ARCHIVE February 27, 2005 to the present

February 26, 2006

Click.  (Courier Journal) Senator Frist says he's OK with ports deal.

Click.  (Sidney Morning Herald) A maritime company from Dubai will be operating in Australia's - and the world's - ports. Jane Martinson meets the boss.

Click.  Juan Cole: More shrines destroyed, 60 killed. Sistani forms militia.

Click.  (Independent) Iraqis tortured by government death squads.

Click.  (Independent) Iran agrees to basic nuclear deal with Russia.

Click.  (The Australian) Abbas "to be Hamas fig leaf".

Click.  James Madden: "Jihad" Jack guilty on terror charge.

Click.  (London Times) Princess Diana driver was secret informer.

Click.  (London Times) 7/7 cover-up exposed.

Click.  (Observer) Investigation reveals new evidence that pilots, cabin crew and passengers are being exposed to a potentially toxic gas in aircraft.

Click.  Douglas Feiden: Saving the fish, not the troops.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Desperation row.

Click.  Michael Goodwin: Does anyone in Washington have a clue?

Click.  Rachel Abramowitz, Robert Welkos: Anthony Pellicano and his tangled web. The indicted private detective has cast a long shadow on Hollywood, where hardball is an art.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: The Olympics Sucked For the Most Part.

Click.  (New York Daily News) The cutters who made a killing. Meet the regular guys working for ghouls.

Click.  Japanese scientists produce Tamiflu via chemical synthesis.

Click.  Jake Armstrong: Genetically modified. Advancements in biotechnology could play a key role in how Lodi's grape harvest is grown.

Click.  (The Australian) Australian scientists have overcome a hurdle in the evolution of embryonic stem cell technology by devising a means of weeding out cells that are potentially cancerous.

February 24, 2006

Click.  (The Australian) Gates of hell are open.

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) A look at the armed factions in Iraq.

Click.  Juan Cole: Suicide bombing of Saudi Oil complex foiled. We all just dodged a bullet. But for how long?

Click.  (Financial Times) Oil prices jump as terrorists strike at Saudi refinery.

Click.  Guy Dinmore: US marines probe tensions among Iran’s minorities.

Click.  ( Signs that the US is about to bomb Iran.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Filipinos march in Manila, defy Arroyo's state of emergency, protest ban.

Click.  A. Lin Neumann: Philippines tears itself apart.

Click.  Herbert Docena: Philippines. When Uncle Sam comes marching in.

Click.  (Deutsch Welle) Germany admits spies gave intelligence to US in Iraq war.

Click.  (Spiegel) Merkel's first 100 days -- Foreign flair, domestic denial.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Yemen has rejected US demand to arrest scholar Shaikh Abd al-Majid al-Zindani, whom Washington accuses of financing terrorism.

Click.  (Sydney Morning Herald) Live here, be Australian.

Click.  (E & P) Embed who ran afoul of military in Iraq reflects on his experience.

Click.  (London Times) Blair to create minister for social exclusion.

Click.  (MSNBC) Chavez curbs flights by US airlines.

Click.  (Bloomberg) South Dakota lawmakers vote to ban abortion, setting up Roe v. Wade test.

Click.  James Ridgeway: South Dakota's genius scheme to outlaw abortion.

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) A psychiatrist says Randy “Duke” Cunningham's fall from Vietnam War hero to corrupt politician grew out of “an outsized ego and a mantle of invulnerability” that allowed him to rationalize his behavior.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Contractor pleads guilty to bribing Rep. Cunningham.

Click.  Paul Joseph Watson: Google imposes worldwide ban on China critical website.

Click.  Shane Harris: Total Information Awareness (TIA) lives on.

Click.  (Spiegel) After years of anonymity, the names of hundreds of terrorist suspects being held at Guantamo are soon to be released. More details

Click.  Layla Bohm: Hayat, informant talks weighed. Discussions reveal jihad interest by Lodian, but don't prove attendance to terror camp.

Click.  Murray Waas: Did the White House authorize leaks to Woodward?

Click.  Joe Cannon: Woodward.

Click.  (Dallas Morning News) Tighter Medicaid rules `wake-up call' to seniors. Congress just made it harder to get help with nursing home bills.

Click. John W. Dean: Why should anyone worry about whose communications Bush and Cheney are intercepting, if it helps to find terrorists?

Click.  (Christian Science Monitor) New Orleans port back in business.

Click. (Bloomberg) Research In Motion Ltd. shares rise as judge delays BlackBerry shutdown order.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush says Iraqis face "moment of choosing" as sectarian violence spreads.

Click.  (UPI) United Arab Emirates terminal takeover extends to 21 ports.

Click.  Thalif Deen: Why Bush is stuck on the port deal.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Osama, Saddam and the ports.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Civil war in Iraq. Murtha told us so.

Click.  Helen Kennedy: Hillary may have the White (House) stuff.

The 23rd Qualm (Written by a retired Methodist minister.)

Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want.
He maketh logs to be cut down in national forests.
He leadeth trucks into the still wilderness.
He restoreth my fears.
He leadeth me in the paths of international disgrace for his ego's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of pollution and war,
I will find no exit, for thou art in office.
Thy tax cuts for the rich and thy media control, they discomfort me.
Thou preparest an agenda of deception in the presence of thy religion.
Thou anointest my head with foreign oil.
My health insurance runneth out.
Surely megalomania and false patriotism shall follow me all the days of thy term,
And my jobless child shall dwell in my basement forever and ever.

Click.  Peter Hecht: Susan Kennedy has governor's ear, critics' scorn.

Click.  Kate Folmar: GOP appears united for convention.

Click.  (AP) Governor Schwarzenegger tours Sacramento levees.

Click.  Andy Furillo: Bond plan's focus ripped. Angelides and environmental groups complain too little would go to public transit.

Click.  Kevin Yamamura: Camejo joins governor's race. The veteran Green Party candidate says this will be his last long-shot bid.

Click.  Steve Geissinger: State facing sobering federal cuts. Report: Loss of funds will offset increased tax revenue.

Click.  Katy Hillenmeyer: Feds may drastically cut salmon season.

Click.  (Santa Rosa Press Demo) Habematolel Pomos said the tribe is willing to negotiate a legally binding contract to limit the size of a proposed casino near Upper Lake.

Click.  Janine DeFao: Reiner stumps for preschool initiative. Prop. 82 would tax wealthy to finance statewide program.

Click.  (AP) Rob Reiner denies impropriety in preschool.

Click.  Sonya Sorich: Chinese adoptions. Local adoptive families set their eyes on future travel.

Click.  (San Bernardino Sun) Judge takes scandal figure off the hook.

Click.  Llana DeBare: Girls learn that they can be engineers, too. Program designed to offer inside look at the profession.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: The Visa Account I Don't Have Has Been Hacked.

Click.  Matt Brady: How digital animation conquered Hollywood.

Click.  Catherine Field: Russians battle for Tsar's basilica.

Click.  (London Times) Don't enter witness box, Queen advises Charles.

Click.  (BBC) Forensic experts claim to have proved a bust and a death mask are the exact likeness of William Shakespeare.

Substances to be probed for potential in slowing Parkinson's + Report says chromium's lung-cancer risk concealed +
Brilliant's Wish: Disease Alerts + Doc defends pain supplements, slams study + Solving problem children +
Engineered Mouse Mimics Cognitive Aspects Of Schizophrenia +
Crohn's disease lined to weakened immunity + Cancer vaccine may be possibility +
Cruise ship illnesses are studied + Re-used needles not cause of African HIV + New behavioral therapy might cut drug use +
New Evidence That Natural Selection Is A General Driving Force Behind The Origin Of Species +
Infection 'Alarm' Yields Clues To Immune System Behavior + Calcium Plus Vitamin-D Supplementation Does An Older Body Good +
World-first Forensic Technique Heralds New Horizon For Mass Fatality Radiology +
Newly Identified Mechanism Helps Explain Why People Of African Descent Are More Vulnerable To TB +
Ginkgo Biloba Extract: More Than Just For Memory? + One In Four Men With Same British Surname Are Linked Genetically +
Loud Music Worsens Effects Of Taking Ecstasy + Living Taste Cells Produced Outside The Body +
Detection Of DNA On Nanotubes Offers New Sensing, Sequencing Technologies +
A Better Tool To Study Role Of Iron In Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
+ Benefits Of Eating Seafood Outweigh Risks + Genetic And Environmental Influences On Alcohol Consumption Among Rhesus Monkeys +
Study Shows Relationship Between Oral And Cardiovascular Health + Approach To School Affects How Girls Compare With Boys In Math +
Efficacy Of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate May Depend On Level Of Osteoarthritis Pain + Autistic ability 'underestimated' +
'Pharmed' goat drug not approved

West Nile could get worse, turn into epidemic + Bird Flu Spreads on European Farms + Needed: new scientific norms for emergency times +
Between the lines of the WHO India update + Harvard poll on bird flu + French farm turkeys died of bird flu + U.K., Ireland Order Experimental Bird Flu Vaccine for Health-Care Workers + Microbes Convert Styrofoam Into Biodegradable Plastic + France holds human bird flu drill  

Why Is Mt. Kilimanjaro Melting? + The Cold Warat the Arctic Circle + Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory +
New Map Of Milky Way Reveals Millions Of Unseen Objects + Three New Species Of Lemurs Identified +
Changes In Reef Latitude: Is Pollution Causing Regional Coral Extinctions? + Go-ahead for Europe ice mission

Work More, Do Less With Tech + Why high-tech means low esteem + Fighting Sound With Sound, New Modeling Technique Could Quiet Aircraft +
Nanoscience Study Shows That Quantum Dots 'Talk' + Mixed Conductor Ceria Proven As Excellent Catalyst For Fuel Cell Anodes +
How Long Can Apple's Billion-Download Baby Hold the Lead? + Google's Web Page Creator Crashes On Takeoff

February 23, 2006

Click.  (Khaleej) Over 120 shot dead in Iraq sectarian bloodshed.

Click.  (AP) Iraqi sectarian violence flares: Minister says insurgents seeking civil war.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Philippine Army says it foiled plan by troops to join anti-Arroyo rallies.

Click.  (BBC) French President Jacques Chirac has attended a memorial for a young French Jew whose killing shocked the nation.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Sri Lanka's government, rebels pledge to boost cease-fire, prevent violence.

Click.  Kevin G. Hall: Survival of Mexico's long-dominant PRI in question.

Click.  Jim Yardley: Man freed after years in jail for Mao insult.

Click.  (DEBKAfile) Russian missile cruiser Moskva on a NATO exercise, docked at Syrian Latakia port on Feb. 21.

Click.  (Reuters) German police raid suspected weapons spy ring.

Click.  (Khaleej) Rice shunts Lahoud, pressures Syria on Lebanon visit.

Click.  (Khaleej) Guantanamo must close, says US ally Berlusconi.

Click.  (Canadian Press) More than six dozen CIA-linked landings in Canada: declassified memos.

Click.  (Xinhua) World Bank opens marketplace for development ideas by Chinese NGOs.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Canadian defense minister O'Conner may discuss US missile plan.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Peru's Humala vows to end gas exports, trade treaties if elected President.

Click.  (ABC) Average American family income declines.

Click.  (BBC) Could a South Dakota law really end US abortion rights.

Click.  Senator Hilary Clinton turns to veteran fundraisers.

Click.  (Hearst news) People who tumble over mail left in their doorways can sue the US Postal Service, the Supreme Court ruled.

Click.  James Sterngold: Urban housing success story faces budget ax.

Click.  Tim Funk: Supreme Court hears case on admissibility of evidence of third party culpability for crime.

Click.  Michael J. Sniffen: Defense: jury stacked against Moussaoui.

Click.  Andrew Gumbel: A cover-up under two Presidents. The unsolved mystery of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Click.  (Lodi News) Hamid Hayat: Did he confess to agents?

Click.  Rhone Tempest: FBI informer begins his testimony in Lodi terror trial.

Click.  Metea Gold, Meg James: In the wake of a CBS and Warner Bros. deal, Murdoch's company is banking on telenovelas.

Click.  (AP) Watchdog group questions 2004 Florida vote.

Click.  (BBC) Four charged over US bones theft.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Fannie Mae's former chief financial officer caused $11 billion of accounting errors and misled the board.

Click.  (Bloomberg) The FBI warned military intelligence agents that they were using illegal techniques to question suspected terrorists at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay.

Click.  (Khaleej) Rice to soothe fears over ports row on UAE visit.

Click.  (AP) Rice, UAE official discuss terrorism.

Click.  (Khaleej) Editorial: View from Dubai.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Senators urge Dubai port deal be postpones: Rove suggest delay possible.

Click.  Ted Bridis: Senator Carl Levin challenges port procedure.

Click.  Ron Hutcheson: Bush sees bright side in outsourcing.

Click.  (AP) Difficult to discern who runs US ports.

Click.  Daniel Enberg: I'm running a port. What do I do? How a port operator operates.

Click.  Anacher Forester: Baker key to Dubai ports mess.

Click.  Fred Kaplan: You're a spy. If the Bush administration's interpretation of espionage law is upheld, then everyone
is breaking the law, all the time.

Click.  Paul Waldman: The GOP's loyalty fetish.

Click.  Robert Parry: UAE, Port Security & the Hariri Hit.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Secret Service alerted by Jack Thompson over Cheney/Bush games.

Click.  Tracy Hamilton: Journalist Bob Woodward warns of police State.

Click.  Bruce Schneier: US ports raise proxy problem.

Click.  (AP) UAE gave $100 million for Katrina relief.

Click.  (AP) White House Katrina report highlights.

Click.  (AP) Comparison of reports on Katrina.

Click.  Lori A. Carter: Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Elaine Rushing was too injured, stunned or
intoxicated to remember making statements attributed to her by a CHP officer who arrested her on
suspicion of drunken driving last year.

Click.  (Oakland Tribune) Delta's levees remain a top-flight concern. Feinstein to back governor's public works
proposal in D.C.; legislative leaders want more modest plan.

Click.  Jason B. Johnson: State's levees in danger. More engineering armor urged for California delta.

Click.  Carla Marinucchi: Big test for governor at GOP convention. He is recovering from fall defeat, but faces a tough crowd.

Click.  Paul Chorneau: Money rolling in worries state budget analyst.

Click.  Rachel Gordon: Mayors look for housing money. San Francisco, San Jose and LA top officials visit the Capitol.

Click.  Nancy Isles Nation: Marin Foundation in tug of war over donation.

Click.  (Mountain Democrat) Adopted orphans find a new home in El Dorado.

Click.  John M. Gilonna: Bay Area lawmaking. The weird and the wonderful.

Click.  Anthony York: Team Schwarzenegger gets overhaul with a White House feel.

Click.  Emily Fancher: Oldest salvaged ship resurrected in San Francisco.

Click.  (Chicago Tribune) At DePaul, queer studies finds a niche.

Click.  (London Times) Archeological recovery of the Battle of Chester in AD 616.

Click.  Maev Kennedy. Archangel sculpture rises from Lichfield nave.

Click.  Adam Gopnik: Bohemian yet bourgeois, Paris is a city of contradictions. No wonder American artists have
always been dazzled by it.

Click.  John Hooper: Villagers claim church fresco is lost Michelangelo.

Click.  Maddy Costa: "Shakespeare was daring - why aren't new writers?".

Click.  (Xinhua) Chinese college students "compelled" to find love.

Click.  Juliane Ngan: Feast of Fools features "Pagan Idol" competition. 

Study says supplements Chondroitin, Glucosamine don't ease arthritis pain + Robot surgeons match heartbeats +
Pharmed goats seek drug license + Soldiers' hearing loss quietly taking big toll +
Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory +
A Solid That's Light as Air + Crohn's disease 'enigma' close to solved? + Caregiving: Pataki's complicated recovery +
Ped Med: Tracing ADHD's history +  Mobile animal diagnostic lab is developed +
Scientists grow prostate from stem cells +
Ancient Origin Of Vertebrate Skeleton In Unlovable Lamprey + Genes Involved In Cell Growth And Cell Division Identified +
Chromosome Rearrangements Not As Random As Believed + Genetic Test Accurate For Salt-related High Blood Pressure +
Tool Helps Doctors Tailor Infertility Treatments For Couples + Learning And Memory Stimulated By Gut Hormone +
Use Of Statins Shows Improvement In Erectile Performance Of Some Men Who Previously Did Not Respond Well To Viagra + |
New Study Shows Antibody-interleukin Complexes Stimulate Immune Responses +
1st Diagnostic Indicator For Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) +
Mobile Lab Expands Capacity Of Animal Disease Diagnostics + Obesity May Affect Response To Asthma Medications +
Obesity May Affect Response To Asthma Medications +
Proteins Are Key To Cell Death In Heart Disease, Stroke And Degenerative Conditions +
Is Salmon Good or Bad for Pregnant Women? + Fresh theory on cause of Crohn's +
'Biggest measles campaign' ready

Jakarta May Complete Search of Houses for Diseased Fowl in Three Months + Fast biosensor is developed +
Snakes Poisoned At Birth + Shopping List Gets Longer -- Not Less Choosy -- In Some Of World's Largest Fisheries +
Hens' Teeth Not So Rare After All + France Tests Turkeys for Bird Flu; India Reports No Human Cases in Workers +
Using eight tons of sand in the fight against bird flu +
Jakarta May Complete Search of Houses for Diseased Poultry in Three Months + Luck of the Irish +
Dumb and dumber in the Middle East +
France Tests Turkeys for Bird Flu; India Reports No Human Cases in Workers

By the three moons of Pluto! + Fossil Overturns Ideas of Jurassic Mammals + Ultraviolet satellite operational again +
Man-made 'star' is created+ Researchers Describe Discovery Of Pluto's New Moons +
Europe ice mission decision due

Google, EarthLink Bid to Offer Wireless Access in San Francisco + Live Thumbnails: Watch 'em Grow +
Google Enters Web Design Business + | Quantum Computer Solves Problem, Without Running +
Hackers Beware - New Technique Uses Photons, Physics To Foil Codebreakers +
Godfather classic film seeks to become video game hit +
Google Sets

February 22, 2006

Click.  (London Times) Al-Askariya shrine -- "Not just a major cathedral".

Click.  (Zaman) Al-Sadr calls for revenge amid mosque attack.

Click.  (ABC) Iraq bomb attack. Why is civil war possible?

Click.  (RIAN) Moscow has no new offers for Iran at nuclear talks.

Click.  (Sydney Morning Herald) Files reveal al Qaeda's worries over marketing.

Click.  (Int'l Herald Tribune) Egyptians rebuff US bid to slash Hamas aid.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel: Egypt cautions against isolating Hamas.

Click.  Don Lee: Shanghai celebrates giant port amid worries of overcapacity.

Click.  Matthew Lynn: Nazis, slavers return as corporate albatrosses.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Ecuador sends troops to oil producing area after protesters cut pipeline.

Click.  Denny Walsh: FBI agents suggested answers to some questions during a protracted videotaped interview in which a Lodi man charged with providing material support to terrorists confessed to undergoing jihad training at a camp in Pakistan.

Click.  Mark Sherman: New FBI computer system exceeds costs.

Click.  (Christian Science) Faculty clout helps oust Harvard's President Summers.

Click.  (Time) How the US nabbed alleged terrorists in Toledo.

Click.  (Houston Chronicle) Oregon property rights law upheld.

Click.  Bob Nichols: Heads roll at the Veterans Administration.

Click.  (CNN) Bush: India should divide nuke programs.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush, Snow didn't learn of Dubai port deal until after US approval given.

Click.  Ted Burdis: Bush unaware of ports deal before approval.

Click.  (Daily Kos) UAE royal family met with Bin Laden, saved him from CIA hit.

Click.  Bill Berkowitz: Where is Neil Bush? Dubai?

Click.  James Ridgeway: Dubai's point of no return.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer.

Click.  (Reuters) White House blocked briefing on NSA spying.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Is Sean Hannity addicted to Coulter crack?

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: Would someone please interfere in our elections?

Click.  (Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control) Risk Report. United Arab Emirates Transshipment Milestones.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: G.O.P. to W.: You're Nuts!

Click.  (USA Today) Bin Laden's operatives still using freewheeling Dubai.

Click.  Scooter Libby's web page.

Click.  (Bakersfieldonline) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted the Strategic Growth Plan's $35 billion investment to maintain and improve the state's levee and flood control system.

Click.  Dan Walters: Financing bonds could be sticking point on infrastructure accord.

Click.  Sabin Russell: California postpones Morales execution. Doctors' ethical dilemma: "This is a job for an executioner, not a physician".

Click.  Kerri Brenner: DA probes activities at office of Marin assessor.

Click.  (Vallejo Times Herald) The state Attorney General has sued Napa County to halt the dumping of untreated sewage into
Lake Berryessa.

Click.  (LA Times) Orange County Judge John M. Watson rebuked for doing business from the bench.

Click.  (Bloomberg) California's sentencing guidelines draw US Supreme Court scrutiny.

 Click.  Samuel A. Schreiner: Clearing Mary Lincoln's name.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Making Money Off Fatima and the Spiritually Confused.

Click.  Carl T. Hall: Gay pride, Turin's other claim to fame.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: A cab, a library, a couple of bars (in San Francisco).

Click.  Yoolim Lee: The Emperor's old clothes. Collecting Chinese silk robes.

Click.  (BBC) Oliver Stone explains September 11 movie.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Deloitte to sponsor Leonardo exhibition, draw on "Da Vinci Code" appeal.

Click.  (The Guardian) Councils fund "panic rooms" for domestic violence victims.

Click.  (London Times) Retirement cruises put marriages on the rocks.

Computer lets parents track kids' eating + LA - based Sunkist to begin selling bags of sliced fruit + Panel backs infant rotavirus vaccine +
15-year women's health study comes to an end. Now what? +
Napa doctors become sleuths to find the elusive sources of aches and pains + Medicare endorses 3 obesity surgeries + MS diagnosis may be too late to help veteran of first Gulf War + A New Heart for Baby Nick +
Oklahoma has flu (but not bird flu) + DNA could predict your surname + Malnutrition test must be norm + Ped Med: The female factor in ADHD +
Scientists identify embryonic cell gene + Something Fishy About Human Brain Evolution + Science Class Experiment Reveals Vitamin B12 Secret + Male Gene May Explain Higher Incidence Of Parkinson's In Men + Link Is Found Between Morphine Addiction And The Tendency To Explore +
New Nano-canary In The Nanotoxicology Coalmine: The Body Itself + Northwestern Researchers Launch Avastin Trial For Pancreatic Tumors +
Food Experts Say Public Has Inadequate Understanding Of Food Risk Issues + Researchers Find Molecule That May Hold Key To Learning And Memory +
UVa Scientists Hot On Trail Of Therapies For Deadly Lung Failure + Evidence Lacking For 'Inflatable-pants' Heart Failure Therapy +
Stressed-out Women More Likely To Miscarry Early + Second Low-oxygen Pathway Hints At Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease Physiology

Twelve humans positive for bird flu in India? + Bird flu vaccine no 'silver bullet' + Good results seen in Ebola vaccine study +
Studied: Outbreaks that fail and epidemics + India seals off town of 30,000 over bird flu fears +
Germany's Baltic Sea Island Ruegen Remains Country's Bird Flu `Hot Spot' + Austria Detects H5N1 Bird Flu in Chickens, Ducks; Virus Spreads in Nigeria

Frog clue to mosquito repellent + Physicists Step Closer To Understanding Origin Of The Universe +  Oceans Are 70-Percent Shark Free +
Researcher Outlines Coral's Future In An Increasingly Acidic Ocean + Monitoring Baleen Whales With Autonomous Underwater Vehicles +
New Theory Resolves Mystery Of Anomalous Cosmic Rays + Researchers Develop Alternate Method To Dispose Nuclear Liquid Waste +
Unearthing Explanations For New Madrid Earthquakes + Horseshoe Crab Decline Threatens Shorebird Species +
Rare Gamma-ray Flare From A Distant Star Disturbs Earth's Daytime Ionosphere + The Dawn Of Deep Ocean Mining
Early Americans Faced Rapid Late Pleistocene Climate Change And Chaotic Environments

Google hires Dr. Larry Brilliant to head $1 billion charitable foundation + Google loses fight over photo links + Shuttle next-gen SFF PC exposed +
'Millions suffer RSI' from text messaging + EU Commission eyes MIT-style research powerhouse + More security problems bite Apple +
Microsoft rivals in new EU action + How hi-tech vandals are recruiting and controlling PCs + Japan sends infrared satellite into orbit

February 21, 2006 Tuesday

 Click.  (The Guardian) New wars for old.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Musharraf losing his grip.

Click.  (Ottawa Citizen) The Afghanistan tinder box.

Click.  (Army Times) Army testing unmanned Stryker convoys.

Click.  (London Times) US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign

Click.  Robert Burbach: Bolivia's Morales deftly keeps enemies at bay while pushing reforms.

Click.  Al Giordano: Subcomandante Marcos Invites the Braceros to Go with Him to Meet Mexicans that Live and Work In the United States.

Click.  Teresa Gutierrez: Pentagon quietly builds up South American bases.

Click.  (Mainichi) Asahara's lawyers release psychiatric evaluation saying he is fit to stand trial.

Click.  George Monbiot: When it won't need a tyranny to deprive us of our freedom.

Click.  Nikolai Patrushev: Foreign intelligence services becoming more daring in hunt for Russian military secrets".

Click.  (Herald Tribune) Hamas offers cabinet jobs but finds few takers.

Click.  (AP) A chilling visit with Pol Pot's "brother".

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal and Italy Aid Flood-Stricken Algerian Camps.

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) Feds step up concealment of public documents.

Click.  (BP News) Supreme Court agrees to hear partial-birth abortion case.

Click.  Gina Holland: Supreme Court allows church's hallucinogenic tea.

Click.  Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair: A "100 Per Cent Certainty". The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints.

Click.  Noah S. Leavitt: Nuremberg at 60. How the US is turning away from its proud history.

Click.  (CNN) Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests.

Click.  (AP) Three Ohio men charged with planning attacks in Iraq.

Click.  (USA Today) Harvard President to step down.

Click.  (AP) Boot camp autopsy doctor questioned before. 

Click.  (Reuters) Bush defends ports deal, threatens veto.

Click.  (ABC) Bush: Arab company port deal should proceed.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Dubai port purchase pits Bush against lawmakers, Governors in both parties.

Click.  (New York Daily News) W aides' biz ties to Arab firm.

Click.  (Khaleej) Hughes says P & O takeover wont' be hit by objections in US.

Click.  Tom Flocco: Dubai's Grand Central Station purchase raises terrorism questions. Bush friend Robert Bass was lead investor in building sale to royal family.

Click.  Nicholas D. Kristoff: Time for an extreme makeover at the White House.

Click.  Nat Parry: Bush's mysterious "new programs". 

Click.  (BBC) Doctors halt "painless executions".

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) California seeks alternate way to execute Morales before midnight.

Click.  (AP) Berkeley High football star, subject of book, shot and killed.

Click.  (AP) Prominent lawyer pleads not guilty in Hollywood wiretapping probe.

Click.  (AP) Pregnant inmate dies.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Candidates try to define themselves.

Click.  Dan Walters: State has used Enron-style accounting tricks to cover its deficits.

Click.  (AP) Hawk habitat money unspent.

Click.  (ABC10) Fewer farmworkers employed in California.

Click.  Einstein's wife. The life of Mileva Maric Einstein.

Click.  (New Yorker) When in Rome: A striking redesign of the Getty's Malibu villa.

Click.  (The Guardian) The Thornborough henges have been saved after being overlooked for nearly 1,000 years.

Click.  (LA Times) They're building in Baja and boomers are buying.

Click.  Meredith Grenier: San Pedro playwright takes 9-11, breaks it apart and puts it back together in "Blockbuster!"

Click.  (LA Times) Carmel Valley Zen retreat famous for veggie cuisine, hot springs.

Chewing gum aids colon surgery recovery + Drug limits fetal alcohol damage + Forensics: DNA could predict your surname + The Age of Autism: Who runs Colorado? + Stressed women prone to early miscarriages + Action of 'strep' bacteria is determined +
Two hay fever drugs produce equal results + Clock Molecule's Sensitivity To Lithium Sheds Light On Bipolar Disorder +
Organic Diets Lower Children's Exposure To Two Common Pesticides + Technology Helps Disabled Kids Find Their Voice +
Research Offers Hope To Increase Islet Supply To Cure Type 1 Diabetes + Experts Question Prevalent Stereotypes About Autism +
Waking A Sleeping Virus: Taking Aim At One Of Mankind's Most Common Diseases + High Risk Of Breast Cancer Associated With Genetic Variation In Leptin And Its Receptor + Accutane registry to begin next week

Indians hunted carelessly, study says + State researchers to track elusive wolverine's secrets + Elephant seals dive for science +
British explorer prepares for record breaking Artic expedition + Comet dust is studied in Chicago +
New Fossil Find In New Mexico Named After Artist Georgia O'Keeffe + Oceans May Soon Be More Corrosive Than When The Dinosaurs Died +
'Kelp Highway' May Have Helped Peopling Of The Americas + New Clues in the Plant Mating Mystery + What Constitutes Acceptable Earthquake Risk? +
Successful Venus Express Main Engine Test + Next Good Dinosaur News Likely To Come From Small Packages + The Math Of Deadly Waves +
Study Indicates Speed Cameras Could Curb Road Deaths + Predators 'drove human species'

(Effect Measure) WHO updates on H5N1 mutations + Quick pandemic flu test 'vital' + Australia increases bird flu research...

Google concedes desktop security risk + IBM squeezes more into chips + Google Under Fire for China Presence +
Neurosphere: The convergence of evolution, group mind and the Internet +
Shuttle Atlantis to be retired in two years

February 20, 2006

Click.  Shibley Telhami, Eberhard Rhein: In the Middle East, the third way is a myth.

Click.  Jane Mayer: The memo. How an internal effort to ban the abuse and torture of detainees was thwarted.

Click.  Marty Lederman: How the Pentagon came to adopt criminal abuse as official policy.

Click.  Peter W. Galbraith: The mess.

Click.  (Zaman) Washington to hit Iran in January 2007.

Click.  (Moscow News) US asks Georgia to use its land for bases to attack Iran.

Click.  (Forbes) Hamas picks prime minister.

Click.  (Zaman) Muslim brothers to finance Hamas.

Click.  (Xinhua) Japan, US to test interceptor technology in March.

 Click.  (Houston Chronicle) Lawmakers, White House at odds over ports.

Click.  (Washington Post) White House working to avoid wiretap probe.

Click.  Bob Egelko: Water wars await Alito in debut on Supreme court. Future of nation's rivers, wetlands hinges on 2 key cases.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Notes on the Lodi terror trial.

Click.  Philip Pan: China's net nanny's slip is showing.

Click.  (Mainichi Daily News) Psychiatric report says AUM guru Asahara fit to stand trial.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: The Mary Matalin horror show.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Crashing into history.

Click.  Bob Herbert: The torturers win.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The Mensch gap.

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) Randy Duke Cunningham. In disgrace but not all alone.

Click.  (EffectMeasure) What did we buy for $33 billion and why?

Click.  Jennie Jarvie: Latinos sought a US mining's next generation.

Click.  Eric J. Sinrod: A federal court has ruled recently that a loan company was not negligent and did not have a duty under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley statute to encrypt a customer database on a laptop computer that fell into the wrong hands.

Click. (SactoBee) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to spend $105 billion on roads and highways over the next 10 years, unfettered by what some consider to be the Holy Grail of public works projects - competitive bidding.

Click.  (LA Times) IRS reviewing United Farm Workers and related charities.

Click.  Jim Boren: State's gambling tribes risk killing their golden goose.

Click.  Matier & Ross: Helpful Amtrak conductor is fired over injuries. She was hurt aiding passenger; railroad says she broke rules.

Click.  Mareva Brown, Sam Stanton: Molester says treatment working, soon to be released in California.

Click.  Ben Aguirre, Jr.: Local police in California requiring residents to file police reports online.

Click.  Jeff Wells: Markovian Parallax Denigrate.

Click.  Andrew Gumbel: The original desperate housewife: America remembers Grace Metalious.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs.

Click.  Kelly Anne-Suarez: Timetables, tour books, catalogs: Bit by printed bit, Wally Shidler pieces together L.A. history.

Click.  Luis Sahagun: The Natural History Museum is putting the finishing touches on an atlas that documents 230 breeding bird species in Los Angeles County.

Click.  Pictorial diary of sailing on the Great Lakes.

Laser that lets you see through solid objects + From  Far East, a lesson in how to beat bird flu + Heavy drinking linked to poor diet +
Foods to control the dieter's stomach + Rapid spread of bird flu from Asia puzzles experts + Cervical vaccine jabs may help men too +
US soldiers seek thrill of war on fast bikes + With Web, nurse extends care + Scientists dig into pile of 4.5 billion-year-old comet dust +
University finds pig cells can treat diabetes + 125 Big Questions + 'Faster emergence' for diseases + Fountain of youth within reach? +
New Clues in the Plant Mating Mystery + Seven-month-olds Show An Abstract Numerical Sense Before They Can Even Talk +
Ovarian Cancer Responds To Aspirin Derivative With Chemo +  Dramatic Metabolic Differences In How Adults, Infants, Children Process Drugs + Engineering Nerve Jumper Cables For Spinal Cord Repair In Animal Model + Quantum Physics: The 'Spin Triplet' Supercurrent +
Researchers Develop Revolutionary New Heart Valve For Children + Early Human Ancestors Walked On The Wild Side +
Marine Ecologists To Help Rebuild Decreasing Fish Stocks + Gene Patterns In White Blood Cells Quickly Diagnose Disease +
Estrogen-progestin Menopausal Hormone Therapy And Risk Of Lobular And Tubular Breast Cancer + Sex, Cleaner Of Genomes +
Livers From Non-heart Beating Donors Would Boost Organ Supply + Phytoplankton Bounce Back From Abrupt Climate Change +
Instruments On Alaska's Augustine Volcano Provide New Insights Into Volcanic Processes +  Ticks, Flukes, And Genomics: Emerging Pathogens Revealed + UCLA Finds Cancer Drug May Improve Progeria; Genetic Disease Causes Accelerated Aging In Children

February 19, 2006

Click.  (Sydney Morning Herald) Iranian suicide bombers wait in the wings.

Click.  Borzou Daragahi: Iraqi insurgents seem to time their attacks and informal cease-fires for maximum gain, while distancing themselves from foreign fighters.

Click.  (The Australian) Chavez the joker not funny for Bush.

Click.  Mary Mitchell: Corner drunk couldn't have bombed worse than FEMA.

Click.  Simon Jenkins: Bush and Blair have brilliantly done Bin Laden's work for him.

Click.  Anne Woolner: Did politics trump law in spying, tobacco cases.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Crude oil may rise in London tomorrow after an attack on a terminal operated by Royal Dutch Shell Plc cut Nigeria's export capacity by about 20 percent.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Lawmakers increased pressure on the Bush administration to review its approval of the $6.8 billion sale of a company that operates six U.S. ports to a firm controlled by the United Arab Emirates.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said President George W. Bush didn't need court approval when he authorized a National Security Agency surveillance program, and that the U.S. law establishing a special court to review national security wiretap requests doesn't need to be changed.

Click.  Nanette Asimov: Extra-special education at public expense.

Click.  Sam Stanton, Marveva Brown: Sex offenders often disappear after release.

Click.  Scott Allen: UC Irvine studies long-term impact of Civil War trauma.

Click.  Jacob Adelman: Japanese convenience stores land in California.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Grocery stores come and go, but loyalties die hard.

Click.  (Mountain Democrat) "Paper pregnancies" take local families to Asia.

Click.  Elaine Cassel: An issue of competency. The sentencing of Zacarias Moussaoui,

Click.  (Xymophora) The Able Danger danger.

Click.  Evan Thomas: Inside Dick Cheney's dark, secretive mind-set—and the forces that made it that way.

Click.  Richard A. Serrano: Cheney's heart is in the hunt.

Click.  Lorenzo Munoz: The Hollywood gospel according to Tyler Perry.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal's Massive Cocaine Busts.

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) 3-D technology can be good for business.

Click.  Carol Strickland: The secret life of old New Orleans.

Click.  Rick Anderson: From spy to psychotic. The latest on the very strange story of former Seattle journalist Susan Lindauer.

Click.  Robert Crumb: The religious experience of Philip K. Dick.

February 18, 2006

Click.  (Lebanon Daily Star) Iran calls for withdrawal of UK troops from Basra.

Click.  David Ignatius: Playing raw, hardball politics in Baghdad.

Click.  (Haaretz) Rice warns Iran not to finance Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

Click.  (Australian) Iraq to flush out killers in the ranks.

Click.  Charley Reese: What Bush is up to.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Hunting for a straight shooter.

Click.  (Democracy Now) Professor McCoy exposes the history of CIA interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror.

Click.  (CBS) Chavez: US oil exports could end.

Click.  (Mother Jones) Iraqi veteran forced out of Senate race by Harry Reid.

Click.  (AP) Pelosi wants ethics probe of deficit bill.

Click.  (AP) Prosecutors seek 10 years for Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Click.  Graham Stewart: A vice-president with clear aim and intent.

Click.  (AP) Child pornographer gets life sentence. Man fingered in federal initiative believed to be first to get life for kid porn.

Click.  (Moscow News) Russia’s illegal drugs business worth $15B a year.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Scott Dyleski to stand trial in the murder of Pamela Vitale.

Click.  (Recombinomics) H5N1 Bird Flu alert declared in Iraq.

Click.  (BBC) The age of retirement should be raised to 85 by 2050 because of trends in life expectancy,

Click.  John Updike: The sea, the sea.

Click.  (BBC) Jeanne d'Arc relics to be tested

February 17, 2006

Click.  (Washington Post) Senate panel rejects spy probe. White House's assurances take air out of effort to investigate warrantless wiretaps.

Click.  (New York Times) Doing the President's dirty work.

Click.  Katherine Schrader: Judge orders spying documents to be released.

Click.  E. J. Dionne, Jr.: No end to phony populism.

Click.  (Bloomberg) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair discuss Iran nuclear problem, urge Hamas to reject violence.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Russia has bird flu outbreak in Southwest: Turkey reports suspected cases.

Click.  (London Times) Mardi Gras façade will hide a toxic, rubble-strewn wasteland.

Click.  (The Independent) African bio-resources "exploited by the West".

Click.  Keaye Davidson: Activists push fight on germ research. Appeal filed over Livermore lab's new facility for study of pathogens.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Teen suspect Dyleski's mother testifies in slay case. She says drawings made her consider psychologist for son.

February 16, 2006

NEWSMAKINGNEWS: A look into the time-line in that box inside VP Cheney's brain:

Click. Pete Yost (AP): "Vice President Dick Cheney disclosed Wednesday that he has the power to declassify sensitive government information, authority that could set up a criminal defense for his former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby."

"Scooter" Libby says, in essence, that he told the grand jury convened by prosecutor Fitzgerald that his superiors authorized him to out Valerie Plame.  He implies he is, therefore, guilty of no crime on this issue.  His chief superiors were VP Cheney and President Bush.  Is Libby's defense plausible?

Joe Wilson's New York Times editorial regarding the absence of enriched yellow cake uranium from Niger, cited by Bush and Cheney and others as a reason to go to war with Iraq who they alleged had access to that yellow cake, was published on February 13, 2003.

"At a press conference on Capitol Hill on July 14, Ambassador Wilson, flanked by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), reminded reporters that the "Get Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame" campaign was launched in March 2003, at a meeting in the Vice President's Office, attended by Libby and other Cheney staffers. At that meeting, according to Wilson, orders went out to do "a work-up" on Wilson. `A work-up," Wilson explained, "is an intelligence operation to find out everything that you can about Wilson and his family.'"  Click to source. 

The 1995 Executive Order 12958 cited by VP Dick Cheney on February 15, 2006  in an interview with Fox News re: the Armstrong Ranch shooting incident, was amended on March 25, 2003. Here is the text of the amended Executive Order 13292 Click.  Its new provisions are in bold.  (By these provisions, the Vice President appears to have arguably have expanded legal powers to declassify material.)

On July 14, 2003, Valerie Plame was outed as an undercover CIA operative by Robert Novak in a news article.

Click.  Gina Holland: Justice Alito hires trusted conservatives.

Click.  (AP) Court voids Michael Jackson’s ex-wife’s loss of parental rights

Click.  (London Times) Britain plans no-go areas planned as bird flu closes in.

Click.  Pam Easton: Is it time for police surveillance cameras in homes?

Click.  Brenda Stardom: I'm A Gamer! Hear Me Roar.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Scott Dyleski housemate says he found gruesome to-do list.

Science: Sick kids may be at risk for mental ills + Modern technology finds ancient Maya ruins + Program helps in designing artificial DNA  + Technology may revolutionize kitchens + Scientists study spousal illness effects + New test possible for shaken baby syndrome  + Doctors Test Robotic Surgeon For Laparoscopy + Antioxidant Supplementation Not Associated With Decreased Risk Of Prostate Cancer + Targeting Pancreatic Cancer + Unique Equine Cataract Surgery Offered On Routine Basis + Yale Statistics Professor Identifies Flaws In IOC Figure Skating Scoring System + New Compound May Protect Against Liver Cancer + New Targeted Treatment For Brain Tumors Shows Promise In Pre-clinical Models + Simple System Predicts Mortality Of Older Americans With 81 Percent Accuracy

February 15, 2006

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Homeland Security Chief Chertoff says he is responsible for Katrina failures.

Click.  R. J. Eskow: Cheney's Chappaquiddick. The real story emerges.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Cheney, facing criticism on shooting, to comment for first time.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Shooter slips on a silencer.

Click.  (Zaman) US and Israel to use isolation plan to overthrow Hamas.

Click.  Glen Greenwald: Silencing Bush critics with prison.

Click.  (Independent) "Death squad" kills outspoken critic of Kazakh government.

Click.  Daniel Finkelstein: How I woke up to a nightmare plot to steal centuries of law and liberty.

Click.  (Independent) Terror threat -- the great deception.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: National security whistleblowers testify to planted classified documents and other abuses.

Click.  (London Times) Abu Ghraib scandal reignited.

Click.  Jason Dearen: Hearing highlights the macabre. Prosecutor paints teenager Dyleski charged in Lafayette slaying as disturbed young man.

Click.  Steve Geissinger: Governor Schwarzenegger risks north - south water fight.

Click.  (Lodi News) Juror chosen in Lodi terror case.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Help Find Jennifer Keese.

Click.  (LA Times) Judge names receiver to fix prison health system.

Click.  (Daily Bulletin) Former Chino corrections officer convicted of federal charges for helping the Nazi Low Riders.

Click.  Daniel Terdiman: Power lunching with wizards and warriors.

Click.  (Yahoo) Willie Nelson releases gay cowboy song.

Click.  (Effect Measure) The dying swan.

Science: Study Shows Levitra May Protect The Heart + Einstein's Theory 'Improved'? + Astronomers Find Giant Lightning Storm At Saturn + Researchers Release New Variety Of Asparagus + Botox Could Help Target Resistant Tumors For Treatment + Intensive Efforts Launched To Determine Genetic And Environmental Roots Of Common Diseases + New Images Capture Virus In Extraordinary Detail + 'Roof Of The World' Tells Tale Of Colliding Continents, Earth's Interior + Men With Heart Disease May Be at Risk for Death With Blood Sugar in 'Normal' Range, Women at Lower Risk + Wisconsin Scientists Find A Way To Make Human Collagen In The Lab + Findings Advance Use Of Adult Stem Cells For Replacement Bone + Copper Could Help Prevent The Spread Of Flu Infections + Scientists Seek To Unwrap The Sweet Mystery Of The Sugar Coat On Bacteria + Scientists Tweak Cervical Cancer Vaccine Technology To Fight Most Common Sexually Transmitted Disease -- Genital Warts + Protein Translation In Sperm + Post-pregnancy Events Promote Breast Tumor Metastasis + Scientists Seek To Unwrap The Sweet Mystery Of The Sugar Coat On Bacteria

February 14, 2006

Click.  Larisa Alexandrovna: Outed CIA officer Plame was working on Iran, intelligence sources say.

Click.  (LA Times) Envoys say Iran has begun nuclear work.

Click.  (Houston Chronicle) White House strongly defends Katrina role.

Click.  Eugene Robinson: Col. Jessup goes a-hunting.

Click.  Bronwen Maddox: Merkel's makeover gives her flying start - for now.

Click.  Charlotte Higgins: The Royal Shakespeare Company is about to embark on a dangerous gamble -- and it needs to.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: PayPal Phishers' Endless Bait, Plus Snowboarding, Hannah Teter and Music.

Click.  Ian Sample: Billionaires offer cash to speed up research.

February 12, 2006

Click.  (London Times) Savage Katrina report.

Click.  (E & P) McClellan: Bush told about Texas shooting Saturday -- but not Cheney's role.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran postpones talks with Russia, insists on enriching uranium on its own soil.

Click.  Video of Brit troops beating Iraqi kids.

Click.  Robert F. Worth: Iraqi prime minister keeps job by one vote. Al-Jaafari strikes deal with anti-US al-Sadr group to stay.

Click.  Jane Smiley: A turning point for the rule of law. "But there could be a more sinister reason for the new shamelessness. Isn't there always a moment in the life of every dictatorship when the tyrants take the gloves off in public?"

Click.  Beth Quinn: An open letter to NSA about my wiretap.

Click.  (KESQ) Tip by friend led to arrest of murder suspect Dyleski.

Click.  William Lobdell, Christine Hanley: Aryan inmate capital trials to start.

Click.  Darwin Porter: The extraordinary story that lay behind Marlon's Brando's smoldering image.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: It's The Moon, It's The Moon.

Click.  (Pravda) Five versions of Mozart's death.

Click.  David Crossland: Beatles Memories to revive Hamburg's sin city.

February 11, 2006

Click.  Jack Chang: Brazil poised to join the world's nuclear elite.

Click.  Professor Froomkin: Decreasingly hypothetical questions.

