreads suspicion, disbelief in Azerbaijan villages + Israel says UN has agreed to help Palestinians fight bird flu + China Checks Out Tech To Track Bird Flu + Fowl play: RFID to compete with Smart-Tek to track bird-flu + Poland confirms new case of H5N1 bird flu + China reports 11th bird flu death + China: More H5N1 samples to be sent worldwide

WHO: African countries must invest in TB control

Aspirin equally heart-protective in men and women

The benefits of fish and linseed oils as elixir of life are another health myth

From cancer beaters to cold cures: the medical myths

Egypt close to eradicating curse of elephantiasis

Panel: Drug modafinil shouldn't be used for ADHD yet

Reebok recalls bracelet after lead poisoning kills Minnesota boy

NASA scientist undergoes testing of own organ for research project

TB strain resistant to many drugs emerges + "Virtually Untreatable" Strain of TB Emerges

AIDS researchers join forces in hunt for vaccine

Power of prayer to help heal studied

Type 1 diabetes reversed in mice

Teens undergo fast brain makeover

New Metal Detector To Study Human Disease

Jefferson Neurosurgeons Using Innovative Stent To Open Clogged Brain Arteries, Prevent Strokes

Discovery Of New Molecular Tools For Biosynthesis Could Lead To Advances In Use Of Pectin

Raloxifene, Drug Used For Osteoporosis, Shown To Potentially Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients

Doctors In Training Improve Skills Via Virtual Patient

Cheaper And Simpler Keyhole Surgery

Study With Mice Links Thimerosal With Immune System Dysfunction

Study Reveals Most Detailed Map Of Life-forming Instructions

Research Suggests Therapy Against Serious Side Effects Of Smallpox Vaccine

Scientists One Step Closer To Cancer Vaccine

UW-Madison Engineers Squeeze Secrets From Proteins

Heart Disease In Women Worse Than Previously Thought

X Chromosomes Key To Sex Differences In Health

Breast cancer drug cocktail hope

Environment, nature: London 'under water by 2100' as Antarctica crumbles into the sea + Pesticide exposure linked to lower IQ

Animals: Newly-discovered hairy crab species shakes up scientific community + Lax regulations allow invasive species to flourish in Great Lakes + Warbling Whales Speak A Language All Their Own + Protecting Endangered Species Helps Reduce Poverty, World Wildlife Fund Study Finds + When Mice Choose Mates, Experience Counts



Supreme Court orders death penalty case reargued to break tie

Bonds's Bid to Block `Game of Shadows' Book Profits Tossed Out by Judge A San Francisco

South Dakota abortion ban opponents seek referendum to block new law

Federal judge appointed to FISA court

Merck Scientist Testifies She Felt `Sick' After Seeing Vioxx Study Results

'I'd rather spend my life in jail than give her a single penny'

Howard Wasserman: Baseball, the Law, and the Rules, Part One: Thoughts on Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Pete Rose, and the Hall of Fame

Texas: Rohr found guilty in child custody case (kidnapping own children) + Accused mom questions herself

Authorities Say Minister's Wife Confessed

Red Cross Probes Katrina Misconduct, Theft

Seattle court opens file after 8 years of secrecy

Judge to be asked if 13-year-old can be tried as adult in slaying

Click. Anne Woolner: Enron's Glisan, Now an Inmate, Gets No Golden Key

South Dakota abortion ban opponents seek referendum to block new law




Cheney, at Fundraiser, Assails Democrats' `Competence' Against Terrorism

Bush Blasts Democrats on Economic Issues

Bush's charm, empathy may not be enough

Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Make Some Wary of Extended Stay

Click. William M. Arkin: Dots: An Apparatus of Domestic Repression?

Democrats question Bush on signing of budget bill with clerical error

Canadian crude: Is this our fuel fix? + Bush's new security strategy spells trouble for Canada

The great forestland sell-off

Homeland Security Chief Says Ports Deal Was Safer Bet

Bush slashes into CDC bone and muscle

Barbara Bush's Katrina donation ignites debate

U.S. Official Meets Azeri Civil Society Representatives

Puerto Rico sues US feds over killing of militant

Russia to react properly to US anti-missile base in Europe White House Joins EU in Belarus Sanctions, Calls for Immediate Release of Protesters

Armenian Foreign Minister to meet Steven Mann in Washington

More promptergate proof

How to make the Veep give that BIG smile

Immigration: Immigration to take center stage at trilateral summit + Bush restates desire for guest worker plan in immigration reform + Bush urges Congress to include worker program in immigration bill + Thousands march in Phoenix on immigration reform + LA: Students Take to Streets in Immigration Law Protest + W chides Hil, saying be nice on immig bill

Rice: US to certain to hold talks with Iran on Iraq: Rice + Rice to meet European troika to discuss crisis + Iran nuclear issue; Rice says no more stalling + Rice to visit Germany for Merkel talks on Thursday

FEMA: FEMA announces rental policy + FEMA abandons pledge to reopen no-bid Katrina contracts + Summary Box: FEMA abandons pledge to on no-bid Katrina contracts + Bush declares 27 more Missouri counties disaster areas

Social Security: Seniors struggle to get drug plans to pay for some prescriptions + Drug Plan Signup Numbers Released

Congress: US senators soften stance on China trade sanctions + China asks US for more tech & visas + Rep. King defends bill as 'God's work' + US senators at ease over Yuan's reform + Ideology, Self-Interest Stand in the Way of Political Compromise on Asbestos Claims

Democrats: Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold to travel to Iraq + Hil's real presidential at Realtors' meeting

GOP: Candidates cool to Bush, but not his money

War prisons: EU buries Guantanamo bay text + World Figures Demands Closing of US Torture Centers + Dutch sailors mimicked Abu Ghraib abuse + Abu Ghraib stonewall


E.J. Dionne, Jr.: The critic in chief

John W. Dean: Bush's FISA Defiance

Russ Baker: Ganging Up On Feingold

Miles Woolley: The Aging Effects of War

James Klurfeld: Bush should fire his top advisers on the Iraq war

Click. Robert Parry: 9/11 and Bush's negligence.

Madeleine Albright: Good vs. Evil isn't a strategy

Doug Thompson: Playing liar's poker

Xymphora: The next popular war -- against China

Rosa Brooks: A Dodo of a national security policy

Elio Cequea: What in the world is Bush so convinced and confident about?

Some thoughts about Jesus, the Church, my Country and the War

Jason Miller: Democratizing the World ... one torture victim at a time


MILITARY  Where civilians become Marines

Alaska National Guard taking larger role in Afghanistan

Manila may host training of US troops from Japan + Japan, U.S. discuss costs of moving Marines to Guam

Ailing vets overwhelm system

Planners raising funds for national memorial to disabled veterans

Peace activist defends Iraq plan

Hollywood takes on Iraq as public opinion shifts

Russian Astronauts Say Close Gitmo

China harvesting inmates' organs, journalist says

Wiccan vets want gravesite recognition

Dixie Chicks tackle Bush backlash

Italy's Berlusconi, Other Politicians Ridiculed in New Film `The Caiman'

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Adoption institute supports gay parents + Billie Jean King designing Palm Springs fitness center for gays + The Odyssey of Jin Xing


The Pen Is Mightier.... 

U.S. May Be Interrogating Pakistani Journalist

22 reporters held in Belarus this week--watchdog

Many student journalists insulated from pressure

Embedded with US troops in Ramala Blogger Quits

Universal to Try Film Download Service

Wikipedia study 'fatally flawed'

Al-Jazeera may hold off on English channel

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

If Picasso had been told: 'Those eyes won't do ...'

Savoy offers room with a view that inspired Monet

Painter of the northern past finds acclaim at the age of 82

Michael Billington: What's gone wrong at the National Theatre?

War against street art

Glastonbury festival film: The fun, the filth and the fury

Researchers trace monks' plight in China through poetry

New releases or just more old releases

Oldest wooden statues found in Egypt

Onassis foundation completes restoration of historic Greek cathedral in Egypt

Travolta picks Ocala as the next "Dallas"

Stephen Fry to make film on Indian math genius Ramanujan

Environmental films draw thousands in Washington

Guantanamo film to be released in the US and Canada

Navy unearths ancient Spanish ship

Buddy Holly's widow selling memorabilia

Spike Lee's newest film

Nancy Franklin on “Big Love”

Alex Ross on Ian Bostridge

Fashioning Kimono: Dress in Early 20th Century Japan

Catalonia: Babes, Booze and Brawls on the Beach

Surviving Germany with a Sketchbook in Hand

Critics unmoved by Rings musical

Contemporary Chinese Art Blooms All Around New York as Asia Week Begins

Mummies Star in L.A. Exhibition About Neolithic `Bog People' of Europe

Ringtones by Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson Will Be Auctioned on the Web

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March 23, 2006

Click.  Marie Cocco: Religion becomes U.S. public policy.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Newspaper suicide.

Click.  Chris Lehmann: Russ never sleeps.

Click.  John Solomon: In the aftermath of the Dubai ports dispute, the Bush administration is hiring a Hong Kong conglomerate to help detect nuclear materials inside cargo passing through the Bahamas to the United States and elsewhere.

Click.  Fred Burton: The quiet threat. Organized crime and cargo theft.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Hamas to shield fighters.

Click.  (Reuters) Afghan Christian convert controversy mirrors cartoons row.

Click.  Rasha Saad: The US is facing deadlock over Iran's nuclear file. A breakthrough, however, might be possible on Iraq.

Click.  Ranier Fsadni: A southern vision of the Mediterranean.

Click.  John Leyden: Firefox flaw wrecked my relationship.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Thom Yorke Gives Blair the Finger.

WAR IRAQ On the ground:   At Least 56 Dead in Latest Iraq Violence + Scores killed in Iraq + Attacks in Baghdad target police + Police killed in Baghdad blast + Briton, Canadians Freed in Iraq by Coalition Raid + Iraq Detainee Gave Rescuers Location of Hostages Freed After Four Months + 10th Mountain Division finds, destroys explosives + Troops providing security for pilgrims + Shia pilgrims attacked in Iraq + Troops derail attack on Iraqi prison + Anatomy of a Rebel Strike + Iran talks on Iraq may prove dialogue of the deaf + Military operation frees two Canadian hostages in Iraq + Iraqi marriages defy civil war spectre + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Click.Pentagon may formally require military prosecutors to observe a U.N. convention against torture in their use of evidence during tribunals at the Guantanamo + Secrets of Baghdad airport + Iraqi abuse trial ends without looking upward

AFGHANISTAN: Rice asks Afghan president for "favorable resolution" of convert's trial + Western leaders step into case of Afghan Christian convert + Some clerics call for killing Afghan Christian + UN believes Afghan in Christian convert case will be spared + Afghan foreign minister replaced + Hasty poppy eradication in Afghanistan can sow more problems

Pak. protests to Afghanistan over killing of at least 14 Pakistanis near southern Afghanistan border + Afghanistan probes killings of 14 Pakistanis + Pakistan official says dead ‘Taleban’ were civilians

MIDDLE EAST: Hamas says will stay away from Arab summit in Sudan

UAE: Foreign Workers Riot Over Conditions, Wages

First Kuwaiti woman to ever launch political campaign

Egypt: Mubarak, Lebanese PM meet in Egypt on tensions with Syria + Egypt to lift emergency laws + Egypt: Political Wranglings Place Gamal Mubarak Next in Line + The royals in Egypt

Israel, Palestine: Israel’s Olmert: Only parties support W. Bank pullouts will join government + Bird flu forces Israeli-Palestinian cooperation + Israel's new politics Shutting itself in, hoping for the best +Israel's superfluous election + Starving Gaza + There's water under desert, but hardly being used + Israel seizes, pollutes and overexploits Palestinian water + Netanyahu's star fades in Israeli election

Iran: Japan vows to keep developing giant Iran oil field + US asks Japan to halt Iran oil field project - Report + Major powers try to break UN impasse on Iran + MTN (South Africa) to launch cellphone network in Iran + Jaafari asks Iran, US to begin talks, meetings on Iraq + Russia Rejects U.N. Draft Statement Pressuring Iran to Stop Uranium Enrichment + Prvada: The standoff over Iran’s nuclear program nears the peak + Ahmadinejad’s Islamic New Year message

Syria, Lebanon: Syrian forces re-arrest dissident writer: rights groups + Assad appoints first woman as Syrian vice president + Syria: Domestic opposition gaining strength, but still facing pressures + Differences on fate of Lahoud postpone inter- Lebanese dialogue + BBC: Hizbullah and Aoun do not view Lahoud as the problem + al-Qatrieh: Miqati: political discourse against Syria is unacceptable + European countries call for endorsing Association Agreement with Syria + Prince Al-Walid voices readiness to back development in Syria

RUSSIA: State Duma to address to UK about extraditing Berezovsky + Moscow regrets Kyiv demands to alter Transdniestria convoy's route + Ukraine demands Russian humanitarian convoy alter route + Russia to meet Ukraine's demand on aid delivery to Moldovan breakaway region + S. Ossetia to draft documents for joining Russia via high court + Official warns of graft risk in foreign strategic sphere access + S. Ossetia status must be resolved within commission - official + Russian, Hungarian companies discuss energy cooperation + Russian Prosecutors Charge 3 More Yukos Officials

Belarus opts for its Batka + Click. Belarus no less democratic than Latvia, Estonia - analyst + Breakaway Transdnestr region turns to Belarus for help + Belarus Opposition Activist Attacked in Capital Minsk + Belarus Election Commission Dismisses Fraud Complaints

EUROPE: EU Leaders Rebuff Proposal for Single Energy Regulator to Remove Barriers + Economic nationalism row flares before EU summit + EU set for summit clash over protectionism+ EU ministers consider immigrant ‘contracts’ + Turkey To Become EU Member In Short Time, Babacan + Berlusconi set for protectionism fight

Baltic countries to boost NATO unit

Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine to Test Orange Revolution Ideals

Retired Polish official arrested for smuggling heroine

Britain: 500 medical jobs moved to Mexico + Blair Defends Foreign Policy of Intervention + UK terror bill to become law after Lords cave on 'glorification' offense

France's blog revolt + Protests in France erupt into violence + French Protesters Riot Over Jobs Plan; De Villepin Will Meet With Unions

Germany's Real Divide

Spain: Imams, Rabbis Urge Mutual Respect

CENTRAL ASIA: Click. U.S. Top Karabakh Negotiator Says 2006 is the Year for Deal re: Azerbaijan, Armenia

No humanitarian crisis in Transdnestr - EU mission

Russian, Kazakh deputy premiers discuss energy cooperation

AFRICA: Click. Ranier Fsadni: A southern vision of the Mediterranean

East African leaders to meet in Tanzania next month

Britain to improve relations with Zimbabwe: official

Gunmen killed in clash with UN forces in southern Sudan

Drought stricken Eritrea expels international relief agencies

Uganda set to provide climate warning system services Western world ignoring demise of Nigeria

S. Africa Divided by Rape Trial

ASIA PACIFIC: Russia, China for trilateral cooperation with with India

China: China opposes Japan’s call for reform of UN dues + US should be realistic about China's military costs growth + Trade frictions result of US savings shortfall + Co-op with mainland safeguards HK's role as financial center:Official + China, Russia to use large containers to carry goods + Hefty investment set aside for highway construction in Tibet + China Focus: U.S. senators more optimistic about China's currency reform + Central bank pledges to make yuan more flexible + Work on Russia-China oil pipeline to begin soon + China key role in Russia's oil strategy: oil tycoon + China gets pound of Russian flesh

Japan: Japan vows to keep developing giant Iran oil field + Japan puts off aid to China due to sour ties + Japan suspends loans to China + Japan signs up for more Australian LNG + Japan ponders tax cuts to boost falling birth rate

N. & S. Korea: DRPK denounces US, ROK drills + Re-enacting horrors of North Korean prison + Click. N. Korea Upgrades Mobile Missile Arsenal: Report + North Korea's Behavior at Family Reunions Draws Protest + US official visits inter-Korean industrial zone in North Korea

Malaysia launches low cost carrier terminal + Racism alive and well in Malaysia

Papuanrage focuses on world's richest mine

Philippine army moves to quash coup attempt

Exxon Oil Offers Hope for Indonesia's Poor

SOUTH ASIA: Pakistan: Musharraf warns Al Qaeda militants to quit Pakistan or face death + Pak. protests to Afghanistan over killing of at least 14 Pakistanis near southern Afghanistan border + Five Sentenced in Deadly Bombing of Shiite Shrine

India: India's Sonia Gandhi resigns from parliament + Analysis: Key Russia role in Indian energy + India vows more refinery growth despite glut fears + N-deal will put India in NPT loop: Burns + Panel raps Coal India’s outsourcing plan + Siemens venture capital to begin India operations in June

AMERICAS: EU to offer 500 mln euros for L.America to ease water crisis

World Bank OKs $350 million for Argentina workfare

Venezuela: Venezuela Lawmakers OK Ex-Chavez Opponent As Envoy To UN + UK firm ends Venezuela land row + Venezuela wants explanations from Ecuador re: indigenous protests + Mexican spin doctors paint Venezuelan President as ogre + Chavez Frias: Venezuela is preparing to take on world energy + Why both Iran and Venezuela must expect preemptive military strikes + Venezuela hits Sincor heavy oil deal with back tax + Venezuela halts oil lifting at Exxon field + Venezuela, US aviation authorities seek solution

Chile President Seeks Pension Rise Costing Over $180 Million Annually + Banco Chile mulling growth via takeovers

Bolivia: Suspects held in La Paz bombing + Bolivians unite behind dream to reclaim the sea + In Bolivia, world's highest ski resort melting away + Chile calls on Bolivia to restart diplomatic ties + Bolivia Investigates Terrorist Actions + Petrobras: Relations with Bolivia have never been clearer + "Unbalanced" US bomber in Bolivia likes Bin Laden, hates Bush + (Granma) Attacks in Bolivia

NATION OF ISLAM LEADERS IN CUBA + < Cuban foreign minister defends the Non-Aligned Movement as a forum for political agreement

Mexico: Mexico Agriculture Ministry Denies Speculation on Bird Flu Case+ Mexico Eyes Potential of Chinese Tourists + Mexican ports eye Asia

Costa Rica Seeks to Shut Its Doors to Illegal Migrants From Nicaragua


UN Human Rights Commission to close next week

Suspects held in La Paz bombing + "Unbalanced" US bomber in Bolivia likes Bin Laden, hates Bush

Moussaoui case: Official lists FAA steps to prevent 9/11 + Hijack tip-off key to thwarting Sept 11 attacks + Prosecution Begins Rebuilding Moussaoui Case + TSA lawyer subpoenaed by Moussaoui trial court to explain herself

Click. US supergrass tells UK bomb trial of jihad impetus

Click. Al-Qaeda recruiting Azeri girls

New Turkish anti-terror measures

US Designates Hezbollah-Owned Al Manar TV As Terrorist Group

Hamas to shield fighters + "We can not leave Hamas alone:" Islamic Jihad official

Terrorist Posada Carriles to remain in custody in Washington + Venezuela demands US hand over Cuban "terrorist" + Posada won't go free; may be witness

Let Computers Screen Air Baggage

Click. Fred Burton: The quiet threat. Organized crime and cargo theft.

Pravda: USA capable of wiping out Russia’s nuclear capacity in single strike

Indonesian prosecutors demand 10-year sentence for terror suspect

Analysis: Basque offer raises questions

Russian Scientist Charged With Disclosing State Secret

Interview: Viktor Mikhailov: Part 2

Israeli-Indian counterterrorist body meets

Convert Afghan Christian trial raises WH hackles

Despite partnership, Russia spying on U.S.

Specter to Shepherd Bills Through Senate

Naji Sabri denies being CIA spy

Guantanamo Bay Briton was MI5 spy, court is told

SC remits Samba spy case for fresh hearing to Delhi HC

Croatia To Have One Instead Of Two Civilian Intelligence Agencies

Germans weigh right vs wrong in spying, terror war

Tough reply to navy spying

Interest in Learning Arabic Soars

RIP: Samuel Middleton Hines CIA Budget Director

Industrial Espionage (Kazakhstan) + Two Held for Offering Key Technology to Kazakhstan

Microbiologist is fired 4 days after indictment

Suspect in Corning spy case seeks plea deal

Stinger Missiles In Afghanistan A Threat US

These Maps Are Nice to Look at, but Not Smart

Microsoft makes changes to Windows group + The hard lessons of Vista

First molecular machine combination revealed

MIT moves closer to morphing

Sony sees the online light

NASA launches ST5 Satellites

The Sun's New Exotic Neighbor: A Very Cool Brown Dwarf

Cold Case: Looking For Life On Mars

Carnegie Scientists Fine-tuning Methods For Stardust Analysis


Bird flu: Serious symptoms, carelessness in Egypt + + Bird flu forces Israeli-Palestinian cooperation + Click. Avian Flu Spreads to Gaza, Jordan Valley and Possibly Elsewhere + Shanghai reports one suspected human bird flu death case + Mexico Agriculture Ministry Denies Speculation on Bird Flu Case

UN food agency says cases of mad cow disease are declining steadily + Successful Cell Engineering May Lead To Mad Cow Prevention, Say Researchers

Warming Trend May Contribute To Malaria's Rise

Younger breast cancer patients more at risk: study

Sino-US research center for clinical drugs founded

HK scientists develop new, effective anti-malaria drug

Cuban combined therapy against chronic Hepatitis C

Drug, device makers get tax break in new law

Map Mashups Get Personal

Eat To Live: High-class food -- guaranteed

Therapy offered for caring mothers

Ocean virus identified in human blood

Smoking cessation among seniors is studied

Physicians not prone to philanthropy

Drug could treat advanced Alzheimer's

Diabetes study called partial success

Infants Begin Learning Language As Early As 10 Months Researchers Find

Electrical Stimulation Boosts Stroke Recovery, Study Shows

Keeping Patients From Falling Through The Medical-imaging Cracks

Study Challenges Rush To Medicate Schizophrenia

New Lipid Molecule Holds Promise For Gene Therapy

Imaging Technology Helps Identify Esophageal Cancer Patients Who Respond Well To Treatment

Topical Antiseptic Reduces Umbilical Cord Infection And Mortality Risk

Effects Of Preterm Birth And Early Environmental Risks Continue Into Adolescence

Changes To In Utero Environment May Alter Onset Of Cancer

Scientists Discover That Widely Available Drug Also Helps Fight Kidney Disease

Exercise Reduces Menopausal Symptoms And Improves Quality Of Life

Children's Earliest Words Stem From What Interests Them

A Varied Assault on Depression Yields Gains

Scientists Sound Warning on High Natural Fluoride Levels

Vaccine study findings fuel debate over autism

Environment: Chernobyl blast may have killed over 1,000 British children + Carbon-neutral bank helps farmers + Study U.S. firms ignoring global warming + ESA satellite flood mapping service begins + Soil Erosion Threatens Environment And Human Health, Study Reports + New DNA 'Fingerprinting' Technique Separates Hemp From Marijuana + World Water Day: Space Tool Aids Fight For Clean Drinking Water + Climate Change And The Rise Of Atmospheric Oxygen + MTBE Contamination: A Microbial Approach For Groundwater

Animals: Whale song reveals sophisticated language skills + You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours: Chimps Point To Spot They'd Like Groomed


A Combative High Court Limits Searches of Homes

Huge E-Mail Fraud Charged

Click. Online sexual material is obscene if any community in US objects

Court mulls limits on prison lawsuits

Change in `undue burden' standard could shift abortion law

Florida high court allows same-sex ban ballot initiative, strikes down redistricting

New York AG Spitzer sues internet company for massive privacy breach

Nevada sues US government to gain documents on Yucca Mountain waste site Specter rebukes White House on warrantless domestic surveillance


Bush urges "civil debate" on immigration

President Bush Takes His `I Get Iraq' Tour + Rumsfeld Resists Making Iraq Predictions + Bush Presses Iraqi Groups to Agree on Government

Bush administration hires Hong Kong firm to help detect nuclear materials inside cargo passing through Bahamas to US

Click. (Reuters) Afghan Christian convert controversy mirrors cartoons row.

Click. US is facing deadlock over Iran's nuclear file. A breakthrough, however, might be possible on Iraq.

Iran poses threat to dominance of the US dollar

India, US rally for their nuclear deal

US talking to Iran re: Iraq may prove dialogue of the deaf

Ottawa to buy Russian natural gas, sell it to U.S.

New Poll Shows New Yorkers Support Missile Defense

US official visits inter-Korean industrial zone in North Korea

U.S. Loosens Its Policy on Building Roads in Parkland

Bush approves repeal of Jackson-Vanik amendment for Ukraine

Bush's Uncle Earned Millions in War Firm Sale

Scientists Urge EPA To Reconsider Soot Pollution Standard + FDIC to raise insurance limits

Congress: US senators urge China to act fast to revalue renminbi + Chinese vice permier meets U.S. senators + Specter to Shepherd Bills Through Senate+ A Congressman's Booty Goes On Auction + Rolling Stone Reporter Discovers How Easy It Is To Be A Fake Lobbyist In DC...

Voting: New Orleans, another stolen election in the works


Sydney Blumenthal: Apocalyptic president

De Borchgrave: Torture blame game

M. K. Bhadrakumar: Reheating the Cold War

Thomas Hartgrove: Return of the gender gap

Jennifer Loven: Bush's road trip. Smart politics or a last desperate act?

Leonard Spector: How Bush's India nuclear deal burned Canada Harry Sterling: Judiciary challenges Karzai vision

Blood for pork....

Russia to send over 150 exhibits to SOFEX 2006 in Jordan

First Pathfinder Seeker for Missile Defense Agency's Multiple Kill Vehicle System


Army, AF Announce Joint Cargo Aircraft Program

Army plans to transform IRR

The US needs to build a smarter military, not a bigger arsenal

Navy rule on prayer ignites a debate

Missile Defense Technology Valid, Viable, General Says

Laser JDAM turns attention to precision bomb battle


Bayer Offers to Buy Schering for $19.5 Billion, Topping Bid by Merck KGaA

Google to Join S&P 500 After Stock More Than Quadruples Since Its 2004 IPO

Unlocking China's commercial disputes

US well represented in world's richest horse race in Dubai

Indian exports to cross 92 billion US dollars

Harley-Davidson to open dealership in China

Japan goes shopping at thevillage stall

E-commerce remains Brown's budgetary blind spot

GM: Buyout Feels to Them Like Being Sold Out + GM, Delphi at Crossroads After Cost Cuts

Sears and KMart: Big Question: What's in Store?

