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by Kitty Real Highheels © 2000

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1. When the Department of Justice (DOJ) forfeits land/buildings/boats and auctions them, are certain auctioneers and buyers "in the know" for special deals?

2. What is the role of the local U.S. Marshall in the forfeiture-to-auction process?

3. Is the DOJ selective about which alleged criminals must forfeit their property and which need not?  Of course it is. Who is the DOJ letting off the hook?  Why?

4.  What role does the lucrative quality of a particular forfeiture have upon the decision of the U.S. attorneys to prosecute or not prosecute a given target?

5.  Why is there no accessible public  docket, index or public disclosure of the immense flow of money from the forfeiture-through-auction process?

6.  Is there a pattern to the DOJ's forfeiture practices which facilitates some organized crime keeping its property and some organized crime losing its property?

7.  What is the role of the hypothecation of current future estates, living trusts and contingent future interests? Are these instruments seized by the DOJ?  Why are some  "straws" like minors and others exempt from forfeiture in practice?  Why is that all over this country, organized crime is hypothecating FUTURE contingent interests in living trusts and other instruments when organized crime does not have any TITLE, and does not OWN it except as some loose future expectation (which it hopes to worm through the courts?) Note: This hypothecation means, in this case, obtaining credit and money for property, organized crime does not yet own?  Guess those engaged in these hypothecations do not fear any future forfeitures?

8. How does local law enforcement and the local judiciary enjoy the fruits of forfeiture?

Newshawk: John Smith
Pubdate: Sun, 08 Aug 1999
Source: Standard-Times (MA)
Copyright: 1999 The Standard-Times
Address: 25 Elm Street, New Bedford, MA 02740
Author: Polly Saltonstall, ST staff writer


(New Bedford) -- Gaining access to records on how much drug forfeiture money flows into law enforcement coffers and how it is spent can be difficult.

The Standard-Times has tracked down information about state and federal forfeitures in an effort to understand how the law works, how much money it diverts into law enforcement coffers and how that money is expended.

Last spring, after the Bristol County district attorney refused to detail how much money his office received, The Standard-Times filed a request under the state's Freedom of Information Act with the state treasurer's office for records detailing the flow of money in and out of all the state's district attorney's offices.

But the treasurer's office did not have records showing specifically how that money was spent.

State law requires district attorneys to file reports with the House and Senate committees on ways and means on the percentage of drug forfeiture funds spent on rehabilitation, treatment and other anti-drug or neighborhood crime watch programs.  But both the House and Senate committees refused to release those reports to the newspaper.

Owen Eagen, a spokesman in the office of state Sen.  Mark C.W.  Montigny, D-New Bedford, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, said the committee was exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Kim Rezendes, communications director for the House Ways and Means Committee, said individuals seeking that information would have to get it from their local district attorneys.  Even lawmakers not on the committee would not be granted access to the report, she asserted.

"I'm not going to get into that with you," she said, when asked about details in the filings.

Ms.  Rezendes said the committee's budget analysts look over the reports, but do not spend much time with them.

"We're not talking a lot of money here," she said.

Both Ms.  Rezendes and Mr.  Eagen said decisions about whether to release information about the reports should come from individual district attorney's offices.

The Standard-Times then filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act with all 11 district attorneys in the state.  Although some offices took longer than the 10 days outlined in the public access law to comply, all said they would.  However, Bristol, Worcester and Middlesex district attorneys cited state statues allowing them to charge for their time.  Bristol presented the newspaper with a $554 bill along with the requested information.

Middlesex and Worcester asked for payment up front -- Middlesex asked for $844 and Worcester County District Attorney John Conti's office asked for $126.  Mr.  Conti's office took two months to reply, despite six telephone calls from the newspaper.

Bristol County District Attorney Paul F.  Walsh Jr.  said his chief financial officer spent 17 hours compiling the information, while newly elected Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley said the request would take at least 24 hours of her chief financial officer's time at a billing rate of $34.15 an hour.

Taking over the office midway through the fiscal year was hectic, she said.  That, combined with the hundreds of requests from the press and public for information, left the office feeling swamped.

"I do not get a budget from the Statehouse to respond to these things," she added.

Their conclusion: RCMP not using rigged software
By Valerie Lawton and Allan Thompson © September 16, 2000 Toronto Star Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA - The RCMP claims it does not have controversial software that allegedly was rigged to allow foreign spies to peek into top-secret computer files.

The force said yesterday that a lengthy national security investigation is shutting down.

But the announcement is unlikely to end questions about the bizarre case.

The developer of the software, called Promis, said an investigator suggested to him the probe was being wrapped up in a hurry to quell questions when the House of Commons resumes Monday. And an opposition politician vowed not to let the issue rest until the Mounties offer a better explanation.

`I would ask why they made such an investment of time and resources and money to send people repeatedly to the United States to interview witnesses in the Promis-Inslaw affair . . . It doesn't make any sense.'
- Bill Hamilton
Owner of Promis creator Inslaw Inc.

An RCMP spokesperson wouldn't explain why it's taken over a year and trips across North America by investigators to conclude the force isn't using Promis.

``The investigation . . . was to make sure that national security wasn't breached,'' said Staff Sergeant Mike Gaudet. ``We're saying today that we do not have Promis software.''

Four people interviewed by the Mounties - who used Promis spelled backward (simorp) in their e-mail address - have told The Star an RCMP investigator explicitly said the force does have Promis.

The Star reported last month that the RCMP was investigating claims software used by the force and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had a ``trap door'' to allow American and Israeli agents to eavesdrop.

Promis was at the centre of a major U.S. scandal a decade ago. Bill and Nancy Hamilton, owners of Washington-based Inslaw Inc., which created Promis, accused the U.S. government of stealing their software. They also claim pirated versions were sold to intelligence agencies worldwide.

Their story has been confirmed by two Israeli spies who've also alleged the software was fitted with a trap door - essentially a computer bug.

Inslaw's Bill Hamilton said he has spoken with lead investigator Sean McDade dozens of times in recent months.

``I would ask why they made such an investment of time and resources and money to send people repeatedly to the United States to interview witnesses in the Promis-Inslaw affair if they had not done their homework to find out that they have any interest in the matter,'' Hamilton said. ``It doesn't make any sense, does it?''

Hamilton faxed The Star a statement on Thursday, a day before the RCMP's announcement, suggesting political concerns were pushing such a public comment ``because the House of Commons is about to come into session again and expects the RCMP to have a definitive answer about this software.''

Hamilton also accused McDade of changing his position on Promis. In the past, he said, McDade suggested the RCMP acquired Promis from a company in Massachusetts and it was modified by a Toronto firm. Yet just this week McDade said he was certain the force doesn't have Promis.

Cheri Seymour, a California researcher interviewed by McDade - who took away thousands of pages of her research material - said yesterday: ``(McDade) said that they had a paper trail on the Promis software being purchased by the RCMP. He told me that.''