Click.  Jose Mysak: Orrick explains why public finance is going private.

Click.  Brendan Murray: Here's one Fed nominee that didn't draw accolades.

Click.  (AP) Governor Schwarzenegger wants to reshape approach to women prisoners.

Click.  Rong-Gong Lin II: California stem cell bid may be in limbo for year-plus.

Click.  Sabin Russell: Board approves rules for California stem cell research.

Click.  Vanessa Hua: Falun Gong group to make showing along parade route.

Click.  Richard C. Morais: When all else fails, threats (re: Falun Gong).

Click.  Lea Bevins: Geocaching, benchmarking go hand-in-hand for lab workers.

Click.  Tim Tesconi: Record $1 billion for North Coast grapes.

Click.  L. Pierce Carson: Napa grapes brought in more than $500 million; harvest up, prices steady, and cabernet is still the king.

Click.  Lisa Richardson: Blazing a trail for followers of the "Divine Feminine".

Click.  (LA Times) Removal of molecule helps mice to mingle.

Click.  (National Institute of Health) Mice lacking social memory molecule take bullying in stride.

February 10, 2006

Click.  Simon Jenkins: Our leaders have forgotten the legacy of Lawrence of Arabia.

Click.  John W. Dean: Vice President Cheney and the fight over "inherent" Presidential powers:  His attempt to swing the pendulum back began long before 9/11.

Click.  Paul Kelby: Diamond industry still funding bloody conflicts in Africa.

Click.  Daniel Howden: How a meeting of leaders in Mecca set off the cartoon wars around the world.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Thwarted Terrorists Attacks? Blatant Bush Bullshit.

Click.  Juan Cole: In pictures. Cheney Authorized Libby to Disclose Classified Documents

Click.  Webster Tarpley: Recruiting Europe for Bush's attack on Iran.

Click.  (AP) CIA staffer accused of burglaries. Administrative worker charged in 17 incidents.

Click.  (Science Daily) New analysis shows three human migrations out of Africa.

February 9, 2006

Click.  (Pravda) Poland to become the stronghold of US-led policies in Europe.

Click.  Kaveh L. Afrasiabi: China's energy insecurity and Iran's nuclear crisis.

Click.  Michael Chang: Making the bamboo bend.

Click  (Financial Times) Putin suggests meeting with Hamas.

Click.  (National Post) Canada's military is embarking on its largest affirmation of Arctic sovereignty.

Click.  Kelly Hearn: Woes mount for oil firms in Ecuador.

Click.  (BBC) Africa "too weak" to fight H5N1.

Click.  (ABC) Italy may put CIA agents on trial in absentia.

Click.  (E&P) National Journal: Libby authorized to leak by Cheney, others.

Click.  Doug Thompson: John Boehner is just another Tom DeLay.

Click.  (CNN) Ex-FEMA chief: I may tell all about Katrina.

Click.  Nathan Callahan: Seymour Hersh's Advice: Keep your second passport alive.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Republicans' "angry Hillary" ploy won't work.

Click.  Jeff Wells: The trouble with fascists.

Click.  Bob Barr: NSA Kabuki theater.

Click.  Jeannie Shawl: Specter bill would require court oversight of NSA domestic spying.

Click.  Mark Clayton: US plans massive data sweep.

Click.  Terry Allen: Information is power. "The draft lays out how some 60,000 already strapped town and county offices must keep the birth and death records under lock and key and report all document requests to Washington."

Click.  Bob Egelko: Aged, disabled can sue states if nursing is cut. Federal court in San Francisco revives Oregon case that was dismissed.

Click.  (AP) Stolen car driven by teen moving 2 mph when LA officer fired.

Click   (ABC) "Gene doping" a new threat to Olympic fairness.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Cendant judge declares second mistrial in Frobes accounting fraud case.

Click.  Michael Liedtke: Google's new feature seeks greater access to PCs.

Click.  (CNN) Harrison Ford and the movie machine.

Click.  Justin Jouvenal: San Francisco's Japantown for sale

Click.  (BBC) Jack London's 1906 quake journey.

Click.  Mark Giilbert: Touring Vietnam's famed Ho Chi Minh trail by motorcycle.

Click.  Kevin Howe: Seamount life dazzles researchers. Massive colored organisms thrive in total darkness.

Science: Woman to try personalized cancer vaccine made out of her own tumor + Kidney Cancer Patients May Be Over treated, Study Finds + Robot Assisted Surgery More Accurate Than Conventional Surgery + Scientists Re-engineer A Well-known Antibiotic To Counter Drug Resistance + Brain Images Show Individual Dyslexic Children Respond To Spelling Treatment + Vitamin D Inhibits Progression Of Some Prostate Cancers + Removing DNA Repair Gene Causes Metabolic Syndrome + New Cochlear Implant Could Improve Hearing + One In 14 Men Having A Heart Attack Drive Themselves To Hospital + Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull + Chemical blocks HIV infection + Drug may cut stroke disability

Click.  (CNN) Navy to increase numbers inside Iraq.

Click.  (Interfax) Russia to fulfill TOR-M1 missile contract with Iran.

Click.  (Daily Star) Is Iranian power the Arab world's worst nightmare?

Click.  (Moscow News) Report: Russian military, German businessmen aid Iran arms program.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) Morales warns against US blackmail.

Click.  Michael Hirsh: Wanted. Competent big brothers. "Today, very quietly, the core of TIA (Admiral Poindexter's old Total Information Awareness) survives with a new codename of Topsail."

Click.  Carol D. Leonig: Secret Court's judges were warned about NSA spy data.

Click.  (LA Times) Congressional intelligence committee is briefed on highly classified details of President Bush's controversial monitoring program.

Click.  (Politechbot) Sen. Specter plans legislation on NSA surveillance program.

Click.  (Rolling Stone) God's Senator. Who would Jesus vote for? Meet Sam Brownback.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Illegal and inept.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: The President, the stripper and the Attorney General.

Click.  Juan Cole: Condaleeza Rice is a liar for blaming Syria, Iran for inciting violence over caricature of Prophet.

Click.  Allan Sloane: Bush's Social Security sleight of hand.

Click.  Declan McCullagh: Bill would force Web sites to delete personal info.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Hissing at Firefox.

February 8, 2006

Click.  Andrew C. Revkin: A young Bush appointee resigns his post at NASA.

Click.  (Narcosphere) NSA's relationship with Reuters and AP.

Click.  (Reuters) Saudi retains oil power as Bush struggles to break free.

Click.  (AFP) Afghanistan revokes licences of 1,600 NGOs.

Click.  Chris Lehmann: Bush flickers out, Republicans face mass hibernation.

Click.  Jeanne Cummings: White House can't sweep away Abramoff.

Click.  Doug Thompson: They came to praise King and bury Bush.

Click.  (Breitbart) Senator Clinton accuses Republicans of playing the fear card.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Who's hormonal? Hillary or Dick?

Click.  Greg Mitchell: The unasked question in the domestic spying debate.

Click.  Jeff Zeleny: McCain, Obama spar over ethics reform.

Click.  Maureen Farrell: Top 10 "conspiracy theories' about George W. Bush.

Click.  (BBC) Anti-cartoon protests go online.

Click.  (AFP) Chirac slams media “provocation” in printing cartoons.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Madness Fuels the Cartoon Wars.

Click.  Todd J. Gillman: USDA says horse slaughter for meat can continue.

Click.  Lynda Gledhill: California's Capitol-weary legislators retreat to resorts. Sacramento deemed too distracting for their policy work.

Click.  (Reuters) Smiling and single, woman leads Peru presidential race.

Click.  (AFP) Africa faces devastating bird flu epidemic.

Click.  John Heilpren: Make way for Mr. Beale! New Arthur is king of Broadway

Science: Super vision sans bionics + Scientists Force Viruses To Evolve As Better Delivery Vehicles For Gene Therapy + Berkeley Researchers Lay Groundwork For Cell Version Of DNA Chip + Gut Protein Found To Protect Against Infection And Intestinal Breakdown + Research Into Soy Will Continue But Soy Is Not A Solution For Heart Disease + Proteins' Subtle 'Backrub' Motion Could Have Important Implications + All Placebos Not Created Alike: In A Trial Of Sham Acupuncture Vs. Oral Placebo Pill, Patients Experienced Greater Pain Reduction From Sham Device + A Bathroom That Cleans Itself + New Brain Hormone Puts Brakes On Reproduction + Computer Use Deleted As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cause: More Common In Assembly Line Work + Premature babies 'can defy odds' + Oldest T. rex relative unveiled + Space rock re-opens Mars debate

February 7, 2006

Click.  (Drudge) Coretta Scott King funeral turns political. Bush based by Jimmy Carter and Reverend Rev. Joseph Lowery, co-founder of Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 

Click.  (ABC) Gunmen assassinated a Sunni community leader Tuesday.

Click.  (CBS) Convicted 9/11 cellmate set free.

Click.  (Channelnewasia) Iranians lost new assault on Danish embassy.

Click.  (ABC) England. Radical cleric sentenced to seven years.

Click.  Juan Cole: Sadr pledges solidarity with Syria against Israel, UK, US.

Click.  Declan McCullagh, Anne Broache: NSA eavesdropping. How it might work.

Click.  Jeffrey Goldberg: True believer. George W. Bush's speechwriter.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush faces toughest budget battle over his plans to reduce Medicare costs.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Iran showdown is the fuse for a global monetary explosion.

Click.  Greg Miller: Chief of CIA's counter-terror center ousted.

Click.  Zachary Coile: The President's budget impact on California: Tech industry gets boon, but spending cuts would hit hard.

Click.  David Perlman: The President's budget impact on science: Lofty goals for NASA -- but some programs facing cuts.

Click.  (AP) Chiron cleared in SEC investigation.

Click.  David Postman, Hal Bernton: How scheming lobbyist Abramoff operated in Seattle firm.

Click.  Susan Gilmore: Lawyer breaks new ground in animal cases.

Click.  Robert W. Welkos: The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.

Click.  Warren St. John: Man who helped create JT Leroy unmasks scheme. Female partner got artistic boost after they forged persona.

Click.  Steve Friess: Podfading takes its toll.

Science: Natural Compound Prolongs Lifespan And Delays Onset Of Aging-related Traits In A Short-lived Vertebrate + Thousands Of Barges Could Save Europe From Deep Freeze + Disposable Catheter Breakthrough, A World First + Researchers Break Chain Of Biochemical Events That Brain Cancer Cells Use To Evade Therapy + Home Paper Shredders Pose Serious Injury Risk To Toddlers + Heparin Prepared Synthetically Could Replace Animal-derived Drug + Older Adults May Reduce Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome By Eating More Whole Grains + Scientists Trace Origin Of Shark's Electric Sense + Alzheimer's Found To Be Mostly Genetic: Largest Twin Study Ever Undertaken Confirms Highest Estimates Of Genetic Risk + Mutation In Brain Cells Of Descendants Of Abraham Lincoln Suggest He Suffered From Movement Disorder + Broccoli chemical's cancer check + Rat brain 'can smell in stereo' + Japan tries to save giant radish

Click.  (Insight Magazine) Karl Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Click.  (ACLU) Eavesdropping 101: What can the NSA do?

Click.  (Daily Kos) NSA spying. How big could it be?

Click.  Kathryn Joanne Dixon: "You're doin' a heckuva job, Gonzales!"

Click.  (Moscow News) Russian ultranationalist leader expects US to attack Iran in late March.

Click.  Yin Gang: China has no sympathy for a Persian atom bomb.

Click.  (AKI) Iran concerned about possible coup in Syria.

Click.  (AKI) Taliban video claims Muslim state in Waziristan.

Click.  (Itar-Tass) Japan and North Korea talks in Beijing focus on nuke problem settlement.

Click.  Philip Adams: "There was a time when scandals felled prime ministers, when even the odd presidency died of shame. Not any more. Just as engines can be powered by the methane from pig shit, leaders in Western democracies seem empowered by their deceits, energized by the venality of their administrations."

Click.  (The Australian) Melbourne underworld figure Mario Condello was shot dead last night, gunned down in his driveway just days before he was due to appear in court on charges of conspiracy to murder.

Click.  Helen Nugent: A London-based arms dealer was caught by FBI agents trying to sell weapons worth millions of pounds to a Colombian terror group.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) Chile's Bachelet and Congress: Stormy honeymoon.

Click.  (Le Monde) In Bolivia the military plan and wait.

Click.  (Egypt Today) Out of the red.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Absentee: London's Newest Next Big Thing.

Click.  Judith Ryan: Aboriginal art has moved to the forefront of contemporary art practice in Australia.

Science: Scientists hail discovery of hundreds of new species in remote New Guinea + Dunedin company in colorectal cancer breakthrough


February 6, 2006

Click.  (Raw Story) GOP senators refuse to put Attorney General under oath on wiretaps.

Click.  (Raw Story) Attorney General won't say whether non-terrorist suspects are being targeted by wiretaps

Click.  (AP) Update 9: Gonzales faces tough questions on spying.

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Attorney General Gonzales tells US Senators spying legal, equivalent to "radar outposts".

Click.  James Ridgeway: Is George Bush Opening Your Mail? Asked directly by the U.S. Senate, Alberto Gonzales won't say.

Click.  (Firedoglake) Attorney General Gonzales hearing blogged.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush's policies, election-year politics may block deficit reduction goal.

Click.  (Reuters) Bush Medicare plan could face tough test in Congress.

Click.  (Hactivismo) Who helped the NSA?

Click.  (Reuters) Iran to IAEA: End snap inspections by mid-February.

Click.  (Pravda) Exhibition of Prophet Muhammad cartoons to be organized in Moscow.

Click.  Course on "hostile intervention".

Click.  John Leyden: Greece rocked by mobile phone tapping scandal.

Click.  Steve Geisinger: California crackdown on sexual offenders bogs down. Election-year political battles hinder legislation.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: Lawrence Livermore Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project.

Click.  Rick DelVecchio: Treasures of California history on display to celebrate Bancroft Library's centennial.

Click.  Grace Rauh: Chinese students check out schools in Fremont, California.

Click.  Jon Van: Lab works on program that emphasizes context in Web searches.

Click.  Peter Pae: Sea launch may be floating pretty as satellite launch business picks up.

Click.  Joan Acocella: The saintly sinner. The two-thousand-year obsession with Mary Magdalene.

Click.  Sam Jaffe: An eye test for Alzheimers.

Science: The Long Research Road To A New Vaccine + Study Shows Minimally Invasive Lung Surgery Has Low Risk With Same Results As Open Surgery + Life-threatening Lupus Responds To Stem Cell Transplant Therapy + Engineered Heart Tissue Offers Insights Into Irregular Heartbeats, Defibrillator Failure + Gay survey returns surprising results + Purdue creates virus imaging program

TODAY 1:00 a.m. PST. 

Click.  Bob Herbert: Do you know what they know?

Click.  Robert Fisk: Don't be fooled, this isn't an issue of Islam versus secularism.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The effectiveness thing.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portuguese Lesbians Test Marriage Laws.

Click.  Laurence M. Vance: The first duty of a Christian soldier.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Finally I understand the President.

Click.  Kathryn Dixon: Nuke chickens coming home to roost on American know-nothings.

Click.  Joseph Sobran: Lincoln's party.

Click.  Justin Teo: The business of medical rescue and security assistance.

February 5, 2006

Click.  Jeff Chester: The end of the Internet?

Click.  (London Times) Russian roulette. Moscow must take a central role if the Iran nuclear crisis is to be resolved.

Click.  Brian Brady: Revealed: secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq.

Click.  (World Socialist Web) European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation.

Click.  Lisa Zagaroli: "Clean audit" elusive target for Pentagon.

Click.  (AP) Interpol: USS Cole attack planner escapes.

Click.  Michael Isikoff: The CIA Leak: Plame was still covert

Click.  Maura Reynolds: GOP lawmakers' loyalties face a test.

Click.  Curt Anderson: Much evidence against Padilla can't be used in terror trial.

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) Wilkes' power of persuasion.

Click.  (Seattle Times) The administration's no-plan salmon plan.

Click.  Denis Hamill: One Marine's bravest battle.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: Governor Schwarzenegger''s new chief of staff piles it on. Susan Kennedy now also is head campaigner.

Click.  Debra J. Saunders: Another government taking - Conway Ranch, Davis, California.

Click.  (Xymphora) Coalitions: power to the corporadoes!

Click.  Greg Krikorian: Music figure held in Pellicano case.

Click.  Tina Hesman: Researchers look for human applications in hibernation study.

Click.  Exhibition at the Met: The Unicorn Tapestries.

Click.  Rose James: Try the olive oil, it's from one's own tree, darling.

Click.  Mark R. Chellgren: Get a tropical shirt, drink a mojito and live the Key West life.

Click.  (Newsweek) Exclusive. Can the President order a killing on US soil?

Click.  (IRNA) Ahmadinejad orders suspension of NPT Additional Protocol.

Click.  (Xinhuanet) Iran starts retaliatory moves against referral.

Click.  John Daniszewski, Alissa J. Rubin, Paul Richter: Iraq colored the debate over how to rein in Iran.

Click.  David Ignatius: Did the French connection kill Hariri?

Click.  (The Australian) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he is considering buying enough rifles to arm one million people ready to repel a possible US invasion.

Click.  Christina Lamb: British target lair of the opium lords.

Click.  Trent Seibert: Lobbyists are writing laws.

Click.  (StarTribune) Feds seizing Canadian prescription drugs Americans have ordered.

Click.  Robert Elder: Judge takes Congress to task in bankruptcy case. Legal world abuzz about tirade calling act inane, confusing.

Click.  (The Independent) The Diana files.

Click.  (London Times) Fakespeare.

Click.  John Harlowe: Chinglish -- it's a word in a million.

Click.  Paul Dalgarno: Forget The Da Vinci Code … carvings at Rosslyn reveal symphony for the devil.

Click.  ( Fear of clowns no laughing matter.

Click.  Kurt Vonnegut: All the other species are dying and so will we. I’m whistling as I walk past the graveyard... whistling as beautifully as I can.

Click.  Oscar Avila: Newberry's "Mayan Bible" draws experts, immigrants.

February 4, 2006

Click.  (CBS) Country vows retaliation if it is referred to UN Security Council.

Click.  (ABC) IAEA reports Iran to UN Security Council.

Click.  (BBC) Iran standoff moves to new level.

Click.  Gordon Prather: President bonkers Bolton.

Click.  Ahmadinejad: Few strongly armed countries after imposing scientific apartheid.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Egypt detained UK's Galloway "overnight" on National Security concerns.

Click.  (Washington Times) A US Navy construction battalion fresh from Hurricane Katrina relief duty is battling the elements and daily insurgent attacks to build permanent bases in the dangerous Anbar province.

Click.  Mark Mazzetti: Pentagon plans for "long war" against extremism.

Click.  Pauline Jelinek: Army teaches troops how to pick a spouse.

Click.  Dan Glaister: US crops left to rot as Mexicans leave the fields for better-paid jobs.

Click.  Ann Woolner: There was no evil at Enron; Just ask Lay, Skilling.

Click.  Ramon Coronado: Richard Hamlin could face sentencing on March 27.

Click.  Sean Reily: For 32 years, Navajo Pauline Whitesinger has resisted U.S. efforts to force her off what it says is Hopi land.

Click.  Tom Baldwin: Can white superstars breathe new life into downbeat Motown?

Click.  Nicholas Roe tracks the A-list around Francis Ford Coppola's Central American hideouts.

Click.  (BBC) Infertility link in Iceman's DNA.

February 3, 2006

Click.  Doug Thompson: Bush approved multi-agency program to spy on Americans.

Click.  Michael Matza: The brains at the helm of Hamas.

Click.  Bob Egelko: Evidence of harm required in "move away" custody battle. California Supreme Court places greater challenge on contesting parent.

Click.  (AP) Riverside County Judge won't seal case sex predator case involving 49 suspects.

Click.  Kate Folmar: Governor Schwarzenegger to settle suit over aides' data.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Igogaine: RKL's Jason Sears' Tragic Death.

Click.  (Xinhua) Pentagon to keep civilians under surveillance.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Egyptian ferry with 1,300 on board disappears on Red Sea of Saudi Arabia.

Click.  (London Times) Nuclear negotiators hope for the best but are expecting the worst.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iran warns of retaliation if referred to UN.

Click.  Rosemary Bennett and Michael Evans: Bush "tried to lure Saddam into war using UN aircraft".

Click.  Jeremy Page: Ukraine turns back to Moscow as Orange Revolution is betrayed.

Click.  (Breitbart) Kurdish officials are inviting foreign oil companies to explore untapped reserves in their northern region, angering Arab countrymen and raising concern about chaos in Iraq's oil industry.

Click.  (AKI) Hamas plans mission in Latin America.

Click.  (The Independent) As the European press asserted its right to publish hostile cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed, anger in the Arab world reached boiling point.

Click.  Gabriel Shoenfeld: Has the New York Times violated the Espionage Act?

Click.  Paul Krugman: State of delusion.

Click.  Toby Eckert: Senator Feinstein introduces plan to curb "earmarks".

Click.  (Donkey) Who is John Boehner of Ohio, to succeed DeLay as House Majority Leader?

Click.  (CNN) Congressman Weldon subpoenaed for 9/11 trial.

Click.  (SF Chronicle) Lawrence Livermore Lab will install high-powered machine guns to thwart a possible terrorist attack.

Click.  Joe Keohane: Sinclair Lewis's 1935 novel "It Can't Happen Here" envisioned an America in thrall to a homespun fascist dictator. Newly reissued, it's as unsettling a read as ever.

Click.  Larry Gross: Year of the queer: Hollywood and homosexuality.

February 1, 2006

Click.  Paul Levian: Iran and the jaws of a trap.

Click.  (Mail & Guardian) US forces batter al-Sadr militia in Baghdad.

Click.  Tom Porteous: The Great Game goes on.

Click.  Kamiguri Takashi, Abe Hideaki: Japan's Iran dilemma and oil.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Venezuela expels US attache for alleged espionage.

Click.  Robert Steinberg: Avoiding hard questions on 9/11 terror attack not the answer.

Click.  Mark Kleiman: Libby and the "national security" defense.

Click.  Jeremy Scahill: A 9/11 conspirator in King Bush's court?

Click.  Petty Noonan: "I hope she drowns." The implosion of the Democratic Party. Plus Tom Shales's snobbery and a tribute to Wendy Wasserstein.

Click.  (The Guardian) Bush told Blair we're going to war, memo shows.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Boehner named US House majority leader to succeed DeLay, beating Blunt.

Click.  Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman: As Alito takes Supreme Court seat, Ohio GOP guts election protection.

Click.  (Wikipedia) US Congressmen edit Wikipedia references about themselves.

Click.  Richard Simon, Joel Havemann: California will feel much of the impact of a narrowly approved federal budget measure, losing at least $1.7 billion in assistance.

Click.  Anthony York: Race, class, gender and ideology all define Orange County Senate fight.

Click.  Malcolm: Maclachlan: From Paris to pike, Fish and Game has seen it all.

Click.  Lori A. Carter: A former Bennett Valley volunteer firefighter and Rohnert Park public safety officer was charged Wednesday with secretly recording sex acts involving minors and posting the images on the Internet.

Click.  Renee Khoury: Google looks to outer space.

Science and health: Molecular Force Field Helps Cancer Cells Defend Against Attack + Scientists Dispel Late-Night Eating/Weight Gain Myth + New Plant Compounds Could Aid Blood Flow + Molecular Force Field Helps Cancer Cells Defend Against Attack + Yale Findings Hold Promise For Stopping Progression Of Bipolar Disorder

Click.  (The Guardian) Iran says its "retaliation would come 'simultaneously" with any decision on referral by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN nuclear watchdog, which meets in emergency session in Vienna today."

Click.  Ahmadinejad: Selflessness and martyrdom-seeking, only way to save mankind.

Click.  (Middle-Eastonline) Companies pulling out of Iraq.

Click.  William S. Lind: The next act.

Click.  (BigNews) Frenzied talks in Cairo over future of Palestinian leadership.

Click.  Nigel Hawkes: New bird flu vaccine may be key to preventing pandemic.

Click.  Leo Lewis: The gilded youth who began a war (in Japan).

Click.  (The Guardian) Around 90% of drugs used to treat newborn babies have not been tested on the young, report says.

Click.  Jack M. Balkan: The NSA program and the rule of law.

Click.  (Houston Chronicle) Deception kept Enron stock up, Koenig says.

Click.  (CNN) US House of Representatives cuts health care spending for poor, elderly.

Click.  (AP) Guatemala police arrest armed Christian fundamentalist vigilantes.

Click.  Anna Price: The misery of being an orchestra player.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Death In Vegas and the Punk Scene.

Click.  (NY Daily News) CIA leak prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald collected 10,000 pages of documents - including the most sensitive terrorism memos in the U.S. government - from Vice President Cheney's office, he said in court papers released yesterday.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Chertoff failed to label Katrina a "catastrophic event," Comptroller says.

Click.  (AKI) Al Jazeera and Latin America's Telesur clinch deal.

Click.  (Itar-Tass) London Conference adopts 5-year plan for Afghanistan.

Click.  ( Soldiers joined marines in asymmetrical war game in Maryland.

Click.  Patrick Radden Keefe: I spy black satellites.

Click.  Fred Cederholm: Who will succeed as "King of the World" — the US dollar, or oil?

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Didn't see it coming again.

Click.  Joe Conason: Bush on health care: Anybody have a leech?

Click.  Philip Kaiser: FDR's closest call: What if he lost?

Click.  Bob Egelko: "Partial birth" abortion ban held unconstitutional. Appeals courts in S.F. and N.Y. issue rulings hours apart.

Click.  (AP) Judge sets $200,000 bond for Andrea Yates.

Click.  (AP) Sex offender bill passes in California assembly.

Click.  Paul Libertore: Point Reyes Light's new owner ruffles West Marin.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: The Email Worm Is Ticking Fast.

Click.  Patrick Goldstein: Make way for studio outsiders on the red carpet.

Click.  ( Heart disease undiagnosed in many women because plaque spreads.

Click.  Jia-Rui Chong: Stem cell procedure may help ease lupus.

Science and Health:  Hidden infant immune 'safety net' found + Looking inside rocks to find life on Mars + Study: Frankincense may fight some cancers + Source Of Crucial Immune Cell In The Skin Discovered + Treatment Of Down Syndrome In Mice Restores Nerve Growth In Cerebellum + New Hope for Cancer: Tumor-killing Cell + New Planet Is Bigger Than Pluto

January 31, 2006

Click.  Amity Shlaes: Meet Bush speechwriter, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Click.  John Brown: "Transformational diplomacy" Spreading Bush's gospel.

Click.  Stephanie Simon: Evangelicals branch out politically.

Click.  Vladimir Isachenkov: Putin boasts of new missiles capability.

Click.  ( A document obtained by Iran on the nuclear black market serves no other purpose than to make an atomic bomb, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday.

Click.  (Breitbart) Iraq tries to contain bird flu outbreak.

Click.  (SFGate) Police can't use a suspect's confession against him in court if they intentionally delay reading him his rights until after he confesses, then ask him to repeat his statement, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

Click.  ( Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's front yard "toilet papered" with VCR tape.

Click.  Carrie Kirby: Inside look at a billionaire's budget. Larry Ellison's spending worries his accountant.

Click.  Sam Smith: All in the family. The Bushes and Clinton.

Click.  Iris Kuo: "Licensing effect" seen in dieting, charity, hiring.

Click.  Suzanne Leigh: Law annoys private cord banks.

Click.  (AP) Senate roll call - Alito vote.

Click.  Phoebe Eaton: Revenge of the Weinsteins. Now that they’re free of Disney, with a $1 billion war chest, you’d think Harvey and Bob Weinstein would be happy.

Click.  Alex Morris: The pansexual teen.

Click.  Amy Larocca: Vera Wang's second honeymoon.

(Science Daily) Giving Déjà Vu A Second Look + Penn To Test New Thermal Energy Procedure To Reduce Asthmatic Symptoms + Using Sound Waves To Induce Nuclear Fusion With No External Neutron Source + Stem Cells From Muscles Can Repair Cartilage + Bones From Blood: Scientists Aim To Break New Ground On Fractures

TODAY Tuesday (1/31/06)  2:20 a.m. PST. 

Click.  (London Times) Iran pushed closer to sanctions.

Click.  (London times) EU hands Hamas lifeline but White House acts to cut aid.

Click.  Fareed Zakaria: Living in denial.

Click.  William M. Arkin: NSA Expands, Centralizes domestic spying. Code name(s) of the week: DIAZ, Emergejust, Freedom, Highpoint, PASSGEAR, Viceroy.

Click.  (Kiro-7) NSA listens from Army's Yakima training center.

Click.  Gordon Prather: To MOX or not to MOX.

Click.  Martin Samuel: Invade Iran? There's another way, stupid.

Click.  (The Independent) The world according to George W. Bush.

Click.  (Digby) It's the only way we can live.

Click.  (Marginal Revolution) Ed Lazear has just been nominated to be chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisors.

Click.  (CBS) New U.S. Commander to change Iraq focus.

Click.  Josh Gerstein: Hillary Clinton: "Deliberate" neglect laid to Bush in policy on Katrina's aftermath.

Click.  Nicholas D. Kristof: Take a hike.

Click.  (Tricky Dick) Bob Woodruff was set up.

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) Row erupts over New Zealand's place in US spy network.

Click.  (IRNA) Indian President leaves for three-nation tour.

Click.  Peter J. Middlebrook, Sharon M. Miller: Living on a life support machine. The challenge of rebuilding Afghanistan.

Click.  (Pakistan Tribune) Nawaz seeks masses cooperation for political war against Musharraf regime.

Click.  (Prensa Latin) Posada's trial a farce.

Click.  (Spain Herald) Moratinos blames Hamas victory on international community.

Click.  Wendy Wasserstein: Shiksa Goddess.

Click.  Stephanie Hedgecoke: Cherokee court upholds gay marriage.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: My Latest Novel: Wolves.

Click.  Dan Weikel: Surf art catches a break.

January 30, 2006

Click.  (Zaman) Hamas awaits two critical meetings.

Click.  Philip Thornton: UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of...$7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke).

Click.  Paul Krugman: A false balance.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Exxon net soars to $10.7 billion; 2005 profit most ever for US country.

Click.  Mark Martin: Leno caught in conservative crosshairs. After another Capitol defeat for GOP on sex offender bill, San Francisco assemblyman's alternative draws fiery attacks nationwide.

Click.  David Ryan: Legal loopholes open door for adoption abuse.

Click.  Jane Ellen Stevens: Ending an awful irony: Until a new California law (SB 33) went into effect, the "incest exception" allowed many child sex abusers to go free.

Click.  Bob Herbert: The lost children.

Click.  Vanessa Hua: Falun Gong dispute hangs over San Francisco Chinese parade.

Click.  Alex Ross: Great Fugue. Secrets of a Beethoven manuscript.

Click.  Andrew Orlowski: Cingular applies to patent smileys (emotions).

Click.  Mark Hiltzik: Web's Fate may hinge on ISPs' neutrality.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal: Snow, Wind, Rain, Thunder and Sub-Zero Temperatures Break Records.

Click.  Larry O'Hanlon: Report raises possibility that snails fly.

Click.  (Zaman) Bird flu detected in Northern Iraq.

Click.  (New York Daily News) Playwright Wendy Wasserstein dies at 55.

Click.  (Zaman) Nobel Winner Marquez quits writing.

Click.  William Pesek, Jr. : In India-China race my money is on India.

Click.  (Science Daily) There is accumulating evidence that certain viruses may cause obesity.

January 29, 2006

Click.  (Newsweek) Palace revolt. They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees. They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president's power in the war on terror. And they paid a price for it

Click.  (Baltimore Sun) Spy data system a "boondoggle". After 6 years and $1.2 billion, NSA still hasn't set up Trailblazer.

Click.  Matthew Kalman: Hamas proving it's politically shrewd.

Click.  Josh Meyer: CIA expands use of drones in terror war.

Click.  Michael Cabbage: Lives, legacies saluted on Challenger anniversary.

Click.  (London Times) A leaked secret document reveals that MI5 has discovered almost nothing about the worst terrorist attack against Britain despite months of investigation. More  Groping in the dark.

Click.  Simon Jenkins: By jingo, our brave boys are off to tame the Afghan. And they'll fail.

Click.  Andrew C. Revkin: Climate expert claims NASA tried to silence him.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Bush: "L'etat, C'est Moi".

Click.  Robert Fisk: The problem with democracy.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: Clinton tests West Coast waters. Senator visits S.F., gears up for possible run for presidency.

Click.  Ingmar Lee: Beating around the Bush by the bourse.

Click.  (BBC) Rice's tricky tour.

Click.  Joe Cannon: For a dumb guy, W just made one smart move.

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) San Diego officials free to destroy most files.

Click.  Janet Hook, Richard Simon: Earmarking -- a win-win for lobbyists and politicians.

Click.  Matier & Ross: Feinstein's $16.5 million view in Pacific Heights.

Click.  Ellen Lee: The dynamic duo behind Pixar's big success. Lasseter and Catmull driving force behind studios' blockbusters.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Pan Am Clipper's last flight, plane spotter Boonville legend.

Click.  Guy Kovner: Entering "My Space".

Click.  Ice roads.

Click.  Mike Boehm, Lynne Heffley: Villa's Reopening a Low-Key Marvel: The Getty's remodeled antiquities museum is unveiled to about 1,100 admiring visitors.

Click.  (Effect measure) Quick bird flu vaccine.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Another suspected bird flu case in Iraq.

Click.  A spy in your car - sort of.

January 28, 2006

Click.  (Aljazeera) Israel to restrict Hamas movements from Gaza Strip to West Bank.

Click.  Achcar on Hamas.

Click.  Ken Silverstein: A small-town lobbyist and her big connection.

Click.  Spencer S. Hsu: Post-Katrina promises unfulfilled.

Click.  Henry Weinstein: Judge requests clemency for a killer he condemned.

Click.  Leslie Berestein: The building where federal agents discovered a long and highly sophisticated cross-border drug tunnel this week has had a long history of short-term tenants.

Click.  Will Shuck: "Dark side" not really so dark, says a reporter turned Capitol staffer.

Click.  Nick Schou: How a strip-club love triangle landed an Orange County man in federal prison.

Click.  Craig Jarvis: Navajo life, or just pale-faced lie?

Click.  Marta Waller: New kit counts ovarian eggs.

Click.  ( Verichip RFID implant hacked!

Click.  Marta Waller: Follow the money to track flu pandemic.

Click.  (BBC) US forces should be able to "disrupt or destroy the full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum".

Click.  (AP) US seized Iraqi rebels' wives as tactic.

Click.  Richard Beeston: Hardliners' star rising thanks to Bush.

Click.  (Rian) Russia proposes publication of Taliban list - Foreign Ministry.

Click.  (Itar-Tass) Russia may maintain contacts with HAMAS representatives if this movement sticks to the line of political settlement.

Click.  Louis Charbonneau: Germany's Merkel to shun Hamas on first Israel trip.

Click.  (Itar-Taas) Iran: Russia’s proposal for setting up a uranium enrichment joint venture on the Russian soil does not meet in full Iran’s needs for nuclear energy.

Click.  (Irna) Hamas making contacts with academics to form government.

Click.  (Khaleej) Pincohet daughter to fly to Argentina after dropping US asylum bid.

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) Male donors put conditions on sperm use.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Off with his head, Queen Oprah said.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Frey's Syndrome.

Click.  (Daily Breeze) Photography in a post-9/11 world.


January 27, 2006

Click.  (RawStory) Senator Clinton to support Alito filibuster.

Click.  Juan Cole: How do you like your democracy now Mr. Bush?

Click.  Dana Millbank: Trying to maintain control of the state in a state of confusion.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Health care confidential.

Click.  Marie Cocco: Because of GOP, threat of impeachment can’t check Bush’s power.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Governing, just that simple.

Click.  Doug Thompson: A clear and present danger to America.

Click.  Mahmoud Habboush, Corky Siemaszko: Hamas' real power lurks in shadows.

Click.  (Aljazeera) Hamas to talk "partnership".

Click.  (MoscowNews) Bush backs Russian plan for Iran's uranium enrichment.

Click.  (AKI) Hamas may opt for technocrat government.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: The meddlesome Mr. Bolton: US orders Syria to do the impossible.

Click.  Howard LaFranchi: Is democracy empowering Islamists?

Click.  James Sterngold: Libby lawyers to seek new testimony from reporters. More could be asked how they learned of CIA agent's identity.

Click.  Philip Shenon, Elisabeth Bumiller: Bush picks Abramoff prosecutor for federal judgeship. Democrats wonder about the timing of president's move.

Click.  Bill Berkowitz: Remaking USAID for a permanent war on terror?

Click.  Sara A. Carter: Mexican official: U.S. soldiers disguised themselves as Mexican military.

Click.  Dale Mills: In what will be a world experiment in technical surveillance, police in the Australian city of Sydney will link every close circuit video camera with a live feed to police command.

Click.  David Stringer: Princess Diana inquiry complex.

Click.  A letter from prison (activist Diane Wilson, Code Pink).

Click.  Jeffrey St. Clair: King of the Hill: Senator Ted Steven's empire of corruption.

Click.  (AP) Pentagon document shows 'PSYOP' messages boomerang to US.

Click.  Andrew Greeley: An outdated concept is sent to limbo.

Click.  John Fauber: Scanner takes diagnosis to new dimensions.

Click.  Bob Pool: Homeless drift in Hollywood's rising tide.

Click.  Chris Anderson: The new Silicon Valley boom.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Swearing At Motorists.

Click.  Jason Silverman: Sundance -- the good, the bad, the ugly.

Click.  (Reuters) Quickie bird flu vaccine created.

Click.  Steve Mitchell: Advances move stem cells closer to clinic.

January 26, 2006

Click.  (Ynet) Official results: Landslide victory for Hamas.

Click.  (Ynet) Netanyahu: "Hamastan" has been created before our eyes.

Click.  (Haaretz) Rojoub: Fatah will not join Hamas-led government.

Click.  (Haaretz) Bush urges Abbas to remain in office despite Hamas victory.

Click.  Laura King: Hamas faces a new struggle.

Click.  (Khaleej) Bush says no dealing with Hamas if it has armed wing.

Click.  (BBC) Who are Hamas?

Click.  (Baku Today) China backs plan to have Iran's uranium enriched in Russia.

Click.  (IRNA) General: Russian military cooperation with Iran is in int'l framework.

Click.  (Moscow News) President Putin suggests building global nuclear center in Russia.

Click.  (Khaleej) Bush supports Russian compromise plan for Iran nuclear dispute.

Click.  (Ireland online) Iran accuses Britain of role in plane crashes.

Click.  Sydney H. Schanberg: Unseen war in Iraq.

Click.  (New York Times editorial) Senators in need of a spine.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Party love blinds Republicans to ugly truths.

Click.  Richard Halstead: A Marin Superior Court inquiry into the performance of former court executive officer John Montgomery will be made public, two judges pledged Wednesday.

Click.  Melissa Millios: No reform, no $1 million. Majority of teachers at Carson High School feared Gates funds came with too many strings. They hope to implement changes on their own.

Click.  Michael R. Blood: As the Ambassador Hotel is demolished, LAUSD struggles with plans for the room where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Click.  Fred Carroll: As oystering evolves, watermen ponder gloomy future.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Pennsylvania fights US on building revolutionary war museum.

Click.  Tim Reid: How US lost billions in Wild West gamble to rebuild Iraq.

Click.  Lisa Hoffman: "Pain ray" weapon headed to Iraq?

Click.  Pfc. Michael A. Molinaro: Warhorse team assists Iraqis securing border.

Click.  (AP) Pinochet daughter asks US for asylum.

Click.  (Santiago Times) Pincohet daughter's claim of innocence wearing thin.

Click.  (Peninsula) Pakistan denies CIA infiltration.

Click.  (Peninsula) Pashtuns in Qatar relieved that kin escape US raid in Pakistan.

Click.  (Dawn) Interpol asked to arrest "Taliban funding link" in Dubai.

Click.  (Reuters) No end in sight to Afghan's years of violence.

Click.  Rep. Harold Ford: "Contrary to conventional wisdom, Afghanistan stands at a more difficult and precarious junction than does Iraq...."

Click.  (BBC) The UK is expected to send 3,500 extra troops to Afghanistan.

Click.  Ian Bruce: British Paras and SAS spearhead mission to combat Taliban.

Click.  (Moscow News) Russia proposes mining Helium-3 on moon.

Click.  Bob Herbert: A President who can do no right.

Click.  Kimberly Hefling: Bush names choice for mine administrator.

Click.  Dan Gearino: Fingerprint scans might be coming to your school in Iowa.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: What The Hell Happened To Tribe?

Click.  (Independent) Drawings reveal genius of Michelangelo.

Click.  (Independent) Pair of unknown Caravaggios found in church.

Click.  (Independent) Gaultier opts for a mish-mash from the Mediterranean.

Click.  Leigh Dayton: Earth twin boots hopes of life.

January 25, 2006

Click.  Live C-span audio/video - Senate hearing on Alito.

Click.  Pamela Hess: Iran: To shove or nudge into compliance.

Click.  Peter Grier: Distrust of NSA has roots in '70s.

Click.  Eavesdropping on hell.

Click.  Brad K. Berner: In Bin Laden's mind, and in the minds of likeminded fundamentalist jihadists, all the preconditions have been met for directly attacking the United States.

Click.  (Arabic News) Saudi King in India after China,

Click.  (San Diego Tribune) Texas state prosecutors have intensified their probe into whether a Poway-based defense contractor helped funnel money to former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's political action committee.

Click.  Michael Schuerman: Year of the dog as China anchors at 7 World Trade.

Click.  Marshall Heyman: Sundance Schwag: Party promoters blast into town.

Click.  (BigNews) 12 US service members killed in Iraq since Friday.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Delusion and illusion worthy of Dickens.

Click.  David Lightman: Katrina probe stifled.

Click.  (Khaleej) Iran backs Russian uranium enrichment plan, but warns against referral to United Nations.

Click.  (ABC) US to extend military executions rules to Guantanamo Bay.

Click.  Kim Singupta: Mental scars of Iraq conflict participants exposed.

Click.  (Moscow News) Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office together with the U.S. law enforcement bodies have stopped the activities of an international firm suspected of trading in children, headquartered in Napa, California.


9th Circuit Court of Appeal holds that disbarred attorney
effectively represented 3-strike defendant

by Virginia McCullough

Click.  (AKI) Al Qaeda inspired group threatens Lebanon.

Click.  (AP) Lawyers for admitted terrorist conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui want to call a doctor who will testify he has a major mental disorder, likely schizophrenia, in their bid to save him from the death penalty.

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) Proposals for regular checks on all children have been dismissed as "Big Brother" tactics by community groups.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: "I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes".

Click.  Richard Verrier, Dawn C. Chmielewski: Suddenly, John Lasseter is Walt Disney Co.'s $7.4-billion man.

Click.  David Lazarus: Disney and Pixar: A deal bound to happen.

Click.  (The Guardian) Secret life of Matisse wins Whitbread prize.

Click.  (The Guardian) Fish found in acid pools is world's smallest vertebrat

January 24, 2006


January 23, 2006

Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, News From the Front

Click.  Adam Nagourney: Bush to go on offense on secret listening. White House tries to win support for wiretap program.

Click.  A. L. Bardach: Ken Mehlman, the President's man.

Click.  Mike Whitney: How Iran's oil exchange threatens the greenback.

Click.  Doug Thompson: An American Hitler and his Gestapo.

Click.  (Blooomberg) Conservative Stephen Harper may win Canada's general election as voters seek to punish Marin.

Click.  (Reuters) The Bush administration on Monday defended the government's oversight of the Sago mine.

Click.  Dawn C. Chmielewski: Walt's shoes at Disney could be a fit for Steve Jobs.

Click.  (AP) Pinochet's wife and children arrested.

Click.  Don Lee: China making big oil moves.

Click.  By Lee Romney: A baffled city asks: Where is Jerry Tang? The San Francisco tech exec vanished.

Click.  Kevin Howe: Money talks at language school. $362 million will help hire teachers, add languages to Defense Language Institute program, Monterey, CA.

Click.  Terence Chea: It's forests vs. vineyards. Battle ferments in Sonoma County between pinot noir vintners and defenders of the redwoods.

Click.  (The Guardian) New Bolivian leader sheds tears but talks tough.

Click.  (The Independent) Guns or politics? Now Hamas must choose.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Iraq's power vacuum.

Click.  (Pakistan Tribune) Baluchistan: Yesterday and today.

Click.  (Yahoo news) Muqtada al-Sadr says his Iraqi militia will defend Iran if it is attacked.

Click.  (Khaleej Times) Chavez hosts World Social Forum as leftist movements unite against Bush.

Click.  (Xinhua) Chinese, Saudi groups plan new oil company.

Click.  (Adnki) Indonesia: Islamic school hits back with seminar on terrorism.

Click.  (Adnki) Terrorism: New Al-qaeda strategy behind Bin Laden message.

Click.  John Gibler: Who’s Listening?  Undercover intelligence officers follow the Other Campaign.

Click.  (Raw Story)  Judge James H. Payne, a federal judge that President Bush nominated to the U.S. Circuit Court "apparently violated federal law repeatedly" by sitting on at least 18 cases involving corporations in which he owned stock.

Click.  Support military police scapegoats website (re: Abu Ghraib)

Click.  (AP) Coroner and attorney Cyril Wecht indicted in Pittsburgh.

Click.  Robin McKee: Shuttle a deathtrap, says astronaut.

Click.  Dalya Alberge: Authors' court fight threat to Da Vinci Code premiere.

Click.  (AP) Last herd of caribou fighting for survival.

Click.  Peter Hecht: Tribes and developers vie for a chance to roll the dice. As the state eyes Barstow to solve an Indian casino dispute, local politics and competing plans become factors in the struggling Mojave Desert city.

January 22, 2006

Click.  Kristen Breitweiser: Know thine enemy. A primer for President Bush, et al.

