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General Clark speaks in Berkeley Tuesday, Oct. 17th.





Where are all of those Gore/Lieberman signs in Napa County? Or better, why are there NO Gore/Lieberman signs while several garage-sized Bush/Cheney posters obstruct the views of vineyards?

It's because of a "mole." The mole is a very persuasive individual -- ignore the fact that the mole's family is Republican. The mole has placed itself somewhat in charge of the "logistics" for the Napa County democrats.

The logistics in Napa County are so convoluted that nothing gets done.

Meanwhile, the mole makes a fortune likely trading off information from inside and right back to the sources of Republican strength. For this the mole gets to play footsies with the Republican Pete Wilson-appointed judges, and score big points professionally for subversion.

"Democrats of Napa County" maintains a headquarters at 1412 Second Street, Napa. Nothing exciting is taken outside the building to signal its location, and the building is drab, dull and unappointed. No computer, no fax machine -- and no signs. You can buy buttons, but your money goes to a PAC and money to the central committee are not accepted.

If you call information and ask for a number for the headquarters for the democrats, you get the number for this office: (707) 224-3546. There is a very nice greeting, but it gives "wrong" information. It gives the proper location, but it states the offices are only open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Wrong. When you wait around all day at the office, no one comes in until after work at 5:00 p.m. and the offices are staffed from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. When you arrive and chat, your are told "we are open only from 5:00 p.m. to maybe as late as 7:00 p.m."

The recorded message provides an e-mail: . E-mail a message. It goes to someone's computer, but not back to the headquarters. Who knows who receives the messages and what is ever done with them.

You are given a FAX line. Who knows where that goes -- not back into the office.

This is not the way offices have been run in the past, before the mole arrived.

The mole is more than a mole -- the mole is either totally dysfunctional or the subversive so clearly suspected. The mole has a notorious reputation in more remote parts of the county. How is it the mole was allowed to charm its way into Napa?

Their word is that Gore is saving all of the signs for the "swing states" so signs aren't coming out in California. WRONG! That isn't the case outside of Napa County. There are Gore/Lieberman signs in many other areas, though there are indeed several weeks plus to go to November 7th election day.

Oh, just in case you wonder more -- the mole worked for a law firm beholding to the family of the late Ca. Attorney General, Governor, and Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren -- talk about Republican. The mole has associations with members of the family of the late, corrupt, mobbed up Huey Long, a U.S. Senator from Louisiana who was "rubbed."

The mole needs to be exposed. No names need be parlayed -- but a good clean sweep in Napa ON AN EMERGENCY BASIS FROM LOYAL DEMOCRATS wouldn't hurt -- or at minimum, good adult supervision and careful attention to where the PAC monies are going.

The *BELOW* article by United Auto Worker activist Greg Shotwell describes how psychiatric oppression is now used to silence dissident union activists!
This is a very good day to break the silence about psychiatric oppression of labor. Why? The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) promotes the global spread of the "mental health system." WFMH has declared today, October 10, 2000, to be World Mental Health Day on the theme of "Mental Health and Work." But WFMH isn't focusing on human rights.
What about the use of psychiatric labeling, psychiatric institutionalization, and psychiatric drugging to bust unions and control workers?
WFMH now works very closely with the World Bank, which has a new special division to promote the globalization of corporate psychiatry. WFMH openly states that psychiatric drug corporations help fund World Mental Health Day. Is this why WFMH doesn't spend much time talking about psychiatric human rights violations, such as during their bi-annual World Congresses? (Get ready: The next WFMH World Congress is in Vancouver July 22 - 27, 2001. Support Coalition International is already networking planned Mad Pride actions that month in four nations against globalization of corporate psychiatric human rights violations. See news item at bottom of this alert.) 


by Gregg Shotwell UAW Local 2151
In the hard knock days Ford used Harry Bennet and his gang of thugs to execute control and inflict intimidation. Under the influence of William Clay Ford the company has become more sophisticated. Today Ford uses the Central Diagnostic and Referral Agency as its preferred means of repression. Union members who are vocal about their rights, who demand the company follow the contract and the union represent them are put out on a psyche-medical by Labor Relations fiat. I couldn't believe it, but within a week I heard from three different members in three different Ford plants. Their stories are eerily the same.
The pattern reveals a policy of harassment. All three members were put on medical by Labor Relations without a doctor's permission and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation by a company appointed psychiatrist before they could return. All three were considered dissidents by union and management. Two had expressed their intentions to run for elective union positions. In each case  union officials supported, assisted, and/or instigated the action. None of the people I spoke to had acted violently or made threats. Here's how it works.
Ford has a joint committee called Behavioral Emergency and Critical Incident Debriefing [BE/CISD] which includes the union appointed Employee Support Services Person better known in some companies as EAP. The purpose of the committee is to debrief the victims of traumatic events like a power plant explosion where the grievances filed against the fatal boiler disappear in the blast and six workers die from what some may call negligent homicide. The committee is also empowered to handle behavioral emergencies as when someone acts violently or makes threats. In a diabolical twist of jointness Ford and the UAW are using the program to silence dissent.  

Apparently if you don't believe in the Ford Production System and the mandates of their appointed union officials, you must be crazy.
I have chosen not to reveal the victims' names in this article as litigation may be pending. Neither do I  wish to instigate further harassment of these individuals nor exacerbate their troubles. The purpose of this article is to examine the pattern of harassment, alert other union members, and network with other victims who more than likely are feeling isolated and powerless against the Ford/UAW partnership.
The first person I spoke to is a woman and former committee person with a reputation for fighting back. She doesn't believe in rolling over and neither the company nor union officials like it. She's assertive, indomitable, and says, "I talk to men the same way they talk to me". I talked with her on the phone for more than sixty minutes in two separate conversations and I never heard her cuss. But I also had the impression she could go toe to toe and nose to nose with any union tough or company thug. She's been out of work more than six months for refusing to knuckle under to their psychological intimidation. The time off hasn't softened her up one bit. She's a line worker to the core and she'll be walking a hard line until the Final Whistle blows her time card sky high. The director of TEAM Inc., contracted by  the Central Diagnostic & Referral Agency,  tried to finagle her into submitting to the psyche evaluation. She asked why he was willing to compromise the integrity of the Employee Support Services Program  by allowing management to use it as a disciplinary tool. She shamed him into writing a note to Labor Relations recommending she be allowed to return to work. Labor Relations ignored the recommendation and put her out of the plant. The official local union has done nothing to support her. Indeed they recommend she follow orders and submit. She stands alone yet feels her principles and her dignity are inviolable.
The second UAW member I spoke with is a middle age black male with over 25 years seniority. I interviewed him in person for a good hour. He was easy going, even tempered, and once again didn't use a cuss word or even refer to his persecutors in derogatory terms. He was calm, articulate, and evidently well educated in unionism. He intended to run for union office. The day after he expressed disagreement with the Local Union president at a union meeting he was called into Labor Relations. Naturally he asked for his union rep to be present. With the consent of the union he was put on medical by Labor Relations pending a psychological evaluation. He complied. The psychiatrist found nothing wrong, but he still wasn't allowed to return to work until the NLRB got involved. From the NLRB official he learned that his union rep had written a statement asserting that the defendant suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his experience in Vietnam. He never went to Vietnam. He graduated from high school in 1974. It was three months before he was able to return to work. Then the company restricted his access to most areas of the plant and he was unable to counter the smear campaign staged against him.
The third person I talked with was a middle age white male and a skilled tradesman with more than 15 years seniority. Once again, I found he was not the type to resort to abusive language. He too had made known his intention to run for union office. Apparently the only thing he was guilty of was "I spoke my mind and disturbed the powers that be." After repeated incidents of harassment he wrote a letter to Labor Relations expressing his complaint. "I didn't name names. I simply described the situation." The next day he was called into Labor Relations and the BE/CISD committee told him that because threats had been made against him they were going to put him out of the plant pending a psychological evaluation. And Alice thought the Queen of Hearts was nuts.
He went to three company appointed psychiatrists and one independent psychiatrist and none of them found anything wrong. Despite positive medical recommendations he was not allowed to return to work until he hired an attorney. He was out of work for three months. His chance of winning a union election had been effectively sabotaged.
This harassment policy doesn't simply repress dissent, it also discredits the Employee Support Services Program (ESSP). Just as some joint Health & Safety committees discourage employees from reporting injuries or writing grievances, Ford's abuse of the joint BE/CISD committee contaminates the credibility of the ESSP and discourages people from getting the help they may need. It's joint cost containment at the expense of union members health. Ford with the assistance of union lackeys has turned the ESSP into a ruthless instrument of psychological persecution.
If you or anyone you know has been victimized in a similar fashion, please write to The Voice. A class action lawsuit against Ford and their union buffoons may be in order. But more importantly, a revolt is in order. The insidious use of the medical profession as a means of control and intimidation is anti-union, anti-human, and morally repulsive. What next? Electro Convulsive Shock for dissidents? A thug is a thug is a thug, and the henchman can't hide behind the kinder, gentler face of the glossy and glamorous William Clay Ford.
In the thirties and forties workers organized to evict Ford's goons with a collective force that demanded dignity in the workplace for every individual. Today, we need to expose Ford's new method of control and intimidation for what it is: psychological rape. We need to resist each and every assault on our freedom and dignity. We need to instigate a groundswell of activity that will overwhelm the complicity of weak union officials. We need to educate our brothers and sisters on their rights and we need to defend those rights tooth and nail. An injury to one is an injury to all is not a slogan, it's a battle cry.
                In Solidarity,
                Gregg Shotwell                 UAW Local 2151
[Above article redistributed with author's permission.]

