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by Linda Minor


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by Linda Minor © 2001

Is Katherine Harris is a serious mind control plant?  The recent election scenario in Florida must have been in the works for several years.  It appears Ms. Harris had been involved in a Christian group called L'Abri and had visited to Switzerland.  This group was set up in 1955 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer.  It turns out Schaeffer in 1942 was in St. Louis and was in the middle of the schism that took place within the Presbyterian Church foreign missions group.  It also turns out that Schaeffer joined the American Council of Christian Churches which was founded by Carl McIntire and that he began traveling to Europe during the years of World War II--mostly to different cantons in Switzerland--at the same time Allen Dulles was there!

In reading the history of the schism in the church group, what I found was that Princeton University--a Presbyterian school--was also in the middle of this disagreement.  One of the spokesmen for Princeton was John Foster Dulles who was using the church to push through the U.N.  Allen Dulles himself was closely involved with psychiatrists who were practicing research on human guinea pigs.  

A well-known fact is that Dulles having mistresses drove his wife, Clover, to be suicidal. Once, she consulted Dulles psychiatrist friend, Ewen Cameron, who did much MKULTRA research on the minds of Canadians. Eventually, many years later, the CIA lost about $100,000 each to the Canadians who Cameron experimented on. Cameron was an extremely evil man as evil as Hitler. His story and his studies of Freud and Jung are widely published about e.g., Journey Into Madness: A True Account of CIA Mind- Control and Medical Abuse, G. Thomas.  Clover Dulles also had a Jungian therapist for a while.

ACCC is an extremely fascist group.  The people behind Hitler were actually pulling the strings from places such as Berne and Geneva and were continuing their mind control research during the war years.  It's very likely that the ACCC was being used to train mind control assassins then.

According to the Torbitt Document, J. Edgar Hoover asked his "friend" Carl McIntire to set up the ACCC.

Another organization participating with the FBI's Division Five at the time of the Kennedy assassination, was a religious   group  called  the  American  Council  of   Christian Churches. A.C.C.C.'s West Coast representative, E.E. Bradley, was indicted  by  the  New Orleans Grand Jury for complicity  in  the assassination. A.C.C.C. launched a campaign in 1964, at J.  Edgar Hoover's request, to elect him President of the United States.7

In 1941, J. Edgar Hoover had his good friend and agent, Carl McIntire, organized the espionage and intelligence unit under  the cover  name  "American Council of Christian  Churches"  with  the headquarters  in New York City. This group was able  to  take  in many  innocent  religious  groups who  did  not  know  they  were connected  with a spy and propaganda agency. However, Hoover  and McIntire  through this guise were able to place agents posing  as ministers and missionaries throughout the United States and  most Latin American countries. We will examine the involvement of this
group's agents later.8

      HOOVER  was joined in the cabal to murder President Kennedy by .... H.L. HUNT of A.C.C.C.... 

Francis Schaeffer, who set up the school where Katherine Harris was probably
programmed, was tied in with McIntire's group:

Schaeffer and his wife founded the Children for Christ ministry in St. Louis, which soon became widely adopted by other evangelical churches. In 1947 he traveled throughout Europe as a representative of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions and as the American Secretary for the Foreign Relations Department of the American Council of Christian Churches. In 1948 he moved with his family to Lausanne, Switzerland to begin mission work, and moved the following year to Champery, Switzerland, where he wrote Basic Bible Studies.

In the center of these battles was J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937), assistant
professor of New Testament literature and exegesis at Princeton Theological
Seminary. Despite temptations from liberalism during his graduate study in Marburg and Göttingen in 1905-6, Machen had become a firm upholder of the conservative tradition of the Princeton theology. He established a solid scholarly reputation through The Origin of Paul's Religion (1921) and later The Virgin Birth of Christ (1930), and he penned one of the most cogent popular defenses of the conservative position, Christianity and Liberalism (1923).

Princeton, long one of the bastions of orthodoxy in the PCUSA, was the next center of controversy within the denomination as that school became the focus of an effort to reorganize the board. This the denomination did in 1929, installing a board committed to a more theologically inclusive course. In protest, Machen left to found Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Joining him were several faculty and students from Princeton, including Robert Dick Wilson, Cornelius Van Til, O. T. Allis, Francis
Schaeffer, and Carl McIntire. 5

The Bible Presbyterian Split

While still an infant church, Machen's group divided into what eventually became known as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Bible Presbyterian Church.

This split resulted from two issues of importance to the Fundamentalist movement: alcohol and premillennialism. Generally, the Reformed confessionalists took a position rooted in the idea of "Christian liberty." Since the Bible did not clearly condemn alcohol, then the believer could follow his own conscience on the matter. Machen himself was not opposed to wine, and he in fact opposed prohibition. Other issues also figured in discussions about the limits of Christian liberty, such as the use of tobacco, but alcohol was the central, most controversial point.

Opposing this tendency within the new church was a group led by Carl McIntire, a pastor in Collingswood, New Jersey, and J. Oliver Buswell, president of Wheaton College. They came out strongly for total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco. They protested vigorously because Westminster Seminary did not ban these substances and charged that even the faculty were partaking.

You can get another insight into this split that occurred at another site, written by a different faction of the so-called "Christian fundamentalists." This was the faction which Billy Graham came out of.  However it traces its roots to the same place and time period in which Francis Schaeffer emerged, even though his name is not mentioned at the website article: { The Association traces its beginnings to April 7-9, 1942, when a modest group of 147 people met in St. Louis with the hopes of reviving the fortunes of evangelical Christianity in America.

The same article does refer to McIntire's role in the split: 

The only source of tension during the proceedings centered upon a motion presented by the fiery fundamentalist from New Jersey, Carl McIntire. He pleaded with participants to join the American Council of Christian Churches, an organization he had founded, a month before the October 1941 exploratory meeting in Chicago, as a declaration of war against the Federal Council of Churches (FCC). The issue had been placed on the table at the earlier Chicago meeting, but in St. Louis the participants declined McIntire's invitation, believing that a more positive testimony to the gospel was needed.

Another website gives more detail about the relationship between McIntire and Schaeffer is {

Carl McIntire is now 92 years of age. He was born in 1906 in the Midwest and while reading such books by J.Gresham Machen as "What is Faith?" (Banner of Truth) he concluded he wanted to study in Princeton under Machen's teaching. But it was not long before he felt he knew better than his teacher. He was ordained in 1931 in the Presbyterian Church USA. In 1933 he was called to the church at Collingswood, not far from Philadelphia, where he has remained. The following year he joined the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions which Machen had organized to make sure conservative missionaries were being commissioned. For doing this Machen and McIntire were ejected from the PCUSA.

A new denomination was started in 1936 with McIntire amongst the 34 ministers and 17 elders signing the declaration, but within months McIntire had probably incited Dr. Oliver Buswell and others to insist that the new church support a total abstinence stand on alcohol. Machen was at the same time voted off the Independent Board for Foreign Missions. Weighed down by these disappointments Machen succumbed to an infection that ended in pneumonia and he died in Bismarck, North Dakota, on January 1 1937. At the General Assembly of that year the whole group split into two, McIntyre and the pre-millenialist non-alcohol people forming the Bible Presbyterian Church while the Presbyterians centering on Westminster Seminary formed the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

McIntire set up a whole series of organizations serving what he called the "20th Century Reformation." He launched his magazine, the "Christian Beacon," began a radio programme, attacked the World Council of Churches and picketed their meetings. His message was enthusiastically received by Fundamentalists. But all was not well. In 1956 the General Assembly of the Bible Presbyterian Church voted to leave the American Council of Christian Churches and the International Council of Christian Churches which McIntire had founded. This split the BPC into two. The majority, which included FRANCIS SCHAEFFER, gave McIntire the name of the denomination, Shelton College, Faith Seminary, the ACCC and ICCC. The remainder formed the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. In 1965 they joined a group from the United Presbyterian Church to become the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod. This denomination joined the PCA in 1982.

Therefore, it seems Schaeffer and McIntire were working within the same organization until another split occurred in the church group in 1956.  It was 1955 that Schaeffer allegedly set up the academy in Switzerland which Katherine Harris later attended.  So the question is, was there a division of labor that occurred at this point or just that there was a decision to further compartmentalize the operations.

It has been suggested in the book entitled Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church (a full description of which appears at and an excerpt of
which is posted at the url below) that perhaps the purpose of the split was to gain control of a large number of churches which could be convinced to support the passage of the United Nations after the planned World War II: 

Theological liberalism steadily manifested itself in the affairs of the Church. Consider the overwhelming support given by the General Assembly to the creation of something like the United Nations Organization, beginning in May, 1941, four years before the UN was created. (The influence of John Foster Dulles was crucial in this early support; he was a strong internationalist prior to 1948.)(31) In every year but one, 1946 to 1990,
the General Assembly annually promoted the work of the UN.(32) In 1947, eleven years after the de-frocking of Machen, two decades before the 1903 Westminster Confession was revised, the General Assembly voted its approval of the following position: "We believe that the ultimate goal for World Organization should be Federal World Government. The success of the United Nations is an important step toward this end."(33) Once in the hands of power religionists, the proclamation of the Northern Presbyterian Church's political commitments preceded the proclamation of its confessional commitment. 
NOTES:  31. Mark G. Toulouse, "Working Toward Meaningful Peace:
John Foster Dulles and the Federal Council of Churches, 1937-1945," Journal
of Presbyterian History, 61 (Winter 1983). 32. Robert F. Smylie, "The Presbyterian Church and the United Nations: An Overview," American Presbyterians, 68 (Summer 1990), p. 73. 33. Minutes of the General Assembly, 1947, p. 209. Cited in ibid., p. 78. 3.htm

The Presbyterian Church brags about its New World Order connections:


How long has the Presbyterian Church supported the United Nations? Since before the organization began. Even during the early years of World War II the Presbyterian Church was helping to lay the ground work for such an organization by supporting the work of the Federal Council of Churches Commission on the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace. The commission was chaired by John Foster Dulles, a lawyer-statesman, Presbyterian elder and ecumenical churchman. John Alexander McKay, then President of Princeton Seminary, helped to provide the Commission's theological grounding. The Presbyterian Church established its own Special Committee on a Righteous Peace in 1942 and launched a "World Order Movement" in 1944. From this followed a promotion blitz in the fall of 1944 and spring of 1945 in anticipation of the founding conference of the U.N. in San Francisco. Today the Presbyterian Church's support for the U.N. is manifested in the Presbyterian United Nations Office (PUNO). This office, part of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, represents the church and the church's concern for justice and peace and the United Nations' role in achieving those two goals. The PUNO's role is guided and defined by Presbyterian General Assembly policy, reflected in more than 200 resolutions.

