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HENRY KISSINGER: Obstinate Memory and Pursuit of the Present by Norman Solomon. Click. 

When Osama bin Laden hid coded messages for his global operatives on porn Web sites, he was merely practicing the ancient art of "covered writing". Click.

The crimes of lemon drop drugs and paper guns: Zero-tolerance laws regarding school kids get even more bizarre. Click.


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Henry Kissinger, The Narcotic Emperor.
TAPE 608, AUGUST 1, 1983 NewsMakingNews Comment: References to Marc Rich can be found in these charts.  Did Clinton pardon an international drug dealer with old fascist connections?  If so, who is the Big Dog?

Click. Gulf War II by Larry Chin


by Virginia McCullough, BayCities Observer.


Click. Crime Does Pay: Katherine Harris Elected to The Council on Foreign Relations by Larry Chin © 2000

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Click. WHO WAS CHARLIE MANSON?  by Mae Brussell

The Pew at St. Catherine's
  Russian mission at the United Nations in New York.
  THE FOOT. Bush shoots himself in his well-armed Iraq foot. 
THE CIA GLOBE that happy Big Dog tracks.
GEORGETOWN. Quigley we hardly knew ye. 


Every Sunday for years, Mr. Hanssen and his wife, Bonnie, a teacher, were found in the same left-side pew near the altar of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Great Falls, Va.

The Hanssens told friends they had selected the church because it was one of the few in the region that still conducted a Latin Mass, and they preferred a traditional service. Among the church's other regular parishioners: Louis J. Freeh, the director of the F.B.I., and Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court. (Mr. Freeh said through a spokesman that he had known the Hanssens through a handful of contacts at the church but was never a "social friend" of the couple's.)

The Hanssens were adherents of Opus Dei, an elite conservative Catholic order. Opus Dei urges its members to attend daily Mass, and Mr. Hanssen also regularly appeared for evening prayer-and-confession sessions known as recollections.

While the Hanssens lived in a suburb of Washington known for the quality of its public schools, they chose instead to send their six children — three boys and three girls — to expensive private schools affiliated with Opus Dei.  [New York Times 2/25/01}


I am advised by sources that Hanssen’s discovery was most likely brought about by information supplied by, Sergei Tretyakov, an SVR intelligence officer who was serving as first secretary in the Russian mission at the United Nations in New York, until he defected in October last year. Since then Tretyakov has been debriefed extensively by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Nigel West,  Intelligence Analyst in an interview from Washington DC on BBC TV. 21 Feb 201


During George Bush's reign as President, the U.S. government quietly, covertly armed Iraq with deadly weapons of mass destruction. This story has long been acknowledged, but buried.

For a quick summary of this bizarre affair which made possible the Gulf War, read this article from the Columbia Journalism Review. 

 dot3.gif (973 bytes)  IRAQGATE: The Big One That (Almost) Got Away / Who Chased it -- and Who Didn't  

 dot3.gif (973 bytes)The Teicher Affidavit This book review summarizes some of the events as well. Another good book on this subject is Spider's Web: The Illegal Arming of Iraq by the White House. 
dot3.gif (973 bytes) Guns as bread-and-butter 


from NameBase NewsLine at
Sidebar from NameBase NewsLine, No. 15, October-December 1996:

An awareness of obscure connections can go some distance toward making our history comprehensible. Almost all accounts of recent U.S. social and cultural history have been written by micro scholars on someone's payroll, rather than by macro historians who accept that many facts are hidden. The 1960s still mean something to those of us who contributed, but to judge from the popular history of the period, it consisted of little more than lone nuts, hippies, drugs, and rock music. A more specific example of historical cover-up is the major media's willingness to accept the current White House at face value.

One happy exception is a biography of the Clintons, Roger Morris's Partners in Power, that made the bestseller list for several weeks during the summer of 1996. It confirmed a story that was rumored since 1992 (and appeared in Spotlight newspaper) to the effect that the CIA recruited Bill Clinton when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. Ironically, by this time Clinton was already an admirer of Carroll Quigley, his professor at Georgetown (see the main essay for comments on Quigley). 

Morris was an aide to Kissinger at the National Security Council until 1970, when he resigned over the bombing of Cambodia. His is the most solid and responsible book on the Clintons so far. Morris cited three inside intelligence sources who confirmed that Bill Clinton became a CIA asset at Oxford.

By running Clinton's Oxford classmates through NameBase, another curious CIA connection pops out: Richard Stearns, who may have handled Clinton's CIA recruitment. On September 9, 1969, Clinton wrote to Stearns agonizing over his draft situation. At that time he was manipulating every angle and connection he could to avoid getting drafted. 