McDade, an Ottawa-Carleton regional police officer on secondment to the RCMP, has refused The Star's numerous requests for an interview.

Gaudet refused to explain why the RCMP launched the investigation last year, even though the force adamantly denied in 1991 it had the software, or why it has taken some 18 months to determine whether software in the RCMP's own computers is Promis.

Canadian Alliance MP Myron Thompson (Wild Rose) vowed to go after answers:

``It doesn't make sense that they traipse around the world and spend a lot of taxpayers' money investigating something that we're not involved in.''

September 13, 2000


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PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Metro News Sunday, September 10, 2000
By Craig R. McCoy and Linda K. Harris © 2000 INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS

The cold war is long over but Pennsylvania State Police were still on the lookout for communists and Soviet sympathizers among the demonstrators protesting last month's Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.

In state police affidavits justifying a raid on a West Philadelphia warehouse used by convention protesters, troopers alleged that communists were behind the demonstrations.

"Funds allegedly originate with Communist and leftist parties and from sympathetic trade unions," the state police declared in the affidavits. "Other funds reportedly come from the former Soviet-allied World Federation of Trade Unions."

The language left critics, including demonstrators and civil-liberties lawyers, both a little amused and a lot indignant. They said it seemed like something out of a musty red-baiting periodical of the 1950s - Red Channels and the like.

The allegations - passed to state police by a private group funded by conservative multimillionaire Richard Mellon Scaife - did not belong in government affidavits seeking judicial approval for a search warrant that led to 75 arrests, they said.

"It's McCarthyite. It's tarring people," said David Kairys, a law professor at Temple University. "It's reminiscent of the worst of the '50s." 

The allegations of communist money made up only a small part of the 23-page affidavits in support of search warrants for three vehicles and the warehouse, at 4100 Haverford Ave. The affidavits, made public Wednesday after having been sealed for more than a month, relied most heavily on the direct observations of undercover troopers who infiltrated the warehouse.

Known as "the puppet warehouse," police called it a center of illegal activity; activists said it was a workshop in which they made more than 100 puppets and a large satirical float, "Corpzilla."

The documents were the first public acknowledgement that police had infiltrated groups planning to protest during last month's Republican National Convention.

Without elaboration, the affidavits stated that the allegations of communist funding had come from the little-known Maldon Institute.

Asked last week about the Maldon Institute, Jack Lewis, a state police spokesman, seemed a little unsure.

"Our people said they believed this institute is based in the United Kingdom," he said.

The Maldon Institute - named after an obscure battle in England in the 10th century - is based in Baltimore and has a mailing address in Washington, D.C.

Lewis added: "I'm told by our intelligence people that the Maldon Institute is a private organization that provides intelligence information to police departments.

"We have found in the past that the Maldon Institute generally presents reliable information."

Lewis said that state police and other police departments "routinely receive information from the Maldon Institute at no cost, via e-mail. The department did not solicit this information."

Asked whether state police had attended Maldon Institute conferences, Lewis responded: "State police personnel have had contact in the U.S. with representatives of the institute."

According to public records, the institute is funded, at least in part, by Scaife, the Pittsburgh political philanthropist best known for his financial support of several private investigations of President Clinton in recent years.

Financial forms for Scaife's Carthage Foundation show it provided Maldon with $250,000 in 1998.

Institute documents show that board members have included D. James Kennedy, a Florida televangelist who is cofounder of the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority; and Robert Moss, a journalist and novelist who in the 1980s wrote that the KGB used Western media to manipulate public opinion.

The institute's officials did not return repeated telephone calls seeking comment Friday.

In an interview last week, Chip Berlet, who studies conservative and far-right groups, said a key figure within the 15-year-old institute has been John H. Rees, a British-born contributor to the John Birch Society and publisher of a newsletter devoted to intelligence-gathering and distributed to police.

In the 1970s, Rees published the Information Digest, which gave details gathered after he infiltrated left-leaning groups under a false name, the Baltimore Sun reported in 1988.

Just this year, Rees, as director of the Maldon Institute, helped organize an invitation-only conference in New York City on terrorism that drew FBI agents and police, according to conference sponsors.

Berlet said state police erred in using the institute as a basis for police action.

"It issues monographs and monitors cults and terrorist groups and left-wing groups," said Berlet, senior analyst with the left-leaning Political Research Associates, based in Massachusetts. "It does so from an old-fashioned counter-subversion perspective that is obsessed with finding reds under every bed."

Berlet said police needed to distinguish protesters who were engaged in nonviolent and legal protest from those breaking the law.

"You're never going to draw those appropriate distinctions if you're relying on these kind of scurrilous, McCarthyite allegations," he said.

Lewis, the state police spokesman, noted that the affidavit drew from "a wide variety of sources" and did not rely solely on the Maldon Institute's work. The affidavits drew most heavily on information developed by troopers who had infiltrated the warehouse.

The affidavits, in alleging communist links to the protest, cited specifically a Maldon Institute research report dated April 7. Lewis said the state police would not release that report.

"The department does not believe it has an obligation to provide the public with all information it receives as part of its intelligence-gathering operation, whether or not the department pays for that information," he said.

The affidavit's specific allegation is that communist money flowed to a protest group called the Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network through its supposed ties to People's Global Action, an anti-capitalist group formed in Switzerland two years ago.

All of this astounded Mike Morrill, a leader of the Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network. His group organized a peaceful march for July 30 - one permitted by the city.

Morrill last week released his group's donor list. It showed that the group raised about $48,000 for the Republican convention protests, with the largest contributions coming from well-known city labor unions. Of the total, $200 came from the Communist Party of Eastern Pennsylvania, the only communist group listed.

Morrill said he took no part in the Aug. 1 street blockades that disrupted city traffic.

"Imagine my surprise when I found out my organization was awash in money, funded by Soviet-era organizations and communist-inspired groups from around the world," Morrill said.

"Were it so, I'd probably have a better wardrobe and live in a nicer house."

Craig R. McCoy's e-mail address is

Copyright 2000 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.

By Chip Berlet  Political Research Associates

The Maldon Institute is a right wing think tank that studies national security and terrorism from a countersubversive and often conspiracist perspective. Maldon's director, John Rees, infiltrated the political left in the 1970s, and passed the information to groups ranging from the John Birch Society to the FBI.

In 1993 Maldon Institute board members included three notable conspiracists:

* Dr. D. James Kennedy, a leading Christian right activist and a co-founder
of Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. Kennedy endorsed a book that alleged the
Illuminati Freemasons and certain Jewish bankers were behind US
liberalism's attack on morality.

* Raymond Wannall, past president of the Association of Former Intelligence
Officers and a former assistant director of the FBI. Wannall led a campaign
to justify the acts of government agents charged with illegally spying on
the left based on the FBI's conspiracist view of countersubversion.

* Robert Moss, a journalist who gained fame suggesting that Soviet agents
secretly controlled a network of left and liberal groups in the US.