Lutem: Ottoman Empire Granted Broad Religious Freedoms To Non-muslim Minorities

Australia Internet blockade

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:

Nigeria: Obasanjo Must Withdraw Bill to Criminalize Gay Rights + Poll: Acceptance of Gay Marriage Up + A Boston Gay Men’s Chorus member explains: Why do we sing? + Denia judge refuses to marry gay English couples + Pro gay adoption organisation seeks parents

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Across the Web/Print Divide

Another Bad Slip for 'NY Times'

'SF Chronicle' Faces Lawsuit by Barry Bonds

Committee to Protect Journalists calls Algerian government of free journalists

Nicholas Lemann on Bill O’Reilly

Chavez critiques headline-grabbing Inter American press barons

Russia's Federal Security Service closes down Pravda.Ru's Russian version over caricatures

Yahoo! to broadcast CBS's 60 Minutes


Don Hazen: Bringing the 60s out of the closet

Click. John Leyden: Firefox flaw wrecked my relationship

You can't cheat the dark gods

Blond Faith Drives the Marilyn Market

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

The Serengeti in Siberia

250-Year-Old Tortoise Dies

Willapa Bay Salmon Trail: a boardwalk on the wild side

Music. 'Laptopping' With Francis Preve + Johann Sebastian PowerBook

Musical based on Johnny Cash songs

Benjamin Britten: The Riven Consciousness

Ben Greenman on the Little Willies and Van Morrison

Sharon Stone's Stab at Tinseltown

Can older 'American Idol' singers find success? - Ancient sarcophagus unearthed in Cyprus

Great Books Lists: Lists of Classics, Eastern and Western

Native plants are stars of Borrego Springs garden tour

Picasso's $50 Million `Dora Maar au Chat' May Draw 15 Bidders at Sotheby's A Pablo Picasso

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March 22, 2006

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: If they had searched Moussaoui's belongings, agents might have stopped the 9/11 attacks, but in 2001 the case wasn't a priority, a former top official says.

Click.  Jane Smiley: Notes for converts.

Click.  Nat Hentoff: FDR's lifeline for Democrats.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Bush just can't stop lying.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Fly into a building? Who could imagine?

Click.  (Daily Kos) Bush signs Bill into law: Congress never voted on Bill.

Click.  Walter Pincus: Spy agencies rethinking use of contractors. Pentagon is training people and then seeing them leave for better private pay.

Click.  (New York Daily News) After Dubai ports snafu, Clintons work to get on same page.

Click.  (Washington Times) Freezing nuns as a result of the Patriot Act.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Police officers who lack a warrant can't search a home when one occupant consents and the other objects, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a ruling that prompted Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to write his first dissent.

Click.  (Bloomberg) General Motors Corp., struggling with mounting losses and eroding market share, offered buyouts of as much as $140,000 to a third of its U.S. factory employees and agreed with its biggest auto-parts supplier on ways to entice workers to retire.

Click.  (Bloomberg) A federal grand jury indicted 50 members of a Colombian rebel group on charges of importing more than $25 billion worth of cocaine into the U.S. and other countries.

Click.  Joseph Menn: Dean Singleton's likely bid for Knight Ridder papers renews debate on his bottom-line strategy.

 Click.  (AFP) Saudi plan to expand investor base sees rise in bourse.

Click.  (Daily Star) The U.A.E.'s recent feats serve to highlight Lebanon's failures.

Click.  (Times Union) A Chinese emigre remained in federal custody Tuesday as his attorney downplayed government allegations he was funneling guidance systems to the Chinese military.

Click.  (BBC) ETA declares permanent ceasefire.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Prosecutor fed up with Polk defending herself.

Click.  Jason Dearen: Polk wraps up exhaustive questioning of son. Orinda murder defendant voices frustration with prosecutor, judge.

Click.  Marin County: School board leashes drug-dog plan. Plan to send them onto black campuses is labeled racist.

Click.  (SMH.Com) New hovering car spotted.

Click.  Chris Williams. Bird flu's problem.

Click.  (BBC) A diet rich in a fat found in oily fish may help prevent the spread of prostate cancer, research suggests.

March 21, 2006

Click.  (The Guardian) Pakistani Taliban take control of unruly tribal belt.

Click.  (PakTribune) Pakistan successfully test-fires Hatf-VII cruise missile.

Click.  (MoscowNews) Russia, China block UN statement on Iran.

Click.  (Zaman) Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has said ethnic cleansing is being carried out in Iraq.

Click.  (Regnum) Iran to arrange second “Great Depression” for USA?

Click.  (AFP) Water both a lifesaver and weapon in Middle East conflict.

Click.  Mitch Alborn: Three years down, how many more to go?

Click.  Wendy Orent: Blame "big chicken".  (Bird flu man-made, claims scientist.)

Click.  (Zaman) Chavez challenges the US.

Click.  Jason Dearen: Judge threatens to revoke Susan Polk's right to represent herself.

Click.  Stefan Lovgren: Nanoscience guru shares large visions of tiny tech's future.

Click.  (Bradblog) Legal action to be filed in California to halt use or purchase of Diebold voting machines.

Click.  (BBC) In pictures, Mexico equinox.

March 20, 2006

Click.  Robert Fisk: The Iraq War. Three Years On - the march of folly, that has led to a bloodbath.

Click.  Juan Cole: Top ten catastrophes of the third year of American Iraq.

Click.  Peter Dale Scott: 10-year US strategic plan for detention camps revives proposals from Oliver North.

Click.  Gary Younge: This misadventure has alienated most of the world from Bush.

Click.  (The Independent) Death squads on the prowl in a nation paralyzed by fear.

Click.  Fikret Ertain: Operation Samarra.

Click.  Jack M. Balkin: Bush administration claims authority for warrantless physical searches.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Illogical cutbacks on cancer.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Bogus Bush bashing.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal: At Least We Protested The War.

Click.  Jason Leopold: Libby attorneys identify CIA officials in Plame leak.

Click.  R. Scott Moxley: Bad Dads. The Haidl Gang-Rape case could’ve ended years ago with better parenting.

Click.  (AP) California restraining order law fatally flawed.

Click.  (DailyKos) Why the French demonstrations are the same fight as yours against Bush/Cheney.

Click.  Steve Olsen: Why We're all Jesus' children. Go back a few millenniums, and we've all got the same ancestors.

March 18, 19, 2006

Click.  Paul Reynolds: Iraq three years on. A bleak tale.

Click.  (BBC) France general strike threatened.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: The place Santa Rosa's Norman Rockwell doctors came from.

Click.  Rayne Wolfe: Kids Get on the Bus. Nonprofit founded by 2 nuns gives children, incarcerated moms Mother's Day visit.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Cults: From L. Ron Hubbard to George W. Bush.

Click.  Misha Berson: Why theater should stick its neck out.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Tom Cruise Is An Ass: Comedy Central Should Be Ashamed.

Click.  (BBC) Earth could seed Titan with life.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Valley of the rolls.

Click.  Greg McArthur: The invention that makes Al Qaeda rich.

Click.  Elliot Spagat: US canal plan sparks outcry from Mexico.

Click.  Hamish McDonald: In Japan's ruling part, a perverse mind-set lives on.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Unethical science by dedicated scientists.

Click.  (The Telegraph) When genius met madness.

March 17, 2006

Click.  Michael J. Sniffen, Leslie Miller: "Lawyers for two airlines being sued by 9/11 victims prompted a federal attorney to coach witnesses in the Zacarias Moussaoui death penalty trial so the government's case against the al-Qaida conspirator would not undercut their defense, victims' lawyers allege."

Click. (CNN) Who is Carla Martin?

Click. Joseph Cannon: Atta, Weldon and Able Danger.

Click. (Xinhua) Gene changes found in Vietnam's Agent Orange victims.


Click. (Xinhua) Heinz denies its product with GE rice.

March 16, 2006

Click.  Tom Chorneau: California bond measure fails to make the ballot. Assembly approves package, but Senate doesn't take vote.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Stop Bush's war.

Click.  Dahr Jamail: Iraq -- permanent US colony.

Click.  (The Independent) MI5, Camp Delta and the story that shames Britain.

Click.  Bill Gertz: China is stepping up military training in Latin America because of a law that limits U.S. military support to nations in the region.

Click.  (IndyStar) Indiana Toll Road leased to overseas consortium for 75 years in exchange for an upfront payment of $3.8 billion.

Click.  Justin Rood: Cunningham felon involved in domestic spying.

Click.  Kristen M. Hall: President Andrew Jackson's home added to Cherokee Trail of Tears.

Click.  Tom de Castella has twice served as a human guinea pig at the north London hospital where six volunteers were taken seriously ill this week. Here he describes life as a "lab rat" in the unit.

Click.  John Duncanson: Toronto sex crime investigators cracked a seemingly impenetrable child pornography Internet ring, providing police around the world with ammunition to make dozens of arrests and save seven children from further abuse.

Click.  Katherine Schrader: The Bush administration last year quietly rewrote the rules for allowing gays and lesbians to receive national-security clearances.

Click.  (BBC) Enigma project cracks second code.

Click.  (ABC) Peppers kill prostate cancer cells: study.

March 15, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) A prosecutor in the death penalty trial of confessed Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui said there's ``no point'' in continuing the case after a judge barred witnesses the government said were crucial to its case

Click.  Jonathan Landay: FBI documents raise new questions about extent of surveillance.

Click.  (Raw Story) Congressman Waxman writes White House: Did President knowingly sign law that didn't pass?

Click.  (Reuters) Sheikha Lubna Al Qassimi, UAE Economy Minister, will discuss a free-trade deal in Washington next week.

Click.  Carol Giacomo: Former officials launch fresh look at U.S. Iraq policy.

Click.  (AKI) Saudi Arabia. Women show their true faces in Italy.

Click.  (The Australian) Islamic clerics will be trained in Australian universities under a proposal by Muslim leaders to prevent students being radicalized by fundamentalist teaching in the Middle East.

Click.  Michael Vatikiotis: Iran, the Asian charmer.

Click.  (The Guardian) Chongqing is the fastest-growing urban centre on the planet.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Bush's sex police chief arrested.

Click.  Matt Frei: It's official. George Bush has been misunderstood!

Click.  Robert Parry: Feingold, Kerry & the "strategists".

Click.  Joseph E. Steiglitz: On oil, Bush deploys vast reserves of ineptitude.

Click.  Jonathan Cook: British blundering and the Jericho prison debacle.

Click.  Colin Bower: Where power meets profit.

Click.  Sebastien Blanc: Plan in place to save the world's rarest mammal -- the Javian rhinoceros.

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Two US soldiers killed in western Iraq + 11 killed in US raid in Iraq + Iraq Says It Foiled Green Zone Plot + Mass grave find fuels sectarian tension in Iraq + Baghdad police find 85 bodies in 24 hours + U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq + Abizaid says U.S. may want to keep bases in Iraq + More Troops Head to Iraq -- Temporarily + Iraqi family killed in 'perfect U.S. crime' + Redcaps killed by Iraq mob 'were let down by officers' + Iraq's Sectarian Violence Has Created `Political Vacuum,' Envoy to UN Says + Saddam call on Iraqis to fight prompts court closure during testimony+ Saddam's Half-Brother Testifies at Trial + Former Saddam PM held by US for trial seeks medical attention in Moscow + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Canadian troops fire on Afghan car, one killed + Opium licensing scheme in Afghanistan proposed + Afghanistan to drug lords: Invest profits here at home + 'Major challenge facing Afghanistan is to prevent Taliban' from creating environment of insecurity + Huge energy reserves found in Afghanistan + Afghanistan-Pakistan: Dangerous Tension + Grant County man among 4 killed in Afghanistan + Soldiers brace for spectacular Taliban offensive + Afghanistan could hold 3.6 bln bbl oil - USGS study + Prime Minister Harper Visits Afghanistan + Click. Religious seminary demolished in tribal belt along Pak-Afghan border + Good times roll in city (Kabul) where fun was banned

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt: Pope and Mubarak Talked About Iraq, Iran and Egypt + Members of Egypt's Democratic Opposition Feel America Has Deserted Them

UAE: Malta, United Arab Emirates sign double taxation agreement + Foreigners may be able to buy land in Dubai + Reversal of ports deal not to affect US-UAE relations + Preparing global woman leaders!

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia will continue to support Palestinians, says Hamas + Hardline Saudi clerics fete Hamas delegation + Hamas says gets Saudi promise on continued aid + 'Saudi Arabia's WTO Accession Is Due to Its Economic Policy' + Behind the veil

Israel, Palestine: Israeli Raid a Blow to Abbas' Prestige+ Israeli attack sparks uprising in Gaza and West Bank + UK 'warned of Jericho prison pullout' + Britain accused after day of chaos + A sudden exit, a jail is stormed + Leader: The walls of Jericho + Background: Jericho monitors + Israel is accused in effect of annexing the Jordan Valley + Israelis seize leader from jail + Violence shatters any hopes of negotiated peace + Britain's diplomacy counts for little now + British relations with Palestinians at breaking point + British offices attacked as Israel captures militant + Israel to try Palestinians seized from Jericho prison + Britain “respects” Hamas victory but it must recognize Israel

Iran: UN council accord on Iran text eludes major powers + Iran’s Ahmadinejad: West opposes our nukes to let Israel live on + Iran Reaches Nuclear Agreement with Russia + Jordanian King: Military Intervention in Iran Explodes ME + Britain drafts 14-day Iran nuclear deadline + Iranian nuclear problem: China calls for patience and flexibility + How Iran's leaders influence opinion at home and abroad + House Panel Backs Tighter Iran Sanctions + White House opposes Iran sanctions bill -lawmaker + Japan's Nippon Oil cuts back Iran crude imports + China, Iran: An Oil Cutoff's Chief Victim + Iran ready to host Caspian states summit + Britain woos Iranians amid tension with government

Syria, Lebanon: Syria switches from dollars to euros in its budgets + SYRIA: Kurds detained after protest on anniversary of clash + Syria: Rights Activist Arrested Upon Return Home + Assad to be questioned over killing of Hariri + Hariri inquiry 'making progress' + Lebanon to establish relations with Syria + Lebanon to disarm Palestinian militants outside refugee camps + Syria and Cyprus Ink a Memo of Understanding on Anti-Money Laundering + Syria and Antigua Barbuda Discuss Role of Expatriates + Russia-Syria trade in 2005 up by 120 million + Lebanon Wants Brazil to Hold Onto Banker to be questioned over Hariri killing

RUSSIA: Belarus expels election observers + Belarus: Writer Sees Little Potential For Change + Russia Appoints New Special Envoy to Middle East + Russia, Syria to Push Hamas to Road Map— Russian FM + Russian Duma Says UN War Crimes Tribunal 'Useless' + Russia's Algeria arms deal + Russian minister: now is not the time to speak about ratification of Energy Charter + Russia warns against isolating Hamas


Britain: Workers from the East put Britons to shame + If the Tories want to finish Blair, they must swallow hard and kill the Bill + Blair faces defeat on schools Bill as Tories plan to vote with rebels + 100 days on, David Cameron's star stops rising + Enough of this cover-up: the Wilson plot was our Watergate

Lagging Berlusconi tries to make up with electorate + Insults and accusations as Prodi and Berlusconi go head-to-head + 500,000 illegal immigrants in Italy

French farmers insist rare bears get off their land + France in bid to encourage staff share ownership + France rules out concessions as Enel readies bid + Temaru's independence talk upsets France + Chirac finally speaks up for PM + Hate in the streets

Forces target Karadzic 'network'

Germany Pumps Millions of Euros Into Hydrogen-Powered Tech

Has Holland's renowned tolerance failed its Muslims?

Turkey: Basci to Maintain Monetary Policies

Estonia: The 'Managed Indiscretions' Of Lennart Meri

Ukraine: Ukraine: Kyiv Tightens Customs Controls On Transdniester + Ukrainian president does not still know who stands behind RosUkrEnergo + Speaker of Ukrainian parliament: Supreme Rada to interfere in Transdnestr conflict if necessary + European Union accused Transdnestr of self-blockade

Second front for Armenia to become fourth one for Georgia

Milosevic: Serb nationalists could stage show of force at Milosevic funeral + Russian Lawmakers Call for Closure of UN Tribunal Over Milosevic Death + ICTY may release confidential documents in Milosevic case + Russia's parliament calls on probe into death of Milosevic + Milosevic smuggled in drugs + Milosevic son claims body and prepares for funeral in Serbia + Serb nationalists still a force + ICTY knew Milosevic had access to drugs, alcohol: officials

CENTRAL ASIA: Click. Uzbekistan Jails Eight For Wahhabism

Human Rights Not A Priority In Central Asia, U.S. Report Says

Click. South Caucasian confederation: pro and contra. Views of regional experts

AFRICA: IMF head says debt relief not enough for Africa

Drought to affect Kenya for years + Kenyans facing Goldenberg charges + A fearless Kenyan whistle-blower + Sleaze hits Kenya's 'clean' rulers + We were unaware of their presence, police say re: Armenians + Conflicting words from minister on foreigners’ origins

Zimbabwe MDC 'plotters' released + Zimbabwe: Govt Plans to Import Wheat to Cover Shortages + Zimbabwe: Arrest of Opposition MP for Insulting Mugabe Slammed

Liberian police boss suspended

Chad crushes coup attempt: radio

Nigeria: American Hostage Begs for Freedom, Whereabouts of Two Others Unknown + Nigeria: FG Earns $650m From Awards of Deepwater Oil Blocks + Nigeria: Three Million Displaced Due to Ethnic, Religious Crises

South Africa: Winter Power Misery Looms, Govt Warns Capetown + ANC licks its wounds in Cape Town + Zuma trial: Top cop's paperwork questioned

Uganda: Drought, Elections Take Toll On Prices + Uganda: Judge Refuses to Quash Besigye Treason Charges

Côte d'Ivoire: Rebel Leader Attends First Cabinet Meeting in Over a Year

Benin: Official Results Confirm Second Round Run-Off in Presidential Poll + Benin: Poultry Farmers Hit the Road to Encourage People to Eat Chicken

Ethiopia: Prosecutor General Decides for Release of 395 Detainees

ASIA PACIFIC: Viceroys long gone, EU builds new Asia presence

Who's afraid of the new Japan?

Top Philippines lawyer quits post

Thailand: Thaksin may step down temporarily: Thai media + THAI REVOLUTION? + Thai PM hints at stepping aside + Profile: Thaksin Shinawatra + Thai first-deputy PM opens door for talks with opponents

China: Invisible city, Chongqing + Sino-Pakistan ties thrive + Debate over China's pace of reform seen raging on + Senate China Critics to Travel to Beijing + China, Sri Lanka sign economic agreements + China's rural poor win pledge + Poster issued to hail "socialist concept of honor and disgrace" + China-ASEAN joint cooperation committee holds 7th meeting + China slowly revising its capital punishment system + Rural Chinese parents finally get relief from rising school costs

N. & S. Korea: Springtime for Kim Jong Il - gulags of Korea put on stage + S Korea opens DMZ checkpoints + North Korea Has Right to Carry Out Preemptive Strike, Army Says + How Ms. Ma of North Korea Seeks Asylum in America + Japan, S. Korea urge North to return to nuke talks + Favor of golf game kills political life of S. Korean PM

Australia: Islamic clerics to train at university

SOUTH ASIA: Nepal rebels expel senior leaders

India: India starts to fight back against rampant energy theft + India iron ore output to jump six times by 2030 + India says Russian nuclear fuel deal clean + Canada to review civilian N-understanding with India +India, Singapore to fine-tune pact + Bangladesh PM’s visit to India to improve ties + Largest Kashmiri rebel group says peace talks incomplete without militants

Pakistan: Pakistan, Canada vow to enhance trade + Three hurt in bomb blast in south-western Pakistan + Kashmir a disputed area: Pakistan + Dozens held, madrasa blown up, in Pakistan crackdown + MUSLIM AID IMPLEMENTS MICRO-CREDIT PROJECT IN PAKISTAN + Bomb blast injures 13 in Pakistan's Baluchistan province + Pakistan acquires UAVs from Europe + IPI gas pipeline project is in Pakistan’s interest + Security of foreigners working on developmental projects to be ensured: Sherpao

Tamil rebels 'extorting Diaspora' + Sri Lanka's undeclared war + Balance of fear + Q&A:Sri Lanka crisis

AMERICAS: Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field + Mexico's Pemex to invest $37.5 bln in Chicontepec + Mexico shows World Water Forum what not to do + Mexico says drink the water + Update 1: Wasteful Mexico City Hosts Water Summit + Mexico to revive mothballed nuclear power program

Colombia reaches free trade agreement with USA + Colombia's Uribe Poised for Re-Election

Argentina, Brazil, Peru: Latin America Local Bond Preview + Merrill Recommends Selling Peru, Buying Colombia Debt (Update1)

Leftist fiesta in Chile for Bachelet inauguration + Chile: Bachelet Faces First Crisis + BLOODY ‘TOMA’ CHALLENGES CHILE’S BACHELET

Brazil's Lula Widens Lead in Polls for October Vote, Ibope Says + Brazil grapples with jungle piracy dilemma + Brazil's thirst for energy to flood Amazon habitats

Bolivia Questions Spanish Oil Company Executives in Smuggling probe + Bolivia Socializing Water for All

Venezuela’s role as a new “lender of last resort’’ has reduced USA's influence + Venezuelan Ambassador beaten and abused by Israeli Occupation Police + Venezuelan opposition divided on elimination of electronic voting + Brazil's Petrobras starts drilling for natural gas in Venezuela's Cojedes State

Argentina Raises Non-Taxable Minimum Wage + Foreigners change ways of Argentina wine country + Click. Argentine wine industry receives more than US$1.5B + Uruguay, Argentina Solving Crisis

Wal-Mart Ups Central American Investment

Nicaragua Spurns US Declarations

UN in Guatemala 'racism' warning

El Salvador: Mayor Vote Count Suspended + El Salvador's Irrelevant Elections


United Nations: UN approves Human Rights Council over US opposition + UN wants Khmer Rouge genocide trial to start soon

Allen Leaves CIA to Lead Homeland Security Intelligence Shakeup

U.S. Cuts Back Request for Google Data + Judge to Order Google to Turn Over Records

Islamist leader freed in Algeria

Australia Voices Concerns About Latest Setback to U.S. Stealth Fighter

Expert: statements about CIA prisons in Ukraine are a logical step by Russia

Islamic Banking Conference Calls to Combat Money Laundering

Russia to build an elite submarine group

Greece: Imam wanted by Pakistan freed while case considered


Israeli court to jail husband and wife trojan team

Stealing Stealth Secrets - Honolulu FIG Yields Fruit

Subpoena List of Officials Is Inadvertently Disclosed+ Lawyers for former AIPAC officials seek to subpoena Rice, others

working at British embassy - ambassador

'No spy agency concerns' on AWB

Ukraine Denies CIA Prison Allegations Revived by Russian TV

RAW officer missing since 2004 with secrets - surfaces in Virginia

Missing Indian spy found in US

Spy files arrive with lawyers but no source

Spyware-for-hire couple plead guilty

Woman details life as a spy

Nasa delays space shuttle launch

Comets 'are born of fire and ice'

Sony delays PlayStation 3 launch  

Russia Plans to Set up Rescue Service for Space Travelers

HP Labs India researchers gesture-based keyboard, a pen tech

Radio chip barcodes can carry a virus: scientists

Improbable Research

NZ info-tech impresses at trade show, claims Goff

Super-Earths May Be Three Times More Common Than Jupiters

Electrons 'In Limbo' Seen For First Time

Quickplacer: The Fastest Robot In The World

Ultracold Atoms Produce Long-sought Quantum Mix; Unbalanced Superfluid Could Be Akin To Exotic Matter Found In Quark Star

Coding Tool Is a Text Adventure

Intel Powers Up


The Economics of Outsourcing

Goldman's profits

UK Financial Times: Oil industry's biggest risk is the US administration

McDonald's to open 25 restaurants in Russia in 2006

Bourse sets new rules in Italy

UK Economic Patriotism -- Sell High and Often

Risks and rewards in China

Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Prison Profits: Part VI

Instant Vintners Stir Up Wine Business, Create Their Own Labels and Blends


Bird Flu: Secret avian flu archive + Old drug may become new bird flu weapon + Bird flu fears drive Lebanese farmers out of business + EU Lab Confirms Bird Flu Found in Sweden + Stray Dog Dies of Bird Flu in Azerbaijan + Bird flu outbreak in Dagestan + Cameroon: Bird Flu Confirmed in Fourth African Country + Deadly bird flu strain almost certainly in Afghanistan: officials + Bolivia begins anti-bird flu campaign + Effect Measure: Milestones and stonewalls + Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cameroon and Bush

More fungal eye infection cases confirmed in Singapore

Madagascar: Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Fever Rampant in Country's Biggest Port

UK: Six men in intensive care after drug trial goes wrong

Small babies' 'higher abuse risk' +

Pepper 'kills prostate cancer'

Biobank opens. Major project to study the genetic causes of disease

'Quickie' facelifts under attack + Hole-in-heart linked to migraine

Experts urge new iPod ear studies

Plundered body parts implanted in thousands

Stromal cells may renew brain tissue

 'Like the Elephant Man'

Ped Med: Genes at work in ADHD

Gold nanorods: Safer cancer treatments

Researchers Link Human Papillomavirus (HPV) To Common Skin Cancer

Salt Substitute Significantly Reduces Hypertension Amongst Rural Chinese

Researchers Unravel DNA Tangles And Enzyme Seamstresses

Technologies Diagnose Coronary Disease In One Heartbeat

Asthma Risk Increased In Women With High Levels Of Fat Tissue Inflammatory Protein

Alzheimer's Study First To Explain Death Of Brain Cells

Judgments Of Moral Blame Can Distort Memory Of Events, Study Finds

Newly Discovered Small Molecules 'Superactivate' Botox

Study Aims To Halt Alzheimer's By Blocking Enzyme

Old Man, Look at Your Life

Environment: Portion of Patagonian glacier collapses

Study Offers Preview Of Ice Sheet Melting, Rapid Climate Changes

Chernobyl: A poisonous legacy

NASA Finds Stronger Storms Change Heat And Rainfall Worldwide

Greenhouse Theory Smashed By Biggest Stone; Is Global-warming Down To Humanity? Or Are Other Factors At Work?

Animals: Rare Chinese frog uses ultrasonic communication

Plan in place to save the world’s rarest mammal, Javian rhino

Rabbit Behavior.


Moussaoui Death Penalty Case May Be Dropped After Judge Bars Key Witnesses

Federal judges apply for home security systems on government tab

Justice Ginsburg Reveals Details of Threat

Child-Porn Sting Nets International Group + Canadian probe led to child porn arrests in US

Iowa laws to comply with Clean Water Act

Exhibit A: Lawyer behaving badly

Seattle: FBI investigating strip clubs, sources say

Zimbabwean family awaits asylum decision: Can they stay in Kirkland?