That fall Clinton went to Norway. In December he traveled to Moscow, then to Prague in January 1970. These trips, some believe, were CIA- sponsored. In spring of 1970, Clinton and Stearns took a bus tour of Spain. By then Clinton's draft problems were over, due to the December 1969 draft lottery. 

In 1967, Ramparts magazine exposed the fact that the National Student Association had been receiving CIA funds for many years. Stearns was international vice president of the NSA. Allard Lowenstein was a former NSA president, who was famous for the "Dump Johnson" campaign of 1967. He stated then that he had not been involved with the CIA while in the NSA. However, Roger Morris told this writer that Lowenstein admitted to him in 1969 that he had been knowledgeable and complicit in the CIA compromise of the NSA. At this time, Morris was an NSC aide specializing in Africa, and Lowenstein was a New York congressman working on the humanitarian problem in Biafra.

Richard Stearns and Edward Schwartz, another NSA vice president, issued statements deploring CIA support. Schwartz was probably aware of the CIA funding, because he tried to talk Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle out of breaking the story before the exposure. As international vice president, Stearns almost certainly was witting of the connection with the CIA: most of the CIA money was spent on the NSA's international activities. While at the NSA in December 1966, Stearns wrote to the UAW to propose a "program of aid conducted by American labor and students, for students in Spain working for the restoration of democratic government." This would have involved CIA funds from the NSA's International Commission, which was headed by Stearns. The international activities of U.S. labor were also CIA-funded at the time.

At a window of opportunity in the middle of Clinton's draft problems, we have him in a close relationship with Stearns at Oxford. Stearns had all the CIA connections anyone would have needed at that time, and the CIA was in the habit of securing exemptions for its assets. In a summer 1969 meeting with Willard Hawkins, the Selective Service head in Arkansas, Clinton agreed to "serve his country in another capacity later on" if the July 28 induction order could be lifted. Clinton was clearly working various angles simultaneously.

One approach may have been an arrangement through Stearns to do some globe-trotting for the CIA. If such a commitment was made by Clinton, he would have followed through even after he was out of danger from the draft. It's one thing to blow off someone in Arkansas after you get a high lottery number, but something else to blow off the CIA and the well-connected Rick Stearns, particularly if you want to be president someday.

In 1970-1972, Stearns played a major role in placing Clinton in the McGovern campaign, thereby nurturing Clinton's political ambitions. Today Stearns is a judge in Boston. Before Louis Freeh was selected, he was considered by the White House as a possible appointee to head the FBI. 

Morris includes a chapter on Clinton's cooperation with drug-running and money-laundering operations at Mena, Arkansas during the 1980s. If Clinton was recruited by the CIA at Oxford, it explains why he would tolerate a CIA laundry in Arkansas -- he was already compromised by his past association. 

Ambitious young men don't "just say no" when the CIA comes calling. The CIA knows how to plant stories, spin the media, and set up scandals that can sink a candidate. Just ask Gary Hart, a 1988 candidate who for thirteen years had questioned the official version of the Kennedy assassination. Hart's presidential campaign was instantly derailed by the Donna Rice affair. In 1992, Clinton had a more serious bimbo problem than Hart ever had, but it never became a media issue.


It's no longer a secret that members of the U.S. military and government are infiltrated by secret cells, loyal to each other and their own agendas, as they collect the U.S. paycheck. Often, these cells are "religious" -- ranging from main stream religious affiliations to associations of a cultic or mind-control nature, often entwined with sexual blackmail operations and secret money transfer networks.  There's one aspect of Hanssen's spy work that Congress and the FBI won't be looking into -- his connections to Opus Dei.  Opus Dei has proven to be too much for the FBI to investigate, regarding its involvement in past covert Vatican bank scandals manipulated by such players as Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi, Licio Gelli and P-2.  If the FBI scratches that Opus Dei itch it will find the sores of its own intrigues with the Mafia and the Vatican ratline to import Nazi's into the Americas. (See: See also: 

Friends said FBI spy Hanssen and his wife are members of Opus Dei, a secretive and conservative Roman Catholic order. (Source: Washington Post Click. )  Louis Freeh,  is a former "member of Opus Dei - his brother John Freeh was once a top "Numerary" in the tight-knit, ultra-conservative Catholic organization\. (Source: Ambrose Pritchard Click.)  Opus Dei was founded in 1928 by a "Spanish priest, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas, the group's central tenet is that all human work should be done "with the greatest perfection possible" to "help shape the world in a Christian manner." Invitation only. Pledged to the goal of becoming model Catholics and following a strict regimen of prayer, worship, study and lectures, members now number more than 70,000-3,000 in the United States. Membership is by invitation only and includes some of the brightest and most dedicated Catholics." (Source US News & World Report 3/19/84 (Click to read below.) Escriva was politically close to Franco and supported his policies. Opus Dei is totally loyal to the Pope. A member of Opus Dei, Colonel Alois Esterman, and a soldier in the Pope's Swiss Guard was murdered. Esterman was accused of spying for the East German Stasi. 