The overlap with the Christian Right is not surprising. The Free Congress Foundation, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and other Christian Right groups have long maintained cordial ties with military and intelligence officials, a relationship which flourished during the Reagan and Bush administrations.

The Maldon Institute in 1993 claimed financial support from "public-spirited foundations including the Allegheny Foundation, The Carthage Foundation, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith...." Both Allegheny and Carthage are controlled by Richard Mellon Scaife, who later funded several anti-Clinton investigations claiming vast conspiracies; and which were carried in conservative and hard right media.

Starting in the late 1960's, John Rees and his long-time partner S. Louise Rees conducted political monitoring and surveillance operations on leftists for over thirty years, first circulating their reports in their Information Digest newsletter to a wide range of public and private groups. The Reeses supplied information to such private sector conservative groups as the Old Right John Birch Society, the Christian Right Church League of America, the New Right Heritage Foundation, and the Neo-conservative Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The Reeses also provided information to government law enforcement and investigative agencies such as the FBI, congressional committees, and local police intelligence units. In addition, the Reeses supplied data to private sector industrial and corporate security

John Rees, who once edited a newsletter for the Church League of America, first published Information Digest and then took on the task of editing a newsletter for the ultraconservative Western Goals Foundation, then helped create Mid-Atlantic Research Associates, and then the Maldon Foundation. 

Rees spent the early years of the Reagan administration as the spymaster for the right-wing Western Goals Foundation. Western Goals was the brainchild of Democratic congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, a urologist and a John Birch Society honcho who specializes in placing anti-progressive diatribes and reports on the left-wing activities in the Congressional Record. Broken Seals, the outfit's first book, charged that groups including the Campaign for Political Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Center for National
Security Studies were part of a Soviet-backed attempt "to destroy the foreign and domestic intelligence capabilities of the United States." The book featured an introduction by right-wing congressman John Ashbrook and an afterword by Lieutenant General Daniel O. Graham, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Western Goals published several small books warning of the growing domestic red menace.

Western Goals solicited funds to create a computer database on American subversives, but was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) when it was caught attempting to computerize references to "subversive" files pilfered from the disbanded Los Angeles Police Department "Red Squad."

Western Goals essentially collapsed after the death of Larry McDonald in September of 1983. John Rees left shortly after McDonald's death. Western Goals discontinued its domestic dossier and intelligence operation shortly after the departure of Rees. A contentious battle over control of Western Goals and the alienation of key funders left the foundation essentially a shell which was taken over by a conservative fundraiser Carl Russell "Spitz" Channell who turned it into a conduit for contra fundraising efforts linked to North and Iran-Contragate. Rees returned to his freelance spy-master status while former Western Goals director Linda Guell went to Singlaub's Freedom Foundation. Rees later turned up at the Maldon Institute.

For many years John Rees was a frequent contributor to American Opinion and Review of the News, John Birch Society periodicals. Rees network material is frequently cited in right-wing newsletters and monographs. For instance in 1988 Phyllis Schlafly's newsletter cited the Rees newsletter Information Digest on an FBI probe of CISPES. A second Rees newsletter, published through his Mid-Atlantic Research Associates (MARA) with Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss, and titled Early Warning, was cited in an essay by retired Lt. General Gordon Sumner, former chairman of the Council on Inter-American Security and a national security adviser to President Reagan. The Sumner essay offered "Some Strategic Thoughts on Central
America," including the following paragraph:

"Mid-Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., issued a special report on August
15, 1984 entitled "Central American Support Networks," which gives a
detailed and documented description of the proliferation of
Communist-supported organizations, both in the United States and abroad,
that are supporting the Cubans' and Sandinistas', efforts." The Sumner
monograph was published by the Washington Institute for Values in Public
Policy, a think-tank with close ties to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Sumner is
credited in the publication as having served on the "Committee of Santa Fe
which developed the Republican Party platform on Latin America in the 1980 campaign."

llegations by the Reeses and other right-wing spies have been used by the FBI as a justification for launching massive investigative probes. These intrusive FBI investigations harassed, smeared, and disrupted groups that were not engaged in any criminal activity, but simply exercising their constitutional rights to dissent from official government policies.

Smearing CISPES

An example of this was the first FBI investigation of the anti-interventionist group CISPES, which was launched in September of 1981 to determine if CISPES should be forced to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Among the documents used by the FBI to justify this CISPES probe, according to Congressional testimony by FBI official Oliver "Buck" Revell, was a 1981 article by a former FBI informant and
ongoing right-wing private spy--John Rees. The Rees article appeared in Review of the News a magazine published by the paranoid ultra-right John Birch Society. This FBI investigation was terminated without indictments in December of 1981.

A second FBI investigation of CISPES began in March of 1983. It was premised on the right-wing conspiracy theory that CISPES was a cover for "terrorist" activity. To justify this view, the FBI relied not only on reports from its informant Varelli, but also in part on a conspiratorial analysis contained in a report written by Michael Boos, a staffer at the
right-wing Young Americas Foundation. This FBI "counter-terrorism" investigation was terminated without indictments in 1985.

Red-baiting the Nuclear Freeze Movement 

Information from John Rees and Western Goals led to embarrassment when President Ronald Reagan charged the nuclear freeze campaign was, "inspired by not the sincere, honest people who want peace, but by some people who want the weakening of America and so are manipulating honest and sincere people." Reagan saw freeze activists as dupes or traitors. When asked for proof, reporters were told much of the information was secret, but that one public source was a "Reader's Digest" article by John Barron. Barron had based the allegation in part on an article by right- wing spy John Rees. 

Rees had based his article on unsubstantiated red-baiting allegations made during McCarthy period hearings. Reagan later openly criticized those who brought down Joseph McCarthy. A State Department charge that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was a "communist front" was retracted when traced to a Rees report published by Western Goals Foundation.

To prove the nuclear freeze is a Soviet plot, Rees in "Information Digest" noted that public remarks on disarmament by a member of the Soviet Central Committee of the Communist Party bear a "striking similarity" to materials produced by the Mobilization for Survival, Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, and U.S. Peace Council. Furthermore, Rees noted that several of the organizations involved in the nuclear freeze campaign were identified by witnesses during the McCarthy era as communist fronts. This is the type of material that appears in his book, The War Called Peace: The
Soviet Peace Offensive, which was the Bible of the anti-Freeze movement.

Rees gained considerable credibility in Washington, D.C. during the Reagan years as an expert on national security issues. He was quoted as "authoritative" by Sam Francis, a key aide on the Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism, which held hearings during the early part of the Reagan Administration into alleged subversive conspiracies by leftists. 

"What is truly frightening," explained Rachel Rosen DeGolia of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, "is that Sam Francis also wrote a report for the Heritage Foundation where he suggested the U.S. intelligence agencies utilize information from private security and intelligence groups which are not hampered by constitutional and regulatory safeguards that protect citizens from governmental invasions of privacy." She points out that information-collecting techniques that cannot legally be employed by governmental investigators are sometimes permitted private security forces.