Court upholds death sentence in Tokyo terror attack

Pressable Photonic Crystals Produce Full-color Fingerprints And Promise Enhanced Security

Montana Law Students Try to Right an Old Wrong

Jury Continues Deliberations on PETA Case Against Circus Company

Pismo Beach: Three dead, two hurt in Calif. restaurant shooting

Fla. Girl's Killer Gets Death Sentence



Bush Says He Opposes Extending Deadline for Medicare Enrollment + Bush Visits Finger Lakes to Promote Medicare Plan

FBI documents raise new questions about extent of surveillance

Bush to Nominate Acting Chief to Head FDA

Republicans' drive to cut taxes flags

Bush Spokesman Defends White House Staff + Sources: Bush pressed to bulk up staff

Ahern urged to raise CIA flights with Bush tomorrow

Former officials launch fresh look at US Iraq policy + US envoy sees hope in "Pandora's box" of Iraq

Click. (Reuters) Sheikha Lubna Al Qassimi, UAE Economy Minister, will discuss a free-trade deal in Washington next week + DP World outlines plan to sell U.S. port operations

Foreign: Britain in clash over US fighter secrets + Liberia leader starts US visit + US invites Russia to join nuclear energy project + Greece turns down option to buy U.S. fighters + US May Hurt India-Pakistan Peace Efforts + U.S. suspends Peace Corps activities in Bangladesh + US presses for global nuclear energy network + Bush 'hampering NI peace process'

Rice: Rice to discuss China, Iraq on her Australia visit + US, Australia, Japan focus on China’s growing might in security talks + Rice Promises Coop. Against Terror in Indonesia + Rice defends policy in Indonesia speech + Containing China a big mistake: Alexander Downer + Greg Sheridan: Most welcome visitor

Domestic: NAACP urges Justice Department to block New Orleans elections under Voting Rights Act + Texas appeals court throws out subpoenas in DeLay probe

Congress: Feingold resolution to censure Bush shuttled off to committee + Energy executives defend high prices, mergers at Judiciary Committee hearing + Senators Graham, Schumer to Visit China Next Week (Update2) + Pro-India Congressman takes on N-deal spoiler + Saudi Arabia and Congress: Understanding the Tension + US Senate committee to debate temporary worker proposals + GOP Senators Step Back From Bush Budget + Senate gives Bush his defense budget request + Three congressmen want investigation of president + House Leaders Propose New Ethics Rules

Democrats: Democrat rule change helps Hillary Clinton + Maureen Dowd: What's better? His empty suit or her baggage? + DEMS PROMISE 'BROADBAND FOR ALL'

War prisons: IRAQ: Abu Ghraib handover won't improve prison conditions + Abu Ghraib dogs used to terrify, humiliate detainees: court + 'Complete' Abu Ghraib photo archive published online + AP files lawsuit seeking documents of all Guantanamo detainees


Click. Sydney Blumenthal: Bush's sex police chief arrested.

Click. Matt Frei: It's official: George Bush has been misunderstood!

Bush Envisions an Era of American War

Kwiatkowski: Big bad perfect storm

Click. Robert Parry: Feingold, Kerry & the "Strategists".

Click. Joseph E. Steiglitz: On oil, Bush deploys vast reserves of ineptitude.

Click. (Raw Story) Congressman Waxman writes White House: Did President knowingly sign law that didn't pass?

India Is `Land of Opportunity' Minus the Land

Conason: Abortion Ban Will Test ‘Moderate’ Republicans


MILITARY Air Force gets aggressive about combat training

Army stands up Asymmetric Warfare Group

New Technology Gives Clues to the Army's Possible Future Equipment

Vietnam War Marines deserter could be discharged in a week

PACE Report Condemns Violence in Russian Army

Army changes Tattoo policy

FOB McHenry benefits from ‘sniff support’

Robert Fisk: Algerian under a death sentence faces deportation

Partnering for Peace in Colombia to be Presented at Gustavus

Mexico Compensates Rape Victim for Denying Her Right to an Abortion

College Not Combat

China's 'Schindler'

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:

Romney files 'religious freedom' bill on church and gay adoption + Professor says sperm recipients should be warned of "gay gene" + Ford faces boycott over gay media ads + Czech MPs approve gay rights law


The Pen Is Mightier.... 

What lies ahead? BBC's Torin Douglas on rapid changes in broadcasting

More news outlets covering less stories

Venezuelan-American reporter to cover an expatriate Venezuelan community?

'Post' Reporter on Covering Iraq: Like 'Driving Into a Hurricane'

New McClatchy/KR Chief in Washington Promises Changes

Let's Go to the Audio Tape: Bradlee Says He Didn't Name Armitage

The Family Business: Bernie Ridder, In Retrospect

Sawyer Cruises, Backing Gibson As ABC Anchor

Times Brushes Up on Hillary Races With New Beat Star

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Da Vinci trial baffled by green ink + Da Vinci Code case calls rival book as witness + Culture Vulture: Maev Kennedy

'We're taking a risk just by writing for the stage'

Pinter: 'I've written 29 damn plays. Isn't that enough?'

Picasso, stealing beauty

Gallery gathers 19th-century greats

Out of this world, Helma af Klint

Dallas movie 'guns for Travolta'

Story behind the creation of iconic song Over The Rainbow

Meet the Muslim Madonna

Egypt Pharaoh find 'not a tomb'

Sound and Vision

Sasha Frere-Jones on Ghostface Killah

Goldin Shows Her Pain, Tillmans Goes Abstract in New Photography Exhibits

Mamet Festival in Chicago Features a Richer Revival of `Life in Theatre'

Spike’s Pique

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day



March 14, 2006

Click.  Layla Bohm: Al Qaida's No. 2 in Lodi? Informants: A look at their pay, motives, value

Click.  Alicia Chang: Google launches map of Mars.

Click.  Ramon Coranado: More time for Richard Hamlin to fight sentence.

Click.  Juan Cole: More bombs kill 11, wound 40. Muqtada damns Rumsfeld.

Click.  (USA Today) Decades later, Marines hunt Vietnam-era deserters.

Click.  (Asia Times) Inside the US's regime-change school.

Click.  Sam Waterman: US seeks to make insect cyborgs.

Click.  Patrick Devlin Buckley: Port deal is nothing compared to Ptech -- US computer infrastructure compromised by terrorist-owned company; Cheney 'friends' with owner.

Click.  (Xymphora) Moussaoui and Kafka.

Click.  Christopher G. Anderson: DOJ, Google to spar over search data in federal court today.

Click.  (The Guardian) Nanotechnology restores hamsters' sight. Hopes raised of stroke and spinal cord treatments. Human trials could start in five years, researcher says.

Click.  (The Guardian) Higher doses of statins could reverse heart damage.


The Governor:  Gov., California Lawmakers Fail to Agree on Bond Plan + Click. Reservoir debate emerges as sticking point in bond negotiations + Lawmakers stretching deadline to get record bond on June ballot + Time running out on bond deal + Compromise on Public Works Plan Still Elusive + Click. Dan Walters: Politics aside, fixing infrastructure could and should be simple + Gov. proposes water storage plan + Sirhan Parole Hearing Could Pose Conflict for Gov. + Governor Makes Three Appointments to Superior Courts

Click. Chain of ocean reserves considered for state. Hearings this week on ambitious plan to protect fisheries along coastal waters

Greening of State's Chemicals Suggested

Click. Union: Cal-OSHA simply needs more. With bridge-injury audit still fresh, inspectors say lack of money, staffing a hindrance.

Second look at First 5 + Reiner's actions are illegal + Rob Reiner Dogged By Political Controversy, Fat Jokes

Click. Candidate Ellen Corbet's funds under scrutiny. State Senate hopeful blames her treasurer for cash-shifting impropriety

LA: Confusion in House election caused by Gallegly's withdrawal

Legislature: Bill seeks to review driver's ed

Indian tribes: Fresno County rejects Indian gaming proposal



California sues company that allegedly sold cell phone records

Prisons still fail to properly house violent new inmates, review finds

Hearing for RFK killer highlights governor's connections

Governor Makes Three Appointments to Superior Courts

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Firebombing Suspects Appear In Court + Oak Park Activists Want More Serious Charges Against Firebombing + More time for Richard Hamlin to fight sentence + Tahoe City couple dies in suspected murder-suicide + Tahoe City woman dies from trauma + Auburn: Christie Wilson Case: Suspect's Wife Speaks Out + Yolo: Murder plot part of grand jury testimony in shooting case

San Francisco, San Mateo: Hand Grenade Found On SF Pier 96 + Click. Colma Card room owner faces tax charges. Peninsula gaming facility operator, relatives accused of conspiracy + Click. Menlo Park police probe robberies' similarities. Saturday's Bank of America theft similar to last month's incident + Click. Redwood City: Media access to Morrow trial granted. Murder defendant loses round in court as jury selection begins this week

Alameda: Click. Oakland man charged in clubgoer's slaying. Cops: Woman was an innocent victim + Oakland man charged in robbery crime spree + Click. Oaklander charged in eatery jobs. Fast-food workers, newspaper article help ID man in holdups + 15 alleged gang members arrested in nation-wide sweep + Click. Man dies 10 days after shooting. Police won't rule out drugs as motive for West Oakland slaying + De La Fuente Says HQ Was Broken Into + Click. Pleasanton: Hapless series of crimes for suspected drunken driver

Santa Clara: Judge to order Google to give up some data + Parents sue online pharmacy, doctor for teen's death (SJM Reg) MENLO PARK TEEN'S SUICIDE SHINES LIGHT ON SHADOWY MARKET. John McKay's family may never know why he turned to the Internet to heal his psyche. But they believe that what he found there killed him + Football star's son won't face charges of assault or rape (SJM Reg) The son of football great Jim Plunkett will not face criminal rape and assault charges. James Plunkett Jr., 22, was arrested Feb. 4 on charges that he sexually assaulted a woman at his parents' home in Atherton. But a review of the case did not reveal enough evidence to prosecute Plunkett, San Mateo County prosecutor Steve Wagstaffe said Monday + Police seek clues after man vanishes at S.J. airport (SJM Reg) HE MISSED FLIGHT TO HAWAII; LEFT BELONGINGS AT AIRPORT. David Eugene Brewer was on his way to Hawaii to rebuild his life when he disappeared on Halloween in plain sight at Mineta San Jose International Airport +Officers seeking drivers in 3 fatal hit-run crashes (SJM Reg) San Jose police and California Highway Patrol officers are continuing to investigate three recent hit-and-run crashes that have claimed four lives since March

Contra Costa: 10-hour standoff closes block but ends peacefully CCT Reg) Jacinto Garcia, who had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence, drove away from police after an attempted traffic stop + Polk settled wrongful death lawsuit (CCT Reg) Woman accused of murdering her husband paid $300,000 (Homeowners insurance) to two of her sons, who brought the suit + Click. Polk son reveals deal in civil suit. Orinda slaying trial resumes with mom again cross-examining youngest + Click. Advice from the bench for woman defending self. Orinda mom is told to stick to 'important things' in cross-exam

Marin: Click. The former owner of seven McDonald's outlets in Marin has reached a $1.45 million settlement with workers who filed a lawsuit saying they did not get paid wages due to them + Arson suspected at Windsor home + State probing Novato nursing home +
Click. Marin: Ex-San Rafael fire dispatcher charged with embezzlement

Sonoma: Click. Suspicious fire may be tied to threats. Windsor man arrested; family loses belongings month after their pit bulls + Arrest in fatal Lake County arson + Click. Murder charges in fatal crash. Bartender, others testify Windsor man drank heavily before accident + Restaurant robber sought by Petaluma police

Solano: Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls + Click (CCT Reg) 19-year-old Benicia man Willis Valdo Lopez, was arrested after police say he raped his 47-year-old neighbor over the weekend

Monterey: Polygraph ruled inadmissible re: LA officer accused in Lake San Antonio crash + Woman accused of injecting two with Botox + Woman Dies Following Fake Botox Injection

Central Valley: Tracy wife killer begins 15-to-life sentence + Animal cruelty reports up on Manteca + Family hopes for clues, tips from TV about vanished mom (ModestoBee Reg) In recent years, Nita Mayo's four children made Christmas their annual reunion + 'It's a whole bunch of lies' (ModestoBeeReg) The Stockton man accused of fatally shooting a California Highway Patrol officer last month said Monday from jail that he is being set up, in part because the Modesto area is a hotbed for racism + Thief agrees to forfeit house (ModestoBeeReg) Ripon woman accused of stealing more than $600,000 from a Modesto medical office pleaded guilty to six counts of grand theft and is expected to receive a four-year prison sentence + Tulare Co. gang sweep snares 17 (Fresno Bee Reg) A special gang unit of the Tulare County Sheriff's Department arrested 17 people on outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants or in connection with other crimes during a three-day gang-suppression detail + Fresno: Former boot camp officer pleads not guilty + Stepson arrested for elderly man's murder + DNA leads to arrest in 5 year old rape case

Central Coast: Santa Barbara: Sex-abuse case (Franciscan Friars) deal on table + Santa Barbara: Four Killed by Trucker, Jury Is Told + Click. (SCS Reg) Sheriff is investigating the death of a man who was shot Monday night in the area of Larkin Valley Road and Buena Vista Drive, Watsonville

Southern California: LA: Indicted Private Eye Pellicano Could Face More Suits + Judges rules L.A. county violated inmates' rights + Filipino star allowed to leave L.A. drug court for new program + Alhambra: Body of Infant Found Near Train Tracks + Man posing as police officer fondles woman in El Segundo + RPV men get prison for drug billing fraud + Jury arrives at verdict quickly in Torrance carjacking + Police link pair to home invasion in Manhattan Beach

San Bernardino: Gruesome details as trucker killer case begins + Joshua Tree: Woman runs into courthouse waving paint roller, deputies injured + San Bernardino: Woman next top defender?

Santa Ana: Ten accused in 7-hour gang assault. Mother accused of encouraging it + Santa Ana: Prosecutor details start of Aryan Brotherhood war with black gang + Anaheim: Young Woman Allegedly Raped As "Pay Back" To Boyfriend + O.C. Sheriff's Fired Aide Expects Added Indictment Today

San Diego: San Diego: Accused molester Wayne Albert Bleyle was leader at Children's Hospital + DA: Teens (Haidl case) turned down two 3-year plea deals in SoCal sex assault case + San Diego: Woman Gets 16 Years in Prison in Plot to Kill Her Soldier Husband + San Diego: Father Tries to Get Sons Back From the Philippines + 46 years' probation finally ends for woman + Man With Shotgun Robs A McDonald's In San Diego + Suspected Sexual Predator From San Diego On Most Wanted List + San Diego: High school PE teacher charged with possessing porn + Man's body found near his condo

School days: Lights go on to deter freak dancing (CCT Reg) Antioch Administrators' actions cause most of 400 students to leave junior prom early + UC perks weren't disclosed +UCLA Biologist Ousted as UC Senate Chairman + National Campaign To Rescue Recess + Beverly Hills Principal Says She Got an Offer She Couldn't Accept + Greenville: Schools face losses in sale of forest land + Top UC Davis leaders backs down no confidence vote + Plan to shake up Sacramento City schools due for trustee vote + San Lorenzo: Report due on teaching Indian culture + St. Mary's College to boost financial aid (SJM Reg) SCHOOL IS COMMITTED TO LOW-INCOME STUDENTS. Worried about losing poor students, St. Mary's College administrators have taken more steps to allow those students to afford the school's rising tuition + Los Altos parents push for nearby school (SJM Reg) SEVERAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR TOWN. As it has for two years, the Los Altos School District tonight will likely offer a site for Bullis Charter School. But the portables at Egan Middle School, miles away from Los Altos Hills, aren't where Bullis parents want their kids to be + Click. (OCReg) Teaming for brain research. Aided by a $24million grant, UCI psychiatrist leads diverse group of scientists seeking to unlock the brain's secrets + Pomona schools' E-Rate vendor suspended from federal program + Click. School district sells surplus site. Interest from sale, estimated at about $1 million yearly, will go into general fund + Del Charo: School bond set for vote despite site objections


LOCAL NEWS:  Spawning steelhead seen in Carmel River

Funding halted for reintroduction of bald eagles to Catalina

Click (SJM Reg) Salmon season, set to begin April 2 in the Bay Area, has been postponed at least one month at popular fishing spots from Bodega Bay to Point Sur while officials deal with dangerously low levels of the popular fish

Click. (SCS Reg) California salmon and crab fishermen seek eco-label

Sacramento & north: CHP Officer Injured in Sacramento Crash + Auburn dam weirdness. Debate shouldn't stop construction + El Dorado County: Policy to slow condo conversions drafted

San Francisco, San Mateo: Japantown enclave Fears Identity Is on the Block + Developer eyes San Francisco's Japantown + Report says Port of San Francisco needs $1.1 billion in repair + Seven rotting SF piers may be closed + SF: Mayor upbeat about city's finances + San Francisco Mayor Boycotts Elevation of Former Bishop + Vatican opposition to LGBT adoption prompts Newsom to nix Rome San Francisco archdiocese to review adoption by gays + Belmont to back budget for 2007 fiscal year + Click. $265 million for Jamba Juice. Florida businessman makes deal to buy San Francisco firm

Alameda: Oakland to consider state of emergency amid rising murder rate + Oakland Council Demands Greater Police Presence + Prisoner Priest meets Berkeley congregation + Firms help environment + Click. Fifth pipeline under the Bay to allow repairs on other four. Officials concerned quakes could damage Peninsula's water source + Click. New San Francisco Bay water pipeline on tap. Utilities commission set to start digging in 2009 + Click. Alameda attorney resigns city post. Dispute over salary, benefits will end 17-year tenure for Carol Korade + Click. Awards event will showcase Bay Area's rich blues history. Show to honor present-day leaders in gospel, jazz as well + Click. Water board ruling snags BART project. Union City still hopes to dig culvert by summer despite need for new environmental mitigations + Click. Some businesses oppose Mt. Eden housing plans. Hayward City Council voting on proposal today + Missing 18-yr-old girl in Fremont + County compromise on sidewalk service + Oakland: Talks on police patrol plan reach impasse

Santa Clara: Downtown San Jose hard hit by sale (SJM Reg) DISTRICT TO LOSE KNIGHT RIDDER HQ, DONATIONS, WORKERS. The pending sale of Knight Ridder comes as a particular blow to San Jose's still-rebuilding downtown + Residents weigh sales tax hike (SJM Reg) Santa Clara County residents can boast about having some of the country's highest median incomes, richest home values and most technology start-ups. Soon, they may also have a more dubious honor: the highest sales tax rate

Contra Costa: Man proposes tribute at plane crash site Richard Collins says he wants memorial near Dougherty Valley to open discussion on terrorism. He believes he was a witness to this nation's first suicide terrorist attack. He suggests a permanent tribute erected to victims of terrorism, saying the San Ramon Valley was the first site of a suicidal terrorist attack in the country --by a distraught gambler possibly trying to tap into a large life insurance policy for his survivors. a plane crash and explode near his house in San Ramon the morning of May 7, 1964, killing all 44 people aboard + El Cerrito forum urges fight against hate crimes (CCT Reg) Swastika was drawn in bathroom of high school, prompting tolerance workshops + Supervisor Piepho calls for survey of county equity (CCT Reg) Saying Contra Costa could be shortchanging its East County residents, a supervisor is calling for a department-by-department evaluation of what the county is providing -- and failing to provide + San Ramon desires grocery at Ralphs site (CCT Reg) San Ramon is interested in attracting a new grocery store at a site being vacated by Ralphs Grocery Co. on the southern end of the city + Southeast Asian youths at risk, study concludes (CCT Reg) A newly released study on youth crime in Richmond shatters the so-called "model minority myth," by showing high crime rates among Southeast Asians. At a press conference Friday, a diverse coalition of community leaders including Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia and Richmond Mayor Irma Anderson said the study's findings revealed that Vietnamese and Laotian families in Richmond are isolated by language barriers and little understanding of social systems + San Ramon wants to create police force + Group plans public sessions on Contra Costa watersheds

Marin: Novato: Click. Internet makes Sweet Pea get tough. Trademark-holder tells little clothiers: Pay $5,000 or $16 million + Click. Planners OK West Marin ranch division + Click. Marin cities differ on public's right to know pay + Click. Sudden oak death plaguing W. Marin + Click. 'We got away with our lives'. Little salvageable after fire on Sausalito houseboat of former Supervisor Rose, husband + San Geronimo: Disputed water tank delayed

Sonoma: Click. Santa Rosa to consider boost in building. Increase in housing construction sought by builders because of delays from salamander + Hail causes series of crashes in Cloverdale + Click. Geyserville bridge on fast track. $31 million replacement ready by year's end, Caltrans says

Napa: Volunteers' elbow grease moves shelter to final form + FEMA closing flood assistance center + Pay to play in Napa? + Homelessness in Napa + Preparing girls in style on Prom Night + Subdivision raises ire of neighbors + City leaders size up proposed five-story hotel + Vintner dismayed to find winery's name used in lottery scam + Massive redesign of Napa now underway

Solano: Construction beam put in place, marking Kaiser milestone + Survey: This is the place to find a job + Cash flood? + Vacaville: Man killed in house fire + Local News Briefs - March 14 + American Canyon won't contribute to swimming pool and arts center

Monterey: 4 city agencies present requests for Measure V money tonight to Salinas City Council + Monterey Herald up to sale to buyer of Knight Ridder + Renters hoping for subsidy + Spawning steelhead seen in Carmel River + Your town

Central Valley: Modesto Marine Killed in Suicide Bombing + Weather delays Central Valley lettuce harvest + Mutiny in Tracy Chamber of Commerce + Lodi: Owen backs motto battle for City Hall + Two officers, one dispatcher sworn in as newest Lodi Police members + Lodi: Residents begin relocation from Sylvia Drive shelter + San Joaquin party turns bad; home is torched by Molotov cocktail + Galt's new assistant city manager looks forward to settling into job + San Joaquin Supervisors to determine rental fees for parks in Mountain House + Modesto could pay $1M to update 2 documents (ModestoBeeReg) Added by a decade of growth, Modesto will spend more than $1 million the next two years updating its general plan and master environmental impact report + City manager survives council confidence vote (ModestoBeeReg) City Manager George Britton received a vote of confidence Monday from the Modesto City Council after a month long evaluation of his performance + Park named after police officer (ModestoBee Reg) Ceres City Council voted Monday night to name one of three new neighborhood parks after Sam Ryno, a Ceres police officer who suffered career-ending injuries in a shooting a year ago + B-52 Still Soaring (ModestoBeeReeg) A B-52 Stratofortress, flown by pilots from the 11th Bomb Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, soars over Castle Airport on Monday while conducting instrument-landing training exercises + Riverbank halts marijuana stores (ModestoBeeReg) Riverbank City Council placed a moratorium on medical marijuana stores Monday night while it sorts out a permanent stance on the outlets. That could range from zoning regulations to an all-out ban + Air rule for Valley dairies provokes sharp debate (FresnoBee Reg_ The dairy industry wants more detail and more real-world answers for preventing air pollution coming from cows + Avenal wants big-city trash (FresnoBee Reg) Avenal landfill officials hope to hear this week that tons of Los Angeles trash soon will be heading their way + Fresno County rejects Indian gaming proposal

Central Coast: Jackson gets another day to pay $306,000 in Neverland wages + Santa Cruz County Workers Stage One-Day Strike + Click. (SCS Reg) Union in disarray. An employee negotiator has quit, and the union's top five officers turned in their resignations Sunday + Click. (SCS Reg) Second Santa Cruz medical pot shop on tap + (SCS Reg) Crowd grows in supervisors' race + (SCS Reg) Developer told to downsize Capitola project + Click. (SCS Reg) Pajaro Valley farmers one vote away from new source of water + PVHS mold battle may get state action + Alcox may go to Supreme Court + Launch gets delayed another day + Click. (SCS Reg) A fire that killed one woman and seriously injured her husband Tuesday afternoon at the Soquel Trailer Park is under investigation.

Southern California: Los Angeles area: LA County May Seek Bond to Fix Jails + LA: Mayor Pledges $51 Million to Build Affordable Housing + LA: Baca in Talks for Jail Funds + TV Game Show Host, Wife Killed + LA: Hollywood Adds Realism to Drill + Torrance firm settles pollution case + Funding halted for reintroduction of bald eagles to Catalina + Huntington Condo Scam Mastermind Dies + Cabrillo Marina improvements face another setback + Knabe OKs reopening of sewage-fouled beach

San Bernardino: Opposition scarce for seats in upcoming local elections + San Bernardino: Community leaders decry Bush budget to Baca + Claremont council to chat with public + Pomona accepts focus of Youth and Families Master Plan + Mountain residents prepare + Pomona accepts focus of Youth and Families Master Plan + Calabasas to smokers: Butt out!

San Diego: San Diego: 'Press Your Luck' Host Killed In Plane Crash + San Diego: 50th District's novice candidate is a real head-Turner + Oceanside: Developer will pitch proposal for steep knoll + Rancher helped bring water to Poway + Airport advisers address concerns, options + Grossmont's ex-president hired for S.D. neighborhood services

Riverside: Courtesy IDs for Sheriffs' Donors Worry Supervisors

News briefs from Southern California

March 13, 2006

Click.  Juan Cole: 80 killed, over 200 wounded in black Sunday.

Click.  (The Independent) The British companies making a fortune out of conflict-riven Iraq.

Click.  (Hindustan Times) India seeks lobbyists to hard-sell Nuclear deal.

Click.  (Rolling Stone) God's Senator. Who would Jesus vote for? Meet Sam Brownback.

Click.  Kevin Hassett: President Bush, Please listen to Robert Rubin

Click.  Paul Krugman: The Right's man.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Gross neglect.

Click.  (All Africa) The scam of offshore looting. 11.5 trillion siphoned off.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Israeli and American officials admitted deploying U.S.-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads in Israel's fleet of Dolphin-class submarines.

Click.  (Zaman) Hundreds of CIA members found on the Internet.

Click.  (Regnum) Two of richest Russians do not live in Russia.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Dying To Get High.

March 11, 2006

Click.  Maureen Dowd: W.'s mixed messages.

Click.  (AFP) US-India nuclear deal to spur $100 billion in energy ventures.

Click.  Mike Whitney: 48-hour media blitz for war with Iran.

Click.  US surveillance aircraft have begun flights across the tribal belt of North Waziristan.

Click.  (AKI) Thailand. Thaksin's hometown a microcosm of wider political malaise.