Click.  Dawn Wolfe Gutterman: Gay groups listed in government terrorism database. "Under existing procedures, a 'dot' of information that is not validated as threatening must be removed from the TALON system.  If the 'dot' is validated, the information is moved to law enforcement entities."

Click.  Michael Isikoff: The Other Big Brother. The Pentagon has its own domestic spying program. Even its leaders say the outfit may have gone too far.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Judge refuses to dismiss case against Hayats. Two juries will hear Lodi terrorism trial.

Click.  Robert Parry: With the fate of the U.S. Constitution in the balance, it’s hard to believe there’s no senator prepared to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, whose theories on the “unitary executive” could spell the end of the American democratic Republic.

Click.  Kathy M. Kristoff: Hazard for Boomers: Tax on social security.

Click.  Xymphora: Jack Abramoff and the Syrian "Chalabi".

Click.  Joe Conason: A tip for the cowardly press corps.

Click.  Jim Spencer: Brutality in a US uniform. Sleeping-bag trick killed Iraqi general.

Click.  Carlotta Gall, Mohammad Khan: Pakistan's push in border areas is said to falter.

Click.  Ronald Brownstein: US energy policy ought to sent Iran a lasting message.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Evo Morales takes office in Bolivia, pledging to control country's gas fields.

Click.  (Bloomberg) President George W. Bush and lobbyist Abramoff appear together in five photos, Time Magazine says.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Senator McCain says US can't be held hostage to Venezuelan "wackos".

Click.  Noam N. Levey, Walter F. Roche Jr.: Congressman Bob Ney linked to Abramoff is no stranger to lobbyists.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Osama Bin Laden, William Blum, and false quotation syndrome.

Click.  (Pravda) The fly effect: Russian scientists invent new medicine with the help of flies.

Click.  Carl T. Hall: Stem cell effort mired in legal bog, global scandal. With Prop. 71 funding on hold, California's lead role in doubt.

Click.  Janine DeFao: Guerrilla gourmet. Guided by word-of-mouth, diners flock to unlicensed restaurants for excellent food in secret settings.

Click.  Tom Shorrock: Why the buses didn't come. Bush-linked Florida company and the Katrina evacuation fiasco.

Click.  (London Times) Zarqawi "sleeps in a suicide belt".

Click.  (London Times) MI5 knew of London bomber's plan for holy war.

Click.  Frank Rich: Truthiness 101: From Frey to Alito.

Click.  Vladimer Papava, Frederick Starr: In the Caucasus, a "neo-imperial" Russian revival.

Click.  Danielle Gusmaroli: For families who want to try to safeguard their baby's future, the latest thing is a £1,500 set of stem cells.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Livermore, California. Forensic tests confirm body as missing 15-year-old girl's. Police suspect foul play. Kayla Reed's remains found in remote Delta-Mendota canal.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Something's Fishy With Google's Stance Against Search Records.

Click.  (The Guardian) It's cool, it's's er, British folk.

Click.  (SMH.Com) Fast track to a fine vintage.

January 21, 2006

Click.  Paul Richter: US goals adapt to new Iraq.

Click.  Blaine Harden: 11 indicted on charges related to "eco-terrorism". Arson and sabotage alleged in California, other western states.

Click.  (DEBKA) Did a novel type of “flying roadside bombs” down three US helicopters in Iraq?

Click.  Wayne Madsen: Jack Abramoff's past as a South African spy.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Cheney and Netanyahu pushing for war against Syria.

Click.  (AP) CIA role a mystery at court-martial.

Click.  (AP) Experts: "Decapitation" may not end terror.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Googling past the graveyard.

Click.  Ryan Singel: How to foil search engine snoops.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portuguese Parliament: Play 25% Portuguese Music on the Radio or PAY.

Click.  Ansbert Kneip: Women of Saturn.

Click.  Ben Baeder: What is the De Anza Trail and why should we care?

Click.  Bill Ainsworth: "Double whammy" drug program turns California's projected savings to a loss.

Click.  Tim Reiterman: McCloskey to take On Pombo: The ex-congressman and GOP maverick, who is 78, said he is battling for the party's soul.

Click.  Harley Schlanger: Schwarzenegger's "State of the State": New script, same puppet.

Click.  Chuck Philips and Andrew Blankstein: Judge child LA in rapper killing. Judge orders city to pay $1.1 million to the family of Notorious B.I.G. for withholding evidence on suspects.

Click.  Peter Y. Hong: Burket divorce public. A recently enacted California law allowing the billionaire to have his records sealed is unconstitutional, the appellate panel rules.

Click.  Thomas H. Maugh II: An Irish King rules gene pool.

January 20, 2006

Click.  Robert Fisk: Osama Bin Laden. Is it him? Almost certainly.

Click.  (The Independent) Up to 15 police officers may face charges over Menezes shooting.

Click.  (Army News Service) Military academy key for Iraq.

Click.  Nicholas Riccardi: Trial illuminates dark tactics of interrogation.

Click.  Claude Salhani: Cheney's solution in sight?

Click.  (Interfax) Remaining Iranian nuclear issues for the West to solve - Lavrov.

Click.  (Jerusalem Post) IAF trained for Iran attack.

Click.  Marty Lederman: What can be done about the NSA dispute?

Click.  Russell Shaw: The government that can't find Osama is back on the net porn patrol.

Click.  William C. Mann: US foreign aide machinery being reshaped.

Click.  Richard Gott: Revolution in the Andes.

Click.  (Metropolitan News-Enterprise) The Commission on Judicial Performance has slated a Feb. 6 hearing on whether to force the retirement of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rodney Nelson on grounds of “degenerative brain disease". Judge Nelson denies the charges.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Taylor Behl Murder: Finally, An Indictment.

Click.  Rosa Brooks: Political footballs and constitutional law.

Click.  David Nasen: Meth madness scars Dick Cheney's home town.

Click.  Christina Jewett: Colleagues shocked at California Highway Patrol officer's suicide.

Click.  Ramon Coronado: Hamlin jurors recall the stress. Deliberations in torture case included tears and a threat to walk out. (1/19/06)

Click.  (London times) Priest who became a father takes flight, but "new Ireland" asks why?

Click.  (London Times) Mountains of Mars were once covered with snow.

Click.  (London Times) Ancient oak felled to make barrels for Chateau Latou.

Click.  Stan Oklobdzija: Priest connects with Latino youth online.

January 19, 2006

Click.  (Radio Free Europe) Ahmadinejad visits Syria, may sign defense pact.

Click.  (Business Week) Feds seek Google records in porn probe.

Click.  Howard Mintz: Google defies Feds.

Click.  (CBS) Purported Bin Laden tape threatens US.

Click.  Richard Norton-Taylor: Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up.

Click.  Lara Jakes Jordon: Just don't call it a national ID card. "One card would serve as a border pass, a driver's license and a security ID for entering federal buildings. It would include not just your name and picture, but your fingerprints and DNA."

Click.  Michael Hiltzig: Medicare drug plan looks like a big scam.

Click.  Steven Pizzo: The return of Bush's brownshirts.

Click.  Harvey Wasserman: Are you ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?

Click.  Carl T. Hall: Call for head of California stem cell institute to resign. Biotech watchdog says Prop. 71 agency needs a
fresh start.

Click.  (Stockton Record) McCloskey to announce GOP challenger for Pombo's House seat.

Click.  David Whitney: California Missions project clear hurdle.

Click.  Jonathan Friedman: California Coastal Commission czar, an independent sort, has enemies, allies in equal measure.

Click.  Sabin Russell: Statewide flu plan ready for public input. Worst case sees millions sick, 35,000 dead in California.

Click.  Tim Tesconi: Sonoma County grape harvest likely sets a record.

Click.  (ABC) 2 top al-Qaida operatives believed killed in Pakistan air attack.

Click.  Michael T. Klare: The Iran war buildup.

Click.  George Friedman: Iran's redefined strategy.

Click.  Fatih Atik: Turkish political party raises issue of whether bird flu is a biological weapon.

Click.  Fikret Ertan: Galileo, China and US.

Click.  Denise Nix: In a move that some claim tramples their free speech rights, officials have banned a range of activities at and around Los Angeles Superior Court, from proselytizing to anti-red light camera activism.

Click.  Robert Marquand: New struggle in China:  Keep up with the Chans.

Click.  (London Times) Prince Harry, 21, the third in line to the throne, will be the first senior Royal to go on frontline duty since the Duke of York, his uncle, flew helicopters in the Falklands War.

Click.  (LeftCoaster) Speedin' back to George.

Click.  Josh Grossberg: 37 years after it as stolen, this Corvette came back.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: New Email Virus Has Sex Written All Over It.

January 18, 2006

Click.  (AKI) Iran's central bank confirms capital exodus from Europe to Asia.

Click.  (Balkanization) Justice O'Connor forged a compromise among the Justices in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire in what may be her last opinion for the Court. Both pro-life and pro-choice sides win some and lose some, but the
real winner in this decision is the federal courts.

Click.  Jennifer Granick: Mass spying means mass errors.

Click.  Tony Pugh: Medicare won't reimburse states for emergency drug costs.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Iraq -- Deconstructing the reconstruction.

Click.  Alyce T. Burton: Army selects unit to test Future Combat Systems program.

Click.  Sam Smith: The real chocolate city.

Click.  (AP) FBI missed internal signs of spying.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Looking for a tough guy or girl.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Airwave Pirates Hijack Howard Stern.

Click.  Greg Lucas: California GOP puts strings on support for bonds. Lawmakers want environmental review eased, ended.

Click.  (AP) Santa Cruz looks to raise minimum raise to $9.25 per hour.

Click.  Paul Campos: The nasty violence inherent in children.

Click.  Stuart Silverstein, Peter Y. Hong: UCLA Alumni go after "radical" faculty.

Click.  Roger Phelps: Bomb plotters eyed Camino research facility.

Click.  Delthia Ricks: Aspirin study reveals a sharp gender divide.

Click.  Sam Enriquez: "Tomato King" has a few hurled at him.

Click.  (BBC) Japan's new breed of "get rich quick" technology tycoons.

January 17, 2006

Click.  (Khaleej) Iran vows reprisals if referred to Security Council.

Click.  (Khaleej) Russia, China want talks not sanctions on Iran.

Click.  Financial Times) Britain dismisses Iranian calls for fresh nuclear talks.

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Supreme Court upholds Oregon assisted-suicide law. Roberts dissents.

Click.  Andrew Osborne: Merkel adopts hardliner approach to Russia.

Click.  (Pakistan Daily Times) Missile attack is a warning from the CIA.

Click.  Why Zawahiri didn't show up for dinner.

Click.  (Pakistan Daily times) US knew all about Khan network. More extracts

Click.  Nathan R. Helms: Army orders soldiers to shed dragon skin or lose SGLI death benefits.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Google to buy radio advertising firm DMarc for $1.24 billion.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Sleeping Sickness.

Click.  Lester Haines: Google earth -- the photo interpretation challenge.

Click.  Mark Fitzgerald: With FOIA requests, one reporter's tenacity pays off.

Click.  Stuart Silverstein: As college professors post lectures online, they're seeing a rise in absenteeism.  A low-tech response
to no-shows: more surprise quizzes.

Click.  (EffectMeasure) Background science for the Turkish mutations (1).

January 16, 2006

Click.  Stanford University inaugurated the newly expanded Martin Luther King Institute on January 13, 2006. The Institute will preserve and protect the papers of the influential civil rights and religious leader.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: American foreign policy, part deux.

Click.  Tariq Ali: Iraq's destiny still rests between God, blood and oil.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Judicial gag rule.

Click.  Text of Al Gore's speech, January 16, 2006 - "No man is above the law".

Click.  Francis Elliott: MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs.

Click.  Paul Krugman: First, do more harm.

Click.  Robert Parry: Bush and the limits of debate.

Click.  Jay Bookman: IRS abuses offer insight into dangers of wiretap program.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: My Dark Places.

Click.  (AP) Mexico's comparison of border fence to Berlin Wall draws US ire.

Click.  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: The NeoCon fantasy becomes reality: Alito and his clones are coming, coming, coming...

Click.  (New York Times editorial) The imperial Presidency at work.

Click.  Randy Lee Loftis: Sinister global trade may have link to Richardson. Exclusive: Accountant in federal inquiry denies helping sell weapons to thugs worldwide.

Click.  (AP) Maine elderly ride program flourishes.

January 15, 2005

Click.  Jason Burke, Imtiaz Gul: The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt to kill bin Laden's deputy.

Click.  Frank Rich: Is Abramoff the new Monica?

Click.  John Johnson Jr.: Shining a light on a dark planet -- Pluto.

Click.  (The Economist) The future of mind control.

Click.  RIP: Shelley Winters.

Click.  Marilynn Marchione: Trauma pills could make memories less painful.

Click.  Gabriel Molina: Humbug in Hamburg. (re: JFK assassination)

Click.  Michael Stetz: Dogs don't belong in purses, Chihuahua lovers say.

January 14, 2005

Click.  (ABC) Pakistan condemns purported CIA air attack.

Click.  Sandro Contenta: Will Iran have the upper hand?

Click.  Ramon Coronado: No retrial in Hamlin case.

Click.  Jack Leonard, Robin Fields: Task force to analyze California guardian system.

Click.  Jason Dearan: Susan Polk's new attorney request in limbo.

Click.  Philip Weiss: A Guy Named Craig. How a schlumpy IBM refugee found you your apartment, your boyfriend, your new couch, your afternoon sex partner—and now finds himself killing your newspaper.

Click.  Michael Martinez: American Indians protest their ousting from tribes.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Oprah How could ya?

Click.  A Protest, A spy program and a campus in uproar.

Click.  Lesbian and Gay life at Yale. 1642 to 2004.

January 13, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) Russia would let Iran dispute go to UN Security Council; China is opposed.

Click.  (IRNA) Iran to stop voluntary measures if its dossier referred to other international bodies.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Bush could seize absolute control of US government.

Click.  Jason Leopold: Bush authorized domestic spying before 9/11.

Click.  Roxana Hegeman: USDA using satellites to spy on farmers in fraud cases.

Click.  Kelly Hearn: Venezuela proposes "Bank of the South".

Click.  Gina Holland: Supreme Court to review domestic abuse claim.

Click.  John W. Dean: The Problem with Presidential signing statements.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: New Orleans. What the media is not reporting and what Congress and the Bush administration are ignoring.

Click.  Catherine MacLeod: Straw under fire for refusing CIA flights inquiry.

Click.  Sara Vilkomerson: Beauties, beasts, biz.

Click.  Malcolm Ritter: Millions of Jews descended from 4 women, study says.

Click.  (Effect measure) More on the bird flu virus sequences from Turkey.

January 11, 2006

Click.  (ABC) US, EU want Security Council to deal with Iran.

Click.  (Bangkok Post) Iran warns against EU threats.

Click.  Praful Bidwai: Red lines in the Iranian sand.

Click.  Robert Parry: Alito and the Ken Lay factor.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal solidify power at World Bank, Pentagon.

Click.  Sara A. Carter: M-13 gang called terrorist threat.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Judge Samuel Alito and The "Führerprinzip".

Click.  Brenda Stardom: UK's Proposed Beyond Orwellian Big Brother.

Click.  (Sydney Morning Herald) Europe's search for Google alternative.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Bush makes government incompetence a reality.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Fear of Borking lets Alito coast on bromides.

Click.  Robert Salladay: Potential contributors will get private access to Schwarzenegger's most trusted policy advisor.

Click.  Tim Johnson: China refuses to abolish bear farms despite international pressure.

Click.  AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.95.

Click.  Miguel Bustillo: A will-to-build deadline imposed in New Orleans.

Click.  Alexandra Zavis: Researcher says answer to ancient mystery shows man's ancestors were hunted by birds.

Click.  (University at Buffalo) 15% of US employees work under influence of alcohol.

January 9, 2005

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: How to stop the planned nuking of Iran. Congress should enact emergency legislation.

Click.  Suna Erdem: Attempts to halt bird flu fail as virus heads west.

Click.  Bob Herbert: The Nixon syndrome.

Click.  Chris Hogg: Chinese oil giant eyes Nigeria.

Click.  20 amazing facts about voting in the USA.

Click.  John Harlow, Dan Box: Teenage girls so, like, rule English.

January 8, 2006

Click.  Morton H. Halperin: Obeying the law.

Click.  (Juan Cole) 17 US troops killed in Iraq: Baghdad fuel blockade and possibility of "all out civil war;" US troops storm Sunni Mosque.

Click.  Philip Sherwell: US pushes for crisis vote on Iran's nuclear program.

Click.  (Haaretz) Syria's Assad flies to Saudi Arabia for talks on Lebanon.

Click.  Daniel Cooney: Karzai invites contact with Taliban head.

Click.  Frank Rich: The wiretappers that couldn't shoot straight.

Click.  (AP) Merkel says Guantanamo prison can't exist indefinitely.

Click.  Mark Brown: "Kind of fearless" Iraq vet enlists for political fight.

Click.  Mary Mitchell: Mine mix-up latest example of careless reporting on poor.

Click.  Miriam Pawel: Farmworkers reap little as United Farm Worker's Union strays from its roots.

Click.  Héctor Tobar: Guns flow easily into Mexico from the US.

Click.  (Effect Measure) The bubbling Turkish cauldron.

Click.  Craig S. Smith: Nearly 100, LSD's father ponders its problem child.

Click.  Sue Wilson: Does the Celtic heart still beat?

January 7, 2006

Click.  (Reuters) DeLay relinquishes House majority leader post.

Click.  (Forbes) Reaction to DeLay announcement.

Click.  Ryan Lenz: US troops build wall of sand in Iraq.

Click.  Robert Fisk: Ariel Sharon....

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: He-said, he-said and a 2006 prediction.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Reach out and touch no one.

Click.  (Daily Kos thread) Why not just dissolve the Senate?

Click.  Joe Cannon: Conspiracy theories.

Click.  Salah Nasrawi: Pilgrims mix faith, business at Saudi Hajj.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Turkey (bird flu) at this point.

Click.  (Spain Herald) Evo Morales: Prisa corporation "like my campaign manager".

Click.  Tony Perry: 5 indicted over San Diego pension scheme.

Click.  David Ryan: Napa adoption firm closes under fire.

Click.  Fred Alvarez: A horse, of course, but Ragtime will be missed.

Click.  (CNN) Earliest Mayan writing found beneath pyramid.

January 6, 2006

Click.  (Blomberg) US Congressional report questions legal basis for domestic wiretapping.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Hastert urged by House Republicans to take stand on replacing leader DeLay.

Click.  Timothy J. Burger: Disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham wore a "wire".

Click.  Richard B. Schmitt, Janet Hook: Scandal may upset rules of enrichment in Congress.

Click.  (Bloomberg) "DeLay Inc." lobbying firm has links to three capital scandals.

Click.  Ann Woolner: Alito, even-handed scholar or right-wing radical?

Click.  Jane Smiley: A ten step program.

Click.  Dan Vasquez (former San Quentin warden): Why Clarence Ray Allen's life should be spared.

Click.  Kimberly Wear: Arcata, California calls for Bush impeachment.

Click.  Kate Folmar: Governor Schwarzenegger proposes building campaign.

Click.  Sean Webby: At what age is it safe to leave your child alone?

Click.  John Blossom: CES titans: Yahoo, Google go toe to toe with seamless desktops, video and DRM.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal's Downward Spiral.

Click.  Frank Main: Your cell phone records are for sale.

Click.  Nicholas Wade: DNA offers new insight concerning cat evolution.

Click.  Ian Johnson: Welcome to Mars express -- only a three hour trip.

Click.  Carl Nolte: Jack London's lens on 1906 San Francisco quake.  Author's photos, never seen by public, get centennial show.

January 5, 2005

Click.  Bill Gertz: NSA whistleblower asks to testify.

Click.  Jason Leopold: NSA destroyed evidence of domestic spying.

Click.  Gary Hart: End the evasion on permanent US bases in Iraq.

Click.  Haninah Levine: A Manhattan project on IEDs.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Six degrees of Osama bin Laden.

Click.  Michel Chossudovsky: Nuclear war against Iran.

Click.  Briggs Nisbet: Habeas Corpus suspended in the District of Colombia.

Click.  (Yahoo) Secret graves found on Colonia Dignidad grounds.

Click.  Katherine M. Skiba: Feingold tests the waters but will he jump in?

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Abramoff fed Washington's outstretched hands.

Click.  Shane Goldmacher: California Democrats prepare for potentially bloody primary battle.

Click.  Locks (as we know them) are obolete.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Les Angles Morts: Synth-driven Psycho-spazz.

Click.  Jane Smiley: Try this.

Click.  (USDA) Tomato trek yields Chilean treasure.

Click.  (Brandeis) Psychotropic drug prescriptions for teens surge 250% over 7-year period.

January 4, 2005

Click.  (Debka) Israel must learn to live without Ariel Sharon – at least for a while.

Click.  Josh Meyer: CIA gave Iran bomb plans, book says.

Click.  (Interview by Andrea Mitchell) Reporter defends release of NSA spy program. James Risen says his sources are ‘patriots,’ CIA calls them ‘"unreliable".

Click.  ( Lawmakers say Congress has abdicated its oversight responsibilities on worker safety issues, while Bush administration has filled worker safety agencies with industry insiders.

Click.  James P. Miller: Sago mine a part of financially lucrative commodities play.

Click.  Patricia Zengerle: Mine where 12 died in NY money man's portfolio.

Click.  Virginia Citrano: Mine deaths may bring scrutiny of Ross' International Coal.

Click.  (Daily Kos) Bush's recess appointments.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: White House aide to run governor's campaign. Republican handles relations with press for vice president.

Click.  (AP) Miniature cattle breed interest.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush says US to reduce troops in Iraq by "several thousand" next year.

click.  (The Guardian) Ian Cobain, Ian Traynor: Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile. Document seen by Guardian details web of front companies and middlemen.

Click.  (The Guardian) Ian Cobain, Ian Traynor: Intelligence report claims nuclear market thriving.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: Time to talk to Tehran.

Click.  Simon Jenkins: The extraordinary folly of Britain's new opium war.

Click.  (The Guardian) Putin's momentous move.

Click.  Richard Irving: Nearly $3 billion worth of bonds bearing the Republic of Iraq's name are to begin trading in London.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: It's not personal, Jack, it's strictly business.

Click.  Christopher Deliso: Stacking the deck to save the administration.

Click.  Charlie Pratt: Bush could bypass new torture ban -- waiver right reserved.

Click.  Bloomberg) Ukraine agreed to almost double the price it pays Russia for gas, settling a dispute with Russia.

Click.  (Blomberg) Iraq insurgents kill more than 40 in worst violence since parliament vote.

Click.  Alok Jha: Out of this world. NASA funds revolutionary ideas.

January 3, 2005

Click.  (AP) Abramoff pleads guilty, will cooperate.

Click.  Gwen Florio: Abramoff scandal irks Montana Indians.

Click.  (Left Coast) Details of Abramoff guilty plea.

Click.  Excerpt re: the NSA program from: State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration by James Risen.

Click.  Romesh Ratnesar: The book behind the bombshell.

Click.  ShaneHarrisand Tim Naftali: Tinker, Tailor, Miner, Spy. Why the NSA's snooping is unprecedented in scale and scope.

Click.  Katherine Shrader: Intelligence panel had clue about spying.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Newspapers urge President to quit.

Click.  William Rees-Mogg: A new cold war.

Click.  ( Syria rejects UN investigation committee's meeting President al-Assad.

Click.  (AP) Japanese troops head to US to conduct joint war games.

Click.  ( US Defense budget funded 57% of Latin Americans inpost-9/11 terror training.

Click.  ( Beijing to build 11 satellite cities.

Click.  (Sacramento Bee) Governor Schwarzenegger in the jet-lease business. Key issue is whether it's a tax shelter; IRS is now looking at similar deals.

Click.  (Napa Valley Register) Governor Schwarzenegger visited flood-ravaged, promising government relief, but dodging questions about state-delayed funding for the area’s unfinished flood control project.

Click.  Michelle Locke: Storms doesn't ruin Napa grapes. Vintners must clean up mess, but vines "are pretty resilient".

Click.  Edwin Garcia: Governor Schwarzenegger urges the federal government to modify laws so Americans could safely import affordable prescription drugs from Canada and other countries.

Click.  Rong-Gong Lin II: California stem cell programs surge ahead even though Prop. 71 funds are tied up in court.

Click.  Matthew Rothschild: History professor's mail opened by Homeland Security.

Click.  Doug Ireland: Bush's war on porn targets Hollywood, the Internet, and the First Amendment in 2006.

Click.  Rhonda Cook: Experiences with death define federal judge's life, work.

Click.  Karen Auge: Transplant gives freedom to diabetics.

Click.  La Jolla Institute) Potential bird flu treatment studied in new cutting-edge research.

Click.  (Duke University) Unified physics theory explains animals’ running, flying and swimming.

Click.  (AP) Test to determine if skull is Mozart's.

Click.  Sue Lindsey: Archaeologist pursued Jamestown curiosity.

Click.  Happy Birthday J.R.R. Tolkien.

January 2, 2006


Click.  TROOPS SOUND OFF: Support for President Bush and for the war in Iraq has slipped significantly in the last year among members of the military’s professional core, according to the 2005 Military Times Poll.

Click.  DISCONNECT CITED BETWEEN TROOPS, CIVILIAN LEADERSHIP. From Congress to the White House to the Pentagon, the career-oriented heart of the military appears increasingly estranged from its leaders in Washington, according to results of the 2005 Military Times Poll.

Click.  "MISSION" A FACTOR IN GENERALLY HIGH MORALE. Four years of combat have done little to dent the morale of the professional military, results of the 2005 Military Times Poll show.

POLL RESULTS:  Morale + Iraq, Afghanistan and President Bush + Military, Race and Religion + Politics, Civilians and Policy Source:

Click.  (New Zealand Herald) Gaza's slow descent into self-destructive anarchy.

Click.  (Khaleej Times) Assad "will not meet with UN Hariri commission".

Click.  (Army Times) US. and Iraqi troops operating in Baghdad are finding nearly twice the number of weapons caches they did months ago, a senior commander said.

Click.  ( Iran rejects Russia's nuclear plan.

Click.  (Reuters) Chastised Russia all but abandons gas blockade.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Cheney and his patsy, Bush, face impeachment furor.

Click.  Gary Leupp: Reorganizing Rumsfeld's inner circle: Devaluating the military while preparing for more war.

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) CIA operative says Bush, military leaders let bin Laden escape.

Click.  Marty Lederman: So much for the President's assent to the McCain amendment.

Click.  Jane Smiley: Who's in charge here?

Click.  Bob Herbert: The machete budget.

Click.  Robert Fisk: War without end.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: A Gestapo administration.

Click.  Robert Krugman: Housing bubble trouble.

Click.  (AP) US military "shuts down" soldiers' blogs.

Click.  (AP) Iraq Oil Minister resigns amidst protests.

Click.  (AP) Risen's new book reveals secret war operations.

Click.  (AP) US Air Force's role changing in Iraq.

Click.  (AP) US military hospital plays key Iraq role.

Click.  (AP) Commanders says terror at bay in East Africa.

Click.  Tonya Alenez: Unanswered questions remain as Fort Lauderdale teen returns from Iraq.

Click.  (VHeadline) Bolivia's President-elect Evo Morales on flying visit to Venezuela, Tuesday.

Click.  Joe Grim Feinberg: The Bolivarian revolution.

Click.  Carla Rivera and Jeffrey L. Rabin: California Medi-Cal cut threatens poor, disabled.

Click.  Joanne Morrison: Scientists grow stem-cell lines without animal cells

Click.  Brenda Stardom: WMF Vulnerability Affecting Hundreds of Millions Computers

Click.  Teresa Mendez: Ling-ling's lunch is the new trend in furniture.

Click.  Clancy Sigal: Breaking down with Dr. Laing.

Click. Rob Stein: Stomach bug mutates into medical nightmare.

January 1, 2006

Click.  Evan Thomas, Daniel Klaidman: Full speed ahead. Behind the NSA spying furor.

Click.  Steve Benen: Resistance at Justice Department to warrantless searches.

Click.  Walter Pincus: Wiretap info went to other agencies. NSA typically shares surveillance data, officials say.

Click.  Andrew Sullivan: Nixon's revenge. The return of the wiretappers.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush defends spy agency's eavesdropping as "vital" to war on terrorism.

Click.  David Swanson: What fate awaits NSA spying whistleblower?

Click.  Simon Jenkins: Leave the field now -- the Iraqi endgame is about to begin.

Click.  E. R. Shipp: Bush is running off the rails.

Click.  Juan Cole: 10 amazing predictions for 2006.

Click.  (AP) Syria's ruling party dismisses former Vice President.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Russia's Gazprom shuts off natural gas supply to Ukraine in price dispute.

Click.  (Agonist) Gazprom, Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

Click.  (AP) Zapatistas leave jungle for tour of Mexico.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bird flu virus may be more active in Eastern Europe

Click.  William Pesek Jr.: US's rival in 2006 isn't China, but Japan. "If you think the Bush administration does a poor job sizing up politics overseas, check out its flawed intelligence on the global economy."

Click.  Lisa Pease: Freeport McMoran's corruption of Indonesia.

Click.  (Seattle Times) Sweeping change reshapes Artic.

Click.  Dan Levy: Harnessing the tiger in China. Hong Kong developer behind billion-dollar deal for Bank of America Center seeks more territory to conquer.

Click.  Edie Lau: Assessing consent in dementia research.

Click.  Kevin Sullivan: England preserves its long-vacant churches.

December 31, 2005

Click. (Seattle Times) Who told secrets on domestic spying? Probe to aim high.

Click. Josh Meyer: Leak in domestic spy program investigated. The Justice Department inquiry could extend into all branches of the federal government.

Click. Kenneth R. Timmerman: Is Iran's Ahmadinejad a messianic medium?

Click. ( US should "seek resolution" with Iraq over $1.4 billion Kellogg, Brown and Root contract.

Click. Craig Murray won't be silenced....

Click. Bob Fitrakis: Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House.

Click. James Petras: Israel and the Neocons, the Libby affair and the internal war.

Click.  Kate Folmar: Governor Schwarzenegger to seek minimum wage hike.

Click.  ( 2005 -- Another terrible year for United States-Latin American relations.

Click.  Peter Montague: A darker bioweapons future.

Click.  Cod liver oil winning new converts.

December 30, 2005

Click.  Paul Krugman: Heck of a job, Bushie.

Click.  (Spiegel) Is Washington planning a military strike?

Click.  (BigNews) Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan.

Click.  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Rove and Bush will not depart gracefully.

Click.  (Reuters) Chalabi takes over Iraq oil ministry amid "crisis".

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Justice Department probing leak of existence of US eavesdropping program.

Click.  Tracy Wilkinson: Italy's pursuit of CIA operatives stalls.

Click.  Jeffrey Fleishman: Russia wields its new arsenal -- fuel.

Click.  ( Kurds threaten lands in Kirkuk.

Click.  ( Central Bank of Venezuela approves currency transactions in uros.

Click.  ( Canadian army still relying on local hires in dangerous hotspots in Afghanistan.

Click.  Peter G. Gosselin: How bedrock promises of pensions security have fractured across America.

Click.  John W. Dean: George W. Bush as the new Richard M. Nixon.  Both wiretapped illegally, and impeachably.

Click.  Juan Cole: The Middle East and America in 2005: How the region has changed.

Click.  Don Thompson: California teen's prison suicide blamed on lax oversight.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Rediscovering Lene Lovich.

Click.  Truong Phuoc Khanh: Night club scenes with a special racial twist. Asian-Americans gather to form friendships, business ties in San Jose, California.

Click.  "One of the main aims of the WikiTree Project is to provide a central place on the Internet for kin information about all people we know ever lived, automatically construct bloodline trees, and watch the gradual emergence of global family forest of humanity."

December 29, 2005

Click.  Tom Lasseter: Kurds quietly ready for civil war.

Click.  Borzou Daragahi, Louise Roug: Iraq's history still divides children of Mesopotamia.

Click.  Ryan Lenz: Embedded with the 101st Airborne.

Click.  (DailyKos) British torture memos leaked, published online.

Click.  Jim Lobe: Anti-imperialists beware -- Bush is reading again.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Big Brother Bush.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: "Six Degrees of Abramoff" snares a boy scout.

Click.  (WCAX TV) Leahy wants to know about Pentagon spying on protests.

Click.  Anick Jesdanun: Digital maps going beyond roads.

Click.  (Cryptome) British and Greek spies and torturers named.

Click.  Jon Van: Phone giants mum on spying.

Click.  (BBC) Former Nazi Paul Schaefer and German woman charged with child abuse at Colonia Dignidad, Chile.

Click.  (AP) Chiefs demoted in Pentagon succession line.

Click.  Alan Bisbort: It has happened here. The growth of executive power in this country has some disturbing precedents.

Click.  Stephen Soldz: The sex lives and sexual frustrations of US troops in Iraq.

Click.  Jack M. Balkin: Judge Alito and executive power.

Click.  David R. Baker, Zachary Coile: State gets $6.3 billion in energy firm settlements. California officials say feds should have done more to curb companies' abuses.

Click.  (BBC) Huge new oil discovery in Brazil.

Click.  Verne Kopytoff: Google team sets sights on big screen. Entertainment-savvy co-founders invest in Stanford friend's independent film, shot in San Francisco.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Charlie the Tuna and states' rights.

Click.  Bob Egelko: Pacific Bell bias verdict upheld.  Company denied job to ex-mental patient.

Click.  Froma Harrop: The disappearing family dinner.

Click.  Larry Eifert: A flurry of snow birds migrate to a wintry wonderland of abundant seafood.

Click.  (Political Gateway) Mother nature gives premier US wine region stellar year for grapes.

December 28, 2005

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: Nuking Iran with the UN's OK.

Click.  (Khaleej) Iran sounds positive note on Russian atomic plan.

Click.  James Gordon Meek: Rumsfeld's day targeted.

Click.  Alice Miles: Where have we got to in the fight against terrorism?  We're lost in a fog.

Click.  (AP) Lawyers question surveillance evidence in terror case.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Vice axes that 70's show.

Click.  Cesar Uco: Latin American mercenaries guarding Baghdad’s Green Zone.

Click.  (Bignewsnetwork) White House wants Sahara desert as new front for war on terror.

Click.  Andrew Ferguson: The "Godfather" refuses to play in the US Senate.

Click.  Raekha Prasad: India builds a 2,500-mile barrier to rival the Great Wall of China.

Click.  (UPI) Cell phones trip up CIA rendition team.

Click.  Wieland Wagner: Koizumi's obsession with the past makes for an uncertain future.

Click.  ( Venezuela can export Iranian tractors to countries in Latin America

Click.  (Spiegel) Galileo launch. First step toward a European GPS competitor.

Click.  ( Parliamentary probe says Russian officials handled Beslan crisis poorly.

Click.  Grace Rauh: Protest threatened at soldier's funeral.  Anti-gay church plans another demonstration in Fremont.

Click.  Mary Maxwell: Scandals - Six "conspiratorial" and six not.

Click.  Ralph Frammolino, Jason Felch: Murky world of antiquities trade.

Click.  Cam Simpson: Pentagon stalls on banning contractors from using forced labor.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: RIAA Bares Fangs At Russia.

Click. Thomas Goetz: The battle to stop bird flu. Inside the Los Alamos weapons lab, massive computer simulations are unleashing disease and tracking its course, 6 billion people at a time.

Click. Jeremy Laurance: Revealed -- the pill that prevents cancer. A daily dose of vitamin D could cut the risk of cancers of the breast, colon and ovary by up to a half, a 40-year review of research has found.

Click. ( The giant condor no longer soars over the Venezuelan Andes mountains

Click. The 10 best Harrison Ford lines.

December 27, 2005

Click.  Juan Cole: Top 10 myths about Iran in 2005.

Click.  Doug Thompson: NSA just one of many federal agencies spying on Americans.

Click.  Terry Jones: Comedy of terror.

Click.  John Stanton: Spying on the US security state. Countermeasures for US citizens.

Click.  Richard Garner: German history syllabus "doesn't mention the war".

Click.  Roger Boyes: Triumph of the will to face Nazi era.

Click.  Lou Kilzer: Buckley "golf balls" may be ears for Bush spying.

Click.  Sean Holstege: Spying pattern a legacy of 9/11. California state senator wants to close legal loophole so Guard can't be used for domestic spying.

Click.  Peter S. Canellos: Bush's counsel on spying now under close scrutiny.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan legisladores after Bush

Click.  Greg Lucas: Rep. Doolittle awaits fallout in lobbyist case. GOP stalwart's links to Jack Abramoff drawing scrutiny.

Click.  Robert E. Kessler: Lobbyist's friend says he was a willing partner in venture.

Click.  Susan Antilla: Buy a lap dance at a strip club, cut your taxes.

Click.  Shankar Vedantam: A Political Debate on veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.

Click.  George Jones: British police state extends to children.

Click.  Robin Fields, Jack Leonard, Evelyn Larrubia: California could turns elsewhere for conservatorship remedies.

Click.  Evan Halper: California's tobacco revenue surges. (High tech collection practices)

Click.  Cynthia H. Cho: "No Contact" a touchy issue at California middle school.

Click.  Gray Brechin: Keeping the faith.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Richard Ashcroft Holds The Keys To The World.

Click.  Anna Abbott: Winery weddings still limited in Napa Valley.

Click.  (Rigorous intuition) Down the Scole Hole.

Click.  Kaleem Omar: Whatever happened to April Glaspie?

Click.  Doug Ireland: Chinese gays -- the dark before the dawn.

Click.  Ian Johnston: Dying can aid stem cell research.

Click.  Matthew Bunk: Oakland firm gives stroke victims hope.

December 26, 2005

Click.  Paul Krugman: Medicine - who decides?

Click.  FISA and NSA: Coleen Rowley sounds off.

Click.  Lisa Pease: History repeats with the spy scandals.

Click.  Ronald Brownstein: Hillary Clinton's got the ball, but others line up for a shot.

Click.  M. J. Akbar: The Bush fade.

Click.  Jordan Rau: Rough terrain for Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006.

Click.  Sarah Kellogg: Tribes under increasing pressure in casino lobbying scandal.

Click.  Nancy Isle Nation: Marin County Judge Boren considers change after a long career in criminal law.

Click.  John Marzulli: New head of major Mafia Gambino family said to be `Jackie Nose' D'Amico.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) President Lagos to Bachelet rescue.

Click.  John Solomon: Doctor makes candid comments on HIV vaccine.

Click.  ( China develops 1st live vaccine against bird flu.

Click.  Andy Mukherjee: China and India to face daunting risks in 2006.

Click.  David Morrill: Biotech big shots court tiny Abgenix.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Shadow-Boxing Day.

December 25, 2005

Click.  Josh Meyer, Joseph Menn: US spying is much wider, some suspect.

Click.  Declan McCullagh: Just how extensive is NSA's spy program?

Click.  Carol Rosenberg: Congress may prevail on war power.

Click.  T. Christian Miller: US missteps leave Iraqis in the dark.

Click.  Steve Chapman: Beyond the imperial presidency.

Click.  Nicholas Riccardi: Colorado Springs has eye out for dirty bomb.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Bush causes whiplash by saying bad intel made good decision. If war was right, for who?

Click.  Joe Baigent: The simulacrum republic.

Click.  Letter from a military mom -- domestic spying and incident of intimidation of military families.

Click.  Kurt Eichenwald: Boy joins a sordid online world through his webcam.

Click.  Juan Cole: Iraqi Christians in peril this Christmas.

Click.  Frank Rich: I saw Jackie Mason kissing Santa Claus.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Christmas memories poignant and hilarious.

Click.  Peter Nicholas, Robert Salladay: Maria Shriver recasts "First Lady" as a powerful role in California.

Click.  Lou Hirsh: Producers eager to make Coachella Valley more than a location shoot.

Click.  Tim Reiterman: Deer and foxes compete for an island kingdom.

Click.  Amy Oakes: Christmas on the beach means fun for campers.

Click.  John Weeks: Tidings of comfort and joy.

Click.  Lenore Skenazy: 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves....

Click.  Mack White: Bison's Bill's Weird West Show.

December 24, 2005

Click.  (WorldNetDaily) The anti-American President.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Bush's surveillance network.

Click.  Eric Lichtblau and James Risen: Spy agency mined vast data trove, officials report.

Click.  Richard J. Dalton, Jr.: Cyber-spying gets complicated.

Click.  Glen Greenwald: Unclaimed territory. Do Bush defenders place any limits on his "wartime" power.

Click.  Ellen Goodman: Bush's false choices.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: A Morning With The Pogues.

Click.  (AP) Moscow offers to move Iranian nuclear enrichment.

Click.  John Solomon: NIH medical safety officer reinstated.

Click.  Richard A. Serrano, Judy Pasternak: FBI follow money in tribe's beltway success.

Click.  Keay Davidson: Contractor faulted for accidents at the Livermore National laboratory. U.S. blames workers' contamination on sloppy procedures.

Click.  Paul Rieckhoff: Christmas in Iraq. Troops share their stories.

Click.  Randy Furst: A group of American Indians is taking part in a weekend horseback ride to honor the memory of 38 Indians hanged in Mankato in 1862.

Click.  Rebecca Trounson: Mark Twain scholar says women had key influence on life, work.

Click.  Herb Caen: The Sacamenna kid's Christmas greeting.

Click.  Gary Leupp: Happy birthday Mithras.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Hey W., it's safe! Read this.

December 23, 2005

Click.  (ABC News) Iraqi troops killed as Rumsfeld signals pullback.

Click.  Charlie Savage: Wiretaps said to sift all overseas contacts.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Vote fraud -- good news is strange news.

Click.  Maggie Farley: UN hit by a bolt (Bolton) from the right.

Click.  Jerry Kammer: A steady flow of influence. Close ties make Rep. Lewis, lobbyist Lowery a potent pair.

Click.  Robert Pear and Michael Janofsky: Students to bear big burden under final budget bill.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The tax cut zombies.

Click.  Sgt. Dallas Walker: Platoon perfects art of locating weapons caches.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito wrote in a 1984 memo that U.S. attorneys general should be immune being sued on claims of ordering illegal wiretaps.

Click.  Ed O'Loughlin: Still a long, dangerous journey 2000 year on.  A modern Mary and Joseph travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

Click.  (Reuters) Italy court issues EU arrest warrant for CIA team.

Click.  John Chan: East Asian Summit plagued by tension and rivalry.

Click.  Rich Connell and Robert J. Lopez: Ties Between Gang, Fences Probed.  Millions of dollars in stolen goods are believed to be passing from a Latino street group to Middle Easterners in the U.S. for resale.

Click.  Tracy Wilkinson: Italy may charge US soldier.

Click.  Michael Calore: How to create your own podcast.

Click.  Lisa M. Krieger: Discoveries on Uranus full of drama, mystery.

Click.  (Science Daily) Clinical trial to test stem cell approach for children with brain injury.

Click.  (Pravda) Extrasensory abilities of cats strike imagination.

December 22, 2005

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The ultimate quagmire.

Click.  Gene Maddaus: Legal experts say prosecution bungled espionage case.

Click.  Patrick J. McDonnell: Some Paraguayans fear US "secret agenda".

Click.  Kristen Breitweiser: The king's red herring.

Click.  L. Britt Snyder: Recollections from the Church Committee's investigation of NSA.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: 2005 - things I want to forget.

Click.  (Spiegel) Bye bye, Bambi. Hello sewer rats. (Animation)

Click.  Cara Mia DiMassa, Richard Winton: Patient dumping on Los Angeles skid row.

Click.  William J. Kole: Doctor accused of Nazi clinic atrocities dies.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Attention IM Users, Santa's Not Only Fake, He's A Worm.

Click.  John Howard: California Senate settling on bond infrastructure package.

Click.  George Skelton: For California's aged, blind, disabled, a lump of coal for Christmas.

Click.  (Effect measure) The magic bullet Tamiflu loses some of its magic.

Click.  Michael Casey: Bird flies 2,500 miles for baby's food.

December 21, 2005

Click.  Carol D. Leonnig and Dafna Linzer: Spy court judge quits in protest.

Click.  Gabriel Sherman: Why the New York Times ran the wiretap story, defying Bush.

Click.  (Xymphora) The snooping search engine.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The squires of surveillance.

Click.  Anatole Kaletsky: The truly historic discovery of 2005: American military might is a myth.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: The Worm crawls in. The Pedophile Crawls out.

Click.  (Penn State) Researchers sequence DNA of woolly mammoth.

December 20, 2005

Click.  David Lindorff: Missing black boxes in WTC attacks found by firefighters, analyzed by NTSB, concealed by FBI.

Click.  Ziba Norman: Russia's gas weapon to move into the US.

Click.  David Johnston, Linda Greenhouse: Legal authority for policy rests on interpretation. Congress approved vaguely worded sentence after 9/11.

Click.  Howell Raines: The miscreant dynasty.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Spying and torture:  Don't go there.

Click.  ( The worthless news of Frist’s PhRMA scheme.

Click.  Bill Conroy: Judge in Scooter Libby, Sibel Edmonds cases is redacted in action. What Financial Interests Lie Behind Former Drug Warrior Reggie Walton?

Click.  Thomas Hargrove: Police changing policies on missing children.

Click.  (AP) Major Chiron shareholder opposes Novartis deal.

Click.  Luis A. Gomez: With 51%, Evo is President- elect.  As results come in, Bolivia erupts in celebration.

Click.  Jean Friedsky: Election day in Bolivia 2005.  A View from the Chapare and Cochabamba.

December 19, 2005

Click.  Pauline Jelinek: Attorney General Gonzales says Congress authorized spying.

Click.  (Daily Kos) Senator Jay Rockefeller disapproved of secret spying when informed.

Click.  Coleen Rowley: Oversight and the abuse of power.

Click.  Laura Rozen blog: Nuclear code briefcases went with Cheney to Kabul?

Click.  (Toledo Blade) Presidential pipeline: Bush's top fund-raisers see spoils of victory

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Violating the Constitution.