In fact, the private political spy network was re-plugged directly into governmental intelligence units by the Clinton Administration so they could to supply information not otherwise obtainable legally by the government investigators.

Red-baiting Antiwar Activists

Another example of the work of the Rees network was prompted by the January 26, 1991 Washington, D.C. demonstration against the Gulf War. Covering the event for the newspaper Human Events, reporter Cliff Kincaid contacted and quoted Sheila Louise Rees, who claimed the group coordinating the antiwar demonstration, the Campaign for Peace in the Middle East, was established "by the traditional hard-line peace activist organizations that have always worked with the Communist Party U.S.A...." including, according to Rees, the War Resisters League, American Friends Service Committee, Mobilization for Survival, and SANE/Freeze. The phrasing of the quote implied that the peace groups were really fronts for the Communist Party, U.S.A. The
headline for Kincaid's February 9, 1991 article read, "Far Left Sparks Anti-War Protests: Effectively Supports Iraq," implying that in time of war, the peace activists in effect were guilty of being criminal traitors.

The rhetoric, source, and outlet for the story are all familiar components of an institutionalized domestic counter-subversion network. One arm of this network is comprised of private right- wing groups that spy on progressive dissidents and then publicize claims that the dissidents are engaged in potentially-illegal activity. These biased claims are then used by the other arm of the network, counter-subversive units within government intelligence agencies, as a rationale to launch investigative probes which frequently interfere with legitimate protest activities of dissidents who are not engaged in criminal activity, but merely exercising their First Amendment rights.

Human Events, is an ultra-conservative weekly newspaper that periodically carries articles claiming to have uncovered subversive plots. And, as Human Events reporter Cliff Kincaid pointed out in his story on the Gulf War protest, Louise Rees is "publisher of Information Digest, the publication that monitors extremist groups."

Unreliable Source

Lack of accuracy is no barrier to success for private spy publications. Information Digest sold its biased but highly detailed reports on the activities of left, liberal, and radical groups for over a decade. Its subscribers were mainly corporate security agents and law enforcement officials.

Information Digest collected its information not only by voraciously reading leftist periodicals, but also by physically infiltrating various groups, including several in Chicago. Information Digest repeatedly turned up in the files of the Chicago Red Squad and other local and federal intelligence agencies being sued for illegal surveillance and disruption. Its specialty is tracing alleged "Communist" infiltration of movements for social change.

John Rees is known to have supplied the Information Digest and information to the Chicago Police Department, the FBI, and several other law enforcement agencies.

He also worked for a time with the Church League of America in Wheaton, Illinois. Information from the Church League and a similar group called the American Security Council, has turned up in the Chicago Red Squad files.

There is ample evidence that the Red Squad was plugged into a private political intelligence network. For instance, George Elliott was not the only civilian spy utilized by the Red Squad. There was a string of paid and unpaid civilian spies including Sheli Lulkin, a Chicago school teacher, who was linked to spying on no fewer than 80 Chicago organizations.

Lulkin continued to keep in touch with some of the more right-wing former Red Squad agents, and shortly after being revealed as a civilian Red Squad spy, she received an award for her work from the Council Against Communist Aggression. Lulkin maintains she infiltrated community and labor groups in order to ferret out Communist influence and the "terrorist infrastructure."  While in Washington to receive her award, Lulkin met with John and Sheila Louise Rees.

John Rees first turned up in Chicago on the occasion of the 1968 Democratic Convention. He promptly went undercover to ferret out subversives. The process of how information from Rees ended up as an item in Robert Wiedrich's Chicago Tribune Tower Ticker column is illustrative both of how private spies feed information to the police (who then pass it to scoop-hunting journalists) and of how the information is distorted with each little step it takes.

Documents released to Jerry Rubin in a FOIA request concerning the 1968 convention protests provide the details of how Wiedrich was buffaloed by the private political spy network's information-laundering game. To begin with, we will let the FBI documents speak for themselves. What follows is taken from the memo prepared by the FBI agent assigned to investigate the Wiedrich article:

"Chicago Tribune reporter Robert Wiedrich wrote a column 'Tower Ticker' on September 4, 1968, that the Chicago Police Department, Chicago, Illinois, had a secret tape recording made by an undercover man indicating that the Yippie leaders intended to tear Chicago apart. The article quoted part of the tape recording as 'These Chicago cops are soft. If that had been New York cops, they'd have busted our heads. It's gonna be easy to take these coppers and this town apart."

"Mr. Wiedrich advised he obtained his information used in his article from Thomas McInerny, Mayor's Office, Commission of Investigation, Chicago, Illinois.

"Mr. McInerny advised that the information he gave to Mr. Wiedrich was obtained from one John Rees....Mr. Rees did undercover work during the Democratic National Convention and reportedly made a tape recording of a meeting of dissidents in which the quote referred to above supposedly was made. Mr. McInerny does not have the tape recording in his possession nor has he heard it."

The FBI agent went on to report that the tape recording was originally given to Thomas Lyons of the Chicago Police Intelligence Unit by John Rees. Unfortunately, the forgetful Mr. Lyons could not locate the tape and reported that "no transcript was made of the recording inasmuch as it is practically inaudible in its entirety." In fact, Lyons told the agent that the quote about the Chicago Police Department being soft was not on the
tape recording at all. The quote was actually a statement by Rees, who mentioned in the course of a conversation with Lyons that the persons "gathered at the Quaker House generally felt the Chicago Police had been easy to deal with at the time the demonstrators were forced out of Lincoln Park." So much for accurate quotes. So much for Wiedrich's highly touted sources. The right-wing political spy network strikes again.

As for Rees, the FBI concluded his information left something to be desired. One FBI memo puts it succinctly: "Rees is an unscrupulous unethical individual and an opportunist who operates with a self-serving interest. Information he has provided has been exaggerated and in generalities. Information from him cannot be considered reliable. We should not initiate any interview with this unscrupulous unethical individual
concerning his knowledge of the disturbances in Chicago as to do so would
be a waste of time."

Despite this rather tawdry assessment, the FBI did accept information from Rees in the form of his newsletter Information Digest which several activists found in their FBI files obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Rees is famous for one other aspect of his career. He received nationwide attention in 1964 when Peyton Place author Grace Metalious died leaving him her quarter-million-dollar estate on the basis of a death-bed will that ignored her estranged husband and their three children. Rees had known Metalious only a few months. Rees later renounced his claim to the estate once it was discovered liabilities exceeded assets.

Copyright 2000 Political Research Associates.

[AFIB Editor's Note: The article below is from the December 1983 issue of Overthrow magazine and provides essential background on one facet of the "public-private partnership" in political repression -- exposing the role played by "private" spooks such as the right-wing infiltrator and provocateur, John Rees. Courtesy of ARON KAY, ]

By Paul DeRienzo,

Was the Flight 007 Caper intended to be the masterstroke of Larry McDonald's intelligence career, a Far Right scheme to develop, with the S. Koreans, an independent capability to spy upon the Soviets? 