"Summer 1998. Murder, mystery and scandal have once again rocked the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, as a result of a triple killing involving members of the Pope's elite, 147 strong Swiss Guard founded in 1506. Colonel Alois Estermann, newly appointed as head of the Swiss Guard, was shot dead along with his Venezuelan wife, Gladys, by a junior officer Cedric Tornay, who subsequently shot himself. Although this was put down to a fit of rage over being denied a medal, Vatican watchers point to more sinister happenings. Tornay left a letter in which he wrote to his mother, "Forgive me, for it was they who forced me to do what 1 have done." Italian newspapers point to the humble origins of Estermann, which had aroused the jealousy of certain factions. It has also been claimed that Estermann was a spy for the former East German Stasi, the Communist secret police, and that, although he had helped protect the Pope during the assassination attempt in 1981, he had used his closeness to the Pontiff to send highly confidential material from the Vatican to the Communists by night train via Austria on to East Germany. Other sources claim that Estermann and his wife were members of Opus Dei, the secret right-wing Catholic sect, and that Mrs. Estermann worked for Venezuelan Intelligence. Vatican authorities did not call in the Italian police, and as the prestigious newspaper La Repubblica stated, "THERE ARE TOO MANY MYSTERIES BEHIND VATICAN WALLS." Source:

To read an interesting account of an American boy's facing recruitment into Opus Dei, Click. 

"As the Catholic Church's only floating diocese - known as a personal prelature - it is governed by a prelate-general, who holds the rank of bishop, and operates above and beyond the authority of local bishops. Said to be richer than many Third World states, Opus Dei publishes no financial statements, no membership lists, and it reports - once every five years - only to the pope" Click to read about the international politics of Opus Dei. Click.



While the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority draws most of the public attention, other religious groups are quietly trying to influence the nation's elite.

Their names are unfamiliar to most Americans - the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Moral Re-Armament, the Christian Reconstructionists. Yet their principles, which include strict adherence to Christian values, are the guiding force in the lives of some of the most powerful people in the U.S.

Despite coming from different faiths, members share a common belief that a small number of dedicated people can indeed change the world. Still, these groups aren't without their detractors.

Outsiders often question the recruiting methods and veil of secrecy surrounding some of these organizations. Critics contend, too, that these societies are as much bastions of conservative politics as they are religious in nature.

Oldest of these groups is the Knights of Malta, a Roman Catholic organization that dates back to the time of the Crusades when members fought Moslems in the Holy Land.

With headquarters in Rome, the group is recognized by some 40 countries as the world's only landless sovereign nation. In that role the Knights mint coins, print stamps and issue passports to their diplomats. American network.

The U.S. membership of about 1,OOO-70 percent men - accounts for one tenth of the worldwide total. Nearly all are prominent in business, government or professional life and include such well-known figures as Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca and Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey.

At least two U.S. senators also are members: Republicans Jeremiah Denton of Alabama and Pete Domenici of New Mexico.

Other members active in conservative politics include former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, former Treasury Secretary William Simon and columnist William F. Buckley.

The president of the Knights' American branch is J. Peter Grace, chairman of the W.R. Grace Company, which provides a national focus for the organization by including seven other Knights on its board.

The main purpose of the Knights is to honor distinguished Catholics and raise money for charity, especially hospitals. But the close personal ties among members contribute to what some observers call a potent old-boy network of influential decision makers dedicated to thwarting Communism.

The annual induction ceremony for new members at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City is the only function of the U.S. chapter open to nonmembers.

Because many Knights and recipients of the Orders honors have worked in or around the CIA, critics sometimes suggest a link between the two.

But members deny any connection, noting that the pattern of conservative members with overseas ties emerges naturally from the order's role as an international defender of the church.

Pope John Paul II also has praised the work of the Knights in a special proclamation, just as he has another sometimes controversial group called Opus Dei - Latin for "the work of God."

Founded in 1928 by a Spanish priest, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas, the group's central tenet is that all human work should be done "with the greatest perfection possible" to "help shape the world in a Christian manner." Invitation only. Pledged to the goal of becoming model Catholics and following a strict regimen of prayer, worship, study and lectures, members now number more than 70,000-3,000 in the United States. Membership is by invitation only and includes some of the brightest and most dedicated Catholics.