Gen. Clark speaks in Berkeley Tuesday, Oct. 17th

By © 2000, San Francisco Bay Guardian 10/10/00

Terrorism has long been a useful term for the state. But what does the term actually mean? This is a matter of some debate. "The state calls its own violence law," said Max Stirner, "but that of the individual crime." Within natural limits, the state does pretty much what its masters tell it to do. This is no reason for us to do what we are told to do. History has demonstrated conclusively the foolhardiness of accepting without question definitions told to us by others. So let's define terrorism ourselves, shall we?

This is not as simple as it looks. First of all, we must recognize that the most obvious dichotomy, state terrorism vs. private terrorism, doesn't tell all of the story. But let's deal with it first. The powers that be would all have us believe that private terrorism is terrorism and that state terrorism is not terrorism. This is simply untrue. The vast overwhelming majority of terrorist acts in all of human history has been the work of states.

When they take place during wartime, the perpetrators are called "war criminals" rather than "terrorists." There is a very sound reason that the powers that be teach us to reserve the term "terrorist" for practitioners of private terrorism alone. This Orwellian manipulation of language is a subtle form of mass mind control and must be resisted with great fervor.

We are warned with increasing frequency that, even though the Cold War has been over a decade, America must still gird her loins for war. "Rogue states," we are told, already present a serious terrorist threat. Soon, if we do not squander our funds on an unworkable and unnecessary neo-Star Wars type mythical umbrella of anti-missile protection, these so-called "rogue nations" will nuke (or worse) us from above. By every particular of our government's own definition of a "rogue state," America itself can be considered a rogue. It's just a big rogue and the others are little rogues, that's all. Every terrorist war crime of which they are accused, America is guilty, too, and in most cases more so by factors of 10.

Which brings us to the Yugoslav war. Bosnian Serb leader and army commander Ratko Mladic is an indicted war criminal. He is also not a very nice guy. He is, in fact, a ruthless, brutal thug. He is certainly no more brutal and ruthless than his Croat and Muslim counterparts, but that's beside the point. A thug is a thug is a thug. But that's not why he was indicted. He was indicted because his side failed to win the war. This is nothing new. Luftwaffe commander Herman Goering was indicted as a war criminal for the same reason. And for the same reason, Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris was not indicted.

Politically, Mladic's role in the Yugoslavian civil war was no different than that of any West Virginian militia commander in America's own civil war. When Virginia broke away from the United States, West Virginia broke away from Virginia and stayed in the Union. They won. No West Virginia militia commander was ever indicted for any war crimes his troops may or may not have committed.

When Bosnia broke away from Yugoslavia, the Republic of Serbska broke away from Bosnia. They lost. Now Mladic is a wanted man. This is not to say that he is not also a war criminal. Far from it. This is only to say that, as Clauswitz pointed out over a century ago, war is politics by other means. This is the nature of politics. Winners write the history. Losers have no choice. Don't believe for one moment that America's own civil war was not fought with ruthless brutality by both sides. By historical standards as well as by the standards of the day, it was a particularly brutal war. Atrocities abounded. War without atrocities is impossible. War itself is an atrocity. All wars are fought with ruthless brutality by both sides. The only alternative is certain defeat. Victory, however, is never certain, not even to the most ruthless and brutal commanders.

Gen. Wesley Clark

Which brings us to Gen. Wesley Clark, commander of NATO during the bombing of Serbia. Except in the sense that all wars are civil, Clark did not fight in a civil war. Instead, he led an invading force of imperialist invaders in the cynical dismemberment of a sovereign nation so that the avaricious plutocrats who hold NATO's leash could feast on the corpse of its economy. Like both Goering and Harris before him, when Clark's military campaign stagnated he turned in his impotent rage to slaughtering civilians. Warriors kill other warriors. Cowards kill women and children. This despicable coward shames every American. Think Herman Goering, but this time with smarter bombs and bigger allies. That's Wesley Clark, terrorist, coward, and war criminal.

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Clark will be speaking in, of all places, Berkeley. At 6 p.m., he will be at the Berkeley Community Theater. I can imagine few places outside of the Balkans where he is less welcome. His appearance will undoubtedly be met with vigorous protest. Terrorist war criminals are not to be tolerated in our midst, or else we share in the guilt. Make no mistake about it, this man is every bit as much a terrorist as is Osama Bin Laden. If anything, he's worse. His body count is certainly higher.

The temptation will surely arise among some to give him a taste of his own medicine, to meet terror with terror. This would be a public relations disaster for all who wish to see justice prevail. If, while on its way to the Community Theater, Clark's car succumbed to an Irish-style culvert bomb or a Georgian-style rocket-propelled grenade attack, the media would paint Clark as a fallen hero and his killers as brutal terrorists. No matter how richly he deserves to be blown to goo, preferably by one of his own bombs, it would be supremely counter-productive to make of this fiend a martyr. I recommend strongly against it.

Certain individuals, who shall remain nameless, told me that some demonstrators will be bringing hangmen's nooses to the anti-Clark demo. They encouraged others to do the same. While I must admit that waving them around would make for some superior street theater, actually lynching the guy is a bad idea because justice would not be served. Hanging is too good for a guy like Clark. I'd rather see him spend his life at hard labor, undoing by hand the damage his war crimes have wrought.

I recommend strongly against terrorism in general. My objection is not based on any moral objections. Far from it. Terrorism is, if anything, the least inhumane form of warfare possible, if only because it affects the least number of people. I eschew terrorism because warfare, even the least inhumane warfare possible, simply cannot create the world I want to live in. It will take simultaneous mass grassroots organizing on a planet wide scale to even come close to what I, and those like me, seek to achieve. There are no shortcuts, violent or otherwise.

Organizing on such a scale used to not be technologically possible. In the '60s, there was a planetwide mass uprising of youth. The whole world was engulfed. But we couldn't communicate with each other. We couldn't coordinate our actions. This is no longer true. The Internet has made instantaneous worldwide communication so cheap and easy that it is no longer the sole purview of the privileged few and the corporate-government complex. This quantum leap in technology has borne heady political fruit. 2000 was, as the current saying goes, "The year everything changed." If the anti-IMF/WB/WTO/NAFTA/GATT forces keep up this momentum and if current trends continue, the NWO will soon have to quit slathering its fangs and start licking its wounds.

If this comes to pass, it will be mainly the work of anarchists. Both the left and the right, each in its own way, talk a good anti-NWO game, at least when they're not blaming each other for its very existence. But it is the anarchists who take to the streets and stalk this monster in its very lair.

