Beyond plastic waste, ocean pollution is silently increasing

According to a report presented in Monaco, other forms of marine pollution, in addition to plastic waste, are silently increasing.

Plastic waste is the most visible source of ocean pollution, but other forms of marine pollution are silently increasing, with effects on human health that are only beginning to be understood, says a report presented in Monaco.

Published in the American journal Annals of Global Health, this study lists the problems: oil spills whose frequency has increased in recent years, pesticides and fertilizers used in intensive agriculture which extend toxic micro-algae to regions previously spared, mercury from gold mining or coal combustion, or even industrial or pharmaceutical chemicals.

At more than 80%, the source of this pollution is on land, underlines the report which also shows the way forward and sets priorities for research. It is the first to examine in a very complete way the total impact of pollution of the oceans, according to an American epidemiologist attached to Boston College University and coordinator of this report, signed by some forty scientists from 40 different countries.

Many consequences due to ocean pollution

Insidious, the pollution of the oceans contributes to cases of infections, food poisoning, such as ciguatera, a recurring concern in the West Indies and the Caribbean, or even cholera, as off Yemen at war.

The cholera bacterium is normally present in very small quantities in the ocean, but under the combined effect of the warming of the sea and the discharge of waste, it multiplies and affects new areas.

When the ocean is polluted, it feeds algae, some of which produce very powerful toxins that go into oysters, mussels or fish. Oysters may look perfect, taste very good, but when you eat them, in a few minutes, people feel unwell or sometimes die. Even some of the landfill waste may end up in the ocean.

A Monaco Declaration calling on world leaders and citizens around the world to recognize the seriousness of ocean pollution and its growing dangers has been endorsed by scientists, doctors and other speakers at a symposium, organized in the Principality, with the partnership of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Like all forms of pollution, pollution of the oceans can be avoided and controlled, underlines this declaration which highlights the successes already obtained in particular in polluted ports or estuaries including in Florida. This creates a significant waste management issue.

The statement urges perseverance: ocean pollution interventions are highly cost-effective. They have boosted economies, increased tourism and restored fisheries. These benefits will endure for centuries.

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