At a time when many Catholics are open to new views and styles of worship following the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s, Opus Dei tends to adhere strictly to traditional church teachings. It's an approach that has won favor with Pope John Paul II, who in 1982 raised the group to the status of a "personal prelature," enhancing its authority over members throughout the world.

With chapters in such cities as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston, Opus Dei members include priests, married people and single people, many of whom live communally in a celibate lifestyle and donate their salaries to the organization, living only on a small allowance.

Typical members: A New Jersey sociology professor, a Boston finance executive, the president of a Chicago-area bank and a New York pathologist.

Opus Dei also seeks to influence young people through college chapters and residence centers near such universities as Columbia and Harvard. The young are urged to follow the lead of older spiritual advisers and warned about cultural activities or literature considered harmful, such as Marxist thought.

Such policies and the sheer dedication with which members are urged to follow the maxims of Opus Dei, have led detractors to compare the group to mind-controlling cults. British Cardinal Basil Hume, a liberal who has been critical of Opus Dei, has urged young people in his country to consult their parents before joining the society.

Yet Russell Shaw, an Opus Dei member with the U.S. Catholic Conference in Washington, D.C., calls these criticisms "misunderstandings that arise from the intensity of what we practice- a thorough program of character formation."

Development of character and spiritual strength also is at the heart of Moral Re-Armament, a movement initiated in Europe by an American Lutheran, Frank Buchman, in 1938. His view that people can be transformed by following simple precepts of honesty, responsibility and selflessness has been spread through word of mouth, publications and in seminars mixing advocates of Moral Re-Armament with business officials, labor leaders and politicians from warring camps. One meeting last year at the group's conference center in Caux, Switzerland, brought together leaders from Israel, Egypt and Palestinian refugee communities. Winning over prominent political leaders has been a hallmark of Moral Re-Armament since its early years, when it was supported by labor leader John Riffe, who played a historic role in the merger of the AFL-CIO, and Mary McLeod Bethune, a black educator ad advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt. Current followers include Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the architect of India's independence; Saidie Patterson, a leader of the women's antiwar movement in Northern Ireland, and African peace activist Alec Smith, son of former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith.

U.S. HEADQUARTERS. About three dozen full-time members based in Washington, D.C., oversee the American work of the organization on a yearly budget of $500,000. Yet the group often depends on its members to help fund its publications and arrange accommodations for Moral Re-Armament conferences.

Members sometimes call themselves "Christian revolutionaries," but British-born journalist Michael Henderson describes the group as "men and women who are working toward higher standards in public life, improved industrial and race relations and a more sensible attitude between nations. They believe that a change in society requires a change in individuals."

More outspoken and political in tone is the Christian Reconstruction Movement. It also has a spiritual father: 88 year old Philadelphia theologian Cornelius Van Til, who teaches that Christianity is a way of life, not just a style of worship. "Man must seek God's glory in every act he does," he says. From that starting point, Reconstructionists have declared war on abortion and what they regard as permissiveness and immorality in government policies and popular culture. Among the chief spokesmen for the movement are Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer, author of more than 20 books, and his son Franky, also an author and film maker. In 'A Time For Anger,' the younger Schaeffer condemns the "modern, inhuman, technological state and society." He notes that "every person of true moral principle should be prepared to stand and fight against this "brave new world."

Rather than taking this message to television in the manner of New Right preachers, another Van Til disciple, John Rushdoony, founded the Chalcedon Foundation. The California think tank is named after the medieval church council that declared godhood and manhood were united in Christ. With support from millionaire California banker Howard Ahmanson, the foundation sponsors discussions and publications aimed at shifting the intellectual tone of America toward a fundamentalist view. About 400 theologians, artists, writers, economists and politicians attended the foundation's latest conference in Sacramento.

Advocates of Reconstructionism include film actor John Quade, award-winning cinematographer Roy Wagner and California Republican State Senator Bill Richardson. Other followers are former Ashland Oil executive Otto Scott and R.E. McMaster, Jr., a top commodity expert and former economic advisor to Efrain Rio Montt, the Christian fundamentalist who headed the government of Guatemala until being overthrown in a coup last August.

Despite the strong loyalties of their members, none of these organizations expects to become as familiar as Falwell's Moral Majority, whose supporters number in the millions. Instead, the goal is personal contact with a much smaller circle of people.

Says Moral Re-Armament director Richard Ruffin:

Blast to the Future: Iraqgate
by Ryan Oblivion © American Politics Journal

Feb. 20, 2001 (APJP) -- With news of President George W. Bush's bombing of Iraq on February 16th, here are some historical reminders as to who helped build Saddam Hussein's power -- former President George H. W. Bush, with the assistance of Secretary of State James Baker.

