February 27, 2005

Click.  Iran was offered nuclear parts in 1987.

Click.  Did Blair sign up for Iraq war at Bush's ranch in April 2002?

Click.  Iran and Russia sign nuclear deal.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: 'W.'s stiletto democracy'

Click.  Linda McQuaig: It's now clear how the Bush administration sees things: Canadian sovereignty exists only at its pleasure. If we do what Washington wants, we retain our sovereignty. If we don't, all bets are off.

Click.  Senators Clinton and Kerry submit open voting bill.

Click.  Andrew Sullivan: New York warms to it could be America.

Click.  Music notes: Stardom: VOICES IN YOUR HEAD: New sounds from Portugal.                                                                                         

Guy Rose: San Gabriel Mission. Enlarge.

Click.  Mixed memories of "The Family".  Ex members believe abuse normal. Click
Current sect members react.

Click.  Seniors groups looking beyond Canada for drugs.

Click.  Search resumes for missing 9-year-old Florida Girl.

Click.  Service somber at church where BTK suspect was leader.

Click.  Rare Austrian production of "The Sound of Music" reflects nation's schizophrenic Nazi past.

February 26, 2005

Click.  Helen Thomas: 9 billion goes missing in Iraq.

Click.  Israel blames Syria for suicide bombing.

Click.  Troops hunt insurgents in Iraqi river valley.

Click.  Campaign-like attacks turn up volume on Social Security debate.

Click.  California nurses dog Governor Schwarzenegger's every step.

Click.  California's gang database. Who is in it?

Click.  Kansas police make arrest in BTK killings.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Young Man Walking with Dogs in Fontainebleau Forest Enlarge

Click.  Illinois legislators want to raise burden of proof to "beyond all doubt" in order for jury to sentence murderer to the death penalty.

Click.  FBI cracks down on gangs of El Salvador.

Click.  Operation Northwoods and Other Covert Actions.

Click. Prime Minister Martin: The U.S. must not intrude on Canadian airspace.

Click. New bird flu symptoms reported.

Click. Police eye suspect in Napa double murder case.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Young Man Walking with Dogs in
Fontainebleau Forest

Click.  Music noted: Stardom: STILL COLD: Warming With Music.

Click.  Martha Stewart's big comeback.

Click.  "Man the hunter" theory is debunked in new book that describes human beings' evolution as prey.

February 25, 2005

Click.  Charlie Savage: The high-profile investigation into FBI agents' allegations of detainee abuses at Guantanamo, is not examining the conduct of Army Major General Geoffrey Miller, the man who oversaw the interrogation operation at the time that prisoners were allegedly shackled in painful positions and exposed to extreme temperatures to break their silence.

Click.  Ed O`Loughlin: Pulling strings behind the scenes in Syria.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Lost in Europe.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Kansas on my mind.

Click.  More details about the Bush family's war profiteering.

Click.  Xuan-Trang Ho: China’s burgeoning role in Latin America -- a threat to the US?

Click.  Franz J. T. Lee: Venezuela -- Waterloo or Dien Bien Phu?

Click.  Fred Cederhold: The Euro Dollar rollercoaster ride.

Click.  John Park: China can't use its leverage in the North Korea crisis.

Click.  Lisa Pease: Hey, hey, USA. How many coups did you plan today?

Click.  Steve Outing: In defense of citizen journalism.

Click.  A call for child porn users amnesty in Britain?

February 24, 2005

Click.  Government unsure how may shoulder-fired missiles are missing.

Click.  50-state task force group says Bush's "No Child Left Behind" law is unconstitutional.

Click.  Martin Kelly: The Gonzocons live on.

Click.  PG&E still can't find its missing nuclear fuel rods in Eureka, California.

Click.  (LAT Reg)  Juan Cole: What if the U.S. doesn't like what the voters like in the Mideast and beyond?

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Swifties slime again.

Click.  Cannonfire on Gannon and the Rev. Moon.

Click.  Brian Courtis: Hollywood's dirty little secret.

February 23, 2005

Click.  U.S. intelligence concludes theft of Russian nuclear material “has occurred”.

Click.  The Department of Justice has abandoned its argument that charges made by a fired FBI translator Sibel Edmonds are secret, paving the way for a court case involving charges of incompetence, poor security and possible espionage in the translation unit of the bureau's Washington field office.

Click.  Company's work in Iraq profited Bush's uncle Bucky.

Click.  Wall Street's right-hand man in the middle of Bush's new social security plans.

Click.  Trucks can be stopped dead by a flick of a switch.

Click.  Harmon Leon: My dinner at Applebee's with white supremacists.

Click.  David Lazarus: Wells Fargo Bank frets over security breaches.

Click.  Ron Russell: Marin County DA Ed Berberian switches his office's position, agreeing to Catholic Church demands to withhold sex-abuse documents from the press.

Click.  Ted Rall: Bloggers and the new McCarthyism.

Click.  Rant of the week: Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research.

Click.  Homeland Security wants to pay journalists to participate in simulated terror-attack exercises.

Click.  Paul Maidment: Stopping the presses.

Music review:  Click.  STARDOM: It's RAINING Today!

Click.  Hunter S. Thompson on 9/11.

Click.  New Christian manuscripts discovered in Egypt.

February 22, 2005

Click.  David Hackworth: Pentagon is lying its way out of an unwinnable war -- again.

Click.  U.S. aid funneled to Castro's opponents.

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: Greenspan's gyrations.

Click.  Politics, lies and audio tape.

Click.  A hollow appointment to a sham job.

Click.  Cannonfire: Another deep throat note.

Click.  Chirac and Schroeder stir debate: Greater EU clout. Lesser NATO role.

Click.  Al Qaida also wants the bomb.

Click.  The mob's million dollar batter.

Click.  Terror TV.

February 21, 2005

Click.  Scott Ritter says US attack on Iran planned for June.

Click.  Niall Ferguson: Three reasons why the U.S. and Europe won't make up.

Click.  Pat Buchanan: Baiting a trap for Bush?

Click.  German government seeks to curb Neo-Nazi assemblies at historically symbolic places.

Click.  Neo-Nazi group requests use of historic Yorktown battlefield.

Click.  Granma: Cuba signs oil production contract with Chinese enterprise.

Click.  Depriving U.S. and its corporations of oil can be of great benefit to Venezuela.

Click.  New targets for advisers to Swift Vets: AARP and Social Security.

Click.  Fewer scientists are being consulted or funded by the Bush administration.

Click.  Cathy Young: Last of the Confederates.

Click.  HUNTER S. THOMPSON. Original gonzo journalist kills himself at age 67.

Click.  Paul Krassner reflects on the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson.

Click.  Former editor recalls Hunter S. Thompson as newspaper columnist.

RIP: Hunter S. Thompson -  memorable quotations:

A word to the wise is infuriating.

America...just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.

Call on God, but row away from the rocks.

Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect.

I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.

I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.

If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.

It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.

No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

Publishers are notoriously slothful about numbers, unless they're attached to dollar signs - unlike journalists, quarterbacks, and felony criminal defendants who tend to be keenly aware of numbers at all times.

That was always the difference between Muhammad Ali and the rest of us. He came, he saw, and if he didn't entirely conquer - he came as close as anybody we are likely to see in the lifetime of this doomed generation.

The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.

The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.

The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs

There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye.

Nixon had the unique ability to make his enemies seem honorable, and we developed a keen sense of fraternity. Some of my best friends have hated Nixon all their lives. My mother hates Nixon, my son hates Nixon, I hate Nixon, and this hatred has brought us together. Nixon laughed when I told him this. 'Don't worry,' he said. 'I, too, am a family man, and we feel the same way about you.'" - Better Than Sex- Confessions of A Political Junkie

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like "I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive. . . ." And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Las Vegas. - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

My apartment in New York was on Perry Street, a five minute walk from the White Horse. I often drank there, but I was never accepted because I wore a tie. The real people wanted no part of me.- The Rum Diary (Ch. 1)

Cover a war in a place where you can't drink beer or talk to a woman? Hell no!

In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile.

February 20, 2005

Report: U.S. in Secret Talks with Iraqi Insurgents

Marines Launch Bid to Secure Iraq City of Ramadi

Tehran: Guess Who's Trying to Infiltrate Iraq?

Newsweek: Aboard Air CIA

Is Britain part of a worldwide torture plot?

Navy Commissions Super-Spy Submarine

Risk of deadly global epidemic as bid to halt spread of bird flu is foiled

Quite the club....

Cannonfire on Gannon exploding

The U.S. Department of Education insists California must apply tougher standards for school districts, which could label one-third of the state's 1,000 districts as failing.  Currently only 14 are.

Arnold readies strategy

A desperate injection of stem cells and hope

When Does Autism Start?

Dirt: The Next Big Thing in Wine Country

Geoges de La Tour: Saint Joseph Charpentier Click for commentary

February 19, 2005

50 Dead in Eight Iraq Suicide Bombings

Five U.S. Senators Visit Iraq; Clinton Says Insurgency Is Failing as Suicide Bombings, Other Attacks Kill Dozens

A Shi'ite Iraq Emerges: Juan Cole

Bashar Assad: The Syrian sphinx

Watson, Boyes: They're all pals with Bush now -- just don't mention the war

Slain U.S. Nun at Heart of Battle Over Brazil's Amazon

Meek: Torture Acclimation
Winslow Homer, Right and Left

Ray McGovern: Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here

Robert Parry: Negroponte's blind spots

Medicaid Battles: Governors Oppose Federal Cuts, Say It's Time for Sweeping Change

Judge hearing challenge to election of Gov. Christine Gregoire (Washington) squelched the Democratic Party's attempt to have him define the proof Republicans must produce to get the election overturned

Salzman, Epstein: The tyranny of eminent domain

John Powers: On--Terminator genes

LA County judge who killed himself feared molestation claims

Marjie Lundstrom: We need a way to house violent sex predators out of prison

R. Scott: Haidl the gang-rape defendant busts up as Jane Doe cries on the stand

Solano County CPS fails again: 4-year old girl is allegedly beaten to death after complaint to CPS

Susan Paynter: Stamper speaks his mind -- again

$95m deal to preserve Hearst coastal area

Despite heart disease risk, few women take heed

Herbal Extract As Effective As Commonly Prescribed Anti-depressant

Kenan Malik: There is nothing outrageous or immoral about human cloning

Timothy Heritage: Google online book plan sparks French war of words

Husband-And-Wife Team Build Startup Into Blogging Trailblazer

The giant tortoise's tale

Jesuits face the challenge of declining numbers

February 18, 2005

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Who benefits from Hariri's murder?

Click.  Dead reckoning. Syria and Lebanon.

Click.  All for the sum of nothing. No one knows how many civilians died in Iraq?

Click.  U.S. troops being treated with "medical ecstasy".

Click.  Uploading the President's electrocardiogram.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Three-card maestro.

Click.  Mark Fitzgerald: Hemisphere's latest press-freedom Worry: The U.S.A.

Click.  Almost half of all Americans take antidepressants.  Discussion with Dr. Alan Schatzberg,
chair of Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Click.  California school districts under attack.

Click.  Computer vision syndrome appears after four hours of work with PC.

Click.  Neo-Nazi group plans rally on Revolutionary War battlefield.

February 17, 2005

Click.  The CIA and the Defense Department have rejected a call by the independent 9-11 commission to consolidate secret U.S. paramilitary operations within the Pentagon, including those in which the U.S. government wants its hand to remain hidden.

Click.  Critics say war-fund request circumvents budget process.

Click.  Brian Morton: The new thugs.

Click.  (Sacto Bee Reg) Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata on Wednesday said he has refused to describe his past work as a private political consultant that is part of an FBI probe because the details are not "particularly interesting."


Click.  Ire and praise for "grey" look at Nazis.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Screw the children.

February 16, 2005

Click.  Robert Fisk on the Beirut bombing, U.S. -- Syrian relations and the Iraqi elections.

Click.  U.S. lawmakers push to enforce economic sanctions against Iran.

Click.  U.S. lawmakers press Rice to impose sanctions on Syria.

Click.  Health Secretary Mike Leavitt refused Wednesday to name the states he says are cheating taxpayers out of $40 billion in Medicaid funding, even as senators pressed him.

Click.  Senate voted on Wednesday to allow more time for the declassification of government documents about Nazi war criminals.

Click.  Patrick Buchanan: The Democrats' dilemma.

Click.  Patrick Radden Keefe: Are Al Qaeda terrorists using your personal computer?

Click.  Colin Brown: WMD expert reopens row about "sexed-up" dossier.

Click.  Joanne Mariner: Giving Colombia's paramilitaries what they want.

Click.  Will Bunch: Why are the feds probing long-dead "Scoop" Jackson?

Click.  Blogosphere politics.

Click.  San Francisco dog court. Due process for every canine.

February 15, 2005

Click.  CIA seizes Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson's papers.

Click.  2 million acres of New Mexico grasslands latest battleground over drilling

Click.  Integrating Canada and the United States. Disturbing?

Click.  Dallas County District Attorney and private firm become partners to fight crime.

Click.  Sam Smith: The Bush Clinton nexus.

Click.  New Music Review:  Stardom: They Should Have Been Called THE GRANNYS.

Click.  IRS investigating tax-exempt bond issued by Cabazon Indians.

Click.  Cannonfire on More Rhoemosexuality.

Click.  FBI director: Crypto must be controlled.

Click.  British police conduct high-tech search for new clues to Princess Diana's death.

Click.  FBI reveals details about arrests of NAMBLA Internet child sex ring. More Agent infiltrated NAMBLA.

February 14, 2005

Click.  To head off threat of a Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement, the US has  resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population to "nip the evil in the bud".

Click.   Muqtedar Khan: Have Iraqis voted for a dictatorship?

Click.   Christian Henderson: Who killed Rafiq al-Hariri?

Click.  Lisa M. Kreiger: A Stanford University researcher has gotten a preliminary go-ahead to create a mouse with a significant number of human brain cells -- as long as the creature behaves like a mouse, not a human.

Click.  Repairs to the nation's voting system, already long overdue, are likely to remain uncompleted by the 2006 congressional elections.

Click.  How Bush goes straight to the people: Control the message, stage the event.

Click.  Josh Marshall: Bamboozlepalooza tour makes little progress for Bush.

Click.  James Gordon Meek: Military lawyers at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison tried to stop inhumane interrogations, but were ignored by senior Pentagon officials.

Click.  A federal judge ruled today that Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich can freeze out two reporters from The (Baltimore) Sun by barring all state employees from talking to the journalists.

Click.  Sam Smith: The little Eichmanns of Dresden.

Click.  China's big export is spying.

February 13, 2005

2/15/05 Judge rejects Hamlin gag order + Click.  El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Eddie T. Keller hears D.A.'s motion for gag order covering the Richard Hamlin trial. The Sacramento Bee objects. + Click.  Lawyer Hamlin is facing the case of his life.



by Virginia McCullough

February 13, 2005

Judge Considers Declassifying Sept. 11 Report on the F.B.I.

Anthony Loyd: "I'm more scared of going out with these guys than fighting insurgents."

Breaking the al-Qaeda code

Juan Cole report on Iraq election results

AP Enterprise: American Officials Are Questioning Iraqi Shiite Leaders About Their Level of Ties to Iran

Iran, Iraq Share Complex History

Negotiations on Key Posts at Fever Pitch in Iraq

Fineman, Isikoff: King Karl

Papers Offer New Clues On 9/11 Hijackers' Travel

CIA debacle in Iran cost spies' lives

Pentagon Espionage Unit Loses Its Head

Army recruitment during and part of a church service - eyewitness account and pictures

Lisa Pease: Deep Throat Rumblings

Neo-Nazis March as Dresden Remembers War Dead + White supremacists trying to get message to mainstream audience in U.S.A.

When the ambassador met the heiress

Thomas Oliphant: A lesson in dishonesty

Molly Ivins: On Bush's budget. Look out folks, this one's a doozy

Ellis Henican: When it's personal, the right veers left

Taser aims at home market as safety concerns mount

Hunt for Fugitives Expands to Retirees

Niece says she fears prison for Shanley

Bashir plans to broadcast new film on "Michael Jackson's Secret World"

Kidnap charge against Jonea Rogers reduced to misdemeanor

"Bench Stress"

Gaye LeBaron: Book evokes memories of Santa Rosa's Chinatown

New Tools Ease Collaboration and Publishing Online

Duke's mummified cat to go on show

February 12, 2005

Bush cuts hit Democratic states, analysis finds

Click.  Guantanamo-linked illness damages agent's faith in FBI.

Click.  New HIV strain: Chilled by findings, investigators dreaded the mounting evidence.

Concern grows over drug given to troops with mental side effects

Click.  Ron Paul: HR 418: A national ID bill masquerading as immigration reform.

Robert Parry: Bush and the rise of managed-democracy.

Russians knew West's germ warfare secrets

Kissinger brings Putin "friendship" from Bush

The President in Washington Again? Bush Discovers Potomac Fever

Space war game improves joint warfighting capability


Feds picking California pockets?

With recovery goal reached, northern rockies federal wolf managers reflect on controversy

In Northern Iraq, smugglers cross to Iran despite uneasy relations

Russians protest against benefits reform; Pro-Kremlin forces organize their own rallies

Click.  The top official at a nonprofit agency Shelter Inc. serving the homeless in Contra Costa County says he knowingly assigned a three-time convicted sex offender as the live-in manager of a Concord home for mentally disabled young adults, who now claim they were abused.

Butte County: 6 could face manslaughter charges in hazing death

San Francisco: Arrest in slaying of student, 17. Youth counselor, 21, suspect in strangling, dumping of body

Click.  Sexcapades!  Haidl II defense lawyer is told to sit down and shut up. But his old playbook remains: blame the "filthy, trashy" victim.

Cat agility races

Inventor primes himself for seeing humans achieve immortality

February 11, 2005

Click.  Homeland chief to "waive all laws"? Security provision in REAL ID Act gives feds broad powers at border.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Bush's class-war budget.

Click.  Jon Carroll: Let us consider the rapture index.

Click.  A U.S. resident, wealthy Pakistani businessman being held at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison camp for suspected terrorist ties urged al-Qaida operatives to acquire nuclear weapons for use against U.S. troops and said he knew where to get them, according to American investigators. + Click.  Excerpts from transcript of detainee's tribunal.

Click.  A CIA Contractor, charged with beating Afghan prisoner who later died, argues he followed the nation's will in his work for intelligence agency.

Click.  Peter Byrne: Behind Senator Diane Feinstein's war with Indian gambling.

Click.  Steve Conner: A modern guide to making babies.

Click.  Vincent Barnes: Genetic engineering for better suburbia.

Click.  Michael Tremoglie: Who is behind attorney Lynne Stewart?

Click.   CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan quit over his remarks that several journalists who were killed by coalition forces in Iraq had been targeted.

Click.   New York City health officials have found one new virulent HIV strain which progresses from infection to full-blown AIDS in two or three months.

February 10, 2005

Click.  For every dollar saved by capping outlays, far more would be spent by the expanding cost of initiatives launched or okayed by the president.

Click.  Nancy A. Youssef: Former Bush administration favorite Ahmad Chalabi is lobbying hard for the post of prime minister in the new Iraqi government that will be formed after election officials finish counting the tally from last week's vote.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The Shi'ites' Faustian pact.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Domestic gibberish.

Click.  Memo urged Rice to meet on Al-Qaeda before Sept. 11 attacks.

Click.  Helen Kennedy: Bush press pal Gannon quits over gay prostitute link.

Click.  Cannonfire on "Gannon".

Click.  Monterey County Recorder Stephen Vagnini cut off public access to original recorded documents such as deeds, liens., Instead, the county is selling CDs with digital images of recorded documents, which are available the day after they are received by the Recorder's Office.

Click.  On handcuffed and felonious children.

Click.  Disease outbreaks in Iraq.

Click.  IBM: Cars face virus threat.

Click.  Ranchers with carbon-copy bulls are fenced in by the public's distaste for food derived
from such animals and delays in FDA approval.

February 9, 2005

Click.  Kevin McKiernan: Justice in Iraq?

Click.  Midwest towns offer free land to newcomers.

Click.  A 14-year-old boy went into cardiac arrest after Chicago police shot him with a Taser, raising new questions about the weapon.

Click.  Bush's red-ink budget doesn't include costs for war

Click.  Rep. John Conyers, Jr.: Fixing America's broken elections.

Click.  Al Kennedy: A tale of two clans -- Bush and Kennedy.

Click.  Constitution rejected in TSA screening.

Click.  Plant gene transfer technology under a flexible intellectual property license.

Click.  Pravda: Space cooperation with the U.S. will ruin Russia's space industry.

New Music Review: Click. Stardom: SHOCK and ROLL RUSSIAN STYLE.

Click.  Royal Navy release Tsunami images.

Click.  John Hiscock: New life in Sirhan's defense of his role in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination.

Click.  The CIA and Nazi war criminals.

February 8, 2005

Click.  Richard A. Clarke: Democracy won't end terrorism.

Click.  David Kay: Let's not make the same mistakes in Iran.

Click.  Jane Mayer: Outsourcing Torture. The secret history of America’s “extraordinary rendition” program.

Click.  Saudi conference abandons attempts to define terrorism.

Click.  George Monbiot: Forget the UN. The US occupation regime helped itself to $8.8 bn of mostly Iraqi money in just 14 months.

Click.  Meg Kissinger: Anti-war generation watches its children go to war.

Click.  Cutting an oil artery.

Click.  Early returns in "Deep Throat" contest. Rehnquist by a landslide!

Click.  John Dean: Deep Throat ill, ID out soon.

Click.  Bible use permitted during jury deliberations. Contra Costa Judge Maximum Mary Ann O'Malley denies Justin Helzer a new trial despite a juror's using a Bible verse during deliberations as a justification to impose the death penalty.

Click.  D.A. snoozes case away. Napa Judge Stephen Kroyer dismisses case against alleged molester on due process grounds after 5 years and 20 continuances of jury trial.

February 7, 2005

Click.  Rod Nordland and Babak Dehghanpisheh:  What Sistani wants.

Click.  Bill Powell, Tim McGirk: How Pakistan's A. Q. Khan outwitted Western intelligence to build a global nuclear-smuggling ring that made the world a more dangerous place.

Click.  The RAF Hercules transport plane that crashed in Iraq was hit by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile that insurgents obtained from Iran.

Click.  Bush's deficit plan is all in the math.

Click.  Edmund L. Andrews: Trim deficit? Only if Bush uses magic.

Click.  U.S. government ratchets up public relations budget.

Click.  West Coast electricity customers are still waiting for justice.

Click.  Saul Cornell: How Bush's Justice Department rewrote history to satisfy the NRA.

Click.  "Podcasting" lets the masses do radio shows.

Click.  Pro sports and war are completely separate things, but how often have you heard players called warriors, the gridiron the battlefield?

Click.  NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Stardom: They Should Have Called it CRAPSTER.

Click.  Pro sports and war are completely separate things, but how often have you heard players called warriors, the gridiron the battlefield?

Click.  Hey, what's in it for you? How will Bush's plan affect your yearly social security benefit.

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: Sistani begins his true agenda.

Click.  David Kay: Finding WMD will only get harder.

Click.  Vote fraud foe, Shelley, gets shafted in California.

Click. Kristen Lombardi: Activist Elena Sassower annoyed congress, her trial judge, and defenders of free speech—all the way to jail.

February 6, 2005

Click. Isikoff, Hosenball: Outside hacker engaged in "Cyberintrusion" into FBI emails. Officials fear had been tapping into supposedly secure e-mail messages since late last year.

Pentagon attaches strings to hike in death gratuity

Bush Proposes $2.5 Trillion Spending Plan That Will Cut Scores of Programs but Cheney Says Not With a 'meat ax'

Click. Stardom: Abu Gharib in FLORIDA.

Click. The terrorist believed to have flown a hijacked airliner into the Pentagon on 9/11, obtained a California driver's license without providing the required Social Security number for identification.

What Bin Laden Sees in Hiroshima

If Bush is now gunning for anyone, it's Syria

"Pre-emptive" study of Iran data started

Bin Laden's film maker sues Michael Moore

FBI Pushes to Expand Domain Into CIA's Intelligence Gathering

Alexander Ivanov: Appearance of Christ before the people. Enlarge.

Wayne Brown: Danse macabre in our time

Meanwhile: On the back 9 at My Lai

Interview: 'My hell in Guantanamo'

Amid Intelligence Turmoil, CIA Director's New Team in Place

Gloria Borger: Scarlet isn't always red

Click. Scott McConnell: Hunger for dictatorship.

More than 300,000 celebrate Bob Marley in Ethiopia reggae fest

Some call him priest, church calls him fake

Spain's health ministry to allow doctors to prescribe pot

Mayo Clinic Researchers Create 'Obedient Virus'; First Step To Use Measles Virus Against Cancer

Rice Genome Approaches Completion

My addicted son

Firm tries to engineer sneezeless kitten for allergic cat fans

FDR's death shows how much we've learned about the heart

Click. Richard Ostling: Three debates show the perennial fascination with ancient materials linked with the Bible.


Click.  Los Angeles: Ambulance services have to be diverted to hospitals farther away because of shortage in emergency room capacity. That puts patients in danger.

Click.  Daniel Weintraub: Pat Brown, super pol? New book says not.

Click.  IRS documents show ties between The Family sex cult and a tax-exempt foundation that raises money for projects around world.

Click.  Debra Saunders: Greed, fraud and politics.

Click.  Joan Ryan: Mysterious death of Nuremburg psychiatrist.

Click.  Cabazon tribe's police are unhappy they can't is tap into state and federal law enforcement databases.

Santa Barbara County Facing Big Expenses for Jackson Trial

February 5, 2005

Click.  Steven Thomma: The destruction of Social Security is a long-standing conservative dream.

Click.  Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow.

Click.  Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's associates +  Click.  Eichmann Capture Details Released for Publication.

Juan Cole on Iraq

Pat Buchanan: Richard Nixon’s Revenge

Spiking news that could have made Kerry President

Spanish Judge Sends Two Brothers to Jail, Frees Parents, in Connection With Madrid Terror Bombings

Saudi Arabia Proposes International Anti-Terrorism Center to Stop Attacks

Robert Fisk: History by Laptop

Homeland Security to build Maryland biological defense center

San Francisco: Court ruling protects Marcos' assets. Victims of his reign in Philippines had hoped for damages

Frederic Remington: Indian Scouts in the Moonlight Enlarge

A Decade After a Drug Revolutionizes Stroke Care, Only 3 Percent Get It + Few Recognize Symptoms of a Stroke

Researchers Probe Antarctica's Shifting Ice, 'not Sure What's Going On'

Ancient Beasts Raise Questions About Climate Change

Click. Matthew Duerston: Who’ll Stop the Reign? Taking down the country’s most murderous prison gang, The Aryan Brotherhood.