Everything we know about the Congressman's, background strongly suggests it.

Larry P. McDonald (D-Ga.), a urologist who was once charged with federal conspiracy in connection with a scheme to raise money for the Birchers by smuggling the worthless cancer nostrum, laetrile, into the U.S. for distribution to thousands of gullible cancer victims, met his demise on his way to ceremonies marking the 30th anniversary of the U.S.-South Korean alliance. McDonald had just become head of the John Birch Society, representing a victory for the 'western goals' faction associated with the
KCIA and the 'old guard' around Robert Welch. A lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, he was known to keep over 200 guns in his home. But he also played a major role in legitimizing his brand of lunatic fringe politics in the U.S.

McDonald had recently been most visible testifying before the Senate Subcommittee on Anti-Terrorism, where he entered thousands of pages into the Congressional Record on the activities of the left, progressive individuals and organizations like the Yippies. In the Record, protected by congressional immunity, McDonald could print the most vicious lies without risking suit for slander or libel. Thereafter, it might be reprinted with impunity, and the rantings of Larry McDonald were widely disseminated in right wing circles.

McDonald was also a major sponsor of private intelligence" operations, most recently operating the intelligence-gathering arm of the Birchers, the Western Goals Foundation, as a tax-exempt organization "to strengthen the political, economic and social structure of Western Civilization so as to make any merger with totalitarians impossible" (address: I I I South Columbus St., Alexandria, VA 22314; (703) 549-6687).

Western Goals (Linda Guell, Director) was founded by McDonald in 1979, "to fill the critical gap caused by the crippling of the FBI, the disabling of the House un-American Activities Committee and the destruction of crucial government files." McDonald told the Atlanta Journal in 1981 that, because of the limitations on the CIA and FBI, Western Goals "will outdistance them in a short period of time." What he did not tell the Journal was the extent to which Western Goals personnel were themselves responsible for that
"crippling" and "disabling" through their own abuses and excesses.

Listed on the Western Goals letterhead, as "editor" is one John Rees. In the early and mid '70s, Rees (a.k.a. John Seeley) and S. Louise Rees (a.k.a. Sheila O'Connor), edited another kind of McDonald publication, a semi-clandestine bulletin known as Information Digest.) , Which numbered amongst its subscribers more than 40 police "intelligence divisions" (red squads), and was associated with the LEIU. (Not to be confused with the now defunct federal LEAA, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit continues as a private network).

The Reeses had infiltrated the left in Washington, D.C. around the time of Mayday, in '71, trading heavily on their NLG cover, at one point even housing YIP organizers for the July 4th, 1973 Smoke-In and Impeach Nixon rally. The Reeses also ripped off $500 in receipts from the sale of Yipster Times and buttons, and at one point, John Rees threatened to punch out a Yippie who protested the theft.

The Digest, which stopped publication in 1974, was a detailed summary of left 4ctivities, but the very nastiness of their dirty tricks and thoroughness with which they violated the privacy of various groups and individuals proved to be their undoing. The Reeses were exposed in 1976 in hearings of the New York State Assembly as "private spies" with ties to McDonald, the House Internal Security Committee, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, New York State Police and FBI. (See Counterspy [Spring,
19761, and the National Lawyers Guild paper, Guild Notes [May, 19761.) According to Chip Berlet, editor of the National Lawyers Guild publication Public Eye, Rees continued to maintain "an informal private/public network" of active duty and retired FBI agents, police officers and private security experts. Private intelligence is provided by companies such as Pinkerton, Wackenhut and Ma Bell, as well as by Western Goals.

Rees has been extraordinarily prolific as an editor of "private intelligence." He has placed more than 120 articles in Birch publications in recent years. Most recently, along with Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss,-authors of the witchhunt novel The Spike, he began publishing Early Warning, a $1,000-a-year newsletter on international trends.

Under Rees's direction, the Western Goals Foundation has published a series of special reports with titles like "Red Locust" (on Soviet support-for "terrorists" in Southern Africa), "Outlaws of Amerika" (an attack on the National Lawyers Guild as a support group for the Weather Underground), and attacks on the nuclear freeze movement which Rees says is controlled from Moscow. Readers Digest author John Barron admits he used Rees's material as a primary source for his 1981 broadside at the anti-nuclear movement. There they gain a semblance of "respectability," something the Birchers or Western Goals could never provide.

Western Goals & The LAPD

It is not surprising, then, that the Foundation was recently tied into political infighting between the Los Angeles Times and the LAPD chief, Daryl F. Gates. The LA Times, which is owned by the Trilateral Commission-connected Times-Mirror Co., has been gunning for Gates since they made and issue of spying by the infamous LAPD Public Disorder Intelligence Division (PDID).

The intrigue began in November 1982, when an associate superintendent of the LA unified school district, Jerry Halverson, was called into his boss's office for a meeting. According to sworn testimony he has given in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU sponsored Citizens' Commission on Police Repression, Halverson was shocked to find the editor of the LA Times Metro Section, Noel Greenwood, leading the meeting, and Police Commissioner Reva Tooley was also present. Greenwood revealed that his sources in the police department applied some heavy beans, saying that the PDID (address: 150
North Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA; (213) 485-3391) was keeping files on "very important people," and that some of those files were among those that the police commission had ordered destroyed in 1975. According to-his informants, those files had instead been offered to the school district.

Halverson admitted that files had been offered to him for storage, but he said that they were never accepted. However, Halverson said that someone in military intelligence might have taken them.

Investigations growing out of the ACLU suit have dug up evidence of a partnership between elements of PDID and the Western Goals Foundation. According to a deposition taken from the chief file keeper for the PDID, Lt. Thomas Shiedecker, Jay Paul had presented the LAPD with a scheme to acquire a new computer for the department. Paul said that he had conservative business partners who would donate a computer; one of those business partners was Congressman Larry McDonald. The LAPD agreed to the deal.

The computer was placed in the law offices of Paul's wife, Anne Love, in Long Beach, to be programmed. The ground rules set by the LA police commission were that the computer would be accessible to Western Goals but no PDID files would be put into the computer.

At a recent Alexandria, VA, court hearing to compel foundation director Guell to testify in LA, a LAPD detective stated publicly that Western Goals computer discs do, in fact, contain information from the LAPD intelligence files. Meanwhile, in Baltimore September 15, a judge ordered John Rees to testify in LA and supply the jury with discs and printouts sent by Paul. 

750 La Playa # 730
San Francisco, California 94121
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[email protected]

Judge Barker Gives Baptist Temple Ten Days To Show Cause As To Why $6 Million Judgment Should Not Be Enforced Forthwith. Since placing a large number of Trumpets in the mail, we had to stop the presses to announce this new development in the case of US v Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

On Sept. 5, Judge Sarah Evans Barker stepped up the pressure on the congregation of the Baptist Temple by demanding that they give her an answer by Sept. 15 as to why they haven't obeyed her modified Stay Order of Feb.10 when she added the new stipulations to her Order of Nov. 10, '99.