Click.  A. C. Thompson and Trevor Paglen: The CIA's torture taxi. Te trail of a secret spy plane leads to a mysterious outfit in Reno with ties to a prominent Nevada politico.

Click.  Mason Stockstill: Mexico's problems now our own.

Click.  Jane Bussey: Made in China. Sold in Mexico.

Click.  (Pravda) Russia has practically no chances to participate in Iraqi oil projects. For the time being, US-based companies distribute oil contracts between US-based contractors.

Click.  Verne Kopytoff: How Google woos the best and brightest.

Click.  Keay Davidson: California urged to embrace the tiniest science -- nanotech.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: Scientists weigh gene modification for HIV patients.

December 17, 2005

Click.  Nedra Pickler: Cheney seeking to shore up overseas ties.

Click.  Jeffrey Feldman: Bush's permission slip for dictatorship.

Click.  Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair: Time-delayed journalism.  The NYT and the NSA's illegal spying operation.

Click.  Will Bunch: The big stall.  How Bush gamed the media to get re-elected in 2004.

Click.  (Reuters) Powell:  Rendition is not new.

Click.  Ryan Lucas:  Polish intelligence base focus of probe.

Click.  (Independent)  So, just who is Christian Bailey?

Click.  Jason Leopold: Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Did Karl Rove hide or destroy evidence in the Plame case?

Click.  (Independent)  MI5 ruled London bombers were not a threat.

Click.  Peter Cooper:  Romanian and Bulgarian bases express US shift in vision.

Click.  Maureen Dowd:  Hot monkey love.

Click.  Steve Huff:  "Joseph, called Zerah, surnamed Justice..."  The stalking of Nancy Grace.

Click.  Lauran Neergaard: NIH uses live viruses for bird flu vaccine.

Click.  Claire Hoffman, Kim Christensen:  At inland base, Scientologists trained "Top Gun".

December 16, 2005

Click.  Jennifer Loven: Bush won't discuss report of NSA spying.

Click.  James Risen, Eric Lichtlau: Bush quietly killed spying curb in US.

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: Nuclear deployment for an attack on Iran and the nuclear hit men behind it.

Click.  (Spiegel) The CIA's German helpers.

Click.  (Prensa) US tries for global trade transfer control.

Click.  Margaret Kimberly: Condi, torture and Christmas.

Click.  Joe Mysak: Main street believes whatever Wall Street tells it.

Click.  Stan Cox: The gene rush.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Punk Loses Yet Another to Heroin: RIP Bomber of RKL.

Click.  Kevin Fagin:  San Jose. Molester Curtis Dean Anderson pleads guilty to killing Xiana Fairchild. The persistence of little girl's great aunt kept case alive.

December 13, 2005

Click.  (ABC News) Bush says 30,000 Iraqis killed in war.

Click.  Alexander Cockburn: Murtha returns to the attack.

Click.  (Reuters) Car bomb kills anti-Syrian newspaper magnate and lawmaker.

Click.  (Reuters) UN says new evidence implicates Syria in Hariri death.

Click.  Mitch Potter: Syrians fearful of becoming the next Iraq.

Click.  (The Australian) Race warfare divides Sydney.

Click.  Pablo Bachelet: Kirchner's leftward shift prompts Argentine official's trip to U.S.

Click.  (AP) Bolivian Evo Morales could be a "nightmare" for the US.

Click.  Gary Dinmore: Bush plans overhaul of US foreign aid system.

Click.  Chris Sanders: The Bouncefield coincidence.

Click.  Viveca Novak: What Viveca Novak told Fitzgerald.

Click.  Professor Froomkin: CIA getting cold feet on rendition/torture?

Click.  Nat Hentoff: CIA war crimes.

Click.  Doug Thompson: DHS report admits air marshals "overreacted" in airport shooting.

Click.  Francis Elliott: Unmasked: Out of the shadows for the first time: Britain's real spooks.

Click.  Bob Herbert: When the '60s bloomed.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Box balderdash.

Click.  Victoria Colliver: Neediest may be hurt by new Medicare drug plan.

Click.  (AP) How safe are nanoparticles?

Click.  William Weir: North Pole holds treasures, clashes for several nations.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: This Is Just Plain Nuts: Provide Lyrics, Go To Jail.

Click.  Anna Abbott: Home chapels provide private havens in Napa.

Click.  Effect Measure) No Tylenol for a bon vivant.

Click.  Steve Huff: A tragedy in the making.

December 11, 2005

Click.  Uzi Mahnaimi, Sarah Baxter: Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran by March.

Click.  Nasser Karimi: Iran offers US share in nuclear plants.

Click.  (Moscow Times) Putin seeks membership in Asian business club.

Click.  (Debka) Police report around 36 casualties, 4 in serious condition, from at least four unexplained blasts at Buncefield oil depot and refinery. On Dec. 7, an Islamic website ran an excerpt of an earlier videotape in which bin Laden’s No. 2, Ayman Zawahiri called on “holy warriors” to concentrate their attacks on oil targets.

Click.  Joan Vennochi: The new machismo.

Click.  Frank Rich: It takes a Potemkin Village.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Can Mommy know best?

Click.  (New York Times) Death of an American city.

Click.  (Firedoglake) The penitent (Vivecka Novak).

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Viveca Novak. Another Plame journo kept her editor in the dark.

Click.  Joseph Lelyveld: The strange case of Chaplain Yee.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Trusting China on bird flu.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: "Ization" of Santa Rosa is an ongoing process.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Church on Saturday.

Click.  Geoffrey O'Brien: Will you love me tomorrow? Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era.

Click.  Robert Gammon: Fishy Business. Getting home is an uphill swim for local trout, even without SF's water agency and George Bush teamed up against them.

Click. Thomas H. Maugh II: May woman's portrait a rare find.

December 11, 2005

Click.  Uzi Mahnaimi, Sarah Baxter: Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran by March.

Click.  Nasser Karimi: Iran offers US share in nuclear plants.

Click.  (Moscow Times) Putin seeks membership in Asian business club.

Click.  (Debka) Police report around 36 casualties, 4 in serious condition, from at least four unexplained blasts at Buncefield oil depot and refinery. On Dec. 7, an Islamic website ran an excerpt of an earlier videotape in which bin Laden’s No. 2, Ayman Zawahiri called on “holy warriors” to concentrate their attacks on oil targets.

Click.  Joan Vennochi: The new machismo.

Click.  Frank Rich: It takes a Potemkin Village.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Can Mommy know best?

Click.  (New York Times) Death of an American city.

Click.  (Firedoglake) The penitent (Vivecka Novak).

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Viveca Novak. Another Plame journo kept her editor in the dark.

Click.  Joseph Lelyveld: The strange case of Chaplain Yee.

Click.  (Effect Measure) Trusting China on bird flu.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: "Ization" of Santa Rosa is an ongoing process.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Church on Saturday.

Click.  Geoffrey O'Brien: Will you love me tomorrow? Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era.

Click.  Robert Gammon: Fishy Business. Getting home is an uphill swim for local trout, even without SF's water agency and George Bush teamed up against them.

Click. Thomas H. Maugh II: May woman's portrait a rare find.

December 9, 2005

Click.  (CNN) Yoko Ono joins vigil for John Lennon.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Bush on the Constitution: "It's just a goddamned piece of paper".

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iraq war, dragging down Republicans, creates a dilemma for Democrats, too.

Click.  (Bloomberg) US refuses to join Montreal global warming talks over emissions rules.

Click.  Peter Kornbluh: US leaders are using Pinochet's playbook.

Click.  Chris Floyd: Sacred terror.

Click.  Beth Gardner: Britain bars evidence obtained by torture.

Click.  Logan Jenkins: It's politics as usual in a House of silence.

Click.  Robert Reich: Class warfare with taxes.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The Promiser in Chief.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Impersonating the Lord.

Click.  Onell R. Soto, Bill Ainsworth: Dow Jones heir bought house from Cunningham.

Click.  (MSN) Merck "deleted safety data on Vioxx".

Click.  Governor Schwartzenegger names Carol Corrigan to the California Supreme Court.

Click.  Kelly Thornton: Prosecutors plan appeal in acquittal of Zucchet.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Firefox 1.5: Good News and Bad News.

Click.  The ten most puzzling ancient artifacts.

December 8, 2005

Click.  Lolita C. Baldor: The Pentagon has tentative plans to halt the scheduled deployment of two brigades to Iraq and instead send in smaller teams to support and train Iraqi forces in what could be an early step toward an eventual drawdown of U.S. forces.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Sharing the sacrifice, or ending it.

Click.  Neil Macfarquhar: Egypt ponders price of Islamists' gains.

Click.  Rupert Cornwell: Rice forced to defend prisoner renditions for the third time.

Click.  Anne Gearan: Rice's torture denial leaves loopholes.

Click.  Eric Umansky: Banning torture is tricky business.

Click.  Andrew Sullivan: Winning the war on terrorism without sacrificing freedom. The abolition of torture.

Click.  Ken Silverstein: A court filing describes a classified proposal to send a detainee away for information extraction.

Click.  Chris Marsden, Julie Hyland: Britain: Former law lord says US “guilty of lawlessness on a truly grand scale”.

Click.  Ryan Lizza: Muddy waters. Poor Sam Alito.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Condi's trail of lies.

Click.  (Christian Science Monitor) Locking Uncle Sam out of Asia.

Click.  ( Crude Designs - The rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

Click.  Richard B. Schmitt: The Patriot Act can't make up for a weak case.

Click.  Joe Mathewson: Newspaper saved! Newspaper saved! Read all about it!

Click.  Siobhan Morrissey: A passenger on Flight 924 gives his account of the shooting and says Rigoberto Alpizar never claimed to have a bomb.

Click.  (CNN) Marshals', witnesses' accounts differ on jet bomb threat claim.

Click.  Ben Smith: For Senator Clinton, New Hampshire is a forbidden state.

Click.  James Carroll: Basilica of denial.

Click.  Michael Hiltzik: Restoring HP to its original condition.

Click.  Declan Butler: Indonesia threatens closure of US military lab that's key to avian flu fight.

Click.  Maggie Whitlan: An interview with Don Wise, the creator of "incompetent design".

Click.  Wilson Rothman: iRobot Scooba Floor-Washing Robot,

Click.  Shane Goldmacher: Transition continues in California to lead up to pivotal State of the State.

Click.  (AP) San Jose mayor apologizes for role in garbage contract scandal.

Click.  Malcolm Maclachlan: Children's healthcare likely on Governor Schwarzenegger's agenda, + Click. Governor officially appoints Genest as Finance Director.

Click.  John Howard: GOP leaders, rank and file, watch Governor's policy moves closely.

Click.  Jon Fleischman: Whether GOP or Dems rule, "federal preemption" threatens California.

Click.  Patrick Dorinson: Political reform in California. The Big Bang theory.

Click.  Robert W. Welkos: New Chapter in the Mystery of Marilyn: Her Own Words?

Click.  Ron Rosenbaum: Nabokov’s Laura is saved from burning; Who was this woman?

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Heroin For the Ears.

Click.  (San Francisco Chronicle) Video scandal rocks San Francisco police. 20 officers ordered suspended -- mayor condemns 'sexist,' 'racist' films, vows probe of department.

December 7, 2005

Click.  David Crossland: Rice visit fails to build bridges in Germany.

Click.  Jerry Mazza: On the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination, imagine....

Click.  T. A. Frank: Bush officials misunderstood.

Click.  Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: With new legislation, Ohio Republicans plan holiday burial for American Democracy.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Torturing the facts.

Click.  (E & P) Military mislead press, families, about how 10 Marines died

Click.  Mark Beunderman: Rice fails to reassure Europe on covert CIA operations.

Click.  Hassan Hanizadeh: Coup brewing in Iraq?

Click.  Borzou Daragahi: Five Iraqis describe horrors at the hands of Hussein's forces. But their accounts do little to link misdeeds to the eight men on trial.

Click.  Jeffrey Fleishman: Individual rights must be upheld, Merkel says.

Click.  Anthony Fenton: Ecuador's new Canadian ambassador helped plan Haiti coup.

Click.  (E & P) Vanity Fair offers new details on Judith Miller saga.

Click.  (Bloomberg) US Chief Justice John Roberts rules for business in first Supreme Court opinion.

Click.  Rajesh Mahapatra: Microsoft to invest $1.7 billion, add 3,000 jobs in India, Gates says.

Click.  Elinor Mills: Can there be another Google?

Click.  Jennifer Van Bergen: Why did the Fourth Circuit suggest it might vacate its decision in the case of alleged dirty bomb conspirator Jose Padilla?

Click.  (Medical News Today) Chinese authorities have confirmed that a 10-year-old girl has bird flu.  Experts are mystified as the area she lives in, Ziyuan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, is free of infected birds.

Click.  Mary Claire Dale: Lawyer jailed since 1995 on contempt charges (won't reveal his assets in divorce case).

Click.  James Meek: On the trail of the Borneo cat-fox.

Click.  Jaymes Song: Don Ho recovering from stem cell procedure.

Click.  (AFP) Give us a kiss! Druids reveal the mystery of mistletoe.

December 6, 2005

Click.  Matthias Gebauer: The CIA in Europe. Berlin's silence for Washington.

Click.  (Spiegel Online) "Everyone knew what was going on in Bondsteel".

Click.  Anne Gearan: US admits botched detention, Merkel says.

Click.  (Bloomberg) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her foreign minister must tell parliament what the previous government knew about the alleged kidnapping of a German citizen by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Click.  (CNN) US to take over bases in Romania.

Click.  Paul Haven: Al Qaida figure finally gets attention.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Donald Rumsfeld is mad as a hatter.

Click.  Steve Coll: Young Osama. How he learned radicalism, and may have seen America.

Click.  Kevin Hassett: Let's stamp out the money roaches in Congress.

Click.  Peter Dujardin: China reportedly received ship data hidden in music files.

Click.  James P. Pinkerton: Doves could destroy Hillary's hopes.

Click.  Matthew Yi: Intel planning to invest more than $1 billion in India. Chairman on weeklong tour of firm's operations all over Asia.

Click.  David G. Savage: Lockyer asks justices to rein in 9th Circuit Court.

Click.  Mark Posner: Evidence of political manipulation at the Justice Department.

Click.  ( The lies underlying the conservative Alito strategy.

Click.  Ed Rampel: December 7, 1945 vs. September 11, 2005: Infamous comparisons.

Click.  Julie Hilton: Could Tom Cruise sue "South Park" for suggesting he is gay?  And even if he could, should he?

Click.  Elaine Dutka: Discs are the new soapbox.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Windows Media Player Can Suck It.

Click.  Interviews with Philip K. Dick.

December 5, 2005

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: Chemical Saddam, Nuclear US.

Click.  William Rees-Mogg: It's all nuts to me, Mr. Bush.

Click.  Bob Herbert: A black hole.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The joyless economy.

Click.  (BBC) Rice defends US terror policies. Full statement.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Condaleeze, Please! Tell the Truth

Click.  Tracy Wilkinson: An Italian judge rejects the request of the retired station chief, wanted in a suspect's abduction.

Click.  Duncan Campbell: Where they hide the cash.

Click.  Spengler: Iran's strength in weakness.

Click.  Rachel Metz: Printing organs on demand.

Click.  Bleys W. Rose: Sonoma County reveals $1.6 million biolab.

December 4, 2005

Click.  Joe Cannon: Deeper into the Wilkes/MZM scandals.

Click.  Dean Calbreath, Jerry Kammer: ADCS founder Bent Wilkes spent years cultivating political contacts.

Click.  Sarah Baxter: Condi goes on offensive over secret CIA jails.

Click.  T. Christian Miller: Private security guards in Iraq operation with little supervision.

Click.  Peter G. Gosselin: On their own in battered New Orleans

Click.  Frank Rich: All the President's flacks.

Click.  (New York Daily News) 4-year scandal of the 9/11 billion.

Click.  Rachel E. Stassen-Berger: Former FBI agent, whistleblower Coleen Rowley defends campaign for congress.

Click.  Gilbert Achcar interviewed by Phil Butland: Lebanon -- the dangerous effects of US interference.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Sticking up for Wikipedia.

Click.  Nick Schou: Requiem for a Dreamgirl. A tale of sex, drugs, dirty cops—and a girl who knew too much.

Click.  Paul Elias: Bird flu hype infecting biotech industry.

Click.  Jonathan Carr-Brown: Doctor says bird flu drug is useless.

Click.  (News Target) Chiron Corp's introduction of animal cells into 3,000 New Zealanders as a means of testing a new flu vaccine has provoked the FDA to issue warnings about this popular new method of vaccine testing, which the FDA claims could introduce diseases like cancer from cultured cells into healthy individuals.

Click.  Kent Atkinson: Chiron's flu drug linked to tumor cells.

Click.  Evelyn Iritani: California rice farmers harvest crop of losses.

Click.  Conrad Goeringer: "God's Banker" murder trial begins.

Click.  Steve King: Cornell Woolrich and the Noir Life. 

December 4, 2005

Click.  Joe Cannon: Deeper into the Wilkes/MZM scandals.

Click.  Dean Calbreath, Jerry Kammer: ADCS founder Bent Wilkes spent years cultivating political contacts.

Click.  Sarah Baxter: Condi goes on offensive over secret CIA jails.

Click.  T. Christian Miller: Private security guards in Iraq operation with little supervision.

Click.  Peter G. Gosselin: On their own in battered New Orleans

Click.  Frank Rich: All the President's flacks.

Click.  (New York Daily News) 4-year scandal of the 9/11 billion.

Click.  Rachel E. Stassen-Berger: Former FBI agent, whistleblower Coleen Rowley defends campaign for congress.

Click.  Gilbert Achcar interviewed by Phil Butland: Lebanon -- the dangerous effects of US interference.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Sticking up for Wikipedia.

Click.  Nick Schou: Requiem for a Dreamgirl. A tale of sex, drugs, dirty cops—and a girl who knew too much.

Click.  Paul Elias: Bird flu hype infecting biotech industry.

Click.  Jonathan Carr-Brown: Doctor says bird flu drug is useless.

Click.  (News Target) Chiron Corp's introduction of animal cells into 3,000 New Zealanders as a means of testing a new flu vaccine has provoked the FDA to issue warnings about this popular new method of vaccine testing, which the FDA claims could introduce diseases like cancer from cultured cells into healthy individuals.

Click.  Kent Atkinson: Chiron's flu drug linked to tumor cells.

Click.  Evelyn Iritani: California rice farmers harvest crop of losses.

Click.  Conrad Goeringer: "God's Banker" murder trial begins.

Click.  Steve King: Cornell Woolrich and the Noir Life.

December 3, 2005

Click.  Alec Russell: Bush adopts British colonial model for Iraq.

Click.  Jonathan Brown: The perils facing British contractors on the world's most dangerous road.

Click.  Juan Cole: How Bush created a theocracy in Iraq.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: W.'s head in the sand.

Click.  Lawrence Masina: FBI plants fake candidate in West Virginia race.

Click.  (London Times) Single mother tortured by Pinochet set for presidency.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Impersonating the Lord.

Click.  Hector Becerra and Richard Winton: Inmate slain in Los Angeles jail had mental troubles.

Click.  Evelyn Larrubia: April trial set in Los Angeles for woman seeking to end conservatorship.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: Spousal-slaying trial defendant Susan Polk argues with judge. Routine hearing to decide about lawyer for suspect.

Click.  Robyn Shelton: Little-known heart therapy helps squeeze out chest pain.

Click.  Masks and H5N1.

Click.  Karen Janicek: Thousands re-enact Napoleonic triumph

Click.   Brenda Stardom: Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore.

December 2, 2005

Click.  Sameer N. Yacoub: Attack on Marines worst in Iraq since August.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Bullet points over Baghdad.

Click.  James Rosen: Able Danger: The ultimate government cover-up? + Click. Time-line shows massive screw-ups.

Click.  Kelly Hearn: US military presence in Paraguay irks neighbors.

Click.  Dave Johnson: Challenge - Prove that voting machines accurately record votes.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Wilkes -- the invisible empire.

Click.  ( Political hacks overruled Department of Justice professionals on Delay redistricting plan.

Click.  Andrew Bridges: GOP wants to create secretive government agency -- BARDA.

Click.  Brenda Moore: Documentary goes inside Nuestra Familia.

Click.  Rob Stein: Potentially deadly germ present nationwide

Click.  Maureen O'Hagan: Court rejects Wenatchee sex-ring case award.

Click.  Jenifer Warren: Governor Schwarzenegger is ordered to name prison healthcare czar.

Click.  Rhys Blakely: Secret site reveals Apple's cheap laptop.

December 1, 2005

Click.  (Mail & Guardian) Logs show 80 CIA planes visited UK.

Click.  John Crewdson, Alessandra Maggiorani: Ex-CIA officer's appeal hints at agency's role in cleric's abduction.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: Third in line for the Presidency.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Bush hits rewind.

Click.  Jamie Gadett: Democrat Pete Ashdown faces an uphill battle against stalwart Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch.  Is he ready
for the fight?

Click.  Robert Novak: For now, Hoover's ghost lives on.

Click.  Steve Huff: Meet RikiJo and the Jedi Knights of Hacking....

Click.  W. T. Whitney, Jr.: Bolivians set to elect left-wing leader.

Click.  Beth Fouhy: What's behind Governor Schwarzenegger selection of a Democrat as his chief of staff?

Click.  Edwin Garcia: California Guard dismantles unit accused of domestic spying.

Click.  Michael Hiltzik: Big Data Broker Eyes California DMV Records.

Click.  (The Guardian) In praise of poets their own words.

November 30, 2005

Click.  Barbara Slavin: Rice defends prisoner tactics.

Click.  Robert Dreyfuss: What "staying the course" really means.

Click.  Peter Spiegel: "Oil spot" replaces "whack-a-mole" strategy.

Click.  Beth Duff-Brown: US under fire as climate conferees hash out plan to cut pollution.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The autumn of the patriarchy.

Click.  William Finn-Bennett: Former prosecutor says future bleak for four Cunningham unnamed co-conspirators.

Click.  (Pravda) Washington and Moscow in confrontation over Iran's nuclear program.

Click.  Mark Mazzetti, Borzou Daragahi: US military covertly pays to run stories in Iraqi press.

Click.  Keay Davidson: Plutonium could be missing from Los Alamos National Laboratory.  600-plus pounds unaccounted for, activist group says.

Click.  Luis Gomez: Chavez and the new "idiot right" in Bolivia.

Click.  Kelly Rush: Does penalty fit the crime in San Bernardino County?

Click.  Danielle Ganser: N.A.T.O. Gladio, and the strategy of tension.

Click.  Ryan Blitstein: Craig$ The much-loved Web site is taking millions from Bay Area newspapers and causing layoffs that adversely affect coverage.  And its founder's well-intentioned support of citizen journalism has a slim chance of fixing the problem.

Click.  Sarah Boseley: The nose cells that may help the paralyzed walk again.

Click.  Carl T. Hall: California stem cell program wins key court ruling, poised to issue grants.

November 29, 2005

Click.  Michael Hirsh, John Barry: The Salvador option.

Click.  (Aljazeera) US envoy seeks talks with Iraq rebels.

Click.  Juan Cole: Khalilzad to talk to Iranians.

Click.  Guy Dinmore: US mulls response to EU prison inquiry.

Click.  Aidan Lewis: Judge rejects appeal of CIA arrest warrant.

Click.  Anita Powell: US troops give Iraqi soldiers crash course in basic training.

Click.  Borzou Daragahi: Clark, Hussein defender, may put U.S. on trial.

Click.  Ben Tanosborn: Nuremberg: not a mindset for "the powerful".

Click.  Martin Kadzere Harare: Zimbabwe Banks' Assets Top $54.3 Trillion.

Click.  Jihad el Khazen: King Abdullah: "We intervened to reach the Vienna-exit upon Assad's insistence".

Click.  (Xinhuanet) Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood makes surprising success in parliamentary poll.

Click.  Erich Marquardt: Economic Brief -- Venezuela's Pipeline Deals''

Click.  John Hudson: Pentagon's urban recon takes wing.

Click.  Michelle Nijhuis: Global warming stalks Yosemite.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: California may require firms to make voting machines hacker proof.

Click.  Tim Johnson, Alan Bavley: Paralyzed man tries fetus cell procedure in China.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: My Morning Jacket And The Last Letter.

November 28, 2005

Click.  Seymour M. Hersh: Up in the air.

Click.  Sam Smith: The nature of truth.

Click.  Bill Gertz: US seen as vulnerable to "space pulse" attack.

Click.  (BBC) Spain - Venezuela arms deal near.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Cut our losses.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Age of anxiety. 

Click.  Scott Balduff: Indian Air Force, in war games, gives US a run.

Click.  Noah Leavitt: The European investigations of the claimed US secret prison network.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Could the CIA planes in Portugal and Europe be running drugs?

Click.  Liz Taylor: We need national effort to teach geriatrics.

Click.  Tsuneishi Keiichi: Unit 731 and the Japanese Imperial Army's biological warfare program.

Click.  Tony Perry: Exonerated San Diego aide still bitter over "strippergate".

Click.  Marla Cone: Hot on Parkinson's trail.

November 25, 2005

Click.  Paul Reynolds: Diplomatic dance over nuclear Iran.

Click.  Gilbert Reilhac: Satellites may aid "CIA prisons" probe.

Click.  (Bloomberg) European official links 31 planes to CIA in terror-detainee investigation.

Click.  (AFX) Damascus says UN probe can question officials in Vienna.

Click.  Scott Peterson: New Iraq strategy -- stay in hot spots.

Click.  Dahlia Lithwick: Public Enemy No. 43,527. The government throws back another small fish.

Click.  Edward Alden, Stephanie Kirchgaessner: US move that may bar foreign researchers.

Click.  (Reuters) American company to fight pirates off Somalia

Click.  James Wildermuth: Hacker to try to attack California voting machines.

Click.  Evan Halper: California at risk to lose billions. House-passed bill would cut into Medi-Cal funds and collection of child support payments and halt food stamps for legal immigrants.


NOVEMBER 23, 2005

by Virginia McCullough

(Photo: BACK IN THE FAMILY FOLD, Left to right grandmother Barbara O'Neal, Baby Lee Magers, Ana Marie Cavazos Magers.)

Click.  Mike Taugher: California representative Pombo's efforts in limbo.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: It's dime dropping season in D.C.

Click.  Brett Martel: French ties to Louisiana strengthen after storm.

Click.  James Badcock: In Barcelona, ideas to better guard the EU citadel.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Did Portugal Really Warn India About the Abu Salem Saga?

Click.  Joe Cannon: Robert Baer.

Click.  (AP) Official: Remarks halt probe of Santa Barbara judge.

Click.  Rachel Gordon: San Francisco Mayor Newsom joins Feinstein on sister-city trip to Shanghai. Hong Kong and Beijing also on mayor's itinerary.

Click.  Dan Reed: Molester Dean Schwartzmiller seeks damages in suit against accusers.

Click.  (Wikipedia) Atlas experiment.

Click.  (AP) Craigslist founder gets more specific about news site launch.

Click.  Alexander Jung: The box that makes the world go round.

Click.  Richard Verrier: "E-School" draws from the world.

Click.  Iris Fanger: The long "Purple" road to the Great White Way.

Click.  Steve King: Yukio Mishima's Seppuku aesthetics.

November 24, 2004

Click.  (Reuters) Iran: Our A-bomb data widely available on Internet.

Click.  Chris Tomlinson: Suicide car bomber kills 30 in Iraq.

Click.  (Waco Tribune) War protestors' resolve firm after arrests.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Ten political blessings.

Click.  Conn Hallinan: Destabilization in Latin America won't be easy.

Click.  Douglas Jehl, Eric Lichtblau: "Dirty bomb" case sidestepped over torture issues. White House balked at having 2 al Qaeda detainees questioned at Padilla terror trial.

Click.  ( Allegations of CIA planes landing in Canada.

Click.  Woody Bair: Memphis law office linked to CIA's moving of suspected terrorists.

Click.  Bill Conroy: Unraveling the pretense of the Guatemalan "Narco-State".

Click.  Shyam Bhatia: Blair government wants to keep secret a hot leak.

Click.  Ronald "Buzz" Gutierrez: Revenue sharing and tribal reservation shopping create greed and misfortune.

Click.  Robert Parry: Dissing Fitzgerald & prosecutorial politics.

Click.  Joe Cannon: "Christian" mind control.

Click.  Lisa Pease: The enduring JFK mystery.

Click.  Peter Dale Scott: The global drug meta-group: Drugs, managed violence, and the Russian 9/11.

Click.  Carla Hill: Attorney Mesereau's fame doesn't alter his focus.

Click.  Steve King: Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Pearls.

Click.  Jerry Hirsch: Kahlo family is counting on Frida's image to sell high-end tequila.

Click.  Jeremey McCarter: The Ruby Sunrise and RFK prove that politics doesn’t have to mean lousy theater.

Click.  Patricia Yolen: Most common turkeys this Thanksgiving are wild. Once scarce as hens' teeth, they're making comeback.

November 23, 2005

Click.  (The Guardian) Pinochet indicted on tax evasion charges.

Click.  (Finnish News Agency STT) CIA prison aircraft landed in Finland in 2003.

Click.  Tuomo Pietiläinen, Santtu Parkkonen: Helsinki again a center of international espionage.

Click.  (Political gateway) Secret CIA flights made stopovers in Portugal in 2005: report.

Click.  (The Guardian) Legal gag on Bush Blair war row.

Click.  (MSNBC) 9-11 Iraq link refuted days after attack.

Click.  Rebecca Dana, Lizzy Ratner: While we were sleeping.

Click.  Ben Smith: Hillary's Iraq. Ambiguous hawk in a fog of war.

Click.  Melvin A. Goodman: Some reports regarding Iraq never made it to Congress.

Click.  Justin Blum: Meaning of "participate" is key to task force flap. GOP offers definition to support testimony of top oil executives.

Click.  Xymphora: The theft of Iraqi oil wealth.

Click.  Juan Cole: Bush as press assassin: Baathist in a mirror.

Click.  Professor Michael Froomkin: Padilla indicted. A bittersweet moment for the rule of law.

Click.  (Political Gateway) Court TV will broadcast Saddam trial.

Click.  Akhil Amar: The Constitutional and legal questions raised by the Scooter Libby indictment -- and some answers.

Click.  Joe Dignan: The Vatican is about to issue a new directive condemning homosexuality and keeping gay priests out of the Catholic Church. In San Francisco, that would threaten one of the most vibrant Catholic parishes.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: CIS: Miami "Urban Hellraisers" Episode Inspired by Jack Thompson?

Click.  Robert Salazar: A Democrat gives thanks for all the California Republican turkeys.

Click.  Steven Pizzo: Democrats, it's now or never.

Click.  Malcolm Maclachlan: San Francisco -- a test tube for public financing of campaigns.

Click.  (H5N1) 300 dead in China from Avian bird flu?

Click.  Ann Harrison: How Mirkarimi balanced "Big Pot" and the concerned neighbors around San Francisco medical marijuana clubs.

Click.  Manet and the sea.

November 22, 2005

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.  My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.  John F. Kennedy, Inaugural address, January 20,1961 (1917-1963). More quotations + More quotations

Click.  Mae Brussell: The Nazi connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Click.  Ted Boscia: Book on JFK investigator leads to answers on assassination.  Joan Mellen has spent eight years researching Jim Garrison and John F. Kennedy’s death.

Click.  Judith Coburn: The return of Watergate.

Click.  The JFK assassination in popular culture.

Click.  Louise Roug: Dread takes a toll on GIs in Iraq.

Click.  (AP) US use of Romanian base is described.

Click.  Philip Thornton: Iraq's oil -- the spoils of war.

Click.  Leonard Doyle: Companies waiting in the wings for Iraq's riches.

Click.  George Monbiot: Behind the phosphorus clouds are war crimes within war crimes.

Click.  (Forbes) Merkel sworn in as Germany's first woman Chancellor.

Click.  (ABC) Dirty bomb suspect Jose Padilla indicted.

Click.  James Sterngold: Libby hires expert in criminal law on national secrets , a San Francisco- based partner with a
national firm.

Click.  Will Harper: He said, she said, he's dead. Was Orinda housewife Susan Polk her husband's cold-blooded killer, or a victim of his abuse who killed in self-defense? You be the jury.

Click.  Bruce Gerstman: Judge makes gag order permanent in Scott Dyleski case.

Click.  Andrew Wolfson: A hoax most cruel.

Click.  Emma Johnson: Outsourcing to to the heartland.

Click.  War for Civilization. Robert Fisk interviewed by Yankee El Dorado.

Click.  ( Venezuela studying the feasibility of building gas pipeline to Argentina.

Click.  ( Millions of gallons of Venezuelan discounted heating oil for over 40,000 US households.

Click.  Philip Popham: Friars of Assisi lose their independence as Pope reins in adventurous negotiators.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portugal's Hospitals Are A Disgrace.

Click.  (Effect measure) A lot of bird flu news these days. We decided not to do a play by play, but we'll clear up the China news
as a public service.

Click.  Bob Norberg: Cottage gives glimpse of Jack London's life.

Click.  Steve Lawrence: Governor Schwarzenegger sued for aides' calendars.

Click.  Why dig Megiddo?

November 21, 2005

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: Can war with Iran be averted?

Click.  Paul Krugman: Time to leave.

Click.  Christopher Deliso: Plame, Pakistan, a nuclear turkey, and the Neocons.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: We've been had -- by Hadley.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Feds ramp up spying on journalists, other Americans.

Click.  Ginger Thompson: Files may hold clues to Guatemalan abuse.  Documents detail nation's 36-year war against leftists.

Click.  K. Subrahmanyam: A.Q. Khan’s nuclear escapades: CIA helped him get visa.

Click.  Jonathan Franklin: Chile's Michelle Bachelet poised for presidency.

Click.  Voltaire, Candide.

Click.  Don Thompson: Sacramento river salmon rebounding.

November 20, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: One war lost, another to go.

Click.  Bob Drogin and John Goetz: How the US fell under the spell of "Curveball".

Click.  Kristi Heim: Changes in China pose promise, peril for Washington state.

Click.  Claudia Eller: Road full of obstacles made "Rent" movie overdue.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Return of the Sonorus Wind

November 20, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: One war lost, another to go.

Click.  Bob Drogin and John Goetz: How the US fell under the spell of "Curveball".

Click.  Kristi Heim: Changes in China pose promise, peril for Washington state.

Click.  Claudia Eller: Road full of obstacles made "Rent" movie overdue.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Return of the Sonorus Winds.

November 18, 2005

Click.  James Bamford: Meet the man who sold the war.

Click.  Phillipe Sands: Policymakers on torture take note -- remember Pinochet.

Click.  An open letter to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald from former White House counsel John W. Dean.

Click.  Thomas Ginsburg: New Medicare plan to cut off free drugs.

Click.  Jeff Wells: What about Bob?

Click.  Carla Marinucci: California's first lady tours Shanghai orphanage and vows to "shine a light" on girls' plight.

Click.  Roland Pease: Aids may help spread of bird flu.

Click.  Lucy Sherriff: Satellite radar tracking sees off toothfish pirates.

Click.  Steve Grant: The Rio Grande struggle on, but every drop is spoken for.

Click.  Kevin Poulsen: Negroponte -- laptop for every kid.

November 17, 2005

Click.  James Kuhnhenn, Jonathan S. Landay: In challenging war's critics, administration tinkers with truth.

Click.  James Bovard: A new federal war on dissent.

Click.  Ken Silverstein: Top CIA official met with Kadafi in Libya.

Click.  Phil Gunson: Chavez's selling of bonds raises concerns.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: Governor Schwarzenegger takes execs on selling spree in China.

Click.  (AP) Military discharges gay translator.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Colombia, Ecuador and Peru seek patent protection for natural medicines.

Click.  Mary Ann Sieghart: The pagan beliefs that enrich Mexico and Guatemala.

Click.  Rebecca Trounson: Her new take on Mark Twain.

Click.  Thomas H. Maugh II: Mayan "war crimes scene" uncovered.

November 16, 2005

Click.  Tom Brune: Woodward admission raises questions in leak case.

Click.  (Khaleej Times) London police killed Brazilian with “dum dum” bullets: report.

Click.  Mark LeVine: Sex, shopping and the death of a Syrian regime.

Click.  Conn Hallinan: More at stake than regime change in Syria.

Click.  Robert Parry: Bush's rewriting of history.

Click.  (CNN) Protection for vaccine makers debated.

Click.  Isaura Daniel: Brazil can't compete on cost or gumption with China

Click.  Robert Marquand: Chinese build a high-tech army within an army.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Sony's DRM brings back piracy.

November 15, 2005

Click.  (New York Times) Decoding Mr. Bush's denials.

Click.  Ramtanu Maitra: Afghan drug problem solved, praise the laudanum.

Click.  (BBC) A court in Chile has sentenced former secret police chief Manuel Contreras to three years in prison.

Click.  David Armstrong: Courting the Chinese.

Click.  Juan Cole: The strange death of Moustapha Akkad; Zarqawi and "Halloween".

Click.  Pierre Tristam: Reagan to Sparta: 25 years of camouflage conservatism.

Click.  Tanya Snyder: The ILEA: A New School of Assassins in El Salvador?

Click.  (Organic Consumers Association) EPA proposes testing chemicals on orphans and mentally handicapped kids.

Click.  Mike Dorning: FDA didn't follow normal procedures on contraceptives, GAO says.

Click.  Carl T. Hall: "Stem cell hub" cloning network project folding. U.S. organizer cites 'misrepresentations' by plan's collaborators in South Korea.

Click.  Don Monkerud: Before we forget Arnie's vanity election, some unfinished business.

Click.  Chapman: Nothing could have stopped John Lennon's murder.

November 14, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush brings limited agenda, few tools to Asia for talks on trade, bird flu

Click.  Jeremy Scahill: Germ boys and yes men.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Al Qaeda tightens its grip in Iraq.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Did Abu Salem Help Finance 9/11?

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Straight to hell by way of Italy.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Health economics 101.

Click.  M. Gregg Bloche, Jonathan H. Marks: Doing unto others as they did unto us.

Click.  Brad Friedman: The staggering impossible results of Ohio's '05 election.

Click.  Chet Brokaw: Judges in South Dakota may lose immunity.

Click.  Kieren McCarthy: Meet the man who will save the Internet.

Click.  Jack Leonard, Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia: Justice sleeps while seniors suffer.

Click.  Evan Halper: At a cost some peg at $50 billion or more, Schwarzenegger seeks an infrastructure program reminiscent of the Pat Brown era.

Click.  Debra Cassens Moss: The policy and rhetoric of Ed Meese.

Click.  Jeremy Laurence: Suicides linked to Tamiflu - so is only weapon against bird flu safe?

Click.  Jane Mayer: A deadly interrogation. Can the CIA legally kill a prisoner?

November 13, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: We do not torture and other funny stories.

Click.  (New York Times) Postcards from a tax holiday.

Click.  Patricia Ward Bierderman: A long tradition of activism.

Click.  Megan Garvey: Needing livers, needing answers.

Click.  Alan Zarembo, Charles Orenstein: How a liver unit failed.

Click.  Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia, Jack Leonard: When a family matter turns into a business.

Click.  Evelyn Larrubia, Robin Fields, Jack Leonard: "Ruling over someone" has paid off handsomely.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Sony Is So Screwed.

Click.  Tim Molloy: In coastal battle of wits between man and otter, man concedes.

November 7, 2005

Click.  Julian Glover: Blair's litany of failures on Iraq - ambassador's damning verdict.

Click.  John Walcott: Questions about Chalabi pose dilemma for Bush administration.

Click.  Craig S. Smith: As rioting spreads, France maps tactics.

Click.  Frank Rich: The mysterious death of Pat Tillman.

Click.  (AP) Governors stand up against talk of military takeover.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Pakistan Aid: Disgraceful!

Click.  Greg Meyer: In an Israeli jail, signs of an early church.

Click.  Alex Frangos: West coast woman to build crash pad out of an old 747.

November 4, 2005

Click.  Sally Neighbour: Big fish leaps back.

Click.  Conn Hallinan: Who's next? Iran or Syria?

Click.  Michael Slackman, Katherine Zoepf: A Syrian tale -- passion, power, assassination.

Click.  John W. Dean: A Cheney-Libby conspiracy, or worse? Reading between the lines of the Libby indictment.

Click.  (AP) Vice President Dick Cheney made an unusual personal appeal to Republican senators this week to allow CIA exemptions to a proposed ban on the torture of terror suspects in U.S. custody.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Senator McCain vows to add provision barring detainee abuse to all Senate bills.

Click.  Mark Engler: An unsafe world for US companies.

Click.  Sue Vorenberg: Former CIA spy puts heart into his work at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Click.  Myron Levin: Bush's flu plan proposal would limit liability lawsuits against vaccine makers, but critics say users should be protected too.

Click.  Michelle Beaver: First responders in Alameda County, California, lack dam-failure plan.  Emergency personnel don't have maps vital to evacuation, rescue.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy and Pat Lakey: Chilling tapes heard by jury in the Richard W. Hamlin trial.

Click.  Elaine Sciolino, Elisabetta Povoledo: Italian spy chief discloses source of forged documents "Yellowcake" papers were used by Bush to justify Iraq war.

Click.  Edward Epstein: GOP blocks inquiry into Bush's handling of war. Pelosi, Democrats lose appeal vote after out-of-order ruling.

Click.  Jonathan Steele: Attacking Syria would lead to disaster.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Defending imperial nudity.

Click.  Michael McAuliff: Hillary's Israel trip also takes care of biz at home.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: MTV Euro Awards Lisbon Style.

November 3, 2005

Click.  (Seattle Times) A pandemic cure written in secrecy.

Click.  (Agence France Presse) "Vice President Dick Cheney's office was responsible for directives that led to U.S. soldiers' abusing prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, a former top State Department official said Thursday.  Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, then the secretary of state, told National Public Radio he had traced a trail of memos and directives authorizing questionable detention practices up through Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's office directly to Cheney's staff."

Click.  Bruce Schneier: Fatal flaw weakens RFID passports.

Click.  Selicia Kennedy Ross: Huge lapse seen in U.S. bird-flu plan.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Al Qaeda goes back to base.

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: CIA's "black sites" breed more evil.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Inside the bunker. His administration has become its own republic of fear, and Bush is a prisoner to the right.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Secrets and shame.

Click.  Joseph L. Galloway: A battle joined with the Pentagon's upper echelon.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: Will Libby case make Bush wise up to Cheney?

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush Faces Rising Anti - US Sentiment at Summit of Americas

Click.  Luis A. Gomez: More demons loose in Bolivia. The reappearance of the Nazis.

Click.  John Buchanan and Stacey Michael: "Bush - Nazi dealings continued until 1951" - Federal documents.

Click.  (Inquirer) Google kicks off library online. "The beta page at this address includes out of copyright works scanned in from Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan and the New York public library."

Click.  Brenda Stardom: SONY BALONEY!

November 2, 2005

Click.  William M. Akin: US Pentagon contingency planning for military conflict with Venezuela.

Click.  (Pravda) Russia tests Topol-M missile to subdue USA's $50-billion air defense.

Click.  Maggie Fox: US bird flu plan under attack.

Click.  Francoise Medgyesi: Chinese spice become key player in bird flu battle.

Click.  Revere: Watch the birdies.

Click.  Dana Parsons: No room big enough for killer's secrets.

Click.  (AP) Oliver Stone shoots 9/11 movie in New York.

Click.  Steve Bowers: Poor sex offenders just can't get a break.

Click   Rachel Gordon: California stem cell headquarters opens in San Francisco.

Click.  (AP) After announcing it would accept applications from Parkinson's and spinal cord injury patients, the new World Stem Cell Hub in South Korea is inundated with applicants, nearly bring down its website.

Click.  Steve Lopez: Voting is the only way to thwart Governor Schwarzenegger.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy: Hearing starts on 1971 "cold case" homicide. The defendant -- Philip Arthur Thompson.

Click.  Joel Havemann: Popular tax breaks on the chopping block.

Click.  Mahan Abedin and Kaveh Farrokh: British Arabism and the bombings in Iran.

Click.  British Medical Journal: "The lack of sustained human-to-human transmission suggests that this AH5N1 avian virus does not currently have the capacity to cause a human pandemic."

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: The unraveling of the Cheney cabal.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Planning ain't doing.

Click.  Nora Ephron: What's eating George Bush?

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Chain, chain, chain of Cheney fools.

Click.  Lauren Collins: Scooter Libby’s lurid novel.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: The "universal fascism" behind the Cheney cabal.

Click.  Douglas McCollam: The Judy Code. "In July of 2001, Steve Engelberg, then an editor at The New York Times, looked up to see Judy Miller standing at his desk. As Engelberg recalls, Miller had just learned from a source about an intercepted communication between two Al Qaeda members who were discussing how disappointed they were that the United States had never attempted to retaliate for the bombing of the USS Cole. Not to worry, one of them said, soon they were going to do something so big that the U.S. would have to retaliate."

Click.  David Wood: .50-caliber ammo used so much that supplies run low.

Click.  (Pravda) Anti-summit of the Americas to harass Bush in Argentina.

Click.  Declan Butler: Wartime tactic doubles power of scarce bird-flu drug.

Click.  Michael Kanellos: Will Wal-Mart sell $398 notebooks, desktops?

Click.  Christian Wuch: Viennese wine country spouts black gold.

Click.  Caleb Crain: Rail-splitting. Two opposite approaches to Honest Abe.

Click.  Ariel Levy: The red head and the gray lady. How Maureen Dowd became the most dangerous columnist in America—on her own, very female terms.

Click.  Jeremy McCarter: Double or nothing. In The Odd Couple, Lane stretches, Broderick cramps up, and the audience gets pretty much what it paid for.

October 31, 2005

Click.  Ron Jacobs: Is it a state of crisis yet?

Click.  Bob Geiger: Big election theft in a little town.

Click.  Robert S. Boyd: Scientists use "reverse genetics" to develop flu vaccine.

Click.  Brenda Gazzar: Health care can be public safety issue.