Secretary of State Shelley quits, says controversies over fund raising, use of federal money and his volatile temper damaged his office's 'ability to function effectively'

Click. Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute cut the ribbon Friday on a $5.8 million biocontainment facility for studying infectious diseases that in the future could include nonvirulent anthrax bacteria

Investors fight over tribal casino take

Governor Schwarzenegger renounces casino-size role

Martinez: Judge delays deciding if sex offender can move. Verse tells crowd at public hearing he's also been abused

Click. Chrisanne Beckner: The Waldorf charter schools tend toward the metaphysical in approach, but is that religious teaching? A federal-court judge will decide.

Click. Josh Indar: The re-licensing of Oroville Dam is this century's first great water fight.

February 4, 2005

Click.  Paul McGeough: The bagman bankrolling the insurgency -- dubbed the "Zarqawi of the Iraqi underworld.

Click.  Lawmakers criticize FBI Director Mueller for continued problems with a costly computer project that was supposed to dramatically improve management of terrorism and other criminal cases.

Click.  Jesselyn Radack: A whistle-blower's inside view of Michael Chertoff.

Click.  Andrew Caffrey: Bush social security plan holds promise for Wall St. Only a few big players would benefit initially, but as accounts grow more firms could gain.

Click.  Canadians fight to keep their medical records out of the hands of the U.S. government.

Click.  Author now suspects "Deep Throat" was George H. W. Bush.


February 3, 2005

Click.  Dave Lindorf: How Chertoff hid torture.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Utopian cul-de-sac. 

Click.  Lance Gay: Feds hide snafus under guise of national security.

Click.  A U.S. senator Mike DeWine has demanded that the CIA director release thousands of pages of documents detailing the agency's ties with former Nazis.

Click.  Bill Moyers Interviews Chuck Spinney:  "They don't know where the money's going. Well, guess what the Senate Armed Services and the House Armed Services agree to do in their infinite wisdom? They decided to waive the Pentagon's requirement for these annual audits in their authorization bills."

Click.  Juan Cole: Karl Rove's memo to Bush on the Middle East.

Click.  Larry Chin: The King of the Night's darkest hour. Johnny Carson and the Kennedy assassination.

Click.  Jonna M. Spilbor: When the key witness is a kid. Preparing prospective jurors in the case against Michael Jackson.

Click.  Maine newspaper sues for brain-harvest documents. Click.  Settlement reached in brain harvesting lawsuit, but case not over.

Click.  Organisms found in deepest part of the ocean.

February 2, 2005

Gonzales OK could be seen as OK for torture rules

AP Exclusive: Videos of Riot Squads at Guantanamo Show Prisoners Being Punched and Stripped From the Waist Down

Iraq's $200 billion election

Juan Cole reports

China, Russia Announce Security Consultation Plan

Nurses group punches back at Schwarzenegger in TV ad campaign + 'Simple' budget plan actually quite tricky

Safe harbor for gay bigotry

Click. Theft of SAIC Computers Containing Stockholder Personal Information.

Rise of German Right-Wing Party Evokes Ghosts of Past

How the Camera Became a Weapon

Which Search Engine Is The Best?

The Unicorn in Captivity Enlarge & Commentary

Honeybee parasite threatens crop pollination across the nation

Cancer Pill Proves Effective

Women Still Treated Less for Heart Disease

Software Taming Gene Data Pool

150 years and the lighthouse is still on

February 1, 2005

New book says United States has five secret military bases in Israel

Pepe Escobar: Why the U.S. will not leave Iraq

Judge bans Guantanamo military trials

US military is the big threat now

Two Provincial German Towns Emerging as Unlikely Center of Islamic Extremism

Click. Evelyn Pringle: Jeb, Marvin & Neil - 3 Profiteering Bush Brothers.

Microsoft takes on Google and Yahoo!

Phishing morphs into pharming (hijacking domain names)

Murdered director Theo Van Gogh's film shelved

Birds rise in intellectual pecking order


Mexico's 'Nectar of the Gods' Dies a Slow Death

The Unicorn in Captivity Enlarge & Commentary

Prosecutors rest case vs. Shanley

For God and company


January 31, 2005

Click.  Juan Cole:  The Iraq election. First impressions.

Click. Deborah Tannen: Time for talk: Bush's triumph of marketing over dialogue.

Click.  Harry Browne: Why I am obsessed with war.

Click.  Bill Weinberg: Welcome to World War IV.

Click. Justin Raimondo: Sistani's triumph.

Al Jazeera Airs Video of UK Plane Shootdown

Audit: US Lost $9 Billion in Iraq

Kerry blames defeat on Bin Laden

Action Hero or Mere Mortal: Schwarzenegger Sees His Ratings Dip

Critics Pressure Mexican Federal Prosecutor as Third Report on Border Killings Comes Due

NAACP Refuses to Cooperate With IRS Probe Into Allegedly Political Activity

January 30, 2005

Voting Held in Iraq's First Free Election in a Half-Century, Attacks on Polling Stations Kill 44

Bush Calls Iraq Election a Voice of Freedom From Center of Middle East

Military: British Military Plane Crashes North of Baghdad; Blair Confirms Deaths

Click. The peace was lovely but it won't last.

Click. Dyer: U.S. is expelling the last of its 9/11 angst by prodding Iran.

Click. The CIA is refusing to provide hundreds of thousands of pages of documents sought by a government working group under a 1998 law that requires full disclosure of classified records related to Nazi war criminals.

Doctors make eye cells see light

Edouard Manet, The Old Musician Enlarge & Commentary

Greenspan and His Inner Circle Guide Economic Destiny of Millions Behind Ornate Closed Doors

Women are the deciding factor in the Social Security debate

Slower arrival at fires in US is costing lives

See Dick Compute: Teaching Computers to Read No ABC Affair

Click.  Jack Wilson: Beyond stem cells.

Click.  Stem cells become human nerve cells in study.

Click.  Reifman: A Microsoft millionaire wonders if his money can express his values.

Click.  "Coroner to the stars" fashioned his own kind of bully pulpit.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Fur trade was once big business on North Coast of California.

January 29, 2005

Click. US jets "flying over Iran to spot potential targets".

Iran puzzle: U.S. and Europe on separate tracks

Click. Homeland Security nominee Chertoff vetted the CIA's interrogation methods and advised the agency on the legality of coercion techniques.

Click. Sen. Barbara Boxer, loudspeaker for left, steps into spotlight

Guilty until proven guiltier

Robert Fisk: This Election Will Change the World, But Not as the US Wanted

New PNAC letter

Microsoft's Gates Bets Against the Dollar, Calls Currency's Status `Scary'

Occidental, Other U.S. Companies Win Rights to Explore for Oil in Libya

Click. Quicken disables the software you paid for to force paid upgrades.

Click. Mark Gaffney: NASA searches for a snowball in hell.

Ruth Kelly's faith and politics (Opus Dei) can't be separated

Click. Marjie Lundstrom: Development dispute has deep roots in Rattlesnake Island.

Stanislaus judge need not testify about missing discs

The greatest show on earth - the Jackson trial

$1 million baby? More like £4,000 woman

Childe Hassam: Flower Girl Enlarge

January 28, 2005

Click.  Is the world safer now?

Click.  Fred Kaplan: CIA report says that American global dominance could end in 15 years.

Click.  Russian officers "helped in plot to seize Beslan school".

Click.  Halliburton plans to exit Iran. (Before the bombs fall?)

Click.  U.S. opens security probe of IBM's sale of PC unit.

Click.  North Korea has bought complete nuclear bomb.

Click.  Juan Cole: Feith Resigns Under Pressure of Investigations.

Click.  Amber Frey did what Gary Condit wouldn't.

Click.  Dennis Kyne: At Hunters Point Shipyard, cyclotron smashed atoms where Lennar wants to build homes.

Click.  Amadi Ajamu: Guinea pig kids.

Click.  Janette Sherman, M.D.: A dangerous gamble: Nuclear power, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Click.  New World native genetics.

Click.  The pending first-degree San Mateo murder trial of police killer Marvin Sullivan could be the first test in California of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision setting parameters for forcibly administering medications to defendants.

January  27, 2005

Click.  Richard Sale: USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran.

Click.  Iran vows 'astonishing' response to any U.S., Israeli attack.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: U.S. keeps Iran in its sights.

Click.  Senator Robert Byrd: Voting no on the nomination of Dr. Rice.

Click.  Jim Lobe: From Holocaust to hyperpower.

Click.  Kurt Nimmo: Good riddance Douglas Feith.

Click.  Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult

Click.  Peggy Noonan: Further thoughts on the passions of the inaugural.

Click.  Gore Vidal on Bush's Inaugural Address: "The Most Un-American Speech I've Ever Heard."

Click.  Widow of former Enron executive Cliff Baxter gets apology from Sugarland, Texas over missing evidence regarding her husband's death.

Click.  Marjie Lundstrom: Want to know if you ate tainted meat? Why California won't tell you.

Click.  The California State Department of Health Services received about $100 million in federal funds to fight bioterrorism, and officials can't account for it.

Click.  George Butters: Your computer may be housing child porn without your knowing it.

Click.  Randy Dotinga: "The intersection between virtual reality and mental health treatment."

January 24, 2005

Click.  Storm clouds gather for Iraq's ill-omened election.

Iran Launches Rapid Deployment Force

India and China to discuss strategic issues

Click.  Many in the Arab world are looking to Russia to help counter America’s hegemonic position on the world stage. Is it a wise choice?

The hermit nuclear kingdom

Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary

Albert Bierstadt: Seal Rock Enlarge.

Mariah Blake: Tin Soldier

Inventing Sherlock Holmes

Tutankhamun: So who was the golden boy?

January 23, 2005

Click.  Barton Gellman: Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain and Some Question Background of Unit's Leader.

Click.  Ralph McGehee: CIABASE. CIA Support of Death Squads.

Click.  H.D.S. Greenway. The White Room.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq Flashpoint

AP Exclusive: Nixon-Era Terrorism Task Force Envisioned Today's Threats

Click.  Maureen Dowd: A bunch of krabby patties.

Vasiliy Polenov. They Brought the Children. From "The Life of Christ"
. Enlarge

Soviet Army Veteran Who Helped Liberate Auschwitz Is Going Back to Mark 60th Anniversary of Its Capture

Click.  In the debate over Social Security changes, one word is key.

Click.  Cheney firm's multi-billion pound project to build Britain's biggest ever warships.

Click.  Robert Harris: Rome's lost library. The intellectual inheritance of western civilization is at stake

Click.  Lowell Selvin: On the record. Planetout.

January 22, 2005

Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus

Click.  Sandra Blakesly: Mad cow disease has long been thought to occur in just the brains and nervous systems of infected animals. But scientists reported Friday that the proteins thought to cause the disease can travel to other organs as well.

Click. Juan Cole: The political season in Iraq is turning extremely nasty.

Procedures for Voting in the Iraqi Election

Click. Keeping America in the Dark. An interview with Seymour Hersh.

Click. Robert Fisk: Not even Saddam could achieve the divisions this election will bring.

Robert F. Kennedy Fears Becoming Tabloid Fodder and a Gets Quick Taste of it.

Bush Sr.: President Not Shifting Policy
Jan Vermeer: The Lacemaker, 1669-1670. Enlarge

Click. Susan Paynter: Two sides to school "kill list": Action or inaction.

Click. David Ivanovich: Interview with James A. Baker IV. Politics pervade world oil business.

Bush Pulls 'Neocons' Out of the Shadows

Is Opus Dei at work in Blair's government?

State Senator Defends Polygamy After Colleague Distributes Book Criticizing the Practice

Click. Mike Whitney: Falling upwards. The rise of Michael Chertoff.

Automatic Medicare enrollments to begin next fall

Huge Iceberg Runs Aground

Man Held in Texas Teen's Abduction, Death

FBI: One of Chinese Suspects Already in Custody, No Terror Connection Found

Militant Logistics Coordinator May Link Sept. 11, Madrid Attacks

California Indian gaming tribes to meet after a rocky year

Norman Mailer: America's war with the invisible kingdom of Satan

Mexican Archaeologists Unearthing Evidence to Support Depiction of Ancient Sacrifice

Click. Movies like "Braveheart" and "Legends of the Fall" are on the viewing list for men in a growing Christian movement that calls for them to throw off their "nice guy" personas and emulate warriors.

Marjie Lundstrom: Police blotter of the weird follows Arcata's criminal high jinks

January 21, 2005

Click.  James Harding: Bush's "over the top" speech reveals divisions.

Click.  Paul Richter: Cheney adds Israel to the Iran equation.

Click.  Joshua Frank: Democrats support Bush's Iran policy.

Click.  William Blum: Imperial wonderland.

Click.  KGB chieftain finds home at Homeland Security.

Click.  Jackie Burrell:  Pleasant Hill, California. U.S. Army recruiters turned College Park High School's quad into a lunchtime shooting range Wednesday.

Click.  U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organization asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

Click.  Bob Barr: Is it time to reform intelligence reform?

January 20, 2005

Click. The US won't require mental-health testing for all children...yet.

Click. From the axis of evil to the outposts of tyranny.

Click. Nat Perry: "Bush reportedly is asserting, too, that his mandate puts him above post-Vietnam War laws that require a president to inform Congress of covert operations and get war-powers approval...."

Click. Rick Perlstein: "George Walker Bush's revolutionary second term, where nothing is done by accident...."

Click. Karen Kwiatkowski: Ball gowns and hospital gowns.

Click. Sidney Blumenthal: Bush is taking a huge gamble with his assault on the social contract.

Click. Sam Smith: On the west side of the Capitol.

Click. Pravda: Russia's far north to promote "American" governor?

Click. Juan Cole: Rice doublespeak.

Click. Is the FBI covering up its spies?

Click. Stardom: HACKTIVISTS Against Bush.

Click. Homeland security briefings captured online for all to see..

Click. Google keeps track of every search that’s made, as well as the Internet location of the computer from which the search is taking place — and then it stores that information for possible future use.

Click. Don Lattin: Oakland native David "Moses" Berg, the founding seer of the Children of God, put forth a prophecy about his new wife and new son on May 2, 1978. "Davidito and Maria are going to be end time witnesses...They are going to be killed.


Click. A powerhouse law firm that represents nearly every school district in Monterey County and many throughout California has been sanctioned by a federal judge for lying, misrepresenting evidence and dragging a case out for years.

January 19, 2005

Click. Search underway for six who may pose terrorist threat to Boston. FBI Investigating 'Dirty Bomb' Threat in Boston

Israel to carry out assassinations in other countries including targeted killings within the United States

Doubts cast on Bush Social Security plan

Click.  Bush is actually speaking as a prophet of God?

Cuba Accuses United States of Lying to the World About Treatment of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Click.  Lisa Pease: Is "Nemesis" a Black Book?

Click.  Ron Russell:  Why are District Attorneys in San Mateo, Marin and San Francisco helping S.F. Archbishop William Levada keep decades of alleged sexual misconduct by his clerics secret? 

A case the Archdiocese doesn't want you to know about: Fast times at Marin Catholic High

January 18, 2005

Click.  The weapon that could defeat the U.S. in the Persian Gulf -- the "Sunburn"-- Iran's awesome nuclear anti-ship missile.

Click.  Julian Borger: Now US ponders attack on Iran.

Click.  Iran says "No country can attack us."

Click.  Sam Hamod: Senator Boxer shows Condi Rice to be a liar.

Click.  Lucy Morgan: Veiled sect hails Bush, Martinez.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Hotel room journalism. The US press in Iraq.

Click.  Dominic Timms: Fearful US TV networks censor more shows.

Click.  George Monbiot: A televisual fairyland.

Click.  How the Scots Irish screwed up America

Click.  David Cohn: Open source biology evolves.

Click.  "We drove a full-scale WMD 800 miles across the United States and no one stopped or questioned us."

Click.  Deanna Swift: On the inaugural menu: A dish to please every donor.

Click.  Jeff Sharlet: In the post-9/11 healing boom, a new battery of mystics like Sondra Shaye are raking it in.

Click.  Michelangelo Signorile: Gay Abe, Gay Susan Sontag, the difficulties of outing the dead.

January 17, 2005

Click. Seymour M. Hersh: The coming wars. What the Pentagon can now do in secret.

Pentagon Faults Iran Raid Report

by Virginia McCullough, Curator

Click. Mae Brussell's research about the life and death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Louisiana will pardon a civil rights activist in honor of MLK Day

Click. Chuck Zlatkin: Happy birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Christian Archbishop Seized in Mosul as Attacks Leave More Than 20 Dead; Top U.S. General Warns of Election Day Violence

Click. German stock market operator Deutsche Boerse has approved a possible cash offer for the London Stock Exchange.

Rice Goes From the Inside to The Front

Smallpox Exercise Poses Big Question: Is Anyone Ready?

Islamic headscarf, cleavage, keys to new Russian showbiz celebrity success

January 16, 2004

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Japan's anti-war stance turning to "active pacifism'"

Rising Violence and Fear Drive Iraq Campaigners Underground

Click.  Richard Cohen: Bush tough only with CBS, not his cabinet.

Click.  William O'Rourke: Feigned ignorance is strength.

The final collapse of the case against Captain Yee

Click.  Stardom: Return of The World's Most Hated Website.

How CBS' Big Story Fell Apart

Wilbert Rideau: From Gin Joint Thug to Honored Prison Journalist and Now Freedom

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, The Supper at Emmaus, 1622–23  Enlarge

From Grand Jury Leaks Comes a Clash of Rights

Courtney Love regains custody of her daughter

Click.  Susan Schwartz: "Boomer women, especially those with bag lady fears, have a huge stake in what happens to Social Security."

Protests Over Welfare Cuts Snarl St. Petersburg for Second Day, as the Movement Among Russia's Elderly Spreads Across the Nation

On Issues or Travel, New Term Offers Laura Bush a Chance to Wander off the Beaten Path

Rocklin, California: 4,000 years of American Indian life

Oakdale California historian digging up past

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Persistence pays off with restoration of Santa Rosa Creek.

Running with the Hemingways

The sun also rises over Hemingway house feud

Shakespeare May Have Suffered From Syphilis

Spokane's gays seek own district

A boost for the world's smallest rabbit

January 15, 2005

Click.   Biowar terror game shows lack of readiness.

Click.  Graner says he was ordered to abuse prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Tom Ridge: U.S. should not rule out torture.

Click.  White House downplays interrogation rules story.

Click.  Don Lattin: Rage turns to vengeance against the "Family" cult. Anguished ex-cult member decried years of abuse before killing 'molester' and himself.

Antoine Watteau: Couple seated on the ground. Enlarge

Click. The 19-year-old Marine who gunned down two police officers in Ceres, California, was a Norteño gang member who plotted a deadly attack on police, not a veteran suffering the stress of war, investigators said Friday. Click.  Probe finds double life's dark side. Click.  Police and military investigators say one thing, Andres Raya's family says another.

Click.  Over the objections of many of its own employees, the Social Security Administration is gearing up for a major effort to back Bush's privatization plan.

Click.  Chavez cuts ties with Colombia after Colombia's abduction of a FARC leader within Venezuela's jurisdiction.

Click.  James Petras: The kidnapping of a revolutionary.

Click.  Heart of old Baghdad giving out.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Flying carpet airlines. My return to Baghdad.

Click.  Juan Cole: "Absolutely"?

Click.  BBC: The power of nightmares.

Documents Show FBI Pursued Widespread Probe of Leaker in Gotti Case

Click.  Tom Barry: Robert Zoellick, a "Bush Family Man".

Judge Sues Boston Herald Reporter for Libel Over Comment Allegedly Made About Rape Victim

Click.  Greg Haidl's latest doctor says the gang-rape suspect desperately needs counseling...and
a hug.

Peanuts Rival Fruit As Source Of Health-promoting Antioxidants, Researchers Say

University Of Chicago Researchers Discovered That Human Beings  Are A "Privileged" Evolutionary Lineage

Stem Cell Therapy For Ailing Hearts

Click.  Tinker, Gadfly, Soldier, Spy. Meet the man whom Emeryville has spent almost three decades trying to make just go away.

Click. Robert Gammon: The East Bay sniper is still free. At least, so say some of the people who jailed the wrong man.  (Sheriff Plummer vs. CHP's top guys.)

January 14, 2004

Click.  Roland Flamini: Analysis: There will be no observers at the Iraq elections.

Click.  Eli Lake: Amid talk of withdrawal, Pentagon is taking steps for longer stay in Iraq.

Click.  Iraq now training ground for terrorists, CIA says.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Fear and voting in Baghdad.

Click.  Bryon Bender: War's "hidden cost" called heavy.

Click.  Eric Lichtblau: FBI may scrap overhaul of its outdated computer system.

Click.  The FBI is keeping records of millions of travelers who flew in the months before 9/11.

Click.  Daniel Weintraub: Cyborg budgeting: Governor Schwarzenegger wants remote control.

Click.  Whistleblower charges Justice Department with misconduct in Chertoff's prosecution
of John Walker Lindh.

Click.  11 U.S. coastal cities are ready for a Tsunami.

January 12, 2005

Click.  Researchers have made an unexpectedly sudden advance in synthesizing long molecules of DNA, bringing
them closer to the goal of redesigning genes and programming cells.

Click.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is essentially staging the first constitutional convention in 126 years with a special election to revamp the jumbled California Constitution his way.

Click.  Staff "purge" at U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the principal protector of federal whistle blowers.

Click.  Greg Palast: CBS cowardice and conflicts behind purge.

Click.  Ridgeway, Duarte: Big bad Michael Chertoff.

Click.  Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads U.S. Secret Service email.

Click.  Armed combat robots headed for Iraq.

Click.  Air Force official says his service suffers from leadership vacuum.

Click.  Miami-Dade grand jury proposes expanded use of Taser stun guns.

Click.  Matt Smith: Huge unfolding American corporate scandal  so massive it compares with WorldCom, Global Crossing, and other high-profile corporate frauds in terms of scope, complexity, and amount of money involved.

Click.  Teens may be charged with hate crime for attacking Satanist.

January 11, 2005

Click.   Robert Scheer:  Is Al Qaeda just a Bush boogeyman?

Click.   Marie Cocco: Democrats' fury, and values, go AWOL.

Click.   Robert Parry: Bush's "death squads".

Click.   No way to run a war on terror says female CIA agent who has just resigned.

Click.   Chilling tragedy in Ceres, California, leaves questions for the military.

Click.   Schwarzenegger proposes "giant" changes in California's Medi-Cal program.

Click.   Benedict Carey:  The secret lives of just about everybody.

January 10, 2005

Click.  From behind the scenes Dina Powell recruits Bush's team.

Click.  Junior officers weren’t prepared for Iraq. So they’re training each other—online

Click.  Arrogance of power in Los Angeles.

Click.  20th January 1607. Giant wave rips through Wales.

Click.  Halliburton wins a contract in Iran.

by Kathryn Joanne Dixon

January 9, 2004

Click.  Michael Hirsh, John Barry: Pentagon may put Special-Forces-led assassination or kidnapping teams in Iraq.

Click.  Let Bin Laden stay free, says CIA man.

Click.  Afghan government weighing amnesty for wealthy drug traffickers, officials say.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger's budget will hurt many.

Click.  Eileen McNamara: Flunking the swab test.

Click.  Review of the book "The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln."

Jacopo Tintoretto: Christ at the Sea of Galilee Enlarge

Click.  Fight to preserve Civil War battlefields continues.

Click.  Tokyo firm plans underground farm.

Click.  She has a way with Shakespeare.

January 8, 2004

Click. Stardom: Portuguese Procedure. STEM CELL Operations.

Click. Eugene Bingham: Tsunami bomb New Zealand's devastating war secret.

Click. Eugene Bingham: Devastating tsunami bomb viable, say experts.

Click. Fitrakis, Rosenfeld & Wasserman: Together, we moved three mountains.

Click. Chuck Zlatkin: It almost looked real.

Click. Gene Vitamanti: So what are Bush's values. (Fate of allowing shareholders to nominate directors for corporate boards.)

Click. Daniel Sokol: Culture proves a critical factor in epidemics.

Click. Jerry Mitchell: Killen pleads not guilty in civil rights killings.

Venezuela Considers Seizure of British-Owned Ranch as Part of Land Reform

Lasers Are Regulated, but Powerful Versions Are Available Online

Paying Ex-Weapons Scientists to Resist Temptation, U.S. Squirrel Expert Is Unlikely Patron in Iraq

Frederic Remington: Indian scouts in the moonlight. Enlarge

AP Interview: Gingrich Criticizes Bush, Open to Presidential Run

Prosecutors Offer Deal to Accused Former Guantanamo Translator in Latest Spy Case to Fall Apart

Click. India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on.

Click. Notorious heron patched up, but still unlikely to fly straight.

January 7, 2004

Click.  CIA report slams top officials over terrorism readiness.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Gonzales and the torture cult.

Click.  Brian J. Foley: Supporting torture is not Gonzales' greatest sin.

Click.  Jack Shafer: The CIA and the Riggs bank.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Why our embedding reporters don't tell all.

Click.  Frank Rich: For real war on terror, turn to fiction.

January 6, 2004

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Forget Iraq and South Asia, it's party time.

Click.  An estimating system that Halliburton Co. subsidiary KBR uses to calculate costs for supporting U.S. troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan has won approval from the Pentagon's contract-management agency.

Click.  Saul Landau: Sex in the country.

Click.  The Patriot Act could turn an innocuous trip to the bank or chat with a financial planner into
a Treasury Department probe of personal financial accounts.

Click.  Prosecutors told a judge today that an alleged victim of defrocked priest Paul Shanley might refuse to testify if he's publicly identified during the upcoming sexual abuse trial.

Click.  Marjie Lundstrom: Time for Governor Schwarzenegger, the child's advocate to step up.

January 5, 2004

Click.  Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio. Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. Executive Summary.  Wednesday January 5, 2005.

Click.  Richard Cohen: George Orwell's nominee for Attorney General.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: They say they can lock you up for life without a trial.

Click.  William Pfaff:  On all sides, the fanatics had a good year.

Click.  Dubious purge at the CIA.

Click.  Jim Hightower: Costco is different...and that really POs Wall Street.

Click.  The criminal case against defrocked priest Paul R. Shanley, perhaps the most notorious of all Catholic clergy involved in the sexual abuse scandal, will soon hinge only on the allegations of a single accuser.

