From: MICHAEL SPITZER Subject: Microsoft Trustbuster Linked to Clinton 'Secret Police'
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Thursday June 8, 2000; 10:23 AM EDT

Microsoft Trustbuster Linked to Clinton 'Secret Police'

Joel Klein is now famous as the Justice Department anti-trust chief hell-bent on breaking up Microsoft. Few remember his earlier stint as the Clinton administration's Deputy White House Counsel.

But Clinton impeachment witness Linda Tripp does. She worked alongside Klein as well as his predecessor Vince Foster, not to mention their boss, White House Counsel Bernie Nussbaum.

At a weekend gathering sponsored by the website Free Republic, Tripp had some astonishing things to say about Mr. Klein, some of which may be of interest to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates:

"Joel Klein arrived at the White House in December 1993 ostensibly as Vince Foster's replacement. Well, those of us who knew Vince Foster knew he couldn't be replaced. However, this was the gentleman that Hillary and Bernie Nussbaum chose to be the replacement.

"From the beginning he was quite a questionable character. And I won't get into specifics except to say that he began to bring to the office of White House counsel more and more ominous ways of doing business.

"(Klein) was also directly responsible for Bernie Nussbaum being summarily removed as counsel for the president. He lobbied hard and long to have Bernie removed. Bernie is on record as saying his hiring of Joel was the single poorest decision he had ever made.

"Joel was also a member of the so-called 'Secret Police.' He liked to have information on people because that gave him leverage to get the result that he wanted.

"I have no respect for Joel Klein."