Click.  Jackson Diehl: Can US rescue Latin American relations?

Click.  Dan Feder: Rightwing narco's family paid $83 million to the US. to avoid prosecution.

Click.  Dianna Cahn: Sigler's words from the inside.

Click.  (LA Times) Orange County men sentenced to 6 years for gang sex assault of unconscious girl -- Gregory Haidl, 20,
Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann, both 21.

Click.  James Pressley: How Hitler fell prey to a granddaddy of computers, "Colossus'".

March 10, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) US and UAE delay trade talks amid row over ports.

Click.  Jennifer Loven: Bush says end of ports deal may hurt US.

Click.  Daren Fonda: The Dubai Deal you don't know about.

Click.  Toni Locy: Judge says Libby can see Bush's classified briefings regarding his defense.

Click.  (Philadelphia Daily) Breaking: Sandra Day O'Connor rips into GOP, DeLay, Cornyn, and warns of the "beginnings" of dictatorship

Click.  (NBC, MSNBC) Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters. Official says peaceful demonstrators’ names erased from database.

Click.  Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: Why did J. Kenneth Blackwell seek, then hide, his association with super-rich extremists and e-voting magnates?

Click.  (MyWay) NASA spacecraft enters orbit around Mars.

Click.  Logan Jenkins: Of "Father Bud," Cardinal Mahony and a '96 sanctuary.

Click.  Ferdie De Vega: She's in the business of keeping secrets.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Many of the Bands On MySpace Could Be Fake.


The Governor:   No deal yet on public works plan + Lawmakers, governor 'close' to bond deal + Newsom wants hospitals in state's infrastructure bond

Chertoff will tour Northern California levees next week

Governor Schwarzenegger speaks at NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference + Schwarzenegger Announces Appointments

Angelides Reveals 7 Years' Worth of His Tax Returns + Angelides releases tax returns but Westly wants more + ANGELIDES UNVEILS COAST GUARD PLAN TO PROTECT COAST, END ...

Trustees to review findings on Alan Bersin, education nominee

State Senator Sandra Ortiz files for Secretary of State

Click. Dan Walters: Honig, Quackenbush, Shelley, Davis - and now Rob Reiner?

Californians ready for a female president, poll finds

UFW reaches contract with big California strawberry grower

Poll Shows More Support for Illegal Immigrants

Legislature: California Considering "Right To Die" Legislation

Indian tribes: Report on casino details positives (CCT Reg) A draft environmental report on a proposed Indian casino in unincorporated North Richmond is available for review. The Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians seeks to develop a Las Vegas-style casino complex with 2,000 slot machines on 30 acres along Richmond Parkway. There also would be poker and other table games + + River Rock Casino to fight drunk driving + McCain sets date to vote on Indian gaming revisions + Bright lights, big disagreements between rival Indian gaming groups in Sacramento



Federal Judge Nora M. Manella, Is Moving to State Appellate Court

US Magistrate Judge Nowinski retires

Yolo County Counsel Steven Basha named to Yolo bench

Inmate Who Became a Priest Is Paroled by Gov.

Click. State Supreme Court rejects restrictions on nonprofit law firms

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Broker sentenced 375 years for molestations + Arrests Made In Oak Park Firebombing + 3 sought in brutal rape of Tahoe Park student + Placer Sheriff worker arrested in murder plot + Judge orders Carmichael teen to serve time on weekends for 20 arsons + 9th Circuit reinstates suit by Sacramento Jail inmate who says fell off bunk, fractured thumb, and jail didn't set it + Teen arrested in Thurs. night shooting death

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: Jury finds girl molested by piano teacher + San Francisco Chinatown Leader's Death Complicated

Alameda: Livermore murder suspect now set for April 14 court date (CCT Reg) The 34-year-old man accused of killing a Livermore woman last year will return to court April 14, as his scheduled court date this morning was again postponed + Feds arrest 9 Oakland residents in gang sweep + Surgeon's career is on the line + Hindu school to sue over school texts

Santa Clara: Dark secrets, molestation and betrayal in Sunnyvale (SJM Reg) + Sunnyvale neighborhood changed after crimes by Hatcher's uncle (SJM Reg) On Wisteria Lane in ABC's "Desperate Housewives," dark secrets of suicide, molestation and betrayal hide behind perfect picket fences. But on a real-life Sunnyvale street, where actress Teri Hatcher's uncle lived, similar secrets rang true + Ex-Army captain held in holdup over pain pills (SJM Reg) A former Army captain and West Point graduate has been arrested on suspicion of holding up a San Carlos pharmacy at gunpoint and taking 500 prescription pain pills + Police Blotter (SJM Reg) PALO ALTO ARSON ARREST A 35-year-old man was arrested near Mitchell Park Library, 3700 Middlefield Road, about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday after a witness reported seeing him start a fire about 20 feet about from the library's south entrance.

Contra Costa: Sore throat delays Polk trial until Monday, more family drama + Richmond Iron Triangle residents call for more police attention (CCT Reg) Zoe Angeles used to live on Fourth Street in Richmond's Iron Triangle neighborhood. Playing in Fourth Street Park, she informed city officials, was not her idea of a good time + Forum puts focus on crime (CCT Reg) Richmond's Iron Triangle residents are fed up with crime on their streets and on Thursday, they will tell city officials all about it. City Manager Bill Lindsay, Police Chief Chris Magnus and Councilman John Marquez will join an anti-crime community forum organized by St. Mark Church and the Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization + Discovery Bay residents say more patrols needed (CCT Reg) Discovery Bay residents want more sheriff's deputy patrols to quell their concerns about burglary, theft, loitering youths and drug sales. Results of a survey sent to all 4,068 households in the unincorporated community by the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office were released this week + Driver jailed after release from hospital (CCT Reg) A 55-year-old Benicia man, who authorities say struck and killed a tow truck driver while driving under the influence, has been released from the hospital and booked into County Jail, a sheriff's deputy said Friday + Son details threats to Felix Polk (CCT Reg) As she stood to question the prosecution witness, the woman acting as her own defense attorney removed her glasses, wept briefly and then began asking questions in a voice that cracked with emotion.

Sonoma: Lucerne woman's death in house fire ruled a homicide + Judge rules Westport man to face animal abuse charges re: starving horses + 3 Windsor women arrested in prostitution ring

Napa: Nursing home firm penalized for mistreatment

Solano: Alleged killer may know his fate soon + Vallejo Police Calls + Boy re-arrested for allegedly bringing weapons to school + Suisun City Police Department declines to make statement about report regarding its leadership + Click. ' America's Most Wanted' segment will feature 22-year-old who grew up in Oakland and is sought in Vallejo killing

Monterey: Ex-county worker to get year in jail, must repay $148,000 + Man gets 21 years in shooting

Central Valley: No gag order in CHP shooting case (ModestoBeeReg) A judge on Thursday declined to impose a gag order in a case involving suspected cop killer Columbus Allen Jr. II, but he is keeping his options open + Community unites to combat hate crimes (ModestoBeeReg) Working toward understanding and against hate was the goal Thursday of about 140 people who gathered for a "Unity in the Community" event at Modesto's Congregation Beth Shalom + Law & Order (ModestoBeeReg) ANOTHER MODESTO BANK ROBBED: A gunman robbed a bank in east Modesto on Thursday and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, police reported. It was the third bank robbery in Modesto over the past four days + Butte: Accused molester's bail rises + Butte: Suspect waives hearing in rape case + Butte's most wanted + Feds Arrest Manteca Man For Impersonating DEA

Central Coast: First person convicted under Santa Cruz video-peeping law (SJM Reg) + (SCS Reg) Added charges filed against Watsonville gunman + Prosecutors reject Gibson plea bargain offer + Teachers call for more safety

Southern California: Los Angeles area: Motorcycle Club Targeted In So Cal Crime Sweep + 22 Motorcycle Club Members Arrested in Raids in 5 Counties + LA: False Terrorist Accusations Alleged + LA: Website Puts Crime Tracking on the Map + LA: Citing Deal for Key Witness, Judge Orders Release of Convicted Murderer + Inglewood: Kidnapping Victim Is Returned Home Safe

San Bernardino: Shootings suspect charged + San Bernardino: 7 deny guilt in Mynesha slaying + Rialto police stretched + + Riverside: Convicted Tax Foe Held After No-Show + Palm Springs: Gurzi attempts suicide behind bars; now hospitalized

Victim wants tough penalties in Orange County sex assault case

San Diego County: Veteran San Diego criminalist questioned about error on resume + San Diego: Child Patients Posted on Porn Site + Click. Therapist at Children's Hospital, San Diego accused of child molestation, porn, 9 youths involved + Hospital's quick response crucial, crisis experts say  + 12 plead not guilty to benefits fraud. Escondido company named in investigation + Witness in Granada Liquor store slayings? + Oceanside: Sweep nets 41 suspected gang members + Spring Valley 2 workers arrested after home invasion + Judge considers trial for man charged in '94 Vista killing + El Cajon cop pleads not guilty to rape, bribery charges


Click. Logan Jenkins: Of 'Father Bud,' Cardinal Mahony and a '96 sanctuary.

Click. Ferdie De Vega: She's in the business of keeping secrets.





LOCAL NEWS: Dublin maintains Emerald style

Sacramento & north: Sacramento County credit rating slides + Raley duo will take a swing at developing Sacramento downtown area + Truckee: CalTrans shelves Sierra plan

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Francisco surrounds what was once a forest of ships + Blasts from bottle-rockets wake S.F. neighborhood (SJM Reg) + San Francisco to “Review” Gay Adoption Policy + Click. Train chaos sparks readiness worries. Panicked by fire in S.F. tunnel, BART riders evacuate smoky cars -- commute snarled + Newsom: Re Japantown: ‘If There's a Call to Arms, This is It’ + Click. Big bucks for Beat literature, $225,000 raised at auction for a poet's early publisher + Sale of Japan Town hotels increases local fears + Newsom fears hurried bond measure could give voters unreliable costs + Mayor Gavin Newsom and SF Redevelopment Agency out to steal Bayview + Half Moon Bay golf course to offer carts for disabled

Alameda: First step to sell docks approved in Alameda + Hayward: Mission-Garin addition gets OK + Dublin maintains Emerald style + Dellums to leave occupation line blank on ballot, stirs controversy + Virtual Tour Of Hayward Fault

Santa Clara: Santa Clara schools may ease proposed junk food ban (SJM Reg) + Man killed in hit and run on Hwy. 101 on ramp in S.J. (SJM Reg) + Rare Beat memorabilia auctioned for hurricane victims (SJM Reg) + Fire at San Carlos high-tech firm causes $250,000 in damage (SJM Reg) + Elderly Cupertino woman reported missing found safe (SJM Reg) + Good Samaritan faces nightmare after good deed (SJM Reg) For Executive Chef Justin Perez of Campbell, everything -- and everyone dearest to him -- was jeopardized when he tried to do the right thing: to aid a desperate stranger who ran up to his South San Jose home one morning, wounded, bleeding and crying for help + 'Missing' Palo Alto man turns up safe (SJM Reg) + Weakened levee poses grave threat in E. Palo Alto area (SJM Reg) MAYOR DECLARES LOCAL EMERGENCY IN EFFORT TO JUMP-START REPAIRS. The decades-old earthen levee protecting East Palo Alto from flood-prone San Francisquito Creek is poised to catastrophically fail during the next high flow, East Palo Alto city officials warned Wednesday + Pizarro: Local guitar festival strikes diverse chord (SJM Reg) The South Bay Guitar Society turns 20 this year and things are still looking up as it enters its third decade. ``We've been more successful in getting grants and more support. We're quite pleased with the way we are growing,'' said president and artistic director Jerry Snyder, a retired high school guitar teacher who still teaches students how to play the instrument at De Anza College

Contra Costa: Contra Costa County nurses set strike date (SJM Reg) Contra Costa nurses have voted to walk off the job for two days beginning March 21 in a move that will leave the county's hospital in Martinez, health clinics and jails short of staff + Contra Costa anticipating road money (CCT Reg) County officials hope state leaders can reach accord by today on infrastructure plan + Pegasus offers to buy remote control line (CCT Reg) Fremont-based Pegasus Wireless Corp. (PGWC), a provider of wireless solutions, intends to acquire a product line from Maccontrol LLC which features a connector and a remote control. Pegasus said the products concur with its current business focus of bridging the gap between home entertainment and computer systems by using wireless technology + Contra Costa anticipating road money (CCT Reg) County officials hope state leaders can reach accord by today on infrastructure plan + Concord TOW TRUCK DRIVER KILLED ON I-68 (CCT Reg) Concord TOW TRUCK DRIVER KILLED ON I-680: A tow truck operator died Wednesday night when he was struck by a car while assisting another motorist on Interstate 680 + Schools will ask voters again for bond measure (CCT Reg) Byron educators are hoping the fifth time is the charm in getting a school bond measure approved in their growing community + Residents in Discovery Bay and Byron will vote on a $19.7 million bond measure on the June 6 ballot. Byron Union School District Superintendent Tom Meyer said that, if approved, the bond would cost the average homeowner a little more than $100 annually +C&H Sugar Co + celebrates century (CCT Reg) On Friday, at exactly 10:25 a.m., the whistle will blow at the C&H Sugar plant, marking 100 years of sugar refining in Crockett. "That's the time it started, 100 years ago, March 10, 1906," said Keith Olsen, the historian at the Crockett Historical Museum on Loring Avenue across the Union Pacific Railroad tracks from the C&H truck entrance + Council delays rental housing vote (CCT Reg) The Pinole City Council on Tuesday postponed to a future meeting a vote on a rental housing inspection ordinance after council members said it should specify how often run-down units are inspected and give owners more notice + Family's birds, business soar (CCT Reg) Passers-by can hear the birds squawking and prattling on all the way over by Pueblo Nuevo Mexican restaurant. Curious, many walk a little farther down the sidewalk to see where the noise is coming from + Report on casino details positive (CCT Reg) A draft environmental report on a proposed Indian casino in unincorporated North Richmond is available for review. The Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians seeks to develop a Las Vegas-style casino complex with 2,000 slot machines on 30 acres along Richmond Parkway. There also would be poker and other table games + Cerrito Theater on schedule for August opening (CCT Reg) In the next few weeks, the Friends of the Cerrito Theater will show off a detailed model of the 1930s-era movie house on San Pablo Avenue near Central Avenue in El Cerrito + District condemns Breuner Property to build park (CCT Reg) A scenic property along Richmond's shoreline, one of the largest stretches of undeveloped wetlands in the Bay Area, will be made into a park by eminent domain + Panel limits building on golf courses (CCT Reg) The San Ramon Planning Commission decided Tuesday to add new restrictions for possible development of the city's two golf courses, but left intact a proposal to change the courses' land-use designation from parks to commercial recreation + Creek group plays name that trout (CCT Reg) A male steelhead trout rescued last week after being trapped behind a concrete barrier while migrating up Alameda Creek weighed in at 11 pounds and was 31 inches long. That is the biggest fish on record found in the creek since the early 1960s +Program for wounded veterans expands (CCT Reg) The group that gave Manuel Mendoza Valencia a new start in life in San Ramon is rolling out its program on a wider scale for other wounded veterans of the war in Iraq; Danville will become the second town to use its successful formula to similarly re-establish another veteran in June + Urban limit line not yet on June ballot (CCT Reg) Contra Costa County voters don't get to decide in June where to stop development. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously postponed placing a growth control boundary on a countywide ballot, citing concerns raised by a few cities and environmentalists + Concord to get free wireless Internet (CCT Reg) Pilot project will cover downtown Concord area with WiFi. City may become first in East Bay to offer service to all residents + City faces $5,000 fine over political mailer (CCT Reg) A recent El Cerrito mailer featuring the mayor's signature could cost the city $5,000 in fines from a state commission. The California Fair Political Practices Commission prohibits signatures of elected officials from appearing on city-paid mailings + Council debates terms for executive managers (CCT Reg) The San Pablo City Council balked at approving employment terms for executive managers -- the police chief and the directors of community services, finance and public works -- after Councilwoman Sharon Brown questioned the addition of certain provisions, notably six months of severance pay + Reservoir to stock pond to lure fishers (CCT Reg) The largest trout release ever at the Los Vaqueros Reservoir and watershed should make fishers feel lucky this St. Patrick's Day. Some 5,000 pounds of trout will slip into the reservoir's South Cove around midday March 17 to commemorate the Contra Costa Water District's 70th anniversary +Rules target liquor stores, 'nuisances' (CCT Reg) The San Pablo City Council, agreeing with a staff report that finds the city is "oversaturated" with liquor licenses, has approved tighter rules for retail liquor outlets + Housing income limits altered in San Ramon (CCT Reg) Families with incomes up to $125,140 will be allowed to rent affordable housing units in Dougherty Valley under a deal approved this week by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors + Mt. Diablo school board to pick new member (CCT Reg) Mt. Diablo Unified School District board members hashed out plans Tuesday evening to interview candidates, cull the list and select a new board member by the end of March + Councilwoman to run for mayor (CCT Reg) Richmond Councilwoman Gayle McLaughlin, the city's only elected Green Party member, has declared her candidacy for mayor as the coming political season begins to take shape + Raise limit on income, builder asks (CCT Reg) Shapell Industries today will ask Contra Costa supervisors to allow people whose incomes top $100,000 to qualify for the 5,170-unit rental portion of its Dougherty Valley development + Black artists put work on display (CCT Reg) The works of more than 50 black artists were featured this past weekend at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium in an exhibit titled "The Art of Living Black 2006."

Marin: Fairfax, San Anselmo residents favor study of police merger + Vulnerability of County in real disaster shown + Trustees ripped for not saving Marin City program

Sonoma: Sutter psychiatric unit to close in 2008 + River Rock Casino to fight drunk driving + Flood dispute pits car owner, dealer

Napa: Dirt-biking is back at Kennedy Park + FEMA doing brisk business in Napa + Lou Jefferson, 78, former Yountville councilman + On the bubble in Angwin+ Grandview residents diverse and concerned + St. Helena: Will principal's fate be decided tonight? + Council was right to stall Sulphur Creek plan

Solano: Farm fun not free + Carquinez Bridge retirement event set for St. Patrick's Day + Crockett's C&H Sugar celebrates 100 years + Hospital back up after fly problem + Pacific Service Credit Union sponsors 25th CPR function

Monterey: DEBATE HEATS UP OVER PEBBLE PLAN + Ex-county worker to get year in jail, must repay $148,000 + County promises improvements + VISION FOR THE FUTURE + Soldiers in Iraq will get tasty treat from church + DREAM HOME ON THE BLOCK + Green Party's man was disgusted with Democrats, GOP + Your Town

Central Valley: Ambulance policy passes test (ModestoBeeReg) A system for distributing ambulance patients to hospitals in Stanislaus County is working "as good as can be expected" and could become the permanent policy + Today is deadline to file for the June 6 primary (ModestoBeeReg) Procrastinators, take heart — while the filing deadline for the June 6 primary is today, some candidates will have until Wednesday to file + Science foundation (ModestoBeeReg) The skyline is changing at California State University, Stanislaus. Construction is under way on Science II on the Turlock campus. Work on the 115,000-square-foot facility, which will become the university's largest academic building, is expected to be completed next year. Funding for the $55 million building comes from education facilities bonds approved by state voters in 2002 and 2003. It will have wet and dry labs, faculty offices and several large classrooms, including one that seats more than 90. University officials have said the building will become the "showcase science facility in the region." + Whooping cough on the rise in area (ModestoBeeReg) Whooping cough is on the rise in San Joaquin County, just as it is in the rest of the region and the state + Developer hopes gamble on Riverbank pays off (ModestoBeeReg) The Grupe Co. is making no secret of its aspiration to build a community with thousands of people west of Riverbank.+ Fanfare greets land donation for YCCD's West Side center (ModestoBeeReg) PATTERSON Bagpipers, juggling stilt-walkers and a mariachi band greeted people who showed up Thursday to celebrate the site of Modesto Junior College's future West Side education center (ModestoBeeReg) Waterford extends fees for schools (ModestoBeeReg) Developers will continue paying schools $3.09 for every square foot they build so the Waterford Unified School District can prepare for growth + Conservative radio show host John Katz, 70, dies (ModestoBeeReg) John Harry Katz, a lifetime member of the ultraconservative John Birch Society whose demonstrations in Modesto targeted the United Nations, died of natural causes Monday in Manteca at Kaiser Foundation Hospital. He was 70 + Chico: New marsh unveiled: Residents move into habitat along roadside + Butte County: Watts out, Bertagna in + Butte: Jane Dolan files for re-election + Butte: Wally Herger backs sale of federal land + Butte: Public station's radio reading service in limbo + Manteca mayor duping Pombo

Central Coast: SANTA CRUZ COUNTY WORKERS AUTHORIZE ONE-DAY STRIKE + Jackson's Staff Barred Over Lapse in Coverage Santa + Click. (SCS Reg) Strawberries may be celebrated at a festival this year, but not in Watsonville + Agency clamps down on Michael Jackson

Southern California: SoCal professor says anti-terror detectives questioned him + LA: "South Central Farmers" Win Stay of Eviction + Homeowners Expect Prices To Keep Rising + Traffic Detoured as City Touts Its New Traffic Czar + LAPD's Skid Row Divide + LA: Union Is Urged to Drop Arellano Endorsement + LA: Chick, School Officials Trade Barbs Over Audit + Laguna to Keep New Tax Despite Windfall + Ventura: Student Had Rare Illness, Coroner Says

San Bernardino: Morris team plans to rearrange staff + Fontana raises development fees + Palm Springs Mayor Aims Higher + Toll for improved roads in Coachella valley: $2.6 billion

Anaheim: Baseball Series Has Global Flavor + O.C. Foundation Giving Its All + News briefs from Southern California

San Diego County: APL Panama, load lightened, ship floats free from Ensenada beach + S.D. Fire Department has new canine helper + Ex-San Diego city manager Ewell's 9,000 e-mails erased + Two die in separate traffic accidents + Changes to bus routes upset some + Shelltown house destroyed in pre-dawn fire + Airport-bound taxi flies off I-5 + Shutdown of historic S.D. house in dispute + Bodyguard issue back in Chula Vista + San Diego: With jurisdiction settled, Mission Beach sea wall will be repaired + $300 million water plan would join reservoirs for San Diego, Chula Vista-based water district + Oceanside: Korean Buddhists' message is peace + Oceanside economic development panel will seek hard data + Oceanside: Voters to decide on medical center bond issue + Solana Beach: St. Patrick's concert will celebrate Irish music

March 9, 2006


The Governor:  Gov. says bond deal real close + Lawmakers, governor 'close' to bond deal; Senate meets tonight + GOP support sought for bonds plan + Accord Sought on Works Measure + State's largest ever bond deal nears (SJM Reg) GOVERNOR LINING UP VOTES FOR MORE MODEST INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislators appeared close Wednesday to a deal for the state's largest ever borrowing plan, aimed at reducing freeway congestion, building thousands of classrooms and fortifying century-old levees + Click. Business boosts infrastructure plan + Plescia elected GOP leader amid frenetic bond negotiations + Perata raises almost $1 million for infrastructure plan + Spend California bond money on schools, flood control

Gov., lawmakers face deadline on levee funding + Bid for levee funds denied

Gov.'s switch increases some prison pensions + State Prison Reform Hopes in Jeopardy

Full audit ordered re: Rob Reiner's commission

State's bond marketing procedure shielded from political interference

Click.  Daniel Weintraub: Tax-financed campaign to change minds on preschool

Click.  Delay of after-school program may be sought. Democrats say state can't afford the $500 million cost

Click.  Dems polish $30 billion infrastructure bond for June ballot. GOP says measure lacks necessary policy changes

Panel orders audit of stem cell program

Prop 36 funding increase sought



State foster care officials spar over how to rate system

Late fundraising for No on 77 may violate FEC ruling

Bright lights, big disagreements between rival Indian gaming groups in Sacramento

The GOP convention I attended was different than the one I read about

As politicians fight, California workers struggle with minimum wage

Legislature: Assembly GOP gets new chief + Senate Bill Seeks to Ban 'Bounty' Voter Drives + State's vast portfolio of surplus properties draws new attention from state lawmakers

Indian tribes: Lawmakers seek limits on where casinos locate + River Rock Casino alcohol requested debated + California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Raises Awareness For Gambling + Ione Miwoks file reply in appeal + Report on  North Richmond casino details positives + Indio casino gets a new manager


Nursing home chain in settlement with California attorney general

Many Angry Over Fate of Cochran Law Firm

Sacramento & north: Search For Suspects In Brutal Sacramento Gang Rape + 2 held on real estate fraud

San Francisco, San Mateo: Court ruling to restrict methyl bromide pesticide

Alameda: Neurosurgery chief arrested in Oakland operating room + Berkeley Can Deny Free Facilities to Boy Scouts, Court Rules + Chief says man shot and killed by Newark police was brandishing toy gun + ALAMEDA CO. DA IS INVESTIGATING JERRY BROWN NIGHTCLUB INCIDENT + Brown Goes From Crime Observer to Center Stage

Santa Clara: To catch a tagger by the tail: 5 years on trail of graffitist (SJM Reg) JAILED GRAFFITIST COMPLAINS DOGGED DETECTIVE DROVE HIM UNDERGROUND + Herhold: Teri Hatcher's tale helps victims confront abuse (SJM Reg) Beneath the celebrity glitz, there's something hauntingly painful and honest about Teri Hatcher

Contra Costa: Mom who cross-examined son asks for trial delay + Bizarre day in murder trial as Susan Polk cross-examines son + Polk family drama plays out in court + Click (CCT Reg) Polk's flu illness delays trial until Monday + Magazine salesman pleads not guilty in Lafayette killing + EL CERRITO BABY TESTS POSITIVE FOR AMPHETAMINE

Marin: ACLU targets drug dogs at Marin City school + Bike case plaintiffs move for new trial, claim Judge Dufficy is biased

Sonoma: Two women sue Marine Corps, Navy for alleged rapes + Women Claiming Rape Sue Marines, Recruiters + Bonnie Turner charged with stabbing estranged husband

Napa: Attorney Steve Flinn files for DA post

Solano: Mother of pregnant student who was allegedly assaulted is upset with school + Suisun City police chief called a weak leader

Monterey: Band instruments recovered + Salinas gang member gets 21-year prison sentence + Man sentenced to almost seven years in prison

Central Valley: Jury hears of Hayat murder plot + Defense questions background on incriminating terror confession + During interview with Umer Hayat, Feds did most of the talking + Invasion robbery defense to begin (MBee Reg) The 10th week of a trial involving a string of home invasion robberies in Stanislaus and Merced counties ended early, because prosecutors on Wednesday announced that they have called all of their witnesses + Pesticide case stands against nut firm (MBee RegA case against the owner and two employees of Golden West Nuts Inc. of Ripon will stand, a judge said Wednesday, but a prosecutor must add more detail to an indictment that lays out six criminal charges + Lodi: Defense: Murder victim, not Alamo, had a motive to kill + Lodi: Alzheimer's patient found dead after release from jail + Chico bank robbed; suspect gets away + Fresno: Deputies make major cocaine bust + Tulare: Man accused of 10 hour stand-off enters plea + Teen charged as adult in Lemoore double murder

Central Coast: (SCS Reg) Juror in Watsonville murder case a no-show

Southern California: Compton Gang Member Convicted in Slaying of Student + 2nd day of violence on Gardena High School + El Segundo officer kills loose dog after alleged attack + Kidnapped boy found at downtown L.A. bus depot + SOUTH GATE: MAN GIVES UP AFTER STANDOFF + Not guilty plea in airman's shooting + Videotaper of California airman shooting faces Miami assault case + Ex-LA labor leader pleads guilty to campaign finance violations + Ramcho Cucamonga: Suspect re-arrested charged with murdering his 6-week old daughter + Vagos motorcycle club targeted in Southern California crime sweep + Haidl teen sex assault sentencing set for Friday + Prosecutors Recommend 12 Years For Haidl + Orange County: A Brutal Scene Caught on Tape + Mira Loma: Woman arrested after fake bomb found + San Bernardino: Man pleads not guilty to riot-related charges + Woman Ticketed For Applying Makeup While Driving + San Diego: Children's hospital therapist held in molestations, porn + Escondido: Roofing company officials indicted in workmen's comp scheme + Charges unlikely for Poway driver + Chula Vista: Public defenders forced to outsource


LOCAL NEWS:  New chief of California Historical Society

Click.  Feds float 3 options on salmon. Most generous plan would be same as 2005 season, which fishermen say was a disaster

Bottom trawling banned + Click. Key vote to ban taking krill from federal waters. Pacific fishery council advises Commerce Dept.