January 4, 2005

Click.  Seyed Shahzad: Al Qaeda's unfinished work.

Click.  Justice Scalia: Church-state separation didn't protect Jews in Holocaust

Click.  Robert Scheer: Backing Gonzales is backing torture.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Stopping the bum's rush.

Click.  Robert Fisk: A mire of death, lies and atrocities.

Click.  Robert Parry: On January 6th, will John Kerry report for duty?

Click.  Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ken Lay would love Social Security privatization.

Click.  Stardom: The Poorest Country in the EU Offers UNIQUE Disaster Relief.

Click.  Godel and Einstein, friendship and relativity.

January 3, 2004

Click.  The US and Australia have made the humanitarian challenge in the tsunami disaster zone a security priority and plan to pour billions of dollars into the region to stop it turning into a breeding ground for Islamic radicalism and terrorism.

Click.   America urged to devise "Marshal Plan" for Asia.

Click.  The Indian Ocean provides major sea routes connecting Middle East, Africa, and East Asia with Europe and the Americas. It carries heavy traffic of petroleum from the oilfields of the Persian Gulf and Indonesia. Large reserves of hydrocarbons are being tapped in the offshore areas of Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, and western Australia. An estimated 40% of the world's offshore oil production comes from the Indian Ocean. Beach sands are rich in heavy minerals.  Thanks for this link to site:

Click.  Leonard David: Anatomy of a spy satellite.

Click.  John J. Lumpkin: For the first time in 30 years, a large part of American society (1 million) will have acquired combat experience.

Click.  Benjamin Soskis: It's time to start thinking about how we might grant legal rights to computers.

Click.  Judge Alex Kozinski:  The appearance of propriety.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: Brush up on your Solzhenitsyn.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Today's Conservatives are Fascists.

January 2, 2005

U.S. prepares long-term plan for jailing of terror suspects. More permanent approach sought for indefinite detainment

US intelligence shake-up meets growing criticism

Helen Thomas: Don't expect miracles in the second term

Stardom: PAYPAL Donaters: BEWARE of PHISHING and Other Traps

Oscar Edmund Berninghaus, The Faithful Ponies, Enlarge

This is the Chinese century

Click.  Nashua Advocate: Washington State Republican Party inadvertently backs position of Ohio contestors, calls for certification challenge and re-vote.

The world of Christopher Marlowe, a brawler and a spy

Firm matches Icelanders' genetic makeup with region they come from. Test tracking ancestry to island's geography is part of effort to unravel human diseases

Researchers in Mexico offer ideas about religion, evolution. Oaxaca Valley proves fruitful for archaeologists

January 1, 2005

Click.  Top 10 war profiteers of 2004. (You know it's bad when Halliburton is Number 7.)

Click.  In the middle of Iraq, it's gaming, gaming, gaming for the American military.

Click.  Kimberly Hefling: Army medics are getting more intensive training as Iraqi insurgents turn up the pressure.

Click.  After the Tsunami -- watch out for something big and military to happen in Asia.

Click.  Michel Chossudovsky: The ultimate weapon of mass destruction: "Owning the weather" for military use.

Click.  Susan Mazur: Unspooking Frank Carlucci.

Click.  What is the Associated Press hiding about the Ohio election?
George Bellows: Love of Winter

Click.  Masden: End of the year update on the voter fraud investigation.

Click.  The California Youth Authority goes to reform school.

Click.  Gustavo Arellano: Boy-buggering Bingo! 10 unlikely winners and losers in the Orange Diocese sodomy sweepstakes.

Click.  California court rules that the Los Angeles City Council must listen to people.

Click.  Judge in Spokane Washington says pregnant woman can't divorce.

Click.  R. Scott Moxley:  How the son of an Orange County assistant sheriff manipulated the courts and the law.

Click.  Gary Webb: The Crack-Up. What the CIA knew about the drug trade in its own words.

December 31, 2004

Click.  Gordon Prather: Bay of Pigs redux in Iran?

Click.  Stardom: God Didn't Do It, Dammit!

Click.  Michel Chossudovsky: Foreknowledge of a natural disaster: Washington was aware that a deadly tidal wave was building up on the Indian Ocean.

Click.  Why weren't CNN and BBC used more to warn of the Tsunami?

Click.  Tsunami relief as a subterfuge? The Pentagon scrambles to reenter its old Thai Air Base.


Click.  Ready for election fraud protests? "The Marines will take over parts of downtown Toledo, Ohio as sounds of gunfire will echo off buildings when training exercises are conducted next weekend."

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  Robert Parry:  A "long war" against whom?

Click.  Justin Raimondo: The great crime spree of 2004.

Click.  Homeland Security's money-laundering rules may put small businesses under.

Click.  Unintelligent design.

Click.  California Attorney General's office warns a developer that if he doesn't drop a racketeering suit against foes of a proposed luxury condo project at the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest, the state will take up the matter with the judge.

Click.  Susan Sontag: Looking at war.

Click.  D.H. Lawrence: Auld Lang Syne Rynm

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, The Dance Enlarge

December 30, 2004

Click.  A. Q. Khan's secrets.

Click.  Blog from soldier on patrol in Mosul.

Click.  The end of meritocracy in America?

Click.  Technical hurdles separate terrorists from biowarfare.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: George Bush has purged the last of his father's senior advisers, handing over control to his neocon allies.

Click.  Bush dynasty premiers Jeb Bush (next President?) in his world-leader debut by sending him with Secretary of State Powell, to survey the Tsnunami damage in Asia.

Click.  No good choices.

1955 - 2004  RIP

The questions it raised, The questions it answered


Researchers, writers and readers at work.
by Virginia McCullough

Click.  Victor Flores Olea: A Bush USA assumes a "divine" right to rule. And that means trouble.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  William Rivers Pitt:  Rep. Conyers to object to Ohio electors, requests Senate allies.

Click.  "Mrs. Clinton’s network is broad and largely female, packed with some of the nation’s most experienced political operatives and spanning cities, generations and ethnic groups."

Click.  Arianna Huffington:  In these cases better to forget than forgive.

Click.  Justin Nyberg:  California gay partners receive legal responsibilities under domestic partners law.

Click.  Ready, aim, slaughter wild horses and burros.

Click.  Forget OPEC! The next cartel may export drinking water.

Click.  University of California Davis team predicted Tsunami quake.

Click.  Ray Bilger:  Human engineered earthquakes.

December 29, 2004


Click.  PG&E will search storage pool in Eureka to try to find its four pounds of missing radioactive fuel rods.

Click.  John Nichols: Rule one: Count every vote.

Click.  Clarence Page: Bush's lump of coal for students.

Click.  Juan Cole: Where's Bush?

Click.  Charles A. Krohn: In Iraq, echoes of another offensive -- Tet.

Click.  Here are the photos, the basis of the six Navy SEAL's lawsuit vs. the Associated Press.

Click.  Joseph Dolman: It's payback time, baby!  Tax plan would send blue states into the red.

Click.  Fisk: In this mire of death, lies and atrocities, we glimpse the ghost of Vietnam.

Click. PDF FILE  In Moss v. Bush, Judge Moyer denies the emergency motion to preserve evidence of vote fraud on pleading technicalities regarding the affidavits and exhibits in support of the motion. 

Click.   Judge Moyer refuses to recuse himself.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  Political strategist Fertik issues stirring appeal: An Open Letter to Senator Kerry on Irregularities, Fraud, and Conspiracies.


Click.  Ancient roots of elitism.


First Andes civilization explored

                                       The questions it raised,
                                       The questions it answered
                                                                        Click. by Virginia McCullough

(Note: The picture used as a banner for the Gary Webb article is Chapel Perilous by Anonymous.)

Click. Gary Webb's Last Story: The Killing Game by Ellen Komp

1955 - 2004  RIP

Click. by Virginia McCullough

Click.  David Lazarus: Where is that darn uranium?


Click. Minutes after a massive earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean on Sunday, scientists knew that a tsunami would likely follow. But they didn't know whom to tell.

"Tsunami warning was stopped". Source: Expressen (Swedish online newspaper)

Just minutes after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean on Sunday morning, Thailand's foremost meteorological experts were sitting together in a crisis meeting. But they decided not to warn about the tsunami "out of courtesy to the tourist                   Herri Met de Bles. St. John on Patmos. c. 1535-50. Enlarge
industry", write the Thailand daily newspaper The Nation.

The experts got the news around 8:00 am on Sunday morning local time. An hour later, the first massive wave struck. But the experts started to discuss the economic impacts when they were discussing if a tsunami warning should be made. The main argument against such a warning was that there have not been any floods in 300 years. Also, the experts believed the Indonesian island Sumatra would be a "cushion" for the southern coast of Thailand. The experts also had bad information; they thought the tremor was 8.1. A similar earthquake occurred in the same area in 2002 with no flooding at all.

We finally decided not to do anything because the tourist season was in full swing. The hotels were 100% booked full. What if we issued a warning, which would have led to an evacuation, and nothing had happened. What would be the outcome? The tourist industry would be immediately hurt. Our department would not be able to endure a lawsuit...

Source: Expressen (Swedish online newspaper), Date: Dec. 28, 2004 Translated by: Cliss

Click.  Juan Cole: Bin Laden "shoots himself in the foot".

Click.  Ex-official tells of homeland security failures.

Click.  Nashua Advocate:  President Bush to be subpoenaed;  Blackwell tries to avoid sworn testimony;  Over a dozen members of Congress to challenge election.

Click.  Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman:  Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray.

Click.  Bill Berkowitz:  Running amuck as head of the Office of Special Counsel, Scott Bloch is charged with assembling his own "palace guard".

Click.  Russian biochip marks revolutionary breakthrough in medical diagnostics.

Click.  How Robert Spitzer and the DSM redefined mental illness.

Click.  Midwestern towns are offering free land to newcomers.

Click.  Why there's no escaping the blog.

Click.  Blog from Southeast Asia for Tsunami information and aid.

Herri Met de Bles. St. John on Patmos. c. 1535-50. Enlarge

December 27, 2004

Click.  U.S. Mortuary Affairs Unit catalogues the dead just yards from Marines on Fallujah battlefields

Click.  Bob Herbert: "Among the ideas cited by Defense Department officials is the idea of 'fighting for intelligence,' or commencing combat operations chiefly to obtain intelligence."

Click.  Pat Buchanan: "Staying the course" won't do.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Who will take responsibility for torture?

Click.  Secret "rendition" via CIA's secret jet exposed.

Click.  Dr. Thomas P. M. Barnett and Dr. Henry H. Gaffney Jr.:  Top 100 rules of the new American way of war.

Jean-Désiré-Gustave Courbet, Young Women from the Village, 1852 Enlarge

Click.  Nashua Advocate on vote fraud: Ten earth-shaking headlines.

Click.  Keith Olbermann on Kerry and the Ohio election fraud.

Click.  We know what Gov. Schwarzenegger talks about -- but not with whom.

Click.  "It's almost like you've got be a lawyer now to develop software."

Click.  Rumsfeld says 9/11 plane shot down in Pennsylvania.

Click.  Leonard Pitts:  Most believe what they want to believe.

Click.  Van Gogh at Etten (Flash).

December 26, 2004

A harrowing drive down deadly route. Convoy gets dreaded mission on holiday

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

London Times: Army moles aided suicide bomber

AP Interview: Top Iraqi General Says Mosul Suicide Bomber Was Not National Guard; New Video Shows Militants Describing the Attack

As nuclear secrets emerge in Khan inquiry, more are suspected

CIA removing documents from National Archives

MI6 to be overhauled after Iraq fiasco + Egypt trains MI6 agents to combat Islamic terrorists

George Caleb Bingham, Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, 1845 Enlarge

Revealed: UK's secret terrorism agency for Armageddon

"Dad's Army" runs rings around CIA stealth satellites

Castro announces crude oil discovery

Governors Unite in Fight Against Medicaid Cuts

William O'Rourke: Bush's second term is a great gift to the fat cats

Elaine Cassel: Merry Bleepin' Christmas. Articles I didn't write

Gary Leupp: Rumsfeld, His Critics and the Draft

Click. Nashua Advocate: A smoking gun? Republican operatives in Florida made sudden decision to avoid poll challenges; Were they instructed to hold off?

Click. Madsen: Dominionist Religious Cult Behind Nationwide Election Fraud.

Loophole boosts biotech profits

Oakland: Helping men fight for work one day at a time

Low disability payments to America's war veterans go back 70 years

A bipolar diagnosis delayed, a childhood lost. Illness may explain suicide risk in kids on antidepressants

College curricula link computer game design, humanities. Future game wizards will know Macbeth as well as Quake

The "Freight Train Riders of America" -- Murder on the Rails

December 25, 2004

Army Doctor describes mass chaos at Mosul Hospital

Mosul attack "an inside job"

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Soldiers eat Christmas dinner in full body armor

Pakistan lays down the agenda for the US

If Terrorists Are Planning, They Ain't Talking

Kerry preparing grounds to un-concede

Bush said to be seriously ill

Catherine Watson: Calling the dead

Jonea Rogers wants to see her daughter while Marin D.A. Paula Kamena prosecutes her for kidnap

Los Angeles Police Department is experimenting with facial recognition software

Questions about Sacramento jail inmate's death by Taser gun

Stem-cell panel will begin work in Los Angeles

California Democrats Weigh Propositions to to Bypass Governor

Huygens probe unleashed on Titan

Geza Vermes: When you strip away all the pious fiction, what is left of the real Jesus?

Followers of Zoroaster share faith of 3 wise men at national convention in San Jose

Whiskers on wheels. Cat-filled bus prowls town

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Joseph with Infant Christ. 1665-1666 Enlarge

December 24, 2004

Click. US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria.

Click. Washington Post: War Crimes.

Kharazi in a sudden visit to Damascus, Beirut and Ankara. Civil war in Iraq discussed

Click. The Black Commentator: No holiday for vote thieves.

Click. Nashua staff: As the year ends, a retrospective on what we've learned so far about if/how an election was stolen, and how it was/not reported.

Click. Keith Olbermann: Challenges and the challenged.

Jackson says Kerry conceded too soon

Hillary is running

Georges de La Tour, L'Adoration des Bergers

Drug alerts hinder studies

Jim Macgregor: Neo-fascism in America

Click. Giles Fraser: Empires prefer a baby and the cross to the adult Jesus.

December 23, 2004

Click.  Today Kerry enters the Ohio recount fray.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Christmas Eve of destruction.

Click.  Daniel Sneider: Bush buys Potemkin oil auction.

Click.  David Corn: Six Bush scandals to come.

Click. Steve Bell cartoon: Christmas n Iraq.

Click.  Scientist says 1,300-foot-long asteroid could hit Earth in 2029.

Click.   Jan Sturmann: The prophets and preachers of old still stalk the streets of San Francisco.

Click.  The Amazons fought in Britain.

Victor Vasnetsov. Three Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom Enlarge

December 22, 2004

Scapegoating Rumsfeld: Patrick J. Buchanan

Laurence M. Vance: Gott Mit Uns

Click. Adam Baum: I once thought working for the Transportation Security Administration was serious business. I didn't have a clue.

Peter Schrag: What the feds owe California - and we won't get

David Lazarus: New way to make you pay

Silicon Valley's Voodoo Priestess is slammed for bankruptcy fraud

Lucy Kosimar: Take The Money And Run Offshore

Mack White on the marketing of dictatorship

John Singleton Copley, The Red Cross Knight Enlarge

Media won't release exit poll information

First Andes civilization explored

December 21, 2004

                                       The questions it raised,
                                       The questions it answered
                                                                        Click. by Virginia McCullough

(Note: The picture used as a banner for the Gary Webb article is Chapel Perilous by Anonymous.)

Attack on US troops is worst yet + Carnage in the canteen + Attack on US Base Kills 13 GIs, 9 Others

White House Threatens Sanctions on Syria

Hussein's Lawyer Aims for Bush

The end of retirement

Drug Imports Can Be Safe or Cheap, Not Both, Government Report Says

The delusional is no longer marginal

Stardom: A Royal PAIN

Laci's image belied peril, a syndrome all too typical

Solitary whale wanders seas, calling, calling, to no avail

December 20, 2004

Click.  Mystery bidder enters Russian oil giant's fray. More from Pravda + More from Financial Times + Asia Times

Click.  Stem cells use inflammatory signals to find injured tissue.

Click.  Justice Department lawyer laid groundwork for the Iraq invasion long before it was discussed publicly by the White House.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Syrian evildoers, here we come.

Click.  EUCOM tests the softer preemptive methods of 'effects-based warfare'

Click.  James Heddle: Vote fraud: Only chumps keep on playing in a rigged game.

Click.  The Air Force version of Enron.

Click.  How about not curing us, some autistics are pleading.

Click.  GuruNet or Google?

Click.  John Lennon and Yoko Ono, New York in the '70s.

December 18, 2004

Click. Gary Webb's Last Story: The Killing Game by Ellen Komp

American forces lose control of Mosul

27 million in US to see tax bill rise

Cannonfire on vote fraud

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Click.  Lynn Woolsey: Supporting our troops? The defense secretary we have.

Firms block gays’ benefits, cite US law

Judge rules out lost Washington votes

Contra Costa County: The verdict for Helzer is 5 death sentences.  Defense argument of mental illness rejected by jury

Governor Schwarzenegger sets sights on voting act funds and considers taking power from Shelley

ACLU data collection methods lead to charges of hypocrisy. Some members of board say group's values are betrayed

Click.  J. Russell Tyldesley: The real goal of "tort reform".

Click.  Helen Thomas: Insurgents hate our policies, not our freedoms.

1955 - 2004  RIP

Click. by Virginia McCullough

Proposition 71 financier debuts as chairman of stem cell panel.  A  29-member board is sworn in; a biotech executive is the vice chair + Profiles of the patient advocates

Chile's arrest of Pinochet and the "Condor" killers in the US

Unlucky in love, a gorilla returns home to San Francisco and high hopes he'll bond with the zoo's females

December 17, 2004

Click.  David Lazarus: Where is that darn uranium?

Click.  Paul Krugman: Buying into failure.

Click.  Mike Nartker: One-Fifth of Russian Scientists Surveyed Would Consider Working in Rogue States.

Click.  Francisco Letelier: My case against Pinochet.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Neocons in bed with terrorists over Iran?

Click.  B. Raman: Bin Laden. An open letter.

Click.  Is George Bush too religious?

Click.  Megan's Law Web site raises safety issue for schools.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  Nashua Advocate on vote fraud.

Click.  Congressman Feeney implicated in vote fraud.
Ian Kramskoy, Bee-Keeper Enlarge

Click.  Sen. Robert Byrd's Senate speech against the hastily enacted intelligence reform bill the president signed today.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Fiddling as Iraq burns.

Click.  A conversation with Larry Kramer about the current state of gay activism. 'You Can Never Not Fight Back!'

Click.  Stem cell researcher makes paralyzed rats walk.

Click.  The polymeal, a recipe for a long life. More

December 16, 2004

Good ol' boy security

Bush Says Social Security Change Shows Effort to Manage Budget Deficits

Purported Bin Laden Tape Condemns Saudi Rulers, Praises Attack in Jeddah

Click. Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's slash and smear campaign is trying to bring all disparate elements under US control.

Tennessee Reporter in Rumsfeld Flap Files Embed Report from Iraq

Pepe Escobar: Evildoers, here we come.

Why the general begs to differ

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Privacy is option in new directory for cell phones

California puts Megan's Law list online

an Kramskoy, Bee-Keeper Enlarge

Click. Fitrakis, Rosenfeld & Wasserman: American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio.

Scott Peterson Jury Drama: Jurors discuss deliberations

U.K.'s Highest Court Rules Against Holding Terror Suspects Without Trial

Click. Gerald Baker: Imagine my delight when I received a personal Christmas Round Robin from Laura Bush.

Ellen Goodman: Must gay rights wait for our "comfort"?

(FLASH) Mark Fiore: Rummy's Crummy Tunes

December 15, 2004

Click.  The U.S. failed to control Iraq oil.

Click.  Kaveh L.  Afrasiabi: How Iran will fight back.

Click.  Reuel Marc Gerecht:  Will Iran win the Iraq war?

Click.  Robert Kuttner: Bush will overreach at his peril.

Click.  Pat Buchanan: The Neocons haven't won yet.

Click.  William Hughes: George W. Bush's America: A national nightmare?

Click.  William Rivers Pitt:  Proof of Ohio election fraud exposed.

Click.  Ohio recount: Ballot after ballot examined in hushed room as campaigns watch.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  China's controversial "miracle" doctor.

Click.  Faith-based groups get Food Stamp grants.

Click.  Jerry Fallwell launches 4-year "Operation Christian Vote" to mobilize 10 million new evangelical voters for the 2006 and 2008 general elections.

December 14, 2004

Click.  U.S. goes back to source of nuclear proliferation, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, in order to prove Iran has nukes.

Click.  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Florida death row inmate should not automatically get a new trial because his lawyer conceded the man's guilt without his consent.

Click.  The government's chief of AIDS research rewrote a safety report on a U.S.-funded drug study to change its conclusions and delete negative information. Later, he ordered the research resumed over the objections of his staff, documents show.

Click.  Rutgers claims a drug kills HIV. More

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: What they don't tell you on Social Security reform.

Click.  The new world's A to Z, courtesy of Google.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  News: Election 2004: The Advocate Attempts To Keep Up; Currently Too Many Election Fraud Stories to Track -- None Being Covered By Mainstream Media

Click.  Paul Krassner: You never forget your first death threat.

Click.  The Scott Peterson case: An American tragedy.

Click. T-Rays.

Click.  Dig at Petaluma's Old Adobe offers new view of the past.

Click.  Hitler's ghost.  Can a Nazi retreat be reinvented?

December 13, 2004

Click. Six reservists, including two veteran officers who had received Bronze Stars, were court-martialed for what soldiers have been doing as long as there have been wars--scrounging to get what their outfit needed to do its job in Iraq.

Feith: Can't Rule Out US Action Against Iran

Hospital patents DNA probes

Cannonfire on vote fraud

Smoking gun of election fraud is in Ken Blackwell's hand

Text of Kerry's letter on the recount in Ohio

ElBaradei in Washington's crosshairs

Rumsfeld to scrap German visit if there is a prosecution against him

Click.  Replacing the torture-tolerance policy with...nothing in particular

December 11, 2004

Fallujah: The homecoming and the homeless

Click.  Joseph L. Galloway: Truth be told, lies are part of Pentagon strategy.

Click.  Sam Parry: Election 2004's myths and mysteries.

Marjie Lundstrom: San Diego woman learns about Mexican drug law the hard way

Sir Edward Burne-Jones, The Briar Rose - The Prince Enters the Briar Wood Enlarge

Click.  For the first time, federal anti-terror officials are handing out homeland security grants for nonprofit organizations, including places of worship.

Click.  FDA warning sent to Chiron. Regulators want answers on failures at Liverpool plant

Sharp words against Governor Schwarzenegger

Federal judge stops disabled man from continuing to file lawsuits

Feeling "blue".  This ought to cheer you up!

Click. Several women of Afghan origin took the streets in Islamabad on Friday to demand that notorious warlords
and fundamentalists in their country be kept out of the new cabinet in Kabul.

Click.  Norway's Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik has downplayed the political power of a secretive Christian
group he's affiliated with in the US. That may indicate he's not aware of the group's history and the role it's played in world affairs, or that he doesn't want to acknowledge it.

Teens are often hate recruits (Ventura Star free registration)

Mack White comments on the Ohio nightclub shooter and other shooters as MK-ULTRA agents

At Root of Ukraine's Revolution, the Disciplined Crowd

Nuts,' 'The Bulge' and 'Silent Night' - Old Soldier Recalls an Epic Battle

NIAID-Sponsored Clinical Trial Aims To Boost Flu Vaccine Supply

Scientists Align Billion-year-old Protein With Embryonic Heart Defects

December 17, 2004

Click.  David Lazarus: Where is that darn uranium?

Click.  Paul Krugman: Buying into failure.

Click.  Mike Nartker: One-Fifth of Russian Scientists Surveyed Would Consider Working in Rogue States.

Click.  Francisco Letelier: My case against Pinochet.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Neocons in bed with terrorists over Iran?

Click.  B. Raman: Bin Laden. An open letter.

Click.  Is George Bush too religious?

Click.  Megan's Law Web site raises safety issue for schools.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  Nashua Advocate on vote fraud.

Click.  Congressman Feeney implicated in vote fraud.
Ian Kramskoy, Bee-Keeper Enlarge

Click.  Sen. Robert Byrd's Senate speech against the hastily enacted intelligence reform bill the president signed today.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Fiddling as Iraq burns.

Click.  A conversation with Larry Kramer about the current state of gay activism. 'You Can Never Not Fight Back!'

Click.  Stem cell researcher makes paralyzed rats walk.

Click.  The polymeal, a recipe for a long life. More

December 16, 2004

Good ol' boy security

Bush Says Social Security Change Shows Effort to Manage Budget Deficits

Purported Bin Laden Tape Condemns Saudi Rulers, Praises Attack in Jeddah

Click. Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's slash and smear campaign is trying to bring all disparate elements under US control.

Tennessee Reporter in Rumsfeld Flap Files Embed Report from Iraq

Pepe Escobar: Evildoers, here we come.

Why the general begs to differ

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Privacy is option in new directory for cell phones

California puts Megan's Law list online

an Kramskoy, Bee-Keeper Enlarge

Click. Fitrakis, Rosenfeld & Wasserman: American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio.

Scott Peterson Jury Drama: Jurors discuss deliberations

U.K.'s Highest Court Rules Against Holding Terror Suspects Without Trial

Click. Gerald Baker: Imagine my delight when I received a personal Christmas Round Robin from Laura Bush.

Ellen Goodman: Must gay rights wait for our "comfort"?

(FLASH) Mark Fiore: Rummy's Crummy Tunes

December 15, 2004

Click.  The U.S. failed to control Iraq oil.

Click.  Kaveh L.  Afrasiabi: How Iran will fight back.

Click.  Reuel Marc Gerecht:  Will Iran win the Iraq war?

Click.  Robert Kuttner: Bush will overreach at his peril.

Click.  Pat Buchanan: The Neocons haven't won yet.

Click.  William Hughes: George W. Bush's America: A national nightmare?

Click.  William Rivers Pitt:  Proof of Ohio election fraud exposed.

Click.  Ohio recount: Ballot after ballot examined in hushed room as campaigns watch.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  China's controversial "miracle" doctor.

Click.  Faith-based groups get Food Stamp grants.