Demonstrations against the de facto world government held in Prague on Sept. 26 ("S26") were accorded barely 15 seconds on America's corporate TV news. What was suppressed outright was that scores of simultaneous coordinated demonstrations were held in solidarity with the action in Prague on every continent except Antarctica. The Internet made this possible. If we'd had the Internet in the '60s, you would be living in a much different world today.

"Reclaim the Streets" in Berkeley

One such solidarity demo was held in Berkeley. It was called "Reclaim the Streets." I was there. That's where I heard about Gen. Clark's impending arrival. The demo was, in many ways, a typical Berkeley demo, loud but indecisive. There were, however, a couple of interesting tactical innovations on the part of the demonstrators. People met up at the downtown BART station. As the march began, it headed straight for City Hall and the new jail. Both were conspicuously defended. At the last possible minute marchers swung north. Then a certain individual, who will remain nameless, began passing out torches. Yes, torches. It's been quite a while since the last time a mob carrying torches headed up Berkeley's main drag. Yet that's exactly what happened when the marchers rounded the next corner. It didn't accomplish a whole hell of a lot but it sure was a glorious sight. Predictably, it was not shown even on local news, let alone on the corporate networks.

They weren't the greatest possible torches. They were two foot-long pieces of 1 inch-by-1 inch scrap lumber, with one end wrapped in paraffin-soaked rags. The paraffin melted faster than it burned, so it ran down the sticks and got on people's hands. It didn't burn very long, either. Within a few blocks the torches had all guttered out.

Three foot-long 1.75-inch oak dowels with rags soaked in pitch would have been much more impressive, and would have lasted longer, too. And even when they’d burned out, they’d have made dandy weapons. But I guess nobody thought of that.

Or maybe they did.

And the guy who passed out the torches probably would have been wiser to mask up beforehand, too. But, hey, it’s not my place to criticize. I didn’t even bring any torches. All I brought was my press card and my notebook. That’s all I ever bring to these things. I’m not a rioter. Nor do I incite riots. I’m a journalist. I come only to observe. Besides, I’m too old to riot. It’d probably give me a heart attack or something.

The key intersection of Shattuck and Center was soon occupied. A 20-foot tall English Anti-Roads Campaign-style tripod was erected. A protester climbed to the top. These tripods are very effective demo props, even better than the now famous giant puppets. During the Battle of Seattle, one guy with a tripod single-handedly blockaded one intersection for hours. I couldn't help but wonder why the demonstrators in Berkeley deployed only one tripod. Simultaneous deployment of multiple tripods at key intersections around the city would have forced the police to scatter their forces. But I guess nobody thought of that, either.

Even so, people were able to take over this key intersection and hold an enthusiastic techno/hip-hop dance party right in the middle of it. This is called "creating a Temporary Autonomous Zone" ("TAZ" for short). Two portable sound systems, mounted on bicycle trailers, pounded out excellent beats. Soon the cheery glow of a bonfire had most people dancing around a pile of smashed-up newspaper vending boxes. Most newspapers make a better source of kindling than they do of information. After a good long while the cops moved in and drove people back with threatening gestures. They were firm but restrained. No doubt they had heard about the Czech policemen who had been set on fire by molotov cocktails earlier in the day and didn't want to provoke a similar fate for themselves. The protesters withdrew to the opposite side of the intersection and regrouped. They immediately built a second bonfire, even as a fire truck was moved in to foam the first bonfire out. Then the cops got a little pushier and captured the second bonfire.

Neither side really wanted to fight, so the crowd began to retreat, slowly at first, but always in good order. They immediately moved on through a second key intersection, University Avenue and Shattuck, kindling a series of small, symbolic fires in the street as they went, all the while chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets," again and again. For the moment, at least, they were.

After nearly 40 years of ongoing confrontations, the cops and the demonstrators of Berkeley have developed a healthy respect for each other. A certain degree of detente has developed, and with it certain unspoken rules of engagement. Another theory holds that the city government is intimidated by demonstrators and keeps their cops on a very short leash. Whatever the reason, street demos in Berkeley often resemble battles between condottieri. There is a great deal of noise and posturing on both sides, but few on either side get seriously hurt.

This is not to say that cops have never committed vicious brutalities in Berkeley. They have. But for the most part, this has been the work of outside forces, county cops, state cops, and even the National Guard. Berkeley actually has two police forces, the University of California police and the municipal police. City Hall controls the municipal police. The university controls the UC cops. The UC cops work on and near campus. The UC cops are most decidedly not on a short leash. They are vicious, brutal, and dangerous. Wisely, they were not engaged on S26.

Two blocks north of Center Street, Shattuck Avenue intersects University Avenue, Berkeley's main drag. Shattuck and University is the largest intersection in Berkeley and is considered the heart of the city. The crowd turned west on University, in part because to turn east would have taken it very quickly into UC cop turf. Experience has taught that it is most unwise to unnecessarily engage a second force while being pursued, even halfheartedly, by the first.

It was at Shattuck and University that one guy tried to burn down a McDonald's. This was a stupid thing to do because there were workers inside. Also, the street outside was well lit and the cops were video taping everything. The rest of the crowd kept its distance from this guy and kept on moving.

When the demonstrators passed the Citibank branch at 2323 Shattuck Ave., two of them were seen breaking windows. In part, Citibank was targeted because it's a symbol of global capitalism. In part it was attacked because the windows were made of glass and not of Lexan. Most bank windows in Berkeley, especially the ones at ground level, are made of Lexan. Bankers may be cold-blooded, evil, and ugly, but stupid they usually are not. Citibank bankers must be an exception. Glass bank windows in Berkeley? I sure wouldn't trust my money to the care of people that dumb.

The bank windows were broken with metal street barricades of the kind used to keep cars from driving into holes in the street and crushing the workers inside. Personally, I believe that Berkeley's powers that be leave these things, as well as all those newspaper vending boxes and trash cans, lying around during demos to give demonstrators something on which to vent their anger. They may even have arranged for a token, breakable bank window to be where it could be reached. It's a whole lot cheaper to let people blow off steam doing minor damage than it is to let their anger build up to the point that they try to burn City Hall and lynch the mayor.

It remains to be seen what sort of action will develop when Clark shows up in town. Perhaps demonstrators will adopt the interesting new tactical technologies that the Italian group Ya Basta used in Prague. Or maybe they'll stick to the tried-and-true. Time will tell. I'll keep you posted. I do intend to be there. But while I'm there, I intend to break no laws. Nor do I advocate that anybody else break any laws. Specifically, I do not advocate rioting. I want to make that perfectly clear, right here in public. If people riot anyway, it's not my fault.

But kids today, what can you do?

Well, I'm out of space again, that's all for this time. Next time we'll examine one of terrorism's less obvious but equally important dichotomies, that between attacks against people and attacks against property. We'll also take a look at certain technological innovations that enable a third option, attacks against information. Specifically, we'll look at HERF guns, TEDs and the mysterious Z-Ray. It'll be fun. So stay tuned.


Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon

© 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written  permission.


Part Two

The spring of 1933 shook the world to its core.  In Germany the Hitler Regime of oppression came into power on March 5, 1933, when for a second time within the space of a month, Adolph Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany, this time by an elective majority.

With his assumption of power, Hitler unleashed a program of extermination and vituperation against the Jews and other minority groups in Germany which has been unparalleled in modern history.  This program, the evolution of a hymn of hatred preached for thirteen years prior to the victory of the Nazi Party, has been enacted into the law of the land.  It has taken a toll of hundreds of Jewish lives, subjected thousands of Jews to unspeakable acts of torture and caused the incarceration of many thousands more.  It has driven some 100,000 Jews outside of the country in concentration camps.  Primarily, its effect has been to destroy the lives, the status, and the future of the Jewish people in Germany.  It has branded them as a pariah caste, closed every door of economic livelihood to them; ousted them from citizenship, destroyed every vestige of future for their children, and barred the doors of exit from Germany.