Biologists lobby for species act + Protection sought for delta smelt

Sacramento & north: City of Sacramento to hear ambitious railyard plan + Revised railyard plans include a canal district + El Dorado: Housing plan for mentally ill + Freight train derails in Las Plumas County + Click.  Firm fined in van crash is OK'd to hire pineros + Sacto pair arrested in reverse mortgage scam + Cameron man pulls wreck victim from river

San Francisco, San Mateo: BART Fire in San Francisco Ties Up Bay Area Commute + San Francisco gives battleship the heave-ho + San Francisco Antique Arms Auctions Await Gun Ban Decision + San Francisco's Green Collared Future + CalTrain kills person laying on tracks + Exhibit, ball, parade for Quack Centennial + SF: Proposed ordinances submitted for June ballot + Neighbors object to Scientologists' offer to buy 1912 building in North Beach

Alameda Port of Oakland mulls third airport terminal + Click. Police union, chief at odds on patrol plan. City Council wants more officers out on the streets + Eden Hospital Strike Ends, Agreement Ratified + West Berkeley Liquor Store declared a nuisance + Protest of East Oakland liquor store near school + Buddhist relics to arrive Friday (SJM Reg) A special collection of Buddhist relics -- the cremated remains of many Buddhist masters, saints and sages -- is on a world tour, scheduled to reach Fremont on Friday + Oakland: Tax help sought for classroom upgrades + Click. Alameda Council approves initial maps to 'condominiumize' Marina Village berths for boat owners + Union City workers get big pension increase + Forgotten Livermore schoolhouse + Click (CCT Reg) It was thumbs up this week to a bicycle stunt course at Livermore's Sunken Gardens Park, but thumbs down to placing rest rooms at a neighborhood park elsewhere in town.

Santa Clara: Santa Clara district may go for junk-food jugular (SJM Reg) SANTA CLARA UNIFIED COULD BAN UNHEALTHFUL FARE AT ALL SCHOOL EVENTS; GROUPS HOWL + Last farm in Mountain View tagged for housing (SJM Reg) SOME TRY TO SAVE AT LEAST A CORNER OF RURAL REMNANT FROM DEVELOPMENT + 'Sunshine' reforms pitched in San Jose (SJM Reg) AS ELECTION NEARS, COUNCIL MEMO CALLS FOR MORE OPENNESS + Mtn. View councilman off to Italy (SJM Reg) Arrivederci, Matt Neely. The longtime Mountain View High School educator and current city councilman announced Wednesday that he's taking a job this summer as principal of the American Overseas School of Rome + Saratoga land use issue may go to residents (SJM Reg) COUNCIL SPLIT ON PLOT'S FUTURE
The go-along, get-along elected leaders of Saratoga, in general, are in pleasant agreement most of the time. However, the issue of what to do with a plot of city land has fundamentally divided the amicable body and apparently is headed for a referendum vote in June.

Contra Costa: (CCT Reg) Byron schools to seek bond measure + (CCT Reg) Pinole delays rental inspection vote + (CCT Reg) Contents of home dumped in yard in Antioch

Marin: Most Marin incumbents unopposed + Popular Novato principal ousted

Sonoma: River Rock Casino alcohol requested debated + Solar plan for sewage plant gets go-ahead

Napa: Napa will negotiate museum site + Browns Valley heroism + Tallying Napa's flood damage + Attorney Steve Flinn files for DA post + City and County of Napa approve dangerous dog panel

Solano: Calling former Mare Islanders + Vallejo council may nix meetings to save money + Fairground developer may be sold + Another family tragedy + American Canyon: Five file for vacated seat as deadline approaches + Grand jury chastises city agreement with Muggs + Vallejoans urge board members to approve Hiddenbrooke school + Benicia faces a big choice on schools

Monterey: Coastal director questions Pebble Beach project approval + Monterey Fire Division Chief retires after 30 years + Marathon hearing on Pebble Beach plan under way + Housing plan gets panel's OK + Natividad woes worry patients + A COLTON PARTY + Access road plan put off + Federal court gets ballot suit + Your Town + Salinas High appeal rebuffed + ON THE PATH OF MEASURE A + Planners consider park access

Central Valley: Outreach helps end grievance (MB Reg) Ceres: Ten people who filed claims against the city saying police harassed them in a gang sweep a year ago have dropped their threat of suing over civil rights violations, their lawyer said Wednesday + Speakers favor slow growth for Riverbank (MBee Reg) Riverbank: About a dozen people spoke out Wednesday night at a public hearing on how the city should grow + Top job filled at Escalon schools (MBee Reg) The Escalon Unified School District board of directors has appointed Assistant Superintendent Dave Mantooth to succeed Bob Wallace, who is retiring June 30 after 19 years as superintendent + Lodi: 4th District supervisors race grows; Pennino is out + Former Congressman John McFall dies + Delta opts for Lodi campus site + Willows Wal-Mart superstore gets green light + Oroville named 'Tree City USA' for 26th year + Fresno: Four new members for Zoo Board + Fresno: Police take new approach to keep roads safe + Pombo gets new treasurer for his PAC

Central Coast: Santa Cruz Pushes For Recreational Pot Use + Santa Cruz County workers strike vote tonight + Click. (SCS Reg) Pipeline lawsuit to determine future of Pajaro Valley's water + Click. (SCS Reg) Supervisors question efficiency of Corralitos group home + Orcutt development proposal delayed + Santa Barbara: Settlement Is Near in Priest Molestation Case

Southern California: ERs Increasingly Shutting Doors to Ambulances + Proposal Would Expand List of People Who Must Register as Lobbyists in L.A. + LA: Mayor Outlines Budget Savings + Bakersfield: Ray Ashburn will not run for Congress + El Segundo City Council pay increases despite a few frowns + Escondido: Condo complex is not alone in quest to buy land from city + Poway: Resident's 'blight' claim is rejected + Oceanside weighs public-art plans + Escondido: Succulent fans share love of plants + Oceanside development can proceed + San Diego: Immediate repairs to be made to Mission Beach sea wall + San Diego: Hundreds of workers not listed in budget + Border agents arrested on smuggling charges + One Killed As Packed Van Crashes Near San Diego + Firefighter injured while fighting 2-alarm in Palm Desert; twists ankle + Riverside: Battin won't challenge Wilson + Palm Desert Council to consider $9.7 million contract for park + Palm Desert businesses to strut their stuff this weekend + Cathedral City weighs plans for downtown + Wildfire dangers heat up following dry winter in the desert

School days: Ancient art, modern tech + In Berkeley, Calif., lunch has become a learning experience + UC Merced Chancellor Stepping Down + After 30 years, the time has come for equal funding for community colleges + CSU teachers stage rallies, protests + Vote on textbooks upsets some Hindus (SJM Reg) CHANGES THEY SOUGHT REJECTED BY BOARD The State Board of Education voted Wednesday to reject dozens of proposed changes to the way Hinduism is presented in California's sixth-grade textbooks, supporting scholars but disappointing many Hindu parents and advocacy groups.


WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Iraqis Hang 13 Insurgents; Blasts Kill 11 + 23 bodies found in Baghdad city, some cuffed and hanged + Iraq civilian death toll 'highest since end of war' + Jordan court convicts 11 of running network that recruited, smuggled fighters into Iraq to attack US forces + Iraqi Air Force Stands Up New Al Muthana Air Base + 3 Japanese soldiers commit suicide back home from Iraq + 50 people abducted; 47 killed in Iraq + US marine killed in western Iraq + US soldier killed, four others wounded in Iraq + Sectarian violence leaves Iraqis shaken + Liberated Iraq Reverts to Sharia: Asra Nomani + Official: Shi'ite Party Suppressed Body Count + Iraqi parliament to have it first meeting + Deteriorated Iraqi security conditions, interior ministry suspected + 2,000 Iraqi women kidnapped, worse off women conditions + U.S. Expands Training to Address Iraqi Police Woes + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Where Afghanistan's rebels undergo training + Britain's troops in Afghanistan 'for years' + Tractors tear up poppies + U.S. airstrike leaves 2 dead in east Afghanistan + One Militant, Woman Killed In Fighting In Afghanistan +In Afghanistan, to teach is to live in fear + Click. The war on learning. Wary of fighting troops, Taliban rebels target teachers + Allies grapple with hard Afghan reality + Tractors grind Afghanistan's opium poppies

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi Arabia: Joining WTO does not meaning dealing with Israel

Israel, Palestine: Israel expands number of roadblocks in West Bank (CIA fact book West Bank) + Gaza berry farms pinched by Israel + Germany pledges support for Israel in dealing with Hamas + Hamas leader confounds Mideast watchers + Olmert's Kadima still leads Israel opinion polls + Israel To Build Contentious Settlement Near Jerusalem -PM + Olmert to 'Post': Israel to have final borders by 2010 + Israel to reopen main crossing into Gaza after extended closure + Revival of land transport line between Tel-Aviv -Cairo + Israeli Politicians Court the 'Russian' Vote

Egypt: Egypt: Illiteracy still rife among rural women + Egypt police change tactics in Brotherhood crackdown + Egyptian Reporter Convicted Libeling Judge + Egypt cracking down on Muslim Brotherhood + Muslim Brotherhood Weekly Closed in Egypt + Egyptian Clerics Feud Over Islam's Approach

Iran: Click. ElBaradei report sends Iran's nuclear case to UNSC + Click. Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuclear bomb. Tests missiles for electromagnetic pulse weapon that could destroy America's technical infrastructure + Israeli Says Arrow Missile Can Hit Iranian Shihab Missiles + Russia opposes sanctions against Iran + Key Security Council Members Meet on Iran Nuclear Issue + Iran Counters US Warning With Hint of Oil Threat + Iran terms ElBaradei's report as contradictory + US demands drastic action as Iran nuclear row escalates + US plan seeks allies for sanctions on Iran + Iran's 'harm and pain' threat requires unified response + Iranian cadets train in India + In Iran, Even Critics Back Nuclear Stance + Russia Urges Iran to Cooperate With IAEA + Britain takes Iran's threats seriously + Supreme Leader lambasts US hue and cry over Iran's nuke plan + Russia confirms joint-venture proposal to Iran remaining in effect + Iran: "Everything is on the table"

Syria, Lebanon: Chief UN investigator to visit Syria over Hariri probe + Syria and Sudan Review Latest Political Developments + LEBANON: NO US MILITARY AID TO DATE, INTERIOR MINISTER SAYS + Russia puts pressure on Syria

RUSSIA: Prospects of Russia's Black Sea fleet + Russia to provide nuclear fuel for Bulgarian plant until 2020 + Russia’s Supreme Court Declares Controversial Baikal Pipeline Legal - East Siberia to Pacific Ocean + NGOs in Russia to Draft Recommendations for G8 Summit + Russia to deliver Smerch rockets to India + Outside View: US-Russia ties now fragile

Chechnya: Three militant bases destroyed in Chechnya + Chechen Rebel Leader Blames Moscow for “Deception”of His Predecessor

EUROPE: EU urges unified energy policy, pact with Russia + EU plans energy policy, Europe-wide electricity grid

German leftists split up in Berlin + Erdogan to meet Merkel in Germany + Germany Will Win an Extra Year to Cut Deficit, EU Draft Says + Germany considers largest constitutional reform in 50 years + Germany: Bill To Streamline Federal System

EU urged to speed up Balkans accession

Ukraine welcomes election observers

France to open diplomatic representation in Liberia

The IRA 'no longer poses terror threat'

Why trade talks must not fail between Britain, Brazil + Britain: How did things go so wrong for the NHS? + EU lifts ban on British beef + Englishness is more about Crécy than cups of tea

Senior general 'stoked Kurdish conflict to keep Turkey out of EU'

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia to Jointly Build Nuclear Reactor + Latvia to Publish Archive Papers of 4000 KGB Informers

Serbia Challenges U.N. Court's Authority

Italy's National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe: the significance of a neo-fascist commemoration

CENTRAL ASIA: Uzbekistan forces international NGOs to leave country

Armenia, Azerbaijan still "very close" to Karabakh deal + 2nd round of Azerbaijan-European talks in Brussels to obtain Individual cooperation plan

4 Civilians Shot Dead in Georgia’s Breakaway Region

Kazakhstan and the 'new great game'

AFRICA:  Experts Say Africa May Have More Droughts

East African trade zone, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania off to creaky start

New rebel militia is potent force in Nigeria's oil-rich delta region, shuts down 1/5 oil output + Nigeria: Oodua Peoples Congress Condemns Fed. Govt. Allegations + Nigeria: Police Prevented From Serving Court Order On Constitutional Review + Nigeria: Foreign Investors Interested in Country's Mining Sector

Egypt to host Darfur summit with Sudan and Lybia

Lybian Prime Minster fired (favored privatizing national industries

IMF maintains freeze on Zim loans

Zanzibar villagers appeal for food aid

Sudan warns against UN involvement + Sudan's intelligence apparatus targets activists

South Africa: Succession Battle in Dock At Zuma Trial

Zimbabwe: Crackdown On Opposition MDC + Zimbabwe: Opposition MDC Faction Leader Prizes Unity Above All

Uganda: One Man Killed in Clash Between Police, FDC Supporters

Namibia: Country Set to Become Biggest Uranium Producer in Africa

Mozambique: Opposition Deputy Found Dead + Mozambique: Four Companies to Explore for Oil And Gas

Italian historian: our colonialism of Libya devastated the people

ASIA PACIFIC:  Arroyo's senior aide becomes new military intelligence chief

Najib: East Asia must prevent "power rivalries" from escalating

Myanmar boots out Western peacemakers

China: China's poor pose threat to wealthy future + China to Strengthen Farmers' Land Rights, Congress Chief Says + China hits back at US criticism + Chinese military delegation visits Cuba + Lobbyists target China legislators + China-Japan talks on sea boundary dispute end without sign of progress + Chinese banks to add bulk by 2007 + China explains itself to the Arab world + Korea in Crisis: China's growing Korean migrant problem + Walker's World: China's revolutionary shift + PART 3: Beijing's great Hong Kong experiment

Japan: Japan rejects China's Senkaku gas offer + Japan urges Indonesia to decide over loan terms + Japan re-examines its war dead + Regional rivalries at root of Japan's irritating view of war

N. Korea: N. Korea preparing to deploy new intermediate ballistic missile capable of "easily" reaching Okinawa, Guam, probably Alaska, Commander of US forces South Korea says + North Korea Test-Fires Two Intermediate Missiles + Missiles 'fired towards China' by mistake + US calls N. Korea a threat after 'mistake' missile fire + Japan says N. Korea's short-term missiles not a threat + Seoul's nuclear envoy to visit China after N. Korea and US contact in New York - speculation 6 way talks to resume + N. Korea-U.S. Meeting Makes Little Progress + N. Korea to Set Up Special Economic Zone Near China

Thailand: Thailand's tiny Buddhist 'army' urges Prime Minister to step down + Thais protest Prime Minister's family's sale of telecom company to Singapore for $1.9 billion (insider trading alleged) (CIA fact book on Thailand)

SOUTH ASIA: India: Pakistan blamed for temple city blasts + Who's Behind the India Bombs? + Nuke deal is a triumph of India's hard bargaining + Fear triggers exodus in India's Maoist badlands + Nuclear pact launches India into uncharted waters + Click. After the BPO and KPO boom, the corporate sector in India is steadily gearing up for a new concept - RPO, that is Recruitment Process Outsourcing + Indian temple city cremates carnage victims, police fear more blasts + India's N-fuel will come via thorium + India returns to Asia

Pakistan: Security forces shell militants in North Waziristan + Bombers strike at Taleban + Pak to get an edge over India through economic superiority: Musharraf + Fencing Pak-Afghan border to help curb terrorists’ movement: Shaukat Sultan

Click. Sri Lanka’s chief Muslim party, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), has accused the LTTE (Liberation Tigers Tamil) of trying to link Sri Lankan Muslims with extremist Muslim groups such as Al Qaeda (CIA Fact Book Sri Lanka

AMERICAS: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico: Latin America Local Bond Preview

A presidential candidate for Brazil's main opposition + Britain, Brazil Seek Global Trade Summit + Brazilian Ministers May Leave Lula Government This Month to Run for Office

Rice heads to Chile to improve US standing + Chile, India: Free Trade Agreement Signed + Chile's top priority is strategic alliance with Argentina

Peru Candidate Flores's Lead Narrows vs. Humala, Garcia in Poll + Peruvian Hopeful Urges Feeding Kids Coca + Menezes family to meet Lula

Bolivia's Morales to meet with Rice + Constituent Assembly to re-found Bolivia + Bolivia-US Relations Tense

Argentina halts most beef exports to tame inflation

Spy may link Castro's brother to shootdown

Venezuela to buy back Brady bonds + Venezuela parliament approves new flag, coat of arms + Venezuelans Protest Outside U.S. Embassy + Venezuela to buy 36 large oil ships from Brazil + Venezuela Debunks Uranium Charge + Chavez Accuses State Governor of Seeking To Secede from Venezuela

Analysis: Aristide's return

US halts military aid to Mexico over international court dispute + Landmark pact to aid Baja California rape victims

Jorge Gestoso Interviews El Salvador's President Antonio Saca


US Troops on Spy Missions All Over the World + Special forces assigned to US embassies

Pak-Afghan spat shows cracks in war on terror + Pakistan urges Kabul to share intelligence faster

Bin Laden fan clubs build online communities + Just how close did US get to catching Bin Laden after 9/11?

Click. Islamic groups close to the al-Qaeda network claim responsibility for guerilla operations against foreign oil companies in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. The groups’ websites have published photographs of 9 kidnapped employees of the US petrol company, Wilbros.

al-Qaeda encourages followers to attack oil pipelines, tankers, facilities in Muslim countries, but now wells

Moussaoui sentencing: His legal gaffe returns to bite him + Moussaoui's flight training detailed + USA v. Moussaoui trial transcripts + Agent Testifies Moussaoui Lied to Him

Why terror financing is so tough to track down

Douglas Hoelscher, new executive director of Homeland Security Advisory Committees is a rank amateur

South America and radical Islamic terrorists

Corridors of power: Germany's spies out in the cold

London Tube Shooting: 'We knew wrong man was shot'

Pakistan court rejects 'spy' plea

Court Hears Arguments Over FBI Agent Accused of Exposing Probe

Pakistan court rejects 'spy' plea

Court Hears Arguments Over FBI Agent Accused of Exposing Probe

Germany opens world's largest computer fair + Handheld PC dominates Cebit start

Scientists find liquid water on Saturn moon Enceladus

China aims to convert coal into ultra-clean energy resource

Google 'planning total storage'

First Galileo satellite now transmitting

Purdue scientist defends his fusion work

MIT looks to solve architectural secrets

Machine creates plasma hotter than stars

Fancy a little windmill on your roof? You're in fashionable company

Microsoft's Origami mini PC project fails to meet expectations

High-tech Testing Of The Space Shuttle's Foam

Advance Hastens Practicality Of Superconductors

Click. Brenda Stardom: I'm Tempted to Bury My Computer.



Google faces Wall Street rebellion over its failure to provide forecasts

Lenovo may go public in US

Japan pulls curtain on cheap credit

How accessories have saved fashion industry



Bank of Japan Takes Big Risk With Policy Change

China's Biggest IPO Will Be Led by Merrill Lynch, Deutsche, Credit Suisse

Egypt tortures for the US, so why not on its own account?

China issues human rights record of US


Dissidents of the theatre in Belarus pin their hopes on denim revolution

The great frozen embryo debate

Women Rally, Demand Equal Rights in Asia


Bird flu: Europe draws on past crises in bird flu fight + Schrödinger's cat, dead or alive + Something about masks + Azerbaijan checks 'suspicious' deaths for bird flu link + Girl becomes China's 10th bird-flu fatality + First case of deadly H5N1 bird flu strain confirmed in Albania + Israel Helps Nigeria Combat Avian Flu + Scientist: Russia Lacks Bird Flu Drugs + Bird flu panic hits Disney + WHO: Africa Needs to Prepare for Bird Flu + Bird flu found at factory in southern Russia + Africa must fight bird flu itself + Bird flu could appear in U.S. in months + U.S. will be testing more birds for flu + Norway Tests Ducks for Avian Flu; Dozen Indonesians Are Treated for Virus + Bird flu found in weasel-like mammal in Germany + Why are the swans dying? + Latest death raises fears bird flu may have adapted

Personalized vaccine to counter MS approved for trials + MS vaccine testing to start in US + How one man deals with looking after his psychotic son + Color-coded food labeling urged + Breast milk 'won't halt obesity' + Interview: Tips to bring up baby safely + PET scans used to assess lung inflammation + Study: Plant sterols lower LDL cholesterol + Study looks at perceived vs. actual size + Science moves on from dog clone + DNA From The Deep + New Study Shows Benefit Of Early Therapy In HIV-infected Infants + Blood Levels Of Suspected Carcinogen Vary By Race, Ethnicity + MIT Research Holds Promise For Huntington's Treatment; Could Also Have Impact On Parkinson's Disease + + Scan clue to maths disability + Researchers Take New Approach To Defeating Gram-negative Bugs + Biologists Develop Genome-Wide Map of miRNA-mRNA Interactions + Being Targeted By Stereotypes And Prejudice Affects Self-control And Academic Performance + Scientists Provide New Evidence For Cellular Cause Of SIDS + Common Properties In Genes Implicated In Development Of Cancer + Hopkins Researchers Discover Unsuspected Genetic Switch That Turns Off An Oxygen-poor Cells Combustion Engine And Turns On Its Electric One + Coffee Consumption Linked To Increased Risk Of Heart Attack For Persons With Certain Gene Variation + Experience Backs Early Heart Valve Replacement + Troubling Increase In Repeat Cesarean Delivery, Inadequate Explanations + Virginia Bioinformatics Institutes Launches Microbial Database + Genome's knowledge "avalanche" + TEENAGERS WARNED ABOUT CHOKING GAME + Little research behind claims that Hoodia is safe, effective + Science Quickens Its Steps re: Prostheses + Cost of High-Tech Limbs May Keep Them Out of Mainstream

Nature: New rodent is 'living fossil' + NASA Survey Confirms Climate Warming Impact On Polar Ice Sheets + Scientist Warns Of Threat To Last Stronghold Of Endangered Turtle + How To Grow A Bigger Brain + Oxford Biologists Explore Ability For Some Females To Conceive During Pregnancy + Reining In Carbon Dioxide Levels Imperative But Possible + Management Of Delta And Wetlands Contributed To Problems After Hurricanes + Study Explores Which Carnivores Are Most Likely To Kill Other Carnivores + U.S. RUNNING OUT OF HONEY BEES FOR ALMOND CROPS + Rising Tide of Ocean Plagues


Ala. Church Fires Started 'As a Joke'

The Death Knell of Residual Doubt: The Supreme Court Underestimates the Relevance of Innocence

Justices OK Berkeley fee for Scouts group

Dallas institutes new laws on homeless + Attacking homeless may yield longer jail terms

Google settles 'click fraud' lawsuit for $90M

More than 100 Dublin priests suspected of child sex abuse + Irish clergy sex abuse study shows many suspected, some sued, but few convicted

Top U.S. bishop accused of sex abuse

Parents fear MySpace is a playground for pedophiles

The U.S. Government's Flawed Response to Hurricane Katrina: Why It Should Be Viewed as a Human Rights Failure, and What the Consequences of That Could Be

Data Insecurity: What Remedy Should Consumers Have When Companies Do Not Keep Their Data Safe?

Fastow Says List of Partnership Deals Incriminates Skilling in Enron Fraud + Fastow lays out more deceit at Enron

Videotaper of California airman shooting faces Miami assault case

Neurosurgery chief arrested drunk in Oakland operating room

Tenn. Senate Backs Anti-Abortion Step






Dubai firm to give up stake in U.S. ports + Dubai to transfer ports control to US entity + Dubai threatening to hit back

Frist Suspends Senate Ethics Debate After Losing on Vote on Ports Takeover U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist suspended

Foreign airline control raises concerns

Bush orders Homeland Security faith-based initiative

"YOU'VE GOT A PILE OF STUFF THERE": BUSH IN NEW ORLEANS + Click. ( WaPo) Bush: Congress 'Shortchanged' New Orleans. Touring Gulf Coast, President Calls for Restoration of $1.5 Billion for Levee Repairs + Click. Bush backs ravaged Louisiana. He demands aid for housing not be split among states + Breach or overrun? What feds knew about levees

Bush to sign anti-terror USA Patriot Act after long, trying push for passage

Bush: No protectionism to safeguard off-shored US tech jobs

Rumsfeld Tells Congress Iraqi Security Forces Would Handle Any Civil War

Rumsfeld, Rice say Iraq not at civil war

At Pentagon: a new vision, but old budget

Bush loves Oval office rug

Domestic Spying, Secrecy: Gonzales: Spying Program Doesn't Need a Law + Click. FBI admits many spying violations. Justice's inspector general investigates problems administering Patriot Act + Legal rationale for spy program questioned + Gonzales questions relevance of Geneva protections, defends Gitmo policies + US Senate panel votes to sanction illegal spying. Rubberstamp for police-state measures + Court hears FBI probe in needless secrecy + Click. FBI Cites More Than 100 Possible Eavesdropping Violations + Why Data Mining Won't Stop Terror + Senate Decides Against Investigating NSA Spying + Click. (Daisy Cutter) Is Bush spying on his political opponents?

