Judging McVeigh and Destroying Evidence
by Ken McCarthy © 6/11/01

Executing Timothy McVeigh, like the tearing down of the Murrah Building before it had been examined by independent experts, is nothing less than the deliberate destruction of evidence in a capital crime.

Apparently, two survivors of the bombing, Jane Graham and V.Z. Lawton, felt strongly enough about this to file a lawsuit to stop McVeigh's execution on these very grounds. It was dismissed Friday. Bet you didn't hear about that on NPR.

Who is so keen to make sure that McVeigh was dead as soon as possible? A guy with a soft spot for government sponsored drug dealers, arms merchants, bank defrauders, military polluters and other assorted criminals: Federal Judge Richard Matsch, a Nixon appointee, the same judge who tried McVeigh's original case.

How did Matsch run McVeigh's trial?

"... Matsch bared much of the relevant evidence pertaining to the case, (but) he permitted numerous victims' completely irrelevant testimony about their personal trauma, obviously designed to sway the emotions of an ignorant and confused jury.''

(In other words, he tried the case like Time Magazine.)

For example, Matsch declared ATF informant Carol Howe's testimony as "irrelevant," saying that it "would confuse or mislead the jury." Howe said the government had been warned months in advance that the building was a target.

The trial was also one of the most secretive ever held. According to the Associated Press, a "review of 1,000 documents filed between Feb. 20 and Sept. 5 found 75 percent of the records have been at least partially sealed."

One of the most important and revealing documents in the case, McVeigh's Writ of Mandamus, was dismissed as a concoction of conspiracy theories designed to cast doubt on McVeigh's guilt. Judge Matsch would have no part of "conspiracy theories." He ordered all important exhibits of McVeigh's Writ sealed.

Other trials Matsch has presided over:

Matsch used a one-sided hearing to brush aside charges that radioactive contamination from the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver was adversely undermining the health of area residents...

Matsch also presided over the Silverado Savings and Loan case, involving George Bush's son Neil - a case thick with dirty covert operatives and shady criminals linked to the CIA and the Iran-Contra operation. Bush walked."

Like the man said, he doesn't like to hear conspiracy theories.

For those of you can tolerate them:

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