A Confidential Record of Activities (March-December)
Distributed by the American Jewish Congress

The Nazis received only a very slim majority in the March 5th vote.  The National Socialists received less than 44% of the votes.  The Nazi party scored 17,264,000 ballots; however, 22 million non-Nazi votes were recorded.  Following this spring election a cleansing of the Reichstag took place.  Representatives of opposing  parties were arrested; the "voluntary" dissolution of all other parties followed; [and] by July 14, 1933 a law was passed preventing the formation of any new party.  The German states were in the process of destruction and total replacement by an all-powerful military government.  Later in the year another election would take place that would seek to solidify the new government. 

In Los Angeles the Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin had been receiving a great deal of mail from travelers in Europe.  Those who had pass through Germany were alarmed by what they had seen.  One such letter follows:

Zurich, Switzerland
April 5, 1933

Dear Folks at Home:

We are writing you with a deep sense of relief at being out of Germany.  It is no use going into details of the persecution because you would just see red.  We feel as though we had just come out of the middle ages, except that for witch-burning you must substitute "taking for a ride," the riding guests being the Jews.  For months we had been living in an atmosphere of unspeakable atrocities, physical and psychological, brutality, flight, horror, suicide, everything.  As foreigners we were never molested and never in danger, in fact, we had no trouble whatsoever, but having eyes and sensitivity, we were in a continuous state of revolt against the existing dictatorship.

The Jews in Germany are not being massacred.  That is, there has not been a pogrom to date, if one understands a pogrom to be a mass slaughter, but the means that the Nazis are using are much more invidious than a good old-fashion clean pogrom.  The whole country reeks of injustice against the Jews, and no one with a long nose or any Jewish characteristics is safe in Germany now.  The rowdies (The majority of Nazi soldiers are rowdies, out of work, with nothing decent or productive to do with their energies) beat up any Jews whose looks they don't like.   Jews disappear, no one knows where.

Let me give you a few detailed examples of the new "Weltanschauung" in Germany.  In the government all Jews have been removed from office long ago, except in the minor posts.  This applies to municipal as well as the national government.  Kathe Spiegel was working for the city.  She had the best record of anyone in her branch and was well liked by her immediate associates, many of whom did not know she was Jewish.  She received notice a few week ago, sending her on compulsory vacation until further notice.  She wrote a letter to the authorities, presenting the facts that her father was staff physician in the German army until his death, and that her two brothers had been killed fighting for Germany in the World War.  She received no reply and her compulsory vacation is equivalent to an official bounce.

While we were in Berlin a troop of "Sturm Abteil" paraded in front of Rosenheim's on Kurfurstendam, a department store twice as large as the May Company, admonishing the people not to buy there.  This was before any talk of boycotting Jewish stores.  Hitler issued a proclamation soon afterwards that all action on the part of individual followers of the Nazis must cease.  He harvested much praise for this speech and many people thought that the anti-Semitic campaign had reached its climax.  On the contrary, from that time on anti-Semitic outbursts were directed and sanctioned by the Nazi government.

The boycott of Jewish stores last Saturday was a black page in Germany's history, but was hailed as a triumph of discipline according to the local papers.  Officially the boycott was to have been pulled off as follows: - S.A. were to be posted in front of each Jewish store with placards informing the public that this store was Jewish.  The stores were to remain open and no one was to have been molested if he desired to enter the store.  However, in most cases the Jewish stores were shut up entirely by the S.A. or were so barricaded that no one could possibly enter, even if he should have so desired.  Very few desired.  I heard of one instance of forcible closing of a shop.  A couple of uniformed Nazis came in and told the owner to close up the store.  The owner stated that he was a front soldier and that he did not see why he should.

The Nazis replied that the question of whether he was a front soldier or not was of no importance, but that he was a Jew and a traitor to his country and had, therefore, to close his shop.  After some further words the Jew was mercilessly beaten and his shop barricaded.

There were numerous placards threatening people to be photographed if they should dare to buy at a Jewish store, and the plate glass windows provided plenty of space for the artistic endeavors of the Nazis.  Hebrew faces were portrayed carrying sacks of gold on their backs.  There were warnings, such as "Danger, Garlie."  On one street they hung a huge banner, "This street is freed of all Jewish sores."  One street called in German "The Shortest Way," meaning the shortest way from producer to consumer, was changed to read, "The Shortest Way to Palestine."

The saddest situation to me was the treatment accorded the Jewish professional men by the non-Jewish professional men.  It is in the upper strata of German civilization that one should look with hope for better treatment, but not so.  In Koln, where I lived, some Nazis forced all the Jewish lawyers and judges out of the Hall of Justice in their official robes, placed them on garbage wagons and hauled them all over town under placards saying, "We are ridding ourselves of all rubbish."  A Christian lawyer who dared defend the Jewish lawyers in the garbage wagon episode, was beaten to a pulp.

The Jewish lawyers are particularly hard hit because of the Numerous clause, which permits only that percentage of Jewish lawyers corresponding to the percentage of Jews in the population.  In other words, only one lawyer in a hundred can be Jewish, whereas actually there is approximately 33% of Jewish attorneys.

The doctors also get it in the neck.  A great portion of medical practice over here is accomplished thru the so-called "Krankenkassen" (sick insurance).  There is a new ruling preventing Jewish doctors from collecting money from the Krankenkassen, and hence hereafter they will be forced to rely on private practice, where is a small amount compared to the number of cases they derive from the other source.

Bruno Walther was forbidden to direct any more concerts in Berlin and he fled to Holland.  As you know, he is one of the world's finest orchestra leaders, but that does mean a thing to new Germany.

I could go on enumerating case after case, but you have heard enough to know that everything is not hotsy-totsy in Germany.  The important question is what is it all about, and what does it mean for the future?

Let is be said that not all of the seventeen million who voted for Hitler at the last election are anti-Semitic.  A great number voted for him because there was other way out.  The country was not and is not yet ripe for any kind of communism, and all other parties have been up to bat and failed.  Hitler had to have his inning.  My landlord, Birkholz, also voted for Hitler, but he is not anti-Semitic and he asked when I left not to believe that Germany was a land of barbarians, that no doubt there were ruffians in every country, but he seriously doubted whether the Nazis would continue in the line into which they have started.  Birkholz is a business man and it seems that one has to swim with the current right now in Germany or drown.  (That many people want to drown is also a fact not to be overlooked, so unbearable are conditions of a people of a totally different "Weltanschauung").  All voices which cry against the government now are hushed with such celerity and as the time is not yet ripe to even whisper against the Nazis, it really seems as if Germany were absolutely mad and barbarous.  That, of course, would not in any manner be true, and please bear this in mind when and if you condemn everything in Germany now.

Theoretically, the Nazis are aiming at a 100% pure Christian origin folk.  The idea of "folk" is the supreme concept of Hitler.  A pure, undiluted race is, according to their principles, capable of producing higher cultural products that a polluted one.  The fact that they forget that Germany's greatness has only resulted because of the great mixture of all peoples, is perhaps beside the point.  There are very few scientists and men of great learning who justify their theory, but they have very excellent demagogues, and their swastika advertising campaign is really marvelous.  I am translating several articles from a Nazi paper and shall send these to you to show you what I mean.  They are really jewels and show typically the whole theory and practice of the Nazi power, and from an intelligent, unbiased point of view they are certainly not pretty, to say the least.  In my next letter I will write more about what I think will happen in Germany.  I am no prophet, but perhaps, having lived on the ground for the past two years and been present at the universities, which are the hotbed of political intrigue, my guess is just about as good as any.  Every country has a quirk.  Germany's bee in the bonnet just happens to strike home.  Other forms of injustice do not bother us particularly.  At any rate, to repeat, we are happy to be out of the country

Hope you are all well.  Show this letter to anyone who might be interested.  Show it particularly to Prof. Hoffman, so that I won't have to repeat the same news to him.  Love and kisses.

(signed) Leroy [no last name on letter]

The hand-bills and placards being posted in front of all Jewish business establishments were an art form of mind control.  So disturbing were the contents that tourists took the time to copy them down and mail them back to the Rabbi Magnin.  One such example follows.