War prisons: Doctors attack US over Guantanamo + Former Guantanamo Prisoner Arrested in Moscow + Abu Ghraib to close + US says Abu Ghraib's successor to open + Guantanamo prosecutor denies torture, stresses transparency of trials

Rice: Rice, Lavrov expose widening US-Russia rift + Rice Says U.S. Support Russian Proposal on Iran After Talks With Lavrov + Rice heads to Chile to improve US standing + Bolivia's Morales to meet with Rice

Foreign policy: U.S. eyes 'trilateral' military cooperation with Japan and S. Korea to handle N. Korea, China and terror threats in Asia, says Adm. Wm. Fallon, head of US Pacific Command + To improve literacy, US and Egypt give every public school 700 new books + U.S., Malaysia to launch free trade talks + Joint US-Japan Missile Defense Test Successful + Commander Calls Africa Global Strategic Imperative + Japan-U.S. interceptor test successful + US report hammers Iran, Syria, spares Israel, S. Arabia + What’s Putin’s Game? + U.S. Blocks Military Aid to Mexico + U.S. Will Use Emirates To Watch Iran

Domestic: Arizona Governor Orders Troops to Border + Religious charities get more federal money + FBI investigating former FEC staffer + CDC: No government recall of beef despite salmonella outbreak + Drug Seizure From Canada Data Disclosed

Congress: U.S. Congress Passes Resolution in Support of Democracy in Belarus + House votes to dump food safety laws + House panel votes to block Dubai ports deal in US + Senate panel begins work on immigration overhaul bill + Senators wrangle over cuts in budget plan + House panel backs $1B for vets, heat aid + Senators question dairy cuts in budget + Senate urged to safeguard species act + Florida senators will try to block Gulf drilling bill + Senate votes to end free meals + Florida senators will try to block Gulf drilling bill

Democrats: Hilary Clinton says Republicans’ immigration bill would create police state + House retirements give both parties hope + Da Hillary Code

GOP: Changing political climate could help McCain + Josh Marshall: Little lie that may sink Katherine Harris


Why Iran's oil bourse can't break the buck

Iran's turn to face coalition of the willing

Gingrich tells Rumfeld to dig in for 70 year war

Ionesco, Beckett, and Genet No Match for Rumsfeld

Camille Cavendish: Potholes in the global road

Rupert Cornwell: At last, the warmongers face the facts

(Independent) NeoCon allies desert Bush over Iraq

Sydney Blumenthal: A deaf man spouting

Timothy Ash: We need a European approach to supporting democracy in Iran

Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Senate cover-up committee

God: I've Lost Faith in Blair: Terry Jones

Needed: New Ideas About Russia: Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Dahar Jamail: See Dick Loot

Chris Floyd: Deadly delusions of America troops

Patrick Bond: Wolfowitz's anti-corruption hoax at world bank

Mark Weisbrot: Failure of Hugo bashing

War and peace are too important to leave to generals

Richard Cohen: President refuses to face facts

Click. Andy Mukherjee: Bush, Biotech Can Transform India's Countryside

MILITARY Realignment of US forces in Japan to be done no matter what

US Special Operations Forces Playing a Leading Role in Terror Fight

Sec Army Orders Army-Wide Business Transformation

Iraqi tactics tested on US soil

KC-135 operations - the flow behind the mission

Pentagon seeks to create new force of conventional warhead missiles

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges + Red Cross calls for change in gay blood donor ban + Gay rights activists protest against Polish leader + Gay parents staging 'celebration' at White House egg roll + Gay candidates having it both ways? + Gay and Irish, Quinn Faces Tough Choice Over Parade + Anglican leader rules out debate on gay sex

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Online publisher's European move

Doug Thompson at Capital Hill Blue - We don't burn our sources

Egyptian Reporter Convicted Libeling Judge

Influential Italy daily backs centre-left

Egyptian journalist imprisonment flares anger on publication law

P.R. Gods Get Freedom From Press

Taking Stock: Electronic Newsprint and the Interactive Newspaper

Reporting the pandemic

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

French kings drawn into Da Vinci clash

Ancient Cypriots fed olive oil to furnaces

China's prosperity inspires rising spirituality

Lourdes introduces miracle-lite

Asian film festival opens in France

How wireless web users will change social rules

'Synthetic Validity': Selection Tool Could Revolutionize Hiring, Online Dating

Mack White: The Alamo (art)

Anjelica Huston: I'm glad I'm not a sex symbol

Cuba to Host International Puppet Theater Workshop

El Salvador puts out a welcome mat

Forties 'are the lonely decade'

Thomas Wolfe - Wolfe, Perkins, Time and the River

At the Theater

John Lahr on Martin McDonagh

MGM Issues Film Lineup

Fiction by Erri De Luca

George Stevens Jr.’s Conversations With the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood’s Golden Age

The Screamer

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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March 8, 2006

India, Pakistan, Japan, China, US

Click.  Ashok V. Desai: Musharraf's China card. The general is not one to sit back and enjoy his defeat.

Click.  (Rferl) U.S. still opposes Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline.

Click.  (India defense) High-level Japanese defense delegation in India.


Click.  Jim Krane: Spring coming to Afghanistan, and a new opium crop sprouts.

Click.  Jim Bronskill: Canadian secret report says profits from Afghan poppy crop sowing terror seeds.

Click.  Ian Bruce: Military’s Afghanistan campaign may be long struggle.

Click.  (Dawn) Kabul says its intelligence about Taliban and Al Qaeda hiding in Pakistan is strong.

Iraq, al Qaeda

Click.  David Phinney: The Baghdad embassy bonanza.

Click.  (Baku Today) September 11 account casts pall over Moussaoui death trial.

Russia, Central Asia

Click.  ( Putin's deft diplomacy.

Click.  ( Armenia, Azerbaijan exchange gunfire near Karabakh.

Click.  (Regnum) Expert says US president has taken responsibility for results of coups d’etat in former Soviet Union.

South America

Click.  (Reuters) Bolivia seen likely to end IMF financing ties.

Click.  (BBC) Bolivia to write new constitution.

Click.  (Santiago Times) Pinochet's wealth, fake identity also hid fortune in Chile.

Click.  (Desert) University study may help Utah and Mexico connect.

Click.  Kerra L. Bolton: Pure Politics. Trip to Honduras shows the other side of globalization.


Click.  (Nasdaq) French PM approves France's militant attack response plan.

Click.  (Reuters) Old men rule in ageing Italy.

Click.  Peter Popham: Berlusconi the laughing cavalier.


Click.  (People's Daily) Indonesia to send 3.5 million workers abroad.

Click.  (AKI) Indonesian police say al-Quaeda funded terror attacks. More details.

Click.  Clifford Coonan: Hollow victory as rural China battles march of capitalism.

Click.  Simon Tisdall: Thailand's troubles.

Click.  (Reuters) North Korea will return to six-way talks on its nuclear programs unless the United States ends its financial crack down on Pyongyang's assets.

Click. (Swiss Info) Annan urges cool rhetoric after Cheney warns Iran.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: What the Indian Giver got.

Click.  (ABC) Bush faces GOP effort to stop ports deal.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Nipping and tucking on both coasts.

Click.  (WaPo) Democrats' Data Mining Stirs an Intraparty Battle. With Private Effort on Voter Information, Ickes and Soros Challenge Dean and DNC

Click.  Laura Smitherman: Bankers win bid to halt bias law. Bush administration isssues legal opinion saying that U.S. law would preempt the county statute from being applied to federally regulated lenders.

Click.  John Flores: Look at all that Bush has bungled.

Click.  (London Times) I’m not as right as I thought I was, Da Vinci accuser admits.

Click.  (ABC) Patagonian cave paintings stun scientists.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Brokeback Broke, Get Over It.

Click.  (NZ Herald) "Dead Sea Scrolls" of Buddhism may be missing link.

Riken finds Reveromycin A effective in treating osteoporosis + Scientist shows why tough women likely to have sons + Heart assistance devices and monitors for everyday use + Coffee risky or helpful? It all depends on genes

Ornithologists warn about danger of slaughtering flu-infected wild birds + Austrian cats beat bird flu

Diet analysis service via mobile phones


The Governor:  Bond plan sets off lobbying frenzy + Potential beneficiaries want Bond plan on ballot+ Calif. Democrats fine-tune public works bond plan + Shifting liability for levee safeguards stirs debate + Opposition to water-bill fees places plan at risk + Governor, Chamber at Odds Over Emissions

Angelides blasts rivals in a visit to UC Berkeley + Angelides Draws Scrutiny as Well as Support

Calif. GOP halts fee-based voter registrations amid fraud probe

Homicides an Issue in Race for Atty. Gen.

Sempra Energy halts Gerlach project study

Feds call for halt this season of salmon fisheries off coast

New boss for Prop 82 drive

Legislature: Child welfare dispute erupts at hearing

Indian tribes: River Rock Casino liquor license debated + Washington: Proposal seeks limits on casino construction


Boalt boasts its first black editor in chief

Sacramento & north: Sacramento jail understaffed, overwhelmed + 20-month child illegal taken by father Jason Bentson from UC Davis Med Center found via Amber Alert + Click. Parolee Daniel James Harper was convicted Tuesday on 12 felony counts including attempted murder, carjacking, sexual assault and torture of a Carmichael hospital employee + 19-yr-old Carlos Gene Morales dies after being shot in the back + Placerville: Freed pot activist Kubby thanks San Francisco supervisors for support + Lodi: Alamo case on way to jury + Suspected kidnapper in standoff with police in South Gate + Placerville Bag-and-run gang hits local Safeway

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: No contest plea in fatal car wreck + SF: Father charged with felony for leaving child under van

Alameda: Click. (SJM Reg) Newark police officer shoots, kills man with gun + Nut case defendant no killer, lawyer says

Santa Clara: (SJM Reg) Willow Glen store owner on job despite bullet wound + Click (CCT Reg) 65-year-old Richard Hayes Stone pleads guilty to molesting two girls. SUNNYVALE ENGINEER TO SERVE 14-YEAR PRISON TERM IN CASE IN WHICH TEEN KILLED HERSELF + (AP) Teri Hatcher helped solve Sunnyvale molestation case + Click. (SJM Reg) Teri Hatcher helped solve Sunnyvale molest case vs. Stone. ACTRESS'S REVELATIONS OF HER PAST LED TO CONVICTION

Contra Costa: Click. Polk prosecutor depicts paranoid, calculating killer. Opening statement in woman's trial for husband's slaying + Click. (CCT Reg) Susan Polk's rage peaked says DA in opening argument.+ Baby suspected of ingesting amphetamine Baby tests positive for drugs. EL CERRITO: 10-month-old expected to survive after amphetamine is traced; police have no suspects + Click. (CCT Reg) James Atkins charged with burglary that ended in standoff + Click. (CCT Reg) Discovery Bay residents demand Sheriff's patrol

Marin: Click. Families in bike suit seek new trial, say judge Michael Dufficy was biased

Sonoma: Horse killing charge may be refiled

Solano: Long-time Solano County judge dies + AmCan man gets nine years for vehicle manslaughter + Pregnant student allegedly assaulted

Central Valley: Stanislaus deputies make a potentially explosive traffic stop (Mod Bee Reg) Stanislaus County sheriff's deputies confiscated a loaded semiautomatic handgun, a sawed-off .22-caliber rifle, two bulletproof vests and bombmaking materials during a traffic stop Tuesday morning in south Modesto + Oroville: Attempted murder suspect's competency questioned + Fresno: Perez charged in Las Vegas court + Fresno: Shooting victim arrested for assault + Ripon PD one click from the scene (Mod Bee Reg) Police get a call about a strong-arm robbery at the city skate park. Back at the police station, a dispatcher tilts and zooms in a camera mounted at the park, spotting the suspect on a live video feed + Lemoore Police say initial report in error

Central Coast: Click (SCS REg) Jurors in Watsonville murder trial take field trip

Southern California: Los Angeles LA Archdiocese appeal could delay clergy abuse trials + City to return looted painting to Jewish heir in Los Angeles + Jesse James Hollywood Tries To Dump Prosecutor + LA: Local Students Accused Of Gang Rape + Local Teen Charged In Sexual Assault On Child + Fontana Sex Arrest Stems From MySpace + Another Turn in Ferrari Saga + Attorneys Work on Accord in Seminary Abuse Cases

San Diego: Robbers killed 2 for 'less than a couple hundred dollars' + County erred on Rossum, family says + Fast-pass holder held as smuggling suspect + Ex-PTO officer faces grand theft trial + 4 El Cajon men plead guilty in robbery, shooting + Carlsbad man insane as he beat, killed mom, defense says + Judge dismisses $35 million suit against Carlsbad + Cop cleared in wounding of driver + Chula Vista: New jury in '03 killing also reaches deadlock + Alpine: Deputy's dog bites man hiding in brush + Oceanside: Not guilty is plea to lewdness charges

San Bernardino deputy pleads not guilty in videotaped shooting

Orange: D.A. Requests a 12-Year Prison Term for Haidl

School days: California Board of Education votes against alternatives for exit exam + Sacramento judge reinstates Visual Performing Arts Charter School leader Granite Bay school video team hits big time + Cal State Sacramento to offer doctorate in education + Click. (CCT Reg) Dublin public to meet new schools chief + School finance failures take toll on incumbents + (SJM Reg) any kids priced out of preschool + Click.  Oakland Schools measure proposed. Administrator wants to ask voters for $435 million +  Click.  Piedmont, Kenwood voters OK tax measures for schools + Click. Oakland school talks to resume next week Teachers have been without a contract for two years Click.  Sending a child to private preschool part time costs more than attending California State University full time + Occidental Picks Legal Scholar as President + Judge May Give Students a Voice in Magnet School Case


LOCAL NEWS: Palm Springs' architectural design nets it a spot on list of elite

Sacramento & north: IMAX theatre gains subsidy from Sacto Council + Sacto Council makes moves to shut 2 liquor stores, replace with housing + Sacto man found eaten by lice in mother's locked bedroom is recovering + Sacto County ends dispute with food bank + Yolo gives stamp of approval to organic labeling plan + Rancho Cordova backs set-asides for housing + Lodi: Beckman leaves BIA, gears up for supervisors race + City Council approves Lodi's policy on code enforcement

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF lacks contract for voting machines for June primary + SF: Bayview proposal is backed + BAY MEADOWS LAND CO. EXCLUDED FROM RACETRACK LAWSUIT + The Scumlords: Part One of a Three-Part Series + Trans Bay Terminal project just an expensive station + SF: Visitation Valley transit village

Alameda: Click. (Matier & Ross) Mayor Jerry Brown finds trouble outside nightclub in Oakland + Click. (CCT Reg) Piedmont voters back bond, elect council and school boards + Hospital, strikers reach tentative deal to end lockout at Eden Hospital + Berkeley reviews plans for Berkeley Bowl + Soldiers use skills at Camp Parks attack simulation + Livermore High Reform Plan Proves Controversial Development Offers Two Options for Affordability + Livermore Is Home To One Of World's Top Shaolin Masters  + New Fund to Help Provide Services + First Zone 7 Budget Scan Shows Water Rate Boost + Goal Is For Arts To Flourish at Bothwell Center

Santa Clara: Click. (SJM Reg) San Jose school clinics launch low-cost vaccination program for kids + (SJM Reg) Police and relatives seek missing man, 36 Jason Lamont's family noticed that he was confused and depressed, and had arranged for his psychiatrist to hospitalize him on Feb. 28. But Palo Alto police didn't know that when they talked to Lamont that afternoon + (SJM Reg) Man's escape from Palo Alto VA hospital panics schools + (SJM Reg) S.J. toughens lobbyist disclosure rules; some say not enough It will no longer be enough for lobbyists in San Jose to report that they're raising money for a candidate for office. They'll have to disclose whom they approached and how much they raised + (SJM Reg) Herhold: Santa Clara smart to think twice about retirement ballot measure In the end, after a little kicking and screaming, the Santa Clara City Council members did the right thing Tuesday night. They paused, took a deep breath, and decided to study once more how to improve their retirement benefits before taking the issue to a $123,000 election + (SJM Reg) COUNCIL TRYING TO HELP GROUP GET OUT OF FINANCIAL MORASS. Bypassing recommendations from city staff members to improve the financial health of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, the San Jose City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to put more options on the table + (SJM Reg) Cause of school fumes emerges POOL CHEMICALS MIXED BY ACCIDENT. The accidental mixing of two chemicals used to clean swimming pools caused the lockdown of two Sunnyvale schools and breathing problems for dozens of people 

Contra Costa: Click (CCT Reg) Concord to get free wireless Internet. Pilot project will cover downtown Concord area with WiFi. City may become first in East Bay to offer service to all residents + Click. (CCT Reg) Group threatens to sue over Delta pumps. At issue is whether State Water Project complies with the Endangered Species Act + Click (CCT Reg) Tentative offer may end Eden lockout. Workers may get: increase in staffing levels, an employee education fund and the right to join a union without fear of harassment + Click. (CCT Reg) Pinole tightens rental housing inspections + Click (CCT Reg) El Cerritto faces $5,000 fine over political mailer + Click. (CCT Reg) Danville program for wounded veterans expands + Click. (CCT Reg) Contra Costa urban limit not yet on June ballot + East Bay Parks to use eminent domain at Richmond shoreline

Marin: Belvedere says city is too noisy + Mill Valley to publish and sell trail map + Woolsey too busy to debate Nation

Sonoma: River Rock Casino liquor license debated + $52 parcel tax approved for Kenwood School + Farmers begin patching levees + Santa Rosa approves 568 home rezoning

Napa: City, county officials square off in talks over shared, stalled parking structure + Council votes to build Browns Valley fence + Napa Police launch survey + AmCan Road crash victims identified + Council accepts mayor's request to postpone Spector project + Council opposes 'Fair Pay' Measure A + Grandview points up need for housing policy

Solano: Vallejo approves downtown financing + Three locals ID'd in fatal AmCan crash + CMA teachers plan to picket today + Hiddenbrooke charter school advocates appeal to county + Councilmember says fuel costs need to be better addressed

Monterey: McPherson receives Global Oceans Award + Wal-Mart may open this year in Marina + One dead as packed van crashes near San Diego + MIIS gets the story about Guantanamo + DIANNE HARRISON + More charges for teens in home invasion + Probing the mesh of media, military + Seawall permit extended + Your Town + Name dropper + Business Briefs

Central Valley: Modesto picks private maintenance for public parks (ModBeeReg) Modesto City Council decided Tuesday night that its public parks will go private, at least when it comes to mowing the grass, pruning the trees and repairing the sprinklers + Awaiting tobacco bond millions (ModBeeReg) + Stanislaus County should receive $30 million to $33 million by the end of this month, thanks to smokers and investors willing to bet that cigarettes still will be sold 45 years from now + Click (ModBeeReg) Stanislaus County Chief Executive Officer Rick Robinson got a glowing job review and a 5 percent raise Tuesday, bringing his salary to $202,700 + Grangeville: Father, son die in manure pit + News briefs from California's Central Coast + Orland hopes for $1.5 million for South Street project + Enloe Valley Med Center: Raises are coming: Compass workers OK contract + Game plan sought by Enloe's neighbors + Oroville: ORAC plans to sign DWR settlement + Fresno: Officials interview candidates for zoo board + Fresno: Council rejects police auditor position

Central Coast: Click. (SCS Reg) Santa Cruz: Medicare announcement spurs hope for local doctors + Click. (SCS Reg) Watsonville ballot measure touches off taxing debate + Magazine: Santa Cruz Great For Surfing Singles + Santa Cruz Citizens for Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative + SANTA CRUZ LAUNCHES HOTLINE FOR DAY LABORER ABUSES

Southern California: LA county leaders demand terror spending audit + Are Local Restaurants Serving Up Toxic Tuna? + District OKs Downtown Arts School + Runoff in L.A. School Board Race + LA Mayor Backs More Urban Parks + Big Rail Firms Sue Air Board + LA: Ethics Panel Plans Heavy Penalties + LA: Battle for the High Ground LA: Review of City Bonuses Is Ordered + LA: Schools Oversight Plan Is Shelved

Ventura County Denies Bid to Discourage McMansions

San Diego. leads in slashing of ozone violations + San Diego County urged to help fire districts more on annexations

Palm Springs: Ron Oden to run for Assembly + Indio sends postal plea to Washington D.C.

Look to Rancho Mirage for earthquake preparedness

March 7, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) US and Russia told Iran to obey international demands to limit its nuclear program, with Cheney pointing to ``meaningful consequences'' for defiance and a top Russian official saying his government has no new solutions to offer.

Click.  Juan Cole: Over 20 dead in guerrilla violence. Talabani's bid to call Parliament fails.

Click.  Dmitry Shlapentokh: Putin's war with radical Islamists.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The old lovers' nuclear triangle.

Click.  Max Fraad Wolff, Richard Wolff: China's reverse Marshall plan.

Click.  (AP) Rape victims denied abortions in Mexico.

Click.  (Bloomberg) North Korea's nuclear arms push may be stymied by US banking enforcement.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Japan will study China's proposal for joint East China sea gas exploration.

Click.  Khalid Jarrar: As if there's no tomorrow, Sunnis leaving Iraq.

Click.  (Pakistan Tribune) Evidences regarding Afghan defense ministry, intelligence conspiracies given to President Bush: Musharraf

Click.  (Moscow News) Kyrgyz Minister rules out air base use for US attack on Iran.

Click.  (Bahrain Tribune) Chirac confident Hamas will change its ways.

Click.  (ABC) Israel's defense minister said Tuesday that the Islamic militant Hamas group's prime minister-designate, Ismail Haniyeh, was not immune from an Israeli targeted killing.

Click.  (Kuwait Times) Chirac wraps up Saudi visit with no defense deal.

Click.  (Khaleej) Lack of Arab, Muslim lobby in West blamed on authoritarian regimes

Click.  (Moscow News) US calls on Congress to lift cold war law hindering trade with Russia, Ukraine.

Click.  (The Guardian) Russia OKs controversial Siberian pipeline.

Click.  Fred Weir: Color revolutions wane.

Click.  Tulin Daloglu: Turkey's vested political interests.

Click.  (AP) Thai PM vows not to bow to anti-government protesters.

Click.  Bruce Wallace: Buddhist sect at forefront of Thai protests.

Click.  (Khaleej) Australia rules out immediate lifting of ban on uranium sales to India.

Click.  (Mediacorp) Japan, US to jointly test missile defense system this week.

Click.  (Express India) Israelis see red over Indo-US nuke deal,

Click.  William Pesek, Jr.: Where "Argentina of Asia" label no longer fits Philippines.

Click.  (Greenwich Time) Chavez demanding independence for Puerto Rico.

Click.  ( US afraid of Venezuela, Bolivia hindering investments in energy sector.

Click.  ( Venezuelan president accuses U.S. of inciting Zulia state separation.

Click.  ( Venezuela, El Salvador mayors to form new oil company.

Click.  (Santiago Times) Chile's Bachelet faces education challenges.

Click.  (ABC) Bolivian President Evo Morales accused the United States of "blackmail, threats and intimidation" on Monday for withdrawing anti-terrorism funding.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Enron's Fastow testifies Skilling told him he wanted to "juice" earnings.

Click.  Tony Locy: CIA fights Libby's request for information.

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: Prosecutors say lists in Moussaoui's bag could have prevented the attacks. But the defense notes that the U.S. failed to get a search warrant.

Click.  Laurie Kellman: Revised Patriot Act targets allergy, cold medications.

Click.  (AP) Associated Press sues to open court records of John Walker Lindh's petitions to reduce sentence.

Click.  Edward Alden: White House steps up effort to halt flow of secrets.

Click.  William B. Scott: Two-stage-to-orbit "Blackstar" system shelved at Groom Lake?

Click.  Tomas Alex Tizon: Alaska by way of Katrina.

Click.  Graef Crystal: SEC rules may limit porker CEO's pay gains.

Click.  Beth Fouhy: Senator Clinton says GOP attacks gender-based.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Only removing Cheney will avert war and dictatorship.

Click.  (Irish Sun) Washington is reviewing the purchase by a United Arab Emirates firm of a British arms maker that supplies the U.S. military.

Click.  (Khaleej) UAE and US trade talks at risk.

Click.  Philip Newswanger: The port and the DP World deal -- the spice must flow.

Click.  Bennett Roth: Local governments turning to lobbyists. Some lawmakers criticize practice, saying they're elected to do job

Click.  Mark Walker: Former Representative Duke Randy Cunningham now Inmate 94405-198.

Click.  (London Times) Britain and US locked in a deepening diplomatic dispute over Washington’s failure to implement a mutual extradition agreement that Parliament approved three years ago. Congress’s refusal to ratify the deal means that Britain cannot prosecute criminals residing in the US, including sex offenders and pedophiles.

Click.  Jim Sanders: Plescia to head Assembly GOP.

Click.  Andy Furillo: Núñez, Perata say Schwarzenegger must get his party on board with bond deal.

Click.  (Sacto Bee) The California Supreme Court reversed a death sentence on Monday because the jury may have been biased by an Orange County judge's failure to exhibit "the patience, dignity and courtesy that is expected of all judges."

Click.  Nancy Isles Nation: A state appeals court has upheld a ruling for a new trial in a lawsuit that claims a Marin County social worker took financial advantage of an elderly Kentfield woman.

Click.  Marge Holland: California Sheriff admits spying on antiwar group.

Click.  (San Bernardino Sun) Sheriff deputy charged with attempted manslaughter in Chino airman shooting.

Click.  Clive Thompson: Blogs to riches. The haves and have-nots of the blogging boom.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Blast and WinFixer!!

Click.  Vu Tha Ha: Unearthing man's ancient domain in Vietnam.

Click.  (The Guardian) Vicar whose daughter died in London tube bombings can no longer bring herself to fulfill her duty to preach forgiveness.