Fritz Springmeier has alleged that Billy Graham--also from a Presbyterian
fundamentalist background, which is one of the primary sources for Masonic activity --was not only a victim but a perpetrator of mind control: .  (For background, also see  The therapist can learn about what is happening so that they can better deal with what the SRA survivors are beginning to reveal. The grooming of the American people to believe massive amounts of lies did work, UNTIL a few loving therapists, ministers, and doctors began to liberate victims of the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. These programmed multiples began revealing a horror story of deception unparalleled in history. ...Everyone
in the Illuminati of any significance has participated in grooming the public to believe that Billy Graham is a great man of God. Graham has stood beside each of the Presidents and the Pope. The Illuminati don't just program individuals, they program whole nations. The public has been led to believe in a television image. But what if the secular media's image of Billy Graham is not real? For Christians it means that they can quit trusting in a man, and place their trust fully on God. For secular readers,
they can begin to see the extent of how America's institutions have been corrupted by the horrible trauma-based mind-control. ...

People don't grasp that just because a preacher can sincerely preach what seems a "perfect sermon," doesn't mean that he can't also be part of the Satanic hierarchy. What is happening with the Illuminati's ability to create programmed multiples is that we are getting perfect preachers who are secret hierarchy members. Some of their "perfect sermons" are full of slides, such as "the Christian people need to get involved in the voting process. Christians love to hear such things, it tickles their ears, but the truth is that the entire voting process has been captured and corrupted. Voting machines have repeatedly been exposed to have been rigged, and the controlled media and public denial have prevented Americans from giving up their myth that the common man's votes run this nation. ... Billy Graham described his friendship with Allen Dulles, I make every effort not to let it appear that I favor one party over another. I count Secretary Dulles a friend, but Senator Humphrey is also a good friend of mine, [who he met] ... when we were both swimming nude at the YMCA pool in Minneapolis where he was running for mayor." A friendship with Allen Dulles? Allen Dulles, director of the CIA, was one of the biggest perpetrators of the trauma-based mind-control that this book is about. Humphrey also received orders from the Satanic hierarchy. And what is this swimming in nude? When Billy Graham had his 1954 Crusade, large sums of the money came directly from people in the Illuminati, the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Chase Manhattan. ... As a programmed multiple who participates in Satanic Ritual, Billy Graham has deceived everyone. The second area is concerns about his support for a One-World Church and a One-World-Government. 

There's another interesting theory propounded by "Kerry Thornley" at the following url:

Before Hitler actually put it into practice, that was a very popular idea known as Eugenics and supported by Presidents Coolidge and Hoover, the Morgans, Harriman, et. al. What have since renamed themselves Psychiatric associations were originally Eugenic Societies and Carl Gustav Jung played an important role in the transition. Mary Bancroft, assistant to Allen Dulles, was in therapy with Jung when -Dulles began playing footsie with the SS in Operation Sunrise. My surmise is Dulles,
Jung and the SS guys created a secret society when Kim Philby sabotaged their separate peace idea based on Jung's conception that one of the few problems with Nazism was Hitler and the strong role of the dominating father in the German family unit that made Hitler appealing. Renegade CIA agent John Stockwell, who was close to Dulles, told me that is exactly what happened. 
Kerry Wendell Thornley, POB 5498, Atlanta, GA 30307

There's also the story about New Era, the investment company of John G. Bennett.

It seems their tickling ears just couldn't resist a rumor floating around he Christian financial community that a Philanthropic organization headed by an Evangelical was offering a matching fund program which guaranteed them a doubling of their, (or should I say your) money. By being able to drop names like Rockefeller, Billy Graham, etc. as references, John G. Bennett was able to convince the financial officers of the leading Christian organizations to invest hundreds of millions of believers money into a fund
called New Era. ... A partial list of those Christian ministries who were fleeced are:

James Dobson's Focus on the Family
Pat Robertson's 700 Club
Bill Bright's Campus Crusade
Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship
World Vision
Youth For Christ, International
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Salvation Army
Walk Through the Bible Ministries
Young Life
Moody Bible Institute
Christian Broadcasting Network
Wheaton College
Chapel of the Air

.. . .and the list goes on and on and on. The government estimates as much
as $550 million dollars were involved. Surely these ministries will throw the
blame onto anything other than themselves.

The American church, as I mentioned on the audio tape entitled, the Church
is a rich prostitute, owns over a trillion dollars of real estate, stocks,
bonds, etc. It's gathering and use of this money is on extremely
unscriptural grounds.

The Lincoln Institute & Clarence Thomas
Sponsored by Political Research Associates © 2001
120 Beacon St., #202, Somerville, MA 02143-4304

In terms of institutional structures for disseminating Black conservative ideas, the Lincoln Institute for Research and Education in Washington, DC, is the bastion of Black conservatism. Founded by Jay A. Parker in 1978, the Institute illustrates the typically overlooked importance of Black conservatives to conservative US foreign policy agendas.

Since its founding, the Lincoln Institute has had close ties to the extreme rightist World Anti-Communist League (WACL). WACL aggressively supported right-wing governments and military movements in Central America and Southern Africa, such as the Contras in Nicaragua, the ARENA Party in El Salvador, UNITA in Angola, RENAMO in Mozambique, and the Inkatha Freedom Party in South Africa, among others. Parker served on the Board of the US WACL affiliate and Lee Edwards, another Lincoln Institute founder, was a principal WACL organizer in the United States and WACL's registered agent in 1982.

Clarence Thomas, widely portrayed as a neoconservative, is a classic illustration of the murkiness of the dividing line between mainstream conservatives and ultra- conservatives. Clarence Thomas and Jay A. Parker served together on Ronald Reagan's 1980 transition team for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). According to Parker, the team "argued strenuously" against affirmative action, which they viewed as "a new racism." By March 1981, Parker had become a registered agent for the South African homeland of Venda. In June 1981, Clarence Thomas joined the Advisory Board of the Lincoln Institute's quarterly publication, The Lincoln Review. At the same time, Thomas became an Assistant Secretary of Education. Parker's Justice Department filings state that soon after he began
representing Venda, he held discussions with US Department of Education officials about his client.

In 1985, Parker and William Keyes, the former Reagan aide (and a contributing editor for The Lincoln Review), founded a lobbying organization called International Public Affairs Consultants, Inc. (IPAC). That same year, IPAC began representing the South African Embassy. Clarence Thomas was listed as one of a handful of guests attending an IPAC dinner for the South African Ambassador in 1987. In 1984, Keyes started Black PAC, with Parker serving as treasurer, to work for Jesse Helms' re-election, and to oppose the "terrorist outlaw" African National Congress (ANC) and "extremists" such as Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus. In June 1987, the
conservative weekly Human Events reported that Thomas, then of the EEOC, and
Clarence Pendleton, who was then Reagan's chair of the US Civil Rights
Commission, attended a Black PAC strategy session to plan for important political battles being waged in Congress.

Also in June 1987, Thomas made a well-known speech at the Heritage Foundation, in which he said: "A few dissidents like Thomas Sowell and J. A. Parker stand steadfast, refusing to give in to the cult mentality and childish obedience that hypnotize black Americans into a mindless political trance. I admire them, and only wish I had a fraction of their courage and strength." Thomas remained on The Lincoln Review's Advisory Board throughout the period Parker and Keyes represented the South African government, resigning at the time he was appointed to the Federal Court of Appeals in
March 1990.


Today, Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings courageously stepped forward and announced his intention to challenge Florida's Electors when Congress meets in joint session on Saturday. He was joined by Florida Congresswomen Carrie Meek and Corrine Brown (see full release below).

Hastings is acting on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus. Unfortunately, there are NO black Senators since Carol Moseley Braun was defeated in 1998. Hastings and other members of the CBC are appealing to Democratic Senators to join them.


1. Keep Calling your Democratic Senators!

In the past two days, you have inundated the Senate offices with calls. We know many of the Senators are sympathetic to our cause, but we have heard two main objections.

First. Vice President Gore has asked them not to challenge Florida's electors because he has conceded the election. 

Our response: our challenge is NOT about Al Gore. It's about the 50 MILLION AMERICANS WHO VOTED for Al Gore - and about SAVING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. Thanks to recent recounts - which were blocked by taxpayer- funded Republican thugs and a partisan Republican U.S. Supreme Court - we know that Al Gore won more votes in Florida. We also know there was widespread official misconduct, illegal activity, and violations of the

Second. A challenge will be counterproductive if only a handful of Democrats end up voting for the challenge.

Our response: we believe the facts are so crystal-clear that at the end of the mandatory 2-hour debate EVERY open-minded Senator will be persuaded to support the challenge.

SO KEEP CALLING YOUR SENATORS, with the simple message: PLEASE support Alcee Hastings and the Congressional Black Caucus in challenging Florida's 25 illegal electors on January 6. For more information, refer your Senator to

If you don't have a Democratic Senator (or want extra credit!) please call the following progressive Senators (all area 202): Wellstone (224-5641), Boxer (224-3553), Harkin (224-3254), Kennedy (224- 4543), Schumer (224-6542), Mikulski (224-4654), Feingold (224-5323).