Click.  (XinhuaNet) Gloriad. Huge research data exchange via global high-speed net.

Click.  Ward Harkevy: The Bush beat.

Click.  Joe Cannon: The secret history of the Reagan years...and of today.

Click.  (DesertSun) Wal-Mart, Waltons weigh in on California vote.  Retailer, family have given $1 million to help advance
Governor Schwarzenegger's agenda.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Smoke gets in our eyes.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Ending the fraudulence.

Click.  Gary Younge: Bush is in ethical meltdown but all the liberals can do is gloat.

Click.  Max Hastings: We need to start caring about fish or there won't be any left to eat.

October 30, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: One step closer to the big enchilada.

Click.  Nicolas D. Kristof: Time for the Vice President to explain himself.

Click.  Dennis Hamil: Halloween -- her way.

Click.  Brenda Moore: Food bank demand eats at supplies.

(Oakland Tribune) Medical marijuana movement may need new torchbearers

(MIJ) Woodacre salmon passage restored

(SFC) Lafayette residents feel pain of multiple tragedies

(SFEx) Howling for coyote. Prowling Mission Bay

(Press Democrat) Wine family's broken dream

October 29, 2005

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Who's on first?

Click.  Larry Margoset and Pete Yost: Libby said to concoct story in leak case.

Click.  R.J. Escow: "Embedded Crony".  Bob Woodward shows his true colors.

Click.  Lauran Neergaard: Bush to reveal super-flu strategy Tuesday at NIH.

Click.  (Pravda) Iran's President Ahmadinejad makes a storm in a teacup.

Click.  Jeff Cohen: Weaponsgate is a media scandal.

Click.  Ryan McCarthy: (Richard W. Hamlin trial) Second son tells of dad's terror tactics.

Click.  Malcolm Maclachlan: California's fledgling stem cell program faces legal threat from the left.

Click.  Steve Mitchell: Stem cells turned into organ precursors.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Young White Nationalist Singing Twins' Mother Should Be Arrested.

Click.  (European Space Agency) First Internet-built student satellite successfully launched.

Click.  (The Independent) Dresden celebrates the resurrection of the Frauenkirche

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Lisa Gerrard and The wind.

October 25, 2005

Click.  Daniel Dombey: Russia tries to break impasse with Iran.

Click.  Patrick Buchanan. My take on Plamegate.

Click.  Xymphora: The CIA set them up.

Click.  Chris Ayers: Teenage white supremacists rock civil rights movement.

Click.  Karen Jowers: Gifts to wounded troops must be approved.

Click.  (Daily Mail) "Mr. Bird Flu" is convicted fraudster.

Click.  Jason Bennetto: British police are given shoot-to-kill powers in domestic violence and stalking cases.

Click.  James Meikle: Ultrasound could replace mainstream cancer treatments.

Click.  The car that makes its own fuel.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Yahoo, Y'all Gonna Come Crawling Back?

October 24, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) Ben Bernanke chosen by Bush to succeed Greenspan as Federal Reserve Chairman.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Baghdad hotel hit by 3 blasts. At least 20 are killed, 40 wounded.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Let justice be done....

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: Media, Democrats complicit in the rush to war.

by Virginia McCullough

Click.  James Surowiecki: How do Bill Frist and his fellow senators make money on the market?

Click.  Bob Herbert: How scary is this?

Click.  Arthur Shaw: The CIA finally fed up with George W. Bush and the amateurs around him.

Click.  Peter Nicholas: Businesses asked to fund Governor Schwarzenegger's trip to China.

Click.  Dan Thompson: CalFed's failure on the California delta.

Click.  Jerry Hirsh: Growers cultivate a taste for California olive oil.

Click.  Megan Garvey: Some jumping the line on organ transplants.

Click.  (MSNBC) Australia testing bird flu vaccine.

Click.  Dalya Alberge: Letters of Trafalgar warrior, aged 11.

Click.  George Packer: Hemingway, Dos Passos and the Spanish Civil War.

October 22, 2005

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Woman of Mass Destruction.

Click.  Richard Beeston and Nick Blanford: "We are going to send him on a trip. Bye, bye Hariri. Rot in hell".

Click (PDF file) The Mehlis report.

Click.  Dinda Jouhana, Richard C. Paddock: Indonesian students give Karen Hughes, chief of public diplomacy, an earful about U.S. policy

Click.  Oliver James: New research on schizophrenia suggests that the drugs won't always work.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Hungary says interest grows in its bird-flu vaccine.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: A Very Sick Gypsy Con.

Click.  Stuart Kelly: Missing masterpieces.

October 21, 2005

Click.  James Moore: The most important criminal case in American history.

Click.  David B. Caruso: Judy Miller was "routinely exposed to secret information".

Click.  Ken Dilanian: Nordic states doing just fine.

Click.  Stirling Newberry: The Great Martingale Massacre.

Click.  Ian Welsh: Delphi, United, bankruptcy and the end of the "free" trade era.

Click.  Paul Elias: Brain stem cell transplant gets OK.

Click.  Nathaniel Hoffman, Sara Steffens: Friend says teen arrested in Pamela Vitale death "drifted".

Click.  Full transcript of Col. Lawrence Wilkerson's speech.

October 19, 2005

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Niger uranium forgery mystery solved?

Click.  Denis Hamill: Ex-doorman's (Patrick Fitzgerald) crucial clout.

Click.  Laura Rozen: The report they forgot.

Click.  Soumaya Ghannoushi: The great power games in the Middle East.

Click.  Sandra Jontz: Navy, Marines block commercial e-mail sites.

Click.  David Plotz: Why South Korea leads the world in stem-cell research.

Click.  Rebecca Wolf: Cal Trans floats possibility of North Valley toll roads.

October 18, 2005

Click.  Dan Plesch: Are we going to war with Iran?

Click.  David Hirst: The carve-up of Iraq will spawn a redivision of the Middle East.

Click.  ( US "private military contractors" already in-country to "deal with" Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Click.  (Stratfor) Why Plame matters.

Click.  Clark Mason: Anatomy of a $100 million dollar deal.  Three prominent businessmen paid $11.4 million for 279 acres in Rohnert Park, California before selling to tribe for huge profit.

October 17, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) Iraq's constitutional referendum isn't likely to unite the country or reduce the level of insurgent violence, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today as the Bush administration praised the vote

Click.  Sen. Chuck Schumer yesterday called for the U.S. to strip a patent from the Swiss drug company that controls the best treatment available to curb the deadly bird flu virus.

Click.  (The Independent) Are British troops at breaking point in Iraq?

Click.  James Ridgeway: Judith Miller, licensed journalist.

Click.  Pete Yost: Miller story shows White House - CIA tension.

Click.  Nick Turse: Casualties of the Bush administration.

Click.  Beth Quinn: Crony in charge of protecting us from killer bird flu.

Click.  Luciana Bohne: All the President's confidantes.

Click.  Sergio DeLeon: Guatemala killings spark rumors of "social cleansing".

Click.  Martin Johnston: Researchers at Auckland University are conducting eye experiments on aborted human fetuses imported from the United States.

Click.  Rick Orlov: Spending on California special election may reach $200 million.

October 16, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: It's Bush-Cheney, not Rove-Libby. October 15, 2005

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Judy-Culpa raises more questions than it answers.

Click.  (Editor & Publisher) "Hidden scandal" in Miller story, charges former CBS newsman.

Click.  Franklin Foer: Profile of Judith Miller. The source of the trouble.

Click.  Juan Cole: Judy Miller and the Neocons.

Click.  Julia Reynolds: Submarine experts gather at the Naval Postgraduate School. + Click. Navy eyes world's most congest stretch of ocean.

Click. Matthew Shofield: Baghdad real estate market booming despite escalating violence.

Click. (Harpers Magazine) Lewis H. Lapham: We now live in a fascist state.

October 14, 2005

Click. Paul Krugman: Questions of character.

Click. Andrew Greeley: Factions put spin on gays in Vatican.

Click. Wayne Madsen: Opus Dei connected to former U.S. Marine spy in Dick Cheney's office.

Click. Harold Pinter's website.

Click. Debora MacKenzie: Secret of drug resistant bird flu unveiled.

Click. Anne Broache, Declan McCullagh: Al Qaida proving elusive on the net.

Click. Stardom: Yahoo and MySpace Wise Up to Online Pedophiles.

October 13, 2005

Click.  Deb Riechman: Bush's teleconference with soldiers staged.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Song and dance on the terror trail.

Click.  Curt Anderson: Obstacles remain to Central American cooperation on threats.

Click.  Alistair Lyon: Syria cannot evade pressure despite Kanaan's death.

Click.  Dominic Evans: Saudi sees Iraq constitution tilting power to Iran.

Click.  Marcel Honore: Venezuela's Vice President defends decision to expel U.S. missionary group.

Click.  Bobbie Johnson: Where does the broadcasting revolution go from here?

Click.  Jean Guccione, Doug Smith: Clerics accused of molestation worked in three-fourths of the 288 parishes in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Uranium fallout.

Click.  Simon Tisdall: President Assad sweats as hawks turn up heat.

Click.  Bob Herbert: Bush's pledge? The jokes on the poor.

Click.  Alison Gendar: Early terror tip for the rich in New York City.

Click.  Richard Wray: EU says Internet could fall apart.

Click.  David Corn: CIA leak scandal: Rove defied Bush's command?

Click.  Fatima Tlisova: Rebels launch attacks in southern Russia.

Click.  Margaret Carlson: If Laura speaks out, Miers must be in trouble.

Click. (AP) A top CIA manager ("Jose") who remains undercover will soon oversee the traditional human spying activities for the entire intelligence community.

October 12, 2005


by Virginia McCullough

Click.  Brian Skoloff: Susan Polk accused of killing husband, first denied involvement deputies say (10/12/05 update.)

Click.  (AFP) Chinese space program could trigger new space race.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: To Sir, with Love.

Click.  John Diamond: Review faults prewar plans. CIA publishes report on Iraq.

Click.  Margaret Krome: GOP cruelly using Katrina to justify social program cuts.

Click.  (RawStory) Cheney's Halliburton options 3,281% last year, Senator says.

Click.  Nigel Morris: Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Robert Fisk.

Click.  Sam Smith: Gore says he's not running.

Click.  John Prados: Director of censored intelligence.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Fear and loathing in militia hell.

Click.  (Ria Novasti) U.S. energy establishment expresses interest in Iran-Armenia pipeline.

Click.  By Rami G. Khouri: Christian prophetic voices face many battles.

Click.  Seema Sirohi: US grip on Internet challenged.

Click.  David Pierson: Pitching China's virtues in Los Angeles.

Click.  (LA Times) University of Rochester, New York tests Avian flu vaccine on the elderly.

October 11, 2005

Click.  Colin McMahan: Chavez turns to Argentina for nuclear reactor, likely provoking US.

Click.  Judith Graham: New Medicare handbook contains incorrect information.

Click.  Seth Hettena: Navy tries recruitment to replenish its SEALS.

Click.  Jim Lobe: Condi may be Bush's expediency counsel.

Click.  Alorie Gilbert: Yahoo goes blogistic. "And finally the news according to you..."

Click.  ( Yahoo goes ga-ga for podcasting.

Click.  Stardom: Portugal! Hurricane Vince and Tropical Storms.

Click.  Keith Bradsher: The problematic brew of China's tea industry.

Click.  Louis Menand: When the CIA was in the culture business.

Click.  Paul Goldberger: Modular housing.

Click.  Elsa Walsh: Louis Freeh's last case.

Click.  Bonnie Erbe: The return of sexism.


By Kathryn Dixon

October 10, 2005

Click.  Shaun Waterman: FEMA battles Homeland Security.

Click.  Lauran Neergaard: Envisioning a 21st Century quarantine.

Click.  Khaled Yacoub Oweis: Iraq expects higher oil exports, foreign involvement.

Click.  (Times online) Disturbing story of Guantanamo chaplain who was branded a spy.

Click.  (Genetic Engineering News) FHCE finds 1 million eligible California children not signed up for government health coverage.

Click.  Stardom: Another Missing Richmond Teen Plus The Dark Side of Online Journals.

Click.  Ralph Jennings: Google maps China strategy.

Click.  Laura Bossen: 40 million missing girls in China.

Click.  Mark Landler: At pinnacle, Merkel defies easy label.

Click. George Skelton: Sitting out this California election could backfire.

Click.  Rita Beamish: After Katrina struck, lobbyists made life and death decisions in evacuations.

Click.  Alan C. Miller and Ken Silverstein: Lobbyists advise Katrina relief. A Senate bill includes billions of dollars in projects for clients of "experienced experts".

Click.  Hope Yen: Miers to face tough questioning.  Senator to look into whether "assurances" were made with White House to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Will Bush deliver?

Click.  Bob Herbert: Who isn't against torture?

(PDF File Click)  Bob Alexander's notes from last month's Deutsch Bank conference on the economic implications of the avian flu.

Click.  Kitty Kelley: Bush's veil over history.

Click.  Katherine Yurica: Everything you need to know about Michael Ledeen.

Click.  Norman Dombey: Tell us who fabricated the Iraq evidence?

Click.  David Keys: Unmasked. The real Shakespeare.

October 9, 2005

Click.  Frank Rich: The faith-based Presidency defrocked.

Click.  Robert Chalmers: Susan Bell: A shameful secret history.  In 1996, the award-winning journalist Gary Webb uncovered CIA links to Los Angeles drug dealers. It was an amazing scoop - but one that would ruin his career and drive him to suicide. His widow, Susan Bell, looks back on a shameful secret history.

by Virginia McCullough

Click.  Jennifer Van Bergen: Legal strategies and precedents in the Dharfir case.

Click.  Robert Lee Hotz: Reminding New York of its hidden history.

Click.  Brendan I. Koerner: Blood feud.

Click.  Cecilia Rasmussen: A rich vein of quirky women lured West.

October 8, 2005

Click.  Dale McFeatters: An untouchable lame-duck president.

Click.  Arianna Huffington: Bush on terror plots. More numbers that just don't add up.

Click.  Larry Beinhart: Reporters lost in the fog.

Click.  John W. Dean: The case against Tom DeLay: What has happened to grand jury secrecy In Texas?

Click.  Cheryl LaBash: Detroit city council invites Venezuela to discuss energy aid.

Click.  Susanne McDowell: Could Fort Ord be a refinery site?

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The trouble with Harry.

Click.  Gardiner Harris: Bush plan shows US is not ready for deadly flu.

Click.  Chaos on environmental vote in Congress.

Click.  Representative Louise Slaughter comments on "Abuse of power continues...."

Click.  Scott Gold, Richard Serrano: A love that was benched by their careers. The lives of Nathan Hecht and Harriet E. Miers began to intertwine in the early 1970s, shortly after they finished law school....

October 7, 2005

Click.  Jorge Hirsch: Chemical weapons, nuclear war. What's at stake in a war on Iran.

Click.  Julian Borger: Born again George's mission.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: American tremors.

by Kathryn Dixon

Click.  Juan Cole: Arguing with Bush and the GWOT.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Flim-flam and hoo-hah!

Click.  Katherine Schrader: Pentagon seeks leeway to approach citizens.


by Virginia McCullough

Click.  (Bloomberg) Merck scientist's Vioxx testimony stricken by judge.

Click.  (London Times) Step by costly step science is defeating cancer.

Click.  Alice Jones: Harold Pinter's new play.

Click.  Stardom: The Soap Opera Taylor Behl's Murder Has Become.

Click.  (Rigorous Intuition) The Colour out of space.

October 5, 2005

Click.  Maureen Dowd: W loves slavish, tough women (All the President's Women).

Click.  Benjamin Dangl: Fears mount as US opens new military installation in Paraguay.

Click.  Robert Dreyfus: Death squads and diplomacy in Iraq.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Back to the drawing board in Afghanistan.

Click.  Joseph Farah: Miers in middle of Bush National Guard scandal? Records of litigation involving Ben Barnes payoff, Texas Lottery Commission scan ordered destroyed.

Click.  Daniel Estulin: Breaking the silence. Bilderberg exposed.

Click.  (MoscowNews) Russian shadow economy makes up to 40% of legitimate GDP.

Click.  Douglas Gillison: Marines looking for a few good aliens.

Click.  Nancy Vogel: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law Tuesday measures to tighten surveillance of criminals and crack down on child molesters, but vetoed a bill strongly endorsed by his fellow Republicans to find ways to keep more than 105,000 registered sex offenders from committing more crimes.

October 4, 2005

Click.  (CNN) Bush: Military may have to help in bird flu pandemic.

Click.  ( Pandemic (Avian) influenza as a bioweapon.

Click.  Josie Taylor: Australia: Bird flu vaccine advanced forward with human trials.

Click.  (E & P) Miers briefed Bush on famous Bin Laden memo, but newspapers handle the AP photo quite differently.

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: Ousting Assad without a backup plan.

Click.  George Monbiot: Protest is criminalized and huffers and puffers say nothing.

Click.  Kim Iskyan: All oligarchs are not created equal. Russia's latest power play.

Click.  Marjorie Cohen: Harriet Miers. Bush's pit bull.

Click.  John Hudson: Physicists in Australia say they've slowed a laser enough to save information on it. It brings us one step closer to quantum computing.

October 3, 2005

Click.  Samuel Logan, Julian Cirino: Politics and energy crisis in South America.

Click.  EU reaches stalemate over Turkey issue.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Scooter-gate. A criminal conspiracy.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: A Wolfie in sheep's clothing.

Click.  Frank Rich: In the beginning there was Abramoff.

Click.  Amy Yannello: Once were warriors.

Click.  Alex Beam: The greatest stories ever told.

Click.  "Mozart's Women: His Family, His Friends, His Music".

Click.  Brenda Stardom: William Bennett Should Have Been Aborted.

Click.  Michael Liedtke: Google morphing into multifaceted juggernaut.

September 30, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) Pentagon and Congress resist new military disaster role.

Click.  Mahan Abedin: Britain, Iran playing with Iraqi Shi'ite fire.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Who's in charge, Qom or Najaf?

Click.  Ray McGovern: Abu Ghraib: Command responsibility.

Click.  Mark Sherman: Wrong number: FBI says it makes mistakes in national security wiretaps.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) Venezuela denounces Bush family ties with terrorists.

Click.  (AP) Venezuela has moved its central bank foreign reserves out of US banks, liquidated its investments in US Treasury securities and placed the funds in Europe.

Click.  Molly Ivins: The DeLay defense.

Click.  (UPI) China reluctant to share bird flu samples.

Click.  Mike Davis & Anthony Fontenat: 25 Questions about the murder of New Orleans.

Click.  Jack Chang: Reputations of Pinochet, Allende are changing.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Questions swirl around latest twist in Judith Miller saga.

September 29, 2005

Click.  John Crewdson, Andrew Zajac: Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11.

Click.  (AP) Fear factor looms large on Capitol Hill.

Click.  Jan Frel: In the wake of DeLay's indictment, David Dreier -- one of the three Republicans who moved up in the power
chain -- will likely face greater scrutiny from GOP allies for his closeted sexuality.

Click.  Douglas Jehl: Republicans see signs that Pentagon is evading oversight.

Click.  Sam Smith: The ultimate Washingtonian.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The myth of the Shi'ite crescent.

Click.  Pyotr Goncharov: American troops pull out of uzbek base: will Uncle Sam find a worthwhile replacement?

Click.  Tim Cohen: Africa's oil giants poised to ride wave of rising prices.

Click.  Bill Weinberg: Honduras: Iraq mercenaries recruited.

Click.  Frances Robles: Nicaragua's Somoza family reclaiming properties.

Click.  Varun Dubey: Google is going to move entire applications out of desktop and onto its super computers in California.

Click.  Kristen Philipkoski: Mighty mice grow organs.

Click.  Marsha Dorgen: Friend arrested in murder of two Napa women.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Did Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff represent Atta's uncle?

Click.  Carl Hoffman: Building your own Air Force, one Mig at a time.

Click.  John Howard: California orders audit of federal Homeland Security funds.

Click.  Anthony York: Stranger than fiction: GOP firm, PG&E battle over corporate spying.

September 28, 2005

Click.  David Hirst: A mixture of excitement and fear stalks the land in Syria.

Click.  Jon Utley: Radiation limits, dirty bombs & chaos.

Click.  Carmen Gentile: Karzai government suffers crucial blow.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Breaking the first commandment of government.

Click.  ( Nicaragua to denounce immunity removal before world organizations

Click.  (CBS) Undeclared civil war in Iraq.

Click.  Beware of dog flu.

Click.  Arwa Damon: Al Qaeda to residents: "Leave or die".


SEPTEMBER 28, 2005 - 9:OO A.M.

by Virginia McCullough

September 27, 2005

Click.  Bill Sammon: Bush seeks to federalize emergencies.

Click.  Michael Tortorello: US forces fight Zombie army in Iraq: How many "top lieutenants" can a militant have?

Click.  Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei: Prosecutor in CIA leak case casting wide net.

Click.  John Zarocostas: US tells nations hands off Internet.

Click.  Marge Holland: California National Guard investigated for domestic spying.

Click.  Aliza Earnshaw: CIA fund drops cash into Thetus' coffers

Click.  William M. Arkin: The secret history of "Able Danger".

Click.  Richard Cohen: Roberts needs a history lesson.

Click.  Thomas Elias: Archeologists make historical discovery -- the tomb of Odysseus.

September 26, 2005

Click.  John Solomon: Faulty body armor may have endangered Bush.

Click.  Juan Cole: Why we have to get the troops out of Iraq.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Find the Brownie.

Click.  Frank Rich: Bring back Warren Harding.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Stormy spins in a vortex.

Click.  (AFP) US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley defended the Afghan government's amnesty offer to leading members
of the Taliban regime.

Click.  Jane Bussey:
China's New World trade coveted, feared.

Click.  Ian McPhedran: Australian troops warned of tough times fighting Taliban.

Click.  Siddharth Varadarajan: The Persian puzzle. Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis.

Click.  (Spiegel) Schröder's putsch against reality.

Click.  David Hambling: US Army to bulk buy anthrax.

Click.  (WebIndia) Concern over US army efforts to buy anthrax

Click.  Robert Collier: Pat Tillman's family demands the truth.

Click.  Jennifer Ordonez: The dispossessed. This is like a prison.

Click.  (University of Arizona) Professor wants to put your toaster on the Internet.

Click.  Mark Z. Barabak: Governor Schwarzenegger's initiatives go it alone.

September 23, 2005

Click.  Steven K. Paulson and Jennifer Loven: Bush to watch storm from Colorado.

Click.  Mohammed Shakeel: Russian opposition to Iranian UNSC referral stymies EU nuclear push.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Iran knocks Europe out -- again.

Click.  (AP) Senator Arlen Specter says Pentagon has dropped objection to open hearing on "Able Danger".

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Over 200 Quakes In Azores: People Sleep Outdoors.

Click.  Sami Moubayed: The US and that man Muqtada again.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel and Jonathan S. Landay: CIA Director faces questions from employees.

Click.  Mack White: Oil storm.

September 21, 2005

Click.  Joe Klein: Saddam's Revenge. The secret history of US mistakes, misjudgment and intelligence failures that let the Iraqi dictator and his allies launch an insurgency now ripping Iraq apart.

Click.  Walter Pincus and Dafna Linzer: Panel briefed by spy manager who quit. Senators in private session hear From Robert Richer, critic of CIA Chief Goss.

Click.  (Prensa Latina) Chileans trained in Honduras for Iraq to be expelled.

Click.  ( Iran under pressure to fight Al Qaeda.

Click.  Ben Feller: Religious debate dominates House renewal of Head Start program.

Click.  (Faultline) How Microsoft can kill Google.

Click.  Hurricane Rita Blog by Kris Alexander of Texas Homeland Security.

Click.  Paul Rogers: Largest US conservation proposal in history could offer California ratepayers some relief from utility bills.

Click.  Shane Goldmacher: Governor Schwarzenegger rebuilds STRS board as Capitol pension battle looms.

Click.  Malcom Mcclachlan: Stem cell shell game in California.

Click.  Michael T. Klare: The failed mission to capture Iraqi oil.

Click.  William Arkin: Commandos in the streets.

Click.  Doug Thompson: Ignoring the real obscenities.

Click.  Rich Sterling: Leaving Los Alamos. Its UC legacy, military future.

Click.  Able Danger Hearing Suspended: DoD Admits FBI Should have Been Told About Atta ID

Click.  (CBS) US bird flu scenario eyed.

Click.  Laura Kurtzman, Kate Folmar: Governor Schwarzenegger says he's underdog in election.

Click.  Harry V. Martin: Zodiac, the conclusion: The Hoax that led police on a wild goose chase.

September 20, 2005

Click.  ( West threatens action on Iran

Click.  (Xinhuanet) Chinese company bids for Galileo operation franchise. The EU and the European Space Agency kicked off the Galileo Project in March 2002 to develop a satellite-navigation system independent of the U.S. military global positioning system (GPS) monopoly.

Click.  Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin says child care is the key to confronting China and India.

Click.  Kevin Poulsen: A federal appeals court deep-sixes a lawsuit filed by inventors of a fiber-optic connector after the government claims a top-secret project could be exposed in court.

Click.  Sarah Ferguson: NYPD unplugs Cindy Sheehan. City’s finest pulls move even Bush wouldn’t have tried.

Click.  Joe Cannon: The Baker/Carter election reform report.

Click.  Nick Catford: Wilton Park (Beaconsfield) Eastern Command War Headquarters & AFHQ 5.

September 19, 2005

Click.  Harnish McDonald: Kim the winner as brinkmanship pays off.

Click.  Juan Cole: One to two billion dollars missing at Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Click.  (Mondaymorning) The rush for the Alberta oil sands.

Click.  Charles Hawley: Germany loses its own election.

Click.  (Rediff) Iran, US: India's Catch-22.

Click.  Sam Logan: Death squad justice in Latin America.

Click.  Ruben Cassar: Malta's pharmaceutical business booming. (Patent quirk)

Click.  Peter Daou: Rightwing bloggers will do everything in their power to prevent another Katrina triangle, where the confluence of blogs, media, and Democratic leadership exposes the real Bush and shatters the conventional wisdom about his ability to lead.

Click.  Bettina Boxel: California's levees are in sorry shape.

Click.  Michael Finnegan: Governor Schwarzenegger needs more than the GOP can give.

September 16, 2005

Click.  (Fox) Pentagon wants "Able Danger" hearings closed.

Click.  Reuven Paz: Al-Qaeda's operatives now dominate the ideologues.

Click.  David Ignatius: For Washington, fear is now in Bashar Assad's camp.

Click.  Richard Gwyn: Say it ain't so. We're imperialists.

Click.  Paul Krugman: Not the New Deal.

Click.  Barry Grey: Bush's vision for New Orleans is a profiteer's paradise.

Click.  Contractors hired to work on post-Katrina far.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Bush and Satchmo in New Orleans.

Click.  Shannon McCaffrey, Alison Young, Seth Borenstein: As New Orleans flooded, Chertoff discussed avian flu in Atlanta.

Click.  A Diebold insider speaks!

Click.  (Business Week) A rendezvous with Microsoft's deep throat.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: The petulant president.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: America has fallen to a Jacobin coup.

Click.  Doug Ireland: Constitution shredding in the Jose Padilla case.

Click.  (London Times) Al-Zarqawi's dark forces riding high on a tide of blood.

Click.  Frida Berrigan: US leads the world in sale of military goods.

Click.  Dan Glaister: A Californian harbor has been invaded by ship-sinking sea lions.

September 15, 2005

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Welcome to civil war in Iraq.

Click.  Ehsan Ahrari: In Syria, regime change by other means.

Click.  Matthew Forney: Why China's not backing Bush on Iran.

Click.  C. P. Chandrasekhar: China's banks a new frontier for global finance.

Click.  Becky Branford: Why Pinochet's foes have little faith he will ever stand trial.

Click.  Elizabeth D. Hoover: She fought the Civil War in drag.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Bullette: Her Secret's Out.

Click.  Michael McClachlan: State of California contracts with "Saddam’s favorite bank".

Click.  Anthony York: Governor Schwarzenegger hopes reelection bid will boost sagging initiatives.

Click.  Megan Blaney: Foster severance pact blocks legal action. (Did a county contract wipe out criminal liability of an employee?)

Click.  A Butte County supervisor Jane Dolan told members of the Mechoopda Chico Rancheria they have a right to reclaim the Chico State University campus.

Click.  William Saletan: Evasion of privacy. The phony humility of John Roberts.

Click.  Ron Hutcheson and Warren P. Strobel: World leaders agree to fight terrorism but disagree on a definition.

Click.  David Leigh and Rob Evans: Revealed: US banking records show links between Britain's biggest arms firm and ex-dictator continued until last year.

Click.  David Leigh, Jonathan Franklin in Santiago and Rob Evans: Detective story that linked £1m Pinochet cash to BAE: US investigators find 100 accounts linked to general. Secret payments listed to alleged front companies.

Click.  Tim Reid: The eight tame dolphins who found their way back from the hurricane.

September 14, 2005

Click.  This man almost died because of Bush's FEMA.

Click.  (MSNBC) Katrina wipes out years of research. "Armed with bolt cutters and bleach, Dr. Raoult Ratard’s team entered the state’s so-called “hot lab,” and killed all the living samples."

Click.  (Hattiesburg American) Shortly after Katrina struck, VP Cheney personally called Dan Jordan, manager of Southern Pines Electric Power Association, and ordered that electricity to the pipeline be restored first. 

Click.  Maureen Dowd: A fatal incuriosity.

Click.  Joanne Mariner: The unjust detention of Jose Padilla.

Click.  ( United States warships turn towards Venezuela as US military takes control of Hurricane devastated regions.

Click.  Patrick J. O'Donoghue: Opposing military viewpoints reach same conclusion re: conflict with USA.

Click.  A. C. Thompson: Our precariously situated city (San Francisco) isn't ready for a Katrina-level catastrophe.

Click.  (Knight Ridder) Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows.

Click.  Stewart M. Powell: Bush says he may need more power in disasters.

Click.  George Galloway MP: Elements within government using terror provocation tactics.

Click.  Rep. John Conyers: 4 US House Committees to vote on resolutions demanding answers on Plame case.

Click.  ( Commanders ordered not to fire gays until war's end.

Click.  Google to launch blog search.

September 13, 2005

Click.  Michael Froomkin: The Strategy: How the GOP will relaunch the culture war with its next Supreme Court appointment.

Click.  Cecilia M. Vega: Despite court order, reporters in New Orleans told "No stores. No photos".

Click.  (CNN) Speed of Katrina body recovery ripped. Governor Blanco criticizes FEMA, signs own contract with company to recover bodies.

Click.  E. J. Dionne Jr.: The end of the Bush era.

Click.  Juan Cole: Tal Afar as ethnic civil war.

Click.  University of California, Irvine) Study Of Faulty Fingerprints Debunks Forensic Science "Zero Error" Claim

Click.  Terry Kirby: Arms fair criticized for using Iraq war to market weapons.

Click.  Pamela Hess: Fallujah, a lesson in counter-insurgency.

Click.  Keith Olbermann: New FEMA boss is "Duct Tape Man".

Click.  Arianna Huffington: The GOP finds the silver lining in death and destruction.

Click.  (Peoples Daily) China and Mexico agree to enrich strategic partnership.

Click.  Tim Johnson: Despite landslide victory, Koizumi pledges to step down in 2006.

Click.  Jack Farmer: Deciphering Mars. Follow the water.

September 12, 2005

Click.  Yochi J. Dreazen (Wall Street Journal): No-bid contracts win Katrina work. White House uses practices criticized in Iraq rebuilding for Hurricane-related jobs.

Click.  (Beirut Daily Star) U.S. says "all options on table" to punish Syrian meddling in Iraq.

Click.  Richard Chin: Here's what happens when a nice girl from Minnesota - "Minnesota Nice" is what the locals call it - gets a .50-caliber machine gun and goes to war

Click.  Michelle Locke: Hayward, California: Two defendants convicted for murdering Gwen Araujo, transgender teen. Jury deadlocked on one defendant.

Click.  Rupert Cornwell: US develops strategy for first use of nuclear weapons against WMD.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: Trigger-happy Pentagon's pre-emptive nuclear plans.

Click.  Caroline Graham, Jo Knowsley: We had to kill our patients.

Click.  (BBC) Lt. Cmdr. Sean Kelly: Military was ready but waiting for Bush.

Click.  Evan Thomas: How Bush blew it.

Click.  Sam Smith: Funeralgate disinterred by Katrina cleanup.

Click.  Kim Eisner: Roberts emeshed.

Click.  Scott Ritter: The Iran trap.

Click.  Tom Engelhardt interviews James Carroll: The mosquito and the hammer.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: From federal failure arises more federal power.

Click.  Eleanor Hall: Koizumi captures dazzling election win.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Cashing In On Katrina.

Click. Jordan Rau: A year of partisan paralysis in California Capitol.

Click. (Desert Dispatch) California: Indian tribes toughest fight to come.

Click. (Desert Dispatch) California: Politics kill bill to limit Delta development.

September 9, 2005

Click.  Deborah Zabarenko: Media groups say FEMA censors search for bodies.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Charmaine Neville's New Orleans story: Horror and heroism.

Click.  Christopher Cooper: Old line New Orleans' families plot the future.

Click.  Dana Priest, Walter Pincus: Robert Richer, the second-ranking official in the CIA's clandestine service, has announced his retirement, telling colleagues that he lacked confidence in the agency's leadership.

Click.  Stephanie Olsen: Why Google hired Vint Cerf.

Click.  Rachel Roberts: Galt spraying to continue. Sacramento County West Nile epicenter.

Click.  Laura McCoy: California stem cell program to get grants, maybe. Committee makes announcement despite lack of funds.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Dr. Know Plays CBGB Benefit: Money Goes For Katrina.

September 6, 2005

Click.  Jimmy Breslin: While Bush fiddles, New Orleans dies.

Click.  Ewuare Osayande: No ark to save them.

Click.  (Bloomberg) Bush, Senators say they will probe hurricane response.

Click.  Laurie Kellman: Mississippi politicians' clout gives state inside track on recovery money.

Click.  ( Morticians prep for 40,000 bodies.

Click.  Adam Nossiter: Awakening from the City's dream state, facing a nightmare.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: This May Sound Crazy.

Click.  Nick Sylvester: Katrina destroys music history too.

Click.  Sorcha Faal: United States warships turn towards Venezuela as US military takes control of hurricane devastated regions.

Click.  Kathryn J. Dixon: The American Catastrophe Bill of Rights.

September 1, 2005

Click.  Joe Cannon: Damn RIGHT I blame Bush!

Click.  Arthur Shaw: Can you believe it? GOPs watched as a category 5 approached New Orleans....

Click.  Times-Picayune Blog/Forum reveals true horror of Katrina disaster today.



Click.  Barry Schweid: Bush administration calls on Syria to cooperate.

Click.  Robert Burns: Pentagon finds more who recall hijacker data before 9/11 but cannot find hard evidence.

Click.  John B. Roberts II: Potential Bush -- CIA crisis.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: Getting the bad guys in public office.

Click.  Bill Kisliuk: Governor Schwarzenegger makes it easier to ship wine.

Click.  David Broder: Great bipartisan conspiracy to entrench incumbents.

August 31, 2005

Click.  (Philadelphia Daily News) When the levee breaks.

Click.  Richard Wolffe, Holly Bailey: Hurricane politics.

Click.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind”.

Click.  (Debka) Syrian president Assad cancels UN trip for fear of arrest. Panicked Lebanese leaders flee as Syrian agents and Hizballah distribute weapons to Muslims.

Click.  Herbert Docena: How the US got its neoliberal way in Iraq.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: A vision or a waking dream? Waiting for the Mahdi, Part 2.

Click.  Alicia Caldwell: Luis Posada Carriles withdraws his request for asylum.

Click.  Bob Chapman: Luis Posada Carriles is a dead man walking ... Bush cannot allow him to live!

Click.  Mike Mejia: 9/11 testimony of "Inconvenient Patriot" implicates Dennis Hastert, other top officials in al Qaeda-related bribery scandal.

Click.  Marcus Stern and Jerry Kammer: Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham case a view into the political pork process.

Click.  Virginia Hennessy: Robert Beehler, longtime head of the Bureau of Land Management office overseeing 315,000 acres of federal lands from Monterey County to Alameda County, has admitted to embezzling close to $18,000.

August 30, 2005

Click.  (New Orleans Looters take to the streets. Martial law declared.

Click.  Paul Brown: Republicans accused of witch-hunt against climate change scientists.

Click.  Stefan Grossman: Hurricane Katrina. Weather warfare conspiracy?

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Waiting for the Mahdi, Part 1.

Click.  (AP) The judge in the case of an American student accused of joining Al Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush said Monday he possessed evidence that could help the defendant, but that he couldn't give it to defense lawyers because they lacked required security clearances.

Click.  (AP) The judge in the case of an American student accused of joining Al Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush said Monday he possessed evidence that could help the defendant, but that he couldn't give it to defense lawyers because they lacked required security clearances.

Click.  Doyle McManus: Bush foes on Iraq lack unity.

Click.  Jess Sullivan: A former worker at Alza pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Vacaville accused of trying to steal some of the world's most potent pain medication (fentanyl) had a felony drug charge against him thrown out Monday.

Click.  Denis Hamill: All that sacrifice for nothing in Iraq.

August 26, 2005

Click.  Chris Strohm: Groups, lawmakers seek public version of CIA accountability report.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel: Iran covers all its bets in neighboring Iraq.

Click.  Jonathan Chait: Bush's way: discipline, dollars and deceit.

Click.  Terry Frieden: The FBI and the Pentagon are investigating whether Chinese spies have been hacking into U.S. government computer systems.

Click.  Sami Moubayed: Terror puts Jordan on the map.

Click.  Amin Saikal: Iran. America's disastrous military option.

Click.  John Dean: Was Pat Robertson's call for assassination of a foreign leader a crime? Had
he been a Democrat, he'd probably be hiring a criminal attorney.

Click.  Dan Thompson: Senator Joe Nunn says California National Guard engaged in more surveillance.

Click.  John Rice: California Assembly Speaker Nunez says Mexican Farm Union demands reform of free trade.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: TeenScreen. Damaging children for the sake of profits.

August 25, 2005

Click.  Marjorie Cohn: An interview with Janis Karpinski. Abu Ghraib General lambastes Bush administration.

Click.  Steve Conner: Bird flu will come to Britain, Brussels conference is told.

Click.  Judi McLeod: China's North American spy mission pays off.

Click.  Frank Tiboni: The new Trojan war. Defense Department finds its networks under attack from China.

Click.  Larry Chin: The spinning of the smoking guns. More pre-9/11 US intelligence connections to al-Qaeda exposed and spun.

Click.  (Fox News) The Senate may hold hearings on Able Danger and info sharing.

Click.  ( Iraq. What if we just left?

Click.  John Diamond, Judy Keen: Bush's daily intelligence briefing revamped. Flaws leading to faulty WMD reports addressed.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: The ups and downs of Governor Schwarzenegger.

Click.  Tim Reiterman, E. Scott Reckard: A judge in Houston, likening government conduct that that of a cosa nostra, has ordered the federal government to pay $72 million to a company controlled by financier Charles Hurwitz, after concluding that federal banking officials had filed baseless legal actions against Hurwitz at the behest of California environmentalists.

Click.  Matthew Bunk: California's low-income housing assistance programs would be hit harder than most other states under two proposals in Congress to restructure the funding mechanism for a Section 8 voucher program.

August 24, 2005

Click.  Robert H. Reid: Baghdad hit by boldest attack in weeks.

Click.  Paul McGeough: Major powers resume playing the same old game in Asia.

Click.  Paul McGeough: Dollar signs in Afghan eyes as gas pipeline gets new lease of life.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Iran. Tough talk and temptresses.

Click.  Audrey McAvoy: Hawaii set to become first state to cap wholesale gasoline prices.

Click.  (E & P) American Legion declares war on Protestors -- media next?

Click.  Oscar Heck: USA has two leaders, both believing that God talks to them ... both are also paranoid.

Click.  Lloyd Hart: Turning Chavez into Noriega.

Click.  Robert Salladay and Peter Nicholas: Nonprofits cloak donors to Governor Schwarzenegger. Tax-exempt groups provide millions from sources not made public.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: California Assembly leader Fabian Nunez' trip to Mexico rife with political implications.

Click.  Roger M. Showley: City Heights agency uses Supreme Court's June 23 decision allowing governments to take private property for private redevelopment.  California homeowners outraged
at demolition plans.

August 23, 2005

Click.  Habib Guler: PKK, which has caused problems between Iran and Turkey for years, has claimed to have started conducting attacks on Iran with US support.

Click.  Stephanie Simon: Programs on Capitol Hill seek to mold a new generation of leaders who will answer not to voters, but to God.

Click.  Rupert Hamer: Tony Blair to join Carlyle Group?

Click.  Katherine Shrader: CIA sends finished Inspector General Report on 9/11 to intelligence committees.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: NSA is using psychologists to eliminate independent-minded intelligence analysts and other career employees.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Despite prosecutors' claims that a "cooperating witness" secretly recorded a Lodi resident Hamid Hayat talking about attending a terrorist training camp, a federal judge wondered in court Monday whether Hayat and his father could be considered dangerous to the community.

Click.  Elaine Willman: The great casino camouflage.

Click.  LAMDA's legal questions to Senators: Who is John Roberts? America needs to know.

August 22, 2005

Click.  Juan Cole: Ten things Congress could demand from Bush on Iraq.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: Cheney's 'spoon-Benders' pushing nuclear Armageddon.

Click.  Antonia Juhasz: As Iraqis draft a new constitution, U.S. corporations maintain a stranglehold on almost every economic issue.

Click.  Bob Chapman: All US military leave has been cancelled. Something big is in the works!

Click.  Dawn Rae Downton: Al Qaeda eyes a 9/11 for satellites.

Click.  Jordan Rau: Governor Schwarzenegger enacts few reform proposals. One year after the California Performance Review listed 279 ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, not many have been carried out.

Click.  Heather Hacking: California and the federal government want to change the operations of California's water systems to allow increased pumping from the Delta near Tracy.

Click.  Matt Krasnowski: Probe fans fears of California prison terror plots.

Click.  Paul Elias: Creating life from scratch, one molecule at a time.

Click.  Tim Johnson: China's bumpy drive toward tech progress.

Click.  Emily Lambert: Dream digs. No $.

August 16, 2005

Click.  Brian Ross: A terrorist plot to attack military and Jewish sites in the Los Angeles area this coming Sept. 11 was devised inside a cell at the New Folsom State Prison. Peter Martinez, a former Oakland street gang member, and his cellmate Kevin James organized the plot and recruited as many as 13 other inmates in a jihad against the United States.

Click.  Michael Ware: Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq.

Click.  Brian Bennett: Was Mohammed Atta overlooked?

Click.  Rosie Cowan: The revelation that will prove most uncomfortable for Scotland Yard is that the 27-year-old electrician Jean Menezes had already been restrained by a surveillance officer before being shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.

Click.  Able Danger official identified -- DIA civilian and Army reservist Ltn. Col. Tony Shaffer.

Click.  Laura Rozen blogs on Able Danger.

Click.  Zaman: Oil speculators will persuade world for $70 by a $100 fright.

Click.  Ercan Gun (Zaman): Al-Qaeda, a secret service operation?

Click.  Robert Verkaik: Families of British soldiers begin court bid to force war inquiry.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Governor Schwarzenegger proposes life-long satellite tracking of sex offenders.

August 15, 2005

Click.  (CNN) Journalist Seymour Hersh: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran.

Click.  Thomas Graham: Iran -- a crisis of choice.

Click.  Clayton Hallmark: CIA fugitive from Italy justice, Robert Seldon Lady, is located.

Click.  Antonio Chun-nan Chiang: Asia waits for history's ghosts to disappear.

Click.  Greg Burns: Liabilities make e-mail more dispensable.

Click.  Ross Farrow: West Nile virus victim's family angry at San Joaquin County and California officials.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: San Diego's expensive helpers.

Click.  David L. Beck: Marijuana growers target California's parks and national forests.

Click.  Virginia Hennessy: Courting sex scandals. (Among Monterey County law enforcement and judiciary.)

Click.  Stephen Pincock: Hwang plans world stem center hub.

Click.  (Argus Leader) If a simple, painless test can find the world's deadliest cancer when it is smaller than a pea - and such a test does indeed exist - shouldn't people who are most at risk have one?

August 11, 2005

Click.  Kimberly Hefling: Pentagon intelligence about Atta's involvement in potential terrorist cell in Brooklyn in 1989 omitted from 9/11 report. (According to Pentagon documents, the information was not shared because of concerns about pursuing information on "U.S. persons," a legal term that includes U.S. citizens as well as foreigners legally admitted to the country.)

Click.  David G. Savage, Maura Reynolds: A 2001 decree gives President Bush the power to block the release of papers from presidential libraries, among them those of the high court nominee.

Click.  Larisa Alexandrovna: Senate Intelligence chairman Pat Roberts quietly "fixed" intelligence and diverted blame from the White House over Iraq.

Click.  Charles Recknagel: Rumsfeld takes a shot at Iran.

Click.  (AP) Senator Grassley says FBI's counterterror chief should not get promotion.

Click.  (AP) American accused of ties to Bin Laden works for new Iraqi government.

Click.  (Brazzil Magazine) Chavez spreads petrodollars throughout Brazil and South America to fend off US invasion.

Click.  Ramtanu Maitra: Has India sacrificed at Washington's altar?

Click.  (The Economist) How the east will determine the outcome of Gerhard Schröder's gamble.

Click.  (Pravda) China deceives the whole world with Yuan reevaluation.

Click.  Mia Grala: American employees spend an average of 56 minutes a day on personal Internet use. Survey by Accountemps.

August 10, 2005

Click.  Thomas Fuller: Legal basis is elusive for objection to Iran.

Click.  (BBC) CIA let atomic expert Khan go.

Click.  Kimberly Hefling: 9/11 Commission wants Atta claims pursued.