Medieval remains unearthed in survey

Isle of Wright -- Neanderthal tools 250,000 years old

6 ancient Sekhmet statues found in Egypt

India's longest cave system found

Plastic surgeons describe possibility of full facial tissue transplantation from one human body to another +
Interferon-producing killer dendritic cell speeds up immune reactions and fights cancer + Facing HIV is easier with skin treatment
Brothers, sisters who can only walk on all fours provide insight into ancestors + Video games for the elderly: an answer to dementia?
TV ruled out as cause of child hyperactivity problems + Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story + I'll have a soda, hold the benzene
Caffeine Gene, Newly Found, May be Linked to Heart Risks, Researchers Say + Study finds anorexia nervosa is inheritable
New Zealand Has Record HIV Cases as People Downplay Risk of AIDS Infection + Liquid crystals may aid stem-cell research
Stem cell heart cure begins clinical trial + Nanoparticles make biocompatible capsules + Cost of growth hormone therapy studied
Multiple Sclerosis Research Into Reparative Cells Offers New Avenue For Fighting Disease + Studies Suggest New Targets For Tuberculosis Treatments
Manchester Scientists Create New Bio-gel For 3D Cell Culture + New Open-source Software To Remove ID From Patient Reports
Penn Study Finds No Increased Cardiovascular Risk If Mildly Underactive Thyroid Left Untreated
Lower Cost, Portable Surgical Robots Could Be Smooth Operators + Study Suggests MPA Is Effective Treatment For Hot Flashes
Sex Chromosome Genes Influence Aggression And Maternal Behavior, Say Researchers + Preserving Hearing With Ear Tumor Removal
Atomic Bomb Survivors Who Had Higher Radiation Exposure Show Increased Incidence Of Thyroid Diseases
Delayed Prostate Cancer Surgery Poses No Increased Risk For Some Patients + Genetic Perversity: Smoking And Gene Avert Parkinson's
Ironman Study Redefines Fine-tuned: Balance Training Time With Blood Pressure Variability
Inflammatory Biomarker Helps Identify Progressive Precancerous Lesions In The Lung + Secrets Of Success In The Rapid Treatment Of Heart Attacks
Researcher Identifies Brain Activity That 'Sets The Stage' For Retaining Memories

Bird flu, epidemics 2nd bird flu vaccine in the works + Dengue situation critical in Rio, Brazil + U.S. officials plan second bird-flu vaccine
Three points about bird flu to tell others + Hong Kong Will Cut Local Chicken Population on Concern Bird Flu May Spread

Nature, science Researchers find hot spots for potential species extinction + Smallest Triceratops Skull Ever Found Provides Clues To Dinosaur's Growth
New Study Confirms The Ecological Virtues Of Organic Farming + Habitat Microstructure Drives Salamander Metamorphosis
Convergent Evolution Of Molecules In Electric Fish

Hi-tech Chinese hotmail users charged with subversion + China seeks US-free web + Hybrids, We Never Knew Ya + TV's Flat New World
Anatomy of a She-Nerd +
Google's Schmidt Said To Leak Online Storage Details + Physics professor solves Sudoku puzzles
Single diode molecules are developed + Human Factors Issues In Firearms Design And Training +
Researcher Works On Molecular Diode

March 6, 2006

Click.  Sami Moubayed: A white coup in Baghdad.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Pakistan battles the forces within.

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: Pakistan -- India nuclear rivalry heats up.

Click.  Sebastian Rotella: Who guided London's attackers?

Click.  (London Times) Washington splits over best policy to halt Iran's nuclear plan.

Click.  ( Bolton says world cannot wait to confront Iran "threat".

Click.  (Canadian Press) Taliban behind savage axe attack.

Click.  (Manoranma) Karzai "oblivious" of Afghan's intelligence operations.

Click.  Burt Herman: US and India nuke deal may hurt North Korea talks.

Click.  Benazir Bhutto: The US risks repeating the disasters of the past by supporting Pakistan's military dictatorship.

Click.  (IRNA) India to begin formal border trade with China, Myanmar and Bhutan.

Click.  (Eurasianet) Armenia and Azerbaijan. Tensions rise over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Click.  Joanne Leyland: Lord Stevens to conclude Diana died in an "accident".

Click.  (AFP) Defense Cooperation On Chirac's Agenda In Saudi Arabia.

Click.  (London Times) Chirac in terrorism plea to Saudi Arabia.

Click.  (Medialine) France to give Libya nuclear aide.

Click.  (AP) Argentine winemakers going global.

Click.  Eduardo Galeano: The second founding of Bolivia.

Click.  (London Times) Lame duck Lula is smiling again.

Click.  (Brazzil Magazine) Brazil wants to create energy market modeled after the EU.

Click.  (Santiago Times) Chile's rightwing parties oppose Bachelet appointment.

Click.  (NYT) Kabuki Congress.

Click.  Jeff Stein: Negroponte Makes the Most of His Post as Minister Without Portfolio

Click.  Peter G. Gosselin: That good education might not be enough. Jobs at all levels are being outsourced.

Click.  Thomas Paley: Outsourcing: Bridled horse or bucking bronco?

Click.  (Jurist) South Dakota governor signs bill banning most abortions.

Click.  Ian Wallach:No Habeas at Guantanamo? The Executive and the Dubious Tale of the DTA.

Click.  (Jurist) Supreme Court upholds law school access for military recruiters.

Click.  Richard Fausset: Town sets sights on quaint alternative to "FEMAvilles".

Click.  Doug Thompson: Bush declare war on freedom of the press.

Click.  Mike Whitney: Bush the God of all things nuclear. "Any attack on Iran will require that military forces quickly deploy to Dubai to forestall the closing of the straits..."

Click.  Mark Z. Barabak: Those seeking to replace Bush are to address a party conference in Tennessee this week.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Tenet vs. Bush

Click.  (New York Times) Kabuki Congress.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Bush feels no pain.
Click.  Bob Herbert: Nuclear madness.

Click.  (The Independent) Details of Camp Delta inmates released to public.

Click.  (AP) Guards Say Homeland Security HQ Insecure.

Click.  (Houston Chronicle) Elite schools tap students at community colleges.

Click.  James Sterngold: Governor has chance to fix prison system. Experts say he must import an outsider with political clout.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: Governor vows to get bond measures on ballot.

Click.  Steve Lawrence: Time running out for Governor's bond plan. Might not make it onto ballot if bickering continues.

Click.  Jim Herron Zamora: Volunteers try to reforest East Bay hills with indigenous redwood.

Click.  Michele R. Marcucci: State's child welfare services at risk. Federal budget cuts may stop payments to relatives who are current caregiver.

Click.  Jeffrey L. Rabin and Daryl Kelley: Slow growth has come at a cost in Santa Barbara.

Click.  (AP) Sonoma levee break floods California highway.

Click.  Monterey Institute of International Studies - the language of success.

Click.  Calvin Tompkins: The resurgence of the Whitney Biennial (and the Whitney Museum) under Adam Weinberg.

Click.  Arin Gencer: In Santa Barbara County, newborns are the VIPs.

Mutant genes cause blindness in elderly + New neurological technology helps Parkinson's tumors + Peer exclusion hurts children academically
Stanford prof predicts life expectancy of 100 years by 2030 + Vioxx long-term use trial underway in New Jersey + England's butterflies are at risk
Mammals, fruit flies:same biological clock + Ped Med: The social challenges of youth + Genes affecting blood pressure change
Serotonin linked to atherosclerosis + A New Tree Of Life -- A Closer Look At The Origin Of Species + Antibody Therapy Reduces Asthma In Mice
High Percentages Of Depression Have Been Greatly Exaggerated + New Route To Stroke Therapy Could Protect Vulnerable Neurons
Rare Liver Disease More Prevalent Around Toxic Waste Sites In New York City + Obesity And Risk For Death Due To Motor Vehicle Crashes
Researchers Identify First Compound To Block Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease + Exercise May Aid Parkinson's Disease
Anti-depressant Use Associated With Increased Risk For Heart Patients + Screening May Over-diagnose 1 In 10 Breast Cancers
Joslin Study Provides Physiological Evidence That Insulin Is Critical For Blood Vessel Formation
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Influence Mood, Impulsivity And Personality

Bird flu Study Indicates Indian hero's new mission: to bring cheap drug for bird flu to millions + Routine Branswell + US troops in Iraq warned about bird flu +
Indonesian Woman Dies of Bird Flu Symptoms; Polish Swans Carried the Virus

Science, nature Africans may have been in America earlier than believed + Polish archaeologist unearths Europe's most ancient graves
In Egyptian desert, a surprising nautical find + Chickens maintain ancient ability to grow teeth + Largest crater in South Sahara discovered
Nessie the elephant? + Archaeologists To Establish True Value Of Roman Silver Coins + Hurricanes, Other Vortices Seize Energy Via 'Hostile Takeovers' Putting Coal Ash Back Into Mines A Viable Option For Disposal, But Risks Must Be Addressed + Other dimensions might soon be detected
Chinese satellites to carry seeds + Archeology And Genetics Team Up To Put A Much Earlier Date On South American Agriculture
Gigantic Cosmic Cataclysm In Stephan's Quintet Of Galaxies Little PC a big step

HI-tech Web site builds powerful storehouse of research + Software To Bring Order To Information Chaos 
'Nano Skins' Show Promise As Flexible Electronic Devices +
World's fastest internet will send Britannica to Shoreditch in 7 sec

March 5, 2006

Click.  Greg Sheridan: Singh leads India's three revolutions.

Click.  (AP) US Marines wall in Iraqi city with sand.

Click.  Martin Chulov: Super spies, hitmen come out as fallible. Mossad's mythologized assassins have revealed their trade secrets.

Click.  Stewart M. Powell: Moussaoui's death penalty defense expected to focus on feds' failures. Sentencing trial for Sept. 11 conspirator opening Monday.

Click.  Peter Bergen: Where's Osama bin Laden?

Click.  Jeremy Hay: Seeds of a fatal grudge: Deadly Healdsburg confrontation sprang from money, power and ambition at San Diego-area tribal casino.

Click.  Gillian Flaccus: Aryan Brotherhood targeted in one of largest capital cases ever.

Click.  Mike Fancher: Our battle against secrecy in county's legal system.

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) Federal court secrecy up on Bush's watch.

Click.  Kathleen E. McLaughlin: Shanghai again opens its arms to Jews. Once a haven from Holocaust, booming city now a tourist attraction.

Click.  Craig Whitlock: Copernicus rediscovered again -- lost remains found.

Click.  Dorsey Griffith: Kaiser fills high-tech demand. Advances in cancer treatment, fertilization, surgery part of new image.

Click.  (The Australian) Google wants the world's $800bn advertising industry. Megalomania is rife as the technology giant plots its future.

March 3, 2006

Click.  (Pravda) Power struggle within the Muslim world may result in global war.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran, EU fail to resolve standoff over nuclear program before UN meeting.

Click.  Kaveh L. Afrasiabi: The march across Iran's red line.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Somebody is trying to provoke a civil war in Iraq.

Click.  (AP) US uses surveillance to protect mosques.

Click.  (The Australian) Armitage says Rice has erred in Asian region.

Click.  James Ku: Crouching corruption, hidden fraud.

Click.  Frederick W. Stakelbeck Jr.: China embraces the atom.

Click.  (Financial express) China, India threaten World Inc.

Click.  Michael Vatikiotis: China, India and the land in between.

Click.  (Hindustan Times) China better than India to tackle corruption.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Hamas leader refuses to recognize Israel after meeting Russian officials.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Hamas ready to move forward.

Click.  (Xinhua) Hamas ready to comply with achieved agreements, says Lavrov.

Click.  R. J. Escow: Heck of a job, Condi. They knew Hamas could win, did nothing, then lied.

Click.  (Spiegel) German Firms and the Wild West of Globalization.

Click.  Mark Curtis: Britain's secret support for US Aggression in the Vietnam war.

Click.  (AKI) What's behind Gaddafi's threats to Italy?

Click.  (Bloomberg) Brazil read for a "leap in quality" President Lula tells The Economist.

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) Former Rep. Randy Duke Cunningham sentenced to 8 years, 4 months in prison.

Click.  (BBC) Pentagon reveals Guantanamo names.

Click.  ( BBC) Guantanamo man tells of torture.

Click.  (Newsweek) The CIA's No. 3 Has a Friend in the Spotlight

Click.  (NYT) Agencies told to stop removing archives.

Click.  Zachary Coile: Battle opens on food labeling proposal. Lawmakers butt heads over plan to scrap tough state laws in favor of federal rules.

Click.  Denny Walsh: Defense attacks FBI's man in Lodi. Informant accused of manipulating terror suspect in conversations.

Click.  Crystal Carreon: From friend to star witness. Pakistanis in Lodi welcomed a stranger - an FBI informant.

Click.  Demien Bulwa: Defense admits to tall tales, not crimes. Informant says camp attendance never confirmed

Click.  Capt. Steve Alvarez: CENTCOM Team engages "Bloggers".

Click.  (Bloomberg) Five U.S. states today sued US over funding for expanded prescription-drug program.

Click.  G. Jeffrey MacDonald: The power of nun taking a lead role in shareholder activism.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush hails Indian progress and benefits of free trade, travels to Pakistan.

Click.  (India Times) Bush suggests easier H1-B visas for Indians.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush to meet with Canada's Harper and Mexico's Fox in late March in Cancun.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Rumsfeld's war.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Scum sucking traitors to our country.

Click.  David Sarasohn: Lore of the Libby lawyers.

Click.  Paul Krugman: George the unready.

Click.  (Hindustan Times) Bolton says India and Pakistan nukes are legitimate.

Click.  (Newsday) Hillary didn't know Bill gave UAE port advice.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: W was right -- Brownie did one heckuva job.

Click.  Jan Sussler: FBI commits domestic terrorism on Independence Movement in Puerto Rico.

Click.  Catherine Austin Fitts: Narco dollars in Mena and LA, insider deals at Dillon read and massive mortgage fraud in HUD related to Iran-Contra.

Click.  Bob Kerr: Pay down too much on your credit card debt and Homeland Security can be alerted.

Click.  Howard Fineman: Un-explainer in chief.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: Agenda of Michael Chertoff.

Click.  (BoingBoing) House introduces mandatory radio-crippling law.

Click.  Kevin Yamamura: Governor Schwarzenegger campaigns to get levee bonds on June ballot and believes feds will provide more funding for flood protection.

Click.  Michael R. Blood: Governor pulls out stops to raise funds. Star-studded gala likely to raise $2M.

Click.  Josh Richman, Jill Tucker: Reiner's universal preschool initiative takes its lumps. Perata pulls support for actor/director's ballot measure.

Click.  Sandy Kleffman: Stem cell project waiting court ruling.

Click.  Chris Floyd: Party Hacks. California sinks Into the Bushist sea.

Click.  Rebecca Dana: Did Nancy Grace, TV crime-buster muddy her myth?

Click.  Peg Melnick: Re-creating historic 1976 Paris tasting. California wines beat French, sparking Wine Country growth.

Click.  (Spiegel) French firm clones horse racing champions.

Click.  Scott Kirsner: Joshua Davis, bad boy of web design.

Click.  Christopher Dickey: Why is George Clooney’s new generation of doomsday films so prominent in the Oscar lineup? It’s all about the manipulation of fear.

Click.  Martin Livermore: In thrall to the Green God.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.

Click.  Jeff Wells: Grave mysteries (Part II).

Click.  (BBC) Madonna to play the Coachella festival set in a desert near Palm Springs.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Sydney's gay Mardi Gras goes from protest march to city's biggest party.

Click.  John Scagliotti: Why are there no real gays in Brokeback Mountain?

Pesticide threat to babies linked to enzyme levels + Her Body: Inside Giant Women's Health Study + A new tree of life allows a closer look at the origin of species + Bone marrow cells can become functional gut lining cells + Weighting cancer drugs to make them hit tumors harder + FDA: Two-thirds of studies not 'initiated' by pharma manufacturers + Study: Cancer victims helped by Internet
Stress may help women getting flu shots + Nutritional Friend Or Foe? Vitamin E Sends Mixed Messages
Anti-inflammatory Drug's Potentially Deadly Side Effect Found To Be Rare
Plastic Surgeons Countdown First Full Facial Transplantation 
How Nice, Brown Rice: Study Shows Rice Bran Lowers Blood Pressure In Rats
Computer Scientist Sorts Out Confusable Drug Names + Hearts Hurt When Spouses Spat
Saliva Test Offers New Window On Caffeine-stress Response + Animals 'are moral beings'
Combined, Genes And Environment Affect Health More Than They Do Alone + Biomarkers May Hone Anti-aging Therapies
Ear infection vaccine developed + Acupuncture 'like migraine pill' + Altruism 'in-built' in humans + Chimps fall down on friendship  

Epidemics, biowarfare Mosquito-borne epidemic kills 93 in French Indian Ocean island + Insurance companies give poultry farmers the bird
US government will be little help on bird flu: Leavitt + Greek poultry industry "facing ruin" + Communicating effectively in a pandemic
Deutsche Bank: Pandemic would hit metals, energy + UN contractor: Countries refuse to cooperate in bird flu investigation 
Iran stockpiling unsold chicken + Swedes "just checking out" dead mink in H5N1 zone + Bird flu poses no food safety risk: health expert
Germany Tightens Measures Against Bird Flu + Mad Cow Disease in Netherlands + Europe counts cost of bird flu, fresh cases emerge
Scientists seek better surgical robots

Nature, science Teflon chemical to be reduced says EPA + Researchers To Scrutinize Megacity Pollution During Mexico City Field Campaign
Chimpanzees Recognize When Collaboration Is Necessary and Choose The Best Collaborative Partner + Primates Harvest Bee Nests In Ugandan Reserve
Falcon Decoys And Simulated Rifle Fire Keep Birds From Oil + Study Reveals Mass Migration Of Mormon Crickets Driven By Hunger, Fear 
Animals 'are moral beings'

Hi-Tech Scientists capture the speediest ever motion in a molecule + Scientists look at space shuttle foam + Mini-synchrotron may become research tool  Settlement ends Blackberry case + Advanced Aircraft To Probe Hazardous Atmospheric Whirlwinds + Forecasting The Seas 
New Magnetic Phenomenon May Improve RAM Memories And Storage Capacity Of Hard Drives + Big push for Chinese net domains  
Research Shows Ventilated Auto Seats Improve Fuel Economy, Comfort + Origami gadget to debut at Cebit

March 2, 2006

Click.  (ABC) Iraq bans cars after another bloody day.

Click.  (BBC) Gangs "kill freely" in Iraq chaos.

Click.  Brian Conley, Isam Rashid: White-collar Iraqis targeted by assassins.

Click.  Angela A. Onikepe: Most bodies in Baghdad morgue show signs of torture, execution: UN rights official.

Click.  Tatyana Margolin: Prisons construction focus of last US Iraq rebuilding project.

Click.  Juan Cole: Kurds, Sunnis attempting to dump Jaafari. Violence leaves 30 dead.

Click.  (CNN) US State Department creates new office for Iran.

Click.  (RIA-Novasti) Iran's nuclear negotiators leave Moscow for Vienna talks.

Click.  (AKI) The head of the UN atomic watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei welcomes the talks between the European Union and Iran over its nuclear program.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran's President meets Malaysian leader on developing ties.

Click.  (Zaman) Europe is a hunting ground for secret services.

Click.  (AKI) French police launch probe of CIA flights.

Click.  (AKI) Italy's justice minister criticizes judiciary over Abu Omar case (re: CIA flights)

Click.  (Times of India) India, US clinch "historic" civilian nuclear deal.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush, Singh agree on terms to give India access to US nuclear technology.

Click.  Ramtanu Maitra: India adopts "Chinese model"—with some variations.

Click.  Sudha Ramachandran: Delhi all ears in the Indian ocean.

Click.  Indrajit Basu: Nukes and mangoes on Bush's mind in India.

Click.  (Times of India) Nuke deal between Washington and Islamabad is not possible as there were "concerns" over Pakistan's proliferation record, said Condoleezza Rice.

Click.  (AKI ) Karachi blast preceded by extremist threats in Pakistan. US diplomat killed.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Libya releases Muslim Brotherhood members.

Click.  (AKI) Abbas says Al-Qaeda present in territories.

Click.  Steven Dudley: Chávez's wooing of Iran called troubling.

Click.  Herbert Docina: Philippines: Power, not Gloria

Click.  William Pesek: Jr.: Get Marcos out of the Philippines for good.

Click.  Angela A. Onikepe: EU supports UN rights council proposal despite US opposition.

Click.  Holly Manges Jones: Pentagon defends denying UN investigators access to Gitmo detainees

Click.  (Bloomberg) The US Senate voted 89-10 to renew US Patriot Act. House to vote on final passage next week.

Click.  Senator Byrd introduces bill to for independent commission to investigate secret spying.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Why reporter Lasseter stays in Iraq.

Click.  Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones: Gulags for American citizens in final planning stages. Halliburton sex slave trade criminals prepare camps for political dissidents.

Click.  Carolyn Lochhead: Senator Feinstein doesn't like current guest worker bills. With explosive election-year issue, she calls for slow, careful immigration reform.

Click.  Susy Buchanan, Tom Kim: Meet the "Nativists". Introducing Rep. Tommy Tancredo, Glenn Spencer and Jim Gilchrist -- the political leaders of a growing xenophobic movement in the United States.

Click.  Kevin G. Hall: US will clamor for Mexican workers in coming years, Fox says.

Click.  (WaPo) Web site a pork hunting ground. It joins others aiding analysis of bills for 'earmark' signs.

Click.  Denny Walsh: Evidence scant in Lodi terror case tapes.

Click.  (Stars & Stripes) Department of Defense launching program to curb domestic violence.

Click.  Lindsey Tanner: Ethicists blast study testing fake blood.

Click.  Sara Carter: Border issues near boiling point.

Click.  (CBS) Animal rights group convicted in New Jersey.

Click.  Matthew Barakat: Moussaoui's sentence centers on legal point.

Click.  Edward Teller's FBI file.

Click.  Joe Allen: An interview with his lawyer, Stephen Bingham. The murder of George Jackson.

Click.  (ABC) Bush heads to Pakistan after striking nuclear deal with India.

Click.  (National Post ) For Bush, springtime in Paris.

Click.  Pat M. Holt: The risks of proactive US diplomacy. US foreign service officers should encourage elections, not shape them.

Click.  ( Bush wants to outsource tax collecting.

Click.  (WaPo) U.S. panel reviewing two other takeovers. Amid ports uproar, new Dubai, Israel deals scrutinized.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Dubious about Dubai and Dubya? Check out what Israel is up to...! (Plus: Should you trust Zone Alarm?)

Click.  (NY Times) Bush policy reduces safety fines in mining. Enforcement under scrutiny after fatal accidents this year recent fatalities.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Bush goes politically deaf, ends up in a mess.

Click.  Tali Woodward: Bush has finally secured millions to promote marriage in "at-risk" communities.

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) Democrats see Ohio as key to retaking control of Congress.

Click.  David Wessel: Rich get richer but not as fast as you think.

Click.  (ABC) Former Enron "boy wonder" recounts lies.

Click.  (SactoBee) Secretary of State Bruce McPherson's decision to certify electronic voting machines made by the Diebold company for the 2006 elections drew a host of critics downtown who said the devices are vulnerable to fraud and hackers.

Click.  (SactoBee) The abuse of Latino forest workers by U.S. Forest Service contractors emerged from the backwoods of America on Wednesday and stepped onto the national stage at a Senate subcommittee hearing.

Click.  (SactoBee) Al-Qaida vs. El Niño

Click.  (SactoBee) With the deadline for a June bond ballot bearing down fast, Democratic legislative leaders expressed befuddlement and anger Wednesday over Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest proposal to front-load spending on Northern California levee repairs.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: Governor to star as gladiator "god". He'll appear at blood-and-guts kickoff to fitness expo in Ohio.

Click.  Michele R. Marucci: State unveils several child welfare reform bills. Lawmakers responding to federal budget cuts that could hurt system.

Click.  Bob Egelko: Woman, 84, sues City of San Francisco, claiming elder abuse. Suspected gang members had taken over her apartment.

Click.  (Santa Rosa Press Demo) Two ex-prosecutors challenge Vroman for Mendocino County D.A.'s job.

Click.  (Santa Rosa Press Demo) Mystery grows in Healdsburg attack. Police yet to identify dead suspect, motive in incident at former Harrah executives home.

Click.  William Lobdell: UCI psychiatrist Louis A. Gottschalk lost perhaps $3 million over 10 years in the Nigerian e-mail scam, his son alleges in court documents.

Click.  Mitchell Landsberg: Los Angeles mayor sees dropout rate as "civil rights issue".

Click.  Joe Strupp: Pulitzer Insider. Many online entries this year, but print dominates.

Click.  Justin F. Farrar: Behold - the forgotten history of the Beau Brummels, the true originators of the San Francisco sound of the '60s.

Click. Brenda Stardom: She Wants Revenge. So Do I!

Click.  P. J. Corkery: Michael McCourt observes the day.

Click.  The unauthorized history of baseball.

Click.  (Mountain Democrat) Pair seek names and dignity for Negro Hill graves markers.

Click.  Mark Baard: RFID - sign of the "end times"?

Click.  Carl Hartman: Archaeological finds from Mexico and Peru show that, long before Europeans arrived, women served as warriors, governors and priestesses.

Click.  Cynthia Fuchs: Patty Hearst's "guerrilla" legacy.

Studies Find Withdrawn MS Drug Effective + Studies Find Withdrawn MS Drug Effective + Study: Tequin Tied to Blood-Sugar Problems +
Technology poised to create a deaf generation + Researcher studies how we learned to walk like man +
Scientists want global stem cell standards + |Flexible, conducting nanoskins developed +
Case School Of Engineering Professor Applies Virtual Reality To Train Brain And Heart Surgeons +
Chocolate Milk Could Be Key To Longer, Healthier Life + Study Shows Babies Try to Help
Study Of Latina Women And Children Finds Large Variation In Susceptibility To Pesticides + FDA: Some Donors' Blood Not Tested
Nature, Nurture And The Risk Of Depression + Delayed-release Stimulant Used To Treat ADHD May Be Less Subject To Abuse +
Einstein Scientists Discover Cause And Possible Treatments For Hereditary Movement Disorder + Korean cloning expert questioned +
Boston University Scientists Develop New Application To Characterize Structure Of DNA Molecules + Vitamin-Packed Beer?
Latest Research Shows How Mantrams Can Even Tackle Post-traumatic Stress Disorder + Surgery For Child Apnea Leads To Weight Gain
Hit-and-run Injury To The Brain: New Evidence On Chronic Fatigue Causation + Proteins Stop Blood-vessel And Tumor Growth In Mice +
When Seeing Is Misleading: Clutter Leads To High-confidence Errors + Amifostine Makes Radiation More Effective, Eases Side Effects

Epidemics, biowarfare Ethicists Blast Study Testing Fake Blood + Lethal avian influenza virus continues to conquer more Russian territories +
Two Indonesian Children Treated for Bird Flu Symptoms Die, Authorities Say + Guidelines Seek to Help Vaccine Development +
Feds Move to Speed Flu Vaccine Development + More Tamiflu Ordered for Federal Stockpile

Nature, science Does Titan's Methane Originate From Underground? + Fossil Wood Gives Vital Clues To Ancient Climates +
Amber Reveals Ecology Of 30 Million Year Old Spiders + Huge, Wet And Mysterious: New Climate Study Probes The World's Largest Ocean Current +
Researchers Design Chip That Can Improve Citrus Varieties + Antarctica losing ice to oceans + Antarctica's ice bottom exposed +
Could sunshades in space and giant guns curb global warming?