State Member DC Phone District Phone
AR: Blanche Lambert Lincoln 202-224-4843 501-375-2993
CA: Dianne Feinstein 202-224-3841 619-231-9712
CA: Barbara Boxer 202-224-3553 415-403-0100
CT: Christopher Dodd 202-224-2823 860-240-3470
CT: Joseph Lieberman 202-224-4041 860-549-8463
DE: Joseph Biden 202-224-5042 302-573-6345
DE: Tom Carper 202-224-2441
FL: Bob Graham 202-224-3041 305-536-7293
FL: Bill Nelson 202-224-5274
GA: Joseph Maxwell Cleland 202-224-3521 404-331-4811
GA: Zell Miller 202-224-3643 404-347-2202
HI: Daniel Inouye 202-224-3934 808-541-2542
HI: Daniel Kahikina Akaka 202-224-6361 808-522-8970
IA: Tom Harkin 202-224-3254 515-284-4574
IL: Richard Durbin 202-224-215 2217-492-4062
IN: B. Evan Bayh 202-224-562 3317-554-0750
LA: John Breaux 202-224-4623 504-589-2531
LA: Mary Landrieu 202-224-5824 504-589-2427
MA: Edward M. Kennedy 202-224-4543 617-565-3170
MA: John Forbes Kerry 202-224-2742 617-565-8519
MD: Paul Sarbanes 202-224-4524 410-962-4436
MD: Barbara Mikulski 202-224-4654 301-263-1805
MI: Carl Levin 202-224-6221 313-226-6020
MI: Debbie Stabenow 202-224-4822
MN: Paul David Wellstone 202-224-5641 651-645-0323
MN: Mark Dayton 202-224-3244
MO: Jean Carnahan 202-224-6154
MT: Max Baucus 202-224-2651 406-329-3123
NC: John Edwards 202-224-3154 919-856-4245
ND: Kent Conrad 202-224-2043 701-232-8030
ND: Byron Dorgan 202-224-2551 701-250-4618
NE: Ben Nelson 202-224-6551
NJ: Robert Torricelli 202-224-3224 973-624-5555
NJ: Jon Corzine 202-224-4744
NM: Jeff Bingaman 202-224-5521 505-988-6647
NV: Harry Reid 202-224-3542 775-885-9111
NY: Charles Schumer 202-224-6542 212-486-4430
NY: Hillary Clinton 202-224-4451
OR: Ron Wyden 202-224-5244 503-326-7525
RI: John F. 'Jack' Reed 202-224-4642 401-943-3100
SC: Ernest Hollings 202-224-6121 803-765-5731
SD: Thomas Daschle 202-224-2321 605-225-8823
SD: Tim P. Johnson 202-224-5842 605-332-8896
VT: Patrick Leahy 202-224-4242 802-863-2525
WA: Patty Murray 202-224-2621 206-553-5545
WA: Maria Cantwell 202-224-3441
WI: Herbert Kohl 202-224-5653 414-297-4451
WI: Russ Feingold 202-224-5323 608-828-1200
WV: Robert Byrd 202-224-3954 304-342-5855
WV: Jay Rockefeller 202-224-6472 304-347-5372


In response to our call for volunteers to organize local rallies, we now have 12 rallies planned!! The list is being regularly updated by rally coordinator Todd Schrager:
Check to see if there is a rally in your city!!
As of 11pm Thursday, the list includes:

City, ST, Official, Party, Address, Date/Time
Atlanta, GA, Zell Miller, D, Colony Square Office Complex, Peachtree Entrance
Boca Raton, FL, Robert Wexler, D, 2500 North Military Trail
Chicago, IL, Dick Durbin, D, 230 S. Dearborn
Des Moines, IA, Greg Ganske, R, Federal Building, 2nd & Walnut
Everett, WA, Patty Murray, D, 2930 Wetmore Ave (the Wall Street Building)
Harrisburg, PA, Rick Santorum, R, 221 Strawberry Square
Los Angeles, CA, Barbara Boxer, D, 312 North Spring Street, Suite 1748
Miami, FL, Carrie Meek, D, 3500 Biscayne Boulevard
New York, NY, Chuck Schumer, D, 757 Third #1702 (47-48)
San Francisco, CA, Barbara Boxer, D, 1700  Montgomery Street
St. Paul, MN, Paul Wellstone, D, 2550 University Ave. West, Court
International Building

All of these local rallies will be at 12 noon, except Everett WA (4 pm).


Thanks to DC activist Tim Beauchamp, we have a permit for a protest in front of the Capitol (on the east side, opposite the Library of Congress) starting at 12 noon on SATURDAY.

Congress will meet at 1pm to count the Electoral College votes and (WE HOPE!) to challenge and reject Florida's Stolen Electors. So we need a big turnout to send a loud and clear message to our Senators and Representatives. Bring lots of big signs!

4. Forward our Press Release to your Local Press!

For further information, please contact
Lillian German, Office of Congressman Alcee Hastings 202-225-1313; 202-225-9373
David Lytel, 315-472-0581


Washington, D.C. January 4, 2001 - Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings today agreed to develop a strategy for challenging Florida's Electors on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which met earlier today. 

During the meeting, Congressman Hastings urged his colleagues to formally challenge the acceptance of Presidential Electors from Florida, despite the fact that no Senator has committed to join him in this effort. Congresswoman Carrie Meek and Congresswoman Corrine Brown, both of Florida, joined Congressman Hastings in urging this show of leadership on the part of the CBC. "The three of us witnessed first hand the unfairness of the counting of hundreds of thousands of Florida votes, the disenfranchisement of countless men and women who stood in line to make
their voices heard."  At the conclusion of the meeting, Congressman Hastings was asked by the CBC to develop an objection strategy.

"As Members of the CBC, it is our duty to publicly acknowledge our strong opposition to the acceptance of the Presidential Electors from Florida for Governor George W. Bush," said Congressman Hastings.  "In defense of Democracy, in defense of every American's right to vote.... Beyond the court-sanctioned injustices that we experienced in Florida, let's face it: Vice President Al Gore won this election.  The American people are looking to us not only for public outrage, but also for leadership.  In this case, leadership calls for courage," Hastings said.

Congressman Hastings urged the CBC not to be daunted by the fact that no Senator has agreed to sign the objection as required under the rules. "While the rules may prevent the hearing of our challenge, they do not relieve us of our responsibility to the voters in this country who stood in line to make their voices heard, only to find that their voices had been muted by injustice."

Congressman Hastings also urged CBC members to join him in reaching out to Democratic Senators to co-sponsor the challenge and thereby make it legal. "The disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of voters in Florida, as well as illegal activity by Republican election officials and the unprecedented and unwarranted interference by the U.S. Supreme Court, all cry out for full and open debate by both Houses of Congress," Hastings said. "We need only one Senator to make that debate possible, and we appeal to every Senator to join us," he said.

Congressman Hastings will hold a press availability on Friday January 5th on Capitol Hill, at a place to be announced tomorrow morning.  More on the challenge of Florida's electors -- including the place and time of Congressman Hastings' press availability, a collection of the credible allegations of fraud and official misconduct by Florida officials, and reports on Congressman Hastings' progress in securing a senate co-sponsor - - will be available on the Internet at  TrustthePeople is an initiative of, the largest independent community of Democratic activists on the Internet.

"We applaud Congressman Hastings and the Congressional Black Caucus for their courage in doing the right thing," said co-founder David Lytel.  "We have documented fraud in the Florida elections, and the American people - as well as Congress -- must be given all of the facts before Florida's electors are awarded to George W. Bush," he said. is organizing rallies at the district offices of Senators and Representatives on Friday at 12 noon, including both Democrats (Barbara Boxer, Paul Wellstone, Dick Durbin, Zell Miller, Carrie Meek, and Robert Wexler) and Republicans (Rick Santorum). is also sponsoring a rally outside Congress on Saturday starting at noon. "We call upon all Americans who are outraged by the election to call and visit the offices of their representatives and tell them that Florida's Electors were stolen, not won, and should therefore be rejected by Congress on
Saturday," said co-founder Bob Fertik.

(Reflection on Echelon and the USS Cole Incident)

by Peter B. Martin © 2000

Take command of the dimensions of communication, goes today's wisdom, and you control your country's security. If Echelon, the code name for an automated global surveillance operation, is all it is cracked up to be, then why didn't that high-tech eavesdropping system receive and issue a warning about the imminent attack on the USS Cole and if it did, why was it ignored?
One can't discuss the extent or limits of Echelon without taking into account its fountainhead, The National Security Agency (NSA), irreverently known as the "Puzzle Palace" or "No Such Agency", based in Fort Meade, Maryland. NSA and Echelon can almost be considered one and the same; each needs the other to operate efficiently.
NSA/Echelon's global technological reach embodies:

1.Undercover embassy listening posts to pick up local message traffic.
2. Military intelligence assets.
3. Cars, trucks, vans and, often disguised as local utility vehicles, to blend into surroundings when used as listening posts.
4. Covert miniature sensors near sources of communications, (used to assist in difficulties with fiber-optic transmissions).
5. Various furtive devices that intercept Internet transmissions. 6. Overt listening posts studded with antennas, outsize dish receivers and space-based satellites that can listen in on international phone, fax, microwave communications and other complex traffic.