Click.  Jerry Fallwell launches 4-year "Operation Christian Vote" to mobilize 10 million new evangelical voters for the 2006 and 2008 general elections.

December 14, 2004

Click.  U.S. goes back to source of nuclear proliferation, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, in order to prove Iran has nukes.

Click.  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Florida death row inmate should not automatically get a new trial because his lawyer conceded the man's guilt without his consent.

Click.  The government's chief of AIDS research rewrote a safety report on a U.S.-funded drug study to change its conclusions and delete negative information. Later, he ordered the research resumed over the objections of his staff, documents show.

Click.  Rutgers claims a drug kills HIV. More

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: What they don't tell you on Social Security reform.

Click.  The new world's A to Z, courtesy of Google.

Click.  Cannonfire on vote fraud.

Click.  News: Election 2004: The Advocate Attempts To Keep Up; Currently Too Many Election Fraud Stories to Track -- None Being Covered By Mainstream Media

Click.  Paul Krassner: You never forget your first death threat.

Click.  The Scott Peterson case: An American tragedy.

Click. T-Rays.

Click.  Dig at Petaluma's Old Adobe offers new view of the past.

Click.  Hitler's ghost.  Can a Nazi retreat be reinvented?

December 13, 2004

Click. Six reservists, including two veteran officers who had received Bronze Stars, were court-martialed for what soldiers have been doing as long as there have been wars--scrounging to get what their outfit needed to do its job in Iraq.

Feith: Can't Rule Out US Action Against Iran

Hospital patents DNA probes

Cannonfire on vote fraud

Smoking gun of election fraud is in Ken Blackwell's hand

Text of Kerry's letter on the recount in Ohio

ElBaradei in Washington's crosshairs

Rumsfeld to scrap German visit if there is a prosecution against him

Click.  Replacing the torture-tolerance policy with...nothing in particular

December 11, 2004

Fallujah: The homecoming and the homeless

Click.  Joseph L. Galloway: Truth be told, lies are part of Pentagon strategy.

Click.  Sam Parry: Election 2004's myths and mysteries.

Marjie Lundstrom: San Diego woman learns about Mexican drug law the hard way

Sir Edward Burne-Jones, The Briar Rose - The Prince Enters the Briar Wood Enlarge

Click.  For the first time, federal anti-terror officials are handing out homeland security grants for nonprofit organizations, including places of worship.

Click.  FDA warning sent to Chiron. Regulators want answers on failures at Liverpool plant

Sharp words against Governor Schwarzenegger

Federal judge stops disabled man from continuing to file lawsuits

Feeling "blue".  This ought to cheer you up!

Click. Several women of Afghan origin took the streets in Islamabad on Friday to demand that notorious warlords
and fundamentalists in their country be kept out of the new cabinet in Kabul.

Click.  Norway's Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik has downplayed the political power of a secretive Christian
group he's affiliated with in the US. That may indicate he's not aware of the group's history and the role it's played in world affairs, or that he doesn't want to acknowledge it.

Teens are often hate recruits (Ventura Star free registration)

Mack White comments on the Ohio nightclub shooter and other shooters as MK-ULTRA agents

At Root of Ukraine's Revolution, the Disciplined Crowd

Nuts,' 'The Bulge' and 'Silent Night' - Old Soldier Recalls an Epic Battle

NIAID-Sponsored Clinical Trial Aims To Boost Flu Vaccine Supply

Scientists Align Billion-year-old Protein With Embryonic Heart Defects

December 10, 2004

Click. The intelligence bill includes expanded counterterrorism powers: A presumption against bail, and it allows the FBI to obtain secret surveillance warrants against ''lone wolf" extremists not known to be tied to a specific terrorist group.

Click. Paul Krugman: Borrow, speculate and hope.                                                                      

Russia prepared to bomb terrorists in foreign states

James Bovard: Bush's posse roundup

Click. County coroners throughout California have among them 150 or 160 unidentified children who died in their jurisdictions, and it is a number that is very hard to reduce.

Click. San Mateo County's lead attorney Tom Casey requests that Judge Marta Diaz, Presiding Judge, open all juvenile court proceedings to the public.

Click. How a vengeful ex-lover set the FBI on Don Perata. Click. Who's who in the FBI investigation. Click.
Guess which skill is behind Perata's Senate leadership post?

Click. Dock McNeely, a convicted child molester, was released Thursday from the Placer County jail after a federal judge in Sacramento ruled McNeely didn't get the speedy trial he deserved. It was the second time McNeely was ordered released from jail because authorities didn't move quickly enough on molestation allegations against him.

Google Suggest

Months After the Start of Gay Marriage, the Divorces Begin

December 9, 2004

David Hackworth: Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Lost in a masquerade.

Mystery Spy Program Draws Heat

U.S. tied over nuclear kingpin

Benjamin: Homeless Vets

Cannonfire on vote fraud

Senator Byrd: Politics Surround Intelligence Reform

Click.  US plans permanent incarceration facility at Guantánamo--How long until US suspects are sent there?

Click. Army officials barred Denver Post reporters from Fort Carson because the newspaper published an
article (Click.) about soldiers unhappy with their health care.

Click.  President Bush wants 'pro-homosexual' drama banned. Gary Taylor meets the politician in charge of making it happen.

Halliburton Work in Iraq Tops More Than $10 Billion

Texas man executed on disproved forensics

Singapore: A Candy Store for Scientists

December 8, 2004

Nat Hentoff: Torture and death: Alberto Gonzales' record as assistant chief executioner under Bush in Texas

U.S. buys flu shots not approved here

William River Pitt's blog on the Conyers hearings on vote fraud in Ohio

Click. Mack White: Look at him in his new Dictator Duds (tan military jacket and epaulets!) addressing the troops in Camp Pendleton. Scary, ain't it?

Bank fuses faith and finance

Honeywell's secret five-year globalization plan exposed

Women's war. How systematic rape has become a weapon of modern conflict

Click.  Dignidad Colony in Chile once hosted torture and pedophilia now hosts golf and picnics.

She truly deserved to win the lottery

December 7, 2004

Two CIA reports offer warnings on Iraq's path

Thomas Powers: Secret intelligence and the war on terror

McCain slams Iraq policy, won't endorse Rumsfeld's reappointment

Putin's push for a strategic triangle

Dutch to Prosecute Man for Allegedly Supplying Saddam Hussein With Lethal Chemicals

Click. Paul Krugman: Inventing a Social Security crisis.

Boyd Becomes the Leading Democrat to Endorse Bush Plan for Social Security                

Mary Cassatt: The Boating Party Enlarge

Cannonfire on election fraud

Site bars Black Box voting head Bev Harris

Time for recount proves elusive, even illusory

Clinton Curtis affidavit in support of finding vote fraud

John T. Flynn: The final secret of Pearl Harbor

Blue Cross targets young invincibles

White Muslim

Several Thousand Soldiers, Museum Tanks Re-Enact Crucial World War II Battle Outside Moscow

December 6, 2004

Deal reached in intelligence reform

Click. Army spun tale around ill-fated mission of Pat Tillman.

Did the Pentagon Lie In Reports on Death of Pat Tillman?

Click.   Israel's new road plans condemned as "apartheid".

Click. Wayne Madsen: Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software.

Click. Woody Allen: Working for the Mouse. Inside the Disney trial.

Click. Joanne Acocella: What were the Crusades really about?

Click. Prince Neil Bush strikes again!

Vincent Van Gogh, The Olive Orchard
Enlarge & commentary

Click.  All the Binladen's living in the United States were granted Saudi diplomatic passports in 1996.

Click.  Cabeza de Vaca, from Conquistador to spiritualist.

December 5, 2004

Returning Fallujans will face clampdown

In the kill zone. The unnecessary death of Pat Tillman

Juan Cole reports on Iraq war

Front man for a police state. Bernard Kerik to head US Homeland Security Department

Click.  Chris Floyd: 'Client state: Voluntary servitude in Bush's America'

Cannonfire update on vote fraud

Click. Jason Vest: Politicized espionage. Insiders fear that changeovers at the CIA will weaken the agency

Click.   Jack Kelly:  Spies should spy.  Fighters should fight.

Alexander Ivanov. The Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene Enlarge

Canada to investigate how security uniforms and badges disappeared from airports across the country

Blue-State Pension Funds Act to Balance GOP Control in Washington

Stepfather of Woman Who Killed Baby by Severing Her Arms Criticizes Pastor's Influence

The Truman Capote Show

French wine elite furious at surprise cinema hit

Honey 'could help fight cancer'

Native plants get some helping hands

Meika Loe: The lure of sex drugs for women

December 4, 2004

Click.  Fallujah residents to be "Americanized".

Ed Asner & Burt Hall: The 9/11 catastrophe -- a dereliction of duty by our Commander-in-Chief

Naomi Klein: Eliminating those who dare to count the dead

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Politicize the CIA? You've Got to be Kidding

It was a long way to the top for Nevada's dominant politician Harry Reid

Mission to Mandate Teaching of Constitution Inserted Into Bill

Naval Post Graduate School team builds plan for expeditionary forces

Pinochet to stand trial over 1974 murder

Judge: Commander of U.S. Prisons in Iraq Must Testify About Abu Ghraib

Germany Offers Unemployed Workers Jobs at $1.99 per hour

Future of student films
                                                                                                                                                                                   Cornelis de Man, The Chess Players

Colombia Prepares to Extradite Most Notorious Drug Kingpin Ever to Face U.S. Justice

Chinese PC maker looks to buy IBM's PC business

What lies beneath Rancho Murietta?

Phoenician legacy

December 3, 2004

Click. Ellis Henican: Kerik nomination is a ticking time bomb.

Click. From Bush aide, a warning that Social Security benefits will be reduced

Click. An attempt by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, to add language to the omnibus spending bill in Congress to require parental consent for any mental-health screening done to children with federal money has failed.

Army Wages War on Modern Menaces

Bush all talk in terror war

U.S. OKs Evidence Gained Through Torture

Molly Ivins: Is this American?

The diary of Josef Mengele, Angel of Death shows no regrets                                                 

Utagawa Kunisada, Snow, 1831 Japanese, (1786-1864) Enlarge

FDA to Explain Its Treatment of Whistleblower

Click.  Influence peddling in California is as easy as dialing the private number that has been used by legislators, aides to the governor, Capitol employees and their families to reserve luxury box seats at Arco Arena — courtesy of BP, one of the world's largest oil companies.

What Do You Say to an Extraterrestrial?

December 2, 2004

Click. Interview: Unembedded journalist Dahr Jamail on what is really going on in Iraq.

Click. An eyewitness account of how the 2004 election was stolen.

Cannonfire on election fraud

Wayne Madsen: Votergate, more details emerge

Whistleblower crackdown spreads

Senator Dayton's requests to go to Iraq are denied

Kenneth Starr says he shouldn't have been involved in Lewinsky case

Edmund Henry Osthous, On Point Enlarge

Will Rumsfeld be tried?

Alpo in the golden years

Click. Court removes foster teen from woman's home because she uses medical marijuana.

Kenneth Starr says he shouldn't have been involved in Lewinsky case

Macabre! Iraq adopts color coded terror alert system!

Even Minimal, Undetected Hearing Loss Hurts Academic Performance

Click. Why a Bay Area microbiologist turned to the New Age art of building labyrinths.

Anniversary of Altamont Rock Fest

December 1, 2004

Confidential Report Alerted Some U.S. Commanders in Iraq to Prison Abuse in December 2003

Rumsfeld sued for war crimes over Abu Ghraib

Click. Battle over use of deceit: Information tactics debated in Pentagon

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Molly Ivins: How things work in Texas

Click. Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis: Will the Democrats stand and fight in Ohio?

Bush approves $10 million to rescue California missions. Foes say they will sue to stop taxpayer support for religion

Bush: California Pacific salmon and steelhead habitats face cuts of up to 80%

California is failing to audit Indian tribes' gambling casinos                      

Raphael, Knight's Dream

Janet Reno reminds Oakland, California to laugh a little

Stardom: BARROSO'S BOY BOOTED: New Elections In Portugal

Breast Exams at the Airport: Do the New Security Measures Go Too Far?

A Kennedy Plans a Tag Sale, So Sotheby's Expects a Crowd

China Hurries to Animate Its Film Industry

China is blocking the Google news site

CBS and NBC won't air United Church of Christ ad that says it welcomes all people regardless of ability, age, race, economic circumstance or sexual orientation

November 30, 2004

Bush says Iran must go beyond nuclear suspension

Pepe Escobar: The real fury of Fallujah

Stephen Kimber: Bush in a cocoon insides a bubble in Canada

From Repairing TVs to Protecting the Prez

John Cassidy: What is the administration going to do about the dollar?

Thom Hartmann: How to take back an election

Keith Olbermann: Ohio GOP says "Recount si, Jesse no"

David Tokaji: The 2008 Election: Could It Be A Repeat of 2000?

Juan Gonzalez: Ohio tally fit for Ukraine

Bob Brown: Drugging you into submission

Return of the Blacklist

Investigator suggests foreign intelligence involved in Russia school attack

Genetically Modified Dental Treatment to Prevent Cavities for a Lifetime Gets Approval for Human Testing

Whose Woods Are These? Shooting in North Woods Highlights Contrast Between Hmong, Local Hunters

Incorrect, nonsensical ruling in San Diego mayor's race

Supersizing the UN

The grinches who steal childhood

Leukemia Patients Survive With Stem Cell Transplant

Click. An herbal drink that busts flab, sharpens immune systems and heightens energy without any jittery side effects? Right.

George H. Story: Brittany Mending the Nets Click.

November 29, 2004

Click. James Fallows: Is Iran next? Soldiers, spies, and diplomats conduct a classic Pentagon war game—with sobering results

Click. New Twist in Plame Game: When Did Novak Column Move on the Wires?

Click. Shadow of Vietnam falls over Iraq
river raids.

Military recruiters target schools strategically

New al-Qaida tape aired

Bush Opposes Privacy Protection for Passports

Cannonfire update on vote fraud

French vaccine fuels hope in AIDS treatment. Preliminary study shows promise in suppressing virus

Philip Leslie Hale, The Crimson Rambler Enlarge

Study: A spray could stop the spread of flu, TB and SARS

Intelligence impasse in Congress is mainly a question of control

The CIA on campus

Click. Humberto Marquez: Saramago Warns of Danger After Bush Reelection

Click. George McEvoy: Courts first to go in right-wing revolution

Meanwhile: When Harvard played host to Hitler's right-hand man

Click. Ninth-grade biology teachers in Dover, Pa., must include "intelligent design" in their instruction. Observers say it is a sign of what's to come.

Wee Wireless Warriors

Learning by remote, in a remote prairie town

November 28, 2004

Bush's Social Security plan is said to require vast borrowing

Pro-Russia Ukraine regions threaten to split off in wake of disputed vote

Report: FBI finds link Between 9/11, Madrid bombs

Inside Fallujah's war

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

Click. Not majority rule, but "majority of majority" says GOP in Congress.

Rove unleashed

Cannonfire update on election fraud

Caspar David Friedrich, Abbey in an Oak Forest, 1809-10, Enlarge

Lockheed and the future of warfare

Newspaper: Nichols Admits Helping Oklahoma City Bomber McVeigh

Flu crisis exposes large gaps in bioterrorism readiness

Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell therapy

Diabetes tests offer "cure" hope

University of California Irvine scientist says viruses shape how we look, speak, think (OCR Free Reg)

Infanticide trials reexamined in Britain

California Youth Authority examines Missouri model

Ellen MacArthur sets sail on solo round-the-world challenge

Ancient Greek soul searching continues in modern Greek schools

French film "Innocence" takes top honors at Stockholm Film Festival

Mike Nichols open to big questions with his new film "Closer"

New York's Long Island blossoms as wine producer

What really happened with Cleopatra and the asp

Gaye LeBaron: A drive through Bennett Valley (Santa Rosa, CA) brings out the "ghosts"

Chinese inventor sees money in flying saucers

New book "Gilead": Acts of Devotion

"Obsessive Genius" Marie Curie: Too hot to handle

Franciscans of Monterey, California, are moving from "God's country" + Mission's centuries-old violin remains missing

Finnish paganism

November 27, 2004

U.S. Sends in Secret Weapon: Saddam's Old Commandos

Marines get big bucks to re-enlist

Juan Cole reports on Iraq

U.S. campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev

Colombian Rebels Planned to Kill President Bush

Porter Goss' WIA – Worthless Intelligence Agency

From left, religious figures make a push

Blue-state pension funds act to balance GOP control in Washington
                                                                  The Alchemists, Napoletano, Filippo  also known as Filippo d'Angeli Enlarge
The Race to Steal Military Bases Heats Up

Brothel for homosexual pedophiles organized in Moscow

FBI turns focus to BART-Perata link

Cannonfire update on vote fraud

Click. Blackwell sued over Cuyahoga vote tally. Suit seeks to validate provisional ballots

John Muir's grandson takes the disabled to ride on horse drawn carriages

Fall-run Chinook salmon are returning to the Napa River

Scientists give human organs to a lamb

Public Theater's New Hero, Oskar Eustis


The Southern Ms.

Click.   Women’s rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali has gone into hiding after a death threat against her was pinned to
the body of murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Charles C. Haynes explains Christian right's dilemma

Click.  Five years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the elderly and disabled should be able to live in the least restrictive settings, California has yet to act, leaving them in nursing homes, federal officials say.

Two communities in the American Civil War

Click. A tiny silver locket discovered in a Westonzoyland field may have fallen from the neck of a soldier fighting for the King at the Battle of Sedgemoor more than 300 years ago.

November 26, 2004

Click.  Gwen Kinkead: Amid C.I.A. Shake-Up, Questions About F.B.I.

Naomi Klein: Smoking while Iraq burns

Click.  The When and How of Plame Leak Being Probed.

Click.  Chris Floyd: Bush worm turning.

Ukraine presidential rivals meet in presence of EU, Russia mediators

Resource Hungry China Makes Big Push Into Africa

Click.  Murderers of  gay college student Matthew Shepard now say they were motivated not by homophobia, but the prospect of robbery to fuel a methamphetamine binge.

"This (passport with embedded computer chip) is like putting an invisible bull's-eye on Americans that can be seen only by the terrorists."

Gifted 14-year-old sues California for special education, i.e. college    

Free credit reports start Dec. 1 for millions of people living in western U.S.

Absinthe re-emerges

Caspar David Friedrich, On Board a Sailing Ship Click.

Click.  Martha Stewart's prison secrets — right down to the spices she allegedly sneaks into her bra — have been revealed by her cellmates.

Tomb may shed light on 10 Biblical plagues of Egypt

Ancient bison done in by climate, not hunters. Conclusion of study already drawing fire

A tour of the château where Leonardo once lived

November 25, 2004

Click.  California Indian tribes choose to focus on modern blessings rather than past tribulations.

Thanksgiving for the Indian who saved the Pilgrims

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

Juan Cole on Fallujah fall-out

One gulp, and Bush was gone

Attempt to stop mandatory mental health screening fails

Report: Terror Mastermind Al-Zarqawi Used Swiss Cell Phone, Which Allowed Investigators to Track Him Before the Iraq War

Yemen Releases More Than 100 Al-Qaida Members Who Recanted, Including USS Cole Bombing Suspects Later Cleared

Ukraine on brink of civil war + Ukraine: What's at Stake

Guardsmen Say They're Facing Iraq Ill-Trained

Black Watch hits 'millionaires' row'

Report: Two More Top CIA Officials Resign

Suspect was sharpshooter in the Guard

Maureen Dowd: Hiding breast bombs

                                                                                                  Thomas Waterman Wood, In the Jelly Jar  Enlarge
Westerners migrating to India for jobs

Click.  Michelangelo Signorile: Out and about to get ugly.

Stardom: You're NOT Putting Your GRUBBY HANDS On My BOOBS!!!

Click.  Robert Parry: US vs Ukraine elections: Big media's democracy double standards.

Vietnam veteran, 53, called up for duty in Iraq

Cannonfire: Full court press on vote fraud

Keith Olbermann reports

Portugal child sex trial under way

Prosecutors Ask Appeals Court to Uphold Martha Stewart Conviction, Say Evidence Overwhelming

Attorney Jason D. Borrevik of Wilson, Sonsini firm gets 4 months jail for sex with minor girl

Witch paints convicted murderer Helzer as caring

Michael Jackson asks for psych test of his accusers

Tracing Che Guevara's steps in DR Congo 40 years on

The ancients: now available in color

Gel may destroy cervical cancer

Smart phone predicts owner's behavior

Documents detail prison cover-up at Salinas Valley State Prison

Point Reyes National Seashore: Emmy the seal goes home for the holidays

November 24, 2004

Click. Leuren Moret: University of California Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program.  Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over.

UKRAINE ELECTION RIGGING: Powell Rejects Ukraine Election, Calls for Action + Ukraine Liberal Calls for Strike, Civil War Warning +  The OTPOR factor in the Ukraine? + Was Yushchenko poisoned? Click. + Putin Due in Netherlands for EU Summit as Ukrainian Election Strains Ties

Iran got advanced arms plans, CIA says. Report suggests Pakistani scientist gave more nuclear aid than previously thought

Bush  wants to bolster CIA with 50% increase in spies and analysts but doesn't offer specifics

Auditor to Army: Dock Halliburton Pay
                                                                                        Philips Wouterman, The White Horse Enlarge

Bush Gives Spain's King and Queen the Royal Treatment

OPM Readies to Take On Bulk of Security Investigations

Bush Wants Plan for Covert Pentagon Role

Iraq Tries to Escape Middle East Oil Curse

Click.  Molly Ivins: Three ugly weeks: Second Bush term goes from bad to worse.

Whistleblower Earns Kudos, Criticism, Says He Fears FDA Reprisal

New York Women Get Tough with Roller Derby Revival

John Steinbeck and William Shakespeare

Gloria Vanderbilt describes her many romances in new book

Cannonfire fires on....

Stardom: The Way of the WORLD

Lining up for contraband milk

Wayward seal finds audience, help in Oakland

Alameda Public Defender unhappy with Judge Thomas Reardon

Blue tree and pinwheels bloom in unusual gardens

Stone puts his stamp of greatness on bold 'Alexander'

Human beings possess God's DNA?!

Engraving on watch may help to solve Jack the Ripper case

Declaration of Independence banned at Cupertino, California school

G. Gordon Liddy: Voice of unreason

How a young conscript became a Russian saint

All-women trains are only way to defeat Tokyo bottom pinchers

Damn! I simply don’t have time to be in love

Our leaders want us scared senseless

Can we take this (nuclear) chance?

Click.  Authorities looking at possible Vang connection to 2001 hunter slaying, detective says.

November 23, 2004

Marines, Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive Against Insurgents South of Baghdad

Iraq's Electoral Commission Approves 156 Political Parties to Run in January Elections

Iran, Syria Condemn Iraq Insurgency, Support Election at
20-Nation Meeting

Federal corruption probe has California Capitol all in a frenzy

Pell Grant Change in Congress Could Affect Eligibility for Many Low-Income Students

Presbyterian Minister in Marin faces gay marriage 'charges'

San Francisco firefighter appeals dismissal for pot use. Panel will consider deal for desk worker with seizure problem

Report on elder abuse deaths in California

Harvard pays 2 top money managers $25m
                                                                                                        Jan Vermeer, The Geographer Enlarge

Pelosi delivers funds for projects aplenty, Appropriations for USF, Old Mint included in bill

Putting science to work solving art's whodunits

Harvard pays 2 top money managers $25m

Greek Lawyers Threaten To Sue Over Gay Alexander Film

In NY, Money Can't Buy Love But Gets a Foot in Door

Pain "causes brain cell loss'"

JFK Doodles Add Interesting Footnote to Presidential Archives, but No Major Revelations

November 22, 2004

Bush Says Iran Must Allow Verification That It Won't Seek Nuclear Weapons

Al-Zarqawi underling emerges as force behind Fallujah insurgency

Lew Rockwell: Read the WSJ, if You Can Stand It

Click.  Keith Olbermann: Relax about Ohio, relax about the guy tailing me.

Click.  Why they hate Bush in Chile.

Special report, Day 2: Marin companies lured by Presidio


Western Coyotes Making Dens in the Eastern U.S.

"Just call me Nell" 
                                                           Thomas Cole, Landscape Scene from the Last of the Mohicans Enlarge

Refuge in the San Francisco Bay. Birds dwell on islands once visited by Indians, pirates

The Lying Game, Revisited: Justin Raimondo

Veteran reporter recalls JFK assassination

The new assassinate JFK the Warren-report-way video game is called "despicable" + The video-maker's press release


Jackie Kennedy + Josefa Johnson + Marina Oswald + Mary Jo Kopechne + Ruth Paine + Silvia Odio +
Judyth Vary Baker + Madeleine Brown + Judith Campbell + Judith Campbell + Rose Cheramie + Acquilla Clemons + Irv Kupcinet's daughter Karyn + Jean Hill + Lisa Howard + Evelyn Lincoln + Marita Lorenz + Helen Markham +  Beverly Oliver + Mary Moorman + Delphine Roberts + Earlene Roberts + Florence Smith + Nancy Carole Tyler+ Carolyn Walther + Dorothy Kilgallen

by Virginia McCullough, Curator - "The Secrets of the House Select Committee on Assassinations"
Mae Brussell's letter to the House Select Committee on Assassinations - guidelines to investigate the assassinations.

November 21, 20

In Falluja, Young Marines Saw the Savagery of an Urban War

Falluja: Last words of the
living dead

Summit notebook: Security Squabble Leads Chile and United States to Scale Down Black-Tie Dinner

Chiron knew sometime in March that vaccine was failing sterility tests

The Anti-assassin Academy

            Vasiliy Polenov. Raising of Jairus' Daughter Enlarge

Click.  Helen Thomas: Selection of hard-liner Rice sends a bad message.

Click.  Who's Istook and why does he want your tax forms?

Robert Mondavi - his Legacy Lost

Casinos a refuge for elders -- at a cost

Female Nobel Prize Winner, a Gloom of Her Own

Calif. senator's lopsided win considered victory for liberals

Falwell's School Joins Others in Teaching Law to Their Flocks

Doubts Fly on Terror Report's Reliability

Israel's Holocaust Museum Unveils Victims Data

Click.  Cannonfire: Election theft update.

Click.  Joshua Frank: Democrats commit suicide.