Click.  Paul De La Garza: Congress and the Sept. 11 Commission have launched multiple investigations into reports that the Special Operations Command in Tampa held back information that could have foiled the 9/11 plot.

Click.  Laura Rozen: Curt Weldon's Deep Throat.

Click.  Debka: Osama Bin Laden looks like he's headed for Iraq.

Click.  Richard Beeston, Michael Binyon: Blair "repeatedly failed to tackle radical Muslims in his backyard".

Click.  (MercoPress) Chavez extends his influence to Mercosur.

Click.  John Dyer: As the Pentagon prepares to close hundreds of military installations throughout the United States, it is more quietly planning to open new bases in Bulgaria and other Eastern European nations.

Click.  RIA Novosti: Experts say EU and Iran will seek compromise till the end.

Click.  Fred Kanper: Probe raises ghost of Calvi affair.

Click.  Layla Bohm: A lead FBI agent on Tuesday linked two Lodi Muslim clerics Shabbir Ahmed and Mohammed Adil Khan to the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, contending the two were planning to set up a school near Lodi that would breed anti-American terrorism and were prepared to relay information on terrorist plots from sources close to bin Laden.

Click.  David Kravets: The California Supreme Court said Wednesday it would not immediately review a ruling that declared a state ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The decision means the case will go before the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, where it is likely to to take months for a decision on the controversial issue that voters could face next year.

Click.  Mark Walker. Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham wants to use $1.5 million campaign fund as a legal defense fund.

August 9, 2005

Click.  Mike Carter, Hal Bernton: US complaint details failed plan for terrorist training in Oregon.

Click.  David Kravets: A judge refused to set bail Tuesday for a Pakistani cleric facing deportation after he was accused of planning to set up a terrorism camp in Lodi to train followers to kill Americans.

Click.  (London Times) Saddam's germ war plot is now traced back to one Oxford cow.

Click.  Robyn Blumer: What's the Bush administration hiding? Everything!

Click.  Marie Cocco: Bush's oilmen got it all wrong in Iraq.

Click.  Bill Gallagher: Bush vacations while soldiers die.

Click.  Robert Scheer: Mortgaged to the House of Saud.

Click.  Steve Lawrence: California state appeals court keeps redistricting measure off ballot.

Click.  Jennifer Coleman: California's top school official and the state's largest teachers union sued Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday to restore $3.1 billion they claim is owed to public schools.

Click.  Richard Louv: San Diego. Brink-dancing under the sun.

Click.  Jonathan Pitts: Jerry Garcia's devoted followers keep the Deadhead life alive on a hillside in West Virginia.

August 8, 2005

Click.  Michael Isikoff: Leak investigation. An oversight issue. (Note: Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald may have to report to one of Bush's old Skull and Bones companions, regarding Plame leak grand jury probe.)

Click.  (AP) Lockheed names Justice Official to counsel post.  (Note connection to article above.)

Click.  Bradley Graham: War plans drafted to counter terror attacks in US.

Click.  Sharon Schmickle: Discovery's risky return.

Click.  Joaquin Oramas: Oil, the only US interest in Africa.

Click.  (Economist) Japan's moment of truth?

Click.  Joel Connolly: GOP expands on D.C. excesses.

Click.  J. Sean Curtin: Koizumi commits political suicide.

Click.  Sarah Helm: The Gestapo killer who lived twice.

Click.  Steve Watson: Terror expert says London bombings mastermind was M16 asset.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: The Israeli art students and movers story.

Click.  Timothy Roberts: Silicon Valley-based multinational corporations planning to bring home billions of dollars of foreign earnings this year under a one-year federal tax break now have the assurance that California tax collectors will take a hands-off approach to their windfall.

Click.  Michael Rogers: Can China build its own Silicon Valley?

Click.  (San Diego Union Tribune) Alleged spying and cover-up by California National Guard must
be addressed.

Click.  Vincent J. Schodolski: Self-injury cuts deeper into America's youth.

August 5, 2005

Click.  Scott Horton: Who's behind the coming war with Iran?

Click.  Joseph Cannon:  Iran next.

Click.  Ashraf Fahim: Basic questions about Iraq bases.

Click.  Rick Emert: In Iraq, progress has been slow on construction of key border forts.

Click.  Sergei Blagov: Calculated muscle flexing by China and Russia.

Click.  Robert Baer: The fall of the House of Saud.

Click.  Aaron C. Davis. California changes stance on Guard spying. Administration to release some information on unit.

Click.  Don Thompson: Lodi Pakistani community secretly taped for three years.

Click.  Chris Floyd: Blood and gravy. Dick Cheney at the Jackal's feast.

Click.  Curt  Anderson: Judge in Miami rejects Miranda warning used by Homeland Security

Click.  Andrew Greeley: At times patronage actually works.

Click.  Steve Erlanger: King David's fabled palace. Is this it?

August 4, 2005

Click.  Tania Tavoukjian: Houston US - Arab Economic Forum takes the bull by the horns.

Click.  Joseph Giordono: BRAC in Iraq program continues.

Click.  Larry Mitchell: Poorest people face Medicare hit.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Lame duck Bush has swagger, not waddle.

David Bauder:
  CNN suspends Bob Novak after he walks off the set.

Click.  Vanity Fair: Turks boasted of payments to Hastert.

Click.  Matthew D. LaPlante: Utah GI exposed abuses at prison.

Click.  Harout H Semerdjian: Roots of terrorism reach into the past.

Click.  Jim Adams: Native Americans have grave concerns about Roberts nomination.

Click.  Marie McCain: Idaho, Indio killings linked. 8 years after murder of 10-year-old, print places sex offender at scene.

Click.  Steven Ertelt: California embryonic stem cell research grants still delayed/

Click.  ( Department of Homeland Security to hold Agroterrorism assembly in Sacramento.

Click.  (The Economist) Governor Schwarzenegger's hard slog.

Click.  Karen Nakamura: Governor Schwarzenegger Propositions Poison To California.

Click.  Steve Geissinger: U.S. and state homeland security offices have launched twin strategies to recruit more than 500,000 private counter-terrorism agents in California.

Click.  Aaron C. Davis: California National Guard's privilege fuels suspicions.

Click.  (AP) Hollywood producer, daughter found dead in Lake County, California.

Click.  Leah Hoffman: Remote-controlled humans.

Click.  Kevin Nance: Lautrec's women.

August 3, 2005

Click.  Pauline Jelinek: Vehicle targeted in Iraq attack on Marines is better suited for beach landings.

Click.  Juan Cole: Fisking the war on terror.

Click.  Michael Isikoff: Exclusive. Secret memo -- send to be tortured.

Click.  (WNBC.COM) New York police officials reveal details of London bombings.

Click.  John Hughes: US hoping diplomacy will work with North Korea.

Click.  Simon Tisdall: Will Bush change US policies as well as their presentation?

Click.  Sam Whitmore: The era of the mixmaster.

Click.  Marty Lederman: The Mowhoush Murder, Geneva, the Scorpions, and Military "Special Forces".

Click.  Nadezhda: Out on a limb.

Click.  Kaushik Kapisthalam: US dishes out arms to South Asian rivals.

Click.  Katy St. Clair: A very special concert. The enduring bond between Huey Lewis and the developmentally disabled.

August 2, 2005

Click.  Seven Marines killed in western Iraq pushing death toll past 1,800. 

Click.  Daniel McGrory: Britain turns to torture evidence. Britain is asking the CIA to interrogate its terror suspects, held at a network of secret detention centers, to help to identify the planners behind the London bombings.

Click.  Vladimir Isachenkov: Russian - Chinese military exercise to simulate conflict settlement.

Click.  George Monbiot: In just a few months, Bush and Blair have destroyed global restraint on the development of nuclear weapons.

Click.  John Hagel and John Seely Brown: Silicon Valley's risky complacency.

Click.  Steve Hamm: A brain trust in Bangalore.

Click.  Mary Mitchell: The difference between us and them? Merely clout.

Click.  Marie Cocco: Torturing prisoners? Not by the book.

Click.  Liam Scheff: Inside Incarnation. As the debate over AIDS-drug trials at Columbia's Incarnation Children Center grows louder, a former ICC employee reveals what she saw.

Click.  Michael Byers, Suzanne Lalonde: Our (Canadian) Arctic sovereignty is on thin ice.

Click.  (Reuters) Report: Israel's moves to tighten hold on Jerusalem risk "explosion".

Click.  Christopher Hitchens: Catholic Justice. Quit tiptoeing around John Robert's faith.

Click.  Harry V. Martin: Zodiac left several clues to his location on Washington Street Unsolved Murders of the Napa Valley. (Part Nine in a Series, Part Three of the Zodiac).

July 27, 2005

Click.  Roger Morris: Condoleeza Rice at the center of the Plame scandal. The source beyond Rove.

Click.  Sudha Ramachandran: Rumsfeld makes it to first base.

Click.  (AP) Evidence has intelligence community asking if London bombers knew they would die.

Click.  (Pravda) Separated piece of Discovery's insulation likely to result in major rescue operation in space.

Click.  (Miami Herald) Supreme Court nominee John Roberts had larger 2000 recount role than previously reported.

Click.  Rick Montgomery: Secret students major in spying with the CIA.

Click.  Lester Haines: Microsoft cloaks Area 51.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: The US Navy -- made in China.

Click.  (Seattle Times) Science and religion. Scopes to Kennewick. Who is an American Indian?

July 26, 2005

Click.  Eric Schmitt, Thom Shaker: Bush Administration recasts "war on terror" as "struggle against global extremism".

Click.  (E & P) Tuesday White House briefing: John Roberts and Iran-Contra.

Click.  Tom Flocco: Who will guard the guards.

Click.  ( Why the terror training camps survive.

Click.  (AP) NASA studies debris recorded during launch.

Click.  THE MAE BRUSSELL ARCHIVE, Virginia McCullough, Archivist, presents: NASA'S  CHALLENGER  R.I.P. JANUARY  28,  1986 by Mae Brussell Originally written for The Realist

Click.  (Independent) The secrets of 58 Curtis House.

Click.  (The Australian) Australia has joined the US, China, India and South Korea in a secret regional pact on greenhouse emissions to replace the controversial Kyoto climate protocol.

Click.  Joseph Cannon: Senator Pat Roberts is the new enemy. Here's how to fight him.

Click.  Anna Schneider-Mayerson: He's Rove's brain.

Click.  Angela Galloway: Should kids be used in clinical research?

Click.  (Seattle Post Intelligencer) Adoptions faith-based?

Click.  Walt Disney to market cell phones for pre-teens.

Click. Brenda Stardom: Hating Jack Thompson Since Before It Was Cool.

Click. Paul Nussbaum: Pilgrims in an exodus to South Carolina. Evangelicals want a biblically governed state.


Click.  (LAT) Governor Schwarzenegger refuses to cancel November 8 special election.

click.  (LA Daily News) Governor Schwarzenegger says he wants bipartisan solution on remaining special election measures.

Click.  KTVU) Judge orders redistricting initiative back on the ballot -- for now.

THE PROPOSITIONS STILL ON THE CALIFORNIA NOVEMBER 8 BALLOT:  Prop. 76: State Spending Limits + Prop. 73: Parental Notification + Prop. 74: Public School Teachers Tenure + Prop. 78: Drug Discounts (Industry Backed)+ Prop. 79: Drug Discounts (Consumer Groups Backed) + Prop. 75: Union Dues -- Political Contributions + Prop. 80: Electricity Regulation

Click.  Erin Schultz: Allegations fly in Minuteman project.

Click.  (Desert Sun) Battle over gay unions ratchets up. Signature drive toward a ban on same-sex marriage soon will hit street.

July 25, 2005

Click.  (E & P) Monday's White House Briefing. McClellan faces the "12-hour gap".

Click.  Dafna Linzer: CIA leak inquiry probes 12-hour delay — Gonzales and Card spoke hours before all White House staff told.

Click.  David Morgan: Bush allies probe the prosecutor? The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will review the probe of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Click.  Greg Sheridan: Rice's ignoring Asia is unforgivable. 

Click.  Arnaud de Borchgrave: Saudi bond and George Smiley.

Click.  Akida Elvar: The lessons of Sharm.

Click.  Steve Johnson: Biotech companies scramble to develop brain-related products.


Click.  (ABC7) Governor Schwarzenegger's advisors talk about canceling the special election.

Click.  Michael Hiltzik: Drug firms' $50 million California prescription.

Click.  Evan Halper: California spending cap initiative called key to national plan.

Click.  Kelly Thornton: Life of lies leaves San Diego FBI informant a wreck.

Click.  Stephen James: Standing up to corruption in the California prison system.

Click.  David Ryan: Ethics of Medi-Cal estate planning questioned.

Click.  Dan Reed: Molester Schwartzmiller planned memoir.

Click.  Kim Curtis: Molest suspect Schwartzmiller's diary code cracked.

Click.  William Niekirk: New to the influence game, China hires big-name lobbyists.

Click.  Maxwell J. Hamilton: Anti-US factions replacing old regimes across Latin America.

July 22, 2005

Click.  (American Conservative) The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. The American Conservative magazine

Click.  Matthew Parris: I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy.

Click.  Carol M. Ostrum.  Bioethics. Children enduring pain to help others.

Click.  Julia Silverman: A federal bankruptcy judge joins together an estimated 389,000 Roman Catholic parishioners in western Oregon as defendants in a massive lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by priests.

Click.  Pete Yost: Bush changes standard for firing leaker: Now he must have committed crime.

July 25, 2005

Click.  (E & P) Monday's White House Briefing. McClellan faces the "12-hour gap".

Click.  Dafna Linzer: CIA leak inquiry probes 12-hour delay — Gonzales and Card spoke hours before all White House staff told.

Click.  David Morgan: Bush allies probe the prosecutor? The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will review the probe of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Click.  Greg Sheridan: Rice's ignoring Asia is unforgivable. 

Click.  Arnaud de Borchgrave: Saudi bond and George Smiley.

Click.  Akida Elvar: The lessons of Sharm.

Click.  Steve Johnson: Biotech companies scramble to develop brain-related products.


Click.  (ABC7) Governor Schwarzenegger's advisors talk about canceling the special election.

Click.  Michael Hiltzik: Drug firms' $50 million California prescription.

Click.  Evan Halper: California spending cap initiative called key to national plan.

Click.  Kelly Thornton: Life of lies leaves San Diego FBI informant a wreck.

Click.  Stephen James: Standing up to corruption in the California prison system.

Click.  David Ryan: Ethics of Medi-Cal estate planning questioned.

Click.  Dan Reed: Molester Schwartzmiller planned memoir.

Click.  Kim Curtis: Molest suspect Schwartzmiller's diary code cracked.

Click.  William Niekirk: New to the influence game, China hires big-name lobbyists.

Click.  Maxwell J. Hamilton: Anti-US factions replacing old regimes across Latin America.

July 22, 2005

Click.  (American Conservative) The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. The American Conservative magazine

Click.  Matthew Parris: I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy.

Click.  Carol M. Ostrum.  Bioethics. Children enduring pain to help others.

Click.  Julia Silverman: A federal bankruptcy judge joins together an estimated 389,000 Roman Catholic parishioners in western Oregon as defendants in a massive lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by priests.

Click.  Jesse J. Holland: Kerry seeks release of Roberts' documents.

Click.  Alorie Gilbert: China's currency move may hurt US tech.

Click.  Victoria Shannon: This pen is mighty.

Click.  Andrew Orlowski: Hewlett Packard labs also decimated.

Click.  John Hooper: Catholic dissent over mystery of the pregnant Madonnas. Italian author claims painting are linked to suppression of Knights Templar.


Click.  James F. Peltz: China's decision to strengthen its currency could have a wide-ranging effect on California business, giving a boost to garlic growers in Gilroy but dealing a potential setback for Barbie.

Click.  Emily Bloomfield: "The Destruction of Public Schools Act".

Click.  Hank Plante: San Francisco Mayor Newsom says terror cells are in the Bay Area.

Click.  J. Douglas Allen-Taylor: Alameda County Judge Ronald Sabraw rules that while the Berkeley Daily Planet is entitled to see some 17,000 Wal-Mart documents related to an employee lawsuit, the newspaper or its attorneys must pay $76,000 for the privilege of doing so.

Click.  Harry V. Martin: Darlene Ferrin is the key to the Zodiac murders.

July 21, 2005

Click.  Gethin Chamberlain: Up to 4 terrorists on run after Londoners cheat death.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Exporting the resistance.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Bush knows who to ask about the CIA leak.

Click.  Gary Fineout and Mary Ellen Klas: Supreme Court nominee Roberts gave GOP advice in 2000 recount.

Click.  Margie Burns: Supreme Court nominee Roberts' lawyer wife facilitates global satellite system projects and her firm is targeting Iraq reconstruction.

Click.  Micah Holmquist: John Roberts should be questioned about his involvement in Iran-Contra.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel: Lawmakers met with Iranian exile scrutinized over intelligence.

Click.  Thomas Hargrove: The Justice Department for years has violated an act of Congress by refusing to reveal how many lost, runaway and kidnapped children have been reported to the FBI, a policy that has turned America's missing youth into a state secret.

Click.  Lauren Porcaro: Defending New York City.

Click.  Jacob G. Hornberger: The Pentagon. Islam's newest Department of Defense.

Click.  Anonymous: Bloodlust.

Click.  Steve Lawrence: Governor Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure ordered off ballot.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Governor Schwarzenegger's fund raising continues despite high-profile controversies.

Click.  Sarah Arnquist: Solano County mulls team to consider "unwarranted" elder deaths.

Click.  Ruben Navarrette: A child's shooting sends Los Angeles spinning.

Click. Celeste Fremon: Who could have saved baby Suzie?

Click.  Hank Shaw: We're fed up with pollution and willing to pay for solutions. Poll finds strong support for governor's proposals.

Click.  (Livermore Independent) Program aims to educate new winegrowers.

July 20, 2005


Click.  (CBS-5) Governor Schwarzenegger's rental deal questioned.

Click.  Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights analysis revealed at least 10 bills on which Schwarzenegger acted in favor of 6 companies that are business associates.

Click.  (Reuters) "The Senate on Tuesday gave the green light to U.S.- backed loans to build nuclear power plants in China. Conservative Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn and liberal California Democrat Barbara Boxer pushed to halt the loans that the Export-Import Bank gave preliminary approval to in February. "It seems insane that we would give a subsidy to finance the export of American technology," Coburn said. "I believe 20 years from now we'll be buying nuclear power plants from the Chinese.

Click.  Aaron C. Davis: Sen. Joe Dunn wants contempt hearing against National Guard's failure to turn over documents.

July 19, 2005

Click.  (WaPo) Bush chooses Appeals Court Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to be Supreme Court Justice.

Click.  ( Biography of Judge John G. Roberts Jr.

Click.  Parmit Pal Chaudhuri: India gets its wish. Bush officially welcomes it into the nuclear club.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: White Moors. Self-service Jihad.

Click.  Stardom: Why has OMAR Bakri Gone Into Hiding?

Click.  (Independent) Iraq conflict claims 34 civilian lives each day as "anarchy" beckons.

Click.  (UPI) Japan to learn cloning skills from South Korea.

Click.  Sam Smith: Reporter malpractice. Texas hold-em and the Plame game.

Click.  Jerry Mazza: Is the Rapture a rupture?


Click.  (CBS) Six taser shots preceded Santa Rosa man's death.

Click.  (AP) California allow marijuana ID card program to resume.

Click.  Hank Plante: Bay Bridge deal loophole could lead to $5 tolls.

Click.  (East Bay Business Journal) Hewlett Packard to cut 14,500 jobs, save $1.9 billion.

Click.  (IMC) Diverse anti-racist coalition confronts and disrupts the Minutemen in California.

Click.  Neil Gonzales: The deportation of Lodi Muslim spiritual leader Mohammad Adil Khan could help the defense of two other men swept up in a federal terror probe.

Click.  Malcolm Maclachlan: Locals witness life and death of Century Plant.

July 18, 2005

Click.  Pete Yost: Bush changes standard for firing leaker: Now he must have committed crime.

Click.  (E & P) Transcript: McClellan defends President on failure to fire Rove.

Click.  Seymour M. Hersh: Did Washington campaign in Iraq's election?

Click.  (Debka) London terror inquiry heads secretly to the African Sahara.

Click.  Kaushik Kapisthalam: Musharraf and his Taliban pals.


Click.  Teri Somers: California taxpayers unlikely to get quick stem cell windfall.

Click.  Clea Benson: Drug firms build $52M war chest for ballot fight

Click.  Mark Metherell: Australia's prime minister, after private meeting yesterday with V.P. Cheney, campaigns for $5 billion gas terminal off the California coast off Los Angeles which raises environmental concerns.  Governor Schwarzenegger to decide soon.

Click.  Ornell R. Soto: Activists cite San Diego grand jury bullying.  Arson probe viewed as an intimidation tool.

Click.  Rachel Kane: In an effort to break through the stained-glass ceiling of the Catholic Church, two Central Coast women will be among a group of nine being "ordained" later this month in the international waters of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

July 15, 2005

Click.  Gethin Chamberlain, James Kirkup: London bomber was given House of Commons tour
by a Labour MP.

Click.  Leigh Sales: Bush in tricky position over Rove.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Rovegate: Who leaked to the leakers?

Click.  B. Ramen: How London brought terror on itself.

Click.  Will Rasmussen, Nora Salim: Iran's oil diplomacy frustrates US policy.

Click.  David Ignatius: It's regime change on the cheap in Syria.

Click.  Muslim scholars condemn London attack, but not all suicide bombings.

Click.  Juan Cole: The London bombing: Egypt, Pakistan and France weigh in.

Click.  Katie Dean: Tools give video freaks the power.

Click.  Stardom: Marijuana Doesn't Kill: Stupid Laws Do.

Click.  Andrew Osborn: Space race is on again as Russia puts £6.1bn into reaching Mars.


Click. Tom Chorneau: Governor Schwarzenegger to end ties to magazines.

Click.  Angela Lau: Encinitas to curb its power of eminent domain.

Click.  Leslie Berestein: Latino groups denounce Campo patrol. Border watchers to  gather tomorrow.

Click.  Lisa Petrillo: Palomar Mountain: Dig reveals new clues into Black pioneer's life.

Click.  Paul Elias: Ex-shrimper at vanguard of "personalized medicine".

July 14, 2005

Click.  (AP) Chertoff: Protecting mass transit is local problem

Click.  Pepe Escobar: War comes to the heart of Europe.

Click.  (Reuters) Iraq and Iran to sign energy deals.

Click.   Robin Cook: Our troops are part of the problem.

Click.  (AP) National Guard families rely on relief fund.

Click.  ( Interview with Joe Wilson.

Click.  Kelly Hearn: Google's bias for bigness.

Click.  Steve Conner: Three of the most devastating diseases of the developing world could soon be eradicated after a breakthrough in understanding how they are programmed to be human parasites.

Click.  Chris Bellamy: Why these men follow the music of a distant drum.


Click.  Don Thompson: California Senate subpoenas national guard documents.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Lawmaker calls on Governor Schwarzenegger to cut ties to fitness magazines.

Click.  (KTVU) Santa Clara D.A. files additional charges against alleged child molester Fred Everts.

Click.  Chet Barfield: Tribal casino revenues rose 15% in '04, to $19.4 billion.

Click.  ( California Family Bioethics Council files "reverse validation action" to shut down Proposition 71 and all its progeny.

July 13, 2005

Click.  (Sydney Morning Herald) London bombing mastermind identified.

Click.  Lenore Skenazy: Let the geeks work on terror.

Click.  John NIchols: Brits' calm rankles rightwing.

Click.  (Times of India) US offer to sell Hawk spy planes to Pakistan.

Click.  David Zucchino: Civilians headed for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad attend a course that has them putting clips in an AK-47 and outwitting "insurgents".


Click.  Thomas D. Elias: Governor Schwarzenegger's latest power grab through the ballot box.

Click.  Ed Mendel: Governor may get cold reception in Mexico.

Click.  J. Madeleine Nash: Is this worth a dam?

Click.  Camille T. Taiara: Monitoring malcontents. Why do the Governor's critics keep finding themselves targets of strange police scrutiny?

Click.  Andrew Ross Sorkin: Judges cite concerns in Quattrone case.

Click. David  Kravets: The Bush administration wants a federal appeals court to stop water from being purposely spilled over five Northwest hydroelectric dams despite a lower court's unprecedented order that it was necessary to help young salmon migrating to the Pacific.

July 12, 2005

Click.  Nasser Karimi: New President of Iran plans new nuclear ideas as officials warn of renewed uranium enrichment.

Click.  Lara Sukhtian: As Hamas moves to mainstream, a rival tries to upstage it with violence.

Click.  (E & P) McClellan vs. press corps on Rove, Tuesday edition.

Click.  Murray Waas: Novak cooperated with prosecutors.

Click.  Maurice Possley: In an extraordinary move, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee privately demanded last month that the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago change its decision in a narcotics case because he didn't believe a drug courier got a harsh enough prison term.

Click.  Jack Dalton: Fools and fanatics, part 3: The new world order of "managed democracy''.

Click.  Juan Cole: Rove unfit for public office.

Click.  Michael A. Weinstein: Cutting out the US.


Click.  Ed Mendel: California state budget signed. Bond rating goes up.

Click.  Andrew Adams: Lodi, Lackawanna both focus of high-profile terrorist investigations by FBI.

Click.  Brendan Coyne: California National Guard surveillance controversy deepens.

Click.  David Ryan: State looks for bench strength on CEQA. Napa has no judges who specialize in environmental law at issue in Wal-Mart, other land use matters.

Click.  Anja Schlein: California coastline by convertible.

July 11, 2005

Click.  (The Australian) Al Qaida threatened to launch attacks in Europe in an Internet warning, posted five weeks before the London terrorist bombings, that British intelligence services claimed to have no knowledge about.

Click.  Juan Cole: Jerusalem and terrorism.

Click.  (E & P) Press batters McClellan on Rove/Plame link.

Click.  John Hendren: Confessed Iran-Contra figure Robert Earl lands sensitive Pentagon post.

Click.  William R. Polk: Upping the ante in a deadly nuclear game.

Click.  Joe Cannon: Bizarro bomb stories.

Click.  Jeffrey Steinberg: The Plame Affair: Rove and Cheney are guilty as charged.

Click.  Nick Schou: Lords of Acid. How the Brotherhood of Eternal Love became Orange County's hippie mafia.

Click.  Michael Hiltzek: Turning your life into bits, indexed.


Click.  Kyle Brown: Governor Schwarzenegger signs state budget.

Click.  Alex Veiga: Working all night. Los Angeles, Long Beach port complex to stay open late to ease massive onslaught of Asian cargo ships.

Click.  Onell R. Soto: Smugglers probing SENTRI for flaws.

Click.  James Steinberg: Encinitas Councilman Jerome Stocks will ask the council Wednesday to direct its staff to draft an ordinance that would so severely restrict the city's use of eminent domain that it would be nearly impossible to use it.

Click.  Jim Sanders: California is considering setting learning standards and curriculum guidelines for children as young as age 3.

Click.  Ruben Navarrette, Jr.: Being both Mexican and American.

Click.  Susan Swartz: Send in the songs and good ghosts -- Judy Collins.

Click.  Andrea Garcia: "C'mon ladies . . . work together". Teams find fun and fitness in a rowboat.

July 8, 2005

Click.  Robert Fisk: The reality of this barbaric bombing.

Click.  Stardom: UK Spy Names Omar Bakri Responsible for London Bombing.

Click.  Bryan Bender: Specter surfaces of world of local Qaeda offshoots.

Click.  Zvi Ba'rel: Al-Qaida is exporting the war from Iraq to Europe.

Click.  Crispin Black: Intelligence got it wrong.

Click.  Chris Floyd: London calling. The red wheel rolled back.

Click.  Duleimi- Shamakhani: No one can prevent cooperation between Iraq and Iran.

Click.  Mark Fitzgerald: Cleveland Plain Dealer says we're holding big stories because of Judith Miller ruling.

Click.  Alice Dembner: Massachusetts has begun paying family members to house and care for their frail older relatives in an effort to keep them out of nursing homes and save the state money.

Click.  Leigh Dayton: Outback hunt for origins of life.


Click.  (AP) Lodi terror probe expands. 6 other men alleged to have attended Al Qaeda training camps.

Click.  (Marin Independent) San Quentin State Prison Warden Jill Brown was removed from her post yesterday after the prison system's independent inspector general found that she discouraged her medical staff from cooperating with attorneys in a major inmate health-care lawsuit.

Click.  Nanette Asimov: 62 school districts in trouble over bills. Westly raises alarm, irks budget makers.

Click.  William Finn Bennett: Rep. Randy Duke Cunningham signed Coast Guard documents in May saying he owns boat; NY businessman contends it's his.

Click.  Sharon Hudson: The Landmarks Preservation Act and CEQA. The hidden agenda.

Click.  Elena Gaona: Scholarships given to mainly Latino students to go to college without joining the military.

Click.  Ralph Vartabedian: Jury sends message regarding teen's cell phone use. $6 million dollar verdict.

Click.  Robert W. Welkos: Feathers fly in latest legal dust-up over Marlon Brando.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: Bill Lee climbs the new Gold Mountain.

July 7, 2005

Click.  B. Raman: UK knew it was coming.

Click.  Yossi Melman: Analysis: London's terror-filled past comes back to haunt it.

Click.  (Economist) Nuclear weapons under new management.

Click.  M.K.  Bhadrakumar: Left, right.  Iran and Venezuela in lockstep.

Click.  Juan Cole: Implications of the London bombings.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: With O'Connor's retirement from the US supreme court, the Republican counter-revolution sees the chance of a lifetime.

Click.  Rob Hotakainen, Melissa Lee: New federal law says schools can't force meds on kids.

Click.  Mike Carter, Jonathan Martin: Why state of Washington chose not to commit violent molester Joseph Edward Duncan III.

Click.  Doug Ireland: Serious polio epidemic fueled by Muslim fundamentalists.

Click.  David Keys: Walking with ancestors: discovery rewrites American prehistory.

Click.  Stardom: Thumbing/Texting Craze.


Click.  Rob O'Dell: Educators now satisfied with California budget.

Click.  Robert Salladay: While raising millions of dollars from out-of-state companies doing business in California, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic state Treasurer Phil Angelides have made policy decisions favorable to some of the wealthy donors.

Click.  Don Thompson: Federal spy probe begins into California National Guard unit.

Click.  (Reuters)  State Senator Joe Dunn said on Wednesday a federal probe into the California National Guard may hamper his own investigation into allegations that the Guard spied on anti-war protesters

Click.  (AP) Santa Barbara prosecutors trying ex-fugitive Jesse James Hollywood, who is accused of orchestrating the kidnap and murder of a 15-year-old boy, should be removed from the case because they consulted on an upcoming film based on the crime, a defense attorney

Click.  Scott Smith: The attorney for a once-convicted killer recently let off death row has made good on promises to demand each of San Joaquin County's Superior Court judges be disqualified from presiding over Blufford Hayes Jr.'s new trial.
July 6, 2005

Click.  Trowbridge H. Ford: Why the CIA Went Astray over Italy's Abu Omar.

Click.  Bob Barr: Intelligence chief's power way out of bounds.

Click.  David Hirst: America knocks at Syria's nervous door.

Click.  Rami G. Khouri: Middle Eastern foundations start to shake.

Click.  Jeffrey Sparshott: Behind-scenes panel to guide deal to acquire Unocal.

Click.  Forbes: South Korean's Histostem plans hospital for stem cell therapy.

Click.  Mel Seesholtz, Ph.D.: What is mental health in a theocracy?


Click.  Ed Mendel: State leaders end budget impasse.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: With the world's largest laser in the political crosshairs, federal weapons officials and executives at Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons lab are playing their most powerful card: suggesting that without all 192 beams of the National Ignition Facility, U.S. nuclear bombs and warheads might well stop working.

Click.  Dion Nissenbaum: National Guard erases data related to intelligence unit.

Click.  Patt Morrison: Be on guard for raging grannies.

Click. Leslie Berestein: Border-watch squabble. Civilian patrols mushrooming, along with infighting.

Click.  Stephen Magagnini, Dorothy Korber: Former Lodi imam emerges as central figure of terrorism investigation.

Click.  Matt Smith: To help thousands of the disabled, a San Francisco attorney takes on an insurance company -- and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: Behind the facade of the Haight.

Click.  Elizabeth Douglass: States to weigh in on Unocal offer.

Click.  Chris Gaither: Years after tech bust, new media thriving.

July 5, 2005

Click.  Trish Schuh: The American hand in Iran.

Click.  Matthew Clark: Will US be asked to leave key military bases?

Click.  Bill Israel: Saving the First Amendment from Karl Rove.

Click.  E & P Staff: Judge Fitzgerald hits New York Times reporter Judith Miller hard in Tuesday decision.

Click.  Ed Harriman: Where has all the money gone?

Click.  Rachel Beck: Jury still out on "I didn't know" defense.

Click.  Peter J. Howe: "Business methods" patents raise the stakes.

Click.  Sam Jaffe: Giving genetic disease the finger.

Click.  Jim Bronskill: Terrorist cases prompt schooling of judges in the ways of intelligence.

Click.  Sasha Abramsky: Christine Craft. On the air and oppositional.


Click.  Tom Chorneau: Schwarzenegger, California legislative leaders reach budget agreement.

Click.  Jerry Kammer, Marcus Stern: Boat sale by Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham made
him $400,000.

Click.  Peter Hecht: Foreign press chronicles Governor Schwarzenegger's political battles.

Click.  Troy Anderson: California parole system failing.

Click.  Daniel Weintraub: Governor Schwarzenegger's 10 biggest mistakes.

Click.  Rone Tempest: Ahmed's U.S. presence unexplainable.

Click.  Becky O'Malley: Left-right alliances.  The next new thing?

Click.  Anthony York: Supreme Court wine decisions lead to battle between California wine growers, retailers.

Click.  Donna Horowitz: Alleged predator Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller considered a "friend of the family".

Early world news:

Click.  Don Terry: Suburban America: Hiding place for thousands of war criminals?

Click.  Tim Johnson: China's tango with Latin America intensifies.

Click.  Christopher Hitchens: Casualties and casualties. How to run an occupation.

Click.  Warren P. Stroble: Iraq emerges as a terrorist training ground.

Click.  Michael Tomasky: Yet another reason to oppose John Bolton: If he gets to the UN, will he be a point man for our next war?

Click.  Robert Scheer: Bush is serving up the Cold War warmed over.

Click.  (Bloomberg) President George Bush may prevent G-8 leaders from putting world economy
on "Energy Diet".

Click.  George Monbiot: Africa's new best friends.

Click.  (BBC) German youth admits creating Sasser worm which crippled computers around the world.

Click.  Erin McClam: Martha Stewart, named M. Diddy in prison, calls lockdown "hideous".

July 1, 2005

Click.  Allan Turnbull: Tempest and QinetiQ.

Click.  James Cogan: Journalist killed after investigating US-backed death squads in Iraq.

Click.  James Sterngold: US seizes California state prison health care system.  Judge cites preventable deaths of inmate and "depravity" of system.

Click.  Jim Bronskill: Defector tells of China's economic spying.

Click.  ACLU wants California's National Guard unit disbanded.

Click.  (AP) US National Guard Bureau to review California Guard intelligence.

Click.  Doug Thompson: The only label that fits.

Click.  Stardom: The Pompous Pod People.

Click.  Michelle Locke: Internet IQ: New test would measure students' Web wisdom.

Click.  E & P: New York Times continues to question Pearlstine's decision on Cooper.

Click.  Joe Strupp: "Time" not on our side in Plame case.

June 30, 2005

Click.  (Forbes) US calls on Iran to come clean over its President's past.

Click.  (Arabic News) New political umbrella for the resistance in Iraq.

Click.  Congress is considering a crackdown on financial planning strategies increasingly favored by middle-class families to shift the cost of nursing home care for elderly parents onto the federal government.

Click.  Daniel Sorid: Congress seen paving way for private toll roads.

Click.  Note on History of TEMPEST

Click.  Garrett Jones: It's a cultural thing: Thoughts on a troubled CIA, part one.

Click.  Sarah Whalen: Are two shadowy characters holding the US hostage in Iraq?

Click.  (CNN) Novak: I will reveal all.

Click.  Kristen Philipkoski: Stem cells were injected into elderly cows -- animals whose age was equivalent to an 80-year-old human. Tests showed boosted immune systems and rejuvenated blood vessels more than a year after an injection of a tablespoonful of stem cells taken from cloned bovine fetuses.

Click. Stardom: Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Click.  Susan Kelleher: Clash over little blue pill for women.

Click.  (Independent) Domino Harvey: Life and death in LA.

California Reports:

Click.  (Sign on San Diego) Governor Schwarzenegger causes budget impasse. He insists that part of the agreement on a new state budget include giving him the power to make midyear cuts when the budget falls out of balance if the Legislature does not act to close the gap.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: A congressman (Randy Duke Cunningham) is in trouble. He represents a district the experts say a Republican cannot lose. But one might suspect he's trying to prove them wrong.

Click.  (Sign on San Diego) Governor Schwarzenegger causes budget impasse. He insists that part of the agreement on a new state budget include giving him the power to make midyear cuts when the budget falls out of balance if the Legislature does not act to close the gap.

Click.  Lionel Van Deerlin: A congressman (Randy Duke Cunningham) is in trouble. He represents a district the experts say a Republican cannot lose. But one might suspect he's trying to prove them wrong.

Click.  Kathay Feng, Steven Blackledge: Oversight is critical for confidence in stem cell research.

Click.  Code Pink: California National guard caught spying on women's peace groups.

Click. (Modesto Bee free reg.)  National Guard wasted time watching war protesters at state Capitol.

June 29, 2005

Click.  Pete McCloskey: In Iraq, we are the new Hessians.

Click.  (Reuters) US struggles on China war planning.

Click.  (Reuters) US to open energy office in China.

Click.  Jack Kim: US says it can defeat nuclear-armed North Korea.

Click.  Roger Hardy: Saudi Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan has resigned his US post.

Click.  Joseph S. Nye: How will the politics of American energy change.

Click.  (Aljazeera) UN shelves plans to disarm Hizb Allah.

Click. Bob Egelko: California domestic partners law survives legal challenge.

Click.  (AP) Hearings are planned on California National Guard unit's "spy" activities. Questions grow over intelligence group's mission.

Click.  (Sacramento Bee Editorial Free Reg) Last month a special intelligence unit of the California National Guard was quietly tracking these groups with names such as Raging Grannies, Gold Star Families for Peace and CodePink groups as they prepped for an anti-war protest in front of the Capitol.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Mystery planes continue to circle over Lodi, California.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Confirmation fight looms over energy lobbyist Cindy Tuck as state air regulator.

Click.  Jehangir S. Pocha: Chinese loyalty, Western (Californian) savvy. State oil giant's CEO Fu Chengyu at home in the limelight.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: Despite stout public opposition, Alameda County will likely stick with Diebold electronic voting machines for the next congressional and presidential elections.

Click.  Karen Holzmeister: During the past four months, thousands of residents packed meetings to protest Alameda County's plans for 366 "opportunity" sites in unincorporated areas where a variety of emergency homeless shelters could be built.

Click.  Dan Walters: California regionalism in vogue.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: (In San Francisco) Lucas, St. Anthony feed millions.

June 28, 2005

Click.  Jack Dalton: Buy America. China does just that with BushCo's help.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: Keeping it simple, stupid.  

Click.  Thomas C. Greene: Supreme Court deputize all journalists.

Click.  Robert Scheer: Iranian revolution is thriving in Iraq.

Click.  Jeffrey Goldberg: Real insiders. A pro-Israel lobby and an FBI sting.

Click.  Katherine Shrader: Spy reports an issue in Bolton nomination.

Click.  Aluf Ben: China is not an outpost.

Click.  (Cryptome) Eyeballing the Department of Defense' massive spying on youngsters.

Click.  Rick Montgomery: Secret students major in spying.

Click.  Frederick J. Frommer: US whistleblower Coleen Rowley will run for Congress.

Click.  Sam Knight. Queen inspects the fleet as Trafalgar celebrations begin.

Click.  Kate Williamson: Hot on the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that gives city councils more power than ever over development projects, a Belmont California councilmember Coralin Feierbach wants to place control of one plan in the hands of common citizens.

Click.  Mark Gladstone: State senator questioning Guard surveillance unit. Possible spying called "dangerous". Governor Schwarzenegger, in charge of the Guard, has no comment.

Click.  Richard Halstead: California workers comp patients in limbo.

Click.  Robert Bowman: Diebold out of California.

Click.  Richard Halstead: State panel to vote on biomonitor legislation. Program would measure toxins stored in body.

Click.  Ellen Goodman: Leisure class warfare.

June 27, 2005

Click.  Kim Murphy: Bush says its the "contract of the century". Caspian Sea pipeline has its origins in turbulent waters.

Click.  E & P: Joseph Wilson responds to Supreme Court decision in the Plame case.

Click.  Debka: Tehran’s Riposte to Washington on Their Nuclear Dispute, Lebanon, Syria and Khuzestan.

Click.  William Pfaff: Phantom menace.

Click.  William S. Lind: For the first time since 1942, Japan has resumed the strategic offensive.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The Chinese challenge.

Click.  Linda Minor: Part one -- is Condoleezza Rice a patsy? Click. Linda Minor: Who “Created” Condi Rice?

Click.  Paul Maidment: Just another day in the global economy.

Click.  Ron Jensen: From service member to sex offender: Military battling child porn scourge.

Click.  Anita Rao Kashi: India too can have a house on Moon village.

Click.  Michael A. Fletcher: A Bush administration proposal to eliminate many of the federal rules requiring public housing authorities to serve extremely low-income people has generated widespread concern.

Click.  Nick Schou: Case unclosed. Rohrabacher revisits the Oklahoma City bombing.

Click. Stardom: Goodnight, Chet.

Click. Chet Helms, Summer of Love's father and Janis Joplin's promoter dies at 62 + Click. Obituary.

Click.  Paul Krassner: Devil in Deep Throat.

Click.  Dion Nissenbaum: California National Guard forms terror unit.

Click.  Brendan Coyne: California National Guard targeted Mother’s Day anti-war action.

Click.  Diana Bahur-Nir: Hasta La Vista, Bibi!  Governor Schwarzenegger and Israel Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet for breakfast.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: Little Hoover Commission says California needs new department to respond to epidemics, terrorism.

Click.  Patrick McGreevy: Latinos, flexing political muscle, come of age in Los Angeles.

Click.  J. K. Dineen: Heart patients ‘scared stiff' from Guidant defibrillator recall. University of California, San Francisco doctors begin removing devices today.

Click.  Brent Hopkins: How Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA) became the world's biotech leader.

Click.  (NYT) Medicaid eligibility may be reduced.

Click.  Nancy Isle Nation: Marin County parents push for open juvenile trials.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Lodi women learn their rights.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: Hoping for another Sonoma County horse racing heyday.

Click.  Laura Casey: Looks skin deep, DNA tests show. 200 students, staff tested at College of Alameda. 197 were of mixed race.

June 24, 2005

Click.  (Reuters) Suicide bomber kills six US troops in Iraq.

Click.  Ernest Partridge: No time for despair.

Click.  Paul Krugman: The war president.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: Is it an unwinnable "Republican war"?

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) The day America died.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The first, not the last throes.

Click.  The declassified "SECRET RelGER" compiled by CIA historian Kevin Ruffner and presented in 1999 by CIA Deputy Director for Operations Jack Downing to the German intelligence service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) in remembrance of "the new and close ties" formed during post-war Germany to mark the fiftieth year of CIA-West German cooperation. This history was declassified in 2002.

Click.  (AP) Italian judge names 13 in abduction tied to CIA.

Click.  Brent Kallistad: Law enforcement splits $11 million taken from drug dealer Claude Duboc.

Click.  Henry K. Lee: DUI nanny gets the max for running down kids.

Click.  Don Lee: Chinese firm has an American accent.

Click.  Stardom: Letting The Fingers Do The Talking.

June 23, 2005

Click.  Richard Lehmann: China's deals threaten US supremacy.

Click.  Dan Ackman: CNOOC: Wave of future. Blast from past.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel: Report criticizing CIA may stay sealed.

Click.  Jim Abrams: Democrats call on Rove to apologize or resign for Sept. 11 comments.

Click.  (E & P) McClellan battles White House reporters on Rove.  Here's the blow-by-blow.

Click.  Jonathan Krim: Pentagon creating student data base.

Click.  Stephen Pizzo: The wrong apology.

Click.  (AP) Ecuador refuses to sign immunity pact for US forces.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel.

Click.  Kevin B. Zeese: The war before the war.

Click.  Julian Pettifer: A Catholic woman is "ordained" in a secret ceremony in Europe.

Click.  Randolph E. Schmid: Chickadee song warns of danger, calls mob into action.

Click.  Hope Yen: The Supreme Court has ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will for private economic development.

Click.  Dan Ackman: Power to the public.

Click. Linda Gledhill: Care providers blast Governor Schwarzeneggers' Medi-Cal funding deal

Click. Carl T. Hall: Stem cell researchers hold meetings in San Francisco. Discussions to focus on cloning report from South Korea

Click.  Jaxon Van Derbeken, Charlie Goodyear, Rachel Gordon: Three San Francisco pot clubs raided in probe of organized crime. Medical marijuana dispensaries used as front for money laundering, authorities say.

Click.  Stacy Finz: Grand jury hunt for fugitive who bombed Chiron, Shaklee in 2003. Many witnesses invoking their right to the Fifth Amendment. Some claim it's a witch hunt to harass protesters of all kinds, but especially members of animal rights and environmental groups.

Click.  ( Outside Receiver? Pension panel is forcing San Diego's last resort

Click.  Stuart Leavenworth: Nearly an internal coup against stem cell czar.

Click.  James P. Sweeney: California's gambling commission has agreed to narrow a measure that would allow it to conduct more of its business behind closed doors.

Click.  M.S. Enkoji: Call for Million Muslim March is being met with hesitation.