Hand-bill of the N.S.D.A.P. - (The Nazi Party)

                          DOWN WITH THE TRIBE OF JUDAH

German citizens, you fought at the front.  You became poor in the post-war period.  Your wife and children hungered.  The Jew lived opulently in secure shelter, because rich in the years of inflation and misery, and now carouses and feasts himself in the wine restaurants and bars.

You are the honorable, poor servant.  The Jew is the deceitful and rich master.  Just because the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler wants social justice, capitalistic Judaism is the worst enemy of this government's leader.

When Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the German Empire, the battle began to be waged by Jews against our German citizens and brothers in other lands.

In Paris, in London, in New York, German stores were demolished by Jews.  German men and women attacked on the streets and beaten.  German children tortured and flayed by Jewish sadists.

German citizens, your brothers and sisters are being cudgeled in foreign lands because they won't stand for the government of Judaism any more; because you are building a new, national German Empire; because you have embraced National Socialism.

German citizens, the best virtue of your folk has been and remains loyalty.  Don't you want to be loyal to your brothers and sisters in foreign lands?  You can help these, persecuted by the Jewry, if you do the same thing to the Jews in Germany as the Jews do to Germans in other countries.

Outlaw Jews socially!

Boycott the Jew commercially!
Make life insufferable for the Jew!
German, awake!
The Jew is your enemy, your enemy, your enemy!

German citizen, you are in the midst of a national revolution.  You experienced deeply the 21st of March.  You have recaptured your shield of honor and held it unblemished.  Do you want it to be plastered with Hebraic filth?  German citizens, won't you stand up to the last man for your honor, which has hardly been won, achieved in a superb battle?

German citizen, you do want to.  You are longing to give the N.S.D.A.P. and its incomparable leader, your leader, your chancellor, upright, glowing thanks for the battle of fourteen years for you, for the victory of the 21st of March!

German citizens, march calmly.  March together into the loyal battle for your comrades, persecuted by the Jewish hyenas in other countries, march together for the honor of your stopless national revolution.

Into the battle under the watchword:  "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth!"  But into the battle in strictest discipline.  We are warriors, not plunderers like our predecessors.  The combat be severe, but help keep the shield pure.  Strictly legal, within bounds of the law, without spilling of blood, without atrocious deeds, without bodily transgression.

But none the less unsparing and obstinate.  Not the power of the smashing fist, but merely the power of the boycott all down the line, merely general outlawing is to force the Jew to kneel down.  A person who still buys from the Jews, who still tolerates a Jew in his circle is a dirty scoundrel!

Hitlerism and the American Jewish Congress (A Confidential Record of Activities)
records the events that occurred late in the spring of 1933.

Late in the spring the American Jewish Congress, acting through the Executive Committee  of the World Jewish Congress, succeeded in bringing to the attention of international opinion through its recognized arbiter, the persecutions of the Jews in Germany.  This was accomplished through the presentation to the Council of the League of Nations of the petition of Franz Bernheim, a Jewish citizen of Upper Silesia, setting forth the disabilities imposed upon the Jews by the government of Upper Silesia and calling attention to the fact that these disabilities are a direct infringement of the Geneva Covenant of 1922 which guarantees equal rights to all minority groups in Upper Silesia.

The charges brought by Berheim were found valid by the Council of the League.  The German government was compelled to promise that it would reinstate the Jews of Upper Silesia in the positions taken from them.  Moreover, the League of Nations appointed a rapporteur to supervise the fulfillment or lack of fulfillment of Germany's pledge.

While the action of League of Nations pertained only to Upper Silesia, inasmuch as that section of Germany alone is subject to minority treaty protection, the issue raised served to focus international attention of the persecutions throughout the whole of the Reich and resulted further in the appointment by the League of a Commissioner to supervise the activities to be undertaken in behalf of the refugees in flight from Germany's oppression.

The pledge given by Germany in connection with the disabilities in Upper Silesia was the first acknowledgment of its guilt against the Jews, and as the laws operating in Upper Silesia emanate from the central government, this acknowledgment of guilt, carried to its logical conclusions, means Germany's self indictment in relation to the entire question of anti-Semitism throughout the Reich.


Within a day after Germany's pledge in connection with Upper Silesia was given, on June 7, 1933, the German government authorized its representatives on the International Olympic Committee, then meeting in Vienna, to pledge that German Jews, who had been barred from competitions, would be permitted to take part in the International Olympic series scheduled to be held in 1938 in Berlin.  This pledge was made only upon threat that the entire series would be withdrawn if not given.

Ironically on October 27 1933, newspapers reported that Germany's future ally in the second world war formally objected to Hitler's racist policies.  The Japanese government announced that its ambassador to Germany, Matsuzo Nagai,  has longed a sharp protest with the Hitler government against the "fact that speeches of Nazi leaders and legislation by the German government have specified discriminatory treatment of the Jews, Negroes and other colored races, barring mixtures thereof with the Germanic race."  The Japanese government regards this as racial prejudice against the Japanese.

Regardless of the organized opposition to Nazi policies growing around the world the newspapers across Germany continued to goose step in line with the Nazi line.  Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels was working overtime organizing massive demonstrations that hypnotize tens of thousands of Hitler's folk.  The crowds listen, applaud, and frantically rise to their feet singing "Horst Wessel Lied"  Shuts of "Seig Heil" concludes the meetings and Germany's newspapers praise spectacle after spectacle building toward the November 12th elections when the entire nation must support Hitler and his policies.  Hitler will not allow any opposition to his Nazi policies to surface during this election.  The crescendo builds in Germany's printed media which desperately strives to carry out Hitler's command that the press "be forged into a tempered weapon of German policy, life and spirit."    


From the "West-Deutscher Beobachter"

Today is a great day in the German revolution.  The judgment of a profaned folk condemns the Jewish pestilence with uncanny strength and logical consequence.  For the first time in the history of the occident war has been declared on the enemy of the world.  No sentimentality, no false sympathy must dilute the inner cool and necessary measures of this hour.  New Germany must show those lands which are groaning under the bonds of Jewish Dictatorship, proof of the practical possibility of the destruction of folk devouring Judaism.  The vast historical consequence of this noble exploit of the German people is as yet not to be estimated.  In addition to its commercial importance, it has the import of world philosophy and delves into the deepest problems of our time.

The epoch of liberalism, which has controlled history in the last 150 years since the French Revolution, was essentially the concept of the Jewish race in its economic interpretation.  The oriental instincts of this inferior race could develop themselves in an unthought-of manner through the negation of the national spirit and its racial meaning, thru the raising of the economic importance of a nation to the highest political law and the therewith connected development of unlimited capitalism.  The bases of this liberalism were the scientific and moral disguise of the Jewish 100-year dream of world supremacy, the realization of which Judaism actually could achieve in the course of this wretched development.  The entire globe was subjected to tyranny, to the devilish will to power of these Levantine bastards.  They passed judgment over good and evil, over war and peace, over rise and decline.  This foreign, destructive bacillus ate its way into the foundation of the nation, poisoned the healthy blood, exposed the old ideals of folk life to ridicule and insult, split up the folk into classes which were to rear each other to pieces in hatred and combat, so that the resulting weakness of the nations could break the vale resistance against the gold dictatorship of Jews.  By means of shameless theft this sub-race cheated the diligent and productive nations of the Occident out of the fruits of their toil.  The loot-lusty rapacity of this inferior people had triumphed over the healthy and decent workers all over the earth.  The restless and insatiable spirit of profit of this oriental minority misused abominably the concept of duty and work of the productive white race.  Unmercifully and heavily this shameless desire for profit reclines on the world.  This spirit doesn't want any peace, doesn't want any blossoming and satisfied races, doesn't want public welfare and happiness.  No, Judaism desires subjection, servility and slavery for all other peoples and dictatorship for itself.  Masses without possessions, an incalculable slime of exploited and deceived millions who know of no fatherland any more and of no tradition and blood ties... that is the wish of the supremacy seeking Jew.  The hour of liberation has struck for the white races with the beginning of the German revolution.  Liberalism as a world philosophy is lying on its death-bed.  A new, more genuine "Weltanschauung" dawns victoriously.  Liberalism was created by Judaism in order to subdue Germanism.  The new, "our" Westanschauung is the resurrected Germanism.  Between the latter and the former is animosity unto death.  The decay of the liberal epoch must find its historical expression in the decay of its creator, the Hebrew.  The German boycott movement strikes at the center of the world.  Therefore - on to battle.  The nations in the future will know how to thank the swastika, the thousand year old symbol of the creative power of the German race.  