Also included is information about Dick Cheney and George W.'s business dealings in the Gulf region. Unless otherwise indicated, all quoted excerpts are from the article linked at the bottom of that section.) 

Arming his "Hitler"

Dick Cheney was Bush's Defense Secretary while Bush Sr. covertly armed and funded Hussein's military right up to the Kuwaiti invasion in August 1990, eventually leaving the American taxpayers holding $2 Billion in defaulted Iraqi debt. Was Cheney simply "out of the loop" or asleep at the wheel? Or something worse?

Secretary of State James Baker was Bush's right hand man in the Iraqgate scheme. "And it emphasized the striking fact -- buried deep in a 1991 Washington Press piece -- that Secretary of State James Baker, after meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz in October 1989, intervened personally to support U.S. government loan guarantees to Iraq."

Prior to the invasion, Kuwait had been slant drilling at the Iraq-Kuwait border into Iraq's oil, with equipment from National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft's former company. Bush's ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, told Hussein that the US "took no position" on Iraq's dispute with Kuwait. Five Days later, Iraq invaded. Then Bush ramped up Operation Desert Shield. During this phase Bush refused any offers from Hussein to withdraw and save face. The result was full-scale war -- Desert Storm.

Although Bush's propaganda apparatus told the Iraqi people to rise up against Hussein -- and our troops would support them -- Bush reneged and pulled back our troops. Ultimately, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens were injured or killed, with an environmental holocaust as a result of oil spills in the Gulf, and Hussein's troops setting fire to Kuwaiti oil wells. Tragically, Hussein remained in power, and continued to oppress his citizens and slaughter the Kurdish people (see Mark Zepezauer's "The CIA's Greatest Hits" and Thomas Friedman's "Spider's Web").

Columbia Journalism Review: "Iraqgate: The Big One That (almost) Got Away" 

The Teicher Affidavit

"Howard Teicher, who served on Reagan's National Security Council staff, offered an affidavit in the Teledyne case that declared that CIA director William J. Casey and his deputy, Robert M. Gates, 'authorized, approved and assisted' delivery of cluster bombs to Iraq through Cardoen (In These Times, 3/6/95)." Years earlier, during his 1991 confirmation hearings for Bush's CIA Director, "Gates denied under oath that he had played a role in Cardoen cluster bomb sales to Iraq, as arms dealers had charged. Teicher's affidavit provides new evidence that Gates misled the Senate." The government promptly sealed the Teicher affidavit as a "state secret".

Dating back to the early '80's, the Iraqgate scheme was directed by then-Vice President George Bush (see above-linked CJR article). "Teicher's affidavit also bolsters a New Yorker article (11/2/92) by reporters Murray Waas and Craig Unger, which asserted that Vice President George Bush in 1986 urged Saddam Hussein to intensify his air war against Iran -- in order to increase Iran's demand for U.S.- made anti-aircraft weapons."

In other words, Bush was running the Iraqgate operation while "in the loop" of Iran-Contra, as Weinberger's notes proved. And Iran-Contra was far from a noble operation to "rescue hostages" and "fight communism".

FAIR: "Iraqgate -- Confession and Cover-up" 

Media Blackout

"Given the significance of the Teledyne trial and Teicher's affidavit in judging the actions and integrity of the Reagan/Bush and Clinton administrations, why the near-total press blackout? Part of it is the power of 'conventional wisdom' -- Washington insiders have decided that Iraqgate didn't happen, so any evidence to the contrary doesn't register. Another reason might be the residual fear of conservative attacks against journalists who plumb the crimes of the Reagan/Bush era too deeply. It's easier to dismiss such issues as 'ancient history' -- a term that somehow doesn't get applied to stories about 15-year-old Arkansas land deals."

Indeed, a recent article by the otherwise exemplary Sean Wilentz inaccurately labeled as a "pseudo-scandal" the Bush scheme to fund Iraq through the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL). Nothing could be further from the truth, as the above-linked Columbia Journalism article states, "Most [reporters] say that the so-called Iraqgate scandal is far more significant then either Watergate or Iran-Contra, both in its scope and its consequences."

FAIR: "Iraqgate -- Confession and Cover-up" 

"The Shadow CIA"

In a Spy article ("Inside the Shadow CIA", Sept. 1992), investigative journalist John Connolly exposed that the Wackenhut Corporation had been involved in the Iraqgate scheme. "...after a six-month investigation, in the course of which we spoke to more than 300 people, we believe we know what the [Wackenhut] truck did contain-equipment necessary for the manufacture of chemical weapons-and where it was headed [in the Winter of 1990]: to Saddam Hussein's Iraq. And the Wackenhut Corporation -- a publicly traded company with strong ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $200 million a year -- was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact." Could it be that Gulf War Syndrome is somehow related to such chemical weaponry?

