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Freeper archy on Anthrax and other WMDs

From the Downside Legacy:

How to Test the WMD Theory:

As a further test, you may wish to see if any of these anomalies would not make sense under the WMD scenario:

Additional Information from Questions and Answers:


Someone mentioned that Mt. Carmel did not have inside plumbing but did have a lot of expensive radio and computer equipment which seemed to be an odd priority; however, it just might be that the ham radio and computer equipment was the private property of some of the members.


Some came out during the days before the siege. Is there no information from them? Since they are alive and witness to much that happened, it seems logical their information is the source for many of our questions.

How can those involved be kept from telling their story?

What has happened to Gordon Novel?

There is much to consider and wonder about; and how does one filter the particles of truth from the sediments diffusing, clouding the issues? Too many influences, too many half truths too many dead people who knew their part of the story, too many criss-cross involvements and "maybe" paranoid conspiracy theories.

Worst case scenerio is most all the speculation in all the multitude of directions somehow connects and is part of a gigantic hostile "shadow group" planned purpose.

I've seen no sign that Koresh had access to the technology for manufacturing a nuke, though slipping one across Mexico's border is at least a possibility. Chemical weaponry is less efficient, and he had a ready-made source of a bio agent ready for the asking, but no such attack has since taken place, so he apparantly had no *wild card* or *dead man's switch* prearranged to discharge such a weapon if he was elimninated, a pretty shortsighted tactical and strategic blunder for an alleged WMD mastermind.



I would like to see more of (if it exists) is: evidence of a Howell-CIA connection beyond just "Wilcher said so", speculation about where and when Howell hooked up with the CIA (or insert other mind-controlling agency if you wish :) and got the training to build a WMD (when he was in Israel?), that sort of thing. Seems like without that, the rest falls apart, because Koresh had to have learned how to build this thing/stuff somehow....

In all the tapes of the phone calls betwen Koresch and the outside world there isn't a single warning regarding possible use of a deterrent device.

Perhaps the WMD wasn't finished because some crucial ingredient(s) was(were) missing." - Maybe, maybe not. The key question is how the government would know that for a certainty.

Questions about whether the ATF had ambulances or phones in the initial raid:

Could you insert a sentence or two as to who this Byers fellow is and why he is important to Waco? Same request for the next paragraph, re Bell and Gordon.

I read something about an attempt or effort to deal with this "spill" but can't recall how effective it was. Detail here would be great. And what on God's green earth was the United States government doing, dumping multiplied hundreds of gallons of diesel so close to a dwelling that housed scores of people? Has any explanation been offered? An inquiring mind wants to know.

Has a logical reason been given anywhere for why the fire at Mt. Carmel was so HUGE, other than the CS gas? When I saw Waco burning, I couldn't believe the fireball effect and the height of the fire. I've seen large buildings burn before, buildings that had chemicals in them. Never saw a fire like Waco.

Gunther Russbacher - request to include introductory background on him

Who filed the RICO case, and did it involve Wilcher?

What is "the black box that the CIA wanted the Rangers to retrieve"?

Freeper Opinions and Responses

You said Although the CIA's name keeps popping up where it should not (Colby, the FLIR tape, the black box that the CIA wanted the Rangers to retrieve), IMO the Company is just the usual whipping boy. I would bet on the military if "national security" is a factor