Exhibit sheds light on killer Jack Ruby

Stardom: Surviving the BROWSER WAR

Special report: 1,500 Lucas film jobs to start heading to Presidio in July

Tech Titan Turf War Goes Far Beyond Online Search

Cervantes -- an unclaimed brilliance. His genius seems lost on Spain 400 years after 'Don Quixote'

Chinese-Cuban Community Struggles to Revive Havana's Chinatown, Dwindling Ancestral Culture

November 20, 2004

Click.  Paris Club to forgive $33 billion of Iraq debt, paving way for IMF aid.

Click.  Red Cross condemns "contempt for humanity" by all parties fighting in Iraq.

Click.  A look at the seminal concept of an Islamic ideology fueling extremists.

Click.  Terror proves turn up an even more zealous brand of Islamic militancy.

Click. Scientists debate the blending of human and animal forms (It's already happening).

Click.  Indian tribes "fleeced in $66 million lobbying scandal.

Click.  GOP may employ "nuclear option" of blocking filibusters.

Click.  The Air Force pitch for Boeing in dirty details.

Click.  Bacteria detected long ago by Chiron.        Ecole de Fountainebleau, Diane chasseresse Enlarge

Click.  Appeals court OKs expansion of quarry in Sunol.

Click.  Pill company selling unproven palliatives thrives despite complaints.

Click.  Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: Politically incorrect history.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Getting smart.

Click.  How Disney made money despite a string of movie flops.

Click.  Legalities hold home of Laci Peterson captive.

Click.  A Penngrove, CA man John Barossi who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old Kentfield girl last year was sentenced yesterday to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 21 years.

November 19, 2004

Click.  Nuclear disclosures on Iran unverified.

Click.  Greenspan says foreign investors may tire of financing current account gap.

Click.  The case for China to pull the peg on the dollar.

Click.  Jan Silber: 2005 flu vaccine may be a long shot.

Click. Thom Hartmann: "Stinking evidence" of possible election fraud found in Florida.

Click.  The Pentagon drafts the Oxford butterfly man.
Delacroix, Étude de deux tigres, dit aussi Jeune tigre jouant avec sa mère Enlarge

Click.  Nonprofit organizations tangle Gov. Schwarzeneggers' fund-raising machine and are not required to reveal identities of donors.  Who are these groups? Click.

Click.  A coup try against Perata in the California Senate is virtually certain.

Click.  Brainy plants.

Click.  Aging gays face problems of isolation, loneliness and fears.

Click.  Anthony Lane: Why J. M. Barrie created Peter Pan.

Click.  P.J. Corkery: Friday fishwrap, and Shirley MacLaine.

November 18, 2004

Click.  U.S. troops find suspected Al-Zarqawi command center. Fallujah toll put at 51 U.S. troops dead, 425 injured.

Click.  Rare blood infection surfaces in injured U.S. soldiers.

Click.  Richard Beeston: The rise of terrorism leaves much of world off-limits to Westerners.

Click.  Bush tax overhaul would penalize companies for providing health care.

Click.  Read DCI Goss' actual statement to the "workforce" dated 15 November 2004.

Click.  China ready to occupy U.S. vacuum in Latin America.

Click.  Judy Silber: FDA knew about vaccine issues.                                                                                                   Raphael, Allegory (The Knight's Dream) Enlarge

Click.  Chiron CEO's testimony before House panel raises new questions

Click.  WHO urges more research on vaccines for flu and other illnesses.

Click.  The FBI investigates California Senate leader Don Perata (D-Oakland) and some associates. Federal grand jury is impaneled and subpoenas have been issued. More: Click. (LAT Reg)

Click.  Nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital, L.A., found 16 hidden cameras in the hospital.

Cick. (SJM Reg)  Senator Boxer will confront Rice.

Click.  Federal judge orders an investigation into the state's labor contract with California's correctional officers, asking whether it gives their union too much control over prison management.

Click.  Even though he found that "misconduct plainly occurred," a U.S. District judge Thelton Henderson refused hold the former Department of Corrections chief criminally liable for shutting down a perjury probe of three correctional officers last year.

Click.  Auditors investigating the financial mess that hastened the state takeover of the Oakland schools discovered no evidence of criminal fraud but found "highly irregular" accounting including a mysterious $38 million entry. More: Click.

Click.  Sunol resident Pat Stillman vows quarry fight.

Click.  A search engine that cares how you feel.

Click.  Stardom: On and off it goes.

Click.  Pirate re-enactors sail the local seas.

Click.  Raphael, the charmer.

Click.  Study shows stem cells can preserve vision.

November 17, 2004

Click.  Senates nears OK of $800 billion debt increase as Democrats blame Bush.

Click.  U.S. House Republicans change rules to protect DeLay's post if he's indicted.

Click.  Justice Scalia: Let voters rule on individuals' rights.

Click.  GOP looking to repeal food labeling law.

Click.  The arrival of secret law.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Purging for disloyalty makes us sick to our stomachs.

Click.  Cannonfire: The cult that runs our country.                                                          

Click.  White House intervenes on behalf of intelligence bill. Senate's chief negotiators had accepted a House demand stripping out all congressional oversight of the national intelligence director.

Click.  Stardom: A Case of Mistaken XENOPHOBIA.

Click.  Monterey County Judge Robert Moody to an adult defendant: JAIL, OR JOIN THE MILITARY! (Lawyer says that in juvenile court, military enlistment is already an alternative sentence.)

Click.  Johnny Ray Huston: A shake-up at the Castro Theatre brings change -- and perhaps big trouble -- for movie lovers in San Francisco.

Click.  Santa Rosa, California kidnap suspect was once an artistic genius.

Click.  Google finds its way onto cellphones.

Click.  Sheelah Kolhatkar: Desperate no more, Ex-ABC boss Lyne takes Stewart Omnimedia gig.

Click.  Britains' Druids enjoy a mystical Renaissance.

November 16, 2004

Click.  New video shows the murder of  humanitarian worker Hassan.

Click.  Fallujah pictures the military and  media don't want you to see.

Click.  Being Condi means never having to say you're sorry.

Click.  Bush to visit Canada on November 30.

Click.  Industry executive Francis J. Harvey confirmed by the Senate as Army Secretary.

Click.  Ohio to go through statewide vote recount after all.

Click.  Dr. Laura: Tell Congress NO money for mental health screening of kids.

Click.  Robert Scheer: The Peter Principle and the Neocon coup.

Click.  Sam Shepard on America's dangerous political farce.

Click.  The neighborhood costs of America's prison boom.

Click.  Marin County District Attorney Paula Freschi Kamena, who broke ground to become the county's first woman DA but also became the first Marin DA to face a recall effort, plans to retire on January 4, 2005.

Click. (LAT Reg)   Gov. Schwarzenegger on Monday appointed a new Department of Motor Vehicles director who has advocated taxing motorists for every mile they drive — by placing tracking devices in their cars.

Click.  Dan Frosch: Drug store cowboys use our medical records to sell us prescription drugs.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Double standards on prescription drugs.

Click.  Adriel Hampton: Democrats in San Francisco turn to the "vision thing".

Click.  Mono Lake scenic area may face development.

Click.  Mark Twain's observations on Mono Lake.

Click.  Garden Grove man goes on trial in first international sex tourism case.

Click.  Special master to oversee California Youth Authority reforms.

Click.  Stardom: Dylan's LYRICS And the SECRET SERVICE.

Click.  The buddy system for losing weight works, even if the buddy has four legs and barks.

Click.  Mongolia's reindeer people fight for survival.

November 12, 2004

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Collective punishment, regrettable necessity.

Click.  Mark LeVine: Four solutions for Fallujah.

Click.  Sayed Saleem Shahzad:  Resistance blueprint.

Click.  For victory in Fallujah, land grab is not enough.

Click.  Portrait of Chuck Blahous, Bush's point man for social security reform.

Click.  Barbara Ehrenreich: The faith factor.

Click.  Keith Olbermann: Recounts and retractions.

Click.  Cannonfire on the latest election fraud news.

Click.  Sam Parry: Washington Post's sloppy voting analysis.

Click.  Struggling RNAi market just got a lot more interesting.

November 11, 2004

Click.  Pepe Escobar: A thousand Fallujahs.

Click.  CIA officer quits to speak freely about problems with intelligence community.

Click.  Betsy R. Vasquez: Inside the election fraud battle. Think Kerry is not involved in this fight? Think again.

Click.  How a guy's gizmo spread fear at Federal Reserve Bank.

Click.  Goodbye, Archie. We could use you now.

Click.  Joe Callaghan: Believe it or not. Things have been worse.

Click.  Cannonfire on the vote fraud investigation today.

Click.  Steve Weissman: Who counts in Ohio?

Click.  Blinded By Science: How `Balanced' Coverage Lets the Scientific Fringe Hijack Reality

Click.  Alameda County Board of Education pays $1 million for software that was never used.

Click.  Chest pains and ER's revolving door.

November 10, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole reports on Iraq battles.

Click.  Professor Froomkin: Lest we forget, Gonzales appeared to obstruct justice in the Plame affair.

Click.  After making emergency calls to state and federal health authorities, Alexander Lucas took Cipro antibiotic tablets, donned a mask and protective biosuit and ventured alone to cleanse his laboratory at Children's Hospital Oakland, of anthrax that never should have been there.

Click.  What does this mean? U.S. fighter jet strafes school in New Jersey.

Click.  Cannonfire update on vote fraud.

Click.  Civil War Redux.

November 9, 2004

Click.  AWOL!  The U.S. casualties figures for the Fallujah battle.

Click.  Paul Alexander: Seven military general discuss what has gone wrong in Iraq.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The real fury of Fallujah.

Click.  Tom Engelhardt: On the eve of the invasion of Fallujah.

Click.  Michael Reynolds: Homegrown terror.

Click.  Wayne Barrett: The November surprises.

Click.  Cannonfire: Today's vote fraud links.

Click.  SEC "glitch" hampers nation's stockpile of childhood vaccines.

Click.  Secret papers finally tell the truth of Hess's flight.

Click.  UK Report: The US supply of bio materials to Iraq.

Click.  Women with heart attacks wait too long to receive emergency angioplasty.

November 8, 2004

Click.  CIA's role within the U.S. is to be greater.

Click.  U.S. is unprepared for bio-terror attack.

Click.  Eric Umansky: U.S. military fears nerve gas in Fallujah and why.

Click.  Cannonfire on the latest voter fraud news.

Click.  Harley Sorensen: Praise God and pass out the cash!

Click.  Siddharth Srivastava: India pulls China into the outsourcing game.

Click.  Linda Seebach: The bill establishing a national intelligence director will emerge from a conference committee with provisions that would make it harder to expose government misconduct.

Click.  Jim Lobe: Neocons have gone wild with their wish list.

Click.  Al Gore launches global fund management firm.

Click.  Flush with government cash, the virgin movement goes pro.

Click.  Fighting off the flu: Eastern, Western methods offer ways to avoid illness.

Click.  Heart pill for Blacks to be first pill sold for a specific race.

November 7, 2004

Click.  Suicide squads await the Americans' attack on Fallujah.

Click.  U.S. commanders give marines pep talk for fight in Fallujah.

Click.  Iraq declares state of emergency: Curfews, detention without trial allowed.

Click.  U.S. ready to put weapons in space.

Click.  Hezbollah claims to send its first reconnaissance drone into Israel.

Click.  Gretchen Reynolds: The flu hunters.

Click.  Statements about Medicare benefit called misleading.  Insurance officials balk at Bush team's marketing tactics.

Click.  Bush's brother Neil involved in controversial gas deal.  The Harbor commission offered investment firm an exclusive lease.

Click.  Cannonfire's vote fraud links today.

Vasily Vereshchagin. Mortally Wounded  Enlarge

Click.  M. J. Akbar: The White Revolution.

Click.  Revealed: Secret plan to push "happy pills".

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: The gay marriage deception.

Click.  Useless questions from a psychiatrist.

Click.  Stardom: Headed towards A DONNA REED World.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Site of planned Tolay park in Sonoma County is rich in Mission history.

November 6, 2004

Click.  U.S. and Iraqi troops mass for assault on Fallujah.  U.S. to employ sniper, robots to cut down casualties.

Click.  Insurgents launch deadly attacks across central Iraq as U.S. prepares for Fallujah attack.


Part 4 of a series
by Virginia McCullough and Kathryn Dixon
(Click to read Part 1) (Click to read Part 2) (
Click to read Part 3)

Click.  Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle.

Click.  French troops shoot down three Ivory Coast government aircraft after bomb strike kills eight French peacekeepers.

Click.  UN Security Council to meet on Ivory Coast.

Click.  Robert Fisk: The truth is Yasser Arafat died years ago.

Click.  Ben Macintyre: The emotional truth about war.

Click.  Don Henry Ford, Jr.: From the middle of Texas where the center's on the right.

Click.  Ron Jacobs: The arrow on the doorpost.

Click.  Michael Mondavi shares his thoughts on the buyout plan.

Click.  Dave Zirin: Out at the ballgame. Pro sports and the gay athlete.
                                                                                                         Georges Seurat, The Circus Enlarge
Click.  Musicians seek mystique of Joshua Tree.

Click.  All about Annie Bidwell, the wife of Chico's founder.

Click.  Hollywood meets Santa Cruz -- in a bad way.

November 5, 2004

Click.  Vote fraud in Ohio.

Click.  Thom Hartman: The ultimate felony against Democracy -- privatizing our vote.

Click.  Massive fraud in U.S. voting.

Click.  Dan Ackman: Enron conviction. More end zone than milestone.

Click.  Kavrah Afrasiabi: China rocks the geopolitical boat with a $100 billion oil pipeline deal with Iran.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: What are we doing?

Click.  Mayor Daly says Republicans "outfoxed" elitist Democrats.

Click.  Jonathan Chait: Those who voted for Bush may be in for a big surprise.

Click.  Nerd party needed to replace "left-wing" Democrats.

Click.  Medicare recipients can now have new and expensive treatments and diagnostic tests, but ONLY IF they enter into research studies that evaluate how well they work.

November 4, 2004

Click.  Nicholas D. Kristof: Voting against one's own interests.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The red zone.

Click.  Christopher Caen: Beware the swarms and protect freedom.

Click.  Jonah Birch: 1968 and today.

Click.  Steve Pizzo: Should Democrats become values whores?

Click.  Greg Palast: Kerry won. An analysis of uncounted votes suggests a different outcome in Ohio and New Mexico.

Click.  The most expensive election in U.S. history. Billionaire v. billionaire. The top 50 zip codes showing who gave and who got what.

November 3, 2004

Click.  White House Wednesday: Debt ceiling must be raised.

Click.  Arnaud de Borchgrave: Bin Laden's game plan.

Click.  E-voting passes biggest test, but computer scientists remain skeptical.

Click.  Ike Awfu: We better hope Americans made the right choice.

Click.  The TV that sent out a cry for help via satellite.

Click.  New Method of injection could stretch flu vaccine supply.

Click.  Censored by the US, the Iranian judge who won Nobel Peace Prize.

November 2, 2004

Click.  Bob Barr: The over-litigating of elections. Why it's happening, how it may affect 2004's results, and why federal interference is making things worse.

Click.  Disgraced corporate executives laugh their way to the bank.

Click.  Benazir Bhutto's answer to al-Qaeda.

Click.   Holocaust victims file $40 billion class-action lawsuit vs. U.S. government.

Click.  The stem cell research gold rush.

November 1, 2004

Click.  Frank Rich: Has U.S. overdosed on Bush's script?

Click.  Juan Cole: What's at stake. The revolutionary vs. the statesman.

Click.  Francis Boyle: The Nazis had their law professors too.

Click.  Fatal attraction: A new study suggests a relationship between fear of death and political preferences.

Click.  Ryan Lizza: Is the FDA withholding documents about Chiron and Fluviran.

Click.  Hope Yen: Supreme Court to decide if police can be sued for not enforcing restraining orders.

Click.  Finally, a bakery for the puppies and the kitty kats.

October 31, 2004

Click.  Les Payne: Bush is selling his version of "1984''.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Will Osama help W.?

Click.  Michael Daly: Hey, W, Osama's talkin' to you.

Click.  Knight Ridder report: Did U.S. mistakes let bin Laden escape from Afghanistan 3 years ago?

Click.  Niles Latham: Full tape is an Osama woe show.

Click.  Tom Flocco: Hacking the Presidency.

Click.  Tony Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry.

Click.  The Pentagon gets funds for covert payoffs.

Click.  Insurgents in Fallujah claimed to have obtained chemical weapons and threatened to use them in any battle for control of the rebel stronghold.

Click.  Stardom: I Went As THERESA HEINZ KERRY.

Click.  At California casino, a tribe plays by its own rules.

Click.  New revelations on Jonestown tragedy.

Click.  Had Chiron's contaminated product made it into patients, disaster would've resulted.

Click.  The bacterium in Chiron's Fluviran has a dark history in San Francisco.

Click.  The vaccine crises top bioterror worries.

Click.  WHO sets flu vaccine summit meeting to deal with pandemic threat.

October 31, 2004

Click.  Les Payne: Bush is selling his version of "1984''.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Will Osama help W.?

Click.  Michael Daly: Hey, W, Osama's talkin' to you.

Click.  Knight Ridder report: Did U.S. mistakes let bin Laden escape from Afghanistan 3 years ago?

Click.  Niles Latham: Full tape is an Osama woe show.

Click.  Tom Flocco: Hacking the Presidency.

Click.  Tony Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry.

Click.  The Pentagon gets funds for covert payoffs.

Click.  Insurgents in Fallujah claimed to have obtained chemical weapons and threatened to use them in any battle for control of the rebel stronghold.

Click.  Stardom: I Went As THERESA HEINZ KERRY.

Click.  At California casino, a tribe plays by its own rules.

Click.  New revelations on Jonestown tragedy.

Click.  Had Chiron's contaminated product made it into patients, disaster would've resulted.

Click.  The bacterium in Chiron's Fluviran has a dark history in San Francisco.

Click.  The vaccine crises top bioterror worries.

Click.  WHO sets flu vaccine summit meeting to deal with pandemic threat.

October 30, 2004

Click.  Eight marines die in Iraq as Falluja assault looms.

Click.  Bush administration lawyers argue that only the Justice Department, not the voters, may sue to enforce provisions in the Help America Vote Act.

Click.  Simon Jenkins: "It's security, stupid" has poisoned American politics.

Click.  In Pakistan, U.S. policies foster suspicion and hatred.

Click.  The U.S. "super soldiers" who used their psychic powers in Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Telling police what they want to hear, even if it's false.

Click.  Homeland Security agents visit a toy store.

Click.  Bruce Anderson: When the hippies invaded Northern California.

Click.  Shariff and O'Toole get their epic act together again.

Click.  Degas through a keyhole.

Click.  The witch burnings -- Holocaust without equal.

Click.  Doug Ireland: Was Abe Lincoln gay?

Click.  At one with the snails....

October 29, 2004

Click.  Hubert G. Locke: President has to be more than our pal.

Click.  Juan Cole: Pentagon briefing on missing explosives.

Click.  U.S. drug prices 81% higher than in 7 Western nations.

Click.  Google buys CIA-backed mapping startup.

Click.  Could Hobbit-like creatures still live on Earth?

Click.  On Halloween, Scottish town to officially pardon witches executed centuries ago.

October 28, 2004

Click.  Wayne Barrett, Nathan Deuel: An '80s business overture that fits W's lifetime pattern of CIA dealings. W's Courting of Saddam.

Click.  Ed Naha: Bush's medieval times.

Click.  Will Bunch: 9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero. More.

Click.  Edward Spannaus: Republicans and the Justice Department gear up to steal votes.

Click.  Fetal tissue graft restores lost sight.

Click.  Department of Justice intervenes in same-sex marriage lawsuit in Orange County.

October 27, 2004

Click.   Rep. Henry Waxman charges the FDA is withholding documents re: flu vaccinations and Chiron until after the election.

Click.   Scientists have discovered a new and tiny species of human that lived in Indonesia at the same time our own ancestors were colonizing the world.

Click.   Karen Horst Cobb: No longer a Christian.

October 26, 2004

Click.  Russia seeks return of UN inspectors to Iraq to find missing explosives.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: How Bush blew it in Tora Bora.

Click.  Paul Krugman: A culture of cover-ups.

Click.  University of Rhode Island research: Neutron activation analyses prove Oswald acted alone in JFK assassination.

Click.  Lawyers try to open file of the kidnapping of Saudi prince Sultan Bin turkey.

October 25, 2004

Click.  Foreign countries are turning to Bush's top campaign fundraisers for access to Bush.

Click.  B. Ramen: On Kerry, Bush and Bin Laden.

Click.  Hundreds of tons of explosives missing in Iraq.

Click.  Timeline on missing explosives in Iraq.

Click.  Patrick Graham: As soon as British troops are redeployed, the U.S. will again turn Fallujah
into a bloodbath.

Click.  Germany's cabinet is due to discuss a law that would regulate limited genetic testing for employees in jobs like public transportation.

Click.  Ashcroft's campaign against whistleblowers continues to have remarkable success.

October 22, 2004


Click.  Alan Abelson of Barron’s, a weekly publication of Dow Jones, noted in his column of Sept. 27, 2004, that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld let slip some classified information in a briefing at the National Press Club “that the man we are holding captive is not Saddam Hussein, who, indeed, was deep-sixed beneath the desolate sands, but none other than Osama bin Laden."

Click.  The Pentagon knows exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan, it just can't get to him, says 9/11 panelist John Lehman.

Click.  Sen. Carl Levin reports: Pentagon official Douglas Feith distorted intelligence.

Click.  Sy Hersh's news: He’s describing massacre In Iraq

Click.  Andrew Greeley: Bush crew blows it again on the flu.

Click.  Debora MacKenzie: Experts fear escape of 1918 flu from lab.

Click.  How New York's Attorney General Eliot Spitzer became the most powerful man on Wall Street.

Click.  Memory prosthesis for the human brain within 15 years.

Click.  Tony Blair has taken use towards an elective dictatorship.

Click.  Stephanie Mansfield: Polite society anticipates Teresa's pizzaz.

October 21, 2004

Click.  Rick Perlstein: The end of Democracy.

Click.  Pentagon board finds U.S. needs more troops in Iraq.

Click.  Jack Shafer: Journalism by remote control.

Click.  High stress levels during infancy and early childhood can lead to the poor development of communication zones in brain cells -- a condition found in mental disorders such as autism, depression and mental retardation.

Click.  Study finds 65,000 gay men and women in the military.

Public service announcement from Black Box Voting, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, consumer protection group for elections.

Monitor the COUNTING & COMPUTERS: Click. For a list of things to watch for before, during, and after the election, click "CLEANUP CREW"
Monitor the VOTING process: See the Election Protection Coalition
File INCIDENT REPORTS: Live action, real-time reports: Click.
Election Protection call-in hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE; Combined, comprehensive database for research and analysis: Click.

October 20, 2004

Click.  White House demands total secrecy for U.S. spy budget.

Click.  Pat Robertson: Bush told me there would be no casualties in Iraq.

Click.  William J. Stunz: Terrorism and the mob.

Click.   A.C. Thompson: Enter the Matrix of LEIU.  Secretive, unaccountable company sits at the information-sharing nexus of the country's law enforcement agencies.

Click.  Tom Noel, the former chief of Texas' troubled electric grid, which is the target of a criminal probe over contracting abuses and government inquiries into its costs, is among the finalists to head California's grid.

Click.  Lessley Anderson: Once you learn the full story of the mom-and-pop cult known as "The Family," you'll understand an unsettling reality -- Any of us might have joined in.

Click.  Good results for pill to block painful memories may lead to wider testing.  Critics warn
drugs could tamper with a person's identity.

Click.  The "Bush Flu": Vaccine issue is making Bush campaign ill.

October 19, 2004

Click.  Robert Scheer: The Bush administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election,
and this one names names.

Click.  Chiron hires high-profile defense lawyer
Robert S. Bennett.

Click.  Jim Lobe: So, did Saddam try to kill Bush's dad?

Click.  Matthew Yglesias: Where fact meets fiction.

Click.  Eric Stringfellow: Disobedience to ensure troops safer in the long run.

Click.  Doctors warn of flu shot "disaster".  Organization urges Bush to call summit.

Click.  Flu gotta have connections.
Click.  U.S. General says Bin Laden apparently alive, but no longer controls Al-Qaida.

Click.  Teresa Heinz-Kerry would focus on gay tolerance as first lady.

Click.  "Assistance dog" designation opens doors for pooches.  With state's blessing, San Francisco OKs hundreds of therapeutic pets.

October 18, 2004

Click.   Scary scenarios swirl around '04 elections.

Click.   Nick Schwellenbach: Offensive biology. Is biodefense a bust?

Click.  "Small business" can be a relative term with the Department of Defense.

Click.   C. Deliso: Inside the occupation, a contractor speaks.

Click.   New York police urged to set up rogue networks.

Click.   Chris Mellor: Want to know the hardware behind Echelon?

Click.   Stop this mission creep.

Click.  Deadly 1991 -- a year of injustice that took down a President.  Two Senators' deaths predict the demise of a Presidency. (Part 2) New series by Virginia McCullough and Kathryn Dixon.  [Click to read part 1]      

October 17, 2004

Click. (NYT Free Reg) What makes Bush's presidency so radical — even to some Republicans — is his preternatural, faith-infused certainty in uncertain times

Click.  Five members of an Iraqi-based platoon who refused a convoy order earlier this week were told they would be punished with a general discharge.


  Revealed: The meeting that could have changed the history of Iraq.


  This is where the election will be won or lost.  And it ain't Baghdad.

Click.  America relies on flawed no-fly list to block fanatics.

Click.  UK: Territorial Army infiltrated by Al-Qaeda.

Click.  Osama Bin Laden bought a ship for terror.

Click.  The U.S. gambles all in the third battle for Fallujah.

Click.  From Greco to Picasso, this exhibition traces 500 years of Spanish portrait art.  

October 15, 2004

Click.  Scare: Edwards plane aborts takeoff.

Click.  Chairman of Homeland Security Advisory Council, Joseph Grano, Jr. was helping to guide America's security strategy at the same time he was a top executive with an international banking firm that was investigated and eventually fined more than $100 million for cash transfers to rogue nations, including Iraq, Iran, Libya and Cuba.

Click.  U.S. Platoon arrested for refusing "suicide mission".

Click.  David Lazarus: Bush plays his deficit shell game.

Click.  David Morton: Don't shoot me in the Capitol!

Click.  Shell Oil tapped to draw up Iraq gas blueprint.

Click.  Board member quits embattled Chiron Corp.

Click.  Some states are fining, threatening jail for doctors, nurses who give flu shots to non-risk groups.

Click.  Independent review finds Bush records that Texas National Guard officials missed

Click.  U.S. science alliance eyes artificial retina.