To continue worshipping on their property, they would have to begin giving the court detailed monthly financials, provide a list of all those who minister at the church and the amount of the love gifts that they receive through the church, and begin paying $21 thousand per month into a court supervised escrow account for present payroll taxes. She said in her order, "Though acknowledging that it is in default, IBT asks us to reconsider our orders and revert to the conditions initially imposed. We have previously determined that the modified conditions are fully warranted, ...We find no good...reason to reconsider those rulings further." However, she is willing to listen.

Tip thanks to JAIL. JAIL's very informative website is found at

by Kitty Real Highheels © 2000

Who is Tsien Hsue-Shen? Tsien was one of  the most distinguished scientists of his generation and employed by the US. Soon Tsien became a symbol of one of the biggest stupid mistakes the FBI and US intelligence ever made--driving Tsien out of the US back to China on charges of "communism"  and "spying" which allowed China to employ Tsien to help China develop the A-bomb. As Albert H. Yee stated:

Was it logical to hold Tsien in the U.S. for five years fearing his being a Communist spy and then deporting him to Communist China? With perhaps the furor of revenge against the country that he loved but had betrayed him, he blazed China's rocket program from ground zero to ballistic star. Its intercontinental rockets today can carry nuke warheads and send satellites into space. For more, see Iris Chang's Thread of the Silkworm.

Tsien is honored by China's leaders for his political correctness as well as his scientific advances. Although he still states that the charges against him in the U.S. were false and that he was never a CP member, Tsien became a CCP member and crafted his way through Beijing's politics, such as lauding the Tiananmen crackdown of June 1989. In 1991, Jiang Zemin awarded him China's highest science honor. Yet, who would have doubt that Tsien would have accomplished far greater scientific achievements in the U.S.? Who doubts that race has absolutely nothing to do with the handling of Drs. Tsien and Lee? (Click to read the entire article.)

 Click here to read more history of the Tsien case posted by Cal Tech. 

Iris Chang, author of Thread of the Silkworm (the story of Tsien Hseu-Shen), pointed out that Dr. Wen Ho Lee's case appears to be an extension of the US intelligence mind-set that created the Tsien Hsue-Shen case in the 1940's.

Iris Chang, the best-selling author of The Rape of Nanking, is speaking about a U.S. nuclear scientist accused of spying and giving secrets to the Chinese government. Prosecuted by the U.S. government, the case outrages many Asian Americans who see racial discrimination, mixed with a total lack of evidence, behind the charges.

Is she talking about Wen Ho Lee, the scientist arrested two weeks ago for mishandling top secret nuclear data at the Los Alamos National Laboratory? In fact, no. Chang is speaking about an eerily similar case that happened in the United States fifty years ago, just as the Cold War began. The scientist's name was Tsien Hsue-shen, he was a distinguished professor at the California Institute of Technology, and he was kept under house arrest for five years before being deported to China under a thick cloud of suspicion.

"If there's one parallel we can draw it's that both cases were severely mishandled," says Chang. (Click Read the entire article on VirtualChina.)

NewsMakingNews asks the obvious question-- was having China develop the A-bomb early, via Tsien's help, the FBI's goal anyway?  Given the huge technological transfer of classified nuclear material to China in the past ten years, isn't it the real goal of the FBI to give technology to China, to make it even more powerful,  without giving a damn for US national security?  The FBI is one of the agencies in charge of  checking top secret classifications at the national laboratories. The FBI is employing security firms such as Wackenhut to do its dirty work, its security work and its polygraph tests at Los Alamos laboratory. Yes, Wackenhut was involved in polygraphs regarding Wen Ho Lee case.  No wonder the case commenced with 39 unprovable charges and then broke down the way into a plea, after 9 months of prison torture of the accused!  Note, the military employs DynCorp and other private security firms to do some of its dirty work off-shore, perhaps taking its cue from the FBI's employment of Wackenhut. (Or Wackenhut's employment of the FBI.)

United States sworn peace officers and sworn military officers are being required to give away their essential functions to these private out-fits which employ people who are outright wheeler dealers to make a profit anyway they can. (Look at the guys on Wackenhut's board of directors!)  There is no government accountability in the United States when private firms like Wackenhut are being used to supervise accountability. Wackenhut started its corporate climb when it served as the investigator for Clay Shaw during the Garrison trial.  Since then, the pay-back to Wackenhut has been huge. Whenever the local lazy FBI agents who don't like to do their homework, need some little bit of work done so all hell doesn't break loose, they call in Wackenhut and other private out-fits and give them a high pile of Franklins. (In the meantime, you can see many of your happy fat cat FBI agents down at the golf links in Rohnert Park, California hitting the tiny white balls back and forth with the cocaine dealers and child molesters. Now, if you need some local justice, you know where to take your "golf" bag!)  The FBI has developed this nasty habit of not doing the job its paid to do--just paying others to do the job the FBI is not paid to do. Nasty habits die hard.

Only officers of the law and military, who have taken the oath to uphold the law and the Constitution and who are subject to court martial or indictment  if they break the oath, should be handling national security issues in the United States.  Will the FBI ever stop prostituting itself to private firms and private individuals who allegedly do "security work" for the U.S. but who really do dirty deals for private profiteering?  China wants to know!

by R. Bednorz © 2000


I notice you're knocking USDOJ and Reno with one hand and banging away at  the Cheney -- PERMINDEX -- Freeport Sulphur connection with the other.  Focus on the latter.  Since December 3, 1998, Reno and DOJ have been  pursuing evidence sufficient to have Pinochet extradited to the US for  purpose of standing trial in the still-open Sept. 21, 1976 car-bombing of  Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt at Sheridan Circle, Washington, D.C. Chilean Embassy location ]

The complete pursuit of the Letelier bombing tracks through Michael Townley  and CIA-controlled Cuban exiles back to (now-deceased former CIA )-- you  guessed it -- David Atlee Phillips.

Bush Sr.  could be held accountable for obstruction, perjury, and  misprision of a felony.  Kissinger also, as an accessory before the fact.

While the Intel agencies could pursue their long-standing pattern of  "containing" scandal that tracks back to them, this case, together with the  appeal proceedings in Houston, TX, for Edwin P. Wilson and other litigation  might provide the best public window into the last 37 years of our history.

America needs a litigious showcase to widen consciousness to what is  really important, rather than the intelligence-instigated inquisition of  the President over the last seven years  [ for appointing the ARRB, obtaining legislation requiring a document declassification process in the  Intel agencies, and thus opening a window that points back to the conspiracies in the JFK, King, and Letelier murders. ]  The three-ring
impeachment circus only served to drag the Presidency and the Constitution
through a trail of elephant dung.