On November 15, 1993 The New Republic reported the following:

The Berlin correspondent of the London Times has incurred the disfavor of the Nazis by reporting to his paper that many Germans are afraid to vote against the government in the election which is supposed to determine whether the people support its present armament policy.  We take the following truths to be self evident: (1) that there would be an overwhelming vote in favor of any German government on the question of equality of armament without any fear or compulsion; (2) that a large number of Germans would be afraid to vote against the present government on any issue, whether they disagreed with it or not; (3) the Germans have been so thoroughly propagandized and regimented, and so completely cut off from criticism both at home and abroad, that the government could now obtain a majority in favor of anything whatsoever that it might propose.  The election, therefore is bound to be a farce in any case.  It is necessary to determine what the Germans think about the present issue, because every sensible person knows what they think.  On the other hand, if they did disagree with Hitler on this issue, the election would not show it.  What could be more absurd than for a dictator who has always despised democracy and has gone to extreme lengths in order to kill it to conduct a plebiscite in order to show that the people support him?

As the intense year of 1933 drew to a close the condition of the Jews was tragic.

The estimated number of Jewish refugees was 65,000, distributed as follow:  In France: 25,000; Palestine: 6,500; Poland: 4,000; Czecho-Slovakia: 2,500; Holland: 2,500; Belgium and Switzerland each had: 2,000.  Of the total amount of refugees approximately 8,000 were penniless.

The world was paying an increasing price for Hitler's madness.

Part three of this series will examine increasing power and those who became totally powerless.

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Virginia Lee McCullough

ports No Place for Kids?
© 2000,1283,39334-2,00.html

WASHINGTON -- When the White House this summer pledged to abide by strict online privacy standards, officials may have been a little hasty.

It turns out that appears to run afoul of a federal law designed to protect children's personal information.

"The White House for Kids website tips many hats to privacy, but in no way can it be said to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act," says a 12-page report released Friday by an electronic privacy organization called Privacilla.

COPPA requires that parents be able to control their child's information, that websites provide contact information and that parents consent before a website asks for information from kids. The White House doesn't.

COPPA does not apply to federal agencies. It was designed to target corporate sites. But the White House this summer agreed that dot-gov sites must "comply with the standards set forth in" the law.

Jim Harper, a former Republican staffer and the founder of Privacilla, says that the White House's experience should prove that COPPA's standards are too difficult for businesses to meet, and that similar corporate data collection is not necessarily harmful.

But the White House points out that it's caught in a difficult position: Another federal law requires that records be recorded for historical purposes.

"The White House strongly supports COPPA since it supplies needed protection for children," says a White House spokesman.

"The White House is faced with a unique situation because of the legal requirements regarding COPPA, one of which is to store records sent to us via email," the spokesman said. "We've been considering ways to address these issues and are considering ways to review our position."

Capitol Sex: Heavy breathing, moaning and other sexually explicit noises unexpectedly disrupted a recent congressional hearing on drugs in schools.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Michigan), a subcommittee chairman, was partway through his closing statements when an apparently bored aide opened an email message with a very unfortunate attachment.

The sequence of events went something like this, according to a transcript:

Hoekstra: "This is an issue that Bob brought to my attention. I've talked with my colleagues, I was ... (unintelligible audio clip from porno film)."

There's some irony here.

"When it comes to a fixation on lesbian sex, even Howard Stern is a poor second to Pete Hoekstra," the New York Times' Frank Rich once wrote in a column about the Republican legislator's habit of highlighting sex scenes in movies in an effort to rescind funding of the National Endowment for the Arts.

No luck: Larry Matthews will be going to prison after all.

This week the Supreme Court declined to hear, without further comment, Matthews' appeal of his child pornography conviction.

Matthews, a veteran radio reporter, says he downloaded images because of a story he was working on. When the FBI raided his home, he deleted the files.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and other journalist organizations filed an amicus brief asking the high court to take the case, arguing that "the public has a strong interest in knowing both about the prevalence of child pornography on the Internet, and about law enforcement efforts to eradicate it."

Postal problems: The U.S. Post Office is trying to take over the and domain names.

A government attorney this week filed a complaint using ICANN's dispute resolution process against Russ Smith, a consumer activist in Virginia who owns the domains.

"Respondent's use of the famous PRIORITY MAIL® and POST OFFICE marks to promote the Postal Service's main competitors is likely to cause consumer confusion, harms the goodwill the Postal Service has developed in its PRIORITY MAIL® and POST OFFICE marks, and dilutes these famous marks," the complaint says.

It continues: "Respondent does not offer any mail or delivery services, does not deliver mail, and does not offer any postal materials, except to offer deep links to the Postal Service's own website and services, as well as the websites of Postal Service competitors. Respondent's domain names and website divert Internet consumers searching for United States Postal Service."

The government cites a criminal law dating from 1909 that says: "Whoever, without authority from the Postal Service, sets up or professes to keep any office or place of business bearing the sign, name, or title of post office, shall be fined under this title."

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Part One

The great researcher, Mae Brussell, grew up in the shadow of her father, Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin.  Rabbi Magnin joined the staff of the Temple B'nai B'rith in Los Angeles in 1915 and became its senior rabbi in 1919.  He remained in that position until his death on July 17, 1984.

In 1929 the Temple moved to 3663 Wilshire Boulevard  and became known as The Wilshire Boulevard Temple.  Two years before his death this temple was dedicated to Robbi Magnin.  He was often called the "Rabbi to the stars" because of his close association with the Hollywood community.

When the Rabbi died, Mae Brussell added many of her father's files and books to her massive collection.  Rabbi Magnin's file contents are a window into the years before the world found itself engulfed in the terror of World War II.

One yellowed newspaper clipping might well be confused with today's news stories.  The subject matter is the Jewish National Home and Palestine.

Constitution put to a vote paragraph by paragraph in all night session. 
Weizmann policy proves victorious
Final step still to be taken by a roll call of 322 delegates

ZURICH, (J.T.A.)  The "Jewish Agency" which, by the vote just taken by the Sixteenth Zionist Congress will be extended to include non-Zionist Jews, as well as Zionists, is the legal term in post-war international law for the Jewish public body which has been granted certain defined rights and privileges in relation to Palestine by the League of Nations and the British government.  This body derives its authority from the Mandate given by the League of Nations to the Government of Great Britain for the administration of the territory of Palestine, the Mandatory power being responsible for "placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish National Home."  To assist the Palestine government in this task, in accordance with the Balfour Declaration and the preamble to the Palestine Mandate in which the "historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine" was given official recognition by the Allied Powers following the World War, this special Jewish body was recognized.  Up to the vote of the Congress to enlarge the Agency, the Zionist Organization, having its headquarters in London and Jerusalem, was recognized by the British Government as the Jewish Agency, which enjoys the rights and privileges outlined in Article IV of the Palestine Mandate.

Article IV defines these rights with the following words: "An appropriate public Jewish agency shall be shall be organized  as a public body for the purpose of advising and cooperating with the Administration of Palestine in such economic, social and other matters as may affect the establishment of the Jewish National Home and the interests of the Jewish population in Palestine, and, subject always to the control of the Administration, to assist and take part in the development of the country."

The same Article IV of the Mandate confers upon the Zionist Organization recognition as the Jewish Agency and provides for the possibility of its extension to include non-Zionists.  The second paragraph of Article IV says: "The Zionists organization and constitution are in the opinion of the Mandatory appropriate, shall be recognized as such agency.  It shall take steps in consultation with His Britannic Majestic Government to secure the cooperation of all Jews who are willing to assist in the establishment of the Jewish National Home."