While NSA's banks of supercomputers can probably break many codes in a matter of seconds, by using what is called the "Brute force attack", they do have difficulty with encryption programs with keys of 128 bits or more. In such cases, there are several options, the most uncouth being to steal or bribe the code key; a more elegant method is to covertly modify the foreign encryption machine to one's advantage, or else code breakers can try and find slight mathematical weaknesses in the key. NSA genuinely had problems with certain voice communication, essentially because of pronunciation variables; the computers have trouble recognizing cue words. Advanced computers, capable of improved speech recognition, have done a lot to alleviate that problem.
Multisyllabic key words are easier for the computer to spot than monosyllabic ones because they are less likely to be mixed up with another word. Today's sophisticated word-recognition programs can digitally register keywords, but they can't make reliable transcripts of a conversation because words in conversations so often merge into one another and the computer can't untangle the message.
To determine just how much intelligence collection by NSA is enough is a pretty subjective matter. A great deal of material is simply taped and stored in data bases. Some of it might prove useful in years to come, but most of it will remain worthless and unusable. Despite exaggerated stories to the contrary, Echelon does not intercept and monitor millions of communications worldwide; there is no way they could deal with all that data. Echelon is a much more selective and focused search engine than that, targeting especially criminals, terrorists and other suspected enemy traffic. Most intercepts are rejected before they are even seen or interpreted by humans. Echelon uses "Dictionary" computers to scan input and discard what is superfluous and valueless. They even have a portable model, brief case size, called "Oratory", that can be taken around to foreign surveillance sites. NSA is now perfecting a new technique called "topic analysis" which they hope will further help to harvest information on precise subjects.
Any terrorist worth his semtex knows the value and risks of modern communications. The weakness of government authority, because of privacy protection and confusions of jurisdiction within computer nets, works to the terrorist's advantage. They know full well that an analogue portable phone can be listened in by anyone, and that they are, in effect, miniature transmitters that can double as covert listening devices and location finders. Terrorist cells have access to the most sophisticated, up-to-date digital communication equipment and they make use of it. A classic example would be a product of Phonak Communications AG, a Swiss company making state-of-the-art communication equipment. One of their more recent devices is called "Phonito" a new generation of wireless, discreet, invisible two-way communication apparatus that converts any received speech signals into an inductive signal, which can be received by an inductor hidden in one's ear and is said to be impossible to monitor. Such an example is characteristic of the burgeoning problems facing NSA, whose operating costs amount to about $1 million per hour, totaling over $8 billion a year, and an illustration of its difficulty to adapt to the constantly evolving technological environment. Overcoming such measures inevitably adds to the cost of intelligence.
In this new environment of intelligence versus terrorist, it is increasingly difficult to collect intelligence, and even more complex to process the raw data into usable and timely information. The challenge of collection is more formidable due to such things as encryption devices for communication systems that are available on the open market.
Analysis is more complicated than ever before. This complexity produces the inevitable ripple effect within the intelligence process, not only a demand for sophisticated analytic skills, but for highly specialized subjects working in the intelligence community; which adds up to forecasting trends in terrorism well in advance. To keep any intelligence technological advantage, new, more complex systems have to be introduced, but such new collection systems require long lead times for development. Which means intelligence officers have to anticipate their intelligence requirements, such as possible encryption measures, frequency band of a transmission and then plan the system far into the future. Just last month, the head of NSA, Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden, disclosed they were reengineering signals intelligent (Sigint) because of the rapidly changing communications technology.
Before discussing the USS Cole bombing, two last points should be emphasized. No matter how much civil libertarians might carp, it is understandable that NSA provides information about its operations very reluctantly, especially in this age of media leaks and inside disclosures. They have good reason to fear that their adversaries would be alerted, and consequently shield their communications, thereby finding their source of intelligence vanish from their clutches. And while NSA may sometimes miss vital information that could forecast a terrorist act, it has been demonstrated time and again that they still are an integral part of preventing terrorism.
On the 12 of October, in Aden harbor at 11:18 (local Yemen time), a white motorized skiff slowly came along the port side of the USS Cole Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG-67) unchallenged. The two men on the skiff nonchalantly waved to sailors standing watch on the deck while the Cole was moored and taking on fuel. As it reached about midway and a few feet from the hull, a horrendous explosion ripped through the ship killing 17 US sailors and injuring 39. The probably conical shaped charge under the hull of the fiberglass craft turned the water into a major force concentrating all its intensity against the hull and punching a 12 meter hole in the side just at the waterline. The incredible underwater concussion smashed the hull plate at hundreds of miles per hour through the interior of the ship, flattened the mess deck against the overhead and pushed the entire galley to the starboard side, as well as flooding number one engine room and the auxiliary one.
There were no patrol boats checking on the local harbor traffic. Although the guards on the deck at the time of the attack were armed with guns, they were not loaded because rules for their use were confusing and ambiguous due to priorities related to non-combat missions. Even though the sailors on watch may have visually tracked the unthreatening skiff, they were hardly in a posture to seriously challenge the men on board and stop the aggression. This lack of engagement preparedness was an unmistakable lapse in security, but the inadequacy of port security measures was only part of the problem. The Navy's Anti-Terrorist Alert Center had previously circulated a report warning of just this sort of vulnerability, stating: "The current Antiterrorism/force protection program leaves us exposed to attacks from waterside threats" and went on to emphasize "policy disconnects" among various commanders responsible for port security. In actuality, the crew  of the Cole was under orders to follow secret security procedures designed to deter just such an attack. Some of the measures they should have used was first to establish an exclusion zone 200 meters around of the ship, call out warnings in Arabic, then, if necessary, fire flares, train water hoses on them, or discharge .50-calaber machine gun fire if they persisted to threaten.
The attack has all the hallmarks particular to elaborate, long-term planning by well- trained professional terrorists. FBI forensic tests disclosed that C-4 plastic explosive was used in the attack, an expensive and relatively difficult explosive to obtain and implies an Afghan connection. One can wonder why there was no previous warning of such an attack, and if there was, why the Cole was not on a higher alert standing and better prepared for a possible attack. Taking into consideration NSA's immense capabilities and, more specifically, in association with the Navy's 6th Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility (FOSIF) out of Rota, Spain providing daily security bulletins, based on data from sophisticated intercept systems and intelligence agents on the ground in the Middle East, it might appear incredible they missed this threat. In fact they apparently didn't, it was the interpretation of the data, transmission or effectuation of it that might have been amiss.
Last June, Kie Fallis, a counter-terrorism analyst for the Middle East at DIA warned of a strong possibility of an imminent attack against US forces in the region. His report was ignored and the analyst resigned after the attack. Incidentally, several hours after the attack on the Cole, all but mystically, NSA disseminated a top-secret intelligence report warning of a potential threat against US targets in the Middle East. Additionally, there is a reliable report that just a month before the attack, a member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, (who is in US custody), had warned of an attack on a US warship. And more specifically, a secret CIA warning went out in mid September warning that terrorists were planning to attack a 6th Fleet warship in the Mediterranean region using a small boat laden with explosives. What's more, there are reports that on Jan. 03, terrorists tried the same attack against another US warship in the Middle East, USS The Sullivans, but their rubber boat sank, no doubt do to the considerable weight of the explosives aboard.
The alert standing "Threatcon" in effect in the port that day was Bravo, which is two levels above Normal (Charlie and Delta being higher). According to directives, this level implies that there was information given that indicates a potential regional or area specific threat against US interests, whereas it is not target or time specific. Normally, this level necessitates close screening and positive ID of any non-US Navy boat in the harbor. It is evident the ship's captain was not  following the Bravo security measures on the day of the attack. If the facts substantiate this, the captain of the USS Cole should be up for the Helen Keller Award for Dysfunctional Intelligence Evaluation! What's more, it seems apparent the CENTCOM/CC (Central Command Commander & Chief) made a dubious judgment in selecting Aden as a refueling port in the first place, Djibouti, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujacyrah and Muscat would have been a safer choices, refueling at sea would have been the safest. Evidently, Yemen was chosen for political and diplomatic reasons - To fly the US flag in Yemen, improve relations with America and with the prospect of eventually building a military base there.
It is said that terrorism is the poor man's war. It is also said that technology does not win wars. So, it is doubtful technology will ever beat terrorism. The value and consequence of intelligence information depends a great deal on the affinity between the user and the collector.
By extension, appropriate, regular communication between collector, analyst and operative is essential. The central point of the fault line in intercommunication, as far as the Cole incident goes, is obvious. No matter how good systems like Echelon can ever be, it is the translation of the "take" and the appropriate action taken on it, which is fundamental to our security. In other words, successful intelligence depends on capable people producing it and capable people using it. Paradoxically, while Western intelligence agencies and the DoD plan their moves by assessment of threat, the terrorist community plans its moves by assessment of opportunity. Fugitive terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden and his Qaida organization, the instigator of the Cole attack, has proven to be very adept at such tactics. Consequently, Echelon and NSA are necessary, even if, according to some people, they are deemed an infringement to our right of privacy, since they are our first line of defense in fighting international terrorism.
In the future, expanded intelligence collection will be crucial if we are to keep ahead of our enemies, but all that intelligence is useless if the disseminated end product is not correctly acted upon. The Cole incident was not an intelligence failure but a failure to respond properly to an intelligence assessment, coupled with political expediency, regrettably contributing to the needless death of 17 United States sailors.

NMN Notes:

Threatcon Definitions (Source: recent DoD press release.)