Thanks for posting the story on Cheney.  Also, stay on top of forthcoming release-date or other information  concerning



Thanks for the excellent insights.  Can I publish this as a letter to NewsMakingNews?
Do you have any URL or site reference about Reno REALLY trying to extradite
Pinochet? I am very interested in David Atlee Phillips and Freeport Sulphur. Do you
know about Frederick Von Bodungen of Louisiana? Thanks for reading NMN.



Of course you can publish my letter.  As for the Letelier-Moffitt case, I direct your attention to the USDOJ web-site.  I stumbled onto this while surfing through the CIA web site, and I made some casual queries about Dave Phillips, which led me to remarks about their "Chile De-Classification Project."  That, in turn, pointed to USDOJ.

Look under press releases and "speeches" by the Attorney General starting December 3, 1998.  More information about the case pops up in a release of a press-conference dated March 23, 2000, and more recent information has been printed on BBC and other web-sites as late as August of this year.

Reno has been very tight-lipped:  "I cannot comment on a pending matter [Mar. 23]" .  Later,  in August, when questioned about the Chilean Parliament and Supreme Court deciding to repeal Pinochet's exemption from prosecution written into their Constitution and whether it would adversely affect the thrust of Reno's grand-jury and the investigation in Chile, she stated that the investigation is continuing, and she didn't foresee how these new developments would affect it.

Washington Post, as of March 28, suggests that an extradition is "not too likely".  But given Buffone's efforts on the parts of the three families (Letelier, Moffitt, Tarpon), and Reno's tight-lipped persistence in continuing the investigation, one wonders if this discounted estimate reflects someone else's agenda or wishes for the case.

The first three links below are USDOJ "weekly media briefings."  They are a bit long, so I suggest searching them for the words Letelier, Chile, and Pinochet, respectively.  So far, we know that a grand-jury has been meeting for several months.  This was the recommendation of Donald Freed's 1980 book "Death In Washington:  The Murder of Orlando Letelier."  I suggest you reread that book, as time permits, for its insight into the clandestine-CIA/media nexus that continues from the JFK assassination through Watergate and the Chilean coup, through Letelier-Moffitt and Iran-Contra.  Then of course, there is my theory as to why the inquisition of the Clinton administration costing $50 million.   While perhaps the President trivially deserved to have his character "assassinated," neither the cost nor the failures of Ken Starr make any sense, until one examines the background events and news of the last decade. Understanding the 91 JFK Records Act, Bush's stonewall and Clinton's earnest efforts, the ARRB, the
legislation authorizing regular document declassification processes in the intel agencies -- it all makes sense.

Bush was handed the Records Act mandate during his term in office.  He stonewalled the board appointments; and when he left office, he stole the list of candidates -- at least that's what I was told by responsible assassination researchers.  Clinton had to start from scratch.  He requested a new list, and he appointed the ARRB.  Slowly, small AP releases began to appear in newspapers here and there around the country.  The
intelligence-Mafia-Cuban-exile cabal of ZR/RIFLE; plots to assassinate Castro.  Falsification of autopsy evidence in the Warren Report; Gerald Ford's statements about the position of Kennedy's back wound.  Oswald's 201 file and its strange history.   Not too long after the ARRB appointments, the mantle of special prosecutor was handed from Fiske to Starr, and the inquisition began.  Whitewater -- strike 1; Travelgate -- strike 2; Vince Foster and the proliferation of rumors and innuendo about Clinton's role in Foster's death -- foul ball;  Scaife and Starr's Pepperdine U job-offer --
concede the game; and finally, Monica Lewinsky -- home run.   There was no "conspiracy" here by legal definition, but a network of conservative lawyers connected Starr with the Paula Jones attorneys.  It began to look like a legal chess game.  The investigation itself precipitated a legal-two-step of an equivocation and a possible lie; accusations of perjury made headlines.  We usually think of legal investigations as
activities which follow a crime, but in this case, the investigation came first.

In September, 1998, the ARRB released its final report, together with tens of thousands of additional documents, and disbanded.  Coincidentally, that was the same month that Congress voted to impeach.  The following month, Clinton signed the CIA Re-authorization Act of 1999 -- nothing to be surprised about, since it was an annual budget document -- but it also specified a new name for the Langley Headquarters -- "The George Bush Center for Intelligence."  [ See the CIA web-site ]

In the ARRB Final Report, in Chapter 6, which lists information about "people connected in one way or the other with the assassination and investigation," is a rather long paragraph, with a bold-print heading "George Herbert Walker Bush."   It summarizes the story about the phone-call to Hoover before the assassination; the ARRB's search among CIA personnel records; its discovery of a low-level clerk at Langley in 1963 named "George Bush;"  ARRB conclusions from interviews and cross-checks of the clerk's assignments and testimony that this second Bush could not have been the one making the phone call; and finally, the discovery of a page from Allen Dulles' calendar, containing the entry of an appointment with "Major General George Bush" in 1962.   The Report then explains the ARRB's search of Pentagon records, turning up no record of such an officer before, during or after the assassination.   It then states:  "We marked the page of Dulles' calendar an 'assassination record.' " 

We know that, in addition to the burglaries of Tad Szulc's home, Daniel Ellsburg's home ( who, by the way, released a version of NSAM 263 in "The Pentagon Papers"), and the Watergate, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and various Cuban-exiles also burglarized Orlando Letelier's office and stole a list of leftist Allende supporters -- precipitating many of the "disappearances" in Chile.  Phillips -- together with Michael Townley -- organized the vicious and insidious propaganda and civil disorder campaign in Chile, provoking  a coup that would have never occurred by itself.
 Later, Phillips acquired Letelier's briefcase after the bombing, distributed materials to his friend Buckley and others in the media, who then proceeded to spread misinformation about the bombing to disassociate the CIA from DINA and steer suspicions away from DINA.  Townley was convicted of constructing and planting the bomb under Letelier's car, with a few Cuban-exiles.  He received a light sentence.

The Records Act forced the government to release unredacted the NSAM 263 and McNamara / Taylor Vietnam Trip Report to NARA and the public.  Now we can be absolutely certain, without further argument, that 59,000 Americans were butchered needlessly in Vietnam and as a direct result of the 1963 assassination.  Who do those facts threaten?  Who stands to lose by the declassification of documents?  Who has the connections and resources to besiege the White House with litigious peril over six or seven years?

Sources to look at:

Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 12:06 AM
To: NewsMakingNews
Subject: RE: Lessons from Luce and Goebbels


I was reviewing documents I had read in the past year or more in relation to my last e-mail.  I found something very disturbing.   I suspect minor changes have been made to the ARRB report following my reading of it last year.  I distinctly remember a sentence in the cited paragraph, Chapter 6 (I), H.4. "George Bush" -- stating that the ARRB had checked Pentagon records and was unable to locate the "Major General George Bush" in question.  That statement is no longer included.  And the thing is, since I never copied the page to my local hard drive last year, I can't prove it.