Hi-Tech  Sandia marks 50th anniversary + Xbox 360 dives deeper into living rooms + Road map to Philadelphia's Wi-Fi is laid out +
Google talks about operating in China + Physicist Owen Chamberlain dies at 85 +
Computer Simulation And Lab Synthesis Sift Through Vast Universe Of Possible Molecules For The Best + Cepheids And Their 'Cocoons' +
US man faces five years for hacking supervisor's PC + Schizophrenic 419er moves to Isle of Wight + US gov probes Sourcefire acquisition +
Scots deploy snow-busting remote technical assistant + Stealth sharks may patrol the world's seas + Microsoft aims to stamp out spam +
Complicating In Order To Simplify: New Twist In Classical Mechanics Finds Way Around 225-year-old Paradox +
Online amateurs crack Nazi codes + Irish language skills lure Amazon + ISS on course for 2010 completion + Pollution threat to astronomy

March 1, 2006

Click.  (AKI) Saddam takes the rap for Dujail executions.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush, India's Singh seek to advance their strategic, economic interests.

Click.  (BBC) US doctors call for "military-style" flu network.

Click.  (EffectMeasure) More on house cats, bird flu and Indonesia.

Click.  James Na: The roadblock to Beijing runs through New Delhi.

Click.  (National Post) Canada's "red dogs" stalk Taliban: Troops moving into front lines in Afghanistan.

Click.  (Knight Ridder) New Al-Jazeera International channel sparks conflict.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran's President meets Malaysian leader on developing ties, nuclear plans.

Click.  Guy Dinmore: Drug cartels laundering cash in China.

Click.  (WaPo) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales appeared to suggest Tuesday that the administration’s warrantless domestic surveillance operations may extend beyond the outlines that President Bush acknowledged in mid-December. Gonzales' letter. PDF file click.

Click.  Senator Leahy presses Gonzales on delayed "clarifications" to his testimony on domestic spying.

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Senate clears way for Patriot Act renewal after curbing some powers.

Click.  (Bloomberg) U.S. Supreme Court justices signaled reluctance to overturn a Texas congressional map engineered by former U.S. House Republican Leader Tom DeLay.

Click.  Joanne Mariner: Sex, violence and military justice.

Click.  (ABC) Judge in Guantanamo cases may restrict some evidence obtained under torture.

Click.  (ABC) Supreme Court Justice Alito sends thank you note to James Dobson.

Click.  (AP) Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina. Watch the video here. or here.

Click.  (CNN) Rep. Peter King of New York, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said officials from the Homeland Security and Treasury departments told him weeks ago that their 30-day review of the deal did not look into the question of links between DP World and al Qaeda.

Click.  (ThinkProgress) Al-Qaeda infiltrated UAE government according to 2002 letter.

Click.  Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: Did 308,000 cancelled Ohio voter registrations put Bush back in the White House?

Click.  (Independent) How Bush has avoided soldiers' funerals.

Click.  Jim Puzzanghera: Lawmakers push for levee funds.

Click.  (SactoBee) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after lobbying the White House without immediate success Tuesday for help in fixing Central California levees, proposed asking voters to approve $6 billion for repairs rather than wait for federal help.

Click.  (SactoBee) Sacramento Police using a thermal imaging helicopter camera to patrol levees for possible problems.

Click.  Edwin Garcia: Guard unit may be part of spying program.

Click.  (Mountain Democrat) El Dorado County will continue its fight against the proposed casino on the Shingle Springs Rancheria and it will fight with an additional $350,000.

Click.  Lynn Elber: "The Unit" enlists the skills of Mamet, stories of covert ops.

Click.  Dalya Alberge: Tycoon orchestrates huge musical gift to Julliard.

Click.  David Denby: Changing face of Hollywood.

Click.  Matt Frei: Sex, FEMA and Katrina at New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Click.  Michael Vatikiotis: Good heavens, Asia's going Christian.

Click.  Gary Polakovic: More country bears find a taste for suburban life.

Further fears over arthritis drug + Cancer chemical found in drinks + Optimists 'have less heart risk' + Virtual reality to train surgeons +
Italians rebuild and graft human skin + Ped Med: Expanding the ADHD criteria + he Age of Autism: Less is beautiful +
Proteins Stop Blood-vessel And Tumor Growth In Mice + The Evolution Of Right- And Left-handedness +
Sperm Banking Gives Teenage Cancer Patients Hope For The Future + Largest Study Of Human 'Interactome' Reveals A Novel Way +
Rochester Researchers Delve Into Concussions; Better Tests Needed For Fuller View Of Head Injuries, Study Says +
Obese People Are More Sensitive To Pain, Suggests Study + Bioengineers Create Stable Networks Of Blood Vessels +
Marrow-derived Stem Cells Deliver New Cytokine To Kill Brain Tumor Cells, Offer Protection +
Study Of Dinosaurs Part Of Pitt Medical School Plan To Graduate Better Doctors + Elders' Stereotypes Predict Hearing Decline +
MIT Method Reveals How Radiation Damages The Body; Work Could Reduce Side Effects For Cancer Patients +
Classic Illusion Sheds New Light On The Neural Site Of Tactile Perception + Depression Model Leaves Mice With Molecular Scar +
Joining The Hunt: New Study Investigates Role Of 'Showoff Hypothesis' In Social Decisions

Nature, science Consensus grows on climate change + Amber Reveals Ecology Of 30 Million Year Old Spiders + Deep-spied Fish: Atlantic Expeditions Uncover Secret Sex Life Of Deep-sea Nomads + Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood In Climate Change +
New Predation Management Methods Reduce Conflict Between Humans And Carnivores +
Amazonian Terra Preta Can Transform Poor Soil Into Fertile + New Research Forecasts Better Weather Forecasts

Bird flu Pet owners are told not to panic after German cat dies of bird flu + Deadly H5N1 virus continues to spread in Russian regions +
Bahamas Tests Dead Birds to See If Bird Flu Has Reached Western Hemisphere + 'Military-style' flu network call + Cepheids And Their 'Cocoons' +
More on house cats, bird flu and Indonesia

Hi-Tech Man grips future with microchips in his hands + Russia builds world’s biggest nuclear icebreaker + MSN Launches Free Classified Site +
ICANN and VeriSign settle over dot-com + Shuttle hopes for three flights + Deal done on .com domain future +
New aircraft to study severe turbulence + Method for identifying molecules studied + Study: cell calls pose risk to aircraft +
NASA still plans May shuttle launch+ Software Promises More Efficient Design Process +
At 27,000 Pictures A Second, Researchers Discover That Earth's Turbulence Stirs Things Up More Slowly Than Expected

February 28, 2006

Click.  (BBC) Iraq bombs claim dozens of lives.

Click.  Wayne Long: It's time for an American foreign legion.

Click.  (Financial Times) Iraq's leaders squabble as death toll mounts.

Click.  (Zaman) Ankara to warn Iraqi PM to deal with Kerkuk issue.

Click.  Harvey Thompson: Iraq occupation makes possible record profits for British private military contractor.

Click.  Mark LeVine: Iraq. The wages of chaos.

Click.  (AKI) India-Pakistan: Historic Bush visit to strategic region.

Click.  (London Times) Musharraf must be told some harsh home truths.

Click.  Ashraf Fahim: Syria in US's too-hard basket.

Click.  Gordon Prather: A way out for Iran? China may have it.

Click.  (Australian) Japan leans on Iran to back down.

Click.  Ann Berg: The Iranian oil bourse dead on arrival?

Click.  David Howarth: Who wants the Abolition of Parliament Bill?

Click.  (Bloomberg) Britain's House of Lords defeat Blair to remove "glorification" from terrorism measure.

Click.  Sarath Kumara: Ahead of Bush’s visit, Chirac pushes French interests in India.

Click.  Jo Johnson: US and India locked in struggle to reach nuclear deal.

Click.  Shalini Narang: Harvard business school to open branch in Mumbai.

Click.  Dino Mahtani: Nigeria turns to China for defense aide.

Click.  Michael Mackey: Chinese shipping aims for global leadership.

Click.  Barbara Demick: A one-hour commute to another world (Korea).

Click.  (Vancouver Sun) Two countries who don't quite get the democracy thing.

Click.  (London Times) The graveside bench that could snare most wanted war criminal.

Click.  ( OIL is our significant weapon to counteract United States military dictatorship.

Click.  Jeff Wells: What lies beneath?

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Staying Legal In Portugal: A Frustrating, Yet Cultural Experience.

Click.  Daniel Altman: Managing globalization: A lifeline for small U.S. companies.

Click.  (Jurist) UN Security Council deadlocked over Darfur sanctions.

Click.  Hasan Cucuk: Details of the 1986 murder of Sweden’s former Prime Minister Olof Palme have come to light 20 years after in a confession.

Click.  (Independent) Water wars. Climate change may spark conflict.

Click.  (Independent) Armed forces are put on standby to tackle threat of wars over water.

Click.  (ITAR-TASS) Russia, Turkey to hold naval exercise in the south-western part of the Black Sea on February 27-28.

Click.  (Bloomberg) A US Senate panel votes to force trip disclosure in lobbying rule overhaul.

Click.  (Jurist) White House rejects request for special counsel investigation of domestic spying.

Click.  (Jurist) New York Times sues Pentagon for domestic spying documents.

Click.  Jane Sutton: Prosecutor likens Guantanamo defendants to vampires.

Click.  (Daily Bulletin) Drug war at Mexican border carries high price.

Click.  Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar: Thousands of elderly patients who need intravenous antibodies are hurt by Medicare cutbacks.

Click.  Catherine Austin Fitts: Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., and the aristocracy of prison profits.

Click.  Dana Bartholomew: Wi-Fi comes to "new" McDonald's. Upscale eatery has lounge, reading nook.

Click.  (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader) Ruling puts execution in doubt. Judge says mass murderer does not understand his fate. Prosecutors vow to appeal.

Click.  (Jurist) US Supreme Court rules against abortion clinic, antitrust claims.

Click.  Denis Hamil: More bada-bing than "Sopranos".

Click.  (Reuters) Supreme Court hears Anna Nicole Smith's case.

Click.  (Reuters) Amid dispute, Bush still backs Dubai ports deal.

Click.  (Jerusalem Post) Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott.

Click.  (CNN) Spy chief Negroponte calls threat from port deal low.

Click.  (BuzzFlash) Connecting Dubai Ports World, the Carlyle Group, CSX, John Snow, and David Sanborn.

Click.  (MSNBC) Berlusconi, major war ally, visits Washington.  Bush praises Italian prime minister, who faces tough election at home.

Click.  David Martin: Why Bush's wooing of India is personal.

Click.  (Australian) Bush on best behavior to shore up India alliance.

Click.  James Gordon Meek: Libby knew CIA spy by name before it was published, filing shows.

Click.  (Jurist) Judge eyes compromise over classified information in Libby case.

Click.  Molly Ivins: The GOP shell game.

Click.  Mark Morford: America, narcoleptic pit bull. Once the (tarnished) beacon of peace and democracy, now just another global flamethrower.

Click.  (Toronto Star) Fighting an unclear, not-so-present danger.

Click.  Thom Hartmann: When America is no longer owned by Americans.

Click.  Eric Werner: Governor gets Chertoff to agree to come check out delta and river system.

Click.  Don Thompson: Delta draws attention of Congress. Studies, but not much action seen.

Click.  Dan Walters: Governor's claims on budget are undermined by his own data.

Click.  Don Laidman: LA faces flood of DNA evidence. Police lack the staff to track down leads from the new evidence.

Click.  Mark Martin: Prison workers say they were silenced. Excess spending encouraged, they testify.

Click.  (San Francisco Examiner) UC failed to give regents required reports. Legal settlements, executive pay were to be disclosed.

Click.  ( UC wins $100 million award in patent infringement case. Monsanto used university scientists' controversial method to boost milk production in cows.

Click.  Rebecca Veseley: Stem cell agency "is not responsive to the people". Taxpayer groups say UC officials' approval of grants one example of a conflict of interest.

Click.  Demian Bulwa: Defendant Susan Polk appears as her own lawyer in murder case.

Click.  Steve Lawrence: New effort to seal divorce records. The bill would make some financial information private.

Click.  Rod Leveque: The state's Commission on Judicial Performance has ordered hearings to determine whether a Riverside County judge Bernard J. Schwartz used his job to try to wriggle free from a drunken driving arrest.

Click.  (Daily Breeze) Pellicano case stains all private eyes' honor.

Click.  Karen Ravn: Life's a squid, and then you die.

Click.  Christopher Caen: The things we love.

Click.  John Follain: Napoleon's letter of despair to Josephine.

Click.  Patrick L. Smith: Did China invent golf? "It kinna' be," Scots say.

Click.  Allan Katz: So do you have to kill someone to get produced in New York?

Click.  Nancy Wride: Mayhem before markup.

Click.  (AP) Gettysburg named endangered battlefield.

Click.  (AP) Ten top US endangered battlefields.

Click.  Katy Butler: Beyond rivalry, a hidden world of sibling violence.

Click.  Richard N. Ostling: Film resurrects interest in Mary Magdalene.

Click.  (BBC) Pompeii of the East discovered.

Click.  Search for alien life challenges current concepts, says University of Colorado professor.

'Anti-shock suit' could save lives of women in childbirth + FDA OKs Somerset patch to treat depression + Chocolate Good for Heart +
How stress triggers heart attack + Study throws new light on brain + Embryonic model resets malignant melanoma+
A Case Of Mistaken Molecular Identity + HIV/AIDS rate increases in Tijuana + MRSA Use Amoeba To Spread, New Research Shows +
UCLA study explores differing therapies for spinal cord injuries + Artificial Heart Tissue Improves Cardiac Performance +
Study Ties 'New' Cell-death Mechanism To Developmental And Degenerative Brain Disorders +
Women's Health Initiative -- startling, controversial + Carnegie Mellon Scientists Show Brain Uses Optimal Code For Sound +
Can Urban Design Make You Fat? Researchers Studying Link Between Obesity And The Urban Environment +
Chemotherapy Given Directly To The Liver Improves Survival For Patients With Colorectal Cancer
Ancient DNA Helps Researchers Unearth Potential Hemophilia Therapy + Faulty Immune-priming Cells Start Autoimmunity
Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy + Isolated Female Rats Subjected To A 30-minute Stressor Heal Faster Than Males +
Androgen Deprivation Therapy Does Not Keep Localized Prostate Cancer From Spreading, New Study Says

Nature: Getting a handle on the number of squids' kids + Life's a squid, and then you die + China dumps toxic waste in the world's seas +
Giant squid displayed in London + A 28ft giant squid goes on public display in London

Biowarfare, viruses: Hanta virus afflicts Texas military base + Bird flu's spread still a puzzle + (Effect Measure) Taking stock (of bird flu), part I + Using India's Poor as Guinea Pigs + Sweden reports first case of bird flu + U.S. bans imports of poultry from French region with bird flu + Cat tests positive for bird flu in Northern Germany + Wild ducks have bird flu in Kabardino-Balkaria + Niger shuns 'bird flu' chickens

Hi Tech: Google's online payment service a threat to eBay? + Intel shows off medical table PC + Hactivism +
Distributed computing cracks Enigma code + BlackBerry case adjourned amid disappointment + Amateur Web content 'difficult to monetize' + Yahoo Sues MForma & Past Employees for Stealing Mobile Game + Cutting the Cord on Appliances + Tick-Busting Robot Nabs Pests +
Bye Bye Butler: Ask Dumps Jeeves + Apple pushes further into living rooms with new products + Software designed to help design process +
Google shares fall on slow growth + Intel to invest $300m in Vietnam + NASA's Orbiter nears Mars rendezvous +
'Deep Impact' Of Pulsar Around Companion Star + Widening The Scope Of Emergency Communications +
Man-made Star Shines In The Southern Sky + Nanoscale Tubing Assembles Itself Instantly +
Portable Cocaine Sensor Developed At UC Santa Barbara + Search For Alien Life Challenges Current Concepts, Says U. Of Colorado Prof

February 27, 2006

Click.  (Asia Times) The case for complacency in Iraq.

Click.  (AKI) Al-Zarqawi said to have new command structure.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran must reveal more details about atomic work to ease concern, IAEA says.

Click.  (Moscow News) Russia urges Iran to put off nuclear activities until IAEA clears issue.

Click.  Kaveh L. Afrasiabi: Iran's fate still in US hands.

Click.  (AKI) Iran tells Tokyo it won't suspend nuclear research.

Click.  (Cihan News) Iran to accept Russian nuclear offer on two conditions.

Click.  Alissa J. Rubin: Case Against Iran Differs From Iraq. This time UN has data about secret Iranian nuclear programs.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Israel: Abbas powerless against Hamas.

Click.  (Zaman) Abbas: I will resign if talks with Israel do not start.

Click.  (BBC) Europe fills Palestinian aid gap.

Click.  (AKI) Saudi Arabia. Future uncertain after Abqaiq attack.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Saudi forces kill at least five al-Qaeda suspects after oil center attack.

Click.  (Globe & Mail) Canadian judges tackling national-security learning curve.

Click.  (Arabic News) Mubarak tours gulf states, discusses Lebanon, Syria, Hamas, Iran

Click.  Peter Pae: Arms dealers fight it out for sales in booming Asia.

Click.  Bertran Benoit: With CNBC deal, talk is new German export. Sabine Christiansen anchors a political show that will air in more than 100 countries.

Click.  (AKI) Germany: Iraq spying affair prompts growing calls for full inquiry.

Click.  (AKI) In Iran no more mixing of men and women at Internet cafes.

Click.  Justine Teo: State of emergency to remain in the Philippines.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Colombia and US agree on free-trade pact as agricultural issues resolved.

Click.  William Pesek, Jr.: Asian politics trump economics, deal wild cards.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portuguese Names Are Causing A Stir.

Click.  Marty Lederman: Mother of Mercy, Is This the End of FISA?!*

Click.  John Leyden: NSA searches for advanced data mining tech. Silicon Valley shopping spree.

Click.  Amr Al-Faisal: Katrina -- where did the money go?

Click.  Miguel Bustillo: A sleepy Baton Rouge wakes up a boomtown.

Click.  Duke Helfand: The ABC's of mayoral control of schools.

Click.  (LA Times) The new Safe Harbor brand, the nation's first line of low-mercury fresh fish.

Click.  (AP) The nation's largest stun-gun manufacturer is working on a new way to deliver electricity to the human body: through 12-gauge shotgun shells

Click.  Jonna Spilbor: Why the case of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway will likely remain unsolved, despite civil suit.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Otis Chandler: From surf dude to savior of the L.A. Times.

Click.  Theodore Kim: Indianans suspicious of toll road deal. Consortium wants to take over operations.

Click.  (Orlando Sentinel) Man's shirt erupts in flames after he is shot with Taser.

Click.  Lewis H. Lapham (Harpers Magazine): The case for impeachment.

Click.  (Raw Story) Insight Magazine reports Cheney to retire after 2006 elections.

Click.  (AP) Citing broad gaps in U.S. intelligence, the Coast Guard cautioned the Bush administration that it was unable to determine whether a United Arab Emirates-owned company might support terrorist operations

Click.  Neal Peirce: Attack of the federalistas.

Click.  Marc Humbert: Sen. Clinton says Rove obsesses about her.

Click.  Robert Pear: Bush policies are weakening National Guard, governors say.

Click.  Ahmed Rashid: "When President Bush lands in Islamabad later this week, it may be the closest he ever comes to being in the same neighborhood as Osama bin Laden. His nemesis is probably only a few hours drive away in Pakistan’s Pashtun belt, now considered to be al Qaeda Central and one of the world’s most dangerous regions."

Click.  (New York Times) Judicial green light for torture.

Click.  Ingmar Lee: Bush mired in India's nuclear fallout.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: Twilight of the hegemony.

Click.  Kevin Hassett: Pretend feds don't exist for a Katrina.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Graduates vs. oligarchs.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Defeat is victory. Death is life.

Click.  You can do anything with a bayonet except sit on it. Tom Engelhardt interviews Mark Danner.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Ike saw it coming.

Click.  Elisabeth Bumiller: Bush's zippy India visit comes with Texas ties.

Click.  Steve Geissinger: GOP won't cut ribbon on governor's plan. Delegates withhold support for infrastructure proposal but back economic moves

Click.  (AP) Governor Schwarzenegger defends bond proposal, calls it an investment.

Click.  Michael Finnegan, Robert Salladay: Governor's allies block broad rebuke.

Click.  (AP) Governor says Chertoff commits to touring California levees.

Click.  (AP) Governor's cap on bonds gets first test

Click.  Jenifer Warren: Governor names interim prison system chief.

Click.  Deb Kollars: Two influential leaders of the House of Representatives studied Sacramento area rivers and levees from every vantage point this past weekend.

Click.  Jock O'Connell: Infrastructure plan doesn't fly.

Click.  (SF Chronicle) Feds abandon California foster care plan.

Click.  (AP) Fate of stem cell agency falls to court.

Click.  Jennifer Golan: Anti-war veterans to discuss stories at San Rafael high school.

Click.  (Monterey Heradl) Costa Mesa Mayor seeks to deport felons. Federal agents would train police to investigate legal status of suspects encountered in routine duties.

Click.  (Monterey Herald) Cal State to offer education doctorates.

Click.  Jordan Rau: Fire victims feel burned by lawmakers tied to insurers.

Click.  Michael Keller: Coachella Valley self-help program aids in getting workers new houses. Down payment: labor on their dwellings and neighbors'.

Click.  (San Bernardino Sun) An 83-year-old Redlands woman fighting to keep her century-old farm may not have a chance to tell her story in court.

Click.  Douglas Scott: The archeology of battlefields.

Click.  Elena Conis: Grape seeds pressed into duty.

Click.  Claudia Eller: Spielberg's siren call lures Snider to DreamWorks.

Click.  Clive Thompson: Forget films. Games do sci-fi best.

Click.  Lawrence Hogan: They were great but they were Black.

Click.  Steve Gorman: Digital product placement alters TV landscape.

Scientists 'can predict memories' + Surgery before Hippocrates + Training Benefits Brains In Older People, Counters Aging Factors +
You're burning calories right now. Sensors in underwear + Neuro-Tech Shows Medical Promise +
Growing human prostates in lab animals + Prematurity 'affects personality' + Premature babies 'can defy odds' +
Europe's chill linked to disease + Steroids 'risk to teenage brains' + Dr Tim Clayton talks about what it is like to be a dermatologist +
Hope for better baby hearing test + Temping 'harms women's health' + 'DNA target' to block HIV found + Autistic ability 'underestimated' +
Real time drug sensor is developed + Common Osteoporosis Treatment May Help Men With Prostate Cancer Suffering From Bone Loss +
New treatment for type 1 diabetes studied + J. Craig Venter: He might change the world + Europeans don't approve GE drug +
New 'Implanted Contacts' Designed To Fix Nearsightedness + New Insights Into The Link Between Rheumatoid Arthritis And Cancer +
Mystery Solved: Gold's Power Against Autoimmune Diseases Defined + Study With Smokers Shows Vitamins Combine For Benefits
Brain Processing Of Speech Sounds Is Different In Some Southern English Speakers + 'Virus Chip' Detects New Virus In Prostate Tumors + Researchers Say Criterion For Diagnosing Child Abuse Not Always Accurate + New Study Shows Xenon Gas Safe In Surgery And Could Help Stop Nerve Damaging Illnesses +
Scientific Study Finds Meetings At Work Decrease Employee Well-being, But Not For Everyone + Black and white twins

Nature: Kennewick Man was deliberately buried+ Secrets Of The Deep May Hold Clue To Ancient Global Warming +
The Critical Importance Of Mangroves To Ocean Life + Devices Tease Out Individual Sounds From Underwater Racket +
NASA Scientist Looks At Olympic Ice In A Frozen Light + Thin Tough Skin, Slow-growing Gills Protect Larval Antarctic Fish +
Surprising Genetic Differences Identified In Southern House Mosquito

Epidemics: H5N1 bird flu cases detected in Niger: OIE + Bird flu reported in five Russian regions - Rospotrebnadzor +Bird Flu Virus Found in 3 Birds in Hong Kong + National Headquarters to Fight Bird Flu Set up in Russia + Georgian Scientist Claims Bird Flu Virus Could Be Soviet Biological Weapon +
Georgia Invokes State of Emergency Over Bird Flu Outbreak + New York Daily News: Bird Flu plan gives us the chills. +
China Reports Two New Bird Flu Cases in Humans; Virus Spreads in Europe + Deadly bird flu spreads to Niger +
France vaccinates poultry flocks + French pledge for disease island + Trade 'puts UK at bird flu risk' +
Rochester Scientists Develop Fast-working Biosensor + Anthrax Spores May Survive Water Treatment +

High-Tech: 4 free ways to stop spyware + Quick hits from 4 days at Monterey techno fest + Open source offers alternatives to Microsoft Office +
IBM, Harvard linking up to challenge Microsoft + Yahoo! link confirmed in second Chinese dissident case + Germans want to charge Google +
Sony unveils shake-resistant Cyber-shot cameras + Scenes From the MySpace Backlash + A MySpace Cheat Sheet for Parents +
Microsoft unveils Vista editions + Weird and wonderful cars to be unveiled at Geneva motor show + NASA develops crime investigating device +
Quantum-based computer made + Software Helps Military Aircraft Technicians Centralize Maintenance + Mini Robots To Undertake Major Tasks? +
+ NASA's Next Leap In Mars Exploration Nears Arrival + MIT Thinks Small To Find Safer Metals: Technique Could Replace Chromium +
BlackBerry, Shutdown Looming, Prepares for Battle With Palm, Competition