George Wackenhut is a long-time friend of George Bush Sr., and he has contributed generously to the campaigns of George Sr., George W. and especially his state's governor -- Jeb Bush. Has Wackenhut Corp helped the Bushes with other operations as well -- especially a recent biggie in Florida?

Spy: "Inside the Shadow CIA" 

Dubya and BCCI

George W's obscure little Harken Energy was awarded an incredible contract by the Bahraini government to drill in the Persian Gulf. But like everything Junior touches, it soon turned to fool's gold.

"On June 22, 1990, George Jr. sold two-thirds of his Harken stock for $848,560 -- a cool 200 percent profit. The move was well timed. One week after Junior sold his stock, Harken announced a $23.2 million loss in quarterly earnings and Harken stock dropped sharply, losing 60 percent of its value over the next six months. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops moved into Kuwait and 541,000 U.S. forces were deployed to the Gulf. There is substantial evidence to suggest that Bush knew Harken was in dire straits in the weeks before he sold the $848,560 of Harken stock."

"George Jr. also violated Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations which require 'insider' stock deals to be reported promptly, in Bush's case by July 10, 1990. He didn't file the stock sale with the SEC until the first week of March 1991." Nevertheless, the Bush I Administration SEC eventually cleared Dubya.

The below article also mentions Jr's ties to BCCI -- the CIA/Syndicate banking laundromat -- which has been linked to BNL and Iraqgate. "Meanwhile, a cloak-and-dagger aura surrounds Junior's business dealings. [Long-time George W. pal] James Bath, a Texas entrepreneur who invested $50,000 in Arbusto Energy, may be a business cutout for the CIA. Bath also acted as an investment 'adviser' to Saudi Arabian oil sheikhs, linked to the outlaw BCCI, which also has ties to the CIA."

Sadly, we will never know into whose secret bank accounts disappeared all those billions skimmed from the Iran-Contra & Iraqgate arms sales, Contra drug running, BCCI money laundering and the Savings and Loans lootings. Before he met his untimely demise, investigative reporter Danny Casolaro was trying to untangle what he called "The Octopus" linking these and other CIA-based criminal operations during the Reagan-Bush years. Perhaps some of those laundered megabucks went to the accounts of the family of a certain former CIA Director for whom the Langley headquarters' is named?

Covert Action Quarterly: "The Bush Family Preys Together" (best viewed with Netscape) 

General McCaffrey -- War Criminal?

"An investigative report for the New Yorker by veteran muckraker Seymour Hersh alleges that Clinton drug czar Barry McCaffrey orchestrated a 1991 massacre of hundreds of Iraqi troops [while a General under Bush], two days after a cease-fire went into effect at the end of the Gulf War."

Salon: "Gulf War Crimes?" 

Cheney Plunders

Still Trading With The Enemy: "During former defense secretary Richard Cheney's five-year tenure as chief executive of Halliburton, Inc., his oil services firm raked in big bucks from dubious commercial dealings with Iraq. Cheney left Halliburton with a $34 million retirement package last July when he became the GOP's vice-presidential candidate." Cheney and Halliburton exploited loopholes in the US sanction orders that enabled them to deal with Iraq.

Lately, the Bush-Cheney Administration has announced that they are backing Iraqi opposition groups. But as with any Bush Administration, public proclamations are often at variance with actual policy. As this report documents, the earlier Reagan-Bush administrations were guilty of double-dealing -- especially in backing both Iraq AND Iran while they were at war. By the way, George W. has appointed various foreign policy advisors from the Reagan-Bush Administrations -- such as Condoleeza Rice, Richard Armitage, Colin Powell and Robert Zoellick. Just what exactly were they doing while Iraqgate was going on? We already know that Powell and Armitage were up to their eyeballs in Iran-Contra. (Read more about Cheney and Halliburton's profiting in the aftermath of the Gulf War and in other hot spots at Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast at Federal Trough and Who is Dick Cheney?)

San Francisco Bay Guardian: "The Campaign Issue That Wasn't"

Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon

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By Virginia McCullough

This afternoon, under rainy skies, America memorialized another child who will never grow up.  Vallejo, California said good-bye to Xiana Fairchild, the beautiful little girl with the long dark hair and the radiant smile.  Xiana Fairchild will always be 7 years old and those that loved her will only be left with her picture to hold.  In the richest nation on earth one more child is left unprotected at a bus stop and while she  waits to go to school, she disappears.  Another police department is notified that a little girl has "gone missing".  Within hours the all-too-familiar flyers appear magically in every nook and cranny of a tiny town.  Loving relatives have their lives torn upside down and volunteers donate many hours to search for a child that has suddenly become a part of their family.  Then, as suddenly as it began, it ends.  Another American child is murdered and thrown away - disposable children in a nation infamous for its disposable society.