But the point is this -- the individual suspected of having CIA connections in the early sixties was supposed to be campaigning for his party in Houston, Texas during 1962 and 1963.  Unless he had had a marvelous career in the Reserves after World War II, I cannot explain the rank, and finally, how is it that Dulles uses the rank in the calendar?
It still fits the profile of "cover identities" I mentioned (cover ID's for civilian CIA officers), but this second reading of the "same" page of the ARRB report doesn't support it as strongly as the "same" page I read last year.

To: NewsMakingNews:
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 12: 29 AM
Subject: FW: Lessons from Luce and Goebbels

OK.  Here's the deal. Less distinctly than my memory of the below-mentioned sentence in last year's reading of ARRB Final Report, Chap. 6(I), H.4., I vaguely recall typing it verbatim into some e-mail communication.  That was before I started using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-recognition, but it is possible that I did so.  I will take some time to traipse through my Outlook archive files to find it.  If I do, and if my memory is verified correct, I'll forward my earlier transcription.  All of you can then do one
of three things:  (1) Write some tersely worded messages to your US Senators, trusting my veracity, (2) write some tersely worded messages to your US Senators, indifferent to my veracity but confident that they won't call your bluff, or (3) don't write to your US Senators.

NEWSMAKINGNEWS SOS!  If you have information or comments about the above points, please email .

5/7/00), CLICK. ARCHIVE (4/24/00 TO 4/29/00), CLICK

(Comment: In this tape Mae Brussell takes on the Marines!)

World Watchers International Tape 859, May 23, 1988 - Side 1




"AMERICAN AGENDA" new organization.
Started with $500,000 grant from L.A. Times. Franklin Murphy, LAT, "formerly" CIA. Will define "5-6 most important issues", give to president elect day after election. Assisting FORD AND CARTER will be HENRY KISSINGER, and BRENT SCOWCROFT OF KISSINGER OSS. "PRESIDENT CARTER" the Tri-Lateral Jonestown pres. GERRY FORD, WARREN COMMISSION PRES.


Credit International, Credit International Banc, D.C., London, Hong Kong "loan services".
"Exclusive private banking, U.S. real estate financing for FOREIGN INVESTORS."
(Come buy our bankrupt banks, farm closers, bankrupt nation)
"Should be the largest initial capitalization fund ever for a D.C. bank."


Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy, Albert J. Wohlstetter and Ickle.


JOHN CONNALLY, former gov. of Texas, covered up ASSASS. OF JFK 11/22/62.
LEON JAWORSKI, assisted Warren Commission cover up CIA, FBI links to JFK murder.
EDWARD BENNET WILLIAMS, atty. for CIA Richard Helms, John Connally, Robert Vesco, etc.
ADMIRAL THOMAS MOORER, Western Goals, computer fed from police departments, etc.


Law offices of WARREN COMMISSION MEMBER JOHN J. McCLOY, Milbank, Tweed, Haldey and McCloy will form "internal corporate investigations team" for possible "illegal acts" inside corporations.
Will use PARTNER ELLIOT L. RICHARDSON, atty. for late CYRUS HASHEMI and MERRILL LYNCH FUNDING of arms for terrorists to Iran group.
Thomas P. Puccio recruited. Will use model of investigation of E.F. HUTTON, GRIFFEN BELL, check-kiting case. (LEAVE OUT E.F. HUTTON, NYC, AND D.C. HEROIN PIZZA MILLIONS.)

KENNEDY'S CHILDREN, Robert Patrick play, SF through May 28, 1988. CLIMATE THEATER 252 Ninth St, Lyrika Productions.


Borris H. Klossen was appointed on Kissinger's recommendations as top ranking political intelligence officer of the U.S. negotiating team assigned to the SALT, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.

Borris H. Klossen, July 11, 1961, made it possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to return with his Russian bride to the USA. Klossen signed a statement indicating that "Oswald was disillusioned and sought to be permitted to return to our country." Klossen authorized the money to finance the trip for Oswald and his wife. Klossen was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Oswald to his "dear mother", 1/2/62 "Important to contact 'INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE.' Don't send your own money." Volume XVI, Exhibit #189, pages 554-556.

World Watchers International Tape 859, May 23, 1988 - Side 2


"A usual pattern of someone coming here, methods of immigration, for Russians, there is the ORDER OF THE TOLSTOY FOUNDATION. Started by MISS TOLSTOY, an organized foundation, got $400,000 a year subsidy. There is no question, this is the #1 stamp of approval."

"You know right off the bat they have been checked, rechecked, double checked. I would like to go off the record."

WARREN COMMISSION TESTIMONY, VOL. I through XV. 552 witnesses.
WARREN COMMISSION EXHIBITS, Vol. XVI through XXVI, exhibits, evidence.


Vol. I Exhibit #53, page 104 "Exhibit #53 is Lee Harvey Oswald's writing." No more stated about it.

Vol. XVI, Exhibit #53, page 191 "Parts of Tchaikovsky opera 'QUEEN OF SPADES', errors, omissions, distortions, "I AM READY RIGHT NOW TO PERFORM A HEROIC DEED OF UNPRECEDENTED PROWESS FOR YOUR SAKE."

At same time he was writing this in USSR, FRANK SINATRA HAD MADE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE IN USA, HOLDING "QUEEN OF DIAMONDS", assassination of president movie suggesting mind control, the use of cards, Hollywood.


Vol. I, Exhibit #102, page 110 "We offer in evidence Exhibit 102."
Earl Warren, "It may be admitted." They go to Exhibit 103, 104, 105, then decide to go BACK TO 102 because "that indicates some of his thinking", meaning Lee Harvey Oswald's.

Vol. XVI, Exhibit 102, page 441-442, tells what the Commission glossed over as a number, not a document. Writing of Lee Harvey Oswald's, "AMERICANS ARE APT TO SCOFF AT THE IDEA THAT A MILITARY COUP IN THE U.S., as so often happens in Latin American countries, could ever replace our government, but that is an idea that has grounds for consideration. WHICH MILITARY ORGANIZATION HAS THE POTENTIALITIES OF EXECUTING SUCH ACTION?" Army? General Walker? Oswald rules them out but warns, "ONLY ONE OUTFIT FITS THE DESCRIPTION, THE USMC is a right wing infiltrated organization of dire potential consequences to the freedom of the US. I agree with former Pres. Truman when he said, 'The Marine Corps should be abolished.'"

Earl Warren, "We will take a short break."


Vol. I, page 111 "I offer in evidence Exhibit 106. Marina Oswald, "This is my book, I did not have a book of poems. I made copy, handwriting in Russian."

Earl Warren, "It may be admitted."

Vol. XVI Exhibit 106, page 474 "Writing inside the back cover of Marina's notebook: SCHICKLGRUBER, ADOLF (H.)


"THE MAN WITH THE RIFLE" Vol. 1, page 117, Exhibit #132
and Vol. XVI Exhibit 132, pages 506, 507, 508