The Mandate was approved by the Council of the League of Nations on July 24, 1922.  In advance of this date, on June 30, 1922, the movement for the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine as defined in the Balfour Declaration and in the Mandate, was concurred in a resolution by the House of Representatives of the United States, although the United States was not a member of the League of Nations and not a party in the allocation of the Mandate.  On July 15, the United States Senate concurred in this resolution, and it was approved by President Harding.

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, as president of the World Zionist Organization, following  the adoption of resolutions in June 1923 by the American Zionist convention held in Pittsburgh, Pa., and by the Thirteenth Zionist Congress held in Carlsbad In August, 1923, favoring the extension of the Jewish Agency, started negotiations with the American non-Zionists, headed by Mr. Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Committee, and Mr. Felix M. Warbur, chairman of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.  Negotiations were also conducted with non-Zionist representatives of the Jewish communities in Great Britain, Germany France, Poland, Romania and other countries.  The American non-Zionists held three conferences, the last and most important of which was held in New York on October 21, 1927, when a final decision was reached.  The non-Zionist conference, after receiving a report of a specially composted Palestine Survey Commission, which included many American experts, among them Dr. Elwood Mead of the United States Agricultural Department, agreed to join the extended Jewish Agency and appointed a committee of seven to designate the 44 delegates to which the American non-Zionists are entitled under the agreement between Dr. Weizmann and Mr. Marshall.

Throughout the six years during which the negotiations went on there raged a strong controversy in the ranks of the Zionist movement as to whether the cooperation of the   the non-Zionists, who do not profess the principles of political Zionism, is to be invited.  Dr. Weizmann's policy developed a formidable opposition, which raised continuous objections and imposed many reservations on the contemplated pact with the non-Zionists.  The matter came up at every Zionist Congress held since 1923.  The opposition dwindled to an insignificant minority when the American non-Zionists, under whose leadership the negotiations were principally conducted, consented to the inclusion of the term "Jewish National Home" in the preamble to the enlarged Jewish Agency's constitution and agreed to incorporate into the new body's governing rules clauses which guarantee: 1) a continuation of Jewish immigration to Palestine; 2) the recognition of the principle of Jewish labor in enterprises operating under the auspices of the Jewish Agency; 3) the development of the Hebrew language and Hebrew culture in Palestine; 4) the freedom of the settlers to determine their own form of settlement, provided that their economic self sufficiency will be taken into consideration; 
5) the recognition of the Jewish National Fund, the Zionist land purchasing agency, as the instrument for the purchasing of land in Palestine as the inalienable property of the Jewish people.  Such lands are not to be sold, but leased to settlers of a 99-year basis.

The Council of the Jewish Agency which opened its first session on Sunday, August 11, in Zurich will consist of 220 members among whom there are a number of the most prominent Jews of the world, eminent in various fields.  The American delegation will be the largest among the delegations  from 21 countries in attendance, since the non-Zionists will have 44 and the American Zionists 18 representatives.  The Council will be equally divided in its membership, 110 being Zionists and 110 non-Zionists, a non-Zionist being one who is not a member of the Zionist Organization or any of its affiliated bodies.

In official reports submitted in the League of Nations by the Zionist Organization, it was estimated that a sum exceeding $50,000,000 both in public and private capital, has been invested by Jews in Palestine since 1920.  American Zionists alone have, during the past 10 years, raised for Palestine a sum exceeding $10,000,000.  According to the recommendations formulated by the Joint Palestine Survey Commission, headed by Lord Melchett and Felix M. Warburg, a minimum sum of $5,000,000 annually will have to be placed at the disposal of the enlarged Jewish Agency to carry on the work which aims towards furthering the establishment of the Jewish National Home in Palestine.  Sixty per cent of this sum is to be raised among the Jews of the United States.

On March 23, 1933 The New York Daily Mirror headlines screamed "More Jews Beaten As Nazis Defy U.S."  Below the headline banner was a picture with a caption reading "A BRAND OF HITLER "JUSTICE!"  "Symbolical of the tales of torture emanating from German refugees, is this picture from Munich showing A Jewish resident being forced by Hitler's storm troopers to walk barefoot through the city streets carrying a sign which he was compelled to write: "I will never again complain to the police.  Signed--A. Schwarta."  He was then ejected from the town and forbidden ever to return.  Despite, U.S. protest, Berlin yesterday granted amnesty to all ruffians who had attacked 10 Americans, 8 of them Jews."

On page 2 of this same newspaper the following story appears.


GENEVA- Switzerland, March 22 - We drag kidnapped Christians into the cellars of our Synagogues, cut their throats, and drink their blood!

Plotting to debase "the good German blood", we attack or beguile inexperienced German maidens, for the sole purpose of adulterating the Germanic stock with our racial characteristics!

We plot the ruin of the Christian world through usury!

We obey rabbinical instructions to deny instructions to deny dying Christians all humanitarian aid!

We have organized a vast financial conspiracy to drive the German peasant from his farm through foreclosure!

These are but a few of the infamies of propaganda not only tolerated in Germany today by Hitler and his Nazi troops but encouraged by them - so that 30 German "newspapers" exist for the sole purpose of disseminating the foul lies about members of our [the Jewish] race.  In not a few instances, the vilifying propaganda is signed with Adolf Hitler's name.

Five days after the  preceding article ran, The Los Angeles Examiner announced that Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin's non-sectarian committee would hold a gathering of thousands of Los Angeles citizens at the Philharmonic Auditorium to protest against the Hitler regime's injustice to Jews.  Similar protests were taking place in other American cities and America's citizens demanded that the State Department formally express this country's indignation.

In a stroke of irony the article juxtaposition to the protest announcement read as follows:

Nationwide Program Will Include Smallest Villages And Reach Every Phase of Semitic Activity

By Karl H. von Wiegand

BERLIN- March 28 - A nation-wide anti-Jewish boycott throughout Germany, anti-Jewish boycott throughout Germany, affecting even the smallest village, was ordered tonight to begin Saturday in order to force foreign countries to abandon any hostility toward Germany.

The program contains the following eleven points:

1.    Action committees are to be organized by every local group of Nazis, down to the smallest village, to direct and enforce a boycott against Jewish professions, businesses, stores, shops, lawyers and physicians.  Committees are held responsible for seeing the boycott does not strike any "innocents."

2.    Committees are held responsible for seeing that foreigners, regardless of faith, creed, race or nationality, are exempt from the boycott.

3.    Committees are immediately to enlighten the public and popularize the boycott on the principle that no German is to buy anything from a Jew or permit a Jew to offer him anything.

4.    When in doubt regarding some particular firm or business, Nazis are not to start the boycott until receiving orders direct from the Muich Brown House.

5.    Action committees are to watch newspapers in the enlightenment of German people in the "Anti-Jewish Atrocity Campaign," and should any newspaper not engage enthusiastically in the campaign of enlightenment, committees must see the newspaper is not to enter a German home and also that it shall not carry advertisements of any German firm or business.  It is states: "Such papers are to fall in contempt.  They are printed for Jews, not for Germans."

6.    Committees, together with "Cells" of the Nazi party, must carry propaganda, especially to workers, to make clear the consequences of the Jewish boycott of Germany in other countries, and giving reasons explaining that the German counter boycott is a necessary protection of German labor.

7.    Propaganda must be carried into all villages and, in the rural districts, against Jewish peddlers and small dealers.

8.    The program calls for concentrated efforts to deliver a blow to Jewry, and storm troops are to picket shops and warn people away from Jewish stores.

9.    "Tens of thousands of mass meetings" are to demand that Jews be permitted to practice in professions, in business or in any employment in proportion to their numbers compared with the rest of Germany's population.  Jews represent 8-10 of 1 percent of the population.  This includes students in grammar and high schools, medical doctors and lawyers.  Banks are so far exempt.

10.    Committees must see that every German who has any connection whatever with foreign countries must send letters, telegrams, cables and engage in telephone talks to enlighten others on the truth about Germany and the German desire to live in peace.