Threat Conditions are not to be confused with Defense Readiness Conditions (DEFCON), Watch Conditions (WATCHCON), or Information Operations Condition (INFOCON).
THREATCONs are formal levels of antiterrorist readiness directed by a commander in order to deter or prepare for a terrorist attack expressed in phonetic alphabet letters Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta in increasing levels of threat.
DEFCONs are a uniform system of progressive alert postures for use between the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of unified and specified commands and for use by the services. DEFCONs are graduated to match situations of varying military severity (status of alert).
WATCHCONs set the level of intelligence and indication and warning (I&W) readiness.
INFOCONs recommend actions to uniformly heighten or reduce defensive posture, to defend against computer network attacks, and to mitigate sustained damage to the DOD information infrastructure, including computer and telecommunications networks and systems. The INFOCON is a comprehensive defense posture and response based on the status of information systems, military operations, and intelligence assessments of adversary capabilities and intent.
U.S. Defense Department threat conditions
Threatcon Normal - No threat of terrorist activity is present
Threatcon Alpha - There is a general threat of possible terrorist activity against installations, building locations, and/or personnel, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable
Threatcon Bravo - There is an increased and more predictable threat of terrorist activity even though no particular target has been identified
Threatcon Charlie - An incident has occurred or intelligence has been received indicating that some form of terrorist action is imminent.
Threatcon Delta - A terrorist attack has occurred or intelligence has been received that action against a specific location is likely.

LOW TECH NOTES: Terrorists often use non-technical means to communicate such as couriers, dead drops and conventional telephones.  Low probability of detection (LPD) communication equipment is available. Communications using strong encryption may be missed by sophisticated detection devices or take too long to decipher.  Encrypted communications can be located via direction finding and then targeted for destruction.  But there are so many encrypted communications, that their direction and detection are difficult to sort.



BUSH TRANSITION: Richard L. Haver, a veteran naval intelligence officer and former executive director of intelligence community affairs at CIA headquarters, is the Bush administration's transition officer for intelligence.

Haver was involved in debriefing three of the most damaging spies in U.S. intelligence history: Navy Chief Warrant Officer John Walker, Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard and CIA case officer Aldrich H. Ames. For then-CIA director John M. Deutch, Haver also conducted a year-long damage assessment of Ames's activities as a KGB agent.

Haver now works with retired Adm. William O. Studeman, former CIA deputy director, at TRW Inc.

In intelligence circles, of course, the transition revolves around who will be the next director of central intelligence. For the moment, it appears to be a contest between current DCI George J. Tenet and former Pentagon and State Department official Paul Wolfowitz.



As vice president and director for intelligence programs, Richard Haver leads business development and marketing activities in the intelligence market area for TRW's systems Information Technology Group.

Mr. Haver is responsible for strategic, policy, direction, and tracking programs; and issues in the intelligence market, as he coordinates direction with the leaders of the groups three intelligence business units, which are headquartered in Los Angeles and Sunnyvale, Calif., and Washington, D.C. He also serves as liaison to the group's strategic and tactical C3 business units, as well as TRW's Telecommunications and Space & Electronics groups.

Before joining, TRW in January 1999, Mr. Haver led a distinguished career as a civilian employee of the Department of Defense- His most recent assignment was chief of staff of the National Intelligence Council and special advisor to the assistant director of central intelligence for analysis and production.

Prior to this assignment, Mr. Haver served as the national intelligence officer for special activities, from 1996 to 1998, after heading the Ames Damage Assessment. He served as executive director for intelligence community affairs from 1992 to 1995. In 1989, he was selected to be the first assistant to the secretary of defense for intelligence policy by Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney.

From 1983 to 1989, he served as the first civilian deputy director of naval intelligence.  Before serving as special -assistant to the director at of Naval Intelligence, 1981 to 1983, he held the senior civilian position, technical director, at the Navy Field Operational Intelligence office, (NFOIO).

In 1977, he was named technical director of [be Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center, after serving as a department head at NFOIO the previous year.

In 1973, Mr. Haver became an intelligence analyst in the Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems Branch at the Naval Intelligence Support Center after five years active duty in the U.S. Navy, where he served in Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One, and in the Electronic Warfare Division of the Naval Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center.

Mr. Haver is one of the most highly decorated civilians in the DOD. His medals and commendations include the Nielson Award from Naval Intelligence; the Department of Navy's Superior Civilian Service Medal and its Distinguished

Civilian Service Medal, and the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Medal, the Central Intelligence Agency Distinguished civilian Service Medal, the Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award, the Presidential Rank Distinguished Executive Award, and the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal.

As an active member of the community, Mr. Haver has headed the Fairfax County Board of Real Estate Assessment Equalization, the Great Falls Citizens Association, the Hickory Creek Homes Association, and the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Boosters Club. He is head coach of the national fast-pitch softball champions "Shamrocks," a team for girls, age 14 and under.

Mr. Haver earned a bachelor's degree in history from Johns Hopkins University. He is a native of Syracuse, MY

Mr. Haver and his wife Carol reside in Great Falls, VA. They are the parents of four daughters.

FAKE MISSILE TESTS! A former senior engineer at TRW, a top military contractor, has charged the company with faking tests and evaluations of a key component for the proposed $27 billion antimissile system and then firing her when she protested. Click.

Team SBL-IFX Uses Alpha Laser Test to Refine Design Tools, Reduce Size, Weight and Cost for Space-Based Laser. The ambitious program to develop an anti-missile laser system to be based in Earth's orbit received $97 million in new funding Monday for continuation of design work. Team SBL-IFX (Space-Based Laser Integrated Flight Experiment), a joint venture of Boeing, TRW and Lockheed Martin, received the funding from the Air Force Space & Missile Command at Los Angeles Air Force Base. The award covers the so-called Increment 2 design work started in May 1999 and aimed at developing a satellite capable of carrying a laser weapon into space by the 2012 target date. Click.

The Real Rogues- Behind the Star Wars missile defense system. Click.



By Daniel Forbes © 2001

Two Missouri police officials quoted then governor John Ashcroft as having told them he'd "`look the other way'" should they ignore an upcoming Missouri State Supreme Court ruling that might direct asset forfeiture monies to be distributed to local school boards in accordance with the state constitution.

The statements were made independently and at different times by both a sheriff in uniform and a police chief at a meeting at the office of then US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, Jean Paul Bradshaw, a decade ago, according to Don Burger, then an official with the US Department of Justice. Representing Justice, Burger attended in his role as a community affairs specialist seeking to steer to Missouri schools and treatment programs some of the drug-bust money being illegally kept by police.

John Ashcroft drapes himself in the mantle of "integrity." He used the word in reference to himself several times during his introduction by President-elect Bush as the Attorney General nominee. The repeated characterization fuels the oft-proclaimed notion that Sen. Ashcroft is a man of such moral rectitude that the nation can count on him to fully enforce all laws - no matter his personal views. During the first day of his Senate confirmation hearings, Sen. Ashcroft declared, raising his right hand for emphasis, that, "When I swear to uphold the law, I will keep my oath, so help me God." Yet, during Sen. Ashcroft's tenure as governor of Missouri, he blithely told two senior law enforcement officials he would ignore a serious matter of law, according to Burger.

Says Burger, recalling the meeting at Bradshaw's office in Kansas City, MO a decade ago, the two law enforcement officials said Gov. Ashcroft had told them he would "`look the other way'" should the police proceed to ignore a ruling about to emerge from the Missouri Supreme Court. The ruling, ultimately issued in November 1990, mid-way through Sen. Ashcroft's second term as governor, concerned a case brought by a local school board that argued that Missouri law enforcement must follow the state constitution and turn proceeds from asset forfeiture cases over to education rather than keep the money for themselves. Millions of dollars were at stake, money Missouri law enforcement agencies had used for years to buy everything from computers to radio systems to cars and guns.

Now, with a ruling expected shortly, the cops were nervous that their well might run dry. But, according to Burger's recollection of statements by the two top cops, who spoke independently at different times during the meeting, police - especially the highway patrol that reports to the governor's office - need not fear interference from the same cabinet nominee who now pledges to rigorously and impartially enforce the nation's laws.

Hosted by US Attorney Bradshaw, the meeting was attended by members of what was known informally as the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee, says Burger. Among the items on the agenda was a discussion of the "problem of state law," he says - that is, the provision in Article IX, Section 7 of Missouri's constitution that requires "the clear proceeds of all penalties, forfeitures and fines collected hereafter for any breach of the penal laws of the state shall be distributed annually to the schools of the several counties according to law."

Referring to the sheriff and the police chief, Burger told the Review, "Both men stated at different times during the meeting that - based on their conversations with Governor Ashcroft - the governor said he would 'look the other way' specifically regarding the [Missouri] Supreme Court's ruling and asset seizures going to education. That was the terminology used by both persons." Burger adds that he remembers both individuals using the specific "look the other way" terminology because, "It struck me as an unusual reference regarding the applicability of funds to be set aside for education."

In fact, says Burger, the remarks were salient enough, that he later jotted down the Ashcroft quote in the margins of a Dept. of Justice report he was reading. The governor's statement, in Burger's opinion, indicated that Missouri law enforcement agencies would continue, despite any state supreme court ruling, to "use asset forfeiture to divert money to sheriff and police department projects."

Bradshaw, now in private practice in Kansas City, recalls no such statements by any police officials at any meeting he attended. Mindy Tucker, a spokesperson for the Bush/Cheney transition team said that ignoring a court ruling "is not a position ever held by Gov. Ashcroft." She based her statement, she said, on conversations with "people familiar with his positions on this." But, consider the disclosure last May by Karen Dillon, who's written an award-winning two-year series in the Kansas City Star on asset forfeiture issues:

"In 1990, just a few days after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that state forfeitures had to go to education in most cases, the US attorney for the Western District of Missouri wrote a letter to state and local law enforcement agencies. 'I know that all of you in law enforcement are in desperate need for additional financial resources,' wrote Jean Paul Bradshaw. He explained that police could bring seizures to a federal agency even if the agency had no involvement in the case. 'As most of you know, the money we share through our forfeiture program goes [directly] to the state or local law enforcement agency,' he wrote."

The fruits of Ashcroft's alleged winking and Bradshaw's exhortation were harvested richly. There have been subsequent attempts in 1992, 1993, and last year in the Missouri legislature to strengthen the law that forfeited assets be conveyed to education. Another attempt will be made in the upcoming session. A report by the staff of the US Senate Judiciary Committee; a 1998 federal district court case and Dillon's massive and continuing series in the Kansas City Star also suggest an end-run around the state constitutional requirements.