America has created a whole new vocabulary spun around its missing and murdered children.  The buzz words created and repeated by the media run through our heads and sadly, they have become very familiar to all of us.  Thirty years ago it was rare for a child to disappear in the United States.  Now little victims are abducted so often that the brutality inflicted upon these small bodies has become a cottage industry worthy of this capitalist nation.

Bold newspaper headlines scream the age, the name, and the description of each missing child.  The disappearance of one youngster often  triggers the disappearance of another, and another - small residents from the same town now gone.   Even when the cases closely resemble each other, law enforcement reports there are "no obvious suspects" and they "do not think the cases are related".  Those left behind, the parents or the guardians of the children are often reported to be "under a cloud of suspicion" or " under an umbrella of suspicion".   Citing "changing stories" the police imply "guilt" or the "knowledge of guilt" while, at the same time, refusing to share with the public any additional information because of an "ongoing investigation".   So while those loved ones left behind struggle with the anguish of the abduction and  the search for their missing loved one, they must simultaneously defend themselves from the police, the curious, and the media.

Pleas are made for volunteers, searches are organized, space is donated for phone banks, fundraisers are held,  and countless interviews are conducted and broadcast and printed.    

So-called "children's advocates" like Marc Klaas, the father of Polly Klaas, and Kim Swartz, the mother of missing Amber Swartz , quickly arrive on the scene and garner publicity.  Concerned citizens are urged to donate their money and time to help search for the latest innocent victim; money and time is always forthcoming from a sympathetic public.  Sometimes the money ends up in the wrong coffers as it did in the case of the disputed $34,000 donated by people to fund the search for Xiana Fairchild.  Even on the day of Xiana's memorial in Vallejo, the money donated to her remains in the Amber Swartz Foundation controlled by Kim Swartz.  This type of commingling of funds in the name of missing children must rub salt in the raw wounds left on Marc Klaas after the murder of his daughter, Polly.  When Marc Klaas felt that the law enforcement officers investigating his daughter's disappearance had put the case on the back burner, he sought to spend some of over $300,000 donated in her name to hire a famous private investigator to push the search forward.  The response by the board members of the Polly Klaas Foundation was to push Marc Klaas off of the board.  The "small sacrifices" have been turned into money making machines and their names are used on foundations that even their loved ones can no longer control.   The Foundations' money making machines take on a life of their own and, if Polly Klaas were alive today to call the foundation that bears her name, she would find her phone call answered by an answering machine.    

America's Department of Justice has funded two projects devoted to the search for missing children.  The programs are under the control of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in cooperation with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.  Project ALERT is comprised of America's Law Enforcement Retiree Team who supply their expertise and time free of charge to requesting law-enforcement agencies in cases of missing, abducted, and sexually exploited children.  Project H.O.P.E. [Help Offering Parents Empowerment] offers the support and resources of trained parent volunteers who have had or still have a missing child.

The mental health industry soon comes to the forefront  with talking heads appearing on television talking about "keeping your child safe" and talking to your children "about strangers".  "Psychologists and counselors" are sent to the school the missing girl or boy attended within hours to "counsel" the student body.  If the youngster is later found dead these mental health professionals will once again be called upon to interact with the students and faculty who "want to talk about it".   

Public relations officers for various police departments speak about "registered sex offenders", "internet pornographers" or "suspicious strangers".  As months pass with no results, law enforcement becomes "tight-lipped" and it is often suggested that the "children fell through the cracks" of those charged with protecting them.  It is implied that Children Protective Services did not do their job.  CPS responds by citing "confidentiality laws" that insulates the agency from being held accountable to anyone about the children "gone missing".  The fight to bring the children home fades from the press and those charged with the investigations say they "are scaling back their efforts".   Failing investigations produce talk of impaneling a  "grand jury" with greater powers.  The process provides for shifting the blame from one public entity to another when the heat becomes too hot to handle.  The media simply reports the shift and no one seems outraged by the "shell game".

Then a skull is found in the mountains above Los Gates and two families hold their breath.  A little boy is missing in New Mexico and there is Xiana Fairchild missing from Vallejo, California.  The skull is identified as Xiana's.

Again the buzz words fill the press as the tragedy is reported.  Kim Swartz, still holding onto to $34,000 donated in Xiana's name, presumes to assume that finding out what happened to Xiana can bring the family "some closure".  Marc Klaas says that the family "can begin to heal" now that they know she is gone.  Mike Williams, father of murdered 13-year-old Christina Williams, suggests that Xiana's family "turn for healing to the Christian faith they both share".