Click.  Ryan Kim: Pit bulls at top of fatal attacks. 20-year study finds kids under 14 suffer 42% of bit injuries and 3 of 4 involve family pet.

Click.  Chris Caen: Heat and magic of a Chinatown evening.

Click.  ( China will honor Iris Chang.

June 22, 2005

Click.  Luke Baker: US troops swim against a sea of Iraqi munitions.

Click.  (E & P) Reporters press McClellan on secret CIA report on Iraq.

Click.  (Capitol Hill Blue) The United States wasted nearly $20 billion of Iraq's funds in a spending spree the final days before transferring power to the Iraqis nearly a year ago

Click.  (Daily Star) Israel resumes assassination policy against militants.

Click.  (Pravda) USA forces Europe to recreate the war-torn Iraq.

Click.  Gwynne Dyer: US dangles a dangerous carrot before India.

Click.  (Spiegel) Blair wants a radical reform of the European Union.

Click.  Avi Shlaim: US hypocrisy is not new but Condi Rice has taken it beyond chutzpah.

Click.  John F. Harris: Doing the Hillary limbo. How low can Klein go?

Click.  (Bagnewsnotes) Ed Klein and Matt Drudge's stolen moments.

Click.  Ben Smith, Jessica Bruder: Local Insurgents: "Islamic Thinkers" menace gay N.Y.

Click.  Kim Clark: Danger in the ruins.

Click.  Rose Ann DeMore: Governor Schwarzenegger's proposals are more than they seem.

Click.  Patt Morrison: The GOP -- Blindly fighting for the right to lose.

Click.  (Press release) California Nurses Association launches to keep pressure on Governor Schwarzenegger, donors.

Click.  Kelly Thornton: Federal prosecutors may rest San Diego corruption scandal case today. Strip club manager won't testify this time.

Click.  William Finn Bennett: Group blasts Democrats for not filing a complaint on Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Click.  Ilana DeBare: Fight for the little guy. Petaluma man wrests federal contracts from big business.

Click.  (Reuters) Help sought from immigrants in San Jose, California pedophile probe.

Click.  Rebecca Vesely: Marriage is hot topic at San Francisco sexuality event.

Click.  Rachel Raskin-Zrihen: Animals perish in hot cars too. Campaign to make people aware of this problem begins.

June 21, 2005

Click.  Maggie Michael: Iraqi Justice Minister accuses U.S. of hindering Saddam investigation.

Click.  Russ Baker: Why George went to war.

Click.  ( The car bomb is King in Iraq.

Click.  Drew Brown: Two top Marines say "lack of leadership" led to Humvee armor delay.

Click.  (E&P) McClellan at White House briefing asked about recruitment and if any Bushes are in military.

Click.  Elizabeth Drew: Selling Washington.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: TeenScreen sets up shop in Illinois.

Click.  Alexander Zaitchik: Last best chance. A nuclear 9/11 isn't inevitable, but apathy isn't helping the odds.

Click.  Hanna Rosen: God and country. A college that trains young Christians to be politicians.

Click.  George Weller: A Nagasaki report.

Click.  Lois Sweet Dorman: Lost in translation. A connection to the sacred.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Dropping popularity prompts Governor Schwarzenegger to seek compromise.

Click.  Troy Anderson: The real-estate boom and conservative fiscal policies created a $1 billion windfall for Los Angeles County.

Click.  (Tri-Valley Herald) Psychiatrists at Alameda County's locked inpatient psychiatric hospital have won a court order that temporarily halts a plan to contract out their jobs.

Click.  Jeff Mitchell: Solano County Sheriff struggles with suicides in county jail.  Booked nurse employed by California Forensic Medical Group commits suicide.

Click.  (Lodi News Sentinel) Local officials seek release of 'no-fly list' to authorities.

Click.  Taj Khan: Case against Hayats will fizzle out, just like others.

Click.  Stephanie Ramos: GPS satellite system will allow tracking of a Mead Valley parolee who is
the target of protests.

Click.  Dan Reed, Jose Rodriguez: Alleged San Jose serial molester's roommate said to confess.

June 17, 2005

Click.  Justin Raimondo: Behind the Downing Street memos lurks the specter of treason.

Click.  Congressman Conyers hammers the Washington Post's Dana Milbank.

Click.  Warren P. Strobel: British documents portray determined U.S. march to war.

Click.  Andrew Greeley: Expect the terrorists to bring the war to us.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: The making of a terrorist.


Click.  Susanne Koelbl: Germany's Bundeswehr steps out on the global stage.

Click.  Kenan Malek: Is this the future we really want? Different drugs for different races?

Click.  (AP) Oregon resumes issuing medical marijuana cards.

Click.  Julianna Kettlewell: New model permits time travel.

Click.  (BBC) Computer scientists in the US are developing a system which could let people "teleport" a solid 3D model of themselves.

Click.  Carla Marinucci, John Wildermuth: Governor Schwarzenegger sets aside reform themes in favor of anti-tax crusade. The only problem? There is no serious proposal to reverse Prop. 13.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: Activists urge vote "no" on new Diebold machines. Officials make no recommendation after facing 200 protesters.

Click.  Juliet Eilperin: EPA using data collected in toxin tests on humans. Senator Barbara Boxer seeks to ban the practice in evaluating pesticides.

Click.  Layla Bohm: FBI Agent, U.S. Attorney discuss Lodi terror probe.

Click.  Rachel Conrad: Chilling list of suspected sex acts could lead to biggest child molest case ever.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: Hanks reaches deep to play Deep Throat.

June 16, 2005

Click.  George Jahn: Board members of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency approved a deal Thursday that exempts Saudi Arabia from nuclear inspections.

Click.  Liz Sidoti: House poised to give Pentagon $45 billion more for wars.

Click.  Griff Witte and Robert O'Harrow Jr.: U.S. contractors skirt billions in taxes.

Click.  (Bloomberg) The U.S. Environmental accepted data from "unethical" pesticide tests on humans, study finds.

Click.  Charles Richardson: China, her spies and the old world order.

Click.  (Wired News) Yahoo said it had begun testing a service that lets users search information on password-protected subscription sites such as LexisNexis, known as the "deep Web."

Click.  Pyotr Romanov: Political lobotomy.

Click.  Ira Carnahan: High Tech Welfare Kings.

Click.  Stardom: Oxnard's Gang Injunction Against Colonia Chiques is STUPID.

Click.  (Science Daily) Holographic movies show promise for medical, military applications.

Click.  (Cardiff University) Sustainable energy source could solve Bermuda Triangle riddle.

Click.  Ed Mendel: GOP blocks Democrats' budget for California.

Click.  Don Thompson: Governor Schwarzenegger raises fears of tax increase by Democrats.

Click.  (Vallejo Times Herald) Governor Schwarzenegger brings us right back to where we started.

Click.  Nancy Isles Nation: Alanna Krause's attorney argued Wednesday before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that court appointed attorney, Sandra Acevedo, and the law firm of Diamond, Bennington and Simborg of Corte Madera, do not have legal immunity from civil action for damages caused by alleged negligence during custody proceedings in Marin County Superior Court.

Click.  Rachel Konrad: San Jose police: Convicted child molester may have 36,000 victims

Click.  Logan Jenkins: House sale opens door to Rep. Randy Duke Cunningham's undoing.

Click.  Corey Weinstein, MD: Who’s to blame for the deplorable and abusive medical care in California prisons?

Click.  Jess Sullivan, Matthew Bunk: A Suisun City man Jimmy M. Kokkeby pleaded innocent Tuesday to felony charges of allegedly causing nearly $67 million in damages to a Vacaville company, Alza, while trying to steal some of the world's most potent painkiller fentanyl.

Click.  (Medical News Today) Stem cell training program to make its Stanford debut.

Click. Sabin Russell: Flu shots could be in short supply again this season. Production issues force Chiron to cut estimates for vaccine.

June 15, 2005

Click.  John Daniszewski: Six new British documents detail early plans for invading Iraq.

Click.  Karen Kwiatowski: Unleashing the resistance.

Click.  Kevin B. Zeese: The seven leaked Downing Street memos.

Click.  Cannonfire: The road to Downing Street goes through a basement.

Click.  Reuters: US says Guantanamo inmates may be held "in perpetuity".

Click.  Lew Rockwell: Iraq and moral corruption.

Click.  Peter N. Spotts: Who will own deep sea life?

Click.  Matthew Herper: Jazz, schizophrenia and side effects.

Click.  Lisa Pease: The Terminator, indeed.

Click.  Sherry F. Colb. Hospital - induced infections. A serious crime against our nation's patients.

Click.  Alison Auld: Military same-sex marriage goes off without a Canada.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Some not happy with how the FBI handling inquiry into Lodi terrorism cases.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Mystery planes circle over Lodi.

Click.  John Wildermuth, Carla Marinucci: Governor Schwarzenegger says Prop. 13 (re: property tax) is at risk if his ballot measures are defeated.

Click. Governor Schwarzenegger's property tax claims questioned.

Click.  Sean Rabe: Hey Arnold!

Click.  Marisa Lagos: New lawsuit for California stem cell center.

Click.  Harrison Sheppard: Assemblyman Paul Koretz on Tuesday urged a two-year moratorium on executions in California while officials study the fairness of California's death penalty.

Click.  Matier and Ross: Alex Burnett, a consultant who advised BART on a big bond deal that went to Citigroup Global -- just before taking a job with the banking giant -- advised two other public agencies that made similar deals with Citigroup as well.

Click.  Edward Carpenter: Biotech could be Gold Rush for San Mateo County, California.

Click.  (AP) Chiron warns it will produce fewer flu vaccines, slashes earnings estimates.

June 14, 2005

Click.  Jeffrey Smith, Glen Kessler: US blocks Uzbek massacre inquiry to save military base.

Click.  Laurence Frost: Raytheon unveils missile defense for airliners.

Click.  John Stauber: The cover-up begins to unravel. Mad Cow USA.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: TeenScreen: The lawsuits begin.

Click.  Eric Lichtblau: Inquiry finds a weakness in terror watch list.

Click.  Jerked around by the so-called legal system.

Click.  EFF: Legal guide for bloggers.

Click.  Kuala Lumpur: Iraq unveils 10-year, multi-billion-dollar plan to boost oil output.

Click.  Jordan Rau: Governor Schwarzenegger puts his agenda on the ballot.

Click.  Aaron C. Davis, Rodney Foo: Report blasts San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales on garbage deal.

Click.  Kim Curtis: Appeals court rules Borders must pay California tax on online sales.

Click.  Troy Anderson: Report cites blunders by Los Angeles social workers in girl's death.

Click.  Andrew Adams: Lawyer for three Lodi men arrested and held on immigration charges
blasts FBI.

Click.  Joe Hughes: Ex-cop's book stirs emotions of San Diego police.

Click.  J. Douglas Allan-Taylor: PTA leaders wonder where State Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata stands.

June 13, 2005

Click.  Michael Jackson's website: "God bless all of you - all of you on the good Earth."

Click.  Doug Ireland: The new blacklist.

Click.  Eric Lichtblau: Out of jail, ex-agent Edwin P. Wilson seeks to clear his name.

Click.  Erich Follath, Georg Mascolo: Tracking Osama's kin around the world.

Click.  Brig, Gen. Stuart Beare: Preparing for the three-block war.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Two armies, two reporters, too much trouble in Iraq.

Click. Saudi Arabia's human trafficking report.

Click.  Brenda Stardom: Portuguese Kid Gangs Terrorize Beach Goers.

Click.  Oscar Heck: Dumbo has fleas ...this is what Chavez is talking about!

Click.  Steve Conner: World first! Brain cells grown in laboratory.

Click.  Steve Conner: Search for body's "repair kit'" is medicine's Holy Grail.

Click.  Greg Hurst: Disruptive toddlers in UK to be treated as potential criminals, says report.

Click.  George Monbiot: The G8 plan to save Africa comes with conditions that make it little more than an extortion racket.

Click.  Chris Coursey: "Year of Reform" is just politics as usual.

Click.  Stockton Record: This is not a good way to govern.

Click.  Glen Martin: To drain or not drain the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir: Next months key in debate on state's epic environmental issue.

Click.  Herbert A. Sample: Lodi terrorism cases add to Patriot Act debate.

Click.  David Perlman: If big quake hits off west coast, the tsunami could be gigantic. Geophysicist charts wave heights from Northwest to Baja.

Click.  Mark Chediak, Scott Den Herder, Felicia Mello: Health workers in Alameda County are routinely sending mentally ill patients to live in unlicensed board and care homes, some with poor supervision, filthy living conditions and a history of building code violations.

Click.  Jeremy Hay: Poor skip chance for food stamps. Unclaimed aid thought to be costing Sonoma County economy millions.

Click.  Steve Geissinger: U.S. attack helicopter used as Forest Service flight simulator to help pilots battle summer blazes.

Click.  Terri Somers: Parents believe umbilical cord blood injections help their son with cerebral palsy, but doctors warn of ethics violations, faulty science.

Click.  Lisa M. Sodders: The 9th-graders of 9/11 are coming of age.

June 10, 2005

Click.  Jennfer Wedekind: The military's children's crusade.

Click.  Gore Vidal: Something rotten in Ohio.

Click.  The death of Che Guevara: Declassified.

Click.  James W. Crawley: Psychological warfare effort to be outsourced.

Click.  Hackers may have nicked Israel's nuclear secrets.

Click.  Bill Cotterell: Diebold admits its voting machines may be vulnerable.

Click.  (MSNBC) Medics offered tax-free $120,000 bonus to sign up with the Army.

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Special election would define Governor Schwarzenegger's term.

Click.  Sandy Leon Vest: Special election -- Governor Schwarzenegger's nuclear option.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: State of California likely to overlook Diebold flaws.

Click.  Rone Tempest, Greg Krikorian: Affidavit changed in Lodi CA terrorism accusation.

Click. (San Diego Union Tribune) Education programs can connect food and needy.

Click.  Ethan Fletcher: Reduced funding worries locals battling West Nile virus.

Click. Chris Thompson: Federal officials are targeting local animal-rights activists in an investigation connected to Bay Area terror attacks.

Click.  Peter J. Bryant: Will stem cell research help American wounded?

Click. (AP) An entire 30-acre patch of forest near Idyllwild, CA has been outfitted with robotic cameras and other high-tech gadgets that spy on wildlife, trees and even roots.

Click.  Venice California aka Dogtown at 100.

June 9, 2005

Click.  (Bloomberg) FBI intelligence work in Sept. 11 faulted in report (Update1).

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Nixon's empire strikes back.

Click.  William Fisher: More terrorists?

Click.  Richard Cohen: Air Force flying in the face of the Constitution.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Exit strategy: Civil war.

Click.  John von Radowitz: Race-specific drug splits medical world.

Click.  Alexander Russo: Internet 2. It's better, it's faster. You can't use it.


Click.  John Kerin: Buddha in a suit.

Click.  Layla Bohm: Five Lodi men remain in custody as FBI continues inquiry into terror links.

Click.  (Modesto Bee) Governor to gamble big with special election.

Click.  Eileen Liechuk: Mayor Gavin Newsom proposes free preschool for all 4-year-olds in San Francisco.

Click.  Scott Marshall: A Superior Court jury Wednesday awarded two former Poway High School students a combined total of $300,000 after determining that school officials failed to stop ongoing harassment they suffered because of their sexual orientation.

Click.  Glenda Anderson: Ukiah school officials will be reviewing a policy of allowing military recruiters on campus in light of alleged sexual misconduct between Ukiah-based Marine Corps recruiters and several prospective recruits.

Click.  J. M. Brown: Tased teen's dad claims 2 Vallejo officers used undue force.

Click.  Jaime Espina: Genius graduates from California State University, San Bernardino.

June 8, 2005

Click.  Eli Lake: Policy on Syria moves toward regime change.

Click.  Jephraim P Gundzik: The US and that "other axis".

Click.  Gary Wolf: Many World Trade Center occupants ignored emergency officials on 9/11. Turns out that was a smart move.

Click.  Paul Craig Roberts: If Pinochet is guilty, so is Bush.

Click.  Gene Lyons: Aristocracy on the rise in the US.

Click.  Jim Hougan: Strange bedfellows. Deep Throat, Bob Woodward and the CIA.

Click.  Lisa Pease: Bob Woodward.

Click.  Gary Hughes: Asylum seeker reveals China's "secret force".

Click.  Amir Oren: US asks Israel to limit its weapons exports to problematic countries.

Click.   Harkavy: High-priced launch at the Pentagon's racket club.

Click.  (MSNBC) In Germany, doctors seek pedophiles before they strike.

Click.  Coralie Carlson: City Commission effectively bans molesters from Miami Beach.

Click.  Suzanne Gamboa: Shady lobbyist set up meeting between Bush, Indians.

Click.  (Asia Pulse) Outsourcing industry at crossroads.

Click.  Henry Lee: Al Qaeda probe of father and son reported in Lodi, California. It's alleged they trained in Pakistan on "how to kill Americans".

Click.  Kate Folmar, Andrew Lamar: Governor Schwarzenegger and his elite crew wield the power
of the initiative.

Click.  Matthias Gafni: Vallejo police taser-gun a sixteen-year-old student.

Click.  Ted Balaker: Politicians "out-force" jobs from California.

Click.   A. C. Thompson: The government says Igor Belov is a murderer with the Russian mafia. Belov says he's an innocent torture victim who just wants to live quietly in San Francisco. Either way, he's screwed.

June 7, 2005

Click.  Laurie Kellman: Senate Intelligence Committee approves new FBI powers in Patriot Act.

Click.  Carla Marinucci: In San Francisco, Dean calls GOP "white Christian party".

Click.  Michael Scwhartz: Car bombings -- Iraq's time bomb.

Click.  Steven Metz: Understanding Iraq's armed theater.

Click.  Michael Rubin: To Islamists, one man, one vote, one time, means dictatorship.

Click.  Tony Parkinson: A fragile China friendship.

Click.  Hamish McDonald: A billion raindrops. Spying the Biejing way.

Click.  Daniel Estulin: The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005, Part II.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: TeenScreen's top promoter: Laurie Flynn.

Click.  PIerre Tristam: On a Ponzi joyride to the brink with the American Dream in tow.

Click.  Christine Buckley: This is the wrist tag that makes your times at work more productive -- or turns you into a robot.

Click.  NEW MUSIC  Stardom: California Redemption: Band With A Mission.

Click.  Attorney General Lockyer issues statement on US Supreme Court's medical marijuana ruling.

Click.  (AP) Unions outraged over Schwarzenegger's "Phenomenon of Anger".

Click.  (MSNBC) Los Alamos lab whistleblower scheduled to testify before Congress about alleged financial irregularities was badly beaten outside a bar — an attack his wife and lawyer believe was designed to silence him.

Click.  Marisa Lagos: Stem cell regulations face uphill climb.

Click.  NBC4.TV: Nearly 3 million adults go hungry in California.

Click.  Edwin Garcia: United States officials promote programs and services for Mexican immigrants in California.

Click.  Dave Eberhart: Author unlocks Arnold's secret to success.

Click.  Newsmax: Shriver denies she blocked Schwarzenegger book author from 'Today'.

Click.  Beth Ashley: Woman gets stares as she swims creek.

June 6, 2005

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Hot on the trail of Osama.

Click.  Stephen J. Hedges: Critics say Pentagon in blinders.

Click.  Juan Cole: "The main reason is that the Bush Administration established the prison at Guantanamo in hopes of gutting the Bill of Rights."

Click.  (AP) Felt also leaked information about Agnew, Bremer cases.

Click.  A. Henry Hempe: Inside the minds of Marines.

Click.  Sebastien Berger: CIA "army" surrenders in Vietnam.

Click.  Bryan Bender: Archives show President John F. Kennedy sought a way out of Vietnam.

Click.  Jens Glusing: Islam is gaining a foothold in Chiapas.

Click.  Dan Frosch: HUD is un-housing the poor.

Click. Kristen Philipkoski: Ten heart failure patients who received controversial fetal stem cell injections in Ecuador are all showing signs of rapid recovery three months after the treatment

Click. Paul Wiseman: Quick action may fend off global bird flu epidemic.

Click. Jonathan Stemple: Citigroup Inc. on Monday said computer tapes containing account and payment history data, including Social Security numbers, on 3.9 million customers were lost by United Parcel Service.

Click.  Robert Saladay: Major donors are given a private phone line and unfiltered channel to Governor Schwarzenegger's office for strategy sessions.

Click.  Anthony York: Half of Ortiz and Runner’s stem cell package moves on to the California Assembly.

Click.  Chris Moran: The new call up. Education act gives military direct line to high schoolers.

Click.  Phil McKenna: Round-the-world trip to catalog genes. Yachting scientists on voyage of discovery.

Click.  Gaye LeBaron: History runs against school district consolidation.

Click.  Carol Benfell: A family secret - Joan Felt explains Deep Throat.

Click.  Modesto Bee: Tribal casino schemes hit with a double whammy.

Click.  Michael R. Blood: Racial issues will test Los Angeles mayor.

Click.  Judy Kuriansky: Michael Jackson, the law and psychology.

June 3, 2005

Click.  Edith M. Lederer: UN says weapons and equipment missing in Iraq.

Click.  Phillip Carter, Owen West: We won't solve the military manpower crisis by retaining our worst soldiers.

Click.  Damien Cave: Growing problem for military recruiters: parents.

Click.  Larry Chin: Deep Throat.  Shallow story hides deeper history.

Click.  John W. Dean: Why the revelation of the identity of Deep Throat has only created another mystery.

Click.  Acclaimed screenwriter Ronan Bennett talks about making his controversial film about the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks.

Click.  The Progress Report: The case against Chris Cox.

Click.  Charles Cooper, Michael Kanellos: The secret behind CIA's venture capital.

Click.  David Champeau: The dollar. Time for a change.

Click.  Nils Pratley: The porn princess, the Indian computer whizz and the poker bet that made
 $10 billion.

Click.  Robin Cook: Europe's secure, well-paid leaders have caused the crisis.

Click. (SB Free Reg) Jim Sanders: California gay marriage measure doomed by about a dozen democrats.

Click. Steve Geissinger: California gay marriage bill fall four votes shy. A "yes" from Bay Area lawmaker Alberto Torrico (Democrat, Newark) who wavered until the end not enough for bill to pass Assembly.

Click. David Pierson: Long Beach accountant Yasith Chhun, whose anti-communist group was labeled a terrorist organization in 2001, raised funds to elect Republicans. He's facing federal charges of attempting murder in foreign country, attempting to overthrow friendly foreign government, conspiracy to damage foreign property.

Click. Chuck Philips: Paid FBI and police informant "Psycho Mike" admits his story that Marion "Suge" Knight and rogue police killed Notorious B.I.G. was "all hearsay" and that he is "paranoid schizophrenic".

Click.  Cecily Burt: Film traces destruction of the  Ohlone Indian's shellmound in Emeryville.

June 2, 2005

Click.  Bob Woodward: How Mark Felt became "Deep Throat".

Click.  (Vanity Fair)  John D. O'Connor: "I'm the man they call "Deep Throat".

Click.  Haaretz: Prophesying the state's destruction.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Europe's disaster movie.

Click.  Tom Engelhardt: Bases, bases everywhere.

Click.  Zeibari accuses Syria of not cooperating over border infiltration. Saudi Arabians infiltrating Iraq as insurgents?

Click.  Nasser Taba: Iran intelligence service gaining foothold in US?

Click.  Michael Scheuer: God, drunks, and America.

Click.  "Snowflake" adoptions.

Click.  Greenwatch: Huge new California climate initiative trumps Bush administration.

Click.  (AP) California Assembly rejects same-sex marriage bill.

Click.  Terry Rogers: Protected ocean areas are a puzzle for fishermen, state.

Click.  Scott Smith: Attorney wants entire San Joaquin bench to remove itself from hearing murder case.

Click.  Stockton Record: The back-breaking labor of Chinese workers in the 1870s and ’80s is all that stands between tens of thousands of San Joaquin County homeowners and potential disaster.

June 1, 2005

Click. Ex-MI5 Spy Accuses Service Of Princess Diana Death.

Click.  Di-ve News: American CIA agent holding "Maltese" passport held hostage by Islam group Badr Brigades.

Click.  Roman Kupchinsky: The wild west of American intelligence.

Click.  Greg Mitchell: My secret life with W. Mark Felt.

Click.  Cannonfire: Jim Hougan on "Deep Throat".

Click.  Edward Jay Epstein: What "Deep Throat" a fictoid?

Click.  Roland Watson: Fancy footwork that could take Hillary back to White House.

Click.  Carlos M. Pietri: My God...when will the US learn to live with the new reality?

Click.  Tabassum Zacharia: Bush meets prominent opponent of Venzuela's Chavez.

Click.  Nick Kochan: The washing machine.

Click.  Steve Soto: What's really behind the White House stonewall over Bolton documents?

Click.  Tom Chorneau: Democrats' proposed new California school budget would tax the rich.

Click.  Brad Barker: Governor Schwarzenegger is no hero to public employee scapegoats.

Click.  William Finn Bennett: Rift opens between border watch groups.

Click.  Sharon McNary: Federal agency seeks help to put crime on ICE.

Click.  Paige Hansen: Nicasio woman embarks on trek of solitude along the entire length of the
2,650-mile Pacific Crest trail.

May 31, 2005

Click.  Greg Mitchell: Woodward & Bernstein confirm that Felt was "Deep Throat".

Click.  Washington Post confirms Felt as "Deep Throat".

Click.  Who is W. Mark Felt? (Deep Throat)

Click.  Cannonfire: Deep Throat. A Felt response.

Click.  Chris Coursey: "Deep Throat" mystery points to Santa Rosa man.

Click.  NBC: Pakistan still leaking nuclear secrets.

Click.  Jeff Sharlet: Soldiers of Christ I.

Click.  Arthur Caplan, Ph.D: Would you have allowed Bill Gates to be born?

Click.  Joe Jackson: "I've been devastated."

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: Bush's Texas two-step -- TeenScreen and TMAP.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: Who will pay for the Bush-recommended mass mental health screening programs like TeenScreen and the follow-up treatment and drug therapy?

Click.  Why China currency manipulation matters.

Click.  Bill Forman: For UC Davis prof Larry Berman, taking the Central Intelligence Agency to court
is a no-brainer.

Click.  The recent alleged rape of a 13-year-old detainee by his cellmate at Alameda County Juvenile Hall could be linked to a series of budget cuts.

Click (LAT free Reg).  LA Times: Reassessing the (railroad) Octopus.

Click.  Karen Ravn: Daniel Dixon of Carmel, son of painter Maynard Dixon and photographer Dorothea Lange, knew his parents were special.

Click.  UK attracts 120 California tech companies.

May 27, 2005

Click.  Pravda: US sends 15 spy planes to North Korean borders over the fear of nuclear tests.

Click.  Daniel Schorr: Standing up for news leaks.

Click.  Robert Parry: The answer is fear.

Click.  Rochelle Sharpe: Mothers prosecuted for what they didn't do.

Click.  For the first time, a poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

Click.  China says 2 epidemics spreading among livestock and birds.

Click.  Noah Shachtman: Attack of the drones.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The new French revolution.

Click. (Sacramento Bee Free Reg) Charges doubled, trial delayed for defense attorney
Richard Hamlin.

Click.  Reuters: California Senate panel passes stem cell controls.

Click.  Ian Hoffman: University of California and Bechtel team faces one challenger -- the Lockheed Martin and University of Texas team -- in bid to operate the Los Alamos Lab.

Click.  Sabers rattle in Sacramento.

Click.  The Marin County Housing Authority that awards federally funded Section 8 housing vouchers to the poor has been ordered to return $318,139 to the federal government because it failed to follow government regulations.

Click.  Andrew Gumbel: "Crackpot" Beatty slugs it out with "fake" Schwarzenegger in Hollywood.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: A foggy walk on a Cinnabar bridge.

Click.  Dana Bartholomew: Drama students learn tough lesson: Dubya's no joke.

May 26, 2005

Click.  Tom Curry: Democrats win crucial Bolton vote.

Click.  Eric Alterman: How to lose a country in 7 easy steps.

Click.  Pravda: "Noiseless diplomacy": USA is quietly building a corridor from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

Click.  Sydney Blumenthal: Bush's war has come home.

Click.  Britt Bailey, Brian Toker: Industry aims to strip local control of food supply.

Click.  Judge: Public has right to see Abu Ghraib abuse photos.

Click.  Robert Britt: Human affection altered the evolution of flowers.

Click.  (AP) Two hurt, six arrests in Orange County protest of Minuteman founder.

Click.  Bill Ainsworth: Governor Schwarzenegger rips foes and they hit back.

Click.  Christine Hanley: Orange County Sheriff made donors his deputies.

Click.  William Bennett: Minuteman Project founder irked by use of group's name.

Click.  Mary Ellen Peterson: California gay marriage bill heads to historic Assembly vote next week.

Click.  California has roughest roads in nation.

Click.  Justin M. Norton: "Extinct" California native plant alive.

May 25, 2005

Click.  Rumsfeld laments global reach of news in wartime.

Click.  Daniel Howdon, Philip Thornton: The pipeline that will change the world.

Click.  The CIA is conducting a war game this week to simulate an unprecedented, Sept. 11-like electronic assault against the United States.

Click.  Juan Cole: Sometimes you're just screwed.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Pipelineistan's biggest game begins

Click.  Patrick Buchanan: Bringing the Arab street to power.

Click.  Robert Kuttner: Bush and Frist got what they wanted.

Click.  Stardom: Why Did Bush Let The Poppy Fields Flourish?

Click.  Kim Zetter: Three suspects in the recent LexisNexis security breach talk about how they got hold of the data and what they planned to do with it.

Click.  John Oates: Italian police find child torture site.

Click.  Matthew Davis: Christians purge video game demons.

Click.  Danielle Brian, Martin Andersen: Don't fault the messenger.

Click.  Mark Rasch: Deleting spyware -- a criminal act?

Click.  Chris Reed: So Governor Schwarzenegger had national security in mind when fighting for bases? Right.

Click.  Sue Vorenberg: University of California votes to bid to operate Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Click.  Modesto Bee: Bill goes too far in hiking secrecy of California gambling talks.

Click.  Tom Elias: Why Governor Schwarzenegger pushes special election.

Click.  A. C. Thompson: West Oakland's extreme makeover.

Click.  (AP) Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange paid thousands of dollars for medical treatment for priests accused of abuse and for their traumatized accusers and relatives, but did little else to deal with clergy abuse.

May 23, 2005

Click.  Rollie Lal: Terrorists and organized crime join forces

Click.  Pepe Escobar: The US's gift to al Qaeda.

Click.  David Postman: Election trial that opens today Washington echoes beyond state.

Click.  Chietigj Bajpaee: The price of Asian conflict.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: Galloway tongue-lashes Coleman; committee documents show Bush political friends and family paid Oil-for-Food kickbacks to Saddam Hussein.

Click.  Cannonfire: Bush, Iran and the new cult of intelligence.

Click.  Juan Cole: Why George Bush shouldn't have put Laura Bush into the situation of being heckled in Israel.

Click.  Kristen Philipkoski: Chopsticks for better cloning.

Click.  Grow your own digital medical records, use a password.

Click.  John Heilemann: The choirboy.

Click.  Charles Q. Choi: Nanotechnology could soon enable a new generation of chemical and biological weapons that could escape current arms inspection schemes.

Click, (Salon Free Reg)  Laura Miller: Van Gogh on Prozac.

Click.  Megan Garvey: California's stem cell bid stuck in neutral.

Click.  Anthony York: Nuñez, Perata prepare counter budget proposal, including new taxes to fund schools.

Click.  Scott Wong: Niles Canyon mosque draws critics.

Click.  Terence Chea: California's "Galapagos" could see visitors.

Click.  Karen Nakamura: Marin high schools move to video monitoring.  Crime prevention or
 privacy invasion?

Click.  Patti Poblete: Battle lines over women in uniform.

Click.  P. J. Corkery: The Peter Rowland story doesn't die.

May 19, 2005

Click.  Isikoff: Bush gets Iran intelligence from a cult.

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Armageddon: Bringing it on.

Click.  Timothy Garton Ash: Who will dare to fill the black holes being left by Russia's long retreat?

Click.  Pravda: Uzbekistasn carefully conceals traces of the uprising from foreign diplomats and reporters.

Click.  Children from military families are twice as likely to die from severe abuse as other children are.

Click.  Greg Miller: In from the cold, to a cold shoulder.

Click.  James P. Pinkerton. W is the dark side of the new "Star Wars".

Click.  Patient-specific stem cell first.

Click.  UK scientists clone human embryo.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger issues proclamation on tribal gaming policy.

Click.  Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist at the center of ethics questions involving House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, joined with his partner and Indian tribal clients to give money to a third of the members of the U.S. Congress.

Click.  Peter Femrite:  Audit rips Marin County Superior Court management. Findings point to abuses tied to departed chief executive John Montgomery.

Click.  David R. Baker: Saudis in San Francisco to cement U.S. ties.

Click.  Andrew  Gumbel: Race and US Politics: Hero of the Angelenos.

Click.  Kim Curtis: Jury acquits on several counts, deadlocks on others in Oakland "Riders" (police misconduct) case.

Click.  Kimberly K. Fu: Marin County Superior Court Judge Stephen Graham's ruling to keep rapist Ghilotti in Vacaville has Vacaville riled.

Click. (SJM Reg)  Esther Landhuis: Stanford scientists use X-rays to see 2,000-year-old document.

May 18, 2005

Click.  The U.S. joined the EU, UN and U.K. in calling for an international probe into the deaths of protesters in Uzbekistan

Click.  Tim Wiener: U.S. moves closer to weapons along the final frontier.

Click.  John Soloman: Use of foster kids in experiments varies.

Click.  Miguel Helft: In technology race, China has a powerful strategy.

Click.  Yossi Melman: When it comes to Palestinians vs. Israelis, the spooks are alright.

Click.  Dan Eggen: FBI memos show agents conducting "pretext interviews". Critics say dissent is being treated as potential terrorism.

Click.  Spying on VOIP.

Click.  John G. Scherb: 21st-century Strategeri.

Click.  Panel members says military may need bases slated for closure.

Click.  Tribe flees to escape contact with the world.

Click.  Villaraigosa will finally get his national presence.

Click.  "We're all Angelenos" says LA's Latino mayor.

Click.  Villaraigosa elected first Latino mayor of Los Angeles since 1872.

Click.  Joan Samuelson, David Serrano Sewell, Jeff Sheehy: Give patients a chance at California stem cell institute.

Click.  Cristi Hegranes: Will we be more secure -- or just less competitive -- if the government forces hundreds of thousands of international science students to get export licenses simply to look through a microscope?

Click.  Blair Craddock: (Phone call justice in Stanislaus County?) District Attorney and Judge
discuss pending murder case on the telephone.

Click.  Mason Stockstill: Reforms at California's CYA's Stark won't happen overnight.

Click.  The California State Senate has approved a bill designed to stop state and local governments from issuing ID cards with RFID tags.

Click.  Tom Elias: Energy power play shows Governor Schwarzenegger doesn’t get it.

Click.  Claremont Institute: Schwarzenegger camp regrouped?

May 17, 2005

Click.  George Galloway accuses U.S. senators of manufacturing the "mother of all smokescreens" as he appears before Senate committee. Galloway vs. Senate transcript

Click.  Matthew Clark: Why has the "Downing Street memo" story been a "dud" in the U.S.?

Click.  Molly Ivins: Don't blame Newsweek.

Click.  Spiegel: The West's Role in Uzbekistan Violence.

Click.  Oil and gas ensure that the US backs the Uzbek dictator to the hilt

Click.  Patrick Martin: Pentagon to realign domestic military bases.

Click.  House Republicans try to pass Social Security overhaul by "super-sizing" bill.

Click.  Andrew Zajac: Federal judges feel left in the dark over safety.

Click.  Bill Moyers: Muting the conversation of democracy.

Click.  Anna Schneider-Mayerson: In Hearsts’ split, Mrs. Bunky seeks Old W.R.’s booty.

Click.  GAO says federal preschoolers test not reliable measure of skills.

Click.  James May: Fiscal troubles lead to Cabazon shake-up.

Click.  Floating in weightlessness -- on earth.

Click.  Fingerprinting study sets off alarm bells.

Click.  In the chess game for control of U.S. nuclear weapons design, the University of California has tapped the director of Lawrence Livermore weapons lab, Michael Anastasio, to fight for continued university management of Los Alamos lab in New Mexico.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger to mine bastion of GOP for cash.

Click.  San Francisco Superintendent Ackerman says segregated schools are an option.

Click.  Kansas bees back home after California pollination duty.

May 7, 2005

SIDNEY SIEMER vs. RICHARD W. HAMLIN [Appearing as defense counsel, attorney
Susan Siemer Hamlin]

Superior Court of California, Fresno County
Case No. 03CEGC02378

by Virginia McCullough


"In the name of womanhood and humanity...."

Why Ressam stopped talking

Blair's authority dwindles as Cabinet defies reshuffle

Click.  Finance ministers from six Gulf states met Saturday to discuss economic integration, including a unified currency and a free trade agreement with the United States.

Upsurge in Iraq bloodshed

Al-Qaeda suspect is hard to break

Click.  Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of "mistaken identity".

Click. Spokane Mayor West's public and private lives contrast.

Poor may lose food stamps under new Medicare drug plan

Stardom: Why I Hate Mother's Day

In Butte County wood ducks survive knocks. Low-tech effort helps resuscitate rare, attractive waterfowl species

Voice of the White House – May 4, 2005

Fabled Japanese war treasure still draws dreamers

May 6, 2005

Click.  U.S. moving planes, boats to Korea.

Click.  Juan Cole. The smoking gun.  +  Click.  Juan Cole: Will Iran get the bomb?

Click.  Professor Froomkin: Bolton. It's a Constitutional crisis now.

Click.  Nick Schou: Dr. Death Revisited. In French TV documentary, ex-CIA official admits ties to CIA-cocaine scandal character.

Click.  The Cabazon tribe fires three executives including Mark Nichols.

Click.  The Cabazon tribe plans asset liquidation.

Click.  Marc Cooper: A bad vintage. Arnold uncorks the old Pete Wilson whine.

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger's allies drop teacher pay initiatives.  3 other measures are still in play.

Click.  San Francisco wins battle to be stem cell headquarters.

Click.  Los Alamos lab director replaced after 2 rough years. University of California braces for competition to run facility.

Click.  No bail for son of Oakland City Council leader.  Judge says De La Fuente Jr., charged with rape is a "danger to the community".

Click.  San Jose teacher arrested in sex-abuse case.

Click.  Internet business leaders from Silicon Valley and China to meet in Santa Clara.

Click.  Justin Clark: Coroner to the suicides.  After 20 years, David Campbell has seen enough.

Click.  Mack White: Murder by taser of an epileptic man needing medication.

Click.  Butterflies navigate using map of UV light, study finds.

Click.  Scientist may have found remains of Mars lander

May 5, 2005

Click.  Guy Dinmore: U.S. offers grants to oppose Iran's clerics.

Click.  B. Raman: The Pakistan striptease (continued).

Click.  Ray McGovern: Proof Bush fixed the facts.

Click.  David Ignatius: U.S. Generals discuss what the American Civil War can inform us about Iraq.

Click.  Emily Singer: The speedy way to capture a city.

Click.  Idaho National Laboratory scientist securing highly enriched uranium abroad.

Click.  After 3-year probe, Spokane paper alleges sex abuse by Mayor. 

Click.  Robert C. Koehler: If they can disable an election, what's coming next?

Click.  Claremont Institute: California immigration cops and volunteer patrols.

Click.  Ruben Navarrette, Jr.: Bashing illegals again.

Click.  Andrew Gumbel: The California uprising.

Click.  Bobbi Murray: Villaraigosa’s deep roots in the African-American community have forged a new coalition in Los Angeles mayoral politics.

Click.  Jennifer Hahn: William Cottrell says owners of gas-guzzling SUVs ‘support terrorism,’ but prosecutors are punishing him as a ‘terrorist’ under the Patriot Act.

Click.  W. Blake Gray: Some California wines cost less back East.

May 4, 2005

Click.  Syed Saleem Shahzad: Taliban profits from US largesse.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Pentagon cut and paste.

Click.  Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children over the past two decades, often without providing them a basic protection afforded in federal law.

Click.  Ben Smith: Not so vast! "Stop Hillary" isn’t selling.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: U.S. soldiers' deaths. Don't look, don't tell.

Click.  Michael Geist: Face to face with the great firewall of China.

Click.  Greg Moses: Vigilante wedge. Schwarzenegger reprises birth of a nation.

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: Bye, bye Bush doctrine.

Click.  John Montgomery, former Marin Superior Court executive officer who is under investigation after his abrupt retirement, billed the court for 18 trips out-of-state and eight in-state during his final 27 months on the job -- the expenses, which included air fare, hotel stays and meals, totaled $25,315.

Click.  UC Berkeley geographer maps secret military bases of the American West – where billions of dollars disappear into creepy clandestine projects.

Click.  Kevin McCallum: Newly formed real estate trust has purchased $73 million worth of vineyards around the state using a high-finance technique experts say could reshape the Wine Country's financial landscape.

Click.  P.J. Corkery: What's on Gavin's iPod — and his mind?

Click.  Marin County to launch "daring" study of breast cancer.

Click.  Don Thompson: California won't join Florida in lifetime tracking of molesters.

Click.  Mike Weiss: The bon vivant Len Pickell (pronounced pick-ELL) who conned the James
Beard Foundation.

May 3, 2005

Click.  Peter Grier, Faye Bowers: A tale of oscilloscopes and proliferation risks.

Click.  George Galloway: These are Blair's last days.

Click.  Report: Rumsfeld offered to free Saddam.

Click.  The federal government is handing out licenses to kill endangered species. The deals being cut are perfectly legal.

Click.  Augmenting the animal kingdom via technology.

Click.  Governor Schwarzeneggers' "permanent campaign".

Click.  Jennifer Vigil, Ronald W. Powell: San Diego faces tough times and choices.

Click.  Karina Ioffe: Many make life on both sides of the border.

Click.  Chris Holt: Dirty Harry's energy solution.

Click.  Tamara Grippi: At the forefront of vaccine medicine.

Click.  San Francisco architect urges colleagues to say no to prison jobs, on account of ethics.

May 1, 2005

North Korea apparently conducted missile test: White House

Paul Street: King George, Prince Abdullah, global warming and the torture of Thomas Jefferson

Fred Kaplan: What Bush still doesn't understand about Iraq and North Korea

New legal fears over Iraq war + Interview: Admiral Sir Michael Boyce

Social Security plan would have big impact on most Americans

Translation Capacity Still Spotty After 9/11

Jean Jouvenet, La Pêche miraculeuse Comments, enlarge

Dick Polman: Religious right seeks judiciary that dissolves church-state separation

Italy Says Its Upcoming Report on Agent's Killing Will Shed Light on Coordination Problems

Giuliana Sgrena, the killing: The uncensored United States report

Wayne Madsen: The Christian mafia and where they are taking us

Theocon Valley: A door in the wall of separation

How Blackwell and Petro saved Bush's Brain and the rise of the right-wing juggernaut in Ohio

NSA intercepts for Bolton masked as 'training missions'

US Secretary of State Rice discarding failing tactic of confronting Venezuela

Chavez Frias is beating the arrogant crowd in Washington to the punch

China's Lenovo completes acquisition of IBM's personal computing division

Internet rebellion among scientists and engineers at Los Alamos

Top US financier takes over as Israeli central bank chief

Growing evidence U.S. sending prisoners to torture capital Uzbekistan

Xymphora on Trident Nuclear Submarine treaty which provides Britain must go to war if the U.S. orders it. + Read the Trident letter

Underdog cities make pleas for stem cell site. But Emeryville, Sacramento trail S.F., San Diego

How much should doctors disclose about treatments not approved by the FDA?

Governor Schwarzenegger's immigration comments divert attention from his agenda

Jim Welte: Pending federal legislation and a variety of "misplaced priorities" could spell doom for the Section 8 housing program

Sources say Perata probe witness offered immunity for her testimony

First female commander, phobic of roller coasters, leads next shuttle mission


Scam offers solution to ancient death of boy pharaoh King Tug

Endangered Marin plant still surviving

Spaniards sell their 1,000-year-old olive trees

Stalking Monterey County's wild pigs isn't a bore

Parenting program popular at Napa jail

Canada: Indoctrination of babies at birth

Inmates use Internet intermediaries

How "search" is redefining the Web — and our lives

UC Berkeley Prof. Avideh Zakhor on being a science nerd in Iran, 4D modeling and Larry Summers

Travel to Uruguay

Da Vinci 'paralysis left Mona Lisa unfinished'

Click.  How Chiron's CEO Howard Pien used cronyism and spin to try to secretly sell contaminated influenza vaccine to Americans, knowing it could harm and kill them. (Part 2 in a series) by Kathryn Joanne Dixon 

April 30, 2005

Blair hit by new leak + Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war

Click.  The man who led Britain's armed forces into Iraq has said that Tony Blair and the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, will join British soldiers in the dock if the military are ever prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq.

Judge blocks release of 9/11 report

Iran's nuclear factory

Governor signals he'd welcome Minutemen on California border + Guv's Hot Button Issue

Click.  Maureen Dowd: Swindler on a gusher.

Click.  Helen Thomas: Commanders responsible for Abu Ghraib.

Livermore, CA. Autopsy of young woman yields no answers. Toxicology tests could take weeks -- foul play suspected, 2nd woman killed

Living-Donor Diabetes Procedure a Success

USDA spoof offers food for thought

California fishermen face short salmon season

Sacramento biotech rice company, Ventria, will grow medicine in rice in South America and Puerto Rico (SB Reg)

Creating "human animals" for research

Underground radar hunt for life on Mars

San Francisco shows off for stem cell institute team

Bird flu mutates and now more infectious

After 2 Cases in Florida, Crackdown on Molesters

Wham! Bam! Outta my way, ma'am!