City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem of Kansas City, Alvin Brooks, is a former police detective and a charter board member of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. He was also one of President Bush's "Thousand Points of Light," and, according to his bio, was recognized by William Bennett as "a front-line soldier in our war against drugs."

Back in 1990 he was running the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime in Kansas City, which fought crime and drug abuse. During that time Brooks says he had many conversations with Don Burger, representing the Dept of Justice, about the mechanics of asset forfeiture and how to steer some of those funds to local drug treatment programs. He said his discussions with Burger focused on "how could we get law enforcement to bring some money back to the neighborhoods where the forfeitures were taking place." He adds, "Don did research on this and said here's what community groups should do to try to get some of this money."

Told of Burger's allegations, Kevin Zeese, executive director of the Common Sense for Drug Policy Legislative Group opposing the Ashcroft nomination, says "Ashcroft told people to go ahead, to federalize it, I'll look the other way. That's an affirmative action, but one he tried to keep his fingerprints off." Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP Washington Bureau, says that senators he has spoken to, including Russ Feingold (D-WI), report that Sen. Ashcroft has told his former Senate colleagues that he'll vigorously enforce the law without exception. But Shelton maintains that, "If indeed these allegations are true, it raises major, fundamental concerns about Mr. Ashcroft's ethical ability to serve as attorney general. It begs the question of how he will enforce laws that he doesn't agree with."

The concept by which state and local law enforcement agencies still circumvent the Missouri Constitution is known as "adoptive forfeiture." Basically, the cops call in federal agents, typically DEA agents, and have them "adopt" the case. Stopping a car on Interstate 70, for instance, and finding drugs and a quantity of cash, the Missouri Highway Patrol declares that it has detained the assets (often including the car itself), but has not "seized" them. It leaves that to the DEA. Then, according to federal guidelines, the feds keep 20% of the proceeds and, in effect, launder the remainder back to the local authorities; often, several jurisdictions will slice up the pie. Everyone but school kids is happy.

Quoting the Kansas City Star, the Senate Judiciary Committee report quotes one officer as saying, "We don't deal in state forfeitures at all, because law enforcement doesn't derive any revenues from that." Evidence that the tactic continues is found in a concurring opinion issued by a federal judge in the Eight Circuit in 1998, who found that the Missouri Highway Patrol and the DEA "successfully conspired to violate the Missouri Constitution."

James D. Worthington, a partner in the Lexington, MO, law firm of Aull, Sherman, Worthington, Giorza and Hamilton, represented the local school board in the 1990 case. He says the case was prompted by press reports of three separate forfeitures of approximately $1 million each in a particular county, and the school board in Odessa reasoned that surely they should have received some funds. After the court ruling, says Worthington, police agencies indicated they would comply. "But then they proceeded with a sleight of hand, a bait and switch, a calling the feds down to have the feds 'seize' the money. It's been nothing but organized blackmail, graft and corruption."

Don Burger joined Justice in 1968, recruited by Ramsey Clark to spend a career working primarily to foster improved relations among the many different shades of Americans. He served the final years of a twenty-two year career based in Kansas City. Retired from federal service, he's now a consultant on civil rights issues.

Atkins Warren is now regional director of the Dept. of Justice for the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, and he worked with Burger for many years in Washington. "He was a very good employee," said Warren. "He did a lot to resolve community conflict." Warren termed Burger "credible," then added, "He was excellent."

US Rep. Jim Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina, got to know Burger through their work with the National Association of Human Rights Workers; Rep. Clyburn is a past president and Burger served a term as national secretary. (Burger was also president of his government employees union local.) Rep. Clyburn, who opposes the Ashcroft nomination, says, "Burger was always a straight shooter with me. I never had any dealings with him that make me question whether he was a straight shooter or not."

Leonard Zeskind, formerly research director for the anti-Klan, Atlanta-based Center for Democratic Renewal, worked with Burger combating hate crimes and white supremacy organizations such as the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord in rural Missouri.

Currently writing a book for Farrar, Strauss, Giroux on white nationalist groups and a former McArthur Foundation "genius" award winner, Zeskind declares Burger, "a reasonable guy, a nice, smart guy."

In fact, Burger is such a straight arrow, he actually referred a potential favorable witness on Sen. Ashcroft's behalf to Missouri Senator Kit Bond. With accusations of racism hounding Sen. Ashcroft, Burger says he referred an African-American woman to Sen. Bond who was anxious to speak favorably of her experience at Evangel University in Springfield, MO, the college run by Ashcroft's father. Marlene Henderson confirms that last Friday, Burger called both Sen. Bond's Missouri and Washington offices on her behalf.

Burger says he's fairly agnostic on Ashcroft's nomination, but that he's spent a career trying to develop funding for drug treatment, among other things, and wants to call attention to where seized assets are still being directed.

New York freelancer testified before both the US. Senate and the House of Representatives regarding his series in Salon on sub rosa White House payments to television networks and magazines rewarding anti-drug content. A subsequent Salon article detailed the media campaign's origins as an attempt to influence voters on state medical marijuana initiatives.



The Final Frontier
There's More than Meets the Eye to the Controversial US Star Wars Scheme
by John Valleau ©
January 15, 2001 in the Toronto Globe & Mail 

Incoming U.S. president George W. Bush and his nominee as secretary of state, Colin Powell, are strong supporters of the National Missile Defense project -- basically a scaled-down version of the "Star Wars" scheme that was proposed, and discredited, in the Reagan years. The purpose of the project is claimed to be the ability to intercept, in space, a small number of missiles launched against the United States. But the controversial plan may be more sinister than we could imagine, and Canada must make every effort to stop it.

The missile defense proposal poses a giant conundrum, because the costs, financial and strategic, appear much greater than any benefits to the United States.

If, as its proponents say, the system would be capable only of intercepting a few attacking missiles, the scheme offers no defense from an assault by any serious antagonist. The costs, on the other hand, are massive, not only in consuming billions of dollars by itself, but in fuelling a new arms race. Russia and China both interpret the U.S. plan as part of the development of a nuclear "first-strike" capability. They, therefore, make it clear that, if it goes ahead, they will feel obliged to modernize their arsenals. This would mean an end to nuclear disarmament.

So why would the United States contemplate accepting these risks for such meager and dubious benefits? What can be driving the the missile defense project?

The answer may lie in a little-known plan for the United State to dominate and colonize outer space. This sounds absurd and paranoid, but it is all laid out in the mission statements of the United States Space Command. The basic document, Vision for 2020, is already five years old. (This, and the later Long Range Plan fleshing out the "vision," are publicly available on the Web, at Copies can be found also on the Project Ploughshares Web site, The Space Command describes its role as "dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect U.S. interests and investment [and] integrating Space Forces into war-fighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict."

This is a clear plan to militarize space with U.S. weapons, and to seek the ability to "deny others the use of space." The report is adorned with pictures of targets on Earth being zapped by such weapons. All this, while the United States is a signatory of the Outer Space Treaty, which aims at preventing the weaponization of outer space.

The connection to colonialism is also pretty explicit: "As sea commerce advanced in the 18th and 19th centuries, nations built navies to project power and protect and enhance their commercial interests. Similarly, during the westward expansion of the continental United States, military outposts and the cavalry emerged to protect our wagon trains, settlements and railroads. . . . The emergence of space power follows . . . these models."

It is, at first, hard to believe that this horrifying plan is really U.S. policy, but there has been no repudiation of the published intentions by the U.S. administration, and the Space Command continues to be handsomely financed.

How does this explain the missile defense proposal? First of all, the Space Command is the responsible agency directing the defense project, and the "vision" makes it clear that it foresees that "NMD will evolve into a mix of ground and space sensors and weapons." So the limited missile defense that has been discussed publicly is not at all what is actually in mind.

Then, to put the Space Command plans in place, the United States will have to abrogate, or ignore, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and probably the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as well, while violating at least the spirit of the Outer Space Treaty and the Environmental Modification Techniques protocol.

The nations of the world would never accept the colonial status implied by this U.S. plan, but -- and this is where the missile defense scheme comes in -- they might be persuaded to accept the dismemberment of these treaties, if they only see the missile defences as a relatively benign, small-scale defense system, as it is portrayed.

What is Canada's responsibility in the face of this? The United States has not yet made a firm decision to proceed with deployment of its missile defenses. Statements by Mr. Bush imply his approval, but there remains some considerable internal resistance, and the United States remains somewhat sensitive to the international reactions.

Russia and China have given sharp warning of their response to any deployed missile defenses -- rearmament. The nations of Europe have also expressed their opposition in forthright terms. But Canada has yet to speak. Lloyd Axworthy, when minister of Foreign Affairs, did make a statement giving strong reasons for opposing it, and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, in his recent joint statement with Russian President Vladimir Putin, appears to concur that the U.S.-Russian Anti-Ballistic-Missile treaty must be paramount.

But Canada must speak out clearly. The United States is desperately seeking to legitimize the scheme by gaining its acceptance by a respected nation, and is hoping we might play that role. Furthermore, Canada cannot remain neutral, because, if it is silent, it risks being involved, willy-nilly, through its membership in NORAD.

So it is urgent that the Canadian government speak out now, opposing the missile defense project. We have nothing to gain from the plan and a lot to lose: the hope of abolishing nuclear weapons, the hope of an outer space without weapons, the respect of the international community.

Our rejection would give strong support to missile defense critics in the U.S., and it could well help to turn the tide.

John Valleau is a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, in the chemical-physics theory group of the Chemistry Department. He is also a member of the board and of the executive of Science

Copyright © 2001 Globe Interactive

Physicist Stephen Hawking predicts "'improved humans", colonization in space.