If, by the grace of some accident, law enforcement is forced to admit they have a suspect, that individual is soon well protected by excuses given by the media and information leaked by officials to explain away the perpetrator's behavior.   Media hungry, Curtis Dean Anderson, who is a suspect in the kidnapping and molestation of a little heroine who greatly resembles Xiana Fairchild, is also considered by many to be the most likely suspect in the abduction of Xiana.  Law enforcement, the court system, mental health experts and the media have once again formed an alliance to  "protect the perpetrator".  Recent press reports state that "alcohol plagued Anderson and his family" and  "Anderson's mother or father abused the perpetrator".  It is apparent that Anderson expects the system to protect him because since his latest arrest it has.  Anderson was witnessed running after the little victim who bravely escaped with her life.  However, since the date of his arrest, he has not been seen out of the wheelchair provided for him by the system, pretending that he can no longer walk, much less run.  He is now announcing that while he rests in prison, he expects to get free dental work and surgery to correct a back injury that was the result of a motorcycle accident.  The judge hearing his case has issued a "gag order" to protect Anderson's "rights to a fair trial"   The media is beating a path to his door and reporting back to law enforcement about his alleged involvement in the abduction of Xiana Fairchild.  While this disgraceful circus is being played out, Anderson is blackmailing Xiana's aunt, Stephanie Kahalekulu, for money to talk some more about Xiana.

Anderson's own brother said of Curtis Dean Anderson that "if he was one of my children he would already be dead."  Marc Klaas is quoted as saying, "I think they should take a baseball bat to that son of a b---- and beat the truth out of him."

The one word that is an integral part of Xiana's kidnapping and murder is not new and is not born of the Missing and Murdered Children Vocabulary.  The word is DRUGS!  Xiana's mother, Antoinette Robinson and her boyfriend, Bobby Turnbough, have both admitted to taking drugs.  Curtis Dean Anderson had a history of drug abuse according to his brother.  The sale and distribution of drugs were also involved in the mysterious kidnapping of Polly Klaas.  How many children are a commodity for drug purchases or drug debts?  The general public will never know because law enforcement at all levels protects their confidential informants on large drug deals.  The same agencies responsible for finding our missing children are often arranging huge drug sting operations that result in massive asset forfeitures that fund law enforcement.  The conflicts of interest stink and the public should demand that the air be cleared.  If we do not, then we will continue to allow "Small Sacrifices" that swell the pockets of our law enforcement agencies.       

America can only create a fitting memorial to Xiana Fairchild and all other innocents when we, as a nation, demand that our nation protect our children.          

Virginia McCullough © 2001             

Crime Does Pay: Katherine Harris Elected to The Council on Foreign Relations 
by Larry Chin © 2000

Katherine Harris has been elected as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. This little nugget, which surfaced in a footnote-sized bit in the February 16th issue of U.S. News & World Report, is alarmingly significant in its implications.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the pre-eminent "policy committee" which includes high ranking members from governments, the wealthy elite, corporate chiefs, high finance, big oil, and spooks from the intelligence and military communities.  Its members slither between cabinet-level posts (in both Republican and Democratic administrations) and CEO suites. The policies formulated by this group become U.S. government policy. The CFR holds the power to declare wars and assassinate people, manipulate financial markets, and essentially "runs the world". The CFR is affiliated with the Trilateral Commission. David Rockefeller is a top-ranking member of both groups. As are the George Bushes and Alan Greenspan.

One does not simply join this cabal. One is invited.

We must ask ourselves how and why Katherine Harris---the hateful and venomous apparatchik whose sole career accomplishments were to have affairs with both Bush brothers and to commit election fraud and treason---was invited to join one of the most dominant (and some would say the most influential) cabals on the face of the earth.

According to investigator Sherman Skolnick (, Harris' crimes predate the stolen presidential election. As Florida secretary of state, Katherine Harris was the Bush family's bag lady. She supervised a massive money laundering operation, funneling upwards of $75 million in clandestine funds for the Bush family. She was also responsible for the concealment of records for various shell corporations operating illegally within the United States. It is also rumored that she assisted with Bush financial games long before becoming state secretary in Jeb's administration.

Harris' election to the CFR offers clear evidence to the values and ethics espoused by this panel of "concerned citizens".

What does it say about corporate America that CEOs applaud Harris' unsavory activities? 

For her lifetime of service to the world's top crime family, and for assisting in a corporate/right wing coup d'etat of historic proportions, the CFR membership is Harris' big, fat thank you gift, and her invitation to participate in future plundering---alongside the really big boys.