ARTICLES MARCH 20, 21, 2000:

QUOTES OF THE DAY: Increasingly pleasant increased simulation will overcome reality and effectuate mind control.  Anonymous lawyer. 

It quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a simulated duck.  Anonymous publisher.

A rose is a rose by any other name. William Shakespeare.

A rose is a rose is a rose.  Gertrude Stein.

What is DOOM? DOOM is a 3D first person perspective action computer game created and published by id Software. Important features are: highly immersive gameplay, texture mapped environment, modem/network play. It can also be extensively modified, which has resulted in a huge number of add-on utilities and new levels. Doom was the simulated game favored by Klebod and Harris of Columbine.


Neil Mackay, of the Sunday Herald, Scotland, reports:

"NELSON Mandela is to be named as an MI6 agent who aided British intelligence officers with operations against Colonel Gadaffi's Libyan weapons programs, supplied his handlers with details of arms shipments to Ulster terrorists and allowed UK spying operations to be based in South Africa.

Allegations of Mandela's recruitment by the British intelligence service will be revealed in a controversial new book, MI6: Fifty Years of  Special Operations, by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril. The book is due to be published at the end of this month.

MI6 launched an unsuccessful legal challenge to get the book's publisher, Fourth Estate, to release its contents. Special Branch officers also raided the London publishing house and seized computer equipment, but did not unearth details of Mandela's recruitment by MI6.

Dorril, a writer on intelligence issues and a lecturer at Huddersfield University, claims Mandela was of use to MI6 as his friendliness with Colonel Gadaffi's Libyan government paved the way for the hand-over of the two Libyan agents accused of the Lockerbie bombing.

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     The simulation of the WACO siege and disaster has just concluded.  Attorneys for the deceased Davidians say the results prove their case--that FBI agents fired shots at the Davidians.  The Department of Justice says the results prove its case. Simulation of court cases was made popular during the OJ Simpson trial, when a forensics lab in Silicon Valley devised a computer simulation of the case.  Now, the Department of Justice will simulate three counter-terrorism sieges in three very real US cities.

David S. Cloud (3/20/00) reports: Click to read entire article.

"The Justice Department will stage at least three and as many as six rapid-fire mock attacks at a cost of between $3.5 million and $6 million. The exercise is designed to test how the government would respond if a foreign terrorist group released biological agents, chemical weapons and radiation, and hacked into computer networks, in three locales: Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and outside Washington, D.C.

Police and rescue units will be deployed. Streets will be blocked off and hundreds of volunteer "victims" will be transported to hospitals. Federal counterterrorism units from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Pentagon will be activated and flown in to enhance the realism."


Professor Paul Fishwick, University of Florida expert on simulation states:

"Technologies such as Simulation and Virtual Reality will dominate the entertainment and science forefronts well into the next Century. Since early childhood, we have always learned by role playing and building models of things. With today's computer prices, personal computers are highly affordable. Armed with your computer, you can proceed to build models of reality and ``let them loose" to see what happens and to learn more about reality by modeling it. While what we may do today may be primitive by standards set in science fiction shows such as Star Trek (The Holodeck) and Lawnmower Man, the present computer simulation discipline will lead the way to these eventual goals. The key word is ``digital" as pointed out by many such as Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT Media Lab in his recent text ``Being Digital." We want to create digital replicas of everything you see as you look around you while reading this article. When you want to construct a digital world, you will pick digital objects, using a 3D, immersive construction tool to put them together. The digital objects may be located anywhere on the Internet and you will use help tools (or autonomous agents) to locate the building block objects for your digital world. Some of this type of work is being done in Distributed Interactive Simulation which is a thrust pioneered by the Department of Defense. The implications of these types of simulations are profound since the idea of distributed simulation has enormous potential, also, in industrial and entertainment fields."

Click to read Paul A. Fishwick's analysis of simulation.


READ AND WEEP!  THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT!  Stanford researches team up with the local police and develop a SIMULATION of a mass arrest and imprisonment.  

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"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?                        Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?                                    Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon.                          

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Tuesday 3/21/00 1:00 p.m. 450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, at the federal building. 

The Bay Area Observer urges everyone interested in justice to join the fight for justice for imprisoned scientist, Dr. Wen Ho Lee.    If this type of injustice can be perpetrated on Dr. Lee, it can spread like a cancer throughout the scientific community.  No one can consider themselves immune from this type of treatment if just one citizen can be treated in this abusive, racially selective manner.

The tone of our government bureaucrats is best expressed by Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) who stated, "Even though Dr. Lee failed [THIS IS DISPUTED] this second polygraph, no action was taken to terminate Dr. Lee until March 8..."  Senator Specter is clearly of the opinion that Lee should have been fired based on the polygraph.  Lie detector tests are notoriously unreliable and are not admissible in courts of law.  Senator Specter displays a misguided faith in the polygraph process and he knows that his remarks indicate that Dr. Lee is guilty simply because it is alleged that he failed an FBI polygraph.  Senator Specter is spreading the falsehoods adhered by Dr. Lee's prosecutors and Specter is showing a blatant disregard for due process.  Many other government flunkies echo this propaganda.

Employees at the National Laboratories around the country are under the threat of forced polygraphs being made a condition of their employment.  Consider that situation for a moment and you will realize that soon every job available would screen applicants with lie detector tests.  Those who fail would simply be unemployed.

The Bay Area Observer will attend the rally in defense of Dr. Wen Ho Lee.  Time and location of the rally follow.  Please attend and support Dr. Lee who is a scrape goat of United States' politics.


Message from : Cecilia Chang, Chair, Steering Committee, Wen Ho Lee Defense Fund
510 494-1111, P.O. Box 1, Fremont, CA 94536. E-mail :

Please help spread the word among your members. Dr. Wen Ho Lee came from Taiwan, he is a member of our Asian American community. We believe the only reason he was targeted is because of his ethnicity. If his loyalty is being questioned so is ours. We need your support !!!