BOMBAY (AP) - World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking predicted Sunday that the human race would colonize other planets in 100 years and eventually design an improved human race.

"Someone will design improved humans somewhere," he told a 3,000-strong audience at a public lecture on Science in the Future, in Bombay. "I am not advocating human genetic engineering as a good thing, I'm just saying it is likely to happen in the next million years whether we like it or not," he said.

Hawking, who holds a prestigious Cambridge University chair once held by Sir Isaac Newton, also forecast that babies would be grown outside the womb in the next hundred years.

The British physicist said humans should improve their mental and physical capabilities and meet challenges posed by space travel.

"If we don't destroy ourselves in the next 100 years, I expect we will spread out to planets in the nearby solar system and then to nearby stars," Hawking said.

The author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time is in Bombay to attend Strings 2001, a conference on the string theory, also called the Theory of Everything.

He and others believe that once proved, it may be the answer to conflicting theories on the origin and fate of the universe.

Hawking said life on other solar systems would likely be more primitive than that on Earth.

"If life is already developing in other solar systems, there is little chance of catching it at the stage at which humans are now," Hawking said. "As we explore galaxies, we might find primitive life but not beings like us."

Hawking said a more advanced race on other planets was unlikely.

"If that's so, then why hasn't it spread through the galaxies and visited us. Or could it be they are watching us and letting us stew in our own primitive juices?" he joked, then added, "I doubt they would be so considerate to a lower life form."

Hawking said the development of improved human beings on Earth would cause problems and advocated acceptance and understanding. He said although many people advocated a ban on genetic engineering, it would be allowed on plants and animals for economic reasons.

"DNA is the basis for all life on earth. The human race and its DNA will increase its complexity quite rapidly," said Hawking, 59.

Since he was 21, Hawking has suffered from a motor neuron disease called Lou Gehrig's disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The condition leads to muscle weakness, paralysis and impaired speech. He uses a motorized wheelchair equipped with a computer and a voice synthesizer. Pressure from his fingertips on a small hand-held device helps him choose words on the computer screen, merges these into sentences that are conveyed through the voice synthesizer.

Hawking urged a slowdown in the world population, which currently doubles every 40 years. "By the year 2600, the world population will be standing shoulder to shoulder and electricity consumption will make the Earth glow red hot."

The physicist repeated his fear that a nuclear war or accident would wipe out the human race. "There is a very real danger that we will kill everything on this planet now that we have the technological power to do so.

Key Figure in California's Power Crisis Has Bush's Ear
© San Francisco Chronicle © 1/17/01 

One powerful name to keep an eye on during this energy crisis is Kenneth Lay, chairman and CEO of Texas-based Enron Corp., and a close buddy and contributor to President-elect George W. Bush.

Enron has been one of the prime movers behind California's energy deregulation and continues to be a significant player in the state as an energy marketer.

And Lay was on hand last week when Gov. Gray Davis met with government regulators and energy providers to try to work out a solution to the state's energy crisis. Billions of dollars are at stake -- and consumers could end up holding the bag.

All this comes amid speculation that Lay will serve as the new president's key adviser on energy policy -- even being described as a "shadow" energy secretary. In fact, Lay had been widely mentioned as the possible energy chief until Bush's recent nomination of Spencer Abraham.

"The governor knows (Lay) has Bush's ear, and we know where he's coming from," says Davis' press secretary, Steve Maviglio.

"He's the head of a billion-dollar corporation that's owed a significant amount of money (from the utilities) -- it's no secret," Maviglio said.

And how about Lay's long political and financial ties to Bush?

For starters, Enron -- which posted revenues of more than $40 billion in 1999 -- was the single largest contributor to Bush's presidential campaign, giving no less than $555,000, according to published reports.

Lay even sent top executives a memo on his personal stationery asking them to contribute $1,000 each to the Bush campaign, says the New York Times.

And according to the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics, Lay --

along with Enron President Jeffrey Skilling -- each contributed $100,000 to Bush's forthcoming inaugural.

But the Lay-Bush connections run deeper than money.

Lay hired two of Bush's father's Cabinet members and family confidants -- James Baker and Robert Mosbacher -- after they left office.

And just last April, Lay played host to George W. and his dad at the Houston Astros' first home game at the team's new stadium . . . Enron Field.

Three weeks later, according to Tongue Magazine, Lay joined George W. in Washington for a Republican fund-raiser that brought in a staggering $21.3 million, easily the biggest one-night haul for any political party in history.

What's more, the magazine reports, the Bush campaign borrowed Enron's corporate jets eight times last year to fly aides around the country, although the cost of the trips was later reimbursed as required by law.

And what did Enron get out of the deal?

Well, Lay has repeatedly asserted in interviews that there is no quid pro quo in his relationship with Bush.

"Ken Lay and Enron have consistently stood for open access to energy . . . markets," company spokesman Mark Palmer told us yesterday. "What that means is for the marketplace to determine how a scarce resource is allocated."

So it was no surprise when Lay showed up for last week's energy negotiations, first in Washington and then later in Los Angeles, to push the energy marketers' case.

"He's a skilled negotiator," said one source who followed the debate. "He argued for the state to swallow the bitter pill and pony up."

How much money are we talking about?

"Let's just say," says the source, "a calculator doesn't have that many zeros."

STATE OF SHOCK: Last week, Davis was working on his State of the State address -- this week he's got his lawyers working on a possible state of emergency.

"It could range anywhere from an emergency appropriation to buy power to moving to use eminent domain to take over power plants," said spokesman Maviglio.

And that's why lawyers over at the attorney general's office have been going over contingency plans.

It all comes down to this question: At what point is the "public health and safety" at risk?

"Clearly," Maviglio said, "blackouts would set those wheels in motion."

NOT SO FAST: We heard on KGO that the new FasTrak electronic toll lane on the Bay Bridge was down yesterday.

What's the story?

Well, according to Caltrans spokesman Jeff Weiss, the antenna that reads the car transponders went on the blink Monday -- and was clocking one out of four cars as violators trying to run the toll.

"That's way too high of a rate to be accurate," Weiss told us.

The Caltrans folks sent the contractor out to fix the problem, but it only got worse. By yesterday morning, it was clocking three out of four cars as violators.

Rather than shut the lane down during the commute, the Caltrans workers opted to just turn the antenna off -- allowing everyone and anyone to go through free.

They were still scrambling yesterday to get it fixed.

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For those who missed "The San Francisco Chronicle's" front page story January 9, it isn't too late to catch it. It deals with the "Kornell Warehouse fire" and damaged wines passed off by Rich Frank, Koerner Rombauer and their associates.  And now it seems no one can find the wine. To read the article, Click see January 9, NewsMakingNews.


Rest assured, there were other victims of the "Kornell Warehouse fire"  -- and small lots of their vintages were salvaged.  But call them, and you will find they enjoyed it themselves ... like Dusinberre's proprietor, Jeff Smith, as he exclaimed to the media that he was going to have one heck of a party with it because it can't be sold.  Who would WANT to sell heat-damaged products -- it is a death knell to the label. Indeed,
non-proprietor producers showed up to reclaim salvaged wine to prevent any "hanky panky" that could ruin their reputations, destroy their labels.

The "Chronicle" points out there are various stories about who agreed with whom about what as to the disposition of the wine.  But this writer is still curious about WHO ACTUALLY SOLD THE WINE in a lust to enjoy what is stated to be $450,000 in profits from its sale. 

1.  Frank-Rombauer Cellars, Napa Cellars LLC and Rombauer Vineyards all hold ABC licenses as producers to sell their wines to a LICENSED wholesaler, or retail at their wineries.

2.  Frank-Rombauer would have had to "clear" and handle the truck arrival and departure of salvaged goods from their warehouse premises (the first floor of the warehouse was not damaged and that is where all salvaged wine was placed for return to owners). Indeed, its transfer would have to go through their books.

3.  Greer & Kirby are cited as the salavage operators for the insurance company (which in this case was Chubb) that "purchased or arranged the purchase" of the wine. But it isn't Greer & Kirby that legally purchased and resold the wine -- they have no ABC licenses.  A review of records indicates the agreed-upon price was $3 per case (not bottle, but case of 12 fifths).  The number of cases salvaged and sold is reported by some as 9,000, others 10,000.  So somewhere out there are as many as 120,000
bottles of spoiled wine.

4.   Both Buonocore and Vico's have the types of licenses necessary to wholesale the wine.  But both would have had to purchase the wine from a licensed seller (in this case, the only licensed seller is Frank-Rombauer Cellars and their related entities).

Now Frank-Rombauer have jumped into the action with their own lawsuit against EVERYONE, alleging their label has been ruined.  But the question remains, WHO engaged in the conduct that would ruin the labels?  Where is the wine?  The only apparent party in a legal position to SELL OR TRANSFER the bad wine to begin with appears to be, and you guessed it, Frank-Rombauer!  Did they transfer it with the understanding it was to be destroyed?  Bottles scrubbed and re-labeled?

Greed has no limits for these two.  And this deal is as fishy and stinky as any of their many involvements  since the early 1990s in Napa Valley.  Rich Frank's "creative imagination" from years as an Executive Vice President for Walt Disney Company lends itself well to planning these types of fictions, where Frank or Rombauer come out of court with bundles, smelling like roses, after stiffing others caught in their web.  Plot:  They release the wine with the idea they will sue and recover all of the profits -- and
then some.

If anyone finds a bottle of Napa Cellars LLC wine, check the back.  Note where it was bottled and produced.  It was actually produced in Calistoga. And check Rombauer Vineyards -- they assert bottling in St. Helena, CA -- but their wine was bottled in Calistoga.  And the Frank-Rombauer Vineyards label reads "bottled and produced in St. Helena."  Indeed, it was bottled and produced in Calistoga.  These are all Federal label violations, which is likely the reason you find them filing in State Superior Court in San Francisco rather than in Federal Court where these violations would carry some weight.