Steve Jobs's Review of His Biography: Ban It

Brando's final act

April 29, 2005

Click.  Michael Isikoff, Mark Hosenball: A convicted terrorist was providing U.S. officials with very specific information about a terrorist attack three months before 9/11.

Click.  Bill Johnson: One of the lucky ones.

Click.  Robin Cook: We all now know the war would not stand up in court.

Click.  Timothy M. Phelps: U.S. foes assigned to two key Iraq posts; some jobs unfilled.

Click.  Paul McGeough: The announcement of a new cabinet in Iraq is not the end of the process - it's just the very beginning.

Click.  Tom Doggett: Iraqi oil prospects dim under new "acting oil minister" Ahmad Chalabi.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: Iraq's hostage cabinet.

Click.  Stygius: John Bolton & Russia's chemical weapons.

Click.  Farah Stockman: In citing Sudan dangers, Bolton went beyond CIA.

Click.  Prayers and proselytizing: Group details Air Force Academy's religious bias.

Click.  Ted Rall: Then they came for the children....

Click.  Radical new "human area networking" technology called RedTactont that uses the naturally-occurring electrical fields of human skin to transmit data.

Click.  Stardom: IDENTITY THEFT On MySpace.

Click.  Ken Garcia: Stem cell showcase full of intrigue.

Click.  Kaiser Permanente rules keep physicians out of drug firms' reach.

Click.  Michael Fuoco: Lessons of Vietnam War getting little scrutiny in schools.

Click.  Robert Gammon: Can the caustic Superintendent Randy Ward sell his school reforms in Oakland?

Click.  Harry V. Martin: Autistic and epileptic woman held by bureaucratic stranglehold and treated under veil of secrecy.

April 28, 2005

Click.  Joan Vennochi: A match made in petroleum.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: The good soldier's revenge.

Click.  Iason Athanasiadis: The destabilization of Iran.  Stirring the ethnic pot.

Click.  Kaveh L Afrasiabi: Democratic backlash in Iran.

Click.  Abraham Rabinovich: Putin carves out Mideast role.

Click.  Lawrence M. O'Rourke: Intel Agencies Talk to Each Other...Sort Of.

Click.  John Lettice: Guardian pulls ricin terror debunk from website.

Click.  The legality of the Iraq war.

Click.  A study finds that most of the Feds’ IT business goes to few companies.

Click.  Stardom: Portugal Wants DNA from ENTIRE Population.

Click.  Mark Henderson: GOOGLE search engine to list news reports according to quality.

Click.  Programmable cells: Engineer turns bacteria into living computers.

Click.  Jessie Scanlon: Lucas built is past glory at a hidden fortress call Skywalker Ranch. At his new factory in the Presidio he's creating the future.

Click.  Jim Scanlon: Justice For Sale.  Did Marin County Superior Court Judge Vern Smith ignore crimes In divorce trial?

Click.  Jim Scanlon: Media blackout on Leo Allen Magers' felony child abuse charges regarding his daughter (also the daughter of Carol Mardeusz).

Click.  Carol Sterritt: Marin County, CA draft counselors advise students.

Click.  Los Angeles Unified School District will train nurses and vet techs.

April 27, 2005

Click.  The U.S. Army has approved the purchase of more than $29 million worth of weapons for the new Iraqi army from a Chinese state-owned company that's under indictment in California for trying to smuggle 2,000 AK-47 automatic rifles into the United States.

Click.  Michael Daly: Blood integral ingredient in oil.

Click.  Ray McGovern: The Bolton affair. More than meets the eye.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: They shoot journalists, don't they?

Click.  Ms. Salazar, the USA's spy caught in Venezuela.

Click.  Dan Smith: Bush's Iraq poker. Hold, fold or raise?

Click.  Microsoft defends ties to Ralph Reed.

Click.  Robert L. Jamieson: Payments to Ralph Reed sully Microsoft.

Click.  Richard Halstead: Ex-clerk, John Montgomery's travels on Marin County's dime revealed -- San Diego, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Los Angeles, Australia.

Click.  Chris Coursey: Santa Rosa parishioners pay for priest's sins.

April 26, 2005

Click.  US marines who suffered the highest casualty rate of any unit in Iraq have revealed that they were so short of soldiers that they used cardboard dummies to fool insurgents into believing they faced more men.

Click.  Cynthia Banham: Australian Brigadier General says there is no war on terrorism.

Click.  Jonathan S. Landay: Data shows record number of terror attacks in Iraq in 2004.

Click.  Italian journalist challenges U.S. report clearing soldiers in Iraq shooting.

Click.  Thomas Powers: Black arts of spying.

Click.  Jack Hitt: Jesus was no GOP lobbyist.

Click.  Robert Parry: Mystery of the Democrats' new spine.

Click.  Stirling Newberry: Rove's revolution: Bash, break and borrow.

Click.  Tom Flocco: FBI linguist won’t deny intelligence intercepts tied 911 drug money to U.S. election campaigns.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: A Bolton from the Bush.

Click.  Juan Cole: Mainstream media and bloggers.

Click.  Abdullah at the ranch. A handy checklist.+ Bush and Prince walk hand-in-hand + Photo + Photo

Click.  Philip J. LaVelle: Resignation of San Diego Mayer will have a huge impact on the political front, but not so for city's financial situation.

Click.  Alameda County Board of Education to vote tonight regarding whether parents should be told of a right to withhold kids' information from military.

Click.  San Francisco running first in bid for stem cell panel headquarters.

Click.  Emeryville hopes a site tour will lure the stem cell facility.

Click.  Marin County.  Shoot the deer!  What????!!!!

April 24, 2005

Frank Rich: A high-tech lynching in prime time

Bolton had to be taken out of the Libya negotiating chain of command at Tony Blair's insistence

Bush's most radical plan yet

Bombs Kill U.S. Sailor, Two Soldiers in Iraq

Your judgment was wrong. You should have resigned, Mr. Blair

Why aid donors won't crack down on corruption

U.S. Message Hard Sell for Rice in Latin America

Scientists have begun putting genes from human beings into crops of food                                                                      

Florence McClung, Early Mass, Taos Enlarge

New treatment for Alzheimer’s

Avian flu looks more like pandemic

My dinner with the white supremacists

"The damned diagnosis"

Turtle tourism beckons

Gaye LeBaron: No room for a Pepper in today's Santa Rosa

April 23, 2005

NASA denies claims it's shading shuttle problems....
NASA'S  CHALLENGER  R.I.P. JANUARY  28,  1986 by Mae Brussell, Originally written for The Realist

US forces detain six linked to helicopter's downing

Moussaoui says he's guilty, but not for 9/11. He tells court he was in a separate plot to fly into White House at another time

Anthrax "person of interest" can interview officials

Jeb Bush "given pause" when at odds with the Catholic Church

New pope knows details of sex abuses. As cardinal, he investigated priests, doled out discipline

Children of prisoners find a release. Balboa High class tries to break cycle of incarceration

Marin Superior Court boss' aide claims she set off probe of Clerk John Montgomery

April 22, 2005

Click.  Edward Alden, Stephanie Kirchgaessner: US business worried by Republicans' filibuster plan.

Click.  Eric Baculinao: China gambles on the Third World.

Click.  Arieh O'Sullivan: Hundreds of US Marines riding hovercrafts stormed ashore the beaches of Nitzanim Wednesday as part of joint maneuvers being quietly held between the US and Israeli militaries.

Click.  John Dean: An update on the investigation into the leak of CIA agent Plame's identity.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: Get ready for a real religious war. Ultra-conservative Pope Benedict XVI's close allies in the U.S. reach high into the Bush regime and other conservative institutions.

Click.  William McCall: Portland plans to pull out of an FBI-led anti-terror task force because federal authorities won't grant him a high security clearance to let him keep closer watch on its activities.

Click.  Pepe Escobar: It's terror when we say so.

Click.  Daniel Schorr: US crisis short list. Asia next?

Click.  Moussaoui: Bin Laden chose me to fly plane into the White House.

Click.  Marin Superior Court's presiding judge Terrence Boren yesterday acknowledged that in February he asked the Judicial Council of California to conduct a special audit and investigation of the court's administration.

Click. (Sacramento Bee, free Reg) Data broker ChoicePoint Inc., under investigation by federal and state regulators, is poised to receive an $845,500 contract from California Attorney General Bill Lockyer to develop a computer system to probe suspected criminals and terrorists.

Click.  Moskowite says Napa County can do more on Megan's law, but meets lukewarm reception.

Click.  Mark Morford: George Bush lies, America cries.

April 21, 2005

Click.  Sunanda K. Datta-Ray: The latest version of the great game.

Click.  Putin: Sale of missiles to Syria will block Israeli flyovers.

Click.  The murky Tigris River yields bodies, but were they hostages?

Click.  Democrat requests probe of changes in terrorism report.

Click.  McCain, Kennedy to propose fining illegal immigrants, but letting them stay.

Click.  Jerry Seper: Minutemen join new organization.

Click.  Ellen Goodman: The trashing of Hillary.

Click.  Andrew Greeley: Pervasive "non-campaign" for Pope, fractured rules of secrecy.

Click.  Rich Karlgaard: Ten laws of the modern world.

Click.  Larry Chin: Iris Chang and the curse of the whistleblower.

Click.  Paul David Collins: The psychology of Abu Ghraib: Elite thought and Iraqi prisoner abuse.

Click.  Inducing hibernation in non-hibernating mammals, technique could be used to "buy patients time".

Click.  Abigail Kramer: Desperate military recruiters and a growing opposition square off in local California schools.

Click.  Jason Rabinowitz: Arnold's lies enough to make you lose your lunch.

Click.  Dana Nichols: Smog costing California schools millions in absences.

XIANA FAIRCHILD CASE: Trial for slaying suspect. 7-year-old girl was kidnapped, killed +  Suspect to be tried in Xiana's death (CCT Reg) + Trial set in girl's kidnap, slaying (SJM Reg) + Anderson to answer for Xiana's murder

April 17, 2005

150 hostages and 19 deaths leave US claims of Iraqi 'peace' in tatters

Juan Cole on the Iraq war

Was Mystery Flight an Al Qaeda Plane Plot?

WP: Vaccine supply at risk


by Virginia McCullough

Judges battle transcends numbers

Lofty Search for Life in New York

Rome judge to deliver ruling on killing of 'God's banker'

Papal hopeful Cardinal Ratzinger is a former Hitler Youth

Coming soon: the mobile that works by a nod, a wink or the wave of a hand

Nurses, governor fight comes to Monterey County

Marin's gadflies: Citizens devoted to variety of causes

Fresno: Raisin grower wins $7.5 million verdict

War Raged Within Iris Chang

Russian Icon, The Raising of Lazarus Enlarge + Commentary

Herb Williams, northern California power broker behind the scenes

War Raged Within Iris Chang

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients + Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world

Stardom: Behind the Timeless Music of AGRESSION

Raisin grower wins $7.5 million verdict

April 16, 2005

Bush administration eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report


Blood for Oil?

Presumption of guilt

Religious right plan Democrat-bashing 'Justice Sunday'

Director is jailed over 'Australian Enron'

Choice for Paris post is a Bush confidant

Friedman: Time to End the Jacko Trial          

Stardom: Opus Dei, 'E Say DEI, I Say Oh NO!

Invading Lincoln's Space

Lucian Freud: The eyes of the world

April 15, 2005

Click.  Education Department probe: "Pundit payola" to Armstrong Williams was poor judgment,
but not illegal or unethical.

Click.  Naomi Klein: Rise of disaster capitalism.


  WHO: Two shipments of dealy flu missing.

Click.  Rose E. Getman, Esq.: Zawahiri's plan to obtain the Ames anthrax strain.

Click.  Sean Murphy: Domestic terrorism from the extreme right remains a threat.

Click.  China censors websites without alerting users that anything has been censored.

April 14, 2005

Click.  Molly Ivins: April 15th. You're getting screwed.

Click.  Chris Herz: Chances are 60-40% in favor of the June attack on Iran.

Click.  FBI waited to check out tip on OKC bomber Nichols' stash of explosives.

Click.  Joe Strupp: Bush to American Society of Newspaper Editors, "Access must be balanced with security".

Click.  Flu strain samples remain at large.

Click.  Laura Rozen's blog on the Bolton nomination.

Click.  Heather Wokush: How Bush's biological weapons buildup affects you.

Click.  Duncan Campbell: The Ricin Ring that never was.

Click.  George Smith: The UK terror trial. Evil foiled or more mendacity?

Click.  Tom Turnipseed: From the Vatican to Neverland. Enablers of pedophilia prevail.

Click.  James Bone: New Yorkers to be offered a mental health check.

Click.  Germaine Greer: Frank Zappa's treasure house.

Click.  Is Arnold in trouble?

Click.  Guy McCarthy: California's top geology cop faces Inland.

Click.  San Francisco City College unveils stem cell training program.

April 13, 2005

Click.  Watchdog: Pentagon's war spending is hard to track.

Click.  Pravda: U.S. plans to expand military presence in Azerbaijan to strike Iran.

Click.  Paul Laverty: Given his record in Honduras, John Negroponte should have no difficulty spotting terrorists.

Click.  Spending big bucks to try and save military bases.

Click.  In a wildly popular series of books and now an NBC show, modern times are interpreted through ancient Apocalypse prophecy.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: A date that boomers can't get out of.

Click.  Tiny devices to eradicate poverty?

New Music Review: Click. Stardom: UNFAIR: Portuguese Emo/Metal/Rock.

Click.  San Francisco U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel rejects San Francisco man's lawsuit that he was drugged with LSD by the CIA's MKULTRA program.

Click.  John Montgomery, the Marin Superior Court executive who quit abruptly last month, approved employment contracts totaling $674,022 over three years to Linda Lau with whom he has owned a home in Napa since 2002.

CALIFORNIA STEM CELL INSTITUTE PICKS: EMERYVILLE MAKES THE CUT  + San Francisco makes cut + San Diego in the running


Click.  Virginia McCullough: DEAR PRESIDENT BUSH: CHIRON IS HEADQUARTERED IN EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA. + Click.  Where is Emeryville, California?  Why should we care?

April 12, 2005

Click.  Ian Rutledge: US appears to have fought war for oil and lost it.

Click.  Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuke sites to Bush.

Click.  Marie Cocco: Loyalty to Bush, but not to the nation.

Click.  Molly Ivins: Bush's political pickle.  Dubya gets in trouble with banking industry for finally trying to track terrorist financing.

Click.  Greg Palast: Did Wyly coyotes' ill-gotten loot buy White House?

Click.  Dan Frosch: Border Brouhaha.

Click.  Chris Suellentrop: Sy Hersh. The runaway mouth of America’s premier investigative journalist.

Click.  Senator Boxer: "Nuclear option" can hurt newspapers too.

Click.  United States Education Department weighing a national student database.

Click.  Pioneer in artificial intelligence software devises new theory of cognition.

April 11, 2005

Click.  Nizar Abdel-Kader: Syria and Iran's last option is to create an anti-United States alliance.

Click.  Peter Preston: The fire that's smouldering under Bush.

Click.  Chinese premier: Marry Chinese hardware with Indian software and dominate the world's tech industry.

Click.  Capt. Vivian Gembara, Esq.: American human intelligence and the anti-Iranian rebels.

Click.  Sam Smith: Seventh Day agnostics arise. You have nothing to lose but your stereotype.

Click.  Barbara Bedway: He wrote the ('NYT' best-selling) book on 'B.S.'.

Click.  Ruth Gledhill: The gospel goes to press with tabloid treatment.

Click.  Celtic tiger threatens mystical Tara, where kings were once crowned.

April 10, 2005

The Price of Oil and the Bush Dollar

Iraqi President Says U.S. Forces Are Needed for at Least Two More Years

Israel's Sharon Heads for U.S., Leaving Behind Unrest in Gaza, Jerusalem

FDR, Dems would be total strangers today

The "crusaders"

Rudolph Plea May Unveil Assistants

Jules-Eugène Lenepveu, Marytrs in the Catacombs Enlarge

Too tough to die. On the borderline with the Minute Men

The Rolling Stone blog

The other stem cell debate -- Chimeras (NYT free reg)

Santa Rosa: Behind the campaign curtain, Governor Schwarzenegger's team controls every detail, even lighting

Marin foundation executive pay detailed

Michael Jackson rules his own children with an iron fist

The Cabazon tribe cuts costs by laying off employees

A 'Non' from France could throw Europe into crisis 

April 9, 2005

The Real Iraqi Election: Danner/Engelhardt

Stripped of immunity, Mexico City mayor awaits arrest

Torture Air, Incorporated

Negroponte and the CIA's Eclipse: Tom Barry

Records Give Voice to Guantanamo Detainees

American universities fall way behind in programming

Postcards with data disturbing

Personal DNA tests helping dieters fit into their genes

Thomas Eakins, Springtime in the park Enlarge

Salk Took All the Credit, but Others Helped Him Develop Polio Vaccine

Anarchist, musician, legend Utah Phillips

Paperback writer Ann Weldy

Billions of Butterflies Descend on California

French mobilize to save cheeses under threat of extinction

April  8, 2005

Click.  H. D. S. Greenway: Is global eavesdropping still useful?

Click.  Noreen Seebacher: Chinese computer maker opening Headquarters in Westchester.

Click.  Jason Vest: Big lies, blind spies and "Vanity Fair".

Click.  Dale Eisman: The Navy's changing tide.

Click.  Fred Kaplan: How many government agencies does it take to teach soldiers Arabic?
A pathetic case of Pentagon incompetence.

Click.  Armed robots may replace soldiers on Korean DMZ.

Click.  William Fisher: Walk softly and carry a big checkbook.

Click.  Yoshi Tsurumi: Hail to the robber baron?

Click.  NarcoNews: Black Thursday 2005. A coup begins today in Mexico.

Click.  The BBC gets first inside look into Guantanamo's secret trials.

Click.  Vincent Navarro: Opus Dei and John Paul II, a profoundly rightwing Pope.

Click.  Mike Whitney: The economic Tsunami coming sooner than you think.

Click.  Rights group says new DOD detainee guidelines violate Geneva Conventions.

Click.  John Dean: Senate Republicans' bid to destroy the filibuster option can actually succeed and
be used to push through ultra conservative judges.

Click.  Kim Curtis: California Internet registry lets tipsters report info on sex offenders.

August 7, 2005

Click.  Pepe Escobar: What's behind the new Iraq?

Click.  Is Iran's touted influence in Iraq extensive or waning?

Click.  Notorious U.S. Cardinal Bernard Law honored by Vatican.

Click.  Sidney Blumenthal: Politics in red robes.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: The passion of the Tom.

Click.  Josh Marshall: Public forums are no place for Bush's thought police.

Click.  Mick Farren: Get the faith outta here!

Click.  Margaret Carlson: In Bushworld, the truth hurts.

Click.  Juan Cole: Bush less popular than Dick Nixon.

Click.  Steven C. Clemons: John Bolton hearings to expose nasty, internecine fight inside State Department over WMD intelligence.

Click.  William E. Jackson, Jr.: Plame game enters bottom of the ninth inning.

Click.  Professor Froomkin: Pentagon issues broad definition of "enemy combatant".

Click.  David Cesarani, Peter Longerich: The film "Downfall" relies on memoirs written by Hitler's allies to distance themselves from Nazism.

Click.  Joseph Jacobson: What if every kid had a computer?

April 6, 2005

Click.  Editor & Publisher: Plame case all over but the jailing?

Click.  Murray Waas: Exclusive. The Plame game over?

Click.  Howard Fineman: The Pope's ties to U.S. politics.

Click.  John R. MacArthur: Iraq war coverage reminds me of Vietnam.

Click.  Thomas C. Greene: Homeland Security blows $16 million prepping for apocalypse.

Click.  High alert amid warnings of Temple Mount attack.

Click.  Tali Woodward: The directors of California's $3 billion stem cell institute have direct ties to
the biotech firms that stand to gain.

Click.  Ron Russell: Governor Schwarzenegger and the Democrats fight for the big prize -- control of CalPERS $180 billion pension fund.

Click.  How Governor Schwarzenegger is saving Wall Street by decimating workers' comp -- a
report from the front lines.

Click.  Josey Puliyenthuruthel: How Google searches for talent.

Click. Jonathan Jones: Michelangelo's personality dominates every Vatican scene but his theology attracts less attention.

April 5, 2005

Click.  Top Marin County official, Clerk John Montgomery, resigns abruptly.

Click.  $14 Billion of Iraq Reconstruction Fund Invested on Wall Street?

Click.  Army asked yet again to give troops in Iraq more armored Humvees.

Click.  Rowan Scarborough: Metrics help guide Pentagon.

Click.  Craig A. McNeil: G.I. joke: "The dirty little secret about the modern soldier is that most of us are completely unsuited to being told what to do."

Click.  Phillip Carter: "Lawfare".

Click.  CW Nevius: US border with Mexico blurring.

Click.  Troy Anderson: Neo-Nazis are recruiting kids in California for rising harassment.

Click.  Kevin B. Zeese: "Progressives" for slavery.

Click.  Declan McCullagh: The next chapter in the Patriot Act.

Click.  Wayne Madsen: Latest neocon target: The Vatican. The neocon strategy to ensure their candidate is selected Pope.

Click.  CIA shut down spy network reporting on Iranian intelligence operations.

Click.  Richard L. Hasen: The ripple effects of the FEC's rules on political blogging.

April 4, 2005

Click.  In the Roman sun, the cult of John Paul II is born.

Click.  Terry Eagleton: The Pope has blood on his hands.

Click.  Mark Hosenball: Did Bolton try to intimidate spies?

Click.  Taking the terror out of terror: Sandia team re-thinks physical security for homeland defense.

Click.  Michael Isikoff: A wicked curveball.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: Breaking the bank.

Click.  Karen Kwiatkowski: Just say empire.

Click.  Nation's largest anti-terrorism drill opens in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Click.  Even without a bill on the table, Senate begins Social Security debate.

Click.  Want someone else's social security number?

Click.  Will Harper: Lafayette cop falls for a woman whose case he's investigating, then unwisely takes her side in a contentious child-custody battle.

Click.  "We can target any gene we want, go into human cells and correct mistakes."

April 3, 2005

Robert Fisk: The US forces, like the Crusaders before them, are prisoners in their own fortresses

Intelligence report could give allies pause

If strong DNI is real issue, is Negroponte the answer?

Kurt Nimmo: The strange appeal of Paul Wolfowitz

Stardom: The Pope's Very Special Relationship With Fatima

Designing websites with senior citizens in mind

Prosecution's key expert witness against Michael Jackson linked to McMartin child abuse cases

Autism May Be Linked To Antioxidant Levels

Political battle over future of gray whales. Salt plant supporters interested once again in Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon

How enterprise capital of Spain found siestas are good for business

Talking chimpanzee: apes use screams to send out social signals

Death, Depression and Prozac

Maureen Dowd: Curveball the Goofball

Irag to be a "free market" paradise   

April 2, 2005

What no one else will say about John Paul II

'Curveball' Debacle Reignites CIA Feud

A horrifying "He said, He said"

What's with all those intelligence commissions?

Somehow, 'dead wrong' just doesn't cover it

Who? Us?

Seymour Hersh: Bush is "unreachable"

Only the Bunting Is Missing in Social Security Campaign-Style Duel

Others Aware of Red Lake Shooter's Plans, Officials Say

Minutemen Prepare to Lay Down the Law

Ukrainian First Lady Heads Back to Native Chicago With Husband

Maker of flu vaccine gets $97m US contract

New Ethics Rules Cost NIH Another Top Researcher

Computers Obey Brain Signals From Paralyzed People ... and Our Reporter, Too

Seattle's new FBI chief is big on collaboration
                                                                                     Pierre Auguste Renoir: Mussel Collectors at Berneval  Enlarge
Michael Jackson's frailties

If the Glove Fits.

One Month Down, Four to Go for Martha Stewart and Her Anklet

Wheels of progress roll right past 62 bus stops. Greyhound trims service to small towns

Medicare website looks at hospital performance

Restoring a Renaissance garden

Terry Castle: Desperately seeking Susan (Sontag)

Ffree online. First book about ley lines: Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps and Sites

Free book online: Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings

Free book online: Lore of the Unicorn

George Eliot and Silas Marner

April 1, 2005

Click.  Thomas C. Greene: Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq.

Click.  Juan Cole: Bush's bizarre press conference.

Click.  Justin Raimondo: "Dead Wrong" -- or Lying?

Click.  Intelligence analysts whiffed on a "Curveball".

Click.  Maureen Dowd: I spy a screw-up.

Click.  A profile in timidity.

Click.  Scott Ritter: Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran.

Click.  Ward Harkavy: America's defense contractors are proudly running the Guantanamo tribunals.

Click.  Add the ACLU of Oregon to the list of power players at the table over the next three weeks as city and federal officials attempt to negotiate the level of oversight of the Portland FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Click.  Gerald Traufetter: A Treasure Island for elite biotech researchers in Singapore.

Click.  Gospel according to Judas will finally be heard.

March 31, 2005

Click.  WMD Commission report calls U.S. intelligence "dead wrong" on Iraq weapons.  Read the entire WMD Commission Report + CIA's response to WMD Commission Report + Department of Defense response to WMD Commission Report

Click.  Send in the (intelligence) clowns!

Click.  Jenny Strasburg: Unions to protest Schwab alliances.  AFL-CIO says firm backs privatizing Social Security.

Click.  Lucy Ashton: Gun mentality rules in Beirut.

Click.  FBI investigating incidents on subdomains hosted by

Click.  Congratulations, it's a boy...and you're busted. 

Click.  Kaiser Hospital will investigate itself regarding the eviction of Sarah Nome.



Click. OPEN LETTER TO LARRY MEREDITH, Director of the Marin County Health and Human Services Administration by Virginia McCullough




Click. (Sacramento Bee Free Reg) State officials on Wednesday cleared the way for the Schwarzenegger administration to immediately start collecting more of the assets of elderly
Medi-Cal recipients after they die.

March 26, 2005

Click.  Laura Rozen, Jeet Heer: (That old Ghorbanifar in action again!)  Hard-liners want evidence that Iran is up to no good. And they’re turning to strange sources to get it.

Click.  Krygyzstan is on the brink of civil war, not democracy.

Click.  Missiles, microbes, sacked weapon sites. Loose ends proliferate in Iraq.

Click.  Questions that hang over Iraq's military-industrial complex.

Click.  Kel Munger: Empire! Intrigue! Murder! (Real story of American frontier days.)

Click.  Mark Engler: Remembering Romero.

Click.  Alameda County D.A. attacks jury-bias messenger.  More.

Click.  What does France have against Google?

Click.  Stardom: MEXICAN BASHING Rages on.

March 25, 2005

Click.  Publish (the full documentation behind the legal advice to go to war in Iraq)or be damned.

Click.  Feith's speech draws hostile reaction at Harvard.

Click.  In a polarizing case, Jeb Bush cements his political stature.

Click.  Bush signs law on release of CIA-Nazi documents.

Click.  Success without venture capital.

Click. knows things about you that you might not know yourself.

Click.   Evan Eisenberg: Important changes to your citizenship agreement.

Click.  Mark Morford: Is this a new Dark Age?

Click.  Access the great books online.

March 24, 2005

Click.  Thomas Friedman: War with the values of a revolution.

Click.  Jim Bronskill: Canadian spy service sees anti-globalization forces evolving into peace brigade./

Click.  Motivations of right-wing group attacking AARP include money and influence.

Click.  Adam L. Penenberg: It's the content, not the source at stake in Apple blogger case.

Click.  Quentin Hardy: Building a better brain.

March 23, 2005

Click.  Governor Schwarzenegger wants California to adopt rules to recoup Medi-Cal expenses from "life estates" of the deceased.

Click.  A secretive government commission recently scrutinized the CIA for expanding its spy activities inside the U.S. and for failing to share key intelligence with the FBI.

Click.  Argentina and the United States failed yesterday to reach an agreement granting U.S. troops immunity from prosecution in the South American country.

Click.  Jody K. Biehl: How Germans fell for the 'Feel-Good' Fuehrer.

Click.  His assailants believed Paul Cooper was a pedophile, so they beat him to death. But he was innocent, a victim of vigilante violence.

Click.  David Hanners: FBI digs deeper into what drives school shooters.

Click.  Lab stands by its initial anthrax findings.

Click.  Joe Hagen: Dan Rather gone but White House isn't sated yet.

Click.  Stardom: The MINUTEMEN: Anti-Mexican RACIST PIGS.

March 19, 2005

Ralph Surette: Wagging fingers on the way to Waterloo

The World Bank: a Bigger Problem Than Wolfowitz

Four Astronauts will be on emergency standby, ready to rush to the rescue of next shuttle

Man sentenced for crimes he may commit (pre-crimes)

U.S. Supreme Court takes up Colorado case to settle whether police are liable for failure to restrain a person when restraining order exists

Body of missing 9-year-old Florida girl found

What the butler saw: Germans fall under the spell of Hitler book

Millions in thrall to a blogger’s tale of love on the rails

Stardom: DROUGHT: Portugal's Gonna Burn

The understudy in theatre

Vincent van Gogh, The Cypresses Enlarge, comments

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March 18, 2005

Click.  Ukraine said on Friday cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads had been "smuggled" out of the country to Iran, but denied a report they had been exported with official sanction.

Click.  Russian President Vladimir Putin says China "has right to restore territorial integrity".

Click.  Questions are left by the CIA chief on the use of torture.

Click.  Juan Cole:  Wolfowitz's plot to destroy OPEC and why it as always ridiculous.

Click.  Michael Lind: Wolfowitz's catastrophic success.

Click.  Bronwyn Sell: Hired guns just need the right look.

Click.  Jonathan Mowat: The new Gladio in action? Ukrainian postmodern coup completes testing of new template.

Click.  David Kravets:  A federal appeals court on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to make public the internal machinations of an influential committee which recommends to the president which Californians should be nominated to a federal judgeship.

The new music. Click.  Stardom: FROM NOW ON: Portuguese Hardcore/Metal/Screamo.

Click.  German firm goes one better than eBay.

Click.  Shalini Kathuria Narang: California diary. Cross cultural training on Indian Culture.

Click.  Lew Rockwell:  Flee!

March 17, 2005

Click.  Greg Palast:  The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.  More

Click.  No big U.S. troop reduction in Iraq likely until 2006 or 2008, Army chief says.

Click.  Britain cannot sustain army deployments abroad.

Click.  Roads out of Baghdad become no-go zones.

Click.  Opponents vow to fight drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Click.  CIA Director defends U.s. interrogation practices.

Click.  Sam Smith: Why the Democratic Hawaiian Senators voted for the Alaskan pillage.

Click.  Tiny school gets no-bid work from Homeland Security to train intelligence analysts.

Click.  Martha Baer: House of cards, bridge of steel. Why not do nothing to defend the Golden Gate Bridge?

Click.  John Sugg:  How Bush's Uncle Bucky won the war.

Click.  Search rank easy to manipulate.

Click.  The media, the entertainment industry and Michael Jackson.


Click.  How chromosome study shows male and female genetic differences.

Click.  Michelangelo Signorile: Log Cabin's drug money.

March 16, 2005

Click. (Washington Post)  The Pentagon is working to develop a suborbital space capsule within
the next five years that would be launched from the United States and could deliver conventional weapons anywhere in the world within two hours.

Click.  The Bush administration sees little proliferation risk in helping Westinghouse Electric Co. build nuclear power plants in China for a state-run firm once accused of transferring sensitive technology to Iran and Pakistan.

Click.  Introducing artificial human chromosomes (HACs) into the body of some human beings to deliver genetic modifications throughout life.   Two species of humans will be created -- the "gene enriched" and the "naturals".

Click.  Interrogators for hire.

Click.  The convictions of dozens of death-row inmates in California are coming under legal
scrutiny because of accusations that Jews and black women were excluded from juries in capital trials in Alameda County as "standard practice."

Click.  Sam Smith: Los Angeles Times continues to vilify Gary Webb.

Click.  Major foreign holders of U.S. debt.

March 15, 2005

Click.  Pakistan's "Father of the Atomic Bomb", Abdul Qadeer Khan, is suspected of delivering nuclear weapons technology to Libya and North Korea.  Now, for the first time, a member of his smuggling ring, Gerhard Wisser of Germany, is set to go on trial in South Africa.

Click.  Walter C. Uhler: The implications of the systematic looting of Iraq's weapons plants.

Click.  Louis Charbonneau: Pakistan reviving nuclear black market, experts say.

Click.  Nancy Show: The propaganda Czar from Paris + Texas.

Click.  Teresa Whitehurst: The witnesses must be crazy.

Click.  Evelyn Pringle: Labeling kids mentally ill for profit.

Click.  Halliburton charged the Pentagon $27.5 million to ship $82,000 worth of fuel.

Click.  Kéllia Ramares: Social security and the lesson of the dot-com bust.

Click.  William Dankbaar: Did the Bushes help kill JFK?

Click.  Need a building?  Just add water.

March 14, 2005

Click.  Robert Fisk: UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination.

Click.  GAO: Pentagon data on Iraq security forces unreliable.

Click.  Katherine Shrader: NSA outlines plans for spying on Americans.

Click.  Debka: U.S. intelligence takeover of the Palestinian Authority.

Click.  Katherine Stapp: Uncle Sam on the prowl (for your kids).

Click.  Security gaffes cited in Atlanta Courthouse killing spree.

Click.  Thomas Lipscomb: Why Rathergate and Easongate are still open.

Click.  Tom Engelhardt: Jewish lawyers at Guantanamo.

Click.  Jack Epstein: Rebuilding a pure Aryan home in the Paraguayan jungle.  Click.  Famous names in the story of a jungle utopia.

Click.  Dr. Tom Gross: The frail folks who get left behind.

Click.  Simon Read: Zodiac's shadow crossed this valley.

Click. Amit Asaravala: Are nonbacteria making us ill?

March 12, 2005

Click.  Gene C. Gerard: Environmental Protection Agency nominee Stephen L. Johnson supports testing of chemicals on human subjects.

Click.  David Greenberg: History for conservative dummies.

Click.  Tish Durkin: Hillary gets hot, but for the Democrats she's lose, lose.

Click.  Joel Connolly: Congress seems blind to its oversight duties.

Click.  Dick Meyer: Bankruptcy, Martha and the Donald.

Click.   Joe Hagen: Dan Rather's long goodbye. Who done it?

Click.  Xymphora: Giuliana Sgrena shutting up now?

Click.  Second nurse suspected to have bird flu in Vietnam. Click.  Nurse to nurse transmission?
Winslow Homer, Home, Sweet Home  Enlarge

Click.  Steven Mikulan: Celebrity justice for all.

Click.  Mary Rose Lovgren: A passion for peregrines.

Click.  Robert Tanner:  Across U.S. citizens fight for records.

March 11, 2005

Click.  Atlanta reporters describe mayhem following shootings and carjackings.

Click.  Thom Hartmann: Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"?

Click.  Robert Parry: Bush's kiss of death.

Click.  What is Bush trying to hide?

Click.  Strange firing of CEO at Boeing.

Click.  Ellen Simon: My life according to the data merchants.

Click.  Justin Berton: The state says sexual predator Cary Verse is rehabilitated, but it isn't the state he needs to worry about.

March 10, 2005

U.S. Troops Who Fired on Freed Italian Journalist Were Security for Negroponte

Managed elections are the latest device to prop up pro-western regimes

Sidney Blumenthal: The enemy within

Pepe Escobar: Iraq, IRA-style

Markets rocked by Koizumi comments

The greenback catches Asian flu

Defense review has a go-it-alone tone

What ails the FDA? Payola

Welcome to the "franchise society"

Beyond the God Pod

Military attracts violent loners

Addicted to porn: How members of Congress benefit from pornography

Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Included Children, Commander Says

March 9, 2005

Click.  Patrick J. Buchanan: The stillborn empire.

Click.  Giuliana Sgrena: Freedom at any price.

Click.  Israeli impersonators are key to terror fight.

Click.  Hollywood and Pentagon share rich past.

Click.  Kris Alexander: We need spy blogs.

Click.  U.S. Patriot missile crews in joint exercise with Israel.

Click.  Lisa Pease: Are we targeting journalists again?

Click.  Benjamin Wallace: America is losing its competitive edge and Washington hasn't noticed.

Click.  Hope for sufferers as British diabetic is "cured".

Click.  THE PRESS LAYS OUT A TERRORIST PLAN TO KILL 82-YEAR-OLD SARAH NOME by Virginia McCullough Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Click. Jim Scanlon: Media frenzy over Sara Nome story.  All her visitors monitored by Kaiser.
"I feel like I am a prisoner on Death Row".

Click. Florida cop uses taser gun on man who refused to give a urine sample to medical staff.

March 8, 2005

Click.  Syrian troops move east, not out.

Click.  Helen Branswell: Military intelligence warns that avian flu could be used as weapon: report.

Click.  Ill-will Ambassador Bolton.

Click.  Elaine Cassel:  The strange case of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali: Troubling questions about the government's motives and tactics.

Click.  Stanford University scientists are preparing to create a mouse whose brain will be composed entirely of human cells.

Click.  Pig holds clues to man-made flu.

Click.  Halliburton operates in Iran without sanctions.

Click.  White House admits first blogger to news briefing.

Click.  Rebecca MacKinnon: Journalists who die in Iraq....

Click.  Child prodigies are often misunderstood and they struggle under the burden of their astonishing intelligence.

Click.  Jim Walker: Hitler's Christianity.

Click.  Open season on Wisconsin's cats proposed.

March 6, 2005

Click. (In English) Il Manifesto. Gabriele Polo. Life and Death.

Click. BBC: Hostage's shooting no accident.

Hezbollah backs Lebanon's pro-Syrian government, fueling tensions

Judge's husband mourned amid tight police security, Lefkow eulogized as martyr -- killers called 'petty thugs'

A WEB OF WHITE POWER. Killing of judge's relatives points to Internet's potential to breed 'lone wolf' supremacists

CIA handling detainee transfers. Agency avoids case-by-case scrutiny because of Bush directive

Police Tasers + Unassuming weapons carry a stiff punch + Santa Rosa incident provides glimpse of how police use Tasers

The engine driving Governor Schwarzenegger

Officials worry about the Naval Postgraduate School's fate

Studies: Drug-coated stents may help prevent bypass surgery

Brenda Stardom: ADD It Up, ADD It Up

Vasiliy Polenov, An Olive Tree in the Garden of Gethsemane Enlarge

Wayne Madsen: Expose'. The Christian mafia

Click. David J. Rothkopf: Inside the Committee that runs the world.

March 5, 2005

Syria Sidesteps Troop Pullout Demand

Tehran Predicts Growing Mideast Instability if Iran Referred to U.N. Security Council

Questions grow over shooting incident as Italian reporter comes home

Companion says U.S. attacked Sgrena

No One Safe on Baghdad's Roads, Iraqis Say

Bush Discusses Missile Defense With Canadian Prime Minister

Some worried about NORAD alliance

Experts say bird flu can't be beaten

Frederic Remington, Evening on a Canadian Lake Enlarge

Chavez Warns U.S. That Any Assassination Attempt Would Cut Off Oil Supply

Los Alamos bidder drops out. University of California stands greater chance to win bid

Experts say bird flu can't be beaten

Alexander Cockburn: Arnold vs. the Nurses

Did Racist's Hatred for Judge Lead to Murder?

Aryan leader's confidante questioned in double homicide

Russell Mokhiber, Robert Weissman: 10 ways to save a corporate criminal

San Rafael, CA,: Eviction of Kaiser patient Sarah Nome is on hold

Police add unmarked citizen patrols to crime-fighting arsenal

R. Scott Moxley: Haidl attorney John Barnett specializes in generating reasonable doubt

ChoicePoint Data Cache Became a Powder Keg

RCMP probe killings: Amid grief, questions arise for police

U.S. Readies Aggressive Counterintelligence Plan

Cort Greene: John Negroponte, William Brownfield and Death Squads, Inc.

Ray McGovern: Who Now Will Read to the President in the Morning?

Dylan Thomas in Llareggub

Matt Coker: The first Jesus freak

Charles W. Bell: Stations of the cross of the streets

March 4, 2005

Click.  Bush calls on Syria to withdraw all its troops and intelligence by May.

Click.  Pravda: France's Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin said Tuesday at the First World Conference on Bio-terrorism that after al-Qaeda groups were smashed in Afghanistan, international terrorist groups were still working on chemical and germ weapons in Georgia's Pankisi Gorge.

Click.  Joe Hagen: Fired CBS newspaper reporter fired in "Memogate" will shop her book.

Click.  A California judge said in a preliminary ruling that bloggers should not have the same protection afforded to journalists under US law. Three blogs which published sensitive information about upcoming Apple products could be made to disclose where the leaks came from.

Click.  Duncan Campbell: Woman who fought a Nicaraguan dictator is labeled a terrorist and
refused an American visa.

Click.  Spectacular giant figures unearthed in Peru, older than the Nazca lines.

March 3, 2005

Click.  Syrian offer of partial withdrawal from Lebanon is unacceptable, Rice says

Click.  Bush wielding national security secrecy privilege to end lawsuits challenging his anti-terror tactics.

Click.  Pravda: Venezuela detects several U.S. battleships near its coasts.

Click.  It's time for Canada to join the EU.

Click.  Scientists slam U.S. plasma weapon. Click. Maximum pain is the aim.

Click.  David Gran: How the Aryan Brotherhood became the most murderous prison gang in America.

Click.  Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: 10 ways to protect your child from the military's ASVAB test.

Click.  Ted Van Dyk: Robes don't hide Judges' politics.

Click.  Was DNA from daughter's pap smear, taken without her knowledge, used to trace DNA of alleged BTK killer?

Click.  Declan McCullagh: The coming crackdown on blogging.

Click.  Energy policy blackout in Sacramento.

March 2, 2005

Click.  Syria fails to guarantee complete withdrawal.

Click.  A British computer specialist tried to set up a terrorist training camp in Arizona.

Click.  A boob's war on boobs.

Click.  "The whore lived like a German."

Click.  As head of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Kevin Gover single-handedly gave the Koi Nation land rights.  Now, he's stepped through the revolving door to hawk the tribe's plans for a Bay Area casino.

Click.  Mike Giniella: After 30 years, Jim Jones aide Tim Stoen, now a Humboldt deputy D.A., seeks forgiveness. Click. Text of letter from Tim Stoen.

Click.  More about Mendocino's new deputy D.A. in charge of child support, Tim Stoen and his
Jim Jones and People's Temple agenda.

Click.  Dell CEO opposes Internet limits on music, movies.

Click.  Armed with new technology, cities seize cars of tax delinquents.

Click. Jack Balkwill: The most important thing you will ever read. Pod creatures are taking over human bodies.

March 1, 2005

Click.  Syria's President Bashar al-Assad expects American war, rejects to withdraw from Lebanon, instantly.

Click.  Stephan Zunes: Bush has a clear run at Syria.

Click.  Gary Leupp: Year four in the Five Year Plan: A June attack on Iran?

Click.  Rice calls off Ottawa trip after missile defense snub.

Click.  Sheldon Alberts: Canadians accused of missile freeloading.

Click.  U.S. Marines hire private Iraqi force to hunt insurgents.

Click.  Holly Edwards: Meet Richard Land, the Christian right leader who has Bush's ear.

Click.  Wolfowitz in the lead to become World Bank President.

Click.  Missile system installed near Bethesda neighborhoods.

Click.  Attorney General Gonzales declares war against the First Amendment.

Click.  Democrats say Social Security agency growing partisan.

Click.  Afghanistan seeks long-term partnership with U.S. military.

Click.  University of Southern California neurologist Zach W. Hall expected to be named California stem cell chief.

Click.  Iraq to create geophysical and geological database for oil fields.

Click.  Kristen Lombardi: God is a centrist Democrat. Hillary moves self, whole party into the religious middle.

Click.  Deb Price: Admiral steers support for gays in the military.

Click.  Great wall of China built with rice?

February 28, 2005

Click.  Anita Manning: In a pandemic, antivirals are the first line of defense, flu experts say. But the U.S. stockpile doesn't have enough of the right medicine to treat even 1% of the population.

Click.  John R. Bradley: The House of Saud's eternal dilemma.

Click.  The social security trust fund sits in a drawer.

Click.  Social Security "fright mail" targeting seniors helped fund trips for GOP leader Tom DeLay and his cohorts to Asia and UK.

Click.  NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT ON SENIOR HEALTH ISSUE:  Sarah Nome still waits in Kaiser Hospital, San Rafael for the Sheriff to evict her.  She needs treatment and has nowhere to go.  "We don't have a long-term care policy in this country, so there is no set way that we take care of seniors who need ongoing care."

Click.  Jerry Mazza: Bankrupting Social Security to finance fascism.

Click.  Siddharth Srivastava: Hillary Clinton woos India.

Click.  Barbara Atkinson: The geeks of wrath.

Click.  Lisa Pease: Electronic voting.  Reform now or never. 

Click.  Updates on the Michael Jackson trial as they occur.

Click.  Carlyle Group buys Wall Street Institute.

February 27, 2005

Click.  Iran was offered nuclear parts in 1987.

Click.  Did Blair sign up for Iraq war at Bush's ranch in April 2002?

Click.  Iran and Russia sign nuclear deal.

Click.  Maureen Dowd: 'W.'s stiletto democracy'

Click.  Linda McQuaig: It's now clear how the Bush administration sees things: Canadian sovereignty exists only at its pleasure. If we do what Washington wants, we retain our sovereignty. If we don't, all bets are off.

Click.  Senators Clinton and Kerry submit open voting bill.

Click.  Andrew Sullivan: New York warms to it could be America.

Click.  Music notes: Stardom: VOICES IN YOUR HEAD: New sounds from Portugal.                                                                                         

Guy Rose: San Gabriel Mission. Enlarge.

Click.  Mixed memories of "The Family".  Ex members believe abuse normal. Click
Current sect members react.

Click.  Seniors groups looking beyond Canada for drugs.

Click.  Search resumes for missing 9-year-old Florida Girl.

Click.  Service somber at church where BTK suspect was leader.

Click.  Rare Austrian production of "The Sound of Music" reflects nation's schizophrenic Nazi past.