Click.  Martha Stewart: Yoooooo my faaaaans, no moooooore mooooooney, paaleeeeeze....

October 14, 2004

Click.  Bush starts shuffling, i.e. looting, the government pension program because the U.S. government reached the $7.384 trillion legal limit on how much it can borrow.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Click.  Flu vaccine may be available from Canada. Click.  United States Health & Human Services: More flu shots from abroad unlikely.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Zarqawi -- Bush's man for all seasons.

Click.  John Lettice: Indymedia seizures, a trawl for Genoa G8 trial cover-up?

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: Positively pixilated by the religion of politics.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Appealing to our lizard brains. Why Bush is still standing.

Who is fooling who? Click.  Senator Byrd defends Dayton's decision to close his office.  Click.  Does Sen. Mark Dayton know something we don't?

Click.  Anthrax slip-ups raise fears about planned biolabs.

Click.  Daniel McGrory: Al-Qa'ida financier on CIA's "ghost" list.

Click.  Business "Empress" Margaret Wong of McWong International, links China and Sacramento.

October 13, 2004

Click.   Robert Parry: Bush's endless "predictive" wars.

Click.   Martin Schram: Bush thinks you are all idiots.

Click.   The Associated Press to provide the only national vote count on election night.

Click.   Nikki Finke: Republicans sell out Christopher Reeve's Paralysis Act.

Click.   New confrontation looms over Jerusalem's most volatile Holy Site as Israel plans to restrict access during Ramadan.

Click.   A. C. Thompson: Cops across California are suing to classify police discipline records and to hold any misconduct hearings behind closed doors.

Click.   Steve Conner: How nature allows the "gay gene" to flourish.

October 12, 2004

Click.  New York grand jury investigating Chiron's flu vaccine failure.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Violent turn for "Pakistani al-Qaeda".

Click.  Timothy Noah: Why Bush opposes Dred Scott: It's code for Roe v. Wade.

Click.  Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn, closed is Washington office today because a top-secret intelligence report made him fear for his staff's safety.

Click.  Mark Ames: Save a Jew, save yourself! Sixty-five million Evangelicals can't be wrong!

Click.  Sergie Halimi: Bush's appeal to America's underclass.

Click.  Stardom: Poppy Production to Create MORE Junkies.

Click. The renowned Marshall Plan to rebuild shattered economies officially expired in 1952, but Berlin has accumulated a $12 billion nest egg from it.

October 11, 2004

Click.  New information suggests that the United States may have played into Saddam Hussein's plans for a quick war followed by a long guerrilla insurgency.

Click.  Jim Hopkins: Was Chiron a victim of "too-lofty" goals?

Click.  U.S. Department of Education is paying for rankings of newspaper coverage of the No Child Left Behind law. Points are awarded for stories that say President Bush and the Republican Party are strong on education, among other factors

Click.  Juan Cole: How would Cheney complete the war on terror?

Click.  People are human-bacteria hybrid.

Click.  George Jahn: Anti-Hitler plotter honored, but tribute comes late and less than expected.

Click.   Director of British Museum bans anyone from ever seeing the "tabots" regarded by Ethiopian Christians as representing the original Ark of the Covenant, the wooden chest which once housed the Ten Commandments.

October 10, 2004

Click.  Neil Mackay: After Egypt, where will al-Qaeda strike next?

Click. (NYT)   Robin Marantz Henig: The genetic basis of race. (Special drug approved for African American prevalent ailment.  $400 to discover your own racial composition.)

Click.  Kerry faults Bush for shortage of flu vaccine.

Click.  Laura Rozen: As Iran moves to the front burner, some in Washington are arguing that with a little help exiles and dissidents can topple the mullahs and establish a pro-Western democracy. Sound familiar?

Click.  Michael Ledeen's adventures in history.

Click.  Terrorist hunts around the world hampered by local sympathies, knowledge of tough terrain.

Click.  CIA "Old Guard" goes to war with Bush.


  Martha walkin' the walk.

Click.  Indians plan biggest casino ever near Rohnert Park.

Click.  Seth Rosenfeld: 60's Free Speech leader Mario Savio got caught in FBI web. Click. How Mario got caught in the FBI's meat grinder.

October 9, 2004

Click.  Small Novato business group sues the U.S. Small Business administration to reveal its files -- some fraud, pork, cozy defense contract deals suspected.

Click. (requires free Orange County Register registration)  Web site to fight against Megan's law. He is soliciting fellow convicts from across the nation to post photos, telephone numbers and street addresses of children living in their neighborhoods.

Click.  Elisabeth Rosenthal: Pathologist on the hunt for saints and poets.

Click.  Lionesses of Iraq.  In the dangerous Sunni Triangle, female GIs are volunteering for dangerous duty.

Click.  Dave Barry: Centuries later women still baffle men.

October 8, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole: Bombs in Taba, Multan, Baghdad signal failure of War on Terror.

Click.  The U.S. government has no "hard and fast" rules for deciding who gets put on the secret no-fly list of terror suspects barred from boarding airliners

Click.  The FBI seizes Indymedia servers. To delve much deeper: Click.

Click.  Salon reports: Bush's mystery bulge. Is he wired to receive debate instructions?

Click.  Universal access to all human knowledge online could be had for around $260 million.

October 7, 2004

Click.   Nothing to justify the invasion.

Click.   Alexandra Marks: Are terrorists casing planes? Some pilots see suspicious activity but there's no way to report it.

Click.   Ann Louise Bardach: Scavenger Hunt.  E. Howard Hunt talks about Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs, and what really happened to Che.

Click.   Judge admonishes U.S. lawyers in case of Stephen Hatfill vs. Ashcroft.  (Hatfill sued for defamation about being named a "subject of interest" in the Anthrax investigation.)

Click.  Robert Parry: Bush's "Transformational" Democracy.

Click.   Brenda Stardom: Man Circulates Fliers Calling For BUSH ASSassination. (UPDATE: October 8, 2004: Thousand Oaks council hopeful arrested)

Click.   Harry Browne: Can America bring peace to the world?

Click.  Virginia McCullough: The U.S. military bases in the Philippines in 1929 as seen by Captain H. A. Stecker.

October 7, 2004

Click.   Nothing to justify the invasion.

Click.   Alexandra Marks: Are terrorists casing planes? Some pilots see suspicious activity but there's no way to report it.

Click.   Ann Louise Bardach: Scavenger Hunt.  E. Howard Hunt talks about Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs, and what really happened to Che.

Click.   Judge admonishes U.S. lawyers in case of Stephen Hatfill vs. Ashcroft.  (Hatfill sued for defamation about being named a "subject of interest" in the Anthrax investigation.)

Click.  Robert Parry: Bush's "Transformational" Democracy.

Click.   Brenda Stardom: Man Circulates Fliers Calling For BUSH ASSassination.

Click.   Harry Browne: Can America bring peace to the world?

Click.  Virginia McCullough: The U.S. military bases in the Philippines in 1929 as seen by Captain H. A. Stecker.

October 6, 2004

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: At right moment, Edwards pounced.

Click.  Maggie Fox: Flu shot shortage highlights lone U.S. struggle.

Click.  Tony Morro: The Key to the Court. The moral of Baker Botts: If at first you don't succeed in getting a high-end appellate practice, buy, buy again. (Jim Baker's firm.)

Click.  Special agent Jane Turner vs. the FBI.

Click.   50,000 European psychiatric cases face review. Judges of the European Court of Human Rights ruled legal safeguards protecting people who do not understand why they are detained for psychiatric treatment were insufficient. The detention under common law of a man with autism was a breach of human rights.

Click.  Cannonfire explains Bush's hidden earpiece to you with updates.

October 5, 2004

Click.  Bruce Schneier: Does Big Brother want to watch?

Click.  Virginia McCullough: The U.S. military bases in the Philippines in 1929 as seen by
Captain H. A. Stecker.

Click.  Owais Tohid: Next wave of Al Qaeda leadership.

Click.  Bruce Schneier: Does Big Brother want to watch?

Click.  Feds probe Hillary Clinton's finances.

Click.  The sky's the limit for new alliance of NASA and University of California, Santa Cruz.

Click.  House votes to break up San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

October 4, 2004

Boston Globe investigation: Closed for business. Deals but no debate in Congress:
Part 1: GOP flexing its majority power + Diminishing debate + The Globe's major findings + Part 2: Energy bill a corporate triumph + Corporate lobbyists influencing policy

Click.  Daphna Berman: Pat Robertson says if Bush "touches" Jerusalem, we'll form 3rd party.

Click.   Virginia McCullough: The U.S. military bases in the Philippines in 1929 as seen by Captain H. A. Stecker.

Click.  Donna Marsh O'Connor: If the puppet show is over, prepare for the magic show.

Click.  Melissa Carr: Just say no to Bush's (mental health) drugs.

Click.  The live-in lab.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Old-timers remember the heyday of the Russian River as a resort area

October 2, 2004

Click.  Newsweek poll: Bush's lead has evaporated.

Click.  BUSH'S "PNAC" FOR IRAN?  Amir Oren: Inside track. Next year in Iran. 

Click.  The cost of the failed Iraqi "transition".

Click.  Bill would put President Putin in charge of judges.

Click.  Details about where recalled beef and poultry have been sold will remain secret in California. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 1585, which would have made public information from a federal tracking system for potentially tainted meat.

October 1, 2004

Click.  Pentagon stops negative reports from reaching the public.

Click.  ID rule exists, but can't be seen.

Click.  All's fair in the space war.

Click.  New CIA director makes changes at the top.

September 30, 2004

Click.  Kerry Catches On: It's War, Stupid!  Bushies Brutal!

Click.  Ellen Goodman: Welcome to faith based medicine.

Click.  Catherine Bennett: Never mind the facts, trust Tony Blair's faith.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: The al-Qaeda brains behind Pakistan's jihadis.

Click.  The planned takeover of a major Midwestern farm loan cooperative by a Dutch banking giant could help undermine the national co-op loan system, members of a House subcommittee said at a hearing Wednesday.

Click.  Jeff Jacoby: Abusing eminent domain.

Click.  Ex-employee of Diebold now runs the election procedures in Solano County, CA.

Click.  Botox babies.

September 29, 2004

Click.  The Republican leadership of Congress is attempting to legalize extraordinary rendition. "Extraordinary rendition" is the euphemism used for sending terrorism suspects to countries that practice torture for interrogation.

Click.  Josh Marshall: FBI could talk to source of forged Niger papers. I did.

Click.  Italian ex-spy Rocco Martino discusses own role in Iraq-Niger uranium traffic hoax.

Click.  B. Raman: Why Amjad Farooqi had to die.

Click.  Insider leaks to reporters spread as the CIA turns wary on Iraq.

Click.  Jonathan Alter: If we need to occupy another country that threatens us, we will either do it with the help of our allies or the draft.

Click.  Dr. John Mack killed.

Click.  Volcano "advisory" issued for Mt. Saint Helens.

September 28, 2004

Click.  Rep. Nancy Pelosi derails the CIA plan to buy Iraq elections.

Click.  America's new strategy in Iraq.

Click.  Bye bye meaningful vote recounts in California.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Roadmap for the prosecution.

Click.  David H. Hackworth: While America slept.

Click.   Rep. Barney Frank: A social security swindle.

September 27, 2004

Click.  A national election security planning bulletin will be sent today to the 50 states and the District, containing guidelines to governors and election officials for coordination of law enforcement, polling place and ballot-counting security, legal powers to order emergency election changes and public communication from now through Election Day.

Click.  Jimmy Carter:  Voting arrangements in Florida do not meet "basic international requirements" and could undermine the US election.

Click.  Andrew Gumble: Politics and sleaze envelop Orlando, Florida.

Click.  Justice Department audit finds FBI still has large backlog of untranslated intercepts.

Click.  Officials at the Department of Homeland Security are investigating the reinstatement of Faisal Gill, director of policy for intelligence for the agency who was briefly suspended for failing to disclose he was spokesman for the controversial American Muslim Council.

Click.  E. L. Doctorow: The unfeeling president.

Click.  James Fallows: When George meets John.

Click.  (Laugh until you cry.) "NY Times" already has the answers in the first Bush-Kerry debate.

Click.  David M. Drucker: Battle heating up. Gov. Schwarzenegger has quietly started overhauling California's dysfunctional power system.

September 25, 2004

Click. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power (even after Pearl Harbor). At the Hague, two Holocaust survivors sue the US government and the Bush family for a total of $40bn in compensation claim charging both materially benefited from Auschwitz slave labor during the second world war.

Click. Gordon Prather: Iran's golden offer.

Click.  Alexander Zaitchik: Can the GOP protect the national-security lie until November?

Click.  Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors.

Click.  J. David Galland: In the absence of military leadership. They were called, "Air America", the CIA's quasi-clandestine Air Force.

Click.  The World Health Organization said on Saturday it was "suspecting human-to-human transmission" of bird flu had occurred in northern Thailand, marking what could be the first such transmission of the lethal virus.

Click.  Children of military families at higher risk of being killed by their parents.

Click.  Andrew Barksdale: Defense Dept. to seek more child abuse data.

Click.  Access to drugs may be limited by Bush's Medicare law.

Click.  Robert Gammon: Fire & Ice Cream: The story behind the story of the blaze at Fentons of Oakland.

Click.  Deidre Pike: Bikers consider themselves loyal, patriotic Americans--that’s why they’re infuriated by laws that lump them in with terrorists.

September 24, 2004

Click.  Jonathan Steele: Humiliated and impotent, every Iraqi is a hostage now.

Click.  GOP stalls 9/11 changes with controversial anti-terror measures.

Click.  Peter Galbraith: The bungled transition in Iraq.

Click.  David Kay and Hans Blix question U.S. detention of a dozen Iraqi scientists.

Click.  Iraqi judge dismisses case against Ahmad Chalabi.

Click.  Julie Post: For God, Country, Yale and the CIA.

Click.  Bob Norman: John Kerry once took a shot at Miami's Felix Rodriguez for his part in the Iran-contra scandal. Now the Bush family friend is shooting back.

Click.  A FDA medical officer was told by top agency officials to delete material on the risks of antidepressant drugs from records he was submitting to Congress.

Click.  Stem cells could be used to cure some types of blindness in 2 years.

Click.  NASA has released a comprehensive world viewing tool that allow

September 23, 2004

Click.  Phillip Robertson: Hell.

Click.  Can nuclear weapons be stopped?

Click.  U.S. Attorney Michael Shelby stated that on 09/13/04, US Attorney General John Ashcroft, had a conference call with all 93 US Attorneys, an event which is extremely rare.  The US Attorneys were informed that without a doubt, an attack was going to be perpetrated in the US within the next 6 weeks, prior to the elections.

Click.  Judith Miller, New York Times reporter, hints she's willing to do jail time, rather than testify in Plame case.

Click.   The Armored Electronic Peacewagon.

Click. Cynthia Tucker: Zell Miller knows race-baiting lifted the GOP.

Click. The "Green Wall" shows who's boss at the Salinas Valley State Prison, California.

September 22, 2004

Click.   Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sold stakes this summer in at least five companies after they were identified as doing business with the Pentagon.

Click.   Naomi Klein: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia.

Click.   Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the mysterious sadist who likes to carry out his own grisly acts of violence.

Click.   Air Force Times: Bush’s Air Guard stint started well, then faded into mystery.

Click.  The politics of Social Security. Kerry to use study to call Bush plan a Wall Street windfall.

Click.  Juan Cole: If America were Iraq, what would it be like?

September 21, 2004

Click.  Recruiting terrorists.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Hiding intelligence that matters.

Click.  Debka: Zarqawi is using hostages to ransom old friends, Drs Germ and Anthrax.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger works in secrecy in Sacramento.

Click.  Jay Rosen: Did the President of CBS News have anyone in charge of reading the Internet and sending alerts?

Click.  Government to order airlines to turn over passenger data to check names against terror watch lists.

Click.  Child abuse leads to adult heart disease.

September 19, 2004

Click.  Bush's super-secret government.

Click.  Greg Palast: The lynching of Dan Rather.

Click.  German 9/11 retrial could hold surprises. New witness says plotters had loose tongues at meal.

Click.   A woman imprisoned in Abu Ghraib reports.

Click.   Feds seeking $61K from alleged call girl, a Stanford law graduate, who worked to pay off her student loans.

Click.   Quick read on your genetics.

Click.   Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran.

Click.   The meaning of security.

September 18, 2004

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: The Teflon presidency of George W. Bush.

Click.  Mike Whitney: Iran October surprise.

Click.  FBI's anti-terror October plan.

Click.  Seymour Hersh's alternative history of Bush's war.  He tells Salon about a disastrous battle the U.S. brass hushed up, the frightening True Believers in the White House, and how Iran, not Israel, may have manipulated us into war. (Note: Salon allows you to read this if you get a day pass and see an ad first.)

Click.  Afghan warlord plans $100m Swiss-style ski resort.

Click.  Eric Talmadge: "I will never be forgiven": Facing his own mortality, a veteran of Japan's bio-warfare program seeks to atone.

Click.  Anne Applebaum: Medicare plans offer a dose of confusion.

Click.  Andrew Cohen: Twists and turns in Colorado courtrooms from JonBenet to Kobe Bryant.

Click.  Deconstructing Gov. Schwarzeneggers California State Performance Review.

September 17, 2004

Click.  Kerry accuses Bush of secret plan to call up more Reservists and Guard units immediately after November 2.

Click.  United States apologizes to Britain for terror leaks

Click.  U.S. soldiers shoot first, no questions asked.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: The Al Qaeda candidate.

Click.  Greg Palast: Still unreported. The pay-off in the Bush Air Guard fix.

Click.  Lou Dobose: Don't mess with Texas: Character assassination and Karl Rove.

Click.  Eric Umansky: Pentagon admits censoring casualty sites.

September 16, 2004

Click.  Christopher Caen: Think globally, fight locally.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Far graver than Vietnam.

Click.  Dick Foster: Soldiers say they were told to re-enlist or face deployment to Iraq.

Click.  Ray McGovern: Gossing over the record.

Click.  Larry Beinhart: Wag the press dog.

Click.  The coming Senate battle: Open the Porter Goss file.

Click.  Storm Season in U.S. may be worst in 99 years as Hurricane Jeanne moves in.

Click.  Labor Department web site tracks U.S. jobs shipped overseas.

Click.  A federal judge has ordered the Pentagon to find and make public by next week any unreleased files about President Bush's Vietnam-era Air National Guard service to resolve a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Associated Press.

September 15, 2004

Click.  Die Welt: Syria testing Chemical Weapons in Darfur.

Click.  James Brooke: Japan set to label China as war threat.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Iraq outrage: Troops following orders from General Rove.

Click.  James Risen: C.I.A. unit on bin Laden Is understaffed, a senior official tells lawmakers.

Click.  Rex Weyler: The No-Conspiracy theory.

September 14, 2004

Click.  Here's the solution: "Project Sheriff". Troops in Iraq to get combined lethal/nonlethal weapons system.

Click.   David Talbot: Don't mess with the Bushes.

Click.   Wayne Barrett: How Kerry could craft a Bin Laden commercial that makes him president.

Click.   Most Americans would not cooperate as officials expect during a terror incident such as a smallpox or dirty bomb attack, survey shows. They are suspicious of anti-terror plans.

Click.   Engineers battle insurgents in oil blasts.

Click.   David Scofield: North Korea blast. The only certainty is doubt.

Click.   Richard Lloyd Parry: Every dog as its day in the North Korean capitalist revolution.

Click.   Terror sours Russia on the West.

Click.   Method to turn off bad genes is set for test on human eyes.

September 13, 2004

Click.  Pentagon revives memory project.

Click.  Jeffrey Toobin: Is the Justice Department poised to stop voting fraud or to keep voters from voting?

Click.  Mape's Ranch sets the standard for environmental stewardship in the Governor Schwarzenegger's world.

Click.  Stardom: I Am DYING. I am DYING.

Click.  Simon Jeffery: Roll out the barrels.

Click.  A review of President Bush's Guard years raises issues about the time he served.

Click.  Gay students are offered special college scholarships.

September 11, 2004

Click.  Gordon Prather: Outsource nukes?

Click.  The U.S. administration's use of the G-word "genocide" for the violence in Sudan was pushed by the evangelical right.

Click.  Rick Salutin: When religion is not.

Click.  Juan Cole: September 11 and its aftermath.

Click.  Robert Fisk: We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers to Change our World.

Click.  Bill Moyers: 9/11. Key government officials failed the system, and they failed the American people.

Click.  Greg Palast: September 11: What you "ought not to know", Document 199-I and the FBI's words to chill the soul.

Click.  Carlene Bauer: Ms. Heinz Kerry is a new flavor of election mate.

Click.  Contract expert calls Army bidding process a "sham".

September 10, 2004

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Osama adds weight to Afghan resistance.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Why al-Qaeda is winning.

Click.  Yevgeny Bendersky.  Russia and its Muslim population - a  balancing act.

Click.  Justin Berton: The government's plan for saving abandoned babies in Alameda County is no plan at all.

Click.  How the San Francisco DA's decision to drop prostitution charges against lap dancers will change the sexual culture of S.F. -- and, perhaps, the country.

Click.  Typewriter follies! Wingnuts wrong!

Click.  The AWOL project.

Click.  Pot odors wafting in the valley.

September 9, 2004

Click.  Ridge says Bush wants plan for school siege.

Click.  J. David Galland: Soldier for the truth: Sgt. Samuel Provance.

Click.  Haroon Siddiqui: The surreal world of George W. Bush.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Cheney spits toads.

Click.  Jordon Barab: Arnold: Chevron's Girly Man or Disney's?

Click.  Russia asks Pakistan to eliminate finance for terrorism.

September 8, 2004

Click.  Boston Globe: Bush fell short on duty at Guard.

Click.  Does the Constitution prohibit the government from requiring  a citizen to carry an ID in order to travel within the United States? The case is Gilmore v. Ashcroft. Click.  Gilmore wants the case heard in public. Ashcroft wants secrecy. More: Click.

Click.  Elizabeth Drew: Pinning the blame.

Click.  Juan Cole: Cheney, Halliburton and Iraq: The purloined letter.

Click.  How a "Noah's Ark" on the Moon could help to save the world.

September 7, 2004

Click.  U.S. military deaths in Iraq campaign pass 1,000.


August was the worst month for the U.S. in Iraq.

Click.  Paul Krugman:  A mythic reality.

Click.  Philip Gourevitch:  Bush speak.

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: Spin can't hide the economic slide.

Click. Kitty Kelly Bush book rumors.

Click.  The FBI's secret "I" drive -- containing the pre-revision data always withheld from defendants and the public.

Click.  CIA's Counterintelligence Center is buying off "liberal" studies, reports and conferences in the U.S.A.

Click.  Juan Cole reports on Iraq and the Pentagon spy case.

Click.  GAO: The former Medicare administrator should repay his government salary because of his efforts to keep higher estimates of the cost of a prescription drug plan from Congress last year.

Click.  Maths holy grail could bring disaster for the Internet.

September 6, 2004

Click.  William Rees-Mogg: Beslan will change the world.

Click.  Pravda: Conspiracy theory.

Click.  Learning from 9/11, secret U.S. watch post overhauled.

Click.  Now-extinct Pericues, who inhabited Baja California, could have been the first Americans.

Click.  Dig renews debate over Dead Sea Scrolls.  Researchers in dispute over sect's lifestyle.

Click.  A Leonardo da Vinci for the twenty-first century.

September 5, 2004

SPECIAL OAKLAND TRIBUNE REPORT ON ANTI-TERRORISM PORK AND PROFITEERING IN CALIFORNIA:  Click. A flawed plan to protect the homeland. Click. High tech toys and Uncle Sam picks up the tab. Click. Instructions not included.

Click.  Debka: Al Qaeda’s Dread Touch Falls on Moscow, Beslan, Beersheba.

Click.  The horror of second 9/11 with more suicide bombing to come.

Click.  Stanislaus District Attorney Jim Brazelton (prosecutor in Scott Peterson case) needs to look at his face in a mirror.

Click.  Robert Parry: Does reality still mean anything to the American voter?

Click.  Bob Graham's new book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked. Click. Iraq plan preceded terror war.

September 4, 2004

Click.  We Americans are led by a smiling tiger.

Click.  Gordon Prather: Neocons preparing the sequel to Plan of Attack.

Click.  Dave Zirin: Kobe Bryant and the price of freedom = $8 million.

Click.  FDA considers experimenting on healthy kids.

Click.  Ex-warden accuses Salinas Valley State Prison guards of forming a Green Wall to cover up abuse and corruption.

Click.  How not to end up like Bill.

Click.  California appeals court rules that the need of the disabled person for a dog as a "therapeutic companion" for mental distress can trump a landlord's no pets rule.

September 3, 2004

Click.  Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton's recovery.  Bush does nothing to stop them.

Click.  Graydon Carter: Bush by the numbers. Four years of double standards.

Click.  Quiet investigation centers on Al Qaeda aide in New York and November 2.

Click.  David Corn: Bush: It's about me and my crusade.

Click.  Greg Palast: Live in Bush's "ownership" society. It starts with the invasion of our Social Security trust fund.

Click.  Jason Vest, Laura Rozen: Mole Hunt. An expert on U.S.–Israeli relations reveals details from his recent visit with the FBI.

Click.  "Jesus Christ" takes your calls on Los Angeles radio.

Click.  New analysis spurs speculation on secret planes appearing as triangles in the sky.

September 2, 2004

Click.   Tom Griffin: Kerry joins campaign against $293 million dollar Iraq contract to Aegis Defense Services.

Click.   Paul Vitello: Fear keeps 'em in business.

Click.   Daniel Gross: Debt, Where Is Thy Sting? The sting is right here, Mr. President, which is why your "ownership society" idea is in trouble.

Click.   John Edwards' plane grounded at Wilkes Barre/Scranton Airport.  Bush's Airforce C-17 had ripped up a chunk of the runway.

Click.   Bob Barr: Is it holier to snitch than to receive? Now the feds are strong-arming charities in the war on terror.

Click.   The Coming Senate Battle: Open the Porter Goss File.

Click.   Helena Cobban: Iranian nukes.  Are we scared yet?

Click.   J. Hoberman: Elephants never forget.

Click.   Jewish groups irked by cross on the Republican podium.

Click.   Matt Smith: A chat with the man who does nothing, all day long, for the Department of Homeland Security.

September 1, 2004

Click.  John Sutherland: George Bush really is doing God's work - according to the Rev Evans' best-selling book, that is.

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: What this guy needs is a new press agent.

Click.  Help the wounded get home.