To boot, the Frank-Rombauer label has been discontinued, in favor of "Winston Hill" or "Frank Family Vineyards," depending upon which version of Rich Frank's stories you want to believe.  Yet no where in their lawsuit do the partners mention this, because, after all, the contention is their LABELS and REPUTATIONS have been ruined.

Where's the consumer protection? I mean, we are the ones who could be stuck. On the other hand, consumers may be spared because "no one can find the wine."

As adjusters sifted through debris looking for wine to salvage, more than one head shook.  Why wasn't it being carted to the land fill? By trying to sell it they would ruin their own label, so why did Frank-Rombauer run the risk, release it for salvage?  Who was hot to make $30,000 ($3 per case salvage rate x 10,000 cases)?  You can bet that "profits of $450,000" meant someone was going to pass the product off as "first class" despite the spoilage factor. 

There are several interesting articles about the fire and follow-up in "The Napa Valley Register" -- on-line at  Use search engines, and enter "Kornell" and look for articles from June through August, 2000.  See also July issues of NewsMakingNews.

World Watchers International Tape #520 November 22, 1981

Side 1


Pete Carey, San Jose Mercury, Nov. 18, 1981


Gehlen chief of Hitler's Eastern Division, SS.
Given $200,000,000 by USA, Allen Dulles.
Formed CIA, 1945-1947, then returned to Germany, Intell.
Von Bolschwing took over USA, International network.


"Worked for the Americans, Army, Intelligence, during and after WWII."

"Helped Hitler's persecution of Jews, was an associate architect of Adolf Eichmann, architect of Germany's mass killing program."

"Born Oct. 15, 1909, East Prussian nobility, family estate founded 1302."

"Joined the Nazi party, age 24, 1933." Attended school in Bresslau."
"Joined Himmler gestapo, dreaded Secret Police in 1939."
As SS captain he helped plan the exclusion of Jews from German economy.

Helped develop anti-Jewish propaganda to force emigration from Germany.

Used SD, Foreign Intelligence as SS-Himmler Gestapo, disguised as "motor salesman, oil engineer, banker, lawyer, winery contacts Argentina."

Moved to Palestine at time Grand Mufti, Hitler close. 1938, working with Germans in Palestine, while the Gestapo had agents inside the Jewish Hagana, double agents, assisting Nazis.

Ejected by British out of Palestine, 1938, for being Nazi spy.
Moved to Romania, closely associated with Iron Guard, Right-Wing Nazis.

After three day rampage, killing masses of Jews by Iron Guard, Otto V. helped Nazis escape to Berlin. Meets up later in USA.

Becomes a banker in Amsterdam. Bankvoor Oenroerende Zachen". Took low prices for Jewish homes, farms, businesses, located profits in Swiss banks.


These were the years when Nazis went underground, changed names sometimes, alleged they were in camps, or arrested. Became international financiers and Nazis again later.

From SS, Himmler Gestapo, to OSS with Allen Dulles, USA, to CIA, a common pattern for thousands who came to US, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe.


"I am experienced." "I have a ring operating". "If you give me a paycheck, I'll make you very happy." "He was a miniature Gehlen".


SIDE 2 #520 November 22, 1981   



DECEMBER, 1953, Otto V. B. applied to emigrate to United States.

FEBRUARY, 1954, Otto arrived in the USA. Already with CIA six years.


"Suddenly his career took a sudden upward turn."

"Developed close ties with ELMER BOBST, President of Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical. (Bobst, Warner-Lambert, the God Father to Nixon Presidency.")


Developed CLOSE TIES TO ALFRED DRISCOLL, HONORARY BOARD CHAIRMAN of Warner Lambert, former New Jersey Gov.

"Now his national, international contacts were WAY OUT OF PROPORTION WITH HIS JOB"


Missing here the JFK, MLK, RFK assassinations.
More to fill in. If he is in charge of Gehlen-Permindex Operation, 1960-1969 were busy years.


German Subsidiary Advisor for $50,000,000. "Carbon factory"
Thomas Franzioli, Senior Vice-President of FIRST NATIONAL BANK , BOSTON financed deal, worked with Albrecht Alfred Otto Von B.



AIS, Advanced Information Systems, subsidiary of TCI.
IIS, International Imaging Systems, subsidiary of TCI.
TCI used to monitor 1967 Arab-Israeli War, now hired Von B., 1969.
Planned to "commercialize technology" sent him abroad, most impt. contacts.
Became part of Defense Dept., needed security clearances.

1969, Otto's contacts of value in "Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Antilles, South America." (They lump all S. America together)


J. Paul Getty Jr., Emanuel Fthnenakis...Greek with direct contacts to Aristotle Onassis, heads of Europe Walter F. Leverton, Judge William A. Newsom. Fthenakis also associated with Ford Aerospace, Philco, past Vice-President of ITT, and former Vice-President of Fairchild.


NewsMakingNews moves Mae Brussell's links all forward.... 


JOHN JUDGE: [...continues...] When Gehlen finished setting up the CIA here, he went back to Germany and helped set up the postwar German, NATO, and French Intelligence structures that rule the reactionary politics in those countries and in Europe today, and that command our constant military presence there. Forty years after the war's supposed to be over. He was replaced in large part, at that point, by Otto von Bolshwing. Otto Albrecht von Bolshwing, who had been Adolph Eichmann's superior at the Hebrew desk for the movement of the Jews and the Final Solution and the killing and the planning. But he was never tried in Nazi Germany. He was just allowed to slip through the cracks, like many of them, and ended up here, in the United States. 

He helped form a corporation called TCI, with Edwin Wilson, Helena von Damm, and with other people connected to the intelligence agencies, as one of many front companies out here in California. When it went bankrupt, it sold its largest subsidiary to Albert Hakim and Richard Secord. And that subsidiary became Stanford Technology Trading Group, and Trading Group International. 

These were their fronts, during that time. And the financing, if you remember, of [Oliver] North's operation, was through Credit Suisse. Well Credit Suisse was set up as a bank, in the 1940s, as the funnel and conduit for Permindex. It was the banking firm to take care of Permindex's international operations. And just recently, when I was reading *Tennessee Waltz* by James Earl Ray {1}, where he names the person in Canada that introduced him to the mysterious character Raoul {2}, who set him up as the patsy. He says that that's a person named David Gravier. Well David Gravier is an international financier, connected to American Banking and Trust, which itself is a major subsidiary of guess who? Credit Suisse. Where did he [Ray] meet him [Raoul]? In Canada, where Permindex was located. See, so you'll find the connections going back to certain firms, certain cover. The current world cover for the training of these assassins, I believe, is an evangelical right-wing organization known as World Vision....

JOHN M. HENNESSY -  Retired Chair, Credit Suisse First Boston Corp. A member of George W. Bush's $100,000 Pioneer Club.

Hennessy was a Treasury Department assistant secretary in the early ‘70s. He became managing director of First Boston Corp. in ’74 and chair of CS First Boston in ’89. He retired as chair at the end of ’96. He then became one of a dozen elite GOP fundraisers who anointed Bush as their candidate after a ’98 hunting trip at a Texas ranch owned by Pioneer Heinz Prechter. First Boston has been involved in “pay-for-play” scandals, in which the firms that receive lucrative contracts to issue government bonds underwrite the campaigns of the politicians who award these contracts. In ’93, then-Illinois Gov. Edgar received $16,500 from First Boston Corp. and $19,000 from Donaldson Lufkin (see Pioneer Patrick Durkin). Both firms were then underwriting major bond issues for the state, which had no bidding process to govern these contracts. 



Undoubtedly, the family name will continue to open doors internationally if George W. is elected. Last November, an airplane with Houston registry numbers landed in Buenos Aires; on board was former President Bush, who had arrived to spend the night with his friend, President Menem, 10 days before the end of Menem's final term. The two men attended a dinner at the home of Argentine banker José Rohm, where they were joined by the vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank, the director of Credit Suisse First Boston, the president-elect of Argentina and the former president of Uruguay.

What was the purpose of President Bush's visit? "Fishing," says Michael Dannenhauer, a Bush spokesman. But when the Buenos Aires daily, Pagina 12, asked several of the dinner guests why the president was in town, they smiled and quietly replied, "Business." Bush's "real interest," they added, was to learn how the new government would deal with CEI, an Argentine media company whose former chief had fled the country under investigation for fraud. One of CEI's principal investors, the paper noted, is Tom Hicks, "one of the funders of the presidential campaign of Bush's son, George, the governor of Texas."



Hong Kong, March 22, 1999 – Credit Suisse First Boston is pleased to announce that Dr. David Mulford, chairman international for CSFB and former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for International Affairs, will be speaking at the Firm's second Asian Investment Conference, to be held from March 24 to 26, 1999.

Dr. Mulford is among a group of prominent speakers on investment and economic issues who will be participating in the three-day event.  The title of his speech is "Crises in Emerging Markets".

He will be the keynote speaker at the luncheon on:

From 1984 to 1992, Dr. Mulford was Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for International Affairs. Highlights of Dr. Mulford's responsibilities and accomplishments at the Treasury Department include: U.S. Deputy for coordination of economic policies with other G-7 industrial nations; Head of the Administration's Yen/Dollar negotiations with Japan; the Administration's senior advisor on financial assistance to Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union; leadership of the Administration's international debt strategy and the development and implementation of the Baker/Brady Plans and President George Bush's Enterprise Initiative for the Americas. Dr. Mulford also led both the U.S. Delegation to negotiate the establishment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well as to the G-7 negotiations on Poland's official bilateral debt.

Dr. Mulford received a Doctor of Philosophy degree (D.Phil.) from Oxford University (1966), an M.A. in Political Science from Boston University and a B.A. in Economics, cum laude, from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.