11.    Committees are responsible for seeing that the entire boycott operates with complete and rigid discipline and order, and that "Not a single Jewish hair" is to be harmed.  Any agitation will be downed with force.

Throughout the long year of 1933 the rhetoric of hate continually escalated.  Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels describes his view of Jews on page 16 of Die verfluchten Hakendreuzler[Publisher: Frz. Eher Nachfulger, Munich, 1929].

"The Jew is the plastic demon of decay.  Wherever he scents refuse and putrefaction, he immediately bobs up from the unseen and begins his criminal work of slaughtering against the nations.  He disguises himself in the mast of those whom he intends to deceive, makes friends with his victims, and before the unsuspecting victim has noticed it, he has already broken his neck."

Even the literature of Germany carried messages of hate and violence.  From the poem, "War-Song of the SA," "Kleines Naziliederbuch"  the following lies proclaimed the Nazi theme.

Thus the storm troops stand ready to wage the racial war!  Only then shall we be freed, when the Jews are in their gore.

On March 27, 1933,  in an eloquent speech to his fellow representatives, Congressman William I. Sirovich [14th Congressional District, New York State] begged them to take a stand.  "In the name of humanity, I ask this Congress of the United States, in line with its noble traditions, to protest the persecution of the Jews in Germany."  But the House of Representatives did not respond quickly.

On May 31, 1933 The Nation reported:

The purifying process has wrought the most terrific havoc with the German press.  An official Nazi publication says: "Next to the Bourse the press is Judas's most valuable tool for extending its power"; and Dr. Joseph Goebbles said: "It is my intention to play on the press as on a piano."  The independent press is gone.  The Frankfurter Zeitung, until the advent of the Nazis one of the world's leading journals, makes fitful attempts to remain independent, but the Berliner Tageblatt has been completely "coordinated," so that this so-called Jewish international capitalist paper of liberal Germany has become a Nazi organ printing eulogies about "Our Hitler."  The Nazis propose to enroll every journalist in a Fascist press union, admission to which may be obtained only by producing a certificate of racial purity, a membership card in the Nazi party, and convincing proof that the prospective journalist is sufficiently devoid of individual thought not to do anything that might displease his masters.

The corruption and control  of the German mind continued as spring took hold in Hitler's fiefdom.  April of 1933 would find tourists writing home relating the horror they found in this ancient land now so totally under the steel boots of the Nazis.

In part two of this series the last months of 1933 German citizens surrender all of their free thought to Adolf Hitler and Germany accelerates down a path that will lead to its own destruction.

By Virginia Lee McCullough © 2000
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World Watchers International Tape 488, April 12, 1981.


Side 1

Guest Ray Fabrizio


Tape #487 John Warlock Hinckley same as John Warnock Hinckley, Jr. WARLOCK clone Richardson "long admirer of Manson Family, SLA, Squeeky." "RR must die. Your death is required, Alex Haig and Sen. Jesse Helms," "We are a wave of assassins throughout the world."

Bring on the Jonestown assassination trained teams.
Bravo Delgado, you unleashed your robots.
Remember Haig, Helms want Internal Security Committee again.
Remember Haig wiretapped, bugged illegally. Watergate.
Defense Dept. created Manson Family, SLA, Jonestown for this exact purpose, to knock off public leaders to gain control.


JFK:   German Mauser" assassination weapon." Later, "Italian Carcano".
RR:    ".38 caliber" doing the job. Later, .22".

JFK:   There were two Mausers in book depository where Oswald worked.
RR:    Hinckley bought a .38 January 21, 1981, Denver, Colo. Where is it?

JFK:   How many bullets in 5.3 seconds, bolt action rifle. Too many.
RR:    Six, seven, or eight bullets in 2-3 seconds? Too many again.

JFK:   Forced to squeeze bullet numbers to photos and evidence, the direction of bullets, diagram, trajectory off. Bullet #399 created.
RR:    Forced to account for bullets, next day, diagram, explanation became a "ricochet from the car door." That changed direction.

JFK:   Witnesses who heard or saw shots from front of JFK ignored.
RR:    Witnesses who heard, saw person behind Reagan, others, ignored.

JFK:   JFK, John Connally clothing, car interior never used for evidence or trajectory conclusions when investigating the shooting.
RR:    Clothing of four in Washington. D.C., car damage, will not be examined to locate other or others shooting.

JFK:   Secret Service, police, others, all ran to Grassy Knoll, up hill. Warren Commission, FBI, concluded "one man", "behind JFK", did it. Seventeen years of controversy because of the "one man" story.
RR:    Secret Service, spectators, deliberately jumped "one man", didn't look around for any other persons.

JFK:   Bullet in JFK, Connally, neck, back, arm, leg, throat clean, pristine. JFK fatal head shot, head blown apart. Different weapon.
RR:    Three men, fall, as if in battle, down hard. Reagan "walked in", didn't know he was shot until much later"? Different weapon?

Side 2 #488 April 12, 1981  

Guest Ray Fabrizio


JFK:   The tell-tale Diary, the motives solved, the "Loner", "Wanted a place in history", "Nobody lost in the crowd", "Never achieved".
RR:    The tell-tale letters, the motives solved, the "Loner", Wanted a place in history", "Nobody lost in the crowd, "Never achieved". Jodie Foster, will prove himself to her. Ha Ha. This motive?

JFK:   The wanderer who never worked but got around. Oswald, U-2 bases in Japan, Philippines, Marines 3 yrs, France, Finland, USSR, NY, Texas, N.O., Miami, Mexico, Texas, New Orleans, Moscow, Minsk, Brussells.
RR:    Hinckley's 7 years, Texas, Calif., Ill., St. Louis, New York, New Haven, Atlanta, Nashville, Calif. "3 mysterious" years missing, Colorado, years, months, contacts not yet, probably never, identified. Wash. D.C.

JFK:   Lee Harvey Oswald with Nazi Rockwell name, address. Nazi contacts.
RR:    20 mos. membership in Nazi Party, March anniv. of Rockwell birthday in St. Louis with "Storm Trooper", Oswald associates.

JFK:   "Use of Bernard Weissman, because of Jewish name, day of JFK assass. paid for by Birch Society, on Wanted for Treason handbills." Weissman testified, "They wanted a Jewish name that day."
RR:    Hinckley owned, purchased seven weapons, 50 rounds hollow bullets. Gun used to shoot Reagan identified from GOLDSTEIN, ELM ST. Jewish gun shop, same street where JFK was assassinated.

JFK:   Favors from law enforcement. Oswald got 24 hour passport, personal contact in Dallas with FBI agent James Hosty, State Dept. paid his way back from USSR, met by CIA Anti-Communist Committee in NY.
RR:    Hinckley arrested in Nashville, Tenn. airport. 3 weapons, 50 rounds of illegal hollow bullets, and handcuffs. Released in 34 minutes, no fingerprints, no FBI records. Told Judge, "I am in law enforcement."

JFK:   Lies about Oswald shooting Gen. Walker, prior to JFK murder, to make his mind appear confused, going after "right", then "left", no plot.
RR:    Lies about possible Hinckley following Carter in Tenn, same day, to make it appear, "Carter", "Reagan", no plot.

JFK:   Dallas, oil engineers, redneck, devout "Christian", right wing extremists conceived these murders, plots, for military control.
RR:    Hinckley family, same location, streets, as same JFK plotters, close alliance with identical names, faces, institutions, murderers. Described as "Rich oil family from Denver, Colo. "Left Dallas broke in 1973-1974, suddenly Vanderbilt Energy, 1970, into the chips. When moved to Denver, $250,000 home, how did they know things would go so well? MISSIONARY-CIA-FBI DIV. V LINKS?

JFK:   Was Oswald a "failure", or did he serve Navy Intelligence well?
RR:    Is Hinckley a "failure", or will Reagan die of "complications?"

Visit to Carmel Jan. 13, 1981 "John Randall", white car, mind controlled robot. 24 yrs. old, blond, looked like Nazi storm trooper, accompanied by an older woman. He looked straight, she was "hippie". She talked. He grinned. "Wanted to move in my home."