Click.  Deconstructing Arnold.

Click.  In Germany, scientists who advise overseas colleagues on new stem cell lines may face prosecution

Click.  Alleged bombers of lab related to stem cell research are arrested.

Click.  The preacher, the "miracle" births and the lost children.

August 31, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole: Larry Franklin met with Naor Gilon, head of the political department at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and a specialist on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Click.  Laura Rozen: More Investigations of Feith's Office.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Pentagon spy case. Why Franklin and not Feith?

Click.  President Bush’s stealth economic policy.

Click.  David Hackworth: Some soldiers are more equal than others.

Click.  Lisa Ashkenaz Croke: American lawyer finds new evidence of recent torture in Iraq.

Click.  A poisonous kind of justice.

Click.  Cloning the dead.

August 29, 2004

Click.  Ian Bremer: Expect a very different kind of war on terror.

Click.  Fred Bridgland. A very African coup.

Click.  Neal Mackay: The U.S. knew, Spain knew, Britain knew. Whose African coup was it?

Click.  Juan Cole: Pentagon/Israel Spying Case Expands: Fomenting a War on Iran.

Click.  Marshall, Rozen, Glastris: Iran-Contra II? Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation.

Click.  Michael Isikoff And Mark Hosenball: Alleged spy Franklin now a mole?

Click.  Conservatives for Kerry?  Here's Your Man.  An Old Nixon Hand Smacks the Bushes.

Click.  The office of tomorrow has an address in India.

Click.  America's hell-hole jail Angola finds God.

Click.  Madonna's Kaballah mystics target British kids.

August 28, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole: Israeli Spy in Pentagon Linked to AIPAC.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Israeli spy at the Pentagon: "It's Larry Franklin".

Click.  Helena Cobban: The Israel spying accusation. Big questions!

Click.  Debka: Suspected Israeli Spy in Pentagon. First the Leak, Then the Fallout.

Click.  Jim DeFede: A computer program has marked thousands of citizens as potential terrorists.

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: Think we're safe. That's a real gas.

Click.  Merovingian tombs discovered.

August 27, 2004

Click.  Wall Street Journal: It is doubtless not the most tactful question to ask on the eve of the Republican convention, but might it not be better for American conservatism if George Bush failed to win a second term?

Click.  Spencer Ackerman: Borrowed time (re: Al Sadr).

Click.  Under fire: Lebanese millionaire Ely Calil who seems to know everybody.

Click.  Who are the California San Pablo Casino backers who could get between 20 and 25 percent of revenue.

Click.  A key electric re-regulation bill moved to the brink of passage yesterday, setting up a likely confrontation between the Legislature and Gov. Schwarzenegger on the future of the California's electricity industry.

Click.  Barbara Miner: Federal Department of Education funds flow to privatizers and voucher supporters.

Click.  Michelle Cottle: Cheney's selfish gay rights pose.

Click.  Chinese neurosurgeon has been besieged by desperate Americans willing to pay $25,000 for an implant of cells from aborted fetuses, a controversial and scientifically unproven procedure that the doctor claims has helped patients with spinal injuries or Lou Gehrig's disease.

August 26, 2004

Click.  Moscow Times: Russian plane crashes. Organized attack or tragic coincidence?

Click.  The CIA spurned prison rules, report says.

Click. "The New Soldier" by John Kerry. The book he has put out of print.

Click.  Virginia McCullough: THE REBEL EDITORIAL by LARRY FLYNT, 1/23/84 (From the Mae Brussell Archive).

Click.  Robert Greene: The peace movement that couldn't stop a war.

Click.  Brad DeLong:  A cure for America's health care system.

August 25, 2004

Click.  Putin’s Sochi residence targeted by hijacked Russian plane.

Click.  Bush's doomsday scenario.

Click.  Robert J. Lifton: Made in Iraq: the new antiwar veteran.

Click.  Professor Froomkin: The value of zealous representation.

Click.  Judge mulls immunity for prison commanders.

Click.  Bob Barr: The FBI's pre-emptive interrogations of  "possible" demonstrators chilling political speech.

Click.  Rare form of West Nile worries California.  An Athlete suffered polio-like symptoms after a Colorado event.

August 24, 2004

Click.  Pakistan nears endgame in hunt for al-Qaeda.

Click.  There's more to Sadr than meets the eye.

Click.  Joseph Kay: Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal.

Click.  Chuck Collins: Google wealth built on Uncle Sam's shoulders.

Click.  House panel told government tries to keep too many secrets.

Click.  Escapes of a sex predator.

August 23, 2004

Click.  The lovely lady Baba Groom tells you what Lietenant Bush was doing on duty in Alabama while Captain Kerry was getting shot at in Vietnam.

Click. Pat Buchanan: A new war to erase the old.

Click.  Juan Cole: US bombing damaged part of a wall of the Ali shrine complex could be explosive.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Martyrdom or victory for Mugtada.

Click.  What happened to the genetic revolution?

August 22, 2004

Click.  David Domke: Bush's goal is a national mood of spiritual superiority under the guise of a just sovereignty.

Click.  The three companies that certify the nation's voting technologies operate in secrecy, and refuse to discuss flaws in the ATM-like machines to be used by nearly one in three voters in November.

Click.  Robolander to combat terror hijacks. Click.  Anti-hijacking Avionics.

Click.  Lenore Skenazy: $1.5 billion for labs only fuels my bioterror.

Click.  Swift boat skipper William B. Rood:  I was there.

Click.  Blow by blow coverage: Swift boat veterans for "truth" vs. the truth.

Click.  Matier & Ross: When it comes to San Pablo's new mega-casino, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently hit the jackpot even before he pulled the lever on the deal.

Click.  Jon Else. Rusting museum of our attempted suicide survives in the desert.

Click.  Diane Lindquist: Calls to California state agencies are outsourced around the world.

Click.  The corporation: organization as psychopath.

August 21, 2004

Click.  Two accused U.S. born terrorists; one gets 20 years, other may go free.

Click.  Najaf Siege might not end rebel cleric's challenge.

Click.  Dan Verton: Intelligence overhaul means crushing "fiefdoms".

Click.  Chris Mooney: Bush’s politicized stem-cell decision puts California on the verge of a “scientific secession.”

Click.  Stealing beauty.  

August 20, 2004

Click.  Ritt Goldstein: Memo: "Terror" election barring voters could stand.

Click.  The war room.

Click.  Daniel Schorr: Declassified truth is necessary.

Click.  Jason Leopold: How Dick Cheney Got Away With $35 Million.

Click.  Scranton newspaper mystified by secret probe. Subpoenas not served.

Click.  O'Dowd Catholic school dismisses gay teacher. Teacher claims he was fired for gay marriage in San Francisco.

August 19, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole: What does Muqtada al-Sadr Want?

Click.  Jeffrey McCracken: Info on car safety off-limits to public. U.S. rule keeps data secret at request of companies, lobbyists.

Click.  Hunt for 'terrorism nexus' changes how FBI handles crime.

Click.  Juan Gonzalez: Dust must clear on veil of deceit.

Click.  Arabic press is reporting that Pakistan has narrowed down bin Laden’s location to a specific point along the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Click.  Pakistan serves the U.S. heads, not tales.

Click.  The global march of Islamic banking.

August 18, 2004

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: The no-fault National Security strategy.

Click.  The outing of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan: State of play.

Click.  Paul Krugman : 2004 presidential election will be suspect.

Click.  Jon Anderson: U.S. forces staying out of Afghanistan's drug war for now.

Click.  Monterey Institute: A Preemptive Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities: Possible Consequences

Click.  Don't stake your life on care coverage.

Click.  Pakistan turns on itself.

Click.  Pravda: Russian mafia still terrorizes California.

Click.  Securing a global reach.

August 16, 2004

Click.  Michael Froomkin: FBI Questioning POTENTIAL Demonstrators.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Suppress the vote?

Click.  Vincent L. Guarisco: Living the matrix - can you believe it?

Click.  He’s 57 years old, afflicted with skin cancer, partially deaf and suffers from high blood pressure. But the U.S. Army still wants Master Sgt. Luis Jaime Treviño.

Click.  Reza Aslan: End of days: The mission of al-Sadr's Army of the Mahdi.

Click.  Gary Leupp: Attack on Nafja is ultimate stupidity.

Click.  Greg Palast: Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's band. Why Venezuela has voted again for the "negor e indio" President.

Click.  The New Jersey sex scandal involving Gov. James McGreevey was really an Israeli intelligence operation gone sour?

Click.  Searching for new ways to search.

Click.  Cave linked to John the Baptist found in Israel.

August 13, 2004

Click.  Eyewitness: At the Imam Ali mosque.

Click.  Juan Cole: The Najaf crisis.

Click.  Getting a biometric identity card (your life on a chip)?  How is it done?

Click.  Radio tags for China's products, blood and people.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal:  The final fall of the house of Nixon.

Click.  John Dean: Thoughts on the law addressing bad federal judges.  Self policing isn't working, but is there a good alternative?

Click.  "9/11 Truth Candidate" John Buchanan arrested.

Click.  A thorny tweak for the rose.

August 12, 2004

Click.  Michael Schwartz: Bush gambles as Najaf burns.

Click.  Steve Weissman: How far will Bush go?

Click.  New York lockdown.

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: Keep off the grass' a bad plan for rally.

Click.  Stardom: Come on, How About the TRUTH About Afghan Poppies?

Click.  Los Alamos and the missing discs that never were.

Click.  French Court reopens probe into alleged cheating in blood tests of Princess Diana's driver.

Click.  Wolfowitz calls for tightening control of the Internet. (Read down to near end of the article for the almost hidden sentence.)

August 11, 2004

Click.  David Corn:  Why did Porter Goss, Bush's new CIA nominee, go easy on the CIA's Iraq and 9/11 screw-ups?

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Cracking open Pakistan's jihadi core.

Click.  The Pakistan problem.

Click.  Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran.

Click.  Janine Wedeld: Danger of private agendas in foreign policy.

Click.  Chaim Kupferberg: The "official" operative clique for the next 9/11?

Click.  People on Medicare stand two-to-one against drug bill.

Click.  Virginia Woolf: Portrait of a Londoner (Lost manuscript discovered).

August 10, 2004

Click.  Ray McGovern: Cheney Cat's Paw, Porter Goss, as CIA Director?

Click.  Juan Cole: Update on the Kahn scandal.

Click.  Tom Engelhardt: Surprise, surprise. Bushites caught napping.

Click.  Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.: A G.W. Bush Intelligence Czar is obviously an oxymoron.

Click.  Lawrence Lessing: Copyrighting the President.

Click.  Research details use of religion to help sell war on terror, Iraq.

Click.  The surveillance industrial complex.

Click.  Louis Menand: Where the “Manchurian Candidate” came from.

Click.  Phillip Knightly: How a possible scoop on Iraq just vanished.

Click.  Inside the Kabbalah Learning Centre.

August 9, 2004

Click.  Spencer Ackerman: What was lost by the Bush administration's outing of an Al Qaeda double agent.

Click.  Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa. Senate Finance Committee chairman, told Ashcroft the Justice Department has retaliated against prosecutors in a Detroit terror trial because they cooperated with Congress.

Click.  Virginia McCullough: Exposing the Christian right wing.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: Operation Gardenplot.

Click.  Jim Scanlon: Bleak prospects for runaway mom and daughter; Kaffkaesque legal situation.

August 7, 2004

Click.  Juan Cole: Did the Bush Administration Burn a Key al-Qaeda Double Agent?

Click.  Federal fat likely added to 9/11 confusion.

Click.  The politicians are departing at Carlyle.

Click.  North Korean nuclear missile could reach U.S.

August 6, 2004

Click.  Christopher Hitchens: The silliness of terror alerts.

Click.  Look out, ladies! The divinely-appointed duo of George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II are on the prowl again.

Click.  Bin Ladin's former "Bodyguard" interviewed on Al-Qaeda strategies.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Raise the economy threat to "high".

Click.  Update on the Anthrax investigation.

Click.  William S. Lind: Corruption in the Marine Corps.

Click.  Robert J. Lifton: Complicity of doctors in prison torture cases.

Click.  Scientist says Ireland is the lost island of Atlantis.

August 5, 2004

Click.  Why Bush has more to fear than fear itself.

Click.  Federal judges get to strip information from their conflict of interest disclosure reports.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: A FIRST! Political PHISHING.

Click.  Security investigations have invaded the upper echelons of higher education.

Click.  Battlefield intelligence, logistics not seen as transformation success stories.

August 4, 2004

Click.  They seek him here, they seek him there -- Bin Laden.

Click.  Phillip Carter: How Bush is obstructing the Supreme Court's terror decisions.

Click.  Thomas Patrick Carroll: A new breed of spy.

Click.  Mars gone wild.

August 3, 2004

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Pakistan produces the goods again.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: All Government is waste, by the 9/11 report stands out.

Click.  Tape of the assassination of President Kennedy is getting digital analysis.

Click.  Terrorism insurance is no longer an option for many businesses -- it's a requirement.

Click.  Henry Blodget: Gambling on GOOGLE.

Click.  Sydney H. Schanberg: When Kerry worked with Cheney on Vietnam P.O.W.'s.

August 2, 2004

Click.  Private military contractors will help draft the next U.S. defense budget.

Click.  Wolfowitz's `special ‘relationship’ behind US West Asia policy.

Click.  Robert Dreyfus: Five flaws in 9/11 report.

Click.  The Church of Bush.

Click.  Be careful what you Bush for?

Click.  Still writing checks? Watch out!

August 1, 2004

Click.  Secret Proposals: Fighting Terror by Attacking....South America?

Click.  Kyle Hence: Senator Dayton says: "NORAD lied".

Click.  Ron Reagan: The case against George W. Bush.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: Why I Am Scared to Death of George Bush--And Why You Should Be, Too.


  Neil Mackay: Revealed: coalition forces imprison Iraqi children.

Click.  Rolling Stone: The secret file of Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Stardom: The POPE Is On Something, Not ONTO Something.

July 31, 2004

Click.  An eccentric ally in the Green Zone, this Imam extols U.S., reveres Virgin Mary and is despised by fellow clerics.

Click.  Giles Coren: This is one softie who is ready for Armageddon.

Click.  The Defense Intelligence Agency is accelerating its investigation of a two-man Pentagon intelligence team -- the Counter-Terrorism Evaluation Group -- which was tasked to establish links between then Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Click.  Who really controls Boston University's biodefense lab?

Click.  Juan Cole: Did al-Qaeda game Bush into the Iraq war?

July 30, 2004

Click.  Pakistan caught in terror tit for tat.

Click.  Christian Science Monitor: It's only fiction, but is it legal? The fact-based argument about killing President Bush may strike some as incendiary, even illegal.

Click.  Omar Barghouti: Wither the Empire: The Rise of Global Resistance.

Click.  Lurking off a balance sheet near you -- billions in added debt.

Click.  Brian Melley: From difficult upbringing to murder allegations, the troubled path of William Nesler. (His mother was imprisoned for shooting the man who molested him.)

Click.  Clone steak is safe, unless it isn't.

July 29, 2004

Click.  Iraq now an Al-Qaeda battleground, British report says.

Click.  Robert Fisk: The unreported war. U.S. documents reveal the scale of the Iraq conflict.

Click.  True or false? Sullen, depressed President retreats into private, paranoid world.

Click.  The Scaife strategy: Smother Theresa.

Click.  The Grateful Dead play at the Bohemian Grove.

July 28, 2004

Click.  Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior.

Click.  Isabel Hilton: The 800 pound gorilla in American foreign policy.

Click.  Jury orders Orange County to pay father half-million dollars in damages because social services was negligent in failing to remove an abused five-year-old girl from the custody of her mother and her live-in boyfriend who eventually murdered the girl.

Prior gemstones:

Click.  Kerry, Bush Vie Over Carrying Out 9/11 Panel's Advice.

Click.  Don't worry, the "Red Cell" is thinking outside the box.

Click.  Bush has "outsourced" the management of U.S. security interests in the Pakistan region to the military dictatorship of President General Pervez Musharraf.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Reality is irrelevant.

Click.  He wants to collect the DNA of everything on the planet.

Click.  Ernest Partridge: When the law goes flat.

Click.  Christopher Lord:  Why the Republican Party suddenly cares about Sudan -- or at least pretends to.

Click.  Don't let the unexpected happen.

July 26, 2004

Click.  Lawrence Wright: An investigation of the Madrid bombings reveals that jihad is being plotted on the Internet.

Click.  Do not be surprised to see three or four divisions of the Russian army in the Sunni triangle before the November election.

Click.  Ritt Goldstein: Group think and the slide into fascism.

Click.  If Gaza exit equals Holocaust, is Jewish terror next?

Click.  Sheryl McCarthy: This is the time to hold nothing back.

Click.  US confirms protected status for Iranian opposition forces in Iraq.

July 25, 2004

Click. Jimmy Breslin: In 1773 they risked their lives to speak out.

Click. A nuclear lab's cowboy culture.

Click. Thomas Oliphant: The Kerry I know.

Click. Dr. Zoo.

July 24, 2004

Click.  Criticism mounting for U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan, the point man for the Bush administration's Justice Department in Northern California.

Click.  Michael Froomkin: Bush's payroll records are damning evidence.

Click.  Eclectic crowd, including Powell, Rumsfeld, Grateful Dead members, join annual Bohemian gathering.

Click.  "Roughing it" the Bohemian Club way.

Click.  9/11 panel unable to solve the mystery re: hints that others in U.S. aided the first hijackers.

Click.  Gail Sheehy:  Who's in charge here?

Click.  Zach Parsi: Expatriate Manifesto.

July 23, 2004

Click.  James Pinkerton: 9/11 Panel plays it safe and makes no enemies.

Click.  James Ridgeway: What's covered in the 9/11 report?  What's covered up?

Click.  Margo Kingston: Is Bali bomber verdict another Howard fix gone wrong?

Click.  Dee Ann Divis: BioWar: Balancing rights and needs legally.

Click.  U.S. sets goals for making health records electronic.

July 22, 2004

Click.  Turkish ship off Delaware with reported bomb under escort.  Captain refuses to be boarded for search.

Click.  How Cheney's firm Halliburton made millions every time the Army saw action.

Click.  Michael Meacher: There is evidence of foreign intelligence backing for the 9/11 hijackers. Why is the US government so keen to cover it up?

Click.  Robert Fisk:  The Iraqi government rules only in the capital.

Click.  Timothy Garten Ash: George Bush's re-election hopes may well hang on al-Qaida's ruthless ingenuity.

Click.  The complete 9/11 Commission report.

July 21, 2004

Click.  Pravda: US and Russia conduct negotiations to dispatch Russian peacemakers to Iraq.

Click.  US 9/11 Probe Misses Saudi-Iranian-Syrian Rescue Operation for Saudi Terrorists.

Click.  San Mateo D.A. Jim Fox says no criminal charges will be filed against the San Carlos public works director accused of helping his own company win lucrative city contracts.

Click.  "Christian-izing" the founding fathers.

July 21, 2004

Click.  Pravda: US and Russia conduct negotiations to dispatch Russian peacemakers to Iraq.

Click.  US 9/11 Probe Misses Saudi-Iranian-Syrian Rescue Operation for Saudi Terrorists.

Click.  San Mateo D.A. Jim Fox says no criminal charges will be filed against the San Carlos public works director accused of helping his own company win lucrative city contracts.

Click.  "Christian-izing" the founding fathers.

July 20, 2004

Click. Sandy Berger stuck classified terror documents in his shirt, pants and socks and walked them out of the National Archive. (Berger was President Clinton's national security advisor and is an informal national security advisor to John Kerry).

Click.  Debka: Sandy Berger drops windfall in the lap of the Bush campaign.

Click.  Henry Waxman asks: How has the US been spending Iraq's oil revenues?

Click.  Anthrax probe takes over Army labs.

Click.  Timothy O'Brien: Downfall of Riggs Bank creates regulatory waves.

Click.  Jonna Spilbor: Looking for clues in all the wrong places. Why the D.A.'s search of Michael Jackson's P.I.'s office was unlawful and what the court should do about it.

Click.  Small-World Instant Messaging System (SWIM), which extends instant messaging systems by identifying expertise and routing queries accordingly.

July 18, 2004

Click.  Now Bush eyes regime change in Iran.

Click.  American Kabuki: The ritual of scandal.

Click.  Nicholas D. Kristof:  Jesus and jihad.

Click.  Germany to drop 9/11 plot charges because of possible American torture of witnesses.

Click.  Bolinas woman's campaign pits mothers against Bush.

Click.  Craig Unger: The biggest crime in American history and planes are grounded. Yet the House of Saud gets safe passage home.

July 17, 2004

Click.  Mark Morford: Why hookers love Republicans.

Click.  Was our son murdered by the CIA?

Click.  Iyad Allawi, the new Prime Minister of Iraq, pulled a pistol and executed as many as six suspected insurgents at a Baghdad police station, just days before he took office.

Click.  Michael Isikoff: The Iran factor.

Click.  Robert Fisk: The war on learning.

Click.  Gary Leupp: Apocalypse now. Why the Book of Revelations is Must Reading.

Click.  Patrick Bond: The George Bush of Africa.

July 15, 2004

Click.  Geov Parrish: The massive heist.

Click.  California leaders are in no hurry to approve a budget for the fiscal year that began almost two weeks ago, and why should they be? Thanks to an ethically dubious deal with various banks, they get all the cash they need.

Click.  Kevin Bogardus: A pipeline of influence. Even before he became VP, Dick Cheney and Bush fundraisers were crafting national energy policy.

Click.  American oil companies using Riggs bank, made millions of dollars in questionable payments to relatives and friends of the president of tiny Equatorial Guinea.

Click.  Overkill.

July 14, 2004

Click.  Robert Parry: The CIA's DI Disgrace.

Click.  Kate Randall, Barry Grey: Media suppresses news of Bush’s moves to cancel US elections.

Click.  Michel Chossudovsky: Bush's guidelines for postponing November elections.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The Islamic emirate of Fallujah.

Click.  Debbie Schlussel: FBI takes a dive on terror.

Click.  Warner Bros. puts claim to 1,000 years of history

Click.  Stephen Singular explains why the JonBenet Ramsey murder case is not yet solved.

July 13, 2004

Click.  Thomas Oliphant: For Bush, no excuse.

Click.  Geolocation technology is carving up what part of the web you are allowed to see.

Click.  Hillary Clinton's Silicon Valley overtures.

Click.  Abandoned kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children's home in Washington Heights. And New York City wants it that way.

Click.  Paul Krassner: Drug studies? What drug studies?

Click.  Wars update: Invasions and real estate disputes around the world.

Click.  Red Cross suspects U.S. hides detainees around the globe.

Click.  Bin Laden confidant surrenders, most prominent militant to surrender under Saudi amnesty.

Click.  U.S. Justice Department details uses of the Patriot Act for lawmakers.

Click.  Mexico's attorney general said he had had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted.

July 12, 2004

Click.  Cathy Young: GOP's "Christian nation".

PSYCHOANALYSIS OF THE CIA: Click.  Historical attention span deficit disorder.
Click.  "Group think" isn't the CIA's problem.

Click.  It's Giuliani 1, Anthrax O.

Click.  Nicholas Thompson: Advice to hackers "Do no harm!"

Click.  Election prevention commission?

July 11, 2004

Click. President Bush was widely reported last week to be on the verge of nominating Los Gatos' resident, Francis Harvey to serve as secretary of the Army. Harvey has ties to the Carlyle Group.

Click. Joseph Cotchett: Water wars. California's 'liquid gold' shouldn't be entrusted to private conglomerates.

Click. John Stanton & Wayne Masden: The Iraq survey group.

Click. Fury over Pentagon (Feith) cell that briefed White House on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-Qaeda links.

July 10, 2004

Click. Ashcroft's magic act.

Click.  Key revisions were made by "someone" to the key CIA document, used by Bush as a white paper to support his case for war.

Click. Julian Borger: Senate report on the intelligence failures gives Bush a breathing space.

Click.  Scott Ritter: Facing the enemy on the ground.

Click.  John Pilger: Documentaries -- an endangered species?

Click.  Nadia Afghani: The war on terror begins at home. My home.

July 9, 2004

Click.  Lawrence Lessing: Stamping out good science.

Click.  Andrew Greeley: Americans deserve look at U.S. emergency defense plans.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Neocon coup at the CIA?

Click.  Greg Palast: Give it back, George. The Lay loot that bought the White House. Bush and Republicans should give up ill-gotten gains.

Click.  Full text html: The conclusions of Senate Report on Pre-War Intelligence Assessments.

Click.  Madeleine Baran: Welcome to the Matrix. Inside the Government’s Secret, Corporate-Run Mega-Database.

July 8, 2004

 Click.  July surprise.

Click.  Data nightmare at the Pentagon.

Click.  Justin Felux: Kerry and Edwards. White America's Dream Team.

Click.  Bush's baseball ambassadors.

Click.  Rumsfeld "disappeared" for 1/2 hour at the height of the 9/11 attacks on America.

Click.  Bush gets huffy over Kenny Boy.

Click.  Sen. Levin says Iraq intelligence report fails to address White House exaggeration of al-Qaida link.

July 7, 2004

Click.  Rep. Mark Kirk (Republican, 10th District – Illinois) admitted on the floor of Congress that he has been working for the Central Intelligence Agency at the same time he is serving in Congress.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: Pre-emptive war and pre-emptive arrests.

Click.  Russia's secret femme fatales revealed.

Click.  Beware of strangers bearing gifts.

Click.  Programmer seems to have a technology that does everything.

Click.  Is Gov. Schwarzenegger outsourcing California?

July 4, 2004

Click.  Fourth of July. From landed gentry to unmarked grave.

Click.  U.S. Troops' Isolation Leads to Ignorance About the Real Iraq.

Click.  Al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian terrorist and the most wanted man in Iraq, this weekend released a telling window into his organization, Attawhid wal Jihad, or Unity and Jihad.

Click.  UK spy chiefs to censor Lord Butler's report into their own failures in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Click.  Republicans fight back against Moore with "conservative Cannes film festival".

Click.  Robert Fisk: The new free Iraq.

Click.  The Pentagon leans on San Diego's SAIC in rebuilding Iraq; the sole-source contracts are lucrative and controversial.

Click.  Michael Moore: Pirate my film. No problem.

Click.  Is Brig. General Janet Karpinski joining our Women Whistleblowers Hall of Fame?

July 3, 2004

Click.  Truman Capote: Marlon Brando, the duke in his domain.

Click.  Brando's love life as big as the legend.

Click.  1,000 gays have needed military skills.

Click.  Bruce Mulkey: What "October Surprise" might be in store for Americans this fall?

Click.  Joe Bageant: Sons of a laboring God. Getting down and dumb at Burt's Tavern.

July 2, 2004

Click.  Robert Fisk: Saddam in the dock.

Click.  "I’ll cheer when the legislature starts investigating the CIA’s network of interrogation camps. Does anyone ever get out alive?"

Click.  Microsoft has actually succeeded in patenting the human body as a computer network. US Patent 6,754,472.

Click.  Are we ready to know everything about each other?

Click.  Nassau drug plan may work elsewhere.

July 1, 2004

Click. U.S. leaves Iraq running on empty.

Click. The chairman of the new federal voting commission says U.S. needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike.

Click. Peter Maguire: Hussein trial may set new low.

Click. The "Two Things" explains the world to you.

June 30, 2004

Click.  U.S. Lt. General Sanchez ordered the British to prepare to attack Iran.

Click.  Congress to Ashcroft: What the hell are you up to?

Click.  Jason Vest: The secret history of anonymous.

Click.  Rashid Khalidi: Government attacks on "Area Specialists" called disservice to U.S. Middle East policy.

Click.  New Guantanamo prisoner litigation as a warfare tactic? Another view: Click.

Click.  Study: Almost one in 10 students subject to sexual misconduct by school workers. 

Click.  Educator sexual misconduct report.

June 29, 2004

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: Torture gets you nowhere.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Alice in Iraqi Wonderland, the pitiful restoration of "sovereignty".

Click.  Michael Ware: Meet the new Jihad.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: Hamdi, Padilla & Rasul. Who really won?

Click.  The pilot who shot down Flight 93.

Click.  Tracking terrorists online.

Click.  Jacob Hornberger: How Hitler became a dictator.

Click.  David Sklar: Justice Department's fragile read-never database.

June 28, 2004

Click.  Brenda Stardom: LETTER To MICHAEL -- Release it on the Net!

Click.  John Stanton: A fantastic tale of Turkey, drugs, Faustian alliances and Sibel Edmonds.

Click.  Michael Froomkin: A vote for Bush is a vote for waterboarding.

Click.  Paul McGeough: Now for the wrath of the oppressed.

Click.  Gordon Prather: War on Syria. Casus belli a high-pitched whine.

Click.  Harvey Silverglate: Ashcroft's gulag.

Click.  Jack Cashill: Clinton silence on Flight 800 speaks volumes.

Click.  Mick Youther: Dick Cheney, profiteer extraordinaire.

Click.  Brendan Koerner: Who needs "oil independence" - our friendly neighbor to the north is sitting on a black gold mine!

June 27, 2004

Click.  Al-Jazeera broadcasts tape of purported U.S. Marine held hostage in Iraq.

Click.  Tom Flocco: Fahrenheit 9-11 censored in Pennsylvania Republican voter stronghold?

Click.  Theresa Heinz Kerry worth $1 billion.

Click.  Maureen Dowd:  Are they losing it?

Click.  Michael Isikoff: Forget the poisons and deadly gases.

Click.  Joe Bageant: Covert kingdom -- Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Texas.

Click. What do a mutual fund, a women's professional basketball team and a homegrown bank have to do with Indian gaming?

June 25, 2004

Click.  Kaveh Afrasiabi: Israel and Iran chart collision course.

Click.  Peter Dale Scott: The Ali Mohamed-FBI Bungle.

Click.  Michelangelo Signorile: Wag the fag.

Click.  Did the military really come close to killing Zarqawi?

Click.  Will Fahrenheit 9/11 burn Hollywood?

Click.  When equal child custody is the law, who gains?

Click. An international project to explore the Arctic Ocean is expected to discover thousands of new species of marine animals that have been cut off from the rest of the world for millions of years.

June 23, 2004

Click.  FBI wants to bring Saudi cops to U.S. soil.

Click.  Did Ashcroft brush off terror warnings?

Click.  Max Holland: The JFK assassination tapes.

Click.  Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness.


June 24, 2004

Click.  Another big battle for Baghdad looms?

Click.  The Bush microfiche caper. Associated Press lawyer: It's "curious" we've had to sue for Bush military records.

Click.  Diary of civilian contractor at Abu Ghraib cites Rice's praise of interrogators and the barring the CIA from the prison at one point for "misconduct".

Click.  U.S. planning for the imminent breakdown of Saudi Arabia.

Click.  FBI wants to sharpen its axe, the National Security Letter.

Click.  Jackie Ashley: The political fantasy that drives the war on terror.

Click.  Teenage girl shoots and kills her father who was abducting her and sisters.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger's budget -- hidden taxes for all, assaults on the poor and the rape public colleges.

June 23, 2004

Click.  FBI wants to bring Saudi cops to U.S. soil.

Click.  Tish Durkin: In Bloody Baghdad, A Strange Belief–We Planned Chaos.

Click.  Did Ashcroft brush off terror warnings?

Click.  Mark Morford: Because Dubya said so!

Click.  Moore's magic: 9/11 electrifies.

June 22, 2004

Click.  Marie Cocco: On 9/11, underlings outshone biggies.

Click.  Did Congress quietly make it a crime for lawyers to defend terror suspects?

Click.  Zillah Eisenstein: Sexual Humiliation, Gender Confusion and the Horrors at Abu Ghraib.

Click.  California jurors unable to reach verdict in slaying of transgender teen Gwen Araujo.

Click.  Patients, doctors turn to care in groups.

Click.  Mack White explains your future mental health per dictator Bush to you.

June 21, 2004

Click.  Seymour M. Hersh: The Kurdish gambit.

Click.  Max Holland: The JFK assassination tapes.

Click.  Tom DeWeese: Let the Patriot Act die.

June 20, 2004

Click. Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness.

Click. Holy box office!


Click. The bullying industrial complex.

Click. Federal Judge Claudia Wilken lets Prasad Lakireddy off easy. He claimed he didn't know his restaurant employees were daddy's imported sex slaves.

June 17, 2004

Click.  It's official. White House misled the world.

Click.  The strange, sad death of the American way.

Click.  Jonna M. Spilbor: The Scott Peterson Trial. Can the Prosecution Win This Largely Circumstantial Case?

Click.  Helena Cobban: Saudi implosion?

Click.  Report says U.S. has secret detention centers.

Click.  Randy Burns: The hollow death of Frank Wills.usands would die in a terrorist attack in the United States. Today, he predicts what will happen.

by Virginia McCullough
THE KELLI NUNEZ STORY: Click. [Part 8] CLICK. [Part 7] CLICK. [Part 6] CLICK. [Part 5] CLICK. [Part 4] CLICK. [Part 3] CLICK.  [Part 2] CLICK  [Part 1]

June 16, 2004

Click. Molly Ivins: How comforting.

Click.  Colorado senator Gary Hart once warned that thousands would die in a terrorist attack in the United States. Today, he predicts what will happen.

Click.  The Air Force officer who had a key role in the investigation of espionage suspect Ahmad I. Al Halabi was himself charged three weeks ago with multiple counts of raping and sodomizing children and failing to safeguard classified documents.

Click.  The 'Terrorist With an A-bomb' Torture Scenario.

Click.  Gail Sheehy:  9/11 Tapes Reveal Ground Personnel Muffled Attacks.

Click.  Text version of staff statement #15, as submitted to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States: Overview of the Enemy.

Click.  Text version of staff statement #16, as submitted to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States: Outline of the 9/11 plot.

June 15, 2004

Click. Breaking Codes. An impossible task?

Click. San Francisco is unveiling a Web site today that makes it the first city in the country with a dedicated destination on the Internet to help people buy drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

Click.  Jim Scanlon: At the end of her rope. A mother's Marin County family court ordeal from family court to jail.

Click. Federal and state prosecutors are applying the Patriot Act broad, run-of-the-mill probes of political corruption, financial crimes and immigration frauds.

Click. Two million online bank accounts robbed in the last 12 months.

Click. A team of UK scientists has come up with a cost for establishing a global network of marine "parks" to protect threatened ocean ecosystems.

Click. Camera that records your entire day and even more of your day than you know about.

June 14, 2004

Click. Tom Englehardt: George Orwell, meet Franz Kafka.

Click.  David Rozelle: Kerry must stress American ideals over Bush vision of cruel God.

Click.  How America can win the intelligence war.

Click.  Guatemala activists seek justice as women die.

Click.  Gitmo: Home of the innocent?

June 13, 2004

Click. The Pentagon -- spying in America?

Click.  Former diplomats and military leaders say Bush must go.

Click.  How live Anthrax was fed-exed to Oakland's Children's' Hospital.

Click.  A medical question in which I find out that I am genetically mutant.

June 12, 2004

Click.  Claudia Sternbach: In the game of law the best team usually wins.

Click.  Key figures in the pre-state Zionist establishment proposed eugenics.

Click.  Alexei Bayer: Cloak and dagger tragicomedy.

Click.  The harm the U.S. does in rationalizing torture.

Click.  Helena Cobban: Rumsfeld, Bush and "command responsibility".

June 11, 2004

Click. Spencer Ackerman: Why not just let Iranian intelligence tour Langley?

Click. "Either Seymour Hersh is insane, or we have an administration that needs to be removed from office not later than the close of business today.  The scariest part: "[Hersh] said he had seen all the Abu Ghraib pictures.  He said, 'You haven't begun to see evil...' then trailed off.  He said, 'horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run.'  He looked frightened."

Click. Army withholds antidote for terrorist chemical attacks from U.S. , state, local emergency teams.

Click. Andrew Greeley: Is U.S. like Germany of the `30's.

Click. Molly Ivins: The day the Constitution died.

June 10, 2004

Click. Flash cartoon: Bush' Ronald Reagan redux

Click. James Bovard: Terrorism debacles in the Reagan administration.

Click. San Francisco's top secret elite club meets.

Click. Humor: "Republican Survivor" 

June 9, 2004

Click.  A 9/11 warning that went unheard.

Click.  Analyzing the First 56 Pages of the Walker Working Group Report (aka the Torture Memo).

Click.  Ed Henry: Posse Comitatus -- Do you think you're safe?

Click.  Christopher Getzan: Infamous Miami model of protest clampdown coming to a town near you.

Click.  The torturers among us.

Click.  What is a kidney worth?

Click.  In third grade, San Francisco students are introduced to Scientology's anti-drug teachings.

June 8, 2004

Click.  Bush administration ramps up bioterrorism research that will press beyond traditional defenses against natural biowarfare germs to explore genetically engineered superbugs, as well as the means to mass-produce and disseminate them.

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: Scientific method eludes president.

Click.  Alex Dawoody: Reagan and Saddam -- the unholy alliance.

Click.  Identification of the "girl in the polka dot dress" involved in assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Click. Inside the gay museum.

June 7, 2004

Click. Robert Parry: Rating Reagan: A bogus legacy.

Click. The free and the unfree in this world.

Click. Where Big Brother snoops on Americans 24/7.

Click.  Iraq gas costs 5 cents a gallon thanks to U.S. taxpayers.

June 6, 2004

Click. Ronald Reagan: The boys of Pointe Du Hoc.

Click.  Militants give blow by blow account of Saudi massacre.

Click.  Michelle Cottle: Team Bush is on a crusade.

Click.  John S. D. Eisenhower: War turned invasion's overall commander into a pacifist.

Click.  Marie Cocco: Reagan and his mythology.

Click.  Satellite images show Atlantis.

June 5, 2004

Click. David Warren: On many fronts the West fights itself.

Click. William Greider: Under the banner of the war on terror.

Click. Elaine Cassel: A sorry FBI.

Click. Trouble in the house of Saud.

June 4, 2004

Click.  Bush's erratic behavior worries White House aides.

Click.  John W. Dean: The serious implications of Bush hiring lawyer for Plame case.

Click.  Mark Matthews: When a spy chief is a policy-maker.

Click.  Twisted tale of art, death and DNA.

June 3, 2004

Click.  Witnesses told a federal grand jury President Bush knew about, and took no action to stop, the release of a covert CIA operative's name to a journalist in an attempt to discredit her husband.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: The crimes of Iran-Contra have never ended.

Click.  Interview with Maxim Ghilan: Israel's General Staff are a bunch of Dr. Strangeloves.

Click.  Rogue Bush backers prepare super 9/11 false flag terror attacks.

June 2, 2004

Click.  Pentagon has lost track of exported anti-aircraft Stinger missiles.

Click.  "He just f---s California": Enron traders caught on tape.

Click.  The man behind all the President's bad legal decisions.

Click.  Helena Cobban: Zero tolerance on torture.  How hard is that?

June 1, 2004

Click. Saudis brokered deal allowing terrorists to flee death compound.

Click.  Charles Lambroschini: Islam's soft underbelly.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Robin Hood reversed.

Click.  Dutroux lawyer argues his client acted on behalf of a crime network.

Click.  Patricia Johnson: Medicare Rising.

May 31, 2004

Click. World War II veterans parade through Washington D.C.

Click.  Evan Eisenberg: Bushido: The way of the armchair warrior.

Click.  Saudi Arabia's iron fist a big soft in the head.

Click.  Khobar Attack Further Divides Saudi Royal House.

Click.  Alfred W. McCoy: Torture at Abu Ghraib followed CIA's manual.

Click.  Long-time CIA "asset" installed as interim Iraqi prime minister.

Click.  Alleged Halliburton ties haunt Cheney.

May 30, 2004

Click.  Doonesbury: In Memoriam.

Click.  A Pentagon e-mail said Vice President Dick Cheney coordinated a huge Halliburton government contract for Iraq, despite Cheney's denial of interest in the company he ran until 2000.

Click.  Young and violent new terror leaders arise.

Click.   A single New Mexico family and a dozen big oil companies, including one once headed by Commerce Secretary Don Evans, now control one-quarter of all federal lands leased for oil and gas development in the continental United States despite a law intended to prevent such concentration.

Click.  The New Mexico family that dominates federal oil and gas leasing.

Click.  Helena Cobban: The greatest generation and W's lot.

Click.  The "two step" around Miranda.

Click.  Killer rash breaks out on New York City streets.

Click.  New York judge says mom lied, so she'll lose child custody.

May 29, 2004

Click.  Jane Mayer: Chalabi, the manipulator.

Click.  Spencer Ackerman: Zipless coup in Iraq.

Click.  Draft will probably start in June 2005.

Click.  Paul W. Schroeder: What becomes of a country that loses its capacity for repulsion?

Click.  Elaine Cassel: The secrets of surveillance: Ashcroft, snoops and gag orders.

Click.  "John Doe" Revealed as Secret Client in Censored ACLU Patriot Act Case.

Click.  Elizabeth Drew: Bush's dream campaign.

Click.  Gay veterans wage new battle at home.

May 28, 2004

Click. Justin Raimondo: Chalabi-gate.

Click.  Juan Cole: Muqtada Misses Friday Prayers; More Violence Near Najaf

Maureen Dowd: Gore vs. Kerry, Bush vs. Bush

Animal rights arrests

OSS Veterans Recount Their Service During World War II

Washington State Settles Suit With Workers Who Had to Do Several Minutes of Unpaid Work a Day

Elizabeth Taylor, her Van Gogh masterpiece and a legal row over looting in Nazi Germany

May 27, 2004

Click.  Garry Trudeau: Doonesbury at war.

Click.  Fisk: Rewriting Iraq history.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: The Bush orthodoxy is in shreds.

Click.  Warlike US will shed its Utopian view.

Click.  A short history of conservative obstruction to progress.

Click.  Vincent Van Gogh -- the full story.

May 26, 2004

Click.  Robert Parry:  Bush, Sr.'s Iraq-Iran secrets.

Click.  Abuse of women detainees at Abu Ghuraib.

Click.  Michael Goodwin: Bush on the edge.

Click.  Robert Fisk:  The things Bush didn't say in his speech.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Why Ashcroft must go.

Click.  TV viewers to be taken behind the scenes in U.S. murder trial.

Click.  A visit to old Los Angeles.

Former Exile Said to Be Under Consideration for Post of Iraq Prime Minister

Nichols Case Goes to the Jury After Defense Argues Bombing Conspirator Was Set Up

Intelligence Suggests Terror Operatives in U.S. for Major Attack

May 24, 2004

Click.  Scott Burchill: The myth of the reluctant occupier.

Click.  Abu Ghraib means impunity.

Click.  Paralysis study shows walking can improve.

May 23, 2004

Click.  Here is the Knutt Royce article about Chalabi that was knocked of Newsday yesterday: Sources say U.S. funding arm of Iraqi Congress was used by Iran.

Click.  Juan Cole: Continued fallout of war of holy cities.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Chalabi update.

Click.  Sweden: Expulsions carried out by US agents, men tortured in Egypt.

Click.  Tom Hayden: When Bonesmen fight.

Click.  A bizarre new kids' sex craze is sweeping the New York City's elementary schools.

Click.  Five lobe circus. The pills, quacks and crises of a medicated life.

May 22, 2004

Click. Laura Santina: Abu Ghraib Soldiers were properly trained.

Click. Ben Tripp: Assume the worst.

Click. "Transhumanism" takes technology to the level of faith.

Click.  Unanswered questions about a Command Sgt. Maj. James Stacy's sudden death.

Click.  Who let bin Ladens leave U.S.? Bush refuses to answer 9/11 commission's queries.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Full Circle with Ahmad Chalabi.

Click.  Are you a potential terrorist?

Click.  Mobile phone book coming.

Click.  THE DRAFT IS BACK!  The Army is now calling retired soldiers back to active duty involuntarily.

Click.  Some California counties have over billed the state millions of dollars to conduct expensive high profile murder trials.

Click.  UK opens the world's first stem cell bank.  Click.  Why is it needed?

Click. A portion of the Cisco Systems Inc. software that runs most of the networking equipment on the Internet was apparently stolen and published on the Web

Click.  How India funds Bush's campaign.

Click.  Unconventional war.

Click.  50 Sadrists Killed by Americans in Karbala and Nasiriyah Sistani's House Sprayed by Machine Gun Fire

Click.  Laura McClure: Marching boots stamp out public spirit of 9/11.

Click.  The gun supplier to the Koresh Waco cult bags a 35 million dollar Iraq deal.

Click.  Pentagon tries to quash Hersh's Iraq prison abuse report.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: The other war --  one year later.

Click.  The 9/11 commission has established a secret communications system that has allowed it to pose questions to captured al-Qaida members.

Click.  U.S. troops work minor players to gain intelligence.

Click.  Newsweek: The roots of torture.

Click.  Rashmee Z. Ahmed: Time to lay down the white man's burden.

Click.  Icelandic DNA project hit by privacy storm.

Click.  "The silence of scientists on sexuality amounts to a cover-up."

Saturday, May 15:

Click.  Seymour Hersh: The gray zone.  How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Edward Spannaus: Iraq prisoner torture shows the face of Cheney's "beast-men".

Click.  The Shia rise up.

Click.  Juan Cole: Shrine of Ali damaged. Uprisings in some southern cities.

Click.  Code of silence in California prisons.

Click.  The death of camp.  It's all less outrageous.

Friday, May 14:

Click.  Why Bush chose not to try to capture Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, the alleged butcher of Nick Berg and the mastermind of the Madrid train bombing?

Click.  Iraq's bin Laden? Al- Zarqawi's rise.

Click.  6 US soldiers wounded, 22 Iraqis killed in Holy City fighting.

Click.  Army defends using soldiers as escorts for private contractors.

Click.  Torture at Abu Ghraib followed CIA's manual.

Click.  Tish Durkin: The Rummy club.

Click.  Margo Kingston: Is regime change in America its last hope?

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The new beat generation.

Click.  U.S. tipped about Holocaust in 1942.

Click.  FBI ignored past of alleged Nazi collaborators, new release of records shows.

Click.  Some Nick Berg conspiracy links.

Thursday, May 13:

Click.  Negotiations Collapse amid Fierce Fighting in Karbala.

Click.  William Pfaff: Who ordered "shock and awe".

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: America's military coup.

Click.  "Bend the rules!"

Click.  War encourages sexual instincts in people.

Tuesday, May 11:

Click.  It's "cauldronization".  The US-Israeli strategic objectives in Iraq have been achieved, and to stay or not to stay is more a matter of style than substance.

Click.  Richard Cohen:  The Bushies' "apologies" are a con job.

Click.  Small-town miners and big-time foreign businessmen together have scooped up the mineral rights for some 635,000 acres in California under a controversial 19th-century law.

Click.  Experts from Bletchley Park are trying to crack a 250-year-old code rumored to point the way to the Holy Grail.

Monday, May 10:

Click.  Rumsfeld and the "beastly" Boykin.

Click.  John LeBoutillier: Plausible Deniability.

Click.  Blame for what happened at Abu Ghraib goes far beyond the military police, intelligence soldiers say.

Click.  Pravda: American atrocities are nothing new.

Click.  U.S. likely to embrace chaos in Iraq.

Click.  How U.S. law can try those private contractors who tortured prisoners in Iraq.

Click.  David Hackworth: Hanging out with the troops.

Click.  How Bush chose stupidity.

Click.  Two Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee.

Prior gems:

Click.  Seymour Hersh:  Chain of Command. How the Department of Defense mishandled the disaster at Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Jacques Verges, the lawyer for the biggest terrorists in the world.

Click.  Cryptologists Decrypt CIA Memo to Bush.

Click.  FBI interrogates student after he makes a FOIA request.

Click.  Noah's ark homes will save the world!

Click.  UK personnel taught American military intelligence personnel the torture methods used at Abu Ghraib.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: America's new gulag.

by Virginia McCullough © 2004

Click.  Nixon tapes: "The Warren Commission was the "Greatest hoax...ever."

Click.  Is the red sea urchin immortal?

Click. John F. Kennedy's presidency almost ended before he was inaugurated.

Click.  General Franks doubts the Constitution will survive at WMD attack.

Click.  GREEN LIGHT FOR ARBITRARY ARRESTS:  Federal Appeals Court upholds Bush's abuse of the "material witness" statutes.  Click.  Pills may be distributed in UK that could prevent 80% of heart attacks to all over 55 years of age.

Click.  Paul Krassner: Conspiracy Queen.  JFK and Mae Brussell, and how John and Yoko saved the day.

Click.  John Judge: The Black Hole of Guyana.  The Untold story of the Jonestown Massacre.  The Jonestown Bank

Click.  Satellite remote control halts truck.Click.  Ashcroft to conduct "threat assessments" of American citizens and groups without initial evidence of a crime or national security threat.

Click. Putting genes in a pill.

Click.  GOOGLISM: Find out what GOOGLE thinks of you! Click. Tips and tools for Google geeks.


Click.  A judge accuses Western banks and multinational companies of being "at the heart of" an international network of "grand corruption".

The Project for a New American Century, initiated in 1997 by Cheney, et al. with its plan for an Iraq war,  states in its article Rebuilding America's Defenses, Report of the Project for the New American Century, September 2000: "And advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." Click. PDF FILE, USE ADOBE.

Click. AWFUL RIDDLES: What did happen to Flight 93? Click. "Brain fingerprinting," which seeks to probe whether a suspect has specific knowledge of a crime, could become a powerful weapon in national security.

Click. Full Text of Patriot Act II. Click. The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11.

Click. Cops Find 'Terror' In Every Rap Sheet.

Click.  PENTAGON'S LIFELOG: Designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index it and make it searchable.

Click.  ASHCROFT BEGINS MONITORING JUDGES' DECISIONS:  A new provision tucked into the Amber Alert law requires reporting of each deviation from sentencing guidelines by a federal judge.
Click.  Calico Cats Admit Fear of Attorney General.

Click. The California Supreme Court  held that the state broadly defines who is disabled, covering anyone who is merely "limited" in a major life activity -- a far looser standard than the federal benchmark. The decision opens the state's courthouse doors to workers suffering from chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression and other diagnosable ailments.

Click. How corporate rule came about.

Click. Two mysterious Saudi citizens living in California before the September 11 attacks may link the al-Qaida hijackers to Saudi intelligence.

Click.  John Muhammad, a "Devoted Dad"? Connecting the Sniper case to family court corruption and federal fatherhood program fraud

Click.  Der Tagesspiegel: Andreas von Bulow Interview.


Click. On 9/11, CIA Was Running Simulation of a Plane Crashing into a Building.


Click. Mike Echols' final days were spent alone in a jail cell, where he complained to anyone who would listen that "they" were trying to kill him.

Click. THE LORDS OF BAKERSFIELD. Powerful gay men. Vulnerable teen-age boys. Murder. For years, some prominent local men who led secret lives were rumored to be protected. Whispers surrounding another important man's death prompt the question: Is there really a conspiracy? 

Click. Inside the Monster Ken Parnell:  He lived fairly well on the dole at the Berkeley Emeryville borders down there by the San Pablo park where the kids played for years. 

Click. University of California, San Francisco violated patients' rights.  Doctors improperly got consent for study, feds say.

Click.  "We all have `History' in our family backgrounds, most of it unremarkable. However, sometimes there is something extraordinary to recount such as the wartime story of the secret life of my Belgian aunt Marthe Janssen-Leyder and others like her who worked for the Belgian Resistance and the Allies."

Click. Templar origins.

Click. The Judi Bari Bombshell.  Click. Oakland's Secret Police.


Click. Statement by former FBI Special Agent John C. Ryan on routine fraud by FBI agents in handling supposed informants.

Click. In 2000, Pentagon simulated air attack.

Click. Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of London's world famous Harrod's, is under investigation by Intelligence services and security police in France and Portugal for his part in the illegal procurement of weapons-grade Uranium-235 which was sold to Iran in August 2001.

Click. OSWALD Le

Click. The indictment of Robert P. Hanssen. Click. FBI affidavit in support of the arrest of Robert P. Hanssen on espionage charges.

Click. Report on the improper handling of classified information by John M. Deutch.

Click. Bin Laden's Bay Area recruiter.

Click. When Osama was Tim Osman!

Click. NEWSMAKINGNEWS FEATURED Websites Allow Mice to Roar. The click of a mouse can locate a plethora of Websites challenging the accepted explanations for current and historical events. Why is Big Brother so interested? by Kelly O'Meara





CORRUPTION - MARIN COUNTY AND SONOMA COUNTY Click.  Police shoot 'em up data dump Click.

Click. JUSTICE DENIED by Jill Kramer



IS SATANIC ABUSE OF KIDS REAL? by Diana Napolis aka Karen Jones. Click. 

Click. A Kitten Band playing happy music on a beach.  What could be more lovely? Click.  Viking cats.

Click. Alameda County Mafia - On the Dock   Click. West Nile Fever   Click. Children in Peril!