When:   Tuesday, March 21, 2000  1:00 p.m.
Where:  Federal Building Plaza
450 Golden Gate Ave (near Civic Center exit, Bart)
San Francisco, California
What:   100th day of Dr. Lee's incarceration and
             58th anniversary of Manzanar, the first Japanese
             internment camp built on American soil."
Theme:  " Is Asian American's loyalty still being questioned
             58 years after Manzanar ?"
Contact:Cecilia Chang 510 494-1111
Sponsored by:
         Dr. Wen Ho Lee Defense Fund
Co-sponsored by
        SF Board of Supervisor Mabel Teng's office
Alameda County of Supervisor Wilma Chan's office
  SF Board of Supervisor Leeland Yee's office
  Congressman David Wu's office
  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's office
  Asian Pacific American for Higher Education
  California Democratic Party, Chicano/Latino Caucus
  National Lawyer's Guild
  International Action Center
  Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA)
  Asian American Public Policy Institute
  ACLU (Northern California)
  Organization of Chinese American (OCA East Bay)
  Japanese American Citizens League (JACL San Fernando Chapter)
  Chinese for Affirmative Action
  Confirmed speakers
         San Francisco Board of Supervisor Mabel Teng
         Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan
         Ling-Chi Wang, Chair, Ethnic Studies, U.C. Berkeley
         Steve J. Ybarra, J.D. Chair, CDP Chicano/Latino Caucus
         Lawrence Wong,  Ex. Director, Chinese American Citizens Alliance
         Marguerite Hiken, National Lawyer's Guild
         Kim Singh, Ex. Director, Asian American Public Policy Institute
         Dorothy Ehrlich, Ex. Director, ACLU (Northern California)
         Gloria LaRava, Director, International Action Center."

Hope to see you in the rally !!!


Mr. Danforth, where are the WACO computer programs, disks, E-mail transmissions and hardware?  How about a reenactment of Koresh' computer activity?

This morning (3/20/00) CNN reported:

"FORT HOOD, Texas -- Films of a field test aimed at resolving whether federal agents fired on Branch Davidians during the final hours of the 1993 Waco standoff will require more extensive examination, a government spokesman said Monday.

But a preliminary review of the films by the FBI, the U.S. attorney's office, and a Justice Department expert bolstered the case that FBI agents did not fire at the back of the compound as the siege ended, U.S. Attorney Mike Bradford said. We're pleased to say that this does confirm what we have said all along." 

Although the issue of whether FBI agents fired shots at the WACO compound, is critical, there are one issue that no investigation has probed--what computer capacity did Koresh and his followers have? The BATF's search warrant showed a fascination with Koresh' computers.

Attachment D to the sealed search warrant, executed by the BATF, specifically stated that the following items were to be seized:

"... and documentary and computerized evidence of receipt, ownership and instructions for converting semi-automatic firearms into machineguns, and the construction of improvised explosive weapons, including computer hardware, peripheral equipment and software containing files and directories and the information thereon. This is to include any disks, manuals, printouts and other assorted computer equipment." Click to read Attachment D. (Read the entire search warrant and supporting affidavit at:

Did the seizure of the computer items include only data related to selling or manufacturing guns?  Or did the computer items include black operations, black budget items or money transactions, or a software named DAZZLE, that Koresh allegedly developed?  

Richard Mosley, who produced the documentary Day 51: The True Story of Waco, explored these questions.  In Waco, Vince Foster, and the Secret War, Mack White reported (

"Day 51 interviewed Davidian Wally Kennett, who stated the ATF was in actuality not looking for an illegal arsenal when they raided Mt. Carmel on February 28, 1993, but rather for information stored on a computer. This information, he alleged, had been compiled by two Davidians--Jeff Little and Wayne Martin--both of whom were killed in the final assault on April 19. Furthermore, Kennett states that it was this computer, not guns or anything else, that was kept in the room which the ATF attempted to enter the morning of the raid.

If this is so, then it explains why the ATF went ahead with the raid on February 28, when they knew the bulk of the arsenal had been taken to Austin for a gun show that morning.

Jeff Little was known by the Davidians to have been a "computer expert" who had previously worked for the Yamaha Corporation, and had been involved in a shady project to modify a law enforcement software to contain a "trap door."

John Quinn, Newshawk, Inc. reported on 6/6/99 that:

"My source indicated that there is good reason to believe that principal developer and apparent owner of Midnight Visions Black Op’s Workshop in Spring, Texas, named as a J.R. Shiflett, was in fact none other than DAVID KORESH! Remember Waco? Though many people realize that U.S. government agents murdered over 80 innocent human beings in the Waco assault, the actual REASON for the initial intrusion by federal agents onto Koresh’s Waco compound has always seemed a little unclear. There is no doubt that Koresh had been a computer programmer. There is a good amount of circumstantial evidence indicating Koresh was more that just a fringe Christian cult leader who somehow or other became an (apparently massive) irritant to certain federal agencies. Ever wonder WHY legions of federal storm troopers descended on the Branch Dravidian compound in the first place? there’s a possibility that Koresh, for some reason or other, was not particularly happy about the feds’ intended uses for his Dazzle program and/or had some relatively more benign intentions for how to use the program." Click to read Quinn's entire article.

Quinn also reported that Dazzle is referenced under the following contract numbers: N00792-1643-90 Naval Research Center, China Lake, Calif. N00967-5582-91 Naval research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 

NewsMakingNews asks:  Mr. Danforth, will you investigate Koresh' computer work?  Readers with information are encouraged to